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26 minutes ago

Brexit: Thousands take part in Rejoin the EU march to demand the country overturn Leave | The Independent


2 hours ago

@wellingtonrock Well, I’m still avoiding the UK webshops… #brexit

Do tell when you’ve got shipping and customs back to something half reasonable. 🥳 🤭

Because there are things I would like to buy from you guys. But as it is that is simply not an option. 🥴

🚨Business Chiefs urge Labour to consider fantastic plan to #RejoinEU under new membership scheme🚨

Bosses of the BMPA, Cold Chain Federation & the British Chambers of Commerce, welcomed any proposals which would reduce #Brexit trade friction

Under the Associate Membership Plan, outer-tier countries would be expected to contribute to the EU’s annual budget in exchange for participation in the bloc’s single market, which #EU insider's say was designed with #Labour in mind

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Mr Lawrence
3 hours ago

UK is now where creativity goes to die. #Brexit has given us a vacuum where once there would have been music.

Peter Henry
5 hours ago

It's clear "off the table" is the most important part of every party manifesto. "Sitting on the fence" and kicking the can down the road" come a close 2nd and 3rd.

I think more emphasis should be put on "don't you know there is a war on" and we are all "recovering from a pandemic"

#brexit #hs2 #LauraKuenssberg

I was very fond of "oven ready brexit" - turned out bad tho'

Oven ready brexit
NoBeerToday 🇦🇺
5 hours ago

@griega17 @richardburr @marchforrejoin

Are you sure that the EU would want the UK back? After all the petulant & bad faith behaviour shown by so many British politicians during the Brexit negotiations? Once bitten, twice shy...


I shake head at the Brexit nutters who claim we lost and should move on and never mention Brexit again. Same for people who voted for London Rule in the Scottish independence referendum. Why should anyone who has any beliefs, "move on"? Should we we stop supporting our local team if they not won a trophy for many years? Should people who wanted an end to slavery or votes for women have given up because things weren't easy? "Move on" is a strange idea.

Yorkshire Bylines
6 hours ago

📢New from Yorkshire Bylines!

Despatches from the Downside | Your weekly update from the Davis Downside Dossier, chronicling the downsides, and occasional upsides, of Brexit | by Anthony Robinson

#Brexit #DownsideDossier

Andrew Thompson
6 hours ago

@ChrisMayLA6 post-#Brexit #UK …the Taiwan of #Europe ?

Quite apart from other problems caused by #Brexit, there is a likelihood that in #geopolitical terms, the move to leave the EU may have been a major mistake in strategic terms.

If the world (as Simon Tisdall, plausibly suggests) is starting to coalesce into competing (large scale, continental) blocs, then being a disconnected island off the shore of Europe may be less 'freedom from' & more 'vulnerability to' other states' strategic decisions - post imperial hubris?

Marcus Jenkins
9 hours ago

Neither BBC News nor any other British broadcast media gave any coverage of the HUGE Rejoin EU demonstration in London yesterday. This is a combination of state editorial control (BBC bosses are Tory party donors), media mogul control (more Tory party donors) and news being an advertising business, not a public service.

Ironically we have to leave it to France state news channel to report on it.

#RejoinEU #Brexit #tories #france24 #bbc #ToryDonors #ToryDictatorship

G4Media 📰
10 hours ago

Mii de britanici demonstrează la #Londra împotriva #Brexitului: „Ne întoarcem în 🇪🇺#UE”!.
Versiunea lui Yellow Submarine a trupei The Beatles (We all live in a #Brexit Tragedy) a asigurat fundalul muzical al marșului.


#News #Știri #RegatulUnit

Bernd Porr
17 hours ago

With @GlasgowLovesEU at the national rejoin march in London. Great day out! 😎
#brexit #rejoin

M Schommer
17 hours ago

@polenz_r Ich fände es sogar noch besser, wenn Regierung und Unionsfraktion endlich aufhören würden, die heillige #SchwarzeNull anzubeten und den Kommunen genug Geld für die Versorgung all ihrer Bürger zukommen zu lassen - egal ob eingewandert oder nicht. Wohin blinde #Austerität führt haben wir beim #Brexit Votum gesehen. Und leider #nixgelernt.

Marcus Jenkins
19 hours ago

To be honest, I don't really care. For the first time I can say perhaps I have some empathy for Trump supporters. Guy was The Man to stand up to #Brexit bullshit. He could and can run rings around #nigelfartage bullshit. He still supports UK rejoining EU. I give him a LOT of slack.

#guyverhofstadt #nigelfartage

David Thomas Jackson
20 hours ago

There are many of us who cannot join the #MarchForRejoin today because of caring commitments, financial constraints, sickness, or disability.

But we are absolutely with all the wonderful marchers in spirit.

#Brexit has ruined our country.
It is inevitable that the UK must and will #Rejoin.

It's time for #KeirStarmer to get his head out of the sand so he can smell the coffee!

SubtleBlade ⚔️
21 hours ago

#Brexit called ‘a huge mistake’ by protesters at rally in London

#NationalRejoinMarch culminated in demonstration in Parliament Square calling for the #UK to rejoin the #EU

21 hours ago

"John Curtice: Lib Dems are losing votes to Labour"

Here's hoping that Ed Davey gets a good rhetorical kicking at the LibDem conference. And Keir Starmer at the Labour cultfest in Liverpool.

#Brexit #rejoinEU #LibDems #EdDavey #KeirStarmer #Labour

21 hours ago

I have had this "dream" for over 30 years, to at least once be at The Last Night of The Proms in RAH. But the 9th of September went by and I wasn't there. Once again. So at least THAT is a tradition. But #theproms is not what they used to be. Gone is the "post-war" feeling and "come together" between nations. Some beautiful pieces, the crowd is there, but not the expression of "all of us". Even more so now post #brexit #bbc #sirhenrywood #britain

Television shot from the broadcast of Last Night of The Proms. Crowd and the BBC Symphony orchestra.

Bloody annoying hard #Brexit. I tried to send a letter with some photos to Germany and it was returned to me due missing customs declaration, even though the post office staff told me I don't need one... 😠🤷

Peter Keating
23 hours ago

@pennine @bbc @SkyNews_UK No surprise as they follow the Government calls - see Brand bleeting that the government is after him... Or the lack of coverage or questioning on the matter of #brexit

23 hours ago

@pennine @bbc @SkyNews_UK

The major channels rarely report demonstrations with just "tens of thousands" of law abiding attendees

I went on the 2 million march against the Iraq War and the biggest of the B*** to #Brexit marches which were hundreds of thousands before the event & they barely got coverage either. I think this is faux outrage about BBC coverage - the event is just not that newsworthy

Just Stop Oil & Greenpeace understand the issue - hence their tactics

Marcus Jenkins
1 day ago

Here in continental Europe we have to be thankful that Britain did the stupidest, stupidest thing and left the EU.

Thank you so, so much for demonstrating to each and every citizen in every other member state the value of being in the EU and the cost of leaving it.

UK is welcome back to our club any time. Just need to adopt a few simple rules:

No government corruption
€ currency
No rebate
No tax havens
SI units

#RejoinEU #Brexit #guyverhofstadt #lbc #Tories

Marcus Jenkins
1 day ago

These two dinosaurs are typical of the Daily-Mail-reading moron that you'll find in every British immigrant ghetto in Spain - incapable of critical thinking and breathtakingly selfish.

Whilst they might not have been affected by the 90 days in 180 rule, because presumably they got their paperwork done in time, other Britons wanting to move to #Spain to live & work today have HUGE hurdles to jump.

#Brexit #expats #freedomofmovement #RejoinEU

Margarete Rosalind
1 day ago

For all the progressive 🙂 in England
today is the march for them who wants to belong to Europe again = #Brexit 👎

1 day ago

Wishing I could be in that there London today for the #MarchForRejoin, but family duties say otherwise.

All the best to those calling for Britain back in Europe where it belongs!


1 day ago

Remarkable how no one in UK politics can talk about how #brexit has been a massive nail in the coffin of UK finances. See also Austerity - its crazy how we can even name these problems

Also, my phone corrects brexit to brevity..

PKPs Powerfromspace1
1 day ago

@Npars01 @petergleick ha ha 😏He is a lot like Nigel Farage ( #Brexit ) who made his money brokering and hedging on Russian Mining interests. All roads for the unraveling of democracy in the end lead to Putin 🤷🏾‍♂️

Greg Harvey 🌍
1 day ago

@Tattooed_mummy Amen. And since #brexit they seem to have gotten a whole lot shitter.

David Njoku
2 days ago

When it comes to #politics, how would you describe the people who have the complete opposite view from you?

Please #boost.

#trump #brexit #poll

Andrew Thompson
2 days ago

@alanferrier the sooner #Scotland votes for #independence the sooner we can reclaim our place in #Europe with return to #EU membership. Taken from us via #Brexit lies and deception.

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
2 days ago

#Labour #Starmer #EU #Europe

🚨Labour rejects claims it wants to ‘unpick #Brexit’ after Starmer EU comments🚨

What Starmer actually said:

"There's currently no case for rejoining the EU, so Labour will focus on making Brexit work better". The operative word is CURRENTLY!

How can Brexit be better without rejoining the EU, Single Market or Customs Union? Closer alignment. It's implied!

There's no seat at the EU table or votes, but our views will be acknowledged

🙏🏾🌹❎ 🗳

Sir Keir Starmer - Rachel Reeves

#Britain to #Ukraine; "Are you sure you want to join the #eu why not hang around with us instead?"
And Ukraine smiles and backs away slowly, having just noticed Britain has shit itself and is pretending it hasn't.

2 days ago

"GB News host threatens to 'kick off' guest in fiery Brexit row 'not having this'"

Michael Crick taking the piss is a joy to behold!

#GBNews #GBeebies #MichaelCrick #Brexit #Ofcom

2 days ago

"Voters aren’t talking about Brexit, says Lib Dem leader"

The Tweedledee of England's opposition doesn't want to talk about Brexit. Oh no. This follows Tweedledum's fantastic thinking about rewriting the EU withdrawal agreement.

Oh well, at least the Green Party will go into the election with a firm and honest statement on Europe. I should know, as I'm helping write it.

#Brexit #EdDavey #KeirStarmer #EU #LibDems #Labour #GreenParty

2 days ago

Voters aren’t talking about #Brexit, says Lib Dem leader

Re-joining the #EU is "off the table", #LibDem leader Sir Ed Davey has said

So can all those still attacking #labour for not committing to an improbable return to the #SM within the next parliament please stop? You really are wasting your energy

Or you could join the #SNP who are happy to build fantasy on fantasy by proposing first indyRef2 then independence then EU membership..... sometime!

Nigel Pugh
2 days ago

Social media algorithmic manipulation undermines #ULEZ.

How about #20MinuteNeighbourhoods #15MinuteCities & the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿anti #20mph record breaking petition suffering the same?

Bot, anonymous accounts manipulated #Brexit, #fossilfuel companies funded disinformation, feeding #climate denial for decades!

Manipulation of social media accounts, be those that wish to maintain power, wealth, influence the status quo, hardly beyond belief is it?

#twitter #X #socialmedia #Wales #Art

A young child reaches forward trickling  grains of of sand from the clutch of their palm. A photoshop manipulated image, purples and oranges, shadowed and dark.  Time is running out. This an image of my daughter at the age of four, 16 years ago.
Brendan Jones
2 days ago

Has anyone damaged western, English-speaking democracies over the last 20-odd years worse than Rupert Murdoch?

“the media mogul had created an “anger-tainment ecosystem” that had left the US “angrier and more divided than it’s been at any time since the civil war”.

[…] without Fox and News Corp, Britain probably would not have exited the European Union and Donald Trump would not have been president.”

#murdoch #journalism #democracy #brexit #trump #US #newscorp

Yorkshire Bylines
2 days ago

The lights are on and the door to EU membership is still open ~ Sue Wilson MBE visits the European parliament to witness the inauguration of ‘Our Star’, a symbol of friendship, unity and hope

#EU #Brexit #OurStar

Glyn Moody
3 days ago

UK bolts US ‘data bridge’ deal onto EU-US Data Privacy Framework - amazing how UK always has to depend on EU - even after #brexit...

As the #UK will be able to attest to during the #Brexit referendum, there's nothing quite like the destructive combination of selfish #farmers and ruthless far-right campaigning politicians to shoot a country's #ForeignPolicy in the foot...

#Polish government falls for #Putin's trap: Russians destroy Ukrainian grain ports to force #Ukraine to transport it via land, and use Polish farmers' electoral power to twist the hand of their government to act in favour of #Russia.

3 days ago

Lammy: "It's high time the UK took its place again after #Brexit, as a lead player in world affairs"

FFS, the party of our (probable) next government cant even commit to spending to fix schools - but can be a "lead player"

I would settle for safe schools, a functional NHS and free school meals -

"No ! - too ambitious" but we can lead the world


#UKPolitics #UKPol #NHS #RAAC #Labour

@Zoll tja, da scheinen Leute in 🇬🇧 noch nicht gemerkt zu haben, was sie sich mit dem #Brexit eingebrockt haben. Sowas kommt von sowas!

Mensch, Marina
3 days ago

@jan @kaminkatze Gerade der Mittelstand würde extrem darunter leiden (siehe #Brexit) wenn EU radikal reformiert würde hin zur reinen Wirtschaftsunion und/oder zerbrechen würde.

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
4 days ago


Very true. But it doesn't make it right.

However, wasn't #Brexit all about the UK making it's own decisions? 🤔

Well now's a perfect chance for the #Tories to prove it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
4 days ago

@MutualityWSDEs @OliverNoble

2/ But there's a few issues.

1. Lifelong Eurosceptic #Corbyn was in charge of an 80% pro-EU #Labour Party

2. Jezza was leader, so regardless of what was suggested to him by his shadow cabinet, it was HIS decision to make a #Brexit confirmatory referendum party policy.

3. Jezza resigned.

4. #Starmer threw his leadership cap in the ring & won.

5. Starmer had to modify his message to reform, heal & rebuild Labour.

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
4 days ago


The point WM keep making is #Scotland got their wish in 2014 & the Scots rejected it.

The #Tories have used the same reasoning for not having a confirmatory #Brexit vote, as they have for not granting another #ScottishIndependence referendum

How you get around this is beyond me. I honestly don't know what the answer is seeing as polls show roughly the same figures to remain part of the #UK as they did in 2014

It's up to the Scots to make a stronger case I guess 🤷🏾‍♂️

Simon Brooke
4 days ago

@AnthonyFStevens We've seen the catastrophy of #Brexit - which Scotland voted resoundingly against; we've seen thirteen years of quite astonishing incompetence and corruption under the #Conservatives; we're about to see a continuation of more or less exactly the same policies under #Labour.

Most people don't start to think seriously about the #ScottishIndependence question until a referendum is called; when it's called, there will again be a broad, vibrant grass roots campaign.

Glyn Moody
4 days ago

UK absent from key international statement on climate action - wow, #brexit has certainly turned the UK into a widely-respected global leader, #amirite?

Alexander Hay
6 days ago

It's almost as if the people most qualified to know what harm #Brexit could do were having an appropriate response...

(Note all the macho bollocks from the gammons too.)

"There’s rage at #CivilServants who cried over Brexit. But virtually all of us have wept over #Tory antics since 2016

"We don’t need to be true believers to do our jobs, but we know an incompetent government when we see it – and feel its effect..."

#UK #News #ToxicMasculinity

Kriszta Satori
6 days ago
Michal Bryxí 🌱
6 days ago

@Linux_Is_Best At first I thought it was a joke. Then I remembered #Brexit and the clowning around it. So ... yeah ...

Carlo Zottmann
1 week ago

Sehr lesenswerter Thread zum psychologischen #Krieg, den Russland derzeit gegen die westliche Welt führt. Stichworte: #Brexit, #Ukraine, #Impfgegner, #AfD, #Nazis

Gabriele Pollara
1 week ago

Mixed feelings on this.

Everyone who knows better has to pretend like rejoining #EU / #singlemarket / #customsunion would be terrible thing and it's off the table.

This 👇 is worse but still better than status quo. So I guess it's good news! #Brexit #ukpolitics

"Labour wants new EU links in a reset of British foreign policy"

Glyn Moody
1 week ago

Rory Stewart hits out at ‘incompetence’ in UK government - "Former international development secretary says many of his parliamentary colleagues did not understand #Brexit"

@paka Would be great if the #UK citizens living in the #EU for over 15 years were allowed to vote too (like #EU citizens are allowed to vote in their home countries, however long they've been away)it makes perfect sense, we're still subject to UK law after all, that's how we lost our EU Citizenship & the right to vote in EU elections!😭🤬 Of course if we'd been allowed to vote, since we weren't brainwashed by the #ToxicBritishMedia, #Brexit wouldn't have happened in the first place! 😤 @SydesJokes

Bob Downie☑️
1 week ago

8/9 Scotland needs the EU & its free movement. It needs to create incentives for people to come here. It we allow the effects of #Brexit to prevail, the future of Scotland is poor. The lack of population growth is Wales is similarly troubling.

1 week ago

Campaigners blame #Brexit for drop in European artists playing UK festivals


1 week ago

Yes, #Brexit shows (again) the awesome power of marketing + magical thinking. It was a naked power grab at the expense of 60M peoples' rights.


Gabriele Pollara
1 week ago

@Indyposterboy the perils of empty promises in manifesto-free referenda. One question, and people will literally make up anything to persuade you to vote one way or the other.
Hmmm, why does #Brexit spring to mind?! 🤔

Simon Kuper (FT) suggests the one thing that #Brexit has delivered is a realistic assessment of the UK's place in the world:

'at last, the UK knows what it is: a small country that needs immigrants, high taxes & European allies... The government lags behind ordinary people in absorbing this self-knowledge'!

I think this re-assesment might have come earlier if people (and the media especially) had focussed not on headline GDP (ranked 6th-ish) but GDP-per capita (around 22nd in the world!)

Chris Kendall
1 week ago

#Brexit and #Ukraine are all part of Russia’s great plan. Three years left before they achieve it. How’s that going chaps?

Tweet from 2016: Russian official Boris Titov quoted as saying that Brexit separates Europe from the anglo-saxons and they’ll have a united Eurasia in ten years.
Mark Holtom (aka Kingbeard)
2 weeks ago

Remember Gove and the Tories saying they would never compromise our food standards and environmental standards and that #Brexit would allow them to increase these.

Do you remember the #RSPB calling the Little Prince, Coffey and Gove liars? They were right.

#Labour #Tories #CONservatives #Tory #GTTO #Brexit #China

#Starmer to #Sunak at #PMQ's

"The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, aka 'Inaction Man'" 😂😂😂

Sir Keir Starmer - Rishi Sunak

Nick Mole (Pesticide Action Network):

'The emerging gap between UK & EU pesticide standards is incredibly concerning for... UK #agriculture as our standards fall further & further behind those of our largest trading partner. UK food exports containing pesticides that EU growers aren’t allowed to use, are likely to be rejected. Given that the EU still accounts for around 60% of UK agricultural exports, the impact on farmers could be devastating'!

#Brexit strikes again

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
2 weeks ago

@bbcnewsfeed No Brexit plan was better, only no Brexit.
#Brexit #Mastodon #Fediverse

Ruth Mottram
2 weeks ago

@drmikepj <insert #Brexit joke here> 😂