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1 hour ago

#Microsoft’s #Bing AI #chatbot is about to appear in all major web #browsers according to a new report.

Jacob - Challenging Apathy
1 day ago

I finally got around to tidying up my login and cookies setup in both Brave and hardened Firefox (my two main #browsers). Now, only certain sites can save #cookies long-term, everything else gets cleared on exit, and all third-party cookies are blocked. #privacy

2 days ago

it is so endlessly frustrating to me that there is not a single good internet browser. firefox and all contemporary forks of it look like total ass and they removed themeing. pale moon still has themeing and looks/can look gorgeous but has lacks functions and security since it is an older fork. chromium browsers are chromium browsers.

there is no fucking winning

if you know some random niche browser that works as good as it looks, please help 😭

( #browsers #internetbrowser #browser #firefox )

Steve Faulkner
2 days ago

😑 Chrome 114 Breaks Web Page Reading with JAWS 2021 and Earlier

When launching the latest version of Google Chrome, (Version 114), with JAWS 2019, 2020, and 2021, an issue occurs that prevents web pages from being visible in the Virtual Buffer.

#a11y #assistiveTechnology #browsers

3 days ago

@davidshq Hmm, I find a number of the claims in the news release perplexing, especially describing #Brave #Search as “the only global, independent alternative to Google and Bing”. Do they not consider Duck Duck Go, Startpage, or any of the other alternatives as “global”? #web #browsers 📚
3 days ago

Take a look at the #address bar of the best internet #browsers and you’ll notice a number of icons in there. It’s a good time to get up to speed on how all these little glyphs should be interpreted.

@edfoss @stux AFAIK, #Mastdodon sadly doesn't support that very well of at all, and I think that it's bad since it's also an #accessibility feature to do so on both #TUI #browsers like #Lynx as well as #narrowband connectivity.

Are the bookmarks in your #browsers neat, trim, and, above all, secure against the glitch goblin? Here’s your daily dose of encouragement to export and back them up *today*. You may also like to consider recreating them in a future proof text file; Markdown and Kanban boards optional.

For Medium members:

For everyone else (unlocked for the next couple of days only):
4 days ago

🔎 Looking for a web browser that is both highly customisable and and also values privacy? @Vivaldi might be the perfect answer...

#Privacy #onlineprivacy #privacyisahumanright #browsers #vivaldi

Danie van der Merwe
4 days ago

Which Browser Offers the Best Privacy Protection? No, Google Chrome is not on the List

Each website visit yields valuable data, sold to marketers so targeted ads can follow us around the web — unless you’re using the right browser. But what’s the best browser for privacy? There are myriad options other than Chrome or Safari if you’re concerned ...continues


#browsers #privacy #technology

Danie van der Merwe
4 days ago
Each website visit yields valuable data, sold to marketers so targeted ads can follow us around the web — unless you’re using the right browser. But what’s the best browser for privacy? There are myriad options other than Chrome or Safari if you’re concerned about online privacy and security.

If you aren’t mindful of your browsing data, you should be. We use our browsers for everything from banking to social media to email to online shopping, and a lot of sensitive data gets shared. We should be mindful of where that information is going, who can see it, and how (or if) our data is stored.

Because our data is the main source of profit for big tech, they’re incentivised to collect as much of it as possible, which they then sell to advertisers. Marketers then target us with ads, which follow us around the web for days or weeks at a time. Privacy-focused browsers can cut most or all of that intrusive data collection out of the online experience.

Even with cookies blocked, browser fingerprinting can still create a snapshot of your online behaviour. In the wrong hands, that can be used to identify or impersonate you, even though companies claim to anonymise collected user data. Even if bad actors don’t get into your bank account, they may get enough info to commit identity theft.

The best browsers for privacy depends on your needs and know-how, but Firefox, Tor, and Epic all offer unique features and functions that will help keep your data private online. Test drive each to learn which is best for you and for which situations.

See Which Browser Offers the Best Privacy Protection?

#technology #privacy #browsers

Each website visit yields valuable data, sold to marketers so targeted ads can follow us around the web — unless you’re using the right browser. But what’s the best browser for privacy? There are myriad options other than Chrome or Safari if you’re concerned about online privacy and security.
4 days ago

Which Browser Offers the Best Privacy Protection? No, Google Chrome is not on the List Each website visit yields valuable data, sold to marketers so targeted ads can follow us around the web — unless you’re using the right browser. But what’s the best browser for privacy? There are myriad […]

Avoid The Hack!
4 days ago

I updated the desktop #browser recommendations (Windows + Linux):

Featuring @brave, LibreWolf, and others. Much overdue update.

Also a dedicated blurb for the Tor @torproject browser for users needing/wanting anonymous browsing.

#cybersecurity #privacy #privacymatters #opsec #browsers

John Carlsen
5 days ago

The other day I was catching up with an old friend who had spent some time working at #Mozilla , from whom I learned about
#BrendanEich , who co-founded it. After ultimately becoming its CEO, in that role he lasted 11 days.

Though my friend described him as a nice guy, to me he seems like a spineless tool of the Catholic church who acted apologetically against democracy.

He then founded #Brave .

Overall, I like Mozilla #Firefox and Brave #browsers , and prefer them to #Google #Chrome (for its apparent lack of privacy). But getting to know this guy's politics prompted me to install #Opera and #Vivaldi . 📚
5 days ago

#BingAI should soon be usable in other #browsers besides #Edge, so the army of #Chrome users out there can get a piece of #Microsoft’s #chatbot if they so wish.

6 days ago
IT News
6 days ago

Microsoft Edge is getting a bit pushy - Edge, sit down. We need to talk. (You too, Bing.)Lately you’ve gone from a browser tha... - #microsoftedge #microsoft365 #microsoft #browsers

James (
6 days ago

Ever get the feeling that the Microsoft Edge browser and Google Chrome browser are competing with each other!

This is what appears when using Microsoft Edge browser to get an extension...

Google is desperate for me to use Chrome and Microsoft are re-assuring me due to Google's message that it will work just fine.

All fun!

#microsoft #google #googlechrome #microsoftedge #browsers #competition #tech #technology

IT News
1 week ago

5 smart Chrome browser alternatives for Android - Google Chrome is the default browser on Android phones. But maybe you want to use anot... - #smallandmediumbusiness #browsers #android #mobile

1 week ago
Jennifer Morency :bc:
1 week ago

@Andreas_Sturm As much as I like #Firefox for its versatility, I find it uses enormous amounts of memory and lags #Chromium #browsers in certain areas like stopping #autoplay.

1 week ago

What u will c is 21 languages #ada #awk #bash #basic #C #clisp #C++ #COBOL #Forth #FORTRAN #go #java #lisp (mine) #lua #Pascal #Perl #Python #R #Rust #Ruby #SED calc app srvs <=>stdinout. C,C++<=> sockets, 23 thin clients /w NO dep. besides C #xcb #sockets. 21 thin server in C,translate stdin/out to/from sockets in a language agnostic way. What you WON'T see are any #browsers (1000x footprint of my thin clients) or fonts, ask for #retro computer clients

Charlie Owen
1 week ago

Er, FUCK OFF @mozilla with this shit.

It suddenly appeared in Firefox while I was looking at a page and wouldn't allow any other action in the browser until it was dismissed. 🖕

#firefox #browsers #mozilla

A full screen advert for Mozilla's VPN.
2 weeks ago

Well this is the most useful feature of Arc I have seen so far. Clean up websites to remove all the ephemera from the pages

#Arc #Browsers

A screenshot of the StackOverflow website using the Arc browser’s Boosts feature to remove all of the annoying sidebar links. And change the font
IT News
2 weeks ago

How to enable Google's clever new Chrome Reading Mode right now - Look, this is slightly awkward, but I'm not gonna sugarcoat it: Reading stuff on the w... - #chromeos #browsers #internet #chrome #google

2 weeks ago

Web3-Friendly Browser Brave Introduces NFT-Gated Video Calls - The new tool for its Brave Talk video service allows hosts to use NFTs and POAPS to manag... - #browsers #brave #web3 #news #nfts

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 weeks ago

THE YEAR IS 2023:-

Developers have yet to realise they can load websites faster by including popular #fonts with #browsers.

Not only that, they can help end the seedy, #massSurveillance business of the #CDN and help our #environment with less bandwidth throughput requirements.

Who knew!?

Maybe someone can include @torproject in this because we think they block us.

#fontLicensing #fontSurveillance #dotCons #torBrowser #librewolf #arkenfox

2 weeks ago

Don't you love that when a call in an asynchronous function is just blocked by Safari Mobile.

So then what you need to do, is reference the, and then fill in the url whenever the async function has its data. But, this will just open a new window / tab first, which will be blank for a little bit and then get the url.

#work #javascript #browsers #browsersecurity

Jeff Fortin T.
2 weeks ago

@LinuxClaude We shouldn't have to rely on such hacks. 2 weeks ago I wrote to Le Devoir to ask them to tell their frontend devs to implement so that their website offers native auto dark mode #CSS. All modern web #browsers (except Brave?) support this.

Besides geek news sites, some mainstream news sites such as and (not the front page, but individual articles) already support it.

Dan Gero
2 weeks ago

I read an article regarding #Brave removing reader mode for ad reasons. I decided to switch back to #Mozilla #Firefox. I never really liked the #Chromium interface to begin with, and now that I've learned about You Block Origin and Sponsor Block for YouTube videos, as well as how much better these extensions are at blocking unwanted ads, I don't think I'll ever go back permanently. Thanks @weirdwriter for telling me about You Block Origin! #web #browsers

And worst of all:

- Ableist #captchas and preventing the use of #PasswordManagers is the biggest asshole move one can do - aside from preventing non-#JavaScript use in #Screenreader-#Browsers like #Lynx and

# Don't block or discriminate against @torproject users at all. If you want them to securely connect to your site [i.e. for logins], make an #OnionService where every user will have their own & unique #circuit at runtime!

2 weeks ago
Jae 🐧 ☕
2 weeks ago

#Chromium #browsers are all so.... ugly wtf

Alex Nedelcu ☕️
2 weeks ago

"WebAssembly: A new development paradigm for the web"

Shared #link (#Browsers, #Kotlin, #Programming, #Video, #Web, #YouTube).

2 weeks ago

Ready to revolutionize your browsing experience? Check out our latest blog post on tackling browser creation issues with BrowserBoxPro
#webdevelopment #browsers #innovation 📚
2 weeks ago

While all #iOS #browsers use the same core rendering engine as #Safari, many of them offer additional functions useful in business. Here are a dozen Safari alternatives to test drive.

IT News
2 weeks ago

Safari alternatives: 12 smart iOS browser options - Chances are your corporate IT policy dictates which browser you use on your laptop or ... - #smallandmediumbusiness #browsers #mobile #ios

2 weeks ago

Crypto Browser Opera Integrates Layer 1 Blockchain MultiversX - Users will be able to interact with the MultiversX network through its native tokens, NFT... - #browsers #elrond #opera #web3 #news #nfts

Peter Butler
3 weeks ago

@owncast fwiw, I’ve found the DDG browser for Mac to be fantastic for avoiding YT ads

There are very few videos that won’t work — I assume the kind you can’t embed — but it mostly just plays the embedded version with no ads

Unfortunately, there’s no way to link to the DDG Mac browser without initiating a download (I have several frustrations like that with DDG) but it’s worked well for me. no affiliation

#DuckDuckGo #Browsers #Mac #YouTube

Rodion Borisov
1 month ago

@brianleroux @voxpelli

Yeah, the thing is... it's implemented in a rushed manner all the time in many #browsers. Capitalistic #EverGreen race. They make #Firefox look like a dummy, but what if it doesn't want unstable bits to creeple up the web?

#Web, as already dunked up as it is, needs other #browser teams stamping a "done" mark on stuff that is actually complete instead of blindly following the trend of hot implementations and #LivingStandards. We shouldn't be doing these improvements a cheap public stunt, tests come first.

Ryan Peters
1 month ago

I used Edge daily for work, and I do admit I like the performance of it a lot, even a lot of its features, but I just noticed the latest update adds a lot more rounded corners.

I first noticed the tabs were now "floating", like they are in FF, and thought that was nice...UNTIL I noticed the actual viewport window ALSO has not only rounded corners, but also a couple pixels of padding!


#edge #microsoft #browser #browsers

Miguel Guhlin
1 month ago

#Google #Chrome users are now being advised to update their #browsers immediately following the discovery of 15 critical #security vulnerabilities

@freakazoid @dansup well, #ActivityPub - just like #XMPP & #SMTP + #IMAP - #eMail is an #open, #MultiVendor / #MultiProvider standard and thus jist like with #Webservers, #Browsers, #Mailservers & -Clients, #Mastodon not only can but will be superseded by better alternatives over time...

Just like #Linux overtook #Minix and why #FreeBSD is sometimes being used instead of #Linux and why we'll see #Windows dying a slow and painful death...

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

@petersuber I vividly remember the early days of the web when it was unclear whether it would matter to average people compared to walled-garden services like #AOL (then #AmericaOnline), #Prodigy, or #CompuServe.

IMHO the web’s early rise depended on two other factors:
• Graphical #browsers like #NCSA #Mosaic on mainstream computer operating systems (1993)
• Decommissioning of the US government-funded #NSFNET backbone, effectively ending restrictions on commercial Internet traffic (1995)

1 month ago
1 month ago

Microsoft is forcing Outlook and Teams to open links in Edge, and IT admins are angry | #browsers #windows

Jay Reding 🇺🇦
1 month ago

I had really liked Microsoft Edge (and even the Linux version was good). But the amount of sheer asshattery Microsoft is pulling with that browser has me permanently switching over to Firefox. Firefox was already my primary browser on Linux, but it's going to be my primary for my day job now as well.

#Browsers #Microsoft #Edge #Firefox

Josh B
1 month ago

I'm a nomad in regards to the #Browsers I use. Just got the latest version of #Vivaldi setup and I'm really quite impressed. Currently playing around with the workspaces and the page tiling feature.

Linux ☑️
1 month ago

The official Firefox snap package evolves - updating boost :firefox:

The official snapped Mozilla Firefox - enables running the browser more securely in a sandbox.

New snacks to the pack of foxes lately?

* Multi-thread CPU decompression reduced Firefox start up time alot

* Canonical (Ubuntu) implemented a new streamlined update (also for ALL desktop snaps)

* Spellcheck dictionary integration

* Firefox PDF font rendering

* Firefox is the last hope for a non-Google browser

All of it =>

#Firefox #browsers #Linux #Mozilla #Canonical #Ubuntu #Snap #PDF #desktop #web

@nixCraft +9001%

I want my stuff to be clean, sober and efficient.

In fact, I want all sites to be functionally and user-experience - identical on both #Lynx and other #TUI #Browsers and regular ones like #Firefox...

2 months ago

Web LLM runs the vicuna-7b Large Language Model entirely in your browser, and it’s very impressive | #ai #browsers

Egor Kloos
2 months ago

I can't wait to use relative #css `oklch` values on all #browsers.

:host {
  --overlay-color: oklch(
    calc(l / 3) 
    calc(c / 1.5) 
    / 0.5
2 months ago

The Privacy Guides thinks the new Mullvad browser (desktop only) offers one of the strongest protections against online fingerprinting, on par with the Brave browser and Firefox+Arkenfox. I wonder if it's better than LibreWolf though.

#Browsers #Privacy #Cybersecurity #Infosec #DataPrivacy #Mullvad #Brave #Firefox #Arkenfox #Tech #OnlineSafety #Desktop #Laptop #Fingerprinting #Apps

2 months ago

There’s this incredible but not well known CSS feature that only works in Firefox: using an HTML element as a background. With this feature you can do all kinds of fantastic things, like—typographers, stop reading—stretching fonts. Here’s an example:

(To see what I mean, open in Firefox and resize your screen).

Is there a cross-browser way to do these kinds of things?

#css #browsers #typography #stretching

Óli Gneisti (English)
2 months ago

Why don't browsers have default stylesheets for RSS files? You open a feed and the browser applies the stylesheet and puts a bar at top that says: "This is a browser generated version of this RSS file. Click here if you would rather see the plaintext version or select another stylesheet".

There would be problems of course. People use some tags in the wrong way and make up others. But it should be doable.

#RSS #Browsers

2 months ago

I find that web developers need to implement inputmode more often (to customize virtual keyboard for phone, email, etc). Hey Safari, why don't you support it?! #safari #browsers #html #forms #usability

Ryan Peters
2 months ago

Thinking of trying another browser. What are the hip kids using? I'm only listing browsers I haven't used full-time.

#browser #browsers #opera #vivaldi #brave #boost

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

Folks: So what browser do you recommend, then?

Me: the post-capitalist one we haven’t built yet.

#web #browsers #capitalism

Christian Alder 🌱
3 months ago

My Chrome bookmarks collection is an absolute state and I don’t really know where to start in sorting it. pretty sure I’ve got a few “To Sort” folders buried within themselves too.

If I’m not careful and check them from time to time, my Mastodon bookmarks will become a mess too 😫

#Mastodon #Browsers #Bookmarks

Rolf van Root
3 months ago

Requesting the following feature in all #browsers

Command + Z should re-open the tab I just accidentally closed.


Daniel Andrews
3 months ago

New blog post! Stark’s Simple Browser Extension Will Check For Accessibility

Stark’s easy-to-use browser extension gives designers and web developers the tools they need to design an accessible website.

#accessibility #browsers #extension

Egor Kloos
3 months ago

Experimenting with loading all the main styles as adopted #stylesheets. This works rather well for my basic #webcomponents setup; I don't perceive any performance loss. And as I use these styles in the web components, I can reuse the stylesheets and benefit from the #browsers cashing across light and shadow dom.
This is so effective I'm considering this in other projects. But, seriously, why haven't I seen this before? I must be missing something.

3 months ago

@jon @AlexTheStampede Is there any advantage to the future switch to Chromium? If not, why make the change? #browsers #iOS

3 months ago

@jon Will you be releasing #Vivaldi for #iOS at some point? #browsers

Danny Blue
3 months ago

I remember reading a while ago that creating multiple mutation observer instances didn't have much of a performance overhead. Does anyone know for sure? An API I am working on can go one of two directions depending on whether I can create multiple instances or if I should keep just one. #web #JavaScript #browsers #webperf

Steve Faulkner
3 months ago

Woke up at 2am (again) for a piss and read 2 rigorous reminders that I am in the audience of greatness:

#HTML #WebStandards #accessibility #browsers

📌 How Shadow DOM and accessibility are in conflict, by @sundress

📌 Safari 16.4 Is An Admission, by @slightlyoff