#Artix #Linux #CUPS #problem with #Brother #Laser #Printer #LAN connection.

I have Brother HL-4150CDN laser printer connected over Ethernet to my home router (TCL LinkHUB HH130VM).
CUPS properly detected the printer and added it with the driver I got from the internet.
Now, when I send a job, the printer status very quickly changes from "Idle" to "Cannot locate printer".

Printer description says:
Driver: Brother HL-4150CDN series CUPS (color)
Connection: lpd://BRN001BA9A97CA4/BINARY_P1

I do not even know where to start solving it...
Will do some search, but perhaps someone here knows the solution already?

A pall of dread, of terrible suspense, hangs over powerfully empathetic Canadian drama #Brother, about what it means to be a Black man navigating a racist world. Beautifully performed and structurally intriguing. My review: [VOD US, cinemas+VOD UK]

Brother gets a green light from MaryAnn at
Marcus Jenkins
1 week ago

Has anybody else had any hassle with #Brother laser printers suddenly not recognising 3rd party toner?

I bought 2 high capacity 3rd party cartridges. I installed one and it worked perfectly for a LONG time. Then I come back from holidays and "No toner" message. Tried a 'Brother toner reset procedure'. Nop. Installed 2nd 3rd party toner. "No toner".

Before returning under warranty I bought a genuine Brother toner (4 x the price). Bingo.

Did they do an OTA update to screw me? Model DCP-L2530DW

Cdrik ⏚🌻 :unverified:
1 week ago

Mastodon, j'ai un problème avec mon imprimante laser #Brother 😭

J'avais commandé un toner compatible, les impressions étaient toujours quasi blanches.
Je viens de tester un toner neuf de marque Brother (60€) et même symptômes 😭 😭

Que faire à présent ? Il y a autre chose que l'on peut changer ? Le four ? mais mes feuilles sont chaudes en sortie...

Merci 🙏


Chris Lord
1 week ago
two men sitting side by side against a backdrop of a sunset and electricity pylons. the shorter man on the left is looking at (and up to) the man on the right.
ricardo :mastodon:
1 week ago

@ezaquarii yep, #brother gang here too. 👍

1 week ago
1 week ago

#ZhangZhehan as #WangYue in #Brother

I think Sphia should take this as the sign she maybe was looking for today :blobcat_mlem:

Cassandra Lee
1 week ago

@aethelshane #haiku #575prompt


We hardly catch up
Happy birthday, penthouse dude
Have fun in Bali

From left to right: 
My brother, my mum, and me
1 week ago

we are all as one
sister brother family
let us act like it

#haiku #575 #MastoPrompt
#writing #WritingCommunity
#poetry #PoetryCommunity


2 weeks ago

' None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother
what he loves for himself. '

#Love #believe #brother

marc [sustain release] ✅
3 weeks ago

Finally got my old #brother printer working in #manjaro. Feeling very proud now, and a little like a real #hacker. ;) #linux #aur #ppd

A black and white animation. A man with a pirate's hat points towards the camera. The term "Hacker" appears.
3 weeks ago

Die #brother gleich mal ausprobiert und sie schnurrt wieder 😍

Das Bild ist natürlich von #etsy und ich werde mir noch eins davon machen, eventuell auf einem weißen T-Shirt. Muss nur die passenden Farben finden. Eventuell Metallic ? 🤔


Man sieht auf einem schwarzen T-Shirt eine stilisierte Qualle mit vielen Tentakeln in verschiedenen Neonfarben (matt)

My #Brother , who’s 12, has never played #Skyrim before. Today that changes!

Elias Probst
3 weeks ago

Few things infuriate me as much as brand new devices being sold with completely outdated components in their firmware.
Trying since far too long now to get my #Brother ADS-4300N scanner to talk to my #SSH server for pushing scanned documents to my #PaperlessNGX via SFTP.

One could ignore that it doesn't support #ed25519 for PubKey auth, but it can't even negotiate a connection since the provided MACs are apparently that outdated that a recent #OpenSSH doesn't even allow to enable them anymore.

3 weeks ago

Da ist meine #Brother wieder 🥰

Stickmaschine im Kofferraum
3 weeks ago

Has anyone gotten HL-L2350DW to print wireless from 22.04? #2204 #printing #brother

3 weeks ago

Gestern Anruf von Nähwelt Flach erhalten, dass meine #Brother wieder super stickt, allerdings ein Bauteil vom Stickmodul sollte getauscht werden, welches vermutlich für die Aussetzer verantwortlich ist / war.
Heute erneut ein Anruf: alles fertig und kann abgeholt werden 🤩

#stickmaschine #sticken #nähenistwiezaubernkönnen

News18 India
3 weeks ago

The boy identified as Atul Chaudhary, accompanied by his sister, went to the police station and filed a case under the IPC and SC/ST Act against the three accused
#MadhyaPradesh #Brother #Mistaken #FIR

4 weeks ago

Singapore's two Indian-origin cabinet ministers have sued Lee Hsien Yang, the younger brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, for defamation over allegations relating to their rental of two state-owned bungalows.
#Indian #OriginMinistersSueSingaporePM #Brother #DefamatoryRemarks

News18 India
1 month ago

Sheelabai Pal said that she took this decision to save her brother's life, and on Raksha Bandhan she pledged to protect him in this
#RakshaBandhan #ChhattisgarhWoman #Kidney #Brother

1 month ago
Jason Nabein
1 month ago

Seems the #brother FTP server is dead... which took a LOT of old manuals with it. Not sure HOW long it's been gone, but it's certainly not on

Does anyone have archives or manual downloads from there?

Looking fruitlessly for this one in particular.

#ftp #printer #archiveorg #preservation #archive #archival #help #mastodon #datahoarder #datahoarding #manual #manuals

1 month ago

@anders_produktiv Wir sind mit unserem älteren #Multifunktionslaser von #Brother (MFC 9465CDN) sehr zufrieden: Kein #Cloudzwang; #Drucken, #Scannen, #Faxen problemlos auch unter #Linux und trotz eher sporadischer Nutzung trocknet keine Tinte ein 😏

1 month ago

Growing up, my family relied on a #brother charger 11 #typewriter. I learned to type on it, curling my fingers like little claws to get enough force to push down the keys. At some point we bought a used Mac and the thing disappeared into the attic.

However because my memory is terrible, I had forgotten all this until my brother sent me a typed letter. It’s truly like getting something from a time capsule. There’s a slight irregularity to the letter spacing and gaps between lines of text along with the darkness of the ink that has never been recreated digitally.

What’s funny is as a kid I hated the typewriter. Typos took forever to fix, writing anything longer than a couple of pages would make your hands start to hurt. I remember writing a paper on Lincoln and every page had a slight angle to it.

Now I’m like “it’s the most beautiful letter I’ve ever gotten”. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

1 month ago

Meine #brother #stickmaschine muss dringend mal zur Inspektion. Sie meckert mich ständig an, doch bitte schön a) einen größeren Rahmen zu verwenden und b) den Schlitten nicht ständig zu blockieren 🙄

Meine #Tagesmutter möchte gerne ihre Mäuse haben:

#sticken #embroidery

marc [sustain release] ✅
1 month ago

Life on @manjarolinux was so great until I decided to plug-in my old #printer from #brother. 🖨️ Now I found myself something to tinker with... 🤨 #linux #manjaro #cups

1 month ago

Prophet Muhammad said:
None of you is a true believer until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.

#Prophet_Muhammad #believer #Brother

Leslie What
2 months ago

#Children with #walkietalkies: Thing One: "I hate my #sister. Over." Thing Two: "I don't hate my #brother." Thing One: "You're spozed to say 'Over.'"

This is a gift I recently received from my loving #brother: a magical #globe that spins constantly and remains perpetually horizontal. Watch the incredible video below to see how it's crafted.

מתנה שקיבלתי לאחרונה מאחי האהוב - #גלובוס פלא שמסתובב מעצמו ללא הפסקה ונשאר תמיד מאוזן. צפו בסרטון המדהים מטה שמסביר כיצד יצרו זאת:


2 months ago

@bremner I’ve been doing IT professionally for 25 years. The only printer brand I will use or recommend for 15 years running is #Brother.

So I'm reading "How Jesus Became God," right? And the author just casually mentioned Jesus's brother James.

Excuse me?

Yeah, turns out Jesus had a bunch of siblings.,_brother_of_Jesus

#Jesus #Brother #God #Christianity #Family

2 months ago

My brother's obituary.

#obituary #brother

Kreg Milton Evans

January 3, 1962 - July 24, 2023

Kreg Milton Evans, beloved member of the Yachats community, passed away peacefully in his own bed on July 24, 2023, in Yachats, Oregon. 

Kreg graduated from Cottage Grove High School in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and in 1979, he answered the call to serve his country by joining the United States Navy. He embarked on remarkable adventures on the high seas while serving on board the USS Forrestal. Kreg's journey took him to various ports in the South Indian Ocean, creating memories that would stay with him forever. 

In 1987, Kreg faced a life-altering accident that nearly claimed his life. Showing incredible resilience and determination, he recovered from his injuries and relocated to Yachats, where he would make his home until his passing. Kreg became an integral part of the Yachats Volunteer Fire Department, dedicating over eight years of service as an EMT and ambulance driver. His unwavering commitment to the community and his selfless nature touched the lives of many. Kreg's kind spirit, and genuine care for others endeared him to all who had the privilege of knowing him. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and the entire Yachats community. Kreg leaves behind a legacy of love, strength, and a deep passion for life.

In lieu of flowers, the family kindly requests that donations be made to the Yachats Volunteer Fire Department in Kreg's memory.
2 months ago

Merke: #Brother Drucker sind der letzte Scheiß und der Inbegriff der Wartungs-Unfreundlichkeit.

catfluoride :archlinux:
2 months ago

@SmudgeTheInsultCat they should have bought a #Brother laser printer. They'd have been much less enraged!

2 months ago

Hello, world.

Sorry I've been missing for quite a while.

May 1 I lost my job. July 1, my #brother went into #hospice. I am now in #Oregon instead of #Louisiana as I take care of my brother.

He was only expected to live about a week, we are starting week 3, but he is getting weaker and weaker.

Anyway, I still need a real job. Still trying to survive. Trying to figure out how we are going to pay the $2000 for his #cremation.

If you can help, I would be grateful.

2 months ago

Last toner cartridge purchased for Brother HL-5370 laser printer - June 2014

Still at half capacity but throwing random toner scatter on the tops of pages, even after cleaning corona wire.

9 years of printing for $70 isn’t too bad!

#brother #printer #toner

Adrian McEwen
3 months ago

Dug out this late-90s-vintage Brother GeoBook from my work archive, after reading

We (at STNC) wrote the IP stack and web browser libraries (maybe email too?).

There's only the tiniest bit, if any, of my code on this - I did a few weeks on it when I started at STNC but then switched to the Psion Series 5 web browser.

#Brother #GeoBook #STNC #retrocomputing #Geoworks #GEOS

Photo of the screen of a GeoBook showing the web browser (in all its late-90s glory)
Close-up of the BIOS message when booting up, including the text "FOR DEVELOPMENT TEST ONLY.  NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION"
Photo of the serial number sticker on the underside of the Geobook.  Alongside the usual information is also printed: "PREPRODUCTION SAMPLE.  NOT FOR RESALE"
3 months ago

How is it that in 2023 printers are still shit?

Are they just mad that we don't use paper as much anymore?

#printer #printing #brother #awful

@orangejuche @derickr @kkarhan @Aglaia89 @njudah This. My #Brother DCP-J125 #printer is now 12(!) years old. It still prints, and there is still ink for it. Best purchase ever.

3 months ago

Noch mal #Scanner - Hier meine Erkenntnisse zum #Brother ADS-4700W Dokumentenscanner (Blog und Video)

Spoiler: Ich habe ihn zurückgeschickt (naja, schrieb ich hier ja auch schon mal in Kürze 😄)

3 months ago

Scanner (#Brother ADS-1700W) vergisst die Uhrzeit, wenn er länger ausgeschaltet ist – Okay, damit kann ich leben. Dachte ich. Er hat ja NTP. Aber von alleine dauert es Stunden bis er sich nach dem Einschalten die aktuelle Uhrzeit holt. Das ist so dermaßen nervig.

@nSonic Hab diesen #Brother 2800W und bin weitgehend zufrieden. Nas konvertiert #PDFs mit Text automatisch in Text / durchsuchbare PDFs.

Hab nur teilweise Streifen nachdem ich mal so blöd war mit buntstift Text zu schwärzen.

Schwarzer brother ads-2800w Einzugsscanner
Danny Garside
3 months ago

@kornel Cool thanks, nice to know the #brother folks are happy! 💗

I wish I could move onto a world where #Android application names are unique and make sense. The fact that the #Garmin app is called "Connect" infuriates me constantly. Also, the #Brother printer application is called "Mobile Connect".

But I won't complain much, either. I know there is another world where all apps are called "App".

PS: Yeah yeah, I know Nova and whatnot.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 months ago

You know that famous “Best #printer 2023: just buy this #Brother #LaserPrinter everyone has, it’s fine” article in #TheVerge by @nilaypatel where he says, “It does not feel like the CEO of Inkjet Supply and Hostage Situations Incorporated is waiting to mug me or enable #DRM at the slightest provocation”?*

Yeah, well, the party was already over when he wrote that:


4 months ago

@fatboy Friends don’t let friends buy HP printers.

For 15 years running, #Brother is the only brand I will buy or recommend.

Manni_P :mastolove:
5 months ago

#Chris ich #träume eine wahre Geschichte und Du und #Coldplay macht die #Musik und #Inszenierung! Wie geil wär das denn?! :mastolove: 😍 👯 ❓ :ablobcool:

{... Nutzen wir das #Potenzial von #Hanf, um eine nachhaltige Wirtschaft zu fördern und den #Klimawandel anzugehen! #onelove #Weedmob :mastolove: “#Something, #Someday" 👯

#Traumzeitwirbelsturm #globalFamily #Infinity #Universe #YOU #cannabis #fff #solution} #CRISPR_rEvolution my #brother #Chris #souls #twins #infinite

Bildschirmfoto nachbearbeitet zeigt grüne Traumlandschaft Hanf-Wald-Landschaft von Sonne  durchflutet, noch im goldenen Nebeldunst - und eine sanfte Stimme flüstert leise "Turn YOUR magic ON!"

Adventure of a Lifetime
"Adventure of a Lifetime" is a song by British rock band Coldplay. It was released on 6 November 2015 as the lead single from their seventh studio album, A Head Full of Dreams. The track reached number seven on the UK Singles Chart and number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.Wikipedia
Genre:Disco, pop rock, funk
Label:Parlophone, Atlantic
Writer(s):Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Chris Martin

Dies ist eine digitale Flaschenpost. Wenn Du sie findest gib sie bitte dem Empfänger. Lieben Dank. ;-) :-) :-)
6 months ago

Warum, zum Geier, setzt #Brother immer noch auf LPR mit Cups Wrapper?

📷 Snapshot of the queer artist as a wee one with the sister he's still closest to. That kid's nemesis-slash-brother has been cut in half—in 2023—by that kid. Near Essex, UK, 1960.

#photo #snapshot #family #sister #brother #abuse #somesmall #revenge

a three year-old boy and his year-younger sister in the early 60's in a typical family snapshot. they're Americans living in England at home in the living room, and dad used a flash.
Arnaud Mangasaryan
7 months ago

@sebsauvage J'ai une imprimante laser HL-2240D que j'avais acheté 160$ il y a genre 10 ans ou presque. L'impression est nickel, rapide, aucun souci que ça soit sous Windows ou Linux. Imprimer en couleurs, pas vraiment besoin. #brother #quality #printer

7 months ago

@dangillmor ALL of my printers are #Brother printers. I recommend them to everyone I know. They work with Windows, #macOS, and they have healthy #Linux support. HP is a complete shit show.

Seriously, friends don’t let friends buy HP printers. They used to be the shit, but now they are literal shit.

Patrick Stewart
7 months ago

For my #throwbackthursday, I have a series of photos that happened exactly 2 years ago #today.

They are the #last 4 #photos of a #house my #mother lived in for many years. Her second #husband decided to divorce so my #wife and I drove the 40 minutes to her house to help her move out. We spent 2 days packing up #trucks and saying #goodbye to the #house we loved so much. A massive backyard, built in #bunkbeds for the #kids, and enough room for 3 #families to spend #holidays #together. But that day, it was empty hallways, boxes on #tables, and a comfy #couches we would never sit in again. I still miss the house every holiday.

I know my #Mom is #happier now and she got a great small house about 4 hours away near my oldest #brother and his #kids. I've called several buildings home over my 40 years and it's always hard to say #goodbye, but necessary.

4 bunk beds in a messy kids bedroom
a medium length hallway with empty walls and cabinets at the end.
A living room with a flower rug, 2 brown couches and a kitchen off in the distance through a doorway
An empty dining room with chairs thrown about. A large box sits on the large, thick, brown table. The walls are a cool purple with a small chandelier hanging above the table.
7 months ago

#brother : one who, or that which, resembles another in distinctive qualities or traits of character

- French: Frère

- German: der Bruder

- Italian: fratello

- Portuguese: irmão

- Spanish: hermano


Join our new subreddit for language learners @

Donald Hobern
7 months ago

I recently got a #Brother #label #printer to label tubes of #Malaise samples I store in the freezer. It's so convenient to edit and print a single label from my computer. It automatically cuts it from the roll of label tape. It's a massive help.

Soooo ... does anyone know of a similar plain paper printer - or of rolls/strips of quality ungummed paper for use in such printers?

I REALLY would love to be able to print single labels for #insect #pins on demand (rather than A4 sheets).


Brother QL-800 label printer with sample label reading: 

SLAM trap sample (EtOH)
Aranda, ACT, Australia
149.084 E   35.264 S
Coll. Donald Hobern
3 - 10 February 2023
Patrick Stewart
8 months ago

I only had 3 hours of #sleep two nights ago. So last night I #slept for nearly 9.5 hours. I feel #awsome. Now maybe I can get some #editing done. I also need to come up with a #topic for a new thought #essay for this week.

Can't remember if I posted it earlier, but I don't have to have a #reuinion with my #father #today. My #brother isn't going which means I don't need to be there for emotional #support. Looks like I get to keep that 20 year streak going for not having to look at him. #Good

Patrick Stewart
8 months ago

As I mentioned before, I haven't seen my #father in 20 years and was supposed to see him this Saturday at the #memorial service of my #cousin who died suddenly last week. However, my brother has backed out due to living 4 hours away. So the most #awkward family #reunion is off since I was only going to support my #brother. I hadn't seen my cousin in over 10 years. I'm sad he died at 40, and I'll apologize for not attending to his mom, but I don't need to ruin the memorial with family drama.

Patrick Stewart
8 months ago

I have a new #thought #essay in the works about my #father. I haven't seen him in 20 years and it's confirmed that he will be attending my #cousins #memorial service this #Saturday that I have also agreed to attend with my #brother. My #mom has since backed out of going and my other brother doesn't want to go.

If life is a river, this is the rapids. #tao

I'll hopefully have the essay up by today or tomorrow. I'll do an audio recording on it as well and release as a #podcast. @photography

rapids in a river
Patrick Stewart
8 months ago

My oldest #brother and I have decided to attend the memorial service for my #cousin that was found #dead in his car on Monday morning. My cousin and I were the same age, but hadn't seen each other in over 20 years as our families had a falling out after my #parents #divorce. It's likely my #father will be there who I also have not seen or spoken to in over 20 years.

I've asked my self how long do I want to be mad and do I want to pass my anger onto my #kids? No, I don't. Let it die with me.

Scott Williams 🐧
8 months ago

I'm a couple of months into switching to a #Brother color LaserJet #printer and I'm still overall happy with it. I don't remember the last time I was happy with a printer. The out of box #Linux / #Android support for it has been perfect. The only thing I would change is that I do miss having an ADF, which I didn't realize this one didn't have until I had already set it up. In hindsight, I would have paid more for one that includes that.

8 months ago

Is somebody out there, that can tell me, if a #Brother #Printer HL 2135w can be used with both connections the same time under #Linux:

9 months ago

This is my favorite big cup (~450ml).
My brother gave me this cup.
I am sincerely grateful to him for this gift. ☺️
I drink tea and juice from this cup.
#SaturdayMug #Saturday #myownphoto #gift #brother #teacup

Big white cup with sign "Best man".
9 months ago

OB IHR MICH VERARSCHEN WOLLT, HAB ICH GEFRAGT!... #brother #webfail #uxfail

Brother Support Website; Der relevante Contentbereich misst etwa ein fünftel des Platzes, der Rest sind Menüs und sinnlose Banner.

A bit of an update regarding my #MutualAid request. This shall be my last post regarding this for a while as I'm tired of clogging up everyone's feed with my junk!

To anyone who has spread my message, donated, or given any sort of words of encouragement, it means the world to me. I want to say this first as I want everyone to know how much my family and I are grateful for you. ♥

Obviously, we're saving for a #car so I can get a #job to help provide for my #family. As my #parents grow older and my #brother needs time for his #MentalHealth, I really want to step up, but I need the opportunity first.

We're getting closer and closer to it. There isn't a specific goal to hit, but I am still raising what I can. #PayPal and #Cashapp will be at the bottom of this post.

With how much I've been given by the lovely people of #Mastodon and the #Fediverse, I'd really love the return the favor sooner rather than later.

While nothing is set in stone, I'd love to do a large #Stream where there will be a #giveaway [probably multiple], of something(s), just need to figure out what. Though, this is only a first thought. If anyone has any ideas on how I could repay you all, please let me know below.

Again, thank you all for everything. I'm sorry for the barrage of posts about this. I appreciate everyone for bearing with me, and I hope to continue to make y'all smile. #GoodVibes. Always!

#MutualAid #Donation #Fund

Cashapp: $JasekJae

Ivan Moscoso
10 months ago

Finally got around to fixing a connection failure between an (older) #Brother scanner & newer #Synology. Some DSM update within the past year or so must have removed an (outdated) ssh key exchange algorithm used by the scanner, because that did the trick.

I literally don't know who needs to know this, but this was a completely non-obvious solution which required tailing logs, verifying client/server key pairs, and guesswork.

Screenshot of 'Security level' settings with 'Cipher', 'KEX' and 'MAC' columns and 11 rows. Highlighted value reads 'diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1'.
ricardo :mastodon:
10 months ago

@ademalsasa I would say #Brother, hands down. Fair price, huge 3rd party market for affordable tonners, robust, versatile and... just works, no fuss.