Joanne Freeman
1 minute ago

I'm sitting at my desk writing about political outrage and taking a break to glance at social media and getting even more politically outraged and NOW IM GOING TO THE FARMERS MARKET.

Good bread and fresh fruit will help.

Postscript: And what did I find? Medieval rye bread with garlic cloves! Yum!


Thomas =:-)
2 hours ago

#baguette #bread #brot again too wet to cut, good rise though. 48h ferment in the fridge. 68% hydration. Will reduce towards 65% next time.

2 baguettes on a cooling rack
9 hours ago

#food #bread #muffins
Yesterday's bread had extreme oven spring. I wonder if there's a cave in the middle.

Also, I just made pear and ginger muffins, so, breakfast!

A dozen pear and ginger muffins in silicone cases
A well risen loaf of bread.
The end view of the same loaf of bread

Soda bread cooling, fresh out of the oven. What will be on my first slice? Butter or Nutella? #baking #bread

Rustic soda bread loaf with a few slices cut
16 hours ago


💛➡️ english language

💛➡️ auf deutsch

#BakeForUkraine – an initiative supported by WE AID – on another milestone – their successfully fundraised #mobileBakery #givingwork to more people:

"we had the #chance to collect enough funds to buy a MOBILE #BAKERY that could produce up to 2K loaves a day"

read 💛

#yesWEAID #humanitarian #disasterrelief #disasteraid #helfen #socent #relief #bread #baking #bakery #food #news

22 hours ago

One day I will make Challah that does not have stretch marks, but today is not that day.

#baking #bread #challah

A golden brown loaf of challah with sesame seeds on half of it. It is beautifully tall and stretchy, but definitely showing stretch marks down the middle from oven spring.
A fully proofed but unbaked loaf of braided challah, with sesame seeds on half.
A freshly braided loaf of challah, on a parchment lined baking sheet.
George Roberts
1 day ago

Rollin' rollin' rollin'...
#baking #bread for a group of men away on a weekend, training to lead groups of men, including men who have been incarcerated.

A photo of Soft white rolls in 4 states: a ball of dough in the centre foreground; shaped rolls on the right, risen rolls on the left ready to bake; and a heap of 28 baked rolls behind.
1 day ago

Fresh #bread

A freshly baked bread in front of the cookbook with the recipe

The cool thing about beer bread is how easily I can change the recipe by using a different beer. In this case, I used a Scottish Ale from Highlander Brew Co.

#CraftBeer #Bread

A loaf of bread is on a wooden platter. To the right of the platter is an empty beer can. In the background, the tips of some knives are visible.
George Roberts
3 days ago

Cheese scones and Irish soda #bread #baking for lunch with a friend today.

Photo of cheese scones in the foreground and Irish soda bread behind
Ⓐ Shimon 🏴
4 days ago

No more of such vague formulas as “The Right to work” or “To each the whole result of his labor.” What we proclaim is THE RIGHT TO WELL-BEING: WELL-BEING FOR ALL! [...]
The Revolution will be [anarcho-]communist; if not, it will be drowned in blood, and have to be begun over again.

#anarchocommunism #anarchism #communism #bread

Mac Berg
4 days ago

This bastard wouldn't rise properly. I hope it will turn out ok anyway. I think I need a better dough swirly kneedy thingamajig machine. You know that thing with dough hooks and stuff. Mine is absolute crap so I had to run it for an eternity. That might have murdered the yeast or something.
#baking #bread

A phat, but flattish loaf of bread in an oven.
Ross of Ottawa
5 days ago

Two 'batards' and a baguette have baked up just in time for bedtime.

I went with rye-bread style lateral scoring on these two loaves which makes for nice round slices. (The oven spring acts up and length-wise instead of lateral expansion and oval slices as from the usual transverse slashes.)

Just mixing it up - makes nice sandwiches.

Two long loaves and a smaller baguette are cooling on a rack. (Perspective makes them look similar in size but the baguette is actually much smaller - less than half the size/weight.)
Joel Kin
5 days ago

Anyway in non-programmer news I baked this bread this morning. It’s sourdough, ~10% whole wheat, with a polenta meal crust.
#Vegan #baking #bread

A glamour shot of a loaf of bread, cut open, crumb luminous on a black background
A load of bread from above, four slices next to it, displaying a Magnificent ear
A sandwich made with the same bread
5 days ago

"There is one rule that unites many jaffle enthusiasts: no tomato. Wilson is firm on this: “It reaches that nuclear temperature.” Femia agrees: “You won’t taste anything for a week.”" #food #cooking #camping #jaffles #toasties #Australia #bread #sandwiches

‘It’s a travesty they’ve disappeared’: what ever happened to jaffle irons? | Australian food and drink | The Guardian

‘It’s the one thing in my kitchen I’ll never throw away’: James Shackell’s 1950s jaffle iron, once owned by his grandmother. Photograph: James Shackell
Greg Glockner
6 days ago

A very consistent batch! Honey oat wheat sandwich bread, made from local flour, donated to hungry families in the community. If you bake in the PNW, join us at #bread #foodinsecurity

8 loaves of homemade oat sandwich bread on cooling rack
Pinky Floyd
6 days ago
Stroll through Paris first thing in the morning, and you’ll see lines of people snaking out of their local #boulangeries for their morning #bread. That’s because, throughout France, getting up early and buying a #baguette is more than second nature; it’s a way of life. According to the Observatoire du Pain (yes, France has a scientific ‘Bread Observatory’), the French consume 320 baguettes every second – that’s an average of half a baguette per person per day and 10 billion every year.
1 week ago

Just finished #baking a couple loaves of spelt bread. #food #bread

Bread loaves
1 week ago

For a first attempt, I was surprised at how well this whole grain focaccia turned out! I didn’t really expect to see a recognizable focaccia crumb, but there it is — even the springyness between the teeth. The recipe is from “Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads,” but using Kamut wheat, a tetraploid species related to durum.

I expect to use this often, topped with random veg, to use up odd harvests this year.

#Bread #Baking

Thin slices of focaccia topped with flaky salt and a golden-yellow, relatively open, airy crumb
frater mus
1 week ago

#InstantPot #bread experiment, a short relo to a campsite less likely to result in mud stuckness

I baked a #bread for #pride!
🌈 🧱 :newpride:

#Brot #bread @teamsauerteig @brotbacken

A rectangular loaf of wholemeal bread that looks like a brick because it's quite flat. There are oat flakes on the top of the bread
1 week ago

Second half #today!
They're so big - Amy's Bread had the pistachio croissant twists in stock!
#portion #control is #key #when #eating #pastry #LOL #NYC #Amy's #Bread #midtown #also #Chelsea #Market #yum

Brian Gettler
1 week ago

First #bread on the #BBQ this year. #cooking #baking

8 buns with grill marks baking on the BBQ.
Adrianna Tan
1 week ago

I like making Japanese style breads. Tangzhong / yudane / water roux method really makes all the difference (with regards to fluffiness)

#Baking #Bread

Hokkaido milk bread in a bread tin
Lucky Resistor
2 weeks ago

I've just released a new design for a straightforward bread box grate. This design is tailor-made for round bread boxes, enhancing air circulation and preventing bread crumbs from sticking to the bread. 🎉


#3dprinting #bread #box #breadbox #grate

A 3D-printed bread box grate inside of a green-blue Wesco bread box.
Joe Vilas
2 weeks ago

@noplasticshower @Dr_Bombay I think JC (Julia Child, of course, not the other one) had a thing where you put the screaming hot brick in a pan of hot water between putting the bread in the oven & closing the door. I'm sure I'd get used to it, just like I got used to handling screaming hot pans with no-knead, but I never bothered with that technique again. :) #cooking #baking #bread

I made a loaf of beer bread. It called for an oatmeal stout and was every bit as delicious as it looks in this photo. I used St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout from McAuslan, an old favourite.

#CraftBeer #Bread

A loaf of rustic-looking bread is on a wooden platter. On the right side are four thick slices of it. There's a serrated bread knife in the foreground. The top of the loaf is covered with a sprinkling of oats.
2 weeks ago

Basket o fish

Find it as a print on my shop!

#bread #fish #food #Krita

Various fish shaped bread piled into a basket. Some of the bread include long fish, crabs, a pufferfish and an octopus.
Leon Omelan
3 weeks ago

After a long break, I went back to #sourdough #bread #baking, and thanks to 'The Bread Code' (, it was nearly painless. Just after a few bakes, I got those beautiful loaves

60% hydration, wheat sourdough bread. 900g split into two loaves
crumb of the 60% hydration, wheat sourdough bread. 900g split into two loaves
60% hydration, wheat sourdough bread. 1000g split shaped into one loaf
60% hydration, wheat sourdough bread. 1000g split shaped into one loaf
3 weeks ago

Apart from getting a better rise I think I've discovered why loaves are traditionally scored either off center or diagonally! Phallic food is very overrepresented so I may keep making bread like this to even the balance a little, especially since it turns out vulvas have just as much power to make people giggle and we all need more laughter at the moment. Next challenge bum buns!

#Baking #Bread #LewdFood

A round loaf of bread viewed from above, the bread is scored down the middle and the way it has risen makes it look very like labia. The loaf was covered in soaked oats before scoring which adds a lot to the effect
A round loaf of bread viewed from the side, the bread is scored down the middle and the way it has risen makes it look very like labia. The loaf was covered in soaked oats before scoring which adds a lot to the effect
Steffani Cameron
3 weeks ago

I am a baking fiend lately. I made ciabatta last weekend and loved it so I’m trying again this week. But every time I lift the lid on the dough, it smells like roasted peppers, since I apparently didn’t clean it as well as I thought. 😶

BUT THIS COULD BE A BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE, we don’t know. I will find out when the new batch bakes tomorrow.

Anyhow, it has been a tasty week of sandwiches.

Alt text for more. #food #cooking #bread

EIGHT beautiful golden ciabatta buns dusty with semolina on a cooling rack
Breakfast panini with grill marks on said ciabatta filled with some scrambled egg, tomatoes, crispy thin chorizo, and a space mayo with Calabrian chili crisp
A double-schnitzel ciabatta sandwich with spicy mayo, mustard, red onion and avocado, halved, next to a hefty salad of homegrown frisée with blackened corn, red onions, avocado tomato and dressing
A mixed greens salad (homegrown!) with soft poached egg on top, shaved Parmesan, and crispy bacon, and a lightly toasted halved ciabatta sandwich with bacon, tomato and spicy mayo
3 weeks ago


Available as a sticker!

#croissant #bread #shark #stickerart

Digital art of a croissant in the shape of a shark.
3 weeks ago

#Baking #sourdough #bread and got a beautiful ear

sourdough bâtard with ear
1 month ago

A tasty pastry shop update! Many good munchies this time.

Shop here!

#bread #sticker #shop

A small print of a basket of fish shaped bread surrounded by stickers of pastry inspired fish. They include a croissant shark, pie sea slug, pancake mola, fish breadstick and a mola stuck in a doughnut.
Hank G ☑️
1 month ago
@Dr_Bombay My copy of "The Rye Baker" by Stanley Ginsberg arrived last night. I started perusing the introduction section and browsing the deliciously fascinating recipes. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I've been an amateur #sourdough bread maker for a while now and have two starters going, one "regular" gifted to me by a neighbor over a decade ago and a "COVID Memorial" one I started during COVID to help friends who kept asking me for sourdough advice get started on one since I never made one from scratch. Looks like I'll have to get started on a third for rye now :). I had no idea that rye baking isn't just a low gluten bread production process but a very different chemical network structure than what we do with gluten-based breads. So many of these look promising. I can't wait to have time and room in my calorie budget to start experimenting with this later this year. #bread #baking #RyeBread #ArtisanBaking #YeastMasters
The Rye Baker: Classic Breads from Europe and America a book by Stanley Ginsberg
1 month ago

a crow
stole some dough
and baked it
on a tiny fire
and what
did that crow spread
on their stolen bread?


Jess the Dessert Geek!
1 month ago

Did I start a loaf of bread at 4:30 in the afternoon? Of course I did!

I'm very curious to see how this goes, it's supposed to be an easier milk bread/shokupan but with no tangzhong. Not that I mind making one, more I'm curious how this will work. Kneading went really well at least and it's currently in its first proof, so fingers are crossed.

#Food #Bread #Baking

Puzzle Trail Paul
1 month ago

It's #CupOfTeaSocial #QuizQuestion time! The oldest definitive evidence of bread-making found to date is from a 14,500-year-old site in Jordan, but it's believed that it was being made in some form or other for thousands of years before that. Of course, not all types of bread are quite as old as that - in fact, one now common type of Italian bread has only been around since 1982. Which is it?

#quiz #trivia #bread #baking #italy

1 month ago

Follow up photo re successful bannock for lunch… #baking #bannock #bread @WTL makes good sandwiches

Two sandwiches made with square cut bannock, with ham and cheese and mustard as filling. The one in the background has cucumber slices too.
1 month ago

#bread : an article of food made from flour or meal by moistening, kneading, and baking

- French: pain

- German: das Brot

- Italian: pane

- Portuguese: pão

- Spanish: pan


See previous words @

Mr. Funk E. Dude
1 month ago

All done. I definitely need practice shaping hoagie/submarine rolls.

So far it smells great.
#bread #baking

3 poorly shaped hoagie/submarine rolls.
A loaf of bread on a platform and 3 hoagie/submarine rolls underneath.
Mr. Funk E. Dude
1 month ago

I'm doing a slower ferment today. Usually I turn on the proofing option in my stove to get the dough to rise quickly, but today I'm just putting it in the oven with the light on and that's it.

A slower fermentation can bring out richer flavors. This is why store bought bread always add extra ingredients, to make up for the quick fermentation they need to use to keep up with demand.
#baking #bread

Justin Stach
1 month ago

And not bad crumb either.

#bread #BreadPosting #Sourdough #Baking

A slice through the loaf of sourdough
Justin Stach
1 month ago

Mostly strong white, but with some scalded wholemeal flour. Big spring on this one.

#Bread #BreadBaking #Sourdough #BreadPosting

Loaf of sourdough bread on a cooling rack
1 month ago

"#Bread #knife, frying pan and #Falafels #lover" - short abstract movie about my passion toward #falafel ;) recorden with #bmpcc4k and #vintage lens #canon #fl #35mm

Steffani Cameron
1 month ago

Last night’s #bread turned out great for me. So in Kerry’s honour, I will share my #recipe

370 grams of whey leftover from making ricotta
200 grams organic wheat flour
300 grams bread flour
25 grams olive oil
13 grams white wine vinegar
12 grams salt (whey is lightly salted too)
100 grams of 100% hydration starter

Mix and do all the normal #sourdough things you do.

I bake in a Romertopf clay baker I soak in water for an hour, then bake in 450 with a cover for 30 min, uncovered 15 min.

A golden loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread on a table
The wheaten interior crumb shot — generous air bubble distribution but none are too big so the butter won’t run away
Anders Borch
2 months ago

Sunday is bake-day.

This week I made rye bread, wheat buns, and the gluten free oat buns are on the way.

#FoodPrep #cooking #Buns #Bread #GlutenFree #Vegan #HomeMade

Home made bread, lots of buns fresh out of the oven. Some dough that is set to rise.
Joe Vilas
2 months ago

Food-related: Been including olive oil in bread dough lately. Clearly I can go buy whatever, but I want an #olive oil that'll show up in #bread (hopefully both flavor & aroma) after #baking for 60min @ 450F. or whatever. 1 lb of flour will absorb a lot of water & oil, & still not be highly flavored.

So, want strongly flavored, aromatic, widely available #oliveOil I can easily buy. You don't know what's local to me, but let's skip that worry right now. #food #cooking #recommendations 🍞

Totally forgot to post yesterday's bake. First one in a while (stress...), fresh #bread for the weekend. Half of that loaf is gone already thanks to the breakfast this morning 🤤

A bit less rise than usual due to me running out of wheat 550 and having to use 1050 instead, plus forgetting to score 🙈 At least that is what I think happened. Still, amazing taste as always. Forkish's "Multigrain" from Evolutions in Bread.

Crumb shot of a freshly baked multigrain bread. Small pores with seeds in between, oats on top.
Thunderous Prophet 🦕
2 months ago

I made some things.
#Sourdough #foodporn #bread #baking

Sourdough fresh out of the oven
2 months ago

Are there any genuine European-style bakeries in #Melbourne suburbia?

Most of #Europe has bakeries in nearly every village and even the average #bread is om nom nom. 🤤

I haven’t tasted anything like it here, possibly because even the flour has additives, so special preparation doesn’t make much difference?

I don’t mean inner #city #suburbs, I mean out here with the millions of plebs. Maybe we’re doomed to eat rectangular blocks of meh…

Stephen Radford :telly:
2 months ago

Looking forward to cracking into this load tomorrow 😁 #bread #breadiverse #baking

A country load in a cast iron pan with the baking parchment it was cooked on.

It's about to start smelling real good in these parts.

#homemade #bread

Two pans of bread dough ready to go in the oven for baking.

Sex < Cake < Bread

#ace #asexual #bread #sex

2 months ago

An interesting dish served in a coffee shop restaurant in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia during our recent holiday trip. It is curry prawns and vegetables in a tinfoil pan and wrapped with bread.

The bread had a crispy skin with a lovely soft texture. And it tasted wonderful dipped in the curry sauce.

Yes, they were delicious 🙂

#Malaysia #Food #Curry #Bread

Two curry dishes on a table. Both curries are served in a tin foil pan and wrapped with break. Curry prawns are on the left, curry vegetables are on the right.
The curry prawn dish.
The curry vegetables dish.
2 months ago

Sometimes the #bread #pudding is going to be so big, the only vessel you can mix it in is the washing up bowl.

1. Bread and milk
2. ...and fruit and nuts
3. ...and chocolate

#baking #cake #bigger #BatchCooking #BatchCook

A washing up bowl full of bread and milk
A washing up bowl full of bread and milk, fruit and nuts
A washing up bowl full of bread and milk, fruit and nuts, and chocolate!
2 months ago
Two loaves of Japanese Milk Breads sit cooling on the counter while the best rescue dog in the world, Jozy peeks her head around the corner in the hopes of getting a taste.
Steffani Cameron
2 months ago

Tonight’s #sourdough whole-wheat bread. #bread

An oval loaf of sourdough with a big score of oven kick rise through the middle


I had hoped for bigger bubbles.
But it’s a start.

Filled with feta cheese crumbled, mashed garlic and Italian spices and a light layer of shredded mixed Italian cheese (from the bag).

Could have been more liberal with the flaky salt.