Petit Bridge Challenge
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Voici le défi n°8️⃣ du #PetitBridgeChallenge pour travailler dans vos classes la réflexion #mathématique, le #calculs, le #logique et l'#argumentation.

On attend vos réponses en commentaire de ce pouet !

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Défi n°8 du Petit Bridge Challenge 

Nord joue le 8 jaune. 
1. Que joue Est ? 
2. Que joue Sud ?
4 hours ago

I already ran into the first roadblock with migrating to YunoHost. 😮‍💨

It only supports Matrix bridges with the Synapse server, but not with Conduit. But I want to keep my Conduit data, so bye-bye YunoHost and hello barebones Arch Linux with AUR!

So yeah, I'm doing it completely DIY-style now.

#YunoHost #ArchLinux #Linux #Matrix #Synapse #Conduit #Bridge #MatrixBridges

John French
23 hours ago

This is a magical place minutes from my house. New bridge, same old natural splendour at this spot. #bridge #waterfall #saturday #hike #ferns #Mosstodon

Water cascades down a black volcanic rock face bordered by moss, ferns and a new wood bridge with the remains of a tree cut by loggers in the early 1900s.

Cody Dock Rolling Bridge: Whimsical approach to a drawbridge; rolls 180 degrees to allow boats to pass underneath
#architecture #design #bridge #uk #+

Malaysia Public Transport
2 days ago

A lot of #finetuning will be required to ensure that #passenger journeys on the #EastCoastRailLink (#ECRL) from #KotaBharu in #Kelantan to #Gombak in #Selangor can be completed in four hours while ensuring cargo movements can take place without fuss.

Cost cutting led to the deferment of #doubletracking, though #civilwork such as #tunnel, #bridge, elevated segments and earthworks are built now to allow for speedy addition of another track later

Read more:

#rail #railway

A group of people having discussion at a table. / Photo from the linked article.
Nick DeWolf Photo Archive
2 days ago

boston, massachusetts
april 1960

arthur fiedler footbridge

© the Nick DeWolf Foundation
Image-use requests are welcome via nickdewolfphotoarchive [at] gmail [dot] com

#photography #film #blackandwhite #bw #boston #massachusetts #esplanade #bridge #footbridge #beaconhill #backbay #1960s

Mark H
2 days ago

For #FensteFreitag here's the bridge of a cruise ship and the officers on it waiting around and looking down at the dock with some consternation. This was earlier this year in Trieste some time after we should have sailed away but the captain decided to wait for people late back from exploring town (or drinking, more likely). When the people did turn up dockside they were roundly booed by passengers, as is only right.

#Cruise #Travel #Photography #TravelPhotography #Bridge #Ship

We're on the balcony of a cruise ship and we're looking forwards and up along the ship so that all we can see is the ship's bridge sticking out from the left side of view. The bridge forms a white metal trapezoidal shape, supported by a thick column sloping down to the left, and the face towards us comprises floor-to-ceiling windows. The two leftmost ones have reflective shades pulled down over them while the two on the right are clear allowing us to see a group of bridge officers standing around; one has his hands clasped and is peering down towards the side of the ship with a look of concern. The background is a blue sky with light clouds tinged with pinks above and purples below; it feels like a warm, late evening.
2 days ago

#ArchivesPhotos n°23 - une photo au hasard
Viaduc de la Quarantaine (sur la Saône), le 30 octobre 2018
La construction du pont commence en 1854. Il permet à la ligne de Paris-Lyon à Marseille-Saint-Charles de rejoindre la gare de Lyon-Perrache.

#photo #MyWork #TravailPerso #CCBYNC #nocturne #ville #viaduc #pont #bridge #urbain #Lyon #Rhône #AuvergneRhôneAlpes #France #automne #VoieFerrée
Un pont métallique éclairé,de nuit, traverse un fleuve. Sur l'autre rive on perçoit à peine la ville. Le ciel semble dégagé et légèrement bleuté.
AI Automations Experimental
2 days ago

Framing the Romance A Timeless Bridge Wedding

Am eager student studies the essence of love at a picturesque bridge wedding shot by accomplished photographer, inspired by the works of premier photographer, Irving Penn

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#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #photographer #Irving-Penn #portrait #bridge #student #romance #happy-couple #love #wedding #timeless

3 days ago

A bridge across water and a bridge across a plate.
#Japan #Naoshima #BenesseHouse #Bridge

3 days ago

Just started a new #oss project. No real code yet, but a domain and the vision.

Step 1: build a #bridge from #matrix (the protocol) to #activityPub , for DM only

Next steps:
- build ActivityPub bridges for more services/protocols?
- build support for more than DMs with matrix?

3 days ago

Early one morning in Valencia, before the sun rose, I travelled to the Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe to photograph the area.

Pictured above is the CaixaForum next door, with the graceful arch of the Pont l’Assut de l’Or bridge in front of it. They are reflected in the waters surrounding the science museum. The sun is just about to peek over the horizon, but some high-level clouds helped light the scene in lovely purples.

Technically, this is a vertical panorama and I wish I had more space as the converging lines of my perspective can be seen in the leaning buildings to the left. Maybe I should have removed them?

Apertureƒ/8CameraILCE-7M3Focal length16mmISO200Shutter speed1/2.5s

#bridge #CaixaForum #PontLAssutDeLOr #Reflections #Sky #Spain #sunrise #Valencia #Water

World Concert Hall
4 days ago

Right now, the Quartetto Grosvenor plays #Bridge #Fauré and #Brahms in #Nijmegen #wch

World Concert Hall
4 days ago

In 25 minutes, the Quartetto Grosvenor plays #Bridge #Fauré and #Brahms in #Nijmegen #wch

4 days ago
Arched stone bridge over the Union Canal at night
Boroughmuir High School at night, most windows dark, but the double storey height entrance brilliantly lit
Modern apartments at night by the Union Canal, lights reflecting in the dark waters
Perspective shot looking along the towpath of the Union Canal at night, paving stones glistening from recent rains, reflecting some of the lights
Justin Farrimond
5 days ago

Blue Sky Bridge

A modern steel and concrete bridge over a still, almost glass-like, small river. Above there is a beautiful bright blue sky.
Pure tranquility.

#PhotoOfTheDay #Bridge #TuesdayTranquility #PhotographyLovers #BlueSky #TranquilTuesday #PhotographyAddict

Colour photograph showing a steel and concrete modern bridge over a still river.  The sky above is blue with fluffy white clouds.
Rick Berk
5 days ago
damian entwistle
5 days ago

Today's Flickr photo with the most hits: Szechenyi Lanchid by night, Budapest.

#night #bridge #danube #budapest #szechenyi

A night shot of the Szechenyi bridge over the Danube. The piers and cables are illuminated and fill the river with gold reflections.
Petit Bridge Challenge
6 days ago

Voici le défi n°7️⃣ du #PetitBridgeChallenge pour travailler dans vos classes la réflexion #mathématique, le #calculs, le #logique et l'#argumentation.

On attend vos réponses en commentaire de ce pouet !

#TeamPE #TeamProf #TeamEduc #Education #J2S #Pédagogie #Bridge #SportDeLEsprit #MastoProf

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Défi n°7 du #PetitBridgeChallenge
Connaissant les cartes jaunes de Nord, Ouest et Est, quelles sont les cartes jaunes de Sud ?
Marie Gardiner
6 days ago

Managed to add a new photo of my favourite leggy boi to the collection today, one from the Port of Middlesbrough, so not one I'd probably get easily again.

#Photography #Photo #Teesside #PhotoMonday #Bridge

A photograph of the transporter bridge in middlesbrough from the port

“The Just Crossing Alliance, a coalition opposed to the IBR plans, proposes an alternative: a bridge of a size appropriate to the traffic volumes that can be expected with tolling, as well as improved transit and a significantly smaller price tag. They argue that the focus should be on replacing the bridge rather than widening the freeway, and that the agencies involved should look seriously at alternative options.” #IBR #GreaterNW #Oregon #WashingtonState #Bridge

Heron&Fox Photo
1 week ago

25% off #sale on wall #Art like #posters and #Canvas #Prints:

A #photograph of the #BridgeofLions in #StAugustine, #Florida, which #bridges the #MatanzasRiver and #IntraCoastalWaterway to #AnastasiaIsland. The #bridge was intended to be as much a work of #art as a #utilitarian object. To grace the entrance of the bridge, prominent local citizen Dr. Andrew #Anderson commissioned the #RomanelliStudios of #Florence, #Italy to recreate the famous #MediciLion #statues in the #RoyalPalace in #Madrid, #Spain. These incredible #artworks eventually gave the bridge its name.

Get a print at

A photograph of a bridge across a body of calm, blue water.
The bridge is painted off-white, with green rails.
There are four towers around the middle span that are painted white and have terracotta tile roofs.
Ukrainian Artists
1 week ago

"Foggy Winter Morning".
Watercolor painting by Olena Kishkurno.

Prints available:

25% OFF All Wall Art during the November 25-26 weekend!

#kishkurno #SilentSunday #art #watercolor #winter #foggy #painting #landscape #bridge #BuyIntoArt #MastoArt #snow #Ukraine #ukrainian #FediArt #FediGiftShop

Winter morning on the river bank. The bridge and coastal plants are covered with snow and hoarfrost. The thick morning fog blends the silhouettes of the trees on the opposite bank.
Neil E. Hodges
1 week ago
Open spandrel concrete arch bridges are so sleek and pretty. 👀 #bridge
Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

Two people died after a vehicle exploded at a checkpoint on the Rainbow Bridge connecting the U.S. and Canada in Niagara Falls. The explosion initially raised concerns on both sides of the border about a potential bombing, but New York Gov. Kathy Hochul says so far the investigation’s findings don’t indicate the event was a terrorist attack. Read more from the Associated Press about the incident.

#Canada #Explosion #Bridge

Undiscovered Scotland
2 weeks ago

The amazing view south from the top of the north cantilever of the Forth Bridge, the first of three great bridges built in three different centuries that cross this part of the Firth of Forth. More pics and info:

#Scotland #ForthBridge #Queensferry #Edinburgh #Bridge #UndiscoveredScotland

The amazing view south from the top of the north cantilever of the Forth Bridge. The image shows the red metal framework of the bridge stretching away below the viewer towards the south bank of the Firth of Forth. An island stands close to the left of the centre of the bridge while in the distance are the Pentland Hills. The scene is in sunlight.
Justin Farrimond
2 weeks ago

Bridge Of Tranquility

Miller Bridge in Kendal, Cumbria. This was shot in 2020 using APS film but somehow looks much older.

#PicOfTheDay #APSFilm #BelieveInFilm #BlackAndWhite #Bridge #VintagePhotography

Black and white APS film photograph showing an old stone bridge over a river.
Geoff Berner
3 weeks ago

This is "Bridge Over Troubled Water", translated into Yiddish by Michael Wex. I tried my best to do this wonderful song justice. I hope you like it. #yiddish #jewish #musik #music #bridge #mazeldon

Wayne Moran Photography
3 weeks ago

Locks on the Bridge Beautiful Romantic Evening Walk Along The Seine River Paris France

A romanic moment along the Seine. Locks on the Bridge Beautiful Romantic Evening Walk Along The Seine River Paris France


#Paris #Locks #Bridge #Seine #France #architecture #fineart #exploremore #travelphotography #landscapephotography #buyintoart #Ayearforart

Locks on the Bridge Beautiful Romantic Evening Walk Along The Seine River Paris France

A romanic moment along the Seine. Locks on the Bridge Beautiful Romantic Evening Walk Along The Seine River Paris France


Read more:

#Paris #Locks #Bridge #Seine #France #architecture #fineart #exploremore  #travelphotography #landscapephotography #buyintoart #Ayearforart
The Rail Life
3 weeks ago

Matagarup Bridge over the Swan River.

#perth #bridge

A bridge with two arched supports over a wide river.
AI Automations Experimental
4 weeks ago

Hivekeepers of the Secret Bridge

As I gazed upon the bridge in the enchanted forest, I felt the mystical presence of long-forgotten civilizations On the other side, creatures with feats of magic and unimaginable powers dwelled Despite the danger, the allure of this sp...

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#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #enchanted #forest #bridge #forgotten-civilizations #mystical #creatures #magic #powers #allure #forbidden

Donncha Ó Caoimh
1 month ago

Have a seat on the bridge

In Valencia, Spain, they rerouted a river that ran through the city, making a very long park through the city. The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the science museum, is behind me, nestled in the space the river once took, while in front is the Pont l’Assut de l’Or. It’s a beautiful bridge spanning the gap over the old river.

#photo #photography #Valencia #Spain #bridge #LongExposure

The Pont l'Assut de l'Or in Valencia, Spain seen from the viewpoint of a bench underneath. The Caixa Forum can be seen behind it.
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
1 month ago

Drochaid a' Chaolais Chumhaing

A quiet day of staying local and not doing an awful lot... Had to nip down the road to perpetrate this cliché view though.

#kylesku #bridge #landscape #drone #photography #scotland #highlands

Kylesku Bridge, taken by drone
1 month ago

The #river #kwai #bridge built and then destroyed during the WWII. The #Railway is known as the "Death Railway" #thailand

The black iron bridge supported by 4 concrete piers spans the Kawe River
Train stopped at the station, the train is orange. they are few people around on the right side, and shops on the left side
An elderly woman sitting on the train. She wears a mask and is dressed in a faded blue checkered shirt
🌈 Lascapi
1 month ago

Do you think that it's possible to build #service compatible with #email , #xmpp and #matrix ? (and why not even with #activityPub ?? )

Where I can just send a message to user@server and build some groups discussions and forget about the technology behind.

#notANewProtocol just a service who #bridge

View of Mount Adams from the St. Johns Bridge on Thursday. Thanks @zuul for his post reminding me I took this picture.

#pdx #Portland #bridge

Isleton Bridge

Isleton is a small town located in the Sacramento River Delta. Most of the delta region is at or below sea level and divided into man made islands protected by levees.
I was traveling through Isleton and had to cross the Isleton Bridge. As I approached the bridge, I was struck by how the light lit up the span with passing storm clouds in the near distance. See the full image here: #IsletonBridge #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #Bridge

Isleton Bridge

This is an image of the Isleton Bridge over the Sacramento River captured from the side of State Highway 160 in Isleton, California. 
In the foreground is the dark blue waters of the Sacramento River. The river is flowing fairly fast and there are small ripples in the water.
The bridge is actually constructed with 2 difference architectural styles. You have the two arched sections (only one is shown in this image), and then you have the draw bridge portion.
This was captured mid morning with heavy clouds in the background.
Steve Woodson
2 months ago


Many thanks to @webstandards for hosting the State of the Browser conference last month, sponsoring that event via Be Inclusive App ( was the catalyst to deciding to make the trip to be there in person.

That led to the idea of a post-conference vacation, and after 4 months of planning and anticipation we had an epic 12 days of exploring as much as we possibly could.


Duke Humfrey's Library, the oldest reading room in the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford. Photo is of the library interior showing an ornate vaulted ceiling with paintings of the arms of the university. Several rows of book shelves line either side of an open walkway that leads towards a large window at the opposite end.
Close up of the gilt bronze head from the cult statue of Sulis Minerva from the Temple at Bath. Photo is a profile of the left side of the statue, positioned in the center of a glass case and well lit from all sides. It commands attention being the only gilded artifact in the room and so well preserved.
Clifton Suspension bridge that sits over 300 feet above the Avon Gorge. Photo was taken from the Clifton Observatory that is quite a bit higher, leading to a grand view of the bridge and Leigh Woods set behind it. The water level in the gorge is quite low so it appears mostly muddy. Nearly fully cloudy day but still bright in the afternoon light.
Tower Bridge from the perspective of the waterfrot just south of the Tower of London, left half is the sustension bridge from the north leading to the right where the bascule and two bridge towers dominate the rest of the frame. Above is a partly cloudy blue sky and below is the River Thames looking a bit brown in comparison.
John M Flores
2 months ago

There is a beautiful arch #bridge that flies across the gorge at #Letchworth State Park in #NewYork. If you've ever seen photos of the park, you've likely seen the bridge because it's quite striking. This is photo of the #structure of that bridge. #photography #

A black and white photograph of the steel structural elements of the arch bridge at Letchworth State Park in New York. The photo consists of large steel girders criss-crossing diagonally, like a series of steel Xes getting smaller and smaller the further and further away they are from the camera. There are vertical steel elements on the left and right of the highly geometric frame, along with horizontal elements along the top half of the frame that, upon closer inspection, appear to be walkways that workers traverse to inspect and maintain the bridge.

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #TomJünemann in Loc.: #Gablenz Rakotzbrücke (Saxony) Germany 🇩🇪 2021 - Title: "Teufelsbrücke" (Devils bridge) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Travel #PhotoArt #Photography #Bridge #Fotografie #Matrix ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo of an old arch bridge over a lake in an autumn landscape. The bridge is bent high and forms a circle with the reflection in the water. The sun rays coming from the side from above change the light conditions in this circle. It is slightly brighter than the darker water around it and the autumnal deciduous trees on the shore.
Info: The 19.80-meter cantilever arch bridge was built by a landowner beginning in 1866 as part of a garden ensemble and is also known as the Devil's Bridge. The bridge was featured in the Hollywood film "Matrix Resurrections" and the 2017 German film "Der Zauberlehrling".
2 months ago
Das Foto zeigt eine mit Graffiti beschmierte Bogenbrücke für die Eisenbahn über den Neckar in Mannheim. Es ist eine Langzeitbelichtung, dadurch ist der Zug zu einem Lichtstreifen geworden, der von rechts kommend bis Etwa in die Mitte der Brücke gefahren ist. Im Hintergrund hinter der Brücke ist ein beleuchtetes Industriegebiet erkennbar.
2 months ago

The Changing of The Seasons

I like #Autumn and #Spring and somewhere I have #Photos of this #Bridge on the other two #Seasons

a small wooden footbridge crossing an almost dry stream in the woods taken in early autumn as everything is covered in a blanket of fallen leaves.
it's coming, give me a sec whilst I reboot my PC. Right, back again. This is a photo of a small wooden footbridge crossing a small stream in the woods taken in early spring and everything is covered in a blanket of snow giving an almost black and white scene.
Undiscovered Scotland
2 months ago

The spectacular Ballachulish Bridge across the narrows close to the mouth of Loch Leven in Lochaber. It replaced a ferry, or a 19-mile detour through Kinlochleven, when it opened in 1975. The ferry slipways can still be seen. More pics and info:

#Scotland #BallachulishBridge #Bridge #Ballachulish #Lochaber #LochLeven #UndiscoveredScotland

The Ballachulish Bridge. The image shows a metal girder bridge that starts at the end of an embankment on the right bottom of the frame and extends over a stretch of water to a far bank covered in trees, This climbs to craggy mountains with traces of snow visible. There are some buildings on the far bank to the right of the bridge. The scene is in sunlight.