Jeroen SZ 🦣
3 hours ago

Meta-analysis: Based on more than 400 neuroscientific experiments using functional imaging and involving more than 7000 subjects, the analysis provides in-depth insights into how the #brain organises #language | ScienceDaily

Steve Thompson
8 hours ago

"Loneliness Merges Real and Fictional Friends in the Brain"

#brain #loneliness #God

Poetry News
1 day ago

Caffeine consumption can be a game
Altering our sleep and our brain
A new study reveals a to and fro
Between caffeine and REM sleep to know
A disruption to the blood flow
So be mindful as you go

#caffeine #sleep #study #brain #poetry

katch wreck
1 day ago

"Here, we established a method to screen novel target #proteins for histidine #methylation, using #biochemical protein fractionation combined with the quantification of #methylhistidine by LC-MS/MS. Interestingly, the differential distribution pattern of Nτ-methylated proteins was found between the brain and skeletal #muscle, and identified γ-enolase where the His-190 at the Nτ position is methylated in mouse #brain."

1 day ago

#science #memory #brain #neuroscience #saturatedfat #diet #dha A new study suggests that a high-fat diet may impair memory by causing inflammatory effects and issues in cell-signaling management in the brain cells, especially as people age, but the omega-3 fatty acid DHA may help mitigate these effects.

1 day ago

To make #meaning out of chaos is hard, but it is worth pursuing.
The #universe emerged from the chaos of #energy to individually organized matter.
Our #brain initiates the thought process by processing a lot of neurons
These are some examples of making meaning out of chaos.
Strive to be #meaningful!

2 days ago

A new platform for studying how #brain activity is linked to behaviour enables researchers to perform diverse experiments on mice that have their heads immobilized. #Neuroscience #BehavioralScience

2 days ago

Sometimes when I try to write a #sentence #brain just breaks

Johanna Joyce
2 days ago

We're excited that our new study revealing fascinating functions for #neutrophils in #brain #cancers is now online at @cellcellpress

"The local microenvironment drives activation of neutrophils in human brain tumors"

Congrats to all authors in the Joyce lab, in particular Roeltje Maas, Klara Soukup, Nadine Fournier, Matteo Massara, Sabine Galland et al, and our generous collaborators

Our special appreciation to all the patients 🙏

Open for all to read 🔗:

2 days ago

Scientists recorded the brain waves of people in cardiac arrest to understand what happens to consciousness when we die.
#tech-science #Dying #death #CPR #brain #Science #Abstract

Abel R.N.
3 days ago

"Consciously cultivating positive emotional states can actually lead to gene expression changes.This phenomenon can have profound effects on our health, well-being, and even longevity. It highlights the incredible power of our emotions and their impact on our overall #biology "

I watched this vid's multiple times until it finally resonates.

#brain #science #impacttheory #wellbeing #health #longevity

Metin Seven 🎨
3 days ago

Your brain can easily decipher jumbled words, as long as the first and last letter of most words is correct.

Yuo cna porbalby raed tihs esaliy desptie teh msispeillgns.

#brain #words #writing #language #neuroscience #science #biology

Decoding of #electrical #brain activity continues to make great progress. The currents, measured by direct #electrode attachment to the brain, are now being translated into text, audio, and facial avatar #animations by #deeplearning models. A new #work succeeded in enabling precise expressiveness at sufficient speed and providing an approach to full embodied #communication.

#bioelectronics #BCI

The figure shows the principle of decoding. A volunteer was implanted with a 253-channel, high-electrode-density ECG array 18 years after suffering a brainstem stroke. The device was placed directly on the brain. Processed neural activity was used to learn deep learning models to predict speech sound features and articulatory gestures, decode text, and generate spoken language and animate a virtual avatar.
Forest Fern
3 days ago

Remedy for a massive headache? Help. Tylenol won't touch it. Caffeine neither. Steam, nope. Is it the antibiotic that's exploding my head?

#Remedies #health #doctor #brain

3 days ago

#science #jellyfish #brain #neuroscience #learning Jellyfish Stun Scientists With Learning Skills
Jellyfish, despite lacking centralized brains, exhibit advanced learning abilities similar to humans and other complex organisms, challenging traditional beliefs about neural learning processes.

Scientific Frontline
4 days ago

Scientists have identified a molecule that can prevent tangling of a #brain #protein that is linked to diseases such as #Parkinson’s. The findings may provide insights into new ways of treating or diagnosing the early stages of #dementia.
#Neuroscience #Pharmaceutical #sflorg

Julie Webgirl
4 days ago

My Theory:

Your brain "sweats" through your eyelids.

When I'm doing physical things and getting sweaty, I don't get greasy eyelids. Ever.

When I'm sitting, eating, watching tv/movies, or otherwise non-physical things that are not brain-intensi, I don't get greasy eyelids.

BUT if I'm coding all day, all I want to do is wash my eyelids so bad and then I feel better after I do. Just like taking a shower after physical things.

#Coding #InfoSec #Brain

Scientific Frontline
4 days ago

The blood-brain barrier, the body’s way of shielding sensitive #brain tissue from #viruses, #toxins and other harmful substances in the #blood, can pose a problem for #physicians caring for patients with suspected brain diseases such as #cancer.
#Medical #Neuroscience #Engineering #sflorg

Scientific Frontline
4 days ago

New research hints at a few ways fatty foods affect #cells in the #brain, a finding that could help explain the link between a high-fat #diet and impaired memory – especially as we age.
#Neuroscience #sflorg

Diane G. Wilson :verified:
4 days ago

Hi Everyone, Here’s what I’ve been up to ☺️

Learn about resolving insomnia, writing a book, brain health & my pandemic journey to a new chapter. Monday interview w Sara Connell, amazing book coach. I’m at 6:55 mins. Thanks all. 🙏🏻🌹 #insomnia #brain #hope #mission #sleep YouTube link ->

Matteo Cesari
5 days ago

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

"...the brains of procrastinators are different from the brains of other people..."

#Research #Brain #TED

A new phototherapy device can activate the brain’s lymphatic system and clear toxic beta-amyloid plaques, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. This device, developed by MIT researchers, delivers both light and a light-activated drug directly to the brain. This could offer a non-invasive and effective way to treat Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.

#Phototherapy #Alzheimer’s #Brain

Scientific Frontline
5 days ago

Unlocking the secrets of the #brain, especially its architecture and wiring, is one of the big challenges in modern life sciences.
#Neuroscience #ArtificialIntelligence #sflorg

Ele Willoughby, PhD
6 days ago

The 'barrels' of the barrel field stain darker than neighbouring regions (within cortical layer IV) when stained to reveal the presence of cytochrome c oxidase. These dark-staining regions are a major target for somatosensory inputs from the thalamus of the #brain, & each barrel corresponds to a region of the body! Most distinctively, the whisker barrels, structures were first discovered by Woolsey & Van der Loos in 1970, come in an array, similar to the way whiskers are arrayed & …


1 week ago

Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate in Virus-like Intercellular Biology @jasonsynaptic

University of Utah

#postdoc opening investigating the biology of Gag #virus-like genes and #intercellular #signaling in the #brain at #UniversityofUtah

See the full job description on jobRxiv:

1 week ago

Postdoc Positions in Cognitive Control and Brain-computer Interface

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Want to understand how we can focus better? Come join us at UTSW Neurological Surgery #brain-computer interface #intracranial recordings

See the full job description on jobRxiv:

Lukas VF Novak
1 week ago

Prehistoric fish fills 100 million year gap in evolution of the skull

The oldest three-dimensionally preserved vertebrate neurocranium

"This ancient #fish had separated, independent cartilages encasing the #brain, rather than the solid #bone or #cartilage structure of jawless and jawed fish that followed it."

3d reconstruction of the cartilage and a diagram showing their position within the fish head
1 week ago

People living with long Covid after being admitted to hospital are more likely to show some damage to major organs, according to a new study, part of the larger Phosph-Covid study.

MRI scans revealed patients were three times more likely to have some abnormalities in multiple organs such as the lungs, brain and kidneys.
#LongCovid #Covid19 #SarsCoV2 #OrganDamage #Lungs #Brain #Kidneys #PhosphCovid

@thepracticaldev the question is not IF you can use #AWS, the question is more:

"WHY DOES IT NEED #AmazonWebServices?"

Seriously, isn't a simple #VPS or #Webserver sufficient for most cases??

If one really wants to solve #DDoS with #money instead of #brain, one can still shove some on-demand Proxy/Scaler bullshit inbetween...

1 week ago

“Compared with controls, patients were more likely to have #MRI evidence of #lung abnormalities (p=0·0001; parenchymal abnormalities), #brain abnormalities (p<0·0001; more white matter hyperintensities and regional brain volume reduction), and #kidney abnormalities (p=0·014; lower medullary T1 and loss of corticomedullary differentiation), whereas cardiac and liver MRI abnormalities were similar between patients and controls”


Jeroen SZ 🦣
1 week ago

Department of #Brain and #CogSci faculty members Ev Fedorenko, Ted Gibson, and Roger Levy believe they can answer a fundamental question: What is the purpose of #language? | MIT News


1 week ago

Research Lab Specialist / Aging and Neuroscience

University of Southern California

The candidate will be working on a project to map vertebrate #brain #aging as part of a nationwide collaborative effort. #AgingBrain

See the full job description on jobRxiv:

Flipboard Science Desk
1 week ago

What the science actually says about unconscious decision making.

The MIT Press Reader says "There is no free lunch when it comes to tricky decisions; you have to do the thinking."

#Brain #Psychology #Mind #Science

1 week ago

Headline of the week.

’ Jellyfish show how you don’t need a brain to learn, say researchers ’

#science #brain

Lukas VF Novak
1 week ago

#Jellyfish shown to learn from past experience for the first time

Associative #learning in the #BoxJellyfish #Tripedalia cystophora

"#CaribbeanBoxJellyfish can learn at a much more complex level than ever imagined—despite only having one thousand #NerveCells and no centralized #brain."

photo of a Caribbean box jellyfish

So, who of you wranglers set --cpu-shares=0 on my brain today? 🤔 #podman #brain #friday

Your opportunity to make a joke about #ElonMusk putting in place the measures that would allow him to replace his (by now obviously) malfunctioning #brain... enjoy

2 weeks ago

Scientists have recorded the brain waves of a dying person for the first time. The data revealed a surge of gamma band activity, similar to those seen in dreaming, memory and meditation. This suggests that the mind may experience a vivid state of consciousness at the brink of death. #brain #death #consciousness

Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

The neuroscience of beauty: What your brain finds beautiful — and how this shapes your thoughts.

BBC Science Focus asks: "We seem pre-programmed to appreciate beauty, but why is this?"

#Beauty #Neuroscience #Brain #Science

Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

Serious brain trauma starts well before young athletes go pro.

Wired reports: "A new study of amateur athletes who died before turning 30 reveals that many already showed signs of neurodegeneration."

(Subscription may be required)

#Athletics #Sports #Brain #Science

Kriszta Satori
2 weeks ago

#BBCNews - Scientists discover how #brain cells die in #Alzheimer ’s

Cindy Weinstein
3 weeks ago

@erictopol. #Heart, #brain, the whole body. Wear a #mask and get #vaccinated.

Cindy Weinstein
3 weeks ago

@edsuom. It's #worldalzheimersmonth and an excellent opportunity for the #media to spend (more) time covering the #research on #COVID and #brain health. Perhaps if more people knew about the links that #scientists are discovering between #COVID and #dementia symptoms, more people would mask.

Laurie Bayet
3 weeks ago

And.. I'm accepting a #PhD student this year!
We research #infant #vision & social/affective communication w/ #EEG, behavior, #ML, & soon #fNIRS
Learn more: 🧠👶🤖
Come study infant #brain & #cognition in DC! 🌸

➡️ Apply by 12/1 (GRE optional)


Ed Suominen
3 weeks ago

Just say #NoToBrainInfections if you possibly can. That’s the message my exhausted, cynical, and angry—but still never-infected #brain wants to impart to the handful of you who care. As does this PhD professor of medicine (physiology) who asked me to share his story after 34 months of #LongCovid. He’s disabled now.

“Still have a mind though, as cloudy as it I'd. I used my background and training to find peer reviewed studies that shed light on why this virus is so debilitating…” 1/2

Alan Kotok
3 weeks ago

Researchers use stem cells to generate human neurons resembling those in the brain that control breathing during opioid reactions, for eventual chip devices to test overdose therapies.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Opioid #Overdose #Preclinical #Toxicity #Neurons #Breathing #Naloxone #Fentanyl #Codeine #Brain #Methadone #StemCells #Biotechnology #Engineering #Chemistry

3 weeks ago

Phase I clinical trial shows treatment designed to clear senescent cells in #Alzheimers disease is safe
#science #medicine #brain

Metin Seven 🎨
4 weeks ago

"Regular internet usage in late adulthood delays cognitive impairment, reduces dementia risk."

It goes without saying that your cognitive abilities will be maximized if you visit Mastodon regularly. 💪🧠

#news #brain #neuroscience #internet #knowledge #health

Michele Banks
4 weeks ago
black ink brain painting
neuron silhouette painting in black and white
Ed Suominen
4 weeks ago

Today has been an amazing day. I managed to sketch out the next couple of weeks of #software #engineering for the massive 30K+ lines of #Python that’s behind the scenes of the project I’ve been developing. A total flow state for hours, and shit got done. I almost qualify for the senior discount but my #brain is still humming along in top form.

This relates to #Covid, sadly. Putting the rest of this in a thread hashtagged #NoToBrainInfections which you can follow if it wouldn’t be traumatic.

#Neurons on edge: avalanches in #brain reveal info processing secrets 👇🧠

4 weeks ago

I finished the banner design, version one at least. It encapsulates how I feel my imagination looks. A little rusty, a little cantankerous, but time tested and reliable in the end. Steam mechanics just seem right.

#MastoArt #DeeImaginarium #illustration #brain #eye #steampunk #drawing #cartoon #DigitalArt

A long illustrated canvas that has brass steam mechanics along the bottom, connected to a brain in the center. This brain has a large eye in the middle of it, the pupil of this eye is the ambigram for Dee Imaginarium in a light blue iris. On the right side of the brain are struts with gears attached coming out of the back. On the left side of the brain there are steam whistles jutting out of the frontal lobes. These whistles are blowing out purple steam that forms great clouds that cover the top half of the banner. There is a dark green color between the spaces where there's not brass machinery or purple steam clouds.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 weeks ago

Pay attention to what you truly love. It is your compass. Your brain controls logistics. Don’t get it twisted.

#qotd #brain #heart #goals #love #quotes #growth #mindset #LifeLessons #LifeCoach #author

Branded quote of mine: Your heart is the compass. Your brain is the navigator.
Penn NeuroKnow
4 weeks ago

Ever heard that we only use 10% of our brains? 🧠 Or that listening to Mozart makes you smarter? 🎵 Where did these ideas come from and is there any truth behind them?

Catrina Hacker breaks down the history and reality behind some of the most popular "neuromyths" in this week's post, "Neuro MythBusters: The truth behind 10 common myths about your #brain".

#sciComm #neuroscience

Cartoon of a detective using a magnifying glass to examine a cartoon brain. The text "Neuro MythBusters: The Truth Behind 10 Common Myths About Your Brain" is above and a picture of the author, Catrina Hacker, is in the corner.
Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

As states relax their laws on cannabis, neuroscientist Yasmin Hurd is warning about the drug’s dangers for the developing brain.

Science Journal reports: "She sees growing evidence in the field that cannabis use puts children and adolescents at risk for a variety of psychiatric problems, from dependence on that drug and others to schizophrenia."

#Cannabis #Marijuana #Drugs #Neuroscience #Brain

Stitched Ink Media
1 month ago

“it is what we believe that is true.” - Systemic Evolutions
The Political/Business mindset has long utilized this technique by embodying its intention for the negative affects it can achieve for private gain.

#StitchedInkMedia #Politics #Psychology #Negative #Positive #History #Nature #world #Brain #Mind #Science #Profit #Health #Resistance #Belief #Environment #Body #BodyFreedom #FreedomofMind #Secret #Business #BusinessModel

Simon E. Fisher
1 month ago

Applications are now open for fully funded 4-year PhD positions in the unique doctoral program of the Max Planck School of Cognition. Pursue a passion for science, at the forefront of fundamental and applied research, mentored by a network of world renowned researchers. More information can be found here:
Please help spread the word across the Fediverse!
#PhD #science #academia #research #cognition #brain #language

Photograph of two people carrying out an EEG (electroencephalography) experiment, as just one example of the types of brain science carried out in the Max Planck School of Cognition doctoral programme.
1 month ago

Tennis players often shout as they smack the ball. Research shows that the interplay between hand and mouth movements can improve motor performance, often on a subconscious level.

#science #brain #evolution #biology #behavior #neuroscience

“Everyone was shocked.” Doctors removed a 3-inch live worm from a woman’s brain in Australia last year. It’s believed to be the first-ever case of its kind a...
Doctors find live worm in Australian woman's brain | Al Jazeera Newsfeed
Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

Short naps can improve memory, increase productivity, reduce stress and promote a healthier heart.

A Texas A&M professor explains how @TheConversationUS

#Sleep #Memory #Brain #Research #Health

The Coding Beard
1 month ago

This is the most #disturbing thing I've #read this year - a live roundworm found in #Australian woman’s #brain in world first discovery. 🤢

TLDR: It was removed, I will never again be the same knowing this is a possibility. I'm glad she's ok that said.

#nature #worm #science #sciencefiction #snake #australia #brain #Canberra #python #notthatpython #parasite

1 month ago

> The single most profound difference between the hemispheres, which I will have cause to return to repeatedly, is the distinction between the experience of something as it ‘presences’ to us in the right hemisphere, and as it is ‘re-presented’ to us in the left.”

— Iain McGilchrist

#brain #consciousness #meditation #mindfulness

Steve Thompson
1 month ago

‟Why Our Brains Prefer Symbols to Words” #brain #language #semiotics

‟Research reveals symbols are more memorable than words. This novel study dives into our brain’s knack for recalling graphic symbols and logos over their word counterparts. Symbols, offering visual anchors for abstract ideas, outperform words in memory tests. This understanding could revolutionize visual communication and design.”

Andrew Plested
1 month ago

Pretty even-handed assessment of the success and failure of the EU-funded Human Brain Project, which is ending. Probably the most impressive thing is that, given its troubled inception, it produced some meaningful, if rather ad hoc, brain science. #HBP #brain #simulation #neuroscience

Proof that #bacon kills, neurological #mechanism and rescue with a #brain #transplant. @ct_bergstrom

1 month ago

Nobody is sleeping in the tech world as we face crisis after crisis.

🎧 ⌚ Wearable devices can read brain waves and send information to employers about our thoughts, state of mind, productivity, stress levels, and feelings.

#Brain #Neurotechnology #Neuroscience #AreYouReadyForTheDystopia

🔗 Davos AM23 - Ready for Brain Transparency?

This is also suggested by human DT imaging!

Atlas of the #aging #mouse #brain reveals white matter as vulnerable foci

I wonder if this is tied to the Alzheimer's research on flickering lights.

#Brain rhythms control #microglial response and #cytokine expression via NF-κB signaling

Dave Mackey
2 months ago


I regularly post questions of the day on a variety of subjects (thank you #neurodivergent #brain) but I'm making this one a question of the year bc it is that fundamental to my success as a person.

The reward for contributing meaningful (or humorous) answers to this question will be my sincere appreciation (valued at $0.02 USD).


How can I seamlessly integrate a "lite" tool that operates across platforms (Windows, Linux, Android atm) into my second


2 months ago

Off with the head 💀

Puzzle crâne humain en 4 couches, dessiné, coupé, monté et pyrogravé à la main

Puzzle human head & skull, handcrafted in France


#head #skull #brain #skullart #bones #tongue #crane #tete #tête #cerveau #spine #puzzle #puzzleenbois #jouetenbois #jeuxeducatifs #jeueducatif #medecine #neuro #neuroscience #scrollsaw #chantournage #pyrogravure #woodburning #woodburningart #sciartportfolioweek #sciart #faitmain #madeinfrance #Ankoubricole

Puzzle crâne humain emboîté sur 4 niveau 

Première couche :
- légende des os du crâne humain
- gravure des os du crâne humain

Deuxième couche :
- légende des organes / cavités buccales et nasales
- gravure des organes / cavités buccales et nasales

Troisième couche 
- légende des organes neuro (cerveau, principaux nerfs, yeux...)
- gravure des organes neuro
Michael Reeder LCPC
2 months ago

TITLE: Long Covid’s Brain Fog Is Akin to "Aging Ten Years"—N=3,000

Once again -- Thank you Dr. Pope for your summaries.

Smithsonian Magazine includes an article: “Long Covid’s Brain Fog Is Akin to ‘Aging Ten Years,’ Study Finds—Scientists tested the cognitive function of more than 3,000 participants and found those with longer-lasting Covid symptoms had the strongest decline.”

Here are some excerpts:

People struggling with “long Covid,” or the persistence of symptoms after an initial Covid-19 infection, can face cognitive difficulties such as “brain fog” and memory problems. Now, a study finds the severity of these symptoms is comparable to the brain aging ten years.

By testing the mental speed and accuracy of participants who had and had not been diagnosed with Covid-19, researchers found the cognitive decline was worst for people who had experienced Covid symptoms for more than 12 weeks, according to a study published this month in eClinicalMedicine, a journal published by The Lancet.

“The fact remains that two years on from their first infection, some people don’t feel fully recovered, and their lives continue to be impacted by the long-term effects of the coronavirus,” Claire Steves, a co-author of the study who researches aging and mental health at King’s College London, says in a statement.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic’s early days, scientists have raced to understand the symptoms associated with long Covid, such as depression, major fatigue, brain fog and even dementia.

In 2020, a separate team of researchers examined the brains of people who had died from Covid-19 and discovered their blood vessels, which were covered with antibodies, had sustained significant damage, reports Time’s Jamie Ducharme. The scientists concluded the virus had somehow caused the body’s immune system to attack its blood vessels, leading to inflammation in the brain.

It’s not clear whether this inflammation is the cause of brain fog and cognitive difficulties in living patients with long Covid, but Lara Jehi, a researcher at the Cleveland Clinic who was not involved in the current study or the 2020 research, tells Time she’s seen it impact both people with long Covid and Alzheimer’s disease. “We found many areas of overlap between the two, and these areas of overlap centered on…inflammation in the brain and microscopic injuries to the blood vessels,” she tells the publication.

To better understand long Covid’s effect on the brain, the new study put more than 3,000 participants through 12 different types of cognitive tests designed to measure memory, processing speed, attention, motor control and other thinking skills. A little over half of the participants had previously tested positive for Covid-19, and all were recruited through the Covid Symptom Study Biobank smartphone app.

In the first round of testing in 2021, researchers found the cognitive impairment associated with long Covid was clear, comparable to the brain being under “mild or moderate symptoms of psychological distress,” or ten years of aging, write the authors in the paper.

During the second round of testing, which took place in 2022, patients showed no significant improvement. At that point, some participants’ cognitive decline had lasted nearly two years after infection.

The positive takeaway? Once a person’s Covid symptoms disappeared—regardless of whether they had persisted for three months or one week—their cognitive function appeared to recover.

This, at least, is “good news,” says Nathan Cheetham, a senior postdoctoral data scientist at King’s College London and study co-author, in the statement.

“This study shows the need to monitor those people whose brain function is most affected by Covid-19, to see how their cognitive symptoms continue to develop and provide support toward recovery,” he says in the statement.

About 15 percent of U.S. adults have experienced long Covid, according to the Household Pulse Survey by the National Center for Health Statistics. In the United Kingdom, about two million adults were impacted by the persistent condition as of January 2023, reports the Guardian’s Geneva Abdul.

Steves calls for more research into how long Covid victims can be aided in their recovery process, especially those who have been living with the symptoms for years.

“We need more work to understand why this is the case and what can be done to help,” she says in the statement.

Ken Pope

Hector Y. Adames, Nayeli Y. Chavez-Dueñas, Melba J.T. Vasquez, & Ken Pope:
Succeeding as a Therapist: How to Create a Thriving Practice in a Changing World (APA, 2022)

Ken Pope, Melba J.T. Vasquez, Nayeli Y. Chavez-Dueñas, & Hector Y. Adames:
Ethics in Psychotherapy & Counseling: A Practical Guide, 6th Edition (Wiley, 2021)

#psychology #counseling #socialwork #psychotherapy #research @psychotherapist @psychology @socialpsych @socialwork #Vaccines #COVID #longcovid #oncology #science #medicine #brain #neurology #brainfog

Pascal Vrticka
2 months ago

We have updated our #Social #Neuroscience of #Relationships, #Attachment & #Caregiving (#SNRAC2023) conference program:

We are very happy to have 8 #keynotes, 10 #ECR short #talks & 21 #posters.

Thanks everybody for their brilliant submissions!

Get in touch if you want to grab a last-minute remote listener only spot!

#psychology #brain #colchester #essex #EssexPsychology

Flipboard Science Desk
2 months ago

New research sheds light on the idea of consciousness: There’s a difference between what the brain takes in and what we’re consciously aware of. Where consciousness is managed in the brain has been a mystery, but we may have an answer now. Here’s more from Science Alert:
#Science #Neurology #Brain

ms. liz
2 months ago

two #podcasts i enjoyed today:

The mysterious inner workings of the #brain and #memory

this one was especially interesting to me as i age and see my parents age, and i feel more scattered than ever (turns out maybe i’m more inattentive now than necessarily forgetful)