Easy, solid things to switch out for various reasons:

#Notion -> #Obsidian (
#Unity -> #Godot (
#Chrome -> #Brave (
#Adobe PS -> #Affinity (

All are cheaper, faster, more focused... YMMV but check 'em out.

I recently switched from #Brave #Browser to #LibreWolf... mostly like it but there is one thing that is likely going to cause me to go back to a chrome based browser.... it doesnt handle my 100 tabs very well.

On chrome no matter how many tabs i opened they would size shrink so they all fit... librewolf (and i presume all FF based browser) give me about 20 tabs i can see and then i have to scroll throught hem... As someone who has hundreds of tabs open that just is unmanageable...

Helmut Strasser
7 hours ago

✅ Move from #Chrome and #Brave to #Firefox
✅ Move from #Twitter to #Mastodon
🟩 Move from #Instagram to #Pixelfed

16 hours ago

#LibreWolf is great. I currently use it along with #Firefox #Tor and #Brave. Testing out the #Mullvad browser currently and it seems to be a solid choice. But I prefer them all to compartmentalize.

I just moved from #Brave to #LibreWolf browser... we will see if this remains my new browser... But first impressions are positive.

Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
2 days ago

Update after 5 weeks: #Brave is pretty decent as browsers go. All the "web3" crypto BS is easily disabled and so far, the sync seems to still be working.

Only problem: google maps zooms in/out *waaaayyyyy* too fast. This is apparently a known bug _and_ a regression.

I'm experimenting with the beta build track which is every so slightly less bad, but I don't know when I'll get used to the blue+white app icon whilst Cmd-TAB-ing my way around...

#geek #browser #chromium

3 days ago

How to fix snap "Brave" Warning #snap #brave

marc [sustain release] ✅
3 days ago

It feels a little as if the ancient #browserwars have reignited within the microcosm of my personal devices. 😐 #Firefox vs #Brave

3 days ago

#DailyBloggingChallenge (58/100)

Account #isolation #security (continues)

Account isolation doesn’t just have to be on the device level, but can also be done on the software level like the #browser.

The benefit of using multiple browsers is that #cookies cannot cross browsers: making the pesky #trackers be browser bound and making browser fingerprinting harder to achieve. This will give oneself an edge on personal data protection.

Some browsers have the option to use containers, though it can feel like the overview is quickly lost and potentially it could be a bigger strain on the device.

Browser suggestions:


One should choose the browser dependent on the login credentials one will be using. For example if one will be using Google services like #Gmail or #YouTube, then the obvious choice is Chrome.

#infosec #DataPrivacy #BrowserFingerprinting #DataProtection

4 days ago

API do Brave Search agora integra mais áreas de pesquisa
#api #bing #brave #google #privacidade #sistema #noticias #tech #tugatech

API do Brave Search agora integra mais áreas de pesquisa
4 days ago


I've been using DuckDuckGo for a good number of years now, but I'm starting to see a decline in the quality of results - bunch of spam and local government websites that are absolutely unrelated to my query.

I've so used to bangs though. That's hard to give up.

Brave is making strides in search as well. Happy to see competition in this space rising.

#kagi #duckduckgo #search #brave
4 days ago
5 days ago

Brave vai brevemente receber assistente de IA “Leo”
#android #brave #ios #opera #privacidade #web #noticias #tech #tugatech

Brave vai brevemente receber assistente de IA "Leo"
5 days ago

List of tech hashtags. View the content *you* want to when you want to

Bookmark this post for easy access to these tags without cluttering your home feed from following the hashtags directly.

#chromebook #chromeos #chrome #googlechrome
#windows11 #windows10
#iphone #ios #mac #macos
#safari #midori #firefox #brave #vivaldi #tor #waterfox

Social media
#mastodon #fediverse #meta #facebook #discord #instagram #bluesky #threads #twitter

Internet law related
#section230 #netneutrality #coppa #freespeech #firstamendment #ftc #copyright #piracy

video sites
#youtube #peertube #plutotv #tubi #hoopla #hoopladigital

James Gayfer
5 days ago

Is #Firefox the browser of choice these days?

Currently using #Brave, but I'm seeing more comments how it's still mostly a Google product (which isn't my favourite thing).

Caio C. G. Oliveira
1 week ago

@Rivaille_VD @brave @Vivaldi O que me incomoda são os botões de janela lá na parte superior direita da interface. Eu gostaria que o #Vivaldi se comportasse como o #Brave nesse aspecto.

1 week ago

C’est quoi Leo, l’IA du navigateur web Brave?

Depuis quelques jours, la version de développement du navigateur Brave intègre Leo, un assistant d’intelligence artificielle intégré développé en open source.

Vous pouvez le tester via le canal de bureau Nightly (à partir de la version 1.59).#Brave

1 week ago

How can I remove one Brave browser where it is installed twice on my OS. How do i identify which to uninstall #delete #brave

Caio C. G. Oliveira
1 week ago

Hello friends #Linux #Mint #Debian Edition users who enjoy the #Brave and #Vivaldi browsers!
I would really like to use Vivaldi with the system's native window decoration. In the image of this post, @brave is on the left and @Vivaldi on the right. I would really like the window control buttons in Vivaldi to look like the native ones, like they do in Brave. Does anyone know how to do this? I'm using #Cinnamon

screenshot of brave and vivaldi
Caio C. G. Oliveira
1 week ago

Olá amigos usuários de #Linux #Mint #Debian Edition que curtem os navegadores #Brave e #Vivaldi!
Eu gostaria muito de usar o Vivaldi com a decoração de janela nativa do sistema. Na imagem deste post o @brave está à esquerda e o @Vivaldi à direita. Eu gostaria muito que os botões de controle da janela no Vivaldi fossem parecidos com os nativos, como está no Brave. Alguém sabe como fazer isso? Estou usando o #Cinnamon

captura de tela com as interfaces do Brave e Vivaldi no Linux Mint Debian Edition usando Cinnamon
1 week ago

Une faille dans Webp menace les navigateurs web

La bibliothèque de code Webp utilisée pour améliorer le rendu des images web est touchée par une vulnérabilité très sérieuse.

#internet #webp #google #edge #firefox #chrome #opera #Brave #Vivaldi

1 week ago

"I may not be a Princess after all, but I'm still me! Here's a glimpse of what's beneath the crown. #NotAPrincess #Embarrassed #Brave"

For all my #pantycheck photos - see

1 week ago

Way to protect and serve! I'm sure the people of #Birmingham, #Alabama are sleeping a little easier tonight knowing that their #brave #police are out there keeping the streets safe from #highschool marching bands that terrorize the community with their reckless and deadly performances following school #football games. These #officers deserve commendations, promotions, and raises for their selfless acts.

Chez Iceman
1 week ago

Removing Mozilla's #Firefox and Installing #LibreWolf and/or #Brave, Instead

Un bel article polémique comme on les aime dans le #logiciellibre

> Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer

Claudio C
1 week ago

Cliente: Necesito que actualicen los navegadores que están en los servidores, te paso el detalle que me mandó el área de Seguridad.
Yo: Perfecto, mándamelo.
Cliente: <envía mail con el detalle, una lista de 150 servidores, con el detalle indicando qué navegador tiene (#Chrome #Firefox #Edge #Brave)>
En mi empresa armamos un grupo de trabajo de 10 personas para dividirnos los servidores y hacerlo más eficiente...
De esa lista de 150 servidores, sólo 5 tienen un navegador instalado :blobfacepalm:

J Davis 🫂🕊️
2 weeks ago

If you can't read something because it's behind a #paywall, try #Brave. Works with WaPo and the Atlantic.

2 weeks ago

@JohnLoader6 @pojntfx


...of #Brave, but I don't recall.
In the end, we settled on a slightly tweaked version of #FireFox as the best option for most users.

// 📚
2 weeks ago

There’s a major security flaw concerning many of the best browsers and other apps that you must address as soon as possible to prevent hackers from attacking your device. #browser #security #hackers #chrome #edge #firefox #brave

Steve Fenton ♾️
2 weeks ago

Security Tip! Update all your browsers and apps. There's a fix for the webp codec that you need. It fixes an actively exploited issue.

Updates available for:

#Chrome #Firefox #Edge #Brave

It also affects any other apps using libwebp, so things like Electron apps may be affected, too... for example 1Password. 📚
2 weeks ago

Chrome isn’t fundamentally unsafe. But if you’re worried about tracking, Brave is obviously the better choice, since anti-tracking tools are included and activated by default. #brave #browser #chrome #tracking #phishing #malware

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

Looks like the software world is on fire!

Update everything: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge just patched a big flaw

#Updates #Chrome #Firefox #Brave #Edge #Flaw #InfoSec #Security #TechNews

Steve Dustcircle :rose:
2 weeks ago

How to finally ditch #Chrome and move all your data and bookmarks to another #browser
#google #firefox #edge #safari #brave

David O'Brien 🤖
2 weeks ago

Huge strikeout for Minter, gets Schwarber flailing to end the 8th in a one-run game with Rojas at second. #Brave up 6-5 headed to the 9th inning

2 weeks ago

Somewhat inspired by @theprivacydad's most recent blog post, here's a list of privacy-friendly software that "just works" about as well as (if not better than) more invasive alternatives, even for the relatively non-tech savvy:

#Firefox and/or #Brave
#Startpage (@StartpageSearch), #DuckDuckGo, or #BraveSearch
#AntennaPod (@AntennaPod)

LoKan Sardari 🚀
2 weeks ago

Jusqu’à maintenant, j'utilisais Firefox comme navigateur et j'étais repassé sur Reminders depuis la WWDC, pour laisser une chance.

Entre temps, passage sur #Brave et depuis ce matin je reviens sur @things pour organiser les activités du site.

J'avais oublié que je peux utiliser "Quick Entry with Autofill" avec Brave ou Safari, et que je peux configurer un #Shortcut sur iPhone pour faire la même chose que "Remind Me Faster". Un clic et hop, je peux saisir.

Mike Kuketz 🛡
2 weeks ago

Nach der Umfrage, ob ich meine Software-Einstellungen zur Verfügung stellen soll, habe ich damit begonnen. Veröffentlicht:
- Brave (Android)
- LibreWolf

Zu erreichen über: Neu hier? -> Einstellungen.

#einstellungen #brave #librewolf

Because everyone seems to be having a go at it.

I'm using #Brave and #Kagi as a search engine. No it's not free. Yes it's good.

I would pay for a cross platform Browser that doesn't suck and is open source.

Open source and free needs to be dissociated asap. This is what got us in this privacy nightmare, money needs to be made.

iam-py-test :unverified:
2 weeks ago

Never trust a browser from an ad company. That means:
- #Chrome
- #Edge
- #Safari
- #Brave
- #Opera
- and more

Neff :manjaro:
2 weeks ago

@mike I tried Vivaldi several times but it's not for me: is still based on Chromium and not fully open source. It's also full of features I don't need or use, so it's definitely a bit too much for me. #Firefox and #Waterfox are my go to web browsers of choice. I also use #Brave on mobile and as a backup option.

Jos :donor:
2 weeks ago

In the name of rejecting the industry's habit of 'tweak the error rather than admit it' (thanks to @mhoye for the mental nudge this morning!) I will put this right up front and clearly:

If you are using Chrome, now is a really good time to STOP. Use another browser. I like #vivaldi a lot, others like #firefox or #chromium or #brave, but get yourself OUT of Chrome.

If you can't avoid Chrome for whatever reason (and I get it), you can use these tweaks to at least avoid the Ad Privacy quicksand in the latest version:

#privacy #privacyMatters

Linux Is Best
3 weeks ago

@caiocgo This is what you see if you use Mozilla Firefox with the ad blocking power of uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger.

The difference?

Brave Browser is build on Chromium, which reports to any website that you're blocking ads. Brave Browser cannot overcome this because it is part of the core of Chromium.

If you want a better browser, you need to use Firefox. If you want an ad free experience, it needs to be Firefox.

#Firefox #Brave #BraveBrowser #Chrome #Chromium

Screenshot shows Mozilla Firefox can view the page Brave Browser could not, while blocking ads.

@MacropodCare @malwaretech @torproject #Brave is yet another #Chromium and they also integrated that #WebDRM bs into that as well...

So no.

Just get #Firefox and add some basic #plugins (tho these should be integrated per default!)...

I am trialling #vivaldi and comparing with #brave and #Chrome
with Vivaldi on, the laptop fan is on permanently, once I switch it off, it is very peaceful...
As much as I would love to use #Vivaldi I will stick with #Chrome and #Brave ...
Any explanations? Running both on Windows 10.
#browser #brave #VivaldiBrowser

John Gordon ⚡️
3 weeks ago

Gotta love #Javascript. Trying to parse a URL to mask a password when it is present. Only the URLs are RTSP ones, not HTTP/S ones. Seems that #Chrome / #Brave are unable to handle this correctly; #Safari does work.

Browser incompatibilities are alive and well still it seems.

Parsing an RTSP URL in Brave/Chrome fails. It treats the whole thing after the protocol as the path rather than breaking it into its correct parts.
Parsing an HTTP URL in Brave/Chrome works. The parts are correctly assigned to the properties of the URL class instance.
PJ Coffey
3 weeks ago


I use DuckDuckGo. The #Brave chap endorses various kinds of unpalatable nonsense.

Quite frankly you can't throw a rock in computing without hitting someone with dreadful views that they believe they arrived at ab initio but wildly, happily, reinforce the status quo and their position in it.

Linux Is Best
4 weeks ago

This is your reminder, that the CEO of Brave Browser, does not believe in human rights, for everyone.

Repeatedly has funded electronics against women's rights and their right to choose. Repeatedly funded candidates who do not believe love is love and would strip LGBTQ+ members of basic human rights.

#Brave #BraveBrowser #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQ #HumanRights #Rights

Marc :verified:
1 month ago

@silvermoon82 And that should be the point where you should switch to another browser like #Brave or #Firefox ASAP! Unless you're happy with #censorship that is.

„Stop using Brave Browser“

Ich habe
#Brave schon vor einigen Wochen abgeschossen.
Artikel lesen und dann werdet ihr vermutlich das gleiche tun.

admin mastodon uno :mastodon:
1 month ago

l'istanza è il servizio per vedere i video youtube su mastodon senza pubblicità e senza esser spiati, è basato su invidious che tuttora ha piccoli e grandi problemi che si sta cercando di tamponare con alterne fortune, consigliamo nel frattempo di usare i video piped che potete trovare cercandoli sul nostro motore di ricerca libero: dato che possono essere visti anche col protocollo decentralizzato IPFS se usate il browser Brave.

#invidious #Piped #IPFS #Brave

Michał Górny
1 month ago

O stronach internetowych, reklamach i przeglądarkach (nic nowego)

Serwisy internetowe lubią reklamy i trackery, bo przynoszą im bejmy.

Użytkownicy ich nie lubią, bo są denerwujące i naruszają ich prywatność.

Więc jak radzą sobie przeglądarki z tym konfliktem?

Dobre przeglądarki: "zależy nam na was, więc wprowadziliśmy lepsze zabezpieczenia prywatności i możliwość blokowania reklam."

#Google: "zależy nam na was, więc wprowadziliśmy DRM, żeby można było zablokować użytkowników z blokerami reklam, a przy okazji naszą konkurencję. Widzicie? Obie strony zyskują: wy przestajecie tracić bejmy, a my robimy jeszcze więcej bejmów!"

#Brave: "może kompromisik? My będziemy blokować reklamy i trackery na stronach internetowych, i zamiast tego wyświetlać nasze własne!"

Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

One cannot be confident and fearful at the same time -- fear, especially chronic fear, has a way of weakening us, causing us to cower and flinch. But when we opt to push fear -- especially chronic fear -- away, we stand with strength and ease and grace.

Girl in a Copper Dress 1 canvas print --

#strong #brave #truth #woman #art #artwork #dance #beauty #stevehenderson #mastoart #mastodon #fediart #fediverse #painting #oil #figurative #party #buyintoart #ayearforart

Canvas print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a young woman, standing with her back to us, in a rust-colored, coppertoned party dress, backless with cascading ruffles. Her hair is up; her hands are held gracefully out, and she is quietly looking around her environment.
1 month ago

#Brave's in-browser AI assistant, Leo, is now available for testing in the Nightly desktop channel. The AI, based on Meta's #Llama 2 model, offers interactive features such as video transcripts, article summaries, and reading assistance.

1 month ago

"Leo, Brave's browser-native AI assistant, is now available in Nightly version for testing"

My opinion:

I'm pretty sceptical to be honest about this, even if it sounds pretty good how they gave their best to implement it fully private, I'm still sceptical about this. I don't think is bad.., but I also don't rly think is that good. I'm guessing they made it, because of the current AI hype and trying to promote their Browser by adding this, since competitors like Egde has this too and bc they are focused on privacy they did in private way. I'm guessing many people will hate Brave for this since "AI is such a bad thing", but it will also generate new users. I'm curious about the future of Leo, time will show.

#privacy #brave #browser #ai @brave

This post is the repetition of my #introduction. First of all. You can ignore all other accounts, since this one give me everything I want.
Sometimes if not, many times, I like to write a lot, trying to explain few little things of reality, using words.
Reality is so beauty that we can only #enjoy it, because we know how #complex is each #fragment of #simplicity. The #key is always in our #ability to #imagine.
The focused subject is as well what create the necessary #tools to #find the expression of it in #reality.
Is curious that subjectivity is for each self, objectivation of reality, which makes things more #funny. The #Solipsism is the condition.
Is like to #imagine that we are #Universes and there is no other thing that can deny your absolute notion of reality.
When I #follow you, it mean I may like the content that you share, but when I interact with it, is where I wish to learn more and create a possible and natural conversation, where two persons try to explain their own interpretation about the subject in causa, so that condition, #lead both persons to #grow. Is the #psychologic aspect of those who #dream, which if you think, even #dogs or #cats do. :D
Thank You #GOD to giving #CONSCIENCE to all simples animals that doesn't #TALK or #READ text, but I am not sure about the #Free will of #Choice that you gave to human kind, while I cannot deny about mine. In fact I cannot deny yours, which is the condition that declare solipsism a false theory. But is #true at the same Time. And all of it is only #data (objects and functions) that are in #memory.
#Theories are like myth's and illusions.. which is our inability to intercept correctly, reality.
Ah, I had other account here in this #mastodon #instance, but I got a strike for giving tips to someone to hack reality. Sometimes, those reactions, lead me to think that no one like to have new suggestions to learn how to deal with reality, which is #strange.. and not.. we go again to our eternal positive and negative condition when dealing with reality, which is solipsism..
I like what is possibly #True. But When I do, I try to care it. Is like trying to care flowers to make them grow #stronger. They will be like many others, but better in upgrading their personal #skills.
Even then, we always need to point into some direction, which includes #intentions. I think reality is fine as it is, but you know, I am just a #Monkey and I like to imagine a better world. That world can be only possible if others agree with it. I don't care who you are, what cultural base you have. You will be persons for all eternity. People have the ability to create what ever they wish to. So, I join this instance because in fact give me everything I need to possess to feel #good. I can write a lot :D Monkey #style. I can explain.. GOOD !!!
Sometimes I have this style, which can be a bit provocative, but what can I do, if not, being my self even if here, I am nothing more than simple text. I am nothing.. I am just data.. only useful if you wish to do something with it. But that is not me, just the data that is here, #impressed in #electrical #signals that our #brain can #process, like #machines do. As you can see.. I am nothing than #text. So since text is data and data can be organized in #onjects and with them we can create #functions, I always like to tag everyone is the #world and talk about #education approaches.
A #lamp is only a #lamp .. if I am the expression of #Yang.. is only light. #Music is #light for my #mind. I don't know about you but I always like to think about #China.
I have a crazy illusion that I have the #mission to talk with the #Dragon. Some #old knowledge says he will help me to dream in a safer way. But I cannot prove that, because that is my illusion. In my illusion, there is the other side of the coin, which is the #Tiger. Even if the Tiger can be good, like all cats, they have that skill that prove to be #brave, while sometimes, #evil.
Dragon have different approachs, and normally, dragons are more respectful, while abcessive with perfectionism. I don't know the Dragon or the Tiger, but here I am talking to them. #USA #ASIA #AFRICA #EUROPE #INDIA #RUSSIA #AMERICA #Galaxy
I am just a peaceful monkey that likes to write and produce music and nothing more.. is what #develpers or #educators do, most of the #Time.. even #Scientists, #jornalists, etc...
But you know.. I am in this shell of Time, that can repeat it self, every time that the conditions to happen are true in reality, else they couldn't happen. :D #activism or #artivism is what some call.. I don't know.. but #rationaliy is in my way of being the self.. that is why I need to give a plent of congratulations to Jerry.
I can dive into the Scientific research that is based mainly in #documents, created by "us". :D ..
I think "God" did like me, but I don't understand why. I cannot explain how thankful I am, but you know, he gave me this mission where an #Eternal #license needs to be accomplished and here, with you, we can solve many problems together.
Is what #technology is doing for years, but we need to focus technology to something good and #healthier for all. #Japan try that, putiing robos as workers. That is good. They have a lot of others #crazy things.. good imagination with #math .. what they cannot ? but hey, USA or SouthAfrica is the same. is Knowledge in the brain. :D
#dance and #enjoy #life and #leave all things that create bad #moods. I like #animals too. all kind. I like #Linux. #Terminal with #Black background, where I can write something and create light, even if doing something wrong. :D

Josh :budgie_orig:
1 month ago

So I have been using #Brave for awhile, but I am trying out #FireFox for a few days. Should I make the switch? Feel free to share your insights/rationales

Please boost for more responses 🙏

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
1 month ago

Been switching from #Brave browser to @Vivaldi & so far it's been good.

Had to switch the address bar to the bottom on the Android mobile browser to get rid of that stupid redundant tab bar & that's taking some adjustment on my part. But so far I'm liking #Vivaldi on both Android & desktop #Linux. 👍

Some nice customization options.

I still think #Brave is one of the best all-round browsers there is.

I particularly like how it does #privacy data sync. You basically introduce your new devices to a "sync chain" and then the bookmarks and history stay synced. AFAIK that's handled peer-to-peer. There's probably some signaling servers that could be spied on, but your history isn't being stored (to better advertise to you in the future).

#Google #ChromeMigration

How unfortunate that #webDev often designs a particular #browser's UI into a site.

#brave #browsers

screenshot of where an arrow is pointing to a downloaded file notification which has moved to the toolbar of the Chrome window.
1 month ago

@valendia @tchambers

#Brave has always smelled weird to me.

Superficially the name and logo have always caused me to roll my eyes.

I always suspected they would pivot to being profitable at some point, selling out the userbase they had accumulated.

It's just Chromium with an ad-blocker. We already have uBlock Origin. The pitch just never made sense and always seemed a bit predatory.

Aggiornato il nostro motore di ricerca #Librex:


Grazie a tutti per i suggerimenti e le segnalazioni, abbiamo migliorato la ricerca dei siti e dei video:

1️⃣ La ricerca di pagine web per un bug riportava solo pagine in italiano, ora le ricerche riportano risultati misti ma prevalentemente in italiano 🇮🇹

2️⃣ La ricerca video ora riporta tutti i risultati dal frontend #piped (youtube), se usate il browser #Brave potrete aprirlo anche col protocollo decentralizzato #IPFS

2 months ago

What do you guys think of #brave browser?

PuschyMTB 🚴‍♂️🚩
2 months ago

Liebe Loidz!

Bitte lasst die Finger von dem
#Google #Browser #Chrome, und Browsern, die Googles Engine nutzen, wie #Vivaldi, #Brave, Micro$chrott Edge, #Opera und weitere Konsorten. schreibt:

Setzt auf
#Firefox bzw deren Forks wie #LibreFox, #WaterFox, #TorBrowser, oder andere freie Open Source Browser. erklärt, warum man auf FF setzen sollte:

#Internet muss frei bleiben!

Linux Is Best
2 months ago

"I use Brave Browser, it has almost no ads."

Oh, ya?

I use Mozilla Firefox with uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger, and I have NO ads. -- Anywhere.

You cannot use a chromium based browser and expect no ads. Chromium is designed to defeat ad-blockers. It's why if you install uBlock, not all the options are available. -- It is also why you sometimes still see ads on YouTube or run into the anti-ad message.

Only 1 browser is ad free - Mozilla Firefox.

#Mozilla #Firefox #Brave #BraveBrowser

Amo, asi cañon, las vertical tabs de #brave #browser @brave

Se auto minimizan, estoy más focus y sin menos estrés

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Excelente servicio

brave vertical tabs 1
brave vertical tabs 2 minizado
Epiphanic Synchronicity
2 months ago

For all its advantages, I find the opaque nature of #Arc’s business model concerning, given its heavy VC funding. See

Say what you like about #Brave, but their monetization is transparent and you can opt out with a click. #Vivaldi is bootstrapped and seems to be making enough with search engine deals, automotive, etc. to sustain themselves.

But Arc? Who knows? Time will tell, but the possibility of eventual #enshittification seems very real.

#Brave, #Vivaldi should drop the #Chromium #blink engine. This rogue project became a threat to the freedom of the Internet. #webenvironmentintegrity

2 months ago

@WeiMingKai @thomasfuchs Agreed! I wrote off Google and all its services many years ago and have had nothing but good experience using #brave #browser and #duckduckgo for the past many years. It’s a nice feeling.

Javier Casares
2 months ago

The shady world of #Brave selling copyrighted data for AI training

Gianmarco :archlinux: :kde:
2 months ago

#BraveBrowser never disappoints. Now they sell APIs with text extracts that they aren't supposed to use that way.

#BraveBrowserIsBad #Brave #AI #BraveSearch #BraveSearchAPI