2 days ago

After the 4-mile race, we needed to rehydrate #Running #GetOutside #Brunch #BloodyMary

Two Bloody Mary cocktails on an outdoor restaurant table.
Chaosdorf Blog
4 days ago

Samstag, 14. Oktober 2023, 15 Uhr

Kommt vorbei zum Vortrag mit anschließender Diskussionsrunde!
Wenn ihr mögt, dann kommt vorher ab 12 Uhr zum Brunch. Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch.

Der Hambacher Wald ist immer noch bedroht!

Der Hambacher Wald aka Hambi ist ein wunderschöner 12.000 Jahre alter Wald, der seit 2012 besetzt ist. Seit der letzten Räumung 2018, als die Besetzer*innen es geschafft haben, die Rodung der verbleibenden Bäume zu verhindern, steht dort eine der größten autonomen Zonen Europas. Der Hambi bleibt ein Ort des Widerstandes gegen den fossilen Kapitalismus weltweit und für den Aufbau eines alternativen, herrschaftskritischen Zusammenlebens.

Doch momentan bedrohen mehrere Faktoren das Überleben des Waldes (wie die geplante Erweiterung des Tagebaus und die Pläne der Bezirksregierung Köln). In diesem Vortrag werden wir übers Waldleben sprechen, über die aktuelle Situation, darüber warum Hambi bleiben muss und was wir dafür tun können. Danach wird es Gelegenheit zu Austausch und Vernetzung mit Menschen aus dem Wald geben. Also kommt vorbei und bringt eure Freund*innen mit.

#Brunch #Hambi #Vortrag

Eine Gruppe von ca. 14 Personen trägt gemeinsam einen Baumstamm durch den Wald einen Weg entlang und entfernt sich von uns. Eine weitere Person geht hastigen Schrittes in die selbe Richtung an der Gruppe vorbei. Der Wald ist grün bewachsen und der Boden scheint ein wenig matschig zu sein. Die Menschen tragen praktische Kleidung aus Jeans, Turnschuhen oder Wanderschuhen und Outdoor-Jacken oder Pullovern.
Sharepic: Der Hambi ist immer noch bedroht! Info-Event über die aktuelle Situation, das widerständige Waldleben und warum Hambi bleiben muss. 14. Oktober, 15:00 @ Chaosdorf Düsseldorf
5 days ago

In the Twilight Zone as McDonald's switches from breakfast to lunch, you can order this freaky Frankensandwich.

#McDonalds #McBrunchBurger #breakfast #lunch #brunch #FastFood

This secret McDonald's sandwich is only available at exactly 10:35 a.m.

Tab Combs
5 days ago

TL;DR: frittata #help needed!

My niece is getting married next weekend and I have just learned I have been assigned the tast of making frittatas for pre-wedding #brunch. I'm a capable home cook, but my partner generally handles all breakfasty-things, so I'm not exactly in my comfort zone here.

Please send me your best frittata #recipes and tips, esp. re #cooking for a crowd! Assume I'm an idiot.

Thank you!!!

#Advice #Recipe #Eggs

1 week ago

I signed my first autograph today and all I did was eat eggs benedict backstage

#theatrekid #thedriftersgirl #uktour #actor #understudy #blackmastodon #brunch #theatre

Today's Saturday #brunch is shakshuka however.. I didn't have all the ingredients I had hatch chile and passilla.peppers. so this is a U.S. southwest version with cilantro but interestingly enough most of the same spices!

Meine Kehrseite
2 weeks ago

Die #Gyphosatlobby hat die EuKomission wohl mal wieder zum #Brunch eingeladen. 😑

2 weeks ago

Lazy late #Sunday #DasInKobe #Breakfast #AptCooking decadence!
I can't get over these yolks in #Japan (I really want to know what they put in the feed!).
Partner goes for 2 eggs on toast, I finish up some leftover smoked tuna takaki (via Costco) that I chopped & doctored with #kewpie & chili oil (lao gan ma), topped w aonori & sesame seeds.
😮 soda, sweet averse partner has fanta, as I decide to go with sake (I heard whispers that it goes well with seafood; it does!) - ok this is #brunch !

Egg cooking on a pan with opaque white with brown flecks and bubbles from butter and a bulging yellow orange yolk
Two eggs fried on a round pan with liberal pepper on them
Two pieces of toast - one with a peppered fried egg on top and the other with chopped pieces of dark tuna a reddish mayonnaise and fleckd of green aonori and sesame seeds
A plastic cup of yellow fanta on ice and a small glass cup of sake.
Hebrew by Inbal
2 weeks ago

Oh, what a morning, my friends! 🌞 There's nothing like ringing in the first breakfast of the Jewish New Year with a dish that touches your soul, am I right?

Today, I found myself in one of my favorite spots, a Georgian restaurant that's a little slice of heaven on earth. 🇬🇪

#latkes #foodieadventures #potatopancakes #jewishfood #sourcream #breakfastfood #brunch

2 weeks ago
Haltbar bis Irgendwann 🌈♾
3 weeks ago

Queeres Zentrum Ddorf lädt zum monatlichen Open House ein.
Jeden 3. Sonntag im Monat in der Friedrichstraße 40 zu gemeinsamem Kaffee und Kennenlernen.
"Für Mitglieder, queere Community & Allies.

Bitte immer bis zum Mittwoch davor per Email bei anmelden. Bitte vorher noch per Schnelltest auf Covid testen und natürlich nicht kommen, wenn ihr krank seid."

#düsseldorf #queerdüsseldorf #brunch #openhouse #stammtisch #mitgliedertreff #queer #lsbtiaq #lgbtqia 🌈

3 weeks ago

Starting with fresh raspberries & whipped cream… then it’s bacon, spinach & mushroom strata for #brunch for the #manwitches on this lazy Sunday. #KitchenWitch

I never posted a finished pic of the egg in a hole from the other day. Did another today! This is how they look done. Add some arugula, sour cream and sriracha mayo (and tons of pepper as wifey doesn't do pepper) and boom

@cyberman @synlogic @knapjack

#AirFryer #AirFryers #EggInAHole #SrirachaMayo #breakfast #brunch #eggs #cheese #toast #arugula #SourCream #food #cooking

Egg in a hole on a plate. Cooked in an air fryer, toast with holes and cooked eggs in them, covered in salt, pepper, and sriracha mayo. Arugula and sour cream on the side. Brown plate. Fork.
Sean Murthy
4 weeks ago

It's "brunch" only if you've already eaten that day, otherwise it's just sparkling breakfast.

#brunch #breakfast #nomenclature

Tim Richards
1 month ago

Now free for all to read... In Cairns I visited my favourite brunch cafe - and found both Japanese and indigenous ingredients on the menu:
Dateline Cairns: The best cafe in the tropics

#Cairns #Cafe #Food #Queensland #Brunch

Close-up view of a breakfast dish, involving eggs, halloumi, lemon, and a sauce made from Davidson plums.
1 month ago

Good morning🧁8am@JP
There is a brunch party in the shade of a tree,A little squirrel is tasting the food🐿
Are there enough nuts?

Have a Happy day👐


#aiart #forest #squirrel #brunch # #リス #morning #おはよう #bingimagecreator #BingImageCreater

Tea party in the forest(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Tea party in the forest, one squirrel nibbling on walnuts, 35mm lens(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Tea party in the forest, one squirrel nibbling on walnuts, 35mm lens(Create by Bing Image Creator)

Starting the day with brunch at a meadery. First up, a meadmosa.

#mead #brunch

Wine glass with a mix of orange juice and sparkling mead.
1 month ago

Might go do something nerdy this weekend. If anybody is in the Eastern PA / Philly area and wants to do some board gaming, this is where I'll be on Sunday.

#BoardGaming #Brunch

Flyer Reading Board Games & Brunch
Aug 13 & 27, Sept 10 & 24, Oct 8 & 22, Nov 5 & 19, Dec 3 & 17 & 31
11 am to 3 pm
Hosted by Brick-A-Brac Games and Tuned Up Brewery
135 N Main St, Spring City, PA
Brennan Stehling
1 month ago

This is a great spot for another #SFBA #Brunch. Check out the photos to see all of the picnic tables and views.

Brennan Stehling
1 month ago

We’re setting up. @PlinyTheOlder @seb #SFBA #Brunch

Dave Spector
1 month ago

Proto-#frittata #brunch pr0n

All the ingredients of a frittata (eggs, scallion, smoked cheddar, and chopped early girl tomatoes) waiting for assembly.
2 months ago

Headed to DC for #Brunch with the best human ever! We out here loving and living our best #Gay Lives.

2 months ago

Brunch Bytes with ThreatKey

Sunday, August 13 · 10am — 1pm PDT

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (3555 South Las Vegas Boulevard Suite #: TBD Las Vegas, NV 89109)

Power up your morning with ThreatKey! Join us for a #brunch meet-up where you can engage with like-minded cybersecurity professionals over brunch and mimosas.

#defcon #defcon31 #HacketSummerCamp @defcon @defconparrot #threatkey

Sunday brunch August 13th 10:00 a.m. To 11:00 p.m. In front of a orange logo, various tech and breakfast items.
Sand Hill Thicket
2 months ago

A spicy omlet with a side of bacon for Saturday #brunch. I grew the tomatoes 🍅 and peppers 🌶🌶. The chickens 🐔 donated the eggs🥚🥚🥚. 😌 #Homemade #cooking #GrowYourOwn #food

A mushroom, onion, banana pepper, and spicy cheese omlet topped with queso fresco and roma tomatoes with a side of bacon.
Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
2 months ago

Our elderly over-the-road neighbour has just tested positive again for Covid, and this morning she messaged asking if we could pick up some food from the shops for her.

Of course we're happy to oblige, but we also decided that if we were going to be up and out and about, let's treat ourselves to a nice weekend brunch.

So a few fresh eggs, tomatoes, and peppers later, plus a loaf of good crusty bread, and it's shakshuka time.

#Brunch #Shakshuka

Shakshuka in a frying pan, almost ready to serve. There are four eggs slowly simmering in a sauce of onions, peppers, tomatoes and spices.
Shakshuka in a frying pan, almost ready to serve. There are four eggs slowly simmering in a sauce of onions, peppers, tomatoes and spices.
2 months ago

der jürgen zieht sich nunmehr zum #brunch in den nordflügel zurück und möchte nicht gestört werden...

Seattle Seawolves Rugby 🤖
2 months ago

Visit us at in South Lake Union
Sunday, August 13
9am - 1pm
We will have merchandise and GIVEAWAYS

#portagebaycafe #togetherwehunt #togetherwebrunch
#rugby #brunch

My mom turned 72 yesterday and because I am visiting I was able to make her a nice #birthday #brunch. #nomnomnom She grew the lettuce, celery, basil and tomatoes herself.

Pan-fried peach and apricot halves glistening with dark balsamic reduction and with bright slivers of basil strewn on top, displayed on an old-fashioned china platter with gilding along the edge.
A fully loaded breakfast plate of charred peaches and apricots with basil, Dutch lettuce salad sprinkled with roasted tomatoes and lemon zest, bacon, scrambled eggs with a celery leaf chiffonade, and toast. Colourful, healthy (less the bacon) and delicious!
2 months ago

A Summerpick tomato snagged from the vine for fried green tomatoes. We have these a couple of times during the summer - a classic summer dish usually served with remoulade sauce in this household, but sometimes bacon jam. Always a summer treat and forever memorialized in "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" (1987) by Fannie Flagg. Movie filmed in Juliette, Georgia, 1991.

#HomeGrownTomatoes #tomatoes #gardening #FriedGreenTomatoes #homegrown #brunch

A white oval plate with three fried green tomatoes, some parsley and spinach as garnish, sitting on a checkered placement with a silver knife and fork.
Zach Klipp (he/him)🌻
2 months ago

Time for #brunch

Two pans on a stovetop: the near one is filled with tomatoes, eggs, sausages, and other things. The far one has hash browns
Secret Bartender
2 months ago

Brunch at Mr Digby’s in #noevalley with the fam…

#cocktails #sanfransisco #brunch #cocktailsOfMastodon

A collection of cocktails at Mr. Digby’s in Noe Valley, San Francisco.
Paul Edwin
2 months ago

The Holiday is Over

A short ride (in the rain, again) from exotic Port of Tyne International Passenger Terminal back to sunny (not) Hexham this morning, with just a detour via Kiln in Ouseburn for some delicious brunch to prolong the holiday experience slightly.

Now, back to swearing at my laptop. (Actually, probably doing some AWS stuff, so swearing at other people's computers.)

#motorcycle #motorrad #hexham #ouseburn #brunch

Tim Richards
2 months ago

Breakfast at Caffiend, Cairns. What do we fancy?

#Cairns #Australia #Breakfast #Brunch cc @LifeTimeCooking @sister_ratched

Menu featuring interesting items such as miso scrambled eggs, and Davidson plum eggs benedict.
2 months ago

Just had the loveliest boozy #brunch with an old friend and met his new partner for the first time - they are LOVELY and I’m so thrilled for him 😊


Tim Richards
2 months ago

Spectacular breakfast this morning at Caffiend in Cairns, Australia. I had the miso scrambled eggs, and @NarrelleMHarris had eggs benedict with the indigenous Davidson plum mixed into the sauce. Great food.

#Cairns #Cafe #Brunch #Breakfast #Eggs

White plate containing miso scrambled eggs with bonito flakes on top, alongside an avocado with Japanese seasoning on it, and a small salad.
Close-up view of poached eggs with a salmon coloured sauce, next to a slice of fried halloumi with a wedge of lemon sitting on top.
Wesley Fryer (he/him)
2 months ago

Added to my “Cook with Wes” recipe blog: “Ultimate Egg Scramble”

We love to enjoy egg scrambles for breakfast or brunch at our house, and this one is a winner. No potatoes included, so it’s low carb. This recipe can serve from 2 to 4 people, depending on the side items you also offer and everyone’s appetite!

#foodie #recipe #breakfast #brunch #CookWithWes

Ultimate egg scramble
Sarah Stierch
2 months ago

Brunch at Bogie's Too in San Rafael. Home of the best eggs Benedict in Marin County every year via the @marinij and it surely lives up to the hype. They have 12 types on the menu. This is with house smoked ham and avocado. 🤤 #brunch #marincounty

A plate of eggs Benedict with ham, avocado, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce on English muffins.
Curious Loth-cat
2 months ago

Fondue French Toast menu description:

"Fresh and sophisticated; three thick slices of brioche French loaf grilled to perfection, then crowned with fresh strawberries, blueberries, bananas, layered with mounds of real whipped cream. Drizzled with chocolate and accompanied by a chocolate ganache fondue for dipping. A breakfast feast suitable for royalty." 😋

#Food #Breakfast #Brunch #Fruit #Chocolate

Fondue French Toast on a white plate with built-in dipping bowl.
2 months ago

Suddenly I'm thinking #brunch tomorrow sounds great. Reuben or salmon & avocado sandwich? 🤤

Jonathan Arnold
3 months ago

I meant to attach some #SouthieSunday pictures to my previous post, but I'll do it now. It isn't often these days the whole fam damily actually eats together so it was good to get a picture of it. Luckily for everyone concerned, the girls take after their mom in the looks department, so I get to hang out with some very loverly ladies. And you can see the amazing Fruity Pebbles Pancakes that @adrienne ordered. An incredible stack and you could even get more added to it!

#brunch #selfie

Two smoked salmon platters, my steak & eggs and weird nachos and the stack of 5 pancakes in a Fruity Pebbles "sauce" with lots of Fruity Pebbles sprinkled on top. There are also 2 orders of hash, one plain and the other with sour cream and bacon on it.
The family. From left to right it is Rhiannon, dressed in a pretty pink sweater, me, giving the thumbs up, Gabrielle, who's birthday it was, wearing a black horizontally striped shirt and Adrienne, where an orange striped shirt.
Steffani Cameron
3 months ago

Yesterday’s epic day of cooking pays off the morning after.

Breakfast tostadas.

I crisped up a couple tortillas by rubbing some ghee on, starting them off crisping on a pan, then finish by toasting in the toaster oven.

Then, a layer of warm refried pinto beans and some scrambled eggs with green onions. Topped with the salsa verde made from the carnitas last night.

Easy and delicious. #food #cooking #breakfast #brunch #healthy

2 breakfast tostadas on crispy corn tortillas with a layer of chunky refried beans, soft scrambled eggs, and a drizzle of green salsa
Tim Richards
3 months ago

Did something different this morning for Saturday breakfast and headed to Ima Asa Yoru in Brunswick to try out its Japanese brunch menu.

I had the Mazesoba soupless ramen, which was fantastic (subtle spicy flavour, umami depth), and @NarrelleMHarris ordered the Soy Milk Tonjiru Stew, which she said was great.

Impressive service and food presentation too. Recommended.

#Melbourne #Brunswick #Brunch #Breakfast #Japanese #Food cc @LifeTimeCooking @sister_ratched

Mazesoba soupless ramen in a bowl, with soy sauce and chilli in containers next to it.
Soy Milk Tonjiru Stew in a bowl, with a second smaller bowl of rice next to it.
Matcha drink in a cup decorated with faces and Japanese characters.
Menu listing a variety of Japanese brunch dishes.
Tim Richards
3 months ago

This sounds excellent, serving "Aussie-meets-Japanese cafe fare":
Ima Asa Yoru open now in Brunswick for Japanese breakfast and lunch

#Melbourne #Cafe #Japanese #Brunch

Cc @skinnylatte

Adam Fields
3 months ago

Fried duck egg sandwich on a toasted potato bun, with a thick ripe tomato slice, avocado, crabmeat, whipped yuzu mascarpone cream, and fresh basil. I cannot be trusted to be left to my own devices. #brunch #duckeggs #sandwich #cooking #yuzu #mascarpone

Tim Richards
3 months ago

Here's the chilli scrambled eggs and halloumi I had at Frankie's in St Kilda West this morning. The best. Love Melbourne cafes. #Melbourne #Brunch #Breakfast

Plate of scrambled eggs on toast with chillies on top, and fried halloumi next to it.
3 months ago

A friend and I had fun getting henna tattoos this weekend! We had a 30-minute wait to get into a restaurant for brunch, and outside was a woman with a henna tattoo and face painting stand! Genius way to make some money, while folks are waiting to get in for their meal!

#henna #tattoo #art #brunch #NorthCarolina #PhotoMonday #fotomontag

Two women's hands with henna tattoos freshly applied. Both tattoos are floral on the back of the hand with leaves and Designs extending up one finger.
3 months ago

Brunch! Chili Crisp Eggs. Okazu Miso Sesame Chili Crisp is the BEST chili crisp with the most umami flavour, by far, imo. 😋 Have a wonderful afternoon. 💛 #friday #brunch #food #foodie

Two sunny side up eggs on toast,cooked in chili crisp. Burst grape tomatoes beside. Garnished with chili crisp bits and parsley. On a round white plate.
emily dogmom
3 months ago

blurry mr krabs memeing about this brunch I'll be honest

better food descriptions in the alt text

#brunch #foodie

Tiramisu pancakes. They're fluffy souffle pancakes, soaked in orange-y espresso or rum or something, topped with creme anglaise and mint and stuff. These were really good, light with a hint of orange flavor.
Grits topped with chili crunch, deep fried crunchy garlic, green onions, and a ramen egg. My favorite, my brain is broken about it, I'm obsessed. They were so good for real.
A burger bun around a cheese-topped slab of chorizo egg bake. My partner liked this a lot; for me it resembled bocadillo de tortilla de patatas, but there weren't potatoes in it, might have been better with. Still good!!
A bowl of Korean fried chicken with a lime, pink pickled radish, and green onions on top. These were good - gooey but still crispy crunchy. Unfortunately all light meat, though.
3 months ago

The twins turn 13 today, so we are starting the day with a birthday #brunch and then going bowling this evening.

Good morning #fediverse and #tzag to all

3 months ago

Not sure if this counts as fancy, after last night's fanciness* - perhaps just a different kind of fancy, if not down homey. Still with the shellfood though
(Couldn't decide on #Crab alone, so took some of MILs delectable #Prawn pickle)
Crab #curry cooked last night - all the better to let the flavors seep in and meld.
Not standard with #Idli but whatever - this is Aaah! #Weekend #Brunch
#Food #Indian


Crab curry in a pot
White plate with a cooked crab with spices on it, 3 idlis and some thick red paste that is prawn pickle
3 months ago

#Brunch at home. Bockwurst and Sage Frittata.

Behind the Pages
4 months ago

What's better than hosting a Books and Brunch event? I'm a volunteer for Raleigh/Durham Geek Girl Brunch and this was a blast! One of our members works at a local bookstore and gave us all ARCs as well. 🥰🥰 #brunch #books #GeekGirlBrunch @bookstodon #bookstodon

Chicken and Waffles
Geek Girl Brunch and our ARCs
French Toast
Eggs Benedict
4 months ago

#Brunch is very local.

Local eggs laid by local chickens, local bacon from local pigs cured by the local butcher, fresh blood black pudding from just up the road in #Wisbech (all this bought from said local butcher).

Local asparagus and chard from our local organic farm (based on the same road as us). Bit of garden parsley too.

The bread is a bit exotic though, it's a Fitzbillies sourdough from #Cambridge bought a week ago from Daily Bread. (This sourdough lasts super well for toast making.)

A plate of breakfast/brunch on a black dinner plate. Asparagus across the plate to fore, crispy streaky bacon to 10-12, bacon as 1 o'clock, chard with translucent red/pink steps to, 3 o'clock, and 2 slices of buttered close textured sourdough to the centre with a fried double yolker on top.
Team Idgara
5 months ago


Well-founded concern. My #Democratic #TX #state rep voted yes to an #AntiTrans #bill, which passed.

Maybe why they are sending a proxy to our #Drag #brunch #fundraiser ...

... won't work, though, as they're the featured speaker at our next local Dem group meeting (jointly with a neighboring Dem group and there is a strong #LGBTQIA+ presence).

Unfortunately, I'm in a role where I can't bitch about them by name. There were multiple Dems who voted yes on this bill ....

The Dapper Diner
5 months ago

Prepping #brunch using eggs from the chickens. Cooked an hour at 63C for #Eggs #Sardou

Made some brunch and getting ready to sit back and enjoy some Substacks 😀

#Substack #Brunch #Food #MakanApaToday

A bowl of salad, another bowl of roasted vegetables and an eBook reader on a wooden table.

#Louisiana restaurant owner forced to close down business after #drag #brunch

she wanted her restaurant to have an inviting feeling including strong equality.

“I have all walks of life come through that door,” said Early.

her landlord shut the air conditioner off right before the show started, and eventually received a message from the owners of the building mentioned to shut down her restaurant.

Donate to the GoFundMe to reopen this this restaurant

#drag #dragQueen #lgbtqia #lgbtq #lgbt

> Another Portland breakfast favorite has closed

I'm a huge fan of American breakfast, and I hate to see family businesses close, but I can't say I'll miss Milos or Zells.

I feel like we're witnessing a cultural shift in dining in #Portland. The era of the "#brunch spot" is over. The formula got overplayed, and they stopped trying. I expect Gravy and Tin Shed to follow.

I wonder what the next trend will be..

Steffani Cameron
5 months ago

Sooooo pleased with my first attempt at huevos rancheros!

I made these tortillas last night.

I softened each in a warm pan with butter and let one side get toasty while each respective topping warmed up — refried pinto beans on the bottom, extra sharp cheddar on the top. Also here is some lime Greek yogurt and homemade restaurant style salsa.

Enjoying it way more than I hoped I would. Not bad for sorta vegetarian. (There’s lard in them beans.) #cooking #food #brunch #breakfast

A two-stack of tortillas with beans in the middle, cheese & green onions on the top, with two soft/runny basted eggs on top, two large dollops of salsa, and a drizzle of lime yogurt around the plate.

Frühstück am Attersee – in der Bandlkramerey in Seewalchen

Frühstück & Brunch in der Bandlkramerey – Café & Bistro in Seewalchen am Attersee
Wenn die ersten Blumen sprießen 🌷, die Vögel wieder um die Wette zwitschern, und s

#Kulinarik #Oberösterreich #Salzkammergut #Attersee #brunch #food #foodblogger #Frühstück #frühstücksbuffet #frühstückscafé #Frühstückslokal #Salzkammergut #seewalchen

8 months ago

I'm getting better at baking biscuits. This was my fourth attempt and by far the best. #breakfast #brunch #food #sunday

Fresh baked buttermilk biscuits.

#Vegan chorizo and #tofu scramble for #brunch.

Crumbled tofu and lots of fresh spinach cooking in a large pan
Deep reddish-brown soy chorizo, geez bell peppers, and onions frying in a large pan
Steffani Cameron
9 months ago

Happy new year! Big breakfast with eggs Benedict on my leftover sourdough waffle, with the crispy mushrooms from last night’s pizza surplus, and peppered bacon. The Hollandaise is traditional with lemon and butter, but also a shot of the pepper bacon fat.

Not shown here is the maple syrup I added after. #breakfast #eggs #leftovers #food #cooking #brunch

Exactly as described in the root — on a white plate with some sliced green onions for garnish

Butches, after over a month of trial and error, I have at last perfected the 6” spinach-and-mushroom frittata, right down to the timing of my egg-enabling digestive enzyme pills. The dish is a triumph. Secret ingredients: flawlessly-seasoned tiny cast iron skillet, freshly coarse-grated parmesan, and this stuff called Takii Umami Powder. The latter is basically granulated shiitake + a little salt. I’ve been puttin that shit on everything, it’s pretty miraculous. #brunch

Closeup of a nicely browned mini-frittata on a blue-and-white Spode plate. A wedge has been cut out of it.
Pseudo Nym
9 months ago

True story - just now.

Out to Christmas Eve #brunch with family. I had a nice Chicken Benedict. Told my wife it was good. Then said we should go back to Italy some day for their awesome benedict. "You know what they say, there's no place like Rome for the hollandaise."

She just glared at me, rolled her eyes, and said "I love you, you monster."

#dadJoke #holiday

Cap'n Mastodon
9 months ago

Can you unlearn the knowledge that your #neighbors wouldn't #WearAMask to save your life?

Can you unsee the fact that #capitalists will happily cram your children into plague-infested #schools and deny you leave so you can make them a little more obscene profit?

Can you forget that going out to #brunch is more important to many people than having a relationship with #HighRisk friends and family?

No. You've seen behind the curtain. If #COVID disappears tomorrow, you're left with a decision: Do you head back to brunch yourself, or do you take what you've learned and use it to fight back against the #system that will continue to destroy lives until and unless we defeat it through #solidarity?

You've seen people with their heads in the sand. Once the immediate personal pressure is off of you, don't stick your head in there, too. Don't forget this. Remember. Act.

@novid #HolyAnarchy #Progressive #Leftist

la bibliotequetress
10 months ago

It's the time of year when I love to make big brunchy breakfasts and go back to sleep. Not that the chance often arises. Anyway, a friend made this for the last New Years Day before COVID, and it was amazing. Going to make it on xmas day this year, in honor of the memory of Floyd Cardoza #cooking #COVID #brunch