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Kevin Stewart
9 hours ago

I want an e-ink terminal device--something like a #PineTab with a bitchin' keyboard (I'd take an ok keyboard too). Give me long battery life and a text-only interface. Any complete solutions that can run #Linux or a #BSD in this space that I'm not finding?


20 hours ago

The Nakatomi Corporation uses BSD.


It was 2008. My cousin drew BSD and Linux mascots for me 😌

#BSD #Beastie #BeastieBSD #BSDMascot #Linux #Tux #LinuxTux #LinuxMascot

Diane Bruce
2 days ago

Looks like my old D-Link N600 FreeBSD router has dying hardware. (A number of us group bought some routers which Adrian had ported FreeBSD to!)

Anyone have suggestions for a replacement board? Perhaps a Pine64? (or that might be overkill)

#BSD #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD

Adrian Rodriguez
2 days ago

free download!! MultiPurrAudio, an MP3 folder player which is based on VLC and fully made in Python, the source code is 100% open source, and it works on any operating system!! And it also has a cute mascot. You can check more on this link! #opensource #VLC #mp3 #bsd #python

the mascot of MultiPurrAudio saying "download!" on a gradient background.
3 days ago

各鯖、FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p6を適用。


4 days ago

Went deep into the rabbit hole and discovered this - UNIX Edition Zero:

Among the papers of the late Bob Morris I have found a
Unix manual that I don't remember at all--a draft by
Dennis Ritchie, in the style of (but not designated as)
a technical report with numbered sections and subsections.

#unix #nix #linux #bsd

Finally found a great case for my
Radxa Rock 5B, an excellent SBC on which I am developing my #Hypervisor which, hopefully, one day will run a bunch of #RISC_OS Virtual Machines together with #Linux (which already works) and #bsd . This bad boy is 8 cores 8nm, NVMe and 16GB of RAM
#riscos will run on a VM which gets translated from AArch32 to AArch64 JIT, but I need to finish the HAL that supports DeviceTree before even beign able to finish the Hypervisor integration with mambo... ☕ ☕ ☕ 💻

BSD Cafe Announcements
4 days ago

Exciting News from the BSD Cafe!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new BlendIT community at the BSD Cafe! It's the perfect spot for anyone passionate about BSD, Unix, and Unix-like operating systems and software.

Join us in this vibrant community where we discuss everything about software, news, etc. on various Unix-like systems. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just starting your journey in the world of BSD and Unix, our community is the ideal place for learning, sharing, and connecting.

Dive into discussions about system architecture, share tips on software, or explore the diverse world of open-source with fellow enthusiasts. It's a space for open conversations, knowledge exchange, and building connections with people who share your interests.


Remember, every question is a good question, and every insight adds value. We're all here to grow and learn together in a friendly, inclusive environment.
So grab your virtual coffee, and let's make some meaningful connections and have great conversations at the BSD Cafe BlendIT community!
Can't wait to see you there!

Thank you, @chimay, for your suggestion!


#BSD #Unix #Linux #OpenSource #Community #Lemmy #BSDCafe

4 days ago

Quiz: Jak dobrze znasz systemy i dystrybucje z rodziny BSD? #bsd

Adrien Linuxtricks
5 days ago

Et si opn parlait des #BSD sur la chaine ?
#FreeBSD 14 : Découverte de l'installation

By a complete random change I've stumbled upon one of the best #bsd channels I've ever seen -

Amazing, in-debt tutorials. I'd prefer a written version but we live ie 2023 and there are no perfect things.

@josephholsten @Lulukaros @_bapt_ @chrisoffner3d @vaartis
Similarly, I'd not work on my own #toybox+#musl / #Linux distro if I felt there was a good, minimalist embedded Linux that could do what I want from a single 1440kB 3,5" FDD to boot from…

Feel free to make a clone based off a #BSD if you want to...


Dear Santa Claus, I've been a very good Fl👀f this year so I want a tablet with #BSD. Please …

Juan Camós
6 days ago

So, I'm curious to know which monitoring system you use. In this case running in a #BSD server (my case is #FreeBSD )

Boost appreciated 😉 🙏

My #BSD writings writings are now in a dedicated section -

Diane Bruce
1 week ago

This laptop looks kind of interesting. Has anyone run a BSD on it yet?

#FreeBSD #NetBSD #OpenBSD #BSD #DragonflyBSD

1 week ago

📹 How To Record & Edit Videos On OpenBSD! 📹 | @Zaney


1 week ago

🐡 How To Increase Desktop OpenBSD Performance | @Zaney

#OpenBSD #BSD #Unix

1 week ago

@cuddle nah ok - honestly, technically nothing in that case. It’s just that I haven't used #Linux for more than 12 years for personal usage anymore. I was always happy to say:
„nah, I don’t use Linux“
„do you use Windows?“
„nah, my last #windows was NT4.0, I only use #BSD

But yeah, of course I have to deal with #Linux on a daily base within corporate things.

Maybe I will especially cause of this spend time and efforts to quickly change back the host nodes to BSD. Or deal with Linux… time will tell

Lets write a book ... the way to your #BSD desktop ...

1 week ago
1 week ago

#NomadBSD 20231121 has been released (#FreeBSD / #386BSD / #BSD / #Unix)

1 week ago

#GhostBSD 23.10.1 has been released (#FreeBSD / #386BSD / #BSD / #Unix)

1 week ago

⚡ FreeBSD 14.0 Is Delivering Great Performance Uplift & Running Well In Early Tests Review | @phoronix

#FreeBSD #BSD #Opensource

ok, #bsd question: so, #OpenBSD and #freebsd share the same init system (as OpenBSD was a fork of Free), but #NetBSD does not?

Diane Bruce
1 week ago

Welp. Apparently this Raspberry pi 3 B V1.2 is kaput. It goes wonky after heating up resulting in bizarre ethernet address then dying completely. The 3V rail continues to work so it's not that common failure. I'd guess maybe the poly fuse. I'm not overclocking it either. Oh well.

#BSD #FreeBSD #RaspberryPi #Electronics

Looking to create new career opportunities with skills in #Linux, #DevOps, #BSD, #ITSecurity or #WebDevelopment?

Keep up with the competition by becoming #IT certified. Stand out to employers with an internationally recognized vendor-neutral certification. 💪🐧🌎

For details on how to get started and to use our free #opensource Learning Materials, visit:

#LPI #LPIC #LinuxEssentials #WebDevelopment #ITSecurity #cybersecurity #programming #tech

#Linux doesn't have Jails, but they are roughly equivalent to system containers (e.g. #NixOS containers). This scenario is also handled by the hidepid option since it restricts users view of the process table to only processes they own (including containers).

nosuid, noexec, and nodev are the defaults on /proc, so there is likely a more idiomatic way to express this

1414 Code Forge 🇮🇹
2 weeks ago

#Tips a gratis.

Siete amanti della #Shell, ma non vi basta un banale tab per completare i percorsi?

Allora date un'occhiata a fasd!

È un'utilità che permette di autocompletare intelligentemente i percorsi nella shell, secondo il principio "frecently", ovvero: "frequenza" d'utilizzo + utilizzo più "recente".

Si integra con molti strumenti e aumenta significativamente la produttività.

Vediamo come... 🧵

#Linux #BSD #OpenSource #SoftwareLibero #FOSS #FreeSoftware

OpenZFS 2.2.1 Released to Fix a File Corruption Bug. Update Now.

#linux #bsd #opensource #zfs

2 weeks ago

Magnolia – a free content management system (CMS) based on Java #cms #linux #osx #windows #bsd

When I see a #BSD referred to as "Unix-like" in the same vein as #Linux, it rubs me a bit the wrong way.

Linus never called his kernel "Unix". And the "NU" in GNU is literally stands for "Not Unix". But "Unix-like" is apropos.

I understand the UNIX trademark and certification requirements. But calling the direct downstream work of Thompson, Richie, Joy, Kernigham, McKusick, "Unix-like" feels like calling the Pope "Catholic-like".

Splitting hairs, I know. #FreeBSD

Screenshot of a headline that reads, "FreeBSD keeps Unix-like OS alive, boosts security and performance with v14"
2 weeks ago

DVDプレイヤを改造して #Linux や各種 #BSD を動かせたら楽しいだろうな、と思う反面、場所も時間もないので詰みです

#Mastodon n'aime pas #BSD?

2 weeks ago

The #LateNightLinux podcasts are looking for a new host. I think we should get a #BSD person to infiltrate them.

#freebsd #openbsd #netbsd #dragonflybsd #linux

2 weeks ago

「 FreeBSD 14 goes on to replace sendmail with dma, OpenZFS 2.2 provides the latest ZFS file-system support, Kinst as a new DTrace provider, makefs adding ZFS support, boottrace is a new interface for capturing trace events during system boot and shutdown processes, the kernel TLS offloading handling receive-side offloading of TLS 1.3, initial WiFi 6 support in WPA, sh is now the default shell for the root user, and an updated LLVM toolchain 」

#FreeBSD #BSD #Opensource

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

I miss Frost OS (spelled, FrostOS). Sadly, DMCA knocked out FrostOS.

FrostOS allowed you to natively run BSD, Linux, Apple, and Windows apps all on a single system. As you can easily suspect, it violated so many trademarks and copyright claims.

Frost OS was the operating system that truly showed what people were capable of if people truly worked together and there was far less bureaucratic red tape.

#FrostBSD #BSD #Linux #Apple #macOS #Windows #DMCA

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Tiki (TikiWiki CMS/Groupware) – an open source software formerly known as #wiki #cms #linux #bsd #osx #windows

Linux User Space
2 weeks ago

Are we going to have to do #FreeBSD #history, now?! That's gonna take us back to the 70's... 😅

Congratulations to the team and all involved on the release of FreeBSD 14!
#BSD #Unix

2 weeks ago

🚀 BastilleBSD 0.10.20231013 is the most flexible container management system for #BSD! #BastilleBSD #containers

Does the entire #bsd family have a shared logo? Was this wikipedia thing ( official at any point in time?

Dr. Brian Callahan
2 weeks ago

A new #blog post!

I enabled all the experimental #LLVM targets in the #OpenBSD LLVM package. Now I can build #m68k and #csky binaries on my OpenBSD machine. You can too! Free package in the blog post.

#compiler #compilers #unix #linux #bsd #freebsd #netbsd #dragonflybsd #solaris #illumos #gcc #program #programs #programming

Clearly no #BSD room, while says that there will be one ... Someone needs to do some ceanup.


Mikael Hansson
2 weeks ago

We nerds can argue all we want about our #Linux and #BSD machines, but I just helped my mother-in-law migrate from an old #iPad running an outdated version of #ipadOS to a new one. We answered a couple of questions, registered her fingerprint, provided a password, and some three minutes later her life was migrated to a new device and the old one showed a dialog to be wiped for resale or recycling. Exemplary. No IT background needed, just read on the screen and do what it says.

2 weeks ago

Don't use Reddit for Linux or BSD related questions

"If you think independently and don't follow "the hive mind", you will definitely not be liked on social media."

#reddit #linux #bsd

Kyle Taylor
2 weeks ago

@vermaden -- #jails are more efficient and configurable than Docker et al. But they aren't as easy to spin up and share (yet). I work with devops folks and 90% of them have never heard of FreeBSD/jails. They think I'm real-weird for my fascination with #BSD. The few people that have heard of jails think it takes too much to administer them. I get a bit of "containers should be cattle [docker], not pets [jails]". I say keep calm, continue on. Where it matters, BSD and jails are the better choice.

#Opensource is used everywhere in the world around us!

Career opportunities are waiting for you in #Cloud computing to #AI, #Cybersecurity to #SysAdmin roles, #Blockchain, and more. Learn how #Linux and #FOSS can open new avenues, and help you get ahead in your career.

For more information, visit:

#LPI #LPIC #BSD #DevOps #LinuxEssentials #FOSS #WebDevelopment #WDE ITSecurity #programming #tech #cybersecurity #opensource

Daniel Wayne Armstrong
3 weeks ago

Day 14-30

"At some point I realized that I was three weeks from an operating system."
-- Ken Thompson

Finished reading a history lesson about the origins of Unix - and the birth of the BSDs - in Brian Kernighan's excellent "Unix: A History and a Memoir".

1969 ... What a year for technology: Unix, ARPANET, Apollo 11.

#30DaysOfFreeBSD #FreeBSD #BSD #Unix #books

3 weeks ago

🎆 FreeBSD 14: Best New Features

「 One of the impactful changes is that the pw and bsdinstall now create a home directory in /home instead of /usr/home. The symbolic link for /home from /usr/home won’t be created. So, make sure you migrate it properly if upgrading to FreeBSD 14 from 13 」

#FreeBSD #BSD #Opensource

You're familiar with the sudo(8) command, but did you know it had a logo? Did you further know that it's a sandwich?

#gnu #linux #bsd #unix

A bread sandwich with a face, including eyebrows, eyes, and smiling mouth. The sandwich appears to be a BLT as the ingredients are bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. The word "SUDO" is across the bottom of the logo.
3 weeks ago

Seen at a children's ENT doctor's waiting area. I didn't realise #openbsd did children's toys.

#puffy #parenting #MyFirstBSD #BSD

A wooden children's toy in the shape of a puffer fish. Attached to a wall where children can take the multi coloured spines out and stick them back.
3 weeks ago

#tox - #C #Programming #bsd #unix #posix group #chat:


Tarpan (extinct) | flo
3 weeks ago

In mehreren Umfragen, die hier im letzten ~ Jahr durchs #FediVerse gingen, kam heraus, dass eine deutliche Mehrheit #Linux und #MacOS als persönlich verwendetes #Betriebssystem nutzt.

Jetzt frage ich:
Welches OS nutzt ihr im #Job, bei eurer Arbeitgeber*in?

Sofern >nicht< #Windows, kommentiert bitte gerne, ob ihr selbstständig seid oder eben für ein #Unternehmen arbeitet, das (generell) alternative Betriebssysteme einsetzt, danke!

Sofern #Linux oder #BSD, kommentiert gerne, welche Distribution ihr produktiv einsetzt, danke!

Gerne #boost :)

Daniel Wayne Armstrong
3 weeks ago

For a Linux user to try out a BSD is to reap the great benefit of traveling to a foreign country: you not only learn new things, but you also see old things in a new light.

You might even decide to move there. 🙂

#30DaysOfFreeBSD #FreeBSD #BSD

John Harris "The Building of FTL1"
Stefano Marinelli
3 weeks ago

I vividly remember when, less than 20 years ago, they used to ask me, "Why do you want to do this with Linux|Free|Open|NetBSD when it can be done with Windows? Everyone uses it!" Today, the question is similar but different: "Why do you want to do this on Free|Open|Net|DragonflyBSD when it can be done with Linux? Everyone uses Linux for this!"
The problem is precisely this: if everyone is doing it, do we really take it for granted that it's the best solution? I stay informed and have everything in production: all the BSDs and many Linux distributions, choosing the best tool each time, in my opinion, to achieve a result.
Why people always feel the need to conform to everyone and everything, and continue to decide what's better based on trends, personal beliefs, or social conventions, will forever remain a mystery to me.

#Linux #BSD #OpenSource #Technology #Choice #Individuality #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonFlyBSD

nixCraft 🐧
3 weeks ago

The Unix timestamp will begin with 17 this Tuesday 14 November 2023 10:13:20 PM UTC. Here is how to see Unix time on your system. For #macos #freebsd #bsd run
date -ur 1700000000

For #GNU #Linux type:
date -ud @1700000000

The Unix timestamp will begin with 17 this Tuesday 14 November 2023 10:13:20 PM UTC. Here is how to see Unix time on your system. For #macos #freebsd #bsd run 
date -ur 1700000000

For #GNU #Linux type: 
date -ud @1700000000
Stefano Marinelli
1 month ago

Dear friends of #BSDCafe and the wider #Fediverse, the time has come: you can now sign up and contribute to the wiki! 📝

My hope is that it will evolve into a go-to resource filled with a wealth of information on our favorite BSDs, including guides, walkthroughs, and more. It aims to compile the myriad of articles and information currently scattered across blogs, how-tos, and videos.
As previously announced, we are using DokuWiki. I've set the main pages to read-only and established macro-categories: Reviews, Tutorials, and Users. The first two categories are further divided into subcategories (DokuWiki namespaces), one for each BSD. Additionally, every user has their own private namespace (to create articles, take notes, etc.) and a public page to add a personal introduction or whatever they wish.
Registration is open, but I ask for your assistance in content moderation since these "open" wikis can sometimes attract trolls and defacers.

I hope the Wiki will become a useful, powerful reference tool for many of us. I'll also soon create a page about the BSD Cafe project, detailing our goals, vision, etc.

We're waiting for you at

As always, let me know (@stefano) your thoughts and how we can improve. I've already got two more steps in mind for additional services but still need to ponder over them... stay tuned!

#WikiContribution #OpenSource #KnowledgeSharing #BSDWiki #CommunityBuilding #TechCollaboration #BSDCafe #BSDCafeUpdates #BSDCafeServices #BSDCafeAnnouncements #BSDCafeWiki #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonflyBSD #RunBSD #BSD

1 month ago

Today's the 37th of #OctOpenBSD , so it's still legitimate to share my attempts to set it up on my rubbish old laptop: generally good, but suspend and hibernate don't seem to work quite right.


BSD Cafe Announcements
1 month ago

Dear friends of #BSDCafe and the #Fediverse,

The "new" DokuWiki is now up and running at For the time being, it's nearly a direct copy of the old one. Let me know your thoughts and if all tests prove successful, I will open up registrations as soon as I have set up the initial sections.

#BSD #OpenSource #DokuWiki #TechCommunity #WikiUpdate #FeedbackWanted #BSDCafe #BSDCafeUpdates #BSDCafeAnnouncements #BSDCafeFeatures #BSDCafeWiki

Stefano Marinelli
1 month ago

Dear friends of the #BSDCafe and the #Fediverse,

The first building block of BSD Cafe (namely the Mastodon instance) was announced less than 4 months ago, and our roadmap has always included some core services.

With the spirit of constructive information sharing in mind, we've always intended to keep the wiki open, ready to host tutorials, guides, reviews, or anything related to our favorite BSDs.

We initially chose wiki.js, but it scored poorly on Google Pagespeed Insights and didn't fare much better on GTMetrix. Also, the initial page load time was over 6 seconds from Europe, which led me to put a CDN in front—however, this partially broke the wiki's functionality, turning it almost into a static site.

In recent days, I've revisited the issue and realized that Wiki.js is a great tool but perhaps not ideal for our purpose. Node, Postgres, etc., and many features like comments are "expensive."

In keeping with the philosophy of using tried and tested solutions, I've decided to avoid MediaWiki (which I haven't installed in over 15 years) and instead choose a much more efficient, database-free solution that I've come to appreciate over 15 years of use.

I'm referring to DokuWiki. The project is almost 20 years old, actively developed, and has never given me any surprises. It's simple, fast, and privacy-friendly.

So, I've converted the current Wiki to DokuWiki and will soon replace the existing one at (I'm still undecided about the theme - but that can be changed later). The performance scores are good, and so is the functionality. The original editor is a bit barebones - but we know how to exit vi, so we won't be daunted by the lack of a WYSIWYG editor, right? Well, don't worry! I've also installed CKGEditor, so you can choose between the classic DokuWiki editor and the fancier CKGEditor.

I'll soon set some guidelines for content publication and open up registrations.

Our goal is to create a shared knowledge base for all BSD systems that can become an extension of the excellent documentation of various BSD systems.

Stay tuned for the official announcement!

#BSD #OpenSource #Wiki #DokuWiki #Technology #Community #KnowledgeBase #SystemAdministration #DevOps #CKGEditor #BSDCafeServices #BSDCafe #BSDCafeUpdates

Justine Smithies
1 month ago

Sitting patiently whilst Julie re dyes my hair aka regingering reading about #FreeBSD of all things. I've read about the differences between #Linux and #BSD and now I'm onto the ports system and OMG I'm nearly tempted to give it a whirl on my trusty old test laptop. :freebsd:
How many folk have if any have switched from Linux to BSD and if you have please tell me why and what you prefer over the former ?

PS I'm a #VoidLinux user

Please share for a greater response ❤️

Stefano Marinelli
1 month ago

One of the common critiques I often read about BSD systems is: "It doesn't run well on my laptop." I get the frustration: my own FreeBSD installation on an old MacBook Pro has been a series of headaches, whereas Fedora installed effortlessly with few remaining issues.

But should we judge an OS by how it runs on our personal laptop?

In my experience, BSD systems have caused far fewer issues on my servers compared to other platforms like Linux, despite my greater experience with Linux. On one server, for some reason, Linux would kernel panic hours after booting. FreeBSD runs without a hitch. If my experience were limited to that one server, I might falsely conclude Linux is terrible, which I certainly wouldn't claim.

I believe there's a right tool for every job. If your hardware is BSD-compatible, the choice is clear. Otherwise, instead of faulting the OS, it’s better to find the best option for your hardware or, if possible, contribute to improving support.

#BSD #FreeBSD #Linux #Fedora #OperatingSystems #OpenSource #Tech #ServerLife #Compatibility #Software #TechCommunity #OpenSourceContribution

The Last Psion | Alex
1 month ago

HIVEMIND: Can anyone suggest a simple CLI launcher for #Linux, #BSD or #HaikuOS? It'll end up on Haiku, but I should be able to port a simple CLI app without much hassle.

I need something that can just show a list of apps from a config file, preferably from folders.

#Bash would be handy because it won't need cross-compiling for Haiku. C or C++ with #ncurses should also be doable.

Basically, I need something very lightweight to launch #MAME sessions. A choice of EPOC16 ROMs and SSD images.

@tayledras @noiq And yes, I think a lot of that stuff is extremely #bloated because if we need #Virtualization for seperation, there are many other options ranging from #BSD #jails to user privilegues [usually #Apache2 / #httpd runs as daemon/service under it's own user with near-zero privilegues!] and even #VMs can be done with #QEMU / #KVM more elegantly...

Seperating #Compute and #Storage does make sense - but only for medium to big businesses with their own Systems.

1 month ago

There's some development being done to get GhostBSD on arm64. If you want to contribute, test, or just see progress the telegram channel is fairly active.

#FreeBSD #FOSS #BSD #RaspberryPi #Tech #SoftwareDevelopment #Arm64 #GhostBSD

A QR code linking to the Telegram channel for GhostBSD Arm64 development.
1 month ago

Dear #OpenBSD people, is there any noticeable performance improvement I can get in adjusting limits in sysctl.conf please? I’ve read various man pages: sysctl(2, 8), sysctl.conf(5), options(4) and seen people adjusting them in various posts, e.g. and . But I can’t find anything that describes how to calculate them. This comment says they're only needed in very specific cases: and there’s normally no point.

#BSD #OctOpenBSD

The Last Psion | Alex
1 month ago

#RetroComputing tool alert!

#deark is a great little utility for extracting information from old files.

In the #Psion world, it will extract resources (such as pictures) from .APP and .OPA/OPO files, and it will convert three-colour .PIC files to PNG!

It also handles #Acorn sprites, #Amiga icons, #MacPaint, #PalmOS bitmaps, #WMF...

It compiles on Windows, #Linux, macOS and #BSD. And, as of about 5 minutes ago, there's a #HaikuOS recipe in HaikuPorts. 'Cos I made it.

2 months ago

🐡 Running a Kubernetes Cluster with OpenBSD VMM

OpenBSD #Kubernetes #BSD