Sanmark Solutions 💻
1 hour ago

Programmer's coding life🥲🥹

#programming #programmingmemes #bug #sanmarkmemes

Paolo Melchiorre
13 hours ago

I found my first bug in Django 5.0 after the feature freeze 🐛

It's related to GeneratedField and JSONField and maybe you can help to fix it 👇

#django #django5 #bug #generatedfield #jsonfield #json #sql #orm #migrations

Dominik Alexander
14 hours ago

Da muss nur ein Marienkäfer an meiner Wand hocken und schon mache ich einen Text draus.

Über den Tag verteilt hatte ich zwar viel weitere Inspiration. Doch aus all dem wird schon etwas anderes.

So also heute eine Szene mit den süßen Käfern.

#amwriting #bug #poetry
#shorteststory #live #circle

Zwei Marienkäfer sitzen auf einem Blatt.
Bishop 👺
16 hours ago

Con la nuova versione di #Mastodon la voce "Disconnettiti" è finita sotto il livello inferiore del monitor. È irraggiungibile.

16 hours ago

Serious question. Is it a complicated process to get the desktop emoji picker to play nice with dark mode? It seems Mastodon and Bluesky both have this problem

#foss #mastodon #activitypub #bluesky #atproto #bug #darkmode #fediverse #bugreport #opensource #oss

Serious question. Is it a complicated process to get the desktop emoji picker to play nice with dark mode? It seems Mastodon and Bluesky both have this problem
Sergei Trofimovich
16 hours ago

Today's `gcc` bug is a follow-up to exhausted argument count related to `COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS` variable:

#gcc #bug

17 hours ago
18 hours ago
1 day ago

After updating my Apple Watch to watchOS 10, the “Your Schedule” complication does not show the event title anymore when added to the bottom of certain watch faces.

Is this just a bug or did Apple downgrade that feature?

#apple #watch #watchOS #complication #downgrade #feature #bug

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
1 day ago

Ich hab den #iOS #Bug reproduzierbar gemacht mit einem Szenario, das keine persönlichen Daten leakt.

Es geht darum, dass man ab einem Punkt den Kalender nicht mehr schließen oder in eine andere App wechseln kann.

Dieser Strich unten am Bildschrimrand verschwindet.
Auch die Notifications können nicht angezeigt werden.

Das Menü rechts oben geht noch. Damit in eine andere App wechseln bringt den Strich wieder.

Bildschrimaufzeichnung eine iOS Bugs.
Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
2 days ago

Ich habe einen reproduzierbaren #Bug in #iOS 17.0.0 gefunden 😁

Kann ich leider nicht zeigen, weil persönliche Daten geleakt würden.

Aber der ist nicht weiter schlimm.

Durch sperren und entsperren behebt sich das Problem dann wieder.

Mal sehen wie lange es dauert, bis der gefixt wird :)

Drake Blue
2 days ago

Today's crazy bug. Need to be a bit more careful playing with the camera() function, methinks. I was just trying to print some help text.

#pico8 #gamedev #indiedev #bug

Little green space ship flashes from one point to another due to camera origin bug.
Atlas Obscura
2 days ago

Lady Bug Buildings in Përrenjas, Albania

Decorated with a staggering 1,380 ladybugs, the installation has turned what was once a grim, forgotten nickel mine into a landmark and a statement.#mining #abandoned #buildings #murals #bug #section-Atlas
Lady Bug Buildings

Kay Elúvian
2 days ago

#ios17 introduced a new JavaScript bug for anyone using the createMediaElementSource method on AudioContext. I've had to disable visualisations on my website so just to avoid anyone else chasing their tails on why their audio/video JavaScript cleverness has stopped working on new devices:

#javascript #webkit #bug #audio #audiocontext #createmediaelementsource

2 days ago

Tyvärr smög det sig in en bugg via uppgraderingen igår (4.1.8) som gör att översättningen av inlägg i flödet inte fungerar.

Samtidigt har det bekräftats av Mastodon utvecklarna att 4.2.0 släpps imorgon så vi avvaktar detta och förutsätter att buggfixen är med.

#mastodonnu #upgrade #bug

Markus Werle
2 days ago

#Vote for me! If I become #President, I will introduce an #emergency #law that forbids the usage of #JIRA anywhere on the planet. There will also be a high security prison for people who define state transition that replicate existing ones like assigning a #bug.

If you never used JIRA, you probably won’t understand what this is all about. Enjoy your life and start screaming loudly if someone proposes to introduce it in your company.

3 days ago

Sneak peek from the upcoming episode!
#mantis #insect #bug #animation #scifi

René 🏆
3 days ago

Toller Bug in IOS17:
Auf Überwachungskameras kann man nur innerhalb des eigenen WLAN zugreifen. Von außen geht es nicht mehr. LOL.
#bug #apple #ios17

Andrea Quaro
3 days ago

#bug (I like this one)

a screenshot of a bug in the visual PuzzleScript editor, showing a circle of misaligned numbers around an erroneously striped and / or dotted, inner core. Below this, red text reads: Errors detected during compilation: the game may not run correctly
Avoid the Hack! :donor:
4 days ago

Mullvad @mullvadnet : Bug in #macOS 14 Sonoma prevents our app from working

Apparently deeper than just the Mullvad VPN app - #firewall rules don't look to be getting applied.

#vpn #bug #cybersecurity #security

Se qualcun'altro riscontra questo #bug segnalatelo sul #github #aves

Ahd Child
4 days ago

There are plenty of #birding groups in my area. When I go out to photograph birds, I frequently run into other birders who are happy to talk birds and share information. Bird photographers and watchers seem to be a very social, open group.

Where are all the #bug and #macro photographers? I would love if there was the same sort of community. There are no local macro groups. I have never come across another photographer who was looking for bugs. Is macro just not popular enough?


Sergei Trofimovich
5 days ago

Today's but is a simple `CMakeLists.txt` bug in `brotli` build system:

There build system assumed that distributions install libraries, executables and headers into a subdirectory of a prefix.

`nixpkgs` likes to install development output entirely outside install prefix.

`cmake` already provides needed primitives to get absolute path to install libraries, like `${CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_LIBDIR}`. has more details.

#brotil #bug

Will Deakin
5 days ago

I have just found a really subtle bug related to long comma separated text strings which caused the "highspeed" tag in the OSMnx post-processing function to drop the "highspeed" column

It was a little frustrating as the whole purpose of the script was to identify **highspeed rail track** rather than electrification (or anything else for that matter)

Fixed and fortunately the cached Overpass data is still valid

#Bug #BadCoder #HowlingAtTheMoon

5 days ago

Here are some #tips for #testing #web #applications to identify potential XML eXternal Entity injections (#XXE) #vulnerabilities. It is another article in the #AppSec Tales series. The #practical #guide for #Penetration #Testers and #Bug #Bounty #Hunters. I hope you like it and enjoy reading it 💻

Sergei Trofimovich
6 days ago

Did not see `gcc` bugs for almost a month.

Today's `gcc` bug is an infinite recursion in a `gimple_zero_one_valued_p()` predicate:

#gcc #bug

Sergei Trofimovich
6 days ago

Today's bug is a `nix` bug where `nix develop` executes setup hooks in a very different context compared to `nix build`:

That means you can't create temporary files in setup hooks and expect them to survive up to any phase.

#nix #bug

Jan :rust: :ferris:
6 days ago

@github Your new feed is... not great!

#GitHub #Bug #Bugs

The new Github feed is shown.

Actually nothing is shown in the feed except for "There was an error in loading the activity feed. Reload this page."
6 days ago

The #browser version of #mastodon will take arbitrary time to post eventually when a #youtube is displayed in another window. yes #chrome or firefox, this #bug has ALWAYS been there. Minimizing the font size helps show the bug, it is not reproduceable 100% but happened tonight on #bmoviemaniacs #firefox #linux. I've had enough of this shit! I'm writing a nonbrowser client

All kidding aside, that's a weird stat. #beetle #bug

Tweet responding to a stat that 1 in 4 animals on Earth is a beetle. "Think of three friends. If none of them are beetles, you are a beetle."
Joe Glombek
1 week ago

A fun little @elk #bug mixing up recent hashtags in the notifications panel... the blog post isn't about my torso, honest!

A screenshot from the Elk app, reading "Heard about #UmbracoTee but curious what it's like from the inside?"
Sergei Trofimovich
1 week ago

Today's bug is not a correctness but efficiency bug in `nixpkgs`. There `nix` output (runtime) closure contained header-only json library. It should not.

`nix` is not the only package with this property. `pipewire` has unexpected `python` package in it's runtime closure. looks at the cause of it and tests a workaround.

#nixpkgs #bug

James House-Lantto (He/Him)
1 week ago

A flaw in Google Wallet allows an NFC device to expose the actual Credit Card Details of the user. A fix is already being deployed in the September 2023 Security Patch.

#Google #Exploit #Bug #Security #GoogleWallet

1 week ago

The Spotted Orbweaver (Neoscona crucifera) we've named Charlotte who spins her web outside our kitchen window each night. She's a big spider, probably most of an inch across, and she spins a 2 foot wide circular web with supports that stretch over 10 feet each night.

#spider #bug #macrophotography #nature #sonyalpha

A female Spotted Orbweaver (Neoscona crucifera).
1 week ago

Banana Gun’s Token Plummets Over 99% Within Hours Due to Contract Bug – Here’s What Happened - Telegram bot Banana Gun's native token, BANANA is the latest victim of a crypto exploit d... - #blockchainnews #bananagun #rugpull #chatgpt #bug

A Person
1 week ago

Never was a cornflake girl
Hanging with the rasin girls...

I don't know who this guy is, hanging out with the #MonarchButterflies, trying to blend in..

#bug #photography #butterfly #moth.

2 weeks ago

got a hot #bug dropping 2moro i think

Bryan Wright
2 weeks ago

A spiky shield bug nymph on a blackberry leaf. I like its antenna flaps, which remind me of squid tentacles.

#bug #bugs #hemiptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A brown-and orange speckled bug stands on a worn green leaf. We see the bug from the side and above. The bug's long legs are splayed wide. Its body is wide and flat, and has many short spikes, particularly around its head and posterior. It's not mature yet. Its wings aren't fully developed. They are still only short stumps, leaving most of its abdomen exposed. 

From its head extend two long antennae with flaps on their ends, like the long tentacles of a squid. Its eye is a dark orange ball surrounded by speckles and spikes.
Jan :rust: :ferris:
2 weeks ago

Oh great, with their new feed, #GitHub now (unintentionally) hides followers' stars:

I can reproduce this.

#Bug #Bugs

Això és un #bug de la aplicació oficial #Mastodon per a #iOS com una casa de pagès.
La mateixa enquesta vista des del navegador, mostra les dades correctes.
Ja he informat als desenvolupadors.

la app Mastodon per a iOS mostra dades incorrectes de l'enquesta
el navegador mostra correctament les dades de l'enquesta
Jan :rust: :ferris:
2 weeks ago

Oh noes, apparently I haven't considered different delimiters for the left and right #CSV in #CsvDiff.😱

Someone reported a bug in `qsv diff` (which uses csv-diff) with this scenario.

I'll have a look at it tomorrow.

Glad, csv-diff is actively used! ❤️

#Rust #RustLang #OpenSource #Bug #Bugs

Sergei Trofimovich
2 weeks ago

Today's bug is a bug in `i686-linux` bootstrap binaries in `nixpkgs`.

There `gcc` fails to build as:
> preFixupLibGccPhase
> stat: Value too large for defined data type

Guess what is the cause of the build failure. What has changed in the environment recently?


#nixpkgs #bug

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

Confirming that people aren't as charismatic and charming as they thought they were.

Baldur's Gate III game bug made its characters too horny

#BaldursGate3 #Bug #PC #GamingNews

A red-skinned Baldur's Gate 3 character.

furthermore: i generally follow back (unless approval), yet of my ~1200 follows, i only have 146 left i follow, and those would have been the only ones i would have been able to export post #suspension

so is this a #bug? #activitypub #admin #code #mastodon

but, i got a #meme for that:

César Pinto Castillo
3 weeks ago

I posted a few days ago about a resizing bug related to #LiveActivities in #StandBy mode.

Heard from @joehribar that he had ran into similar issues, so I checked with my #Apple friends and it seems this is a bug in #IOS17 😱

I was asked to create a sample project, so let's do it together! I'll do it live, from scratch, at 3 PM CEST. See you there! 👋

#swift #swiftUI #Xcode #ios17 #appIntents #bug #feedback #sthlmTech #standBy

Marco Ivaldi
3 weeks ago

“It's hard to capture the fact that a #bug can be super serious in one type of deployment, somewhat important in another, or no big deal at all -- and that the bug can be all of this at the same time. #Vulnerability remediation is hard.”

3 weeks ago

【 Basic question
"How could you ever trust #Japan govt on #Fukushima issues"❓

#Cesium max 8,000 Bq/kg wastes to be reused.
Incineration w a #bug filter is safe
#Kids/pregnant #women can live ≦ 3.8 μSv/h
#脱原発 #NoNukes

Marco Ivaldi
3 weeks ago

Here's a great collection of historical #bugs in open-source code. It includes the infamous vintage #Sendmail #crackaddr #bug found by mdowd a loong time ago.

Angelika Tyborska
1 month ago

My login screen cow memoji is going through a goth phase I guess

#Apple #Bug

macOS login screen, there is supposed to be a 3d cow face, but it's all back with just eyes visible
Khalid ⚡
1 month ago

When someone congratulates me on “reproducing” a complex problem. #software #development #bug

Look at me. I am the problem now.
1 month ago

Does the #ios #mastodon app devour mobile data like defective galactus devours life force for anyone?

#bug ?

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

I wouldn‘t recommend press space bar on RTF files in Files app on GNOME until this is fixed (have had to restart my session a few times now):

#GNOME #rtf #quickLook #bug

gee Ⓐ⚑
1 month ago

[Nouvel article] Comment j'ai rejoint la communauté du bug 323

Attachez vos ceintures pour l'histoire d'un bug incompréhensible dont l'origine se trouve finalement directement dans une unité de calcul du processeur…

#GameDev #bug #programmation #cpp

NV Access
1 month ago

Hi everyone,
In-Process for the 11th August is out, featuring all the news on NVDA 2023.2 Beta 2, tips on reporting errors in NVDA, some thoughts on reporting accessibility issues on other programs, and NV Access get even more social!  All in: #NVDA #ScreenReader #A11y #bug

Superimposed images of different parts of the GitHub screen in a jumble over the top of each other.
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

A moth? with a curly tongue on a zinnia.

#bloomscrolling #moth #moths #bug #insects

An insect on a pink zinnia flower, it could be a type o fmoth, it has a curly tongue and a fur covered body.
2 months ago

Pink, spiky brains for lunch. Yum.

#nature #photography #flower #bug #silly #drawing #SillyScribbles

A close up photo of a greenbottle fly on top of a thistle flower. The fly is head down, and is a fantastic iridescent green with delicate wings sticking up in the air. Its eyes are deep red, ringed with silver. They are a beautiful armoured beast of a fly. The thistle is pink and wild, and has an alarmed cartoon face drawn on below the petals, with sticks arms raised in horror at the fly that appears to be after its spiky brains.
2 months ago

Hey #blind people of #mastodon if you use a #braille display update your #ios device to the latest software it fixes the annoying panning #bug

Bryan Wright
2 months ago

I think I might have posted this before but, what the heck, I like this picture of a little ambush bug nuzzling a wingstem flower while waiting for an unfortunate bee or butterfly. Just sittin' and thinkin'.

#bug #bugs #hemiptera #insects #arthropods #photography #flowers #FlowersOfMastodon

A toad-like yellow insect crouches atop a yellow flower. We see the insect from the side. Its eye is large, round, chameleon-like. Its body has a rough texture, like coral. We can see one of its forelegs, which is folded into a claw like the forelimbs of a praying mantis. The insect's snout is pressed against some brown stamens emerging from a yellow floret, as though it's investigating them while its chameleon eye stares fixedly at us.
Ed Summers
2 months ago

It's kind of weird to be reading about some of the reasons why people on Bluesky left Mastodon and recognizing them as things I actually like about being here. I guess that's why I am not using my Bluesky account at all...

#bug #feature

2 months ago


I have no idea if this is a bug in Mastodon, or whether it's a deliberate (mis-)feature that I don't understand the reasoning behind. I have reproduced the problem.

My replies to other peoples' posts do not show up when viewing my personal page from a different, not-logged-in session in another browser. They're invisible.

I don't have any privacy options turned on that would appear to affect this.

It explains why I can't find your posts about it.

#bug #Mastodon #MastodonBug