Duchess of Umbrage
33 minutes ago

Thank you for your service, Swarm of Dung Beetles!


Outdoors. Closeup of a pile of horse manure dotted with like 75 black beetles.
Programming Quotes
4 hours ago

Not all eyes that notice bugs in Open Source code belong to saints who will report or repair them in the interest of the public good.

— Martin Fowler

#bugs #open source

17 hours ago

spittlebug!! (i think, i didn't see the actual bug lol)

i didn't know until just now that spittlebugs are actually a type of hopper!

#bugs #insects

a clump of white bubbles gathered around the thin stem of a plant
Esme Elora
18 hours ago

Hello friends!

I'm gonna be out of work in a few days, so if you're interested in reading about lesbian invertebrates and want to support a deaf lesbian this #PrideMonth, please consider supporting me on Patreon! Even a dollar helps.

Ignore tags: #writer #writing #fantasy #romance #lesbian #LesbianRomance #lesfic #anthro #furry #furries #FurryFandom #spider #spiders #arachnid #arachnids #bug #bugs #invertebrate #invertebrates #deaf

An anthropomorphic spider in spiderweb leggings and a corset looking very excited.

I needed a few days away from Social Media including #Mastodon but am back now with an image of this beautiful butterfly.

I’ve never gone out intentionally to photograph #butterflies but I’ve been so happy to see so many about on my walks along the river here in #Aberdeen.

So now I’ve got something else I can try to photo and it’s a fun new challenge.

I hope you enjoy the colours and details on this Small Tortoiseshell despite it being a simple “point-and-shoot” photo with no thought for composition!

#butterfly #bugs #photo #wildlife #nature #naturephotography #wildlifephotography #photography

Small tortoiseshell butterfly
Rob Wald
2 days ago

Does anyone know what these insects are? I found them today on a birch tree leaf in my backyard. They seem to be in a defensive position, facing out. #Insects #Bugs #Entomology #Trees

2 days ago
a small monarch caterpillar hangs to the bottom side of a milkweed leaf. next to it is a hole in the leaf where it has just been chompin
Alexander H. Knudson Ph.D.
2 days ago

Happy #TingidTuesday everyone! Sorry for the long lapse in posts! Here is Ambycysta championi (Drake). This species is the type of Ambycysta that was first described from #Brazil and has yet to be reported elsewhere. This specimen from
TAMU Entomology.
#Bugs #Tingidae

2 days ago

Majestically building a web one day, food for the ants the next. Natures plan for this #spider was cruel.

Caught on my evening walk on consecutive days.
#photograhy #bugs

Mauve 👁💜
4 days ago

One of my new orange isopods! #bugs

Moss and twigs with a small segmented isopos in the middle with three pairs of legs visible as it burrows deeper into the moss
Dave Dawkins
4 days ago

Your characters kill the monster. But it was actually stopping something worse.

#WritingPrompt #RPGhook #writing #ttrpg #music #HeavyMetal #bugs

An isopod scratches in the dirt.

It uncovers an arm, which twitches to life amidst muffled cries of inarticulate effort.

A guitarist in black leather with long hair emerges, other people in black leather begin to free themselves. The guitarist says, "*GASP* Thank you A. Vulgare! Being trapped underground for weeks was putting mad strain on the band."

A. Vulgare replies, "No problem. Isopods are great at removing heavy metal from soil."
Custard! 🍮
4 days ago

Alguna vez cometí el error de cambiar #Misskey por #Furrokey (digo, Calckey)


Lo bueno que en aquel tiempo todavía no se bifurcaba demasiado, y las bases de datos eran compatibles entre sí

Eran puros #bugs y #glitches, los cuales iban siendo corregidos en Misskey

Y así

Quién sabe cómo está ahorita, y ya no tengo interés alguno de corroborarlo

Si Misskey fuese compatible con dos software de relé que uso, quizá, quizá una vez más...

Jamás pensé decir esto pero, qué a gusto se da con #Mastodon, bueno, su fork... Sólo así me convencí de quedarme

Whoa. Just came a across a weird bug in @tooot where when I am editing a post and it seems to randomly remove a whole bunch of already typed sentence after adding punctuation, like a colon or comma. Oh it just did it with this post. Maybe it is something going on with the iPhone keyboard? #bugs #typingIsHard

4 days ago

Hairy shieldbug aka sloe bug (Dolycoris baccarum).

#SilentSunday #30DaysWild #nature #shieldbug #stinkbug #arthropods #bugs

A photo of a shield-shaped bug, with distinctive markings, eating my hollyhock plant! Which is why I grow plants.

Good morning, Ms Cicada!


Close up photo of cicada sitting in a tree (sadly, not k-i-s-s-i-n-g)
5 days ago

Nvidia released its GeForce driver for Windows this past week and according to many user reports, the driver is bugged causing display flickering. The company has now released a hotfix for it. #Nvidia #Bugs #Windows #GSYNC

6 days ago

I love that it’s OK for CBC to show an explicit picture of bugs fornicating on their front page.

#porn #bugs

A photo of two bugs caught in the act, with one clearly penetrating the other.
Birds Books and Bullshit
6 days ago

A neat little moth of some kind.

#Moth #Insects #Bugs #Nature

A black and grey mouth camouflaged to look like lichen on tree bark sits on a wall painted aqua marine. The moth is about average sized for a moth, perhaps a bit small.

I make frequent use of DuckDuckGo's "lite" page both to search from the command-line directly ("ddg" being the shell function I've defined), and from within the w3m browser (a full-screen terminal browser that's ... actually pretty damned cool).

I'd just set the user-agent for w3m to deal with another site's bot defences (<coff>HN<coff>), and ... discovered that that same setting triggered DDG's same, generating "403 Forbidden" responses.

DDG not only responded to my email on this in just over half an hour but fixed the problem.

And I've got outstanding bugs filed to Google well into their 2nd decade.

#DuckDuckGo #Bugs #Bugfixes #w3m

Tim Mackey 🦥
1 week ago

Just cooked edible insects for the first time. I didn’t really expect that they would be from a wasp nest on my patio! Here’s my reaction trying them 😄 (sorry for the loud nose breathing, I should have taken my allergy medicine first!) #insects #bugs #cooking #experiment #adventure

1 week ago

UGH GNAT SWARM IN THE KITCHEN. I hate gnats! #WelcomeToSummer #bugs

Jürgen VL
1 week ago

'Phigalia Pilosaria | Pale Brindled Beauty moth', Mont-de-l'Enclus | Olympus OM1 & Olympus 30mm f3.5 | f5.6 | 1/125s | ISO200 #springtime #bugs #moth #olympusinspired #OMSystem #m43 #microfourthirds

Photo of a Phigalia pilosaria or Pale Brindled Beauty moth.
Birds Books and Bullshit
1 week ago

A butterfly I recognize but can't identify because I don't know anything about bugs. Neat little guy. Courtesy of my aunt.

#Bugs #Entomology #Nature #Wildlife

An orange, black, and white butterfly sitting on a big leaf near the ground. You could describe its wings as primarily black, with a large orange stripe near the body and a thinner white stripe one third of the way to the wingtips.
1 week ago

Seele can battle everything.
Even ships.

#HonkaiStarRail #Bug #Bugs #Glitch #Glitches

Screenshot of the game Honkai Star Rail.

Seele in front of the a ship which is halfway glitched through the ground during a battle against enemies.

The ship is also blocking the view and makes some enemies invisible because they're behind the ship.


It's not as if @fuchsiii and others didn't extensively documented these issues for you already...


Dave Rogers
1 week ago
A Person
1 week ago
moth or butterfly hanging off a leaf

an aside, does anyone know where I can get like a little sucker thingy to catch #bugs? I just saw a scared spidey but I don't have an easy safe way to catch it to put the little being in a safer spot in the house

#insects #spider

Flipboard Science Desk
1 week ago

In defense of flies. Yes, really.

A Vox reporter writes: "From 'fluffy flying narwhals' to maggots that snorkel in trash, welcome to the wonderfully bizarre world of flies."

#Bugs #Insects #Entomology #Science

Nonbinary-Naturalist (it/its)
1 week ago

Some baby large milkweed bugs I took pictures of on September 16th 2020, in Pennsylvania! I was just going through my tumblr blog and looking for more old pictures I haven't put on iNaturalist yet :)

They came to the common milkweed in our yard there for the two(?) years since I noticed it and let it grow. I always loved watching them, I called them my babies :)

(Edit: BTW all my photos are public domain unless I specify otherwise, you are encouraged to save / share this wherever you want :) )

#bugs #insects #bugphotos #insectphotos #babybugs #largemilkweedbugs #milkweed #commonmilkweed #asclepiassyriaca #NonbinaryNaturalisttakespictures #wildlife #photography #Oncopeltusfasciatus #Oncopeltus

A photograph of a cluster of large milkweed bugs gathered on a common milkweed pod. The milkweed bugs are in various stages of growth, with some very small and other almost adult size. All are bright red and orange in color, with black heads, antenne and legs. Those closer to being adults also have small, still-forming black wings on their backs. The milkweed pod is light green and covered with soft spikes. The leaves are dark green, and there is a chainlink fence visible in the background.
Birds Books and Bullshit
1 week ago

Butterflies. A video by my cousin.

More here:

#Butterflies #Nature #Bugs #Insects

A video composing of many handheld shots of butterflies around a farm in Colombia. They are mostly visiting bushes and whatnot.
Gemma Sarracenia
1 week ago

Ten bucks says I'm back in the yard looking for more before the sun goes down. There were too many to count, maybe about a day or two old.
#gardening #mantis #insect #bugs

Mantis on yarrow looking spiffy.
Mantis on Yarrow looking fine.
Mantis on sunflower is nifty.
Mantis on bee balm is divine.
kernpanik 🐾
1 week ago

Broad-shouldered leaf beetle (Chrysomela populi), spotted near #Dresden, Germany.

#photography #nature #insects #bugs #beetles
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A red beetle on a leaf.
1 week ago

new friend just dropped! (literally dropped onto me from a tree)

#bugs #insects

an inchworm peaking up over the edge of my finger
an inchworm looking up from my finger
an inchworm hanging from my finger
Fancy Sandwiches
1 week ago

Any dragonfly lovers out here in the Fediverse? I got this photo yesterday during my visit to the Duck River. If you know the species and/or a fun fact drop a comment! #dragonfly #photography #NaturePhotography #bugs #insects

A dragonfly sitting on a vertical log covered with lichen. The dragonfly is mostly light brown, with white and dark brown highlights down the sides of its rear. The wings on the left are against the branch, the wings on the right are against the green foliage behind branch, you can see the small black veins in the wings, with some dark brown, almost black, patches on the tips, middle, and near the abdomen.
Gia Scott
1 week ago

It's not even June yet and I'm already wearing my perfume of choice for Mississippi summers.

Repel (Sportsman's Strength)

It keeps everything but yellow flies at bay when I remember to apply it. My current itchy status from bites is doing a lot for remembering to do so too!

#Mississippi #Bugs #Summer

Jürgen VL
2 weeks ago

'Western conifer seed bug', Mont-de-l'Enclus | Olympus OM1 & Olympus 30mm f3.5 | f5.6 | 1/250s | ISO200 #springtime #bugs #olympusinspired #OMSystem #m43 #microfourthirds

Photo of a Western conifer seed bug.
beef :lesbian:
2 weeks ago

fav this if you like #videogames, #music, #cats, #bugs, being #gay and doing #crime etc. I need to follow more people!

2 weeks ago

big friend and little friend

#isopods #bugs

two isopods next to each other on some dirt and leaves. the one on the left is very small and light colored, the one on the right is quite large and dark colored. they are friends
2 weeks ago

beetle in the barrow

#bugs #beetle #friend

a small beetle with protruding antennae that are rounded at the tips stands on top of a small hill of dirt. the background is the flat red side of a wheelbarrow
2 weeks ago

anyone know who this little guy could be? my dad was moving some dirt and i was watching all the isopods runnin around when i saw this wiggly friend. i think that small tapered bit is the front?? they were trying to burrow with it at least lol. i'd say they were about 1.5cm long and basically the same on both flat sides, they flipped over at one point. nothing in my insect book looked similar to me lol

#bugs #worms #soil

a small segmented wormlike bug thing with a very pointed end and little hairlike bits on each segment. they are wriggling on top of the dirt
same little segmented wiggler from a slightly different angle and zoomed out a bit
2 weeks ago


So @Easydor commented on my original #RiverDance anim with a theory that the dance was inspired by flies sitting at the river cleaning their legs.

And I could *SEE* it.

And now you can too.


Original post:

#silly #river #video #loop #dance #animation #bugs

A video loop of a rocky river. On the rocks stand 6 flies with long forelegs doing River Dance style moves. It's an alternate version of an earlier gif, with cartoon human bodies replaced by fly bodies. I sometimes question my life choices you know.
Bryan Wright
2 weeks ago

I wondered what this very flat bug was. iNaturalist informs me that it's a kind of "flat bug". I shoulda known.

#bug #bugs #hemiptera #insects #arthropods #nature #photography

A black bug perches at the tip of a green leaf. We see it from the side. The bug has a grainy texture like rusty iron. Its body is very flat top-to-bottom. The background is soft waves of blurry green.
The same bug as in the preceding picture, but now we see it from behind and above. Its body is shaped somewhat like an ash seed.
Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
2 weeks ago
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

I wonder if the HP devs went to the same school as The Division 2 devs.

HP breaks its own printers (again) with firmware update

#HP #Printers #FirmwareUpdate #Bugs #TechNews

An HP All-in-one printer
3 weeks ago

Spotted this little cutie on the trail - type of glow worm - zarhipis #mastobugs #bugs #creepycrawlies

Small bug on a stem of grass
3 weeks ago

This pretty little #fly visited our balcony today. Any ideas what kind of fly it is? #insects #bugs #invertabrate

Pretty fly photo
Bryan Wright
3 weeks ago

A red bug, perched on a green asparagus blossom.

#plants #bugs #hemiptera #insects #arthropods #nature #photography #green #red

Green stems, from which hang unopened green blossoms, zigzag across an expanse of blurry green. One blossom hangs in the foreground. Atop it is a bright red bug, facing downward. We see him from the side. His long, pointy mouthparts are tucked underneath his body.  His eyes are dark red balls.  His legs and antennae are black. He stands in this sea of green.... Contemplating his next meal? Thinking of the last? Or just letting the green wash around him, as he stands there, staunchly red.
3 weeks ago

little bug on a brick

#insects #bugs #possibly #earwig ?

a small translucent insect looks out over the edge of a brick. they have a sausagey body and two little bits sticking up off their butt. they're a good bug
Marco Hernandez
4 weeks ago

Take a break and have some fun, after all, it's weekend: week 20 #bugs #bugoftheweek

An illustration of a wasp delivering a pizza

I was sifting some compost from my pile and found these two huge buggers. I didn't do any measurements, but I'd say 4 to 6 times larger than other grubs I've found around the yard; the sifter grate grid is 13mm.

An identification would be fun.

#Bugs #Gardening #Insects #bugstodon

A large grub with white, semi-transparent body and orange head lying on top some compost in a sifting grate.
A sibling of the other grub, but nearer the sifting grate for size comparison. The grid of the grate is spaced at 13mm.
Christian Alder 🌱
1 month ago

So it seems a mild swarm of soldier beetles has descended on this house. Turns out they're pretty chill and just go around pollinating stuff.

But for a few moments before I was able to ID them (Thanks to the Picture Insect app on #iOS) it's fair to say I was freaking the hell out.

Living in the countryside got me out here taking photos of all kinds of bugs - this is way better than Pokémon! I’m up to 36 collected ☺️

[hidden image in case of bug fears]

#Insects #Beetle #Bugs #Portugal

A red soldier beetle on the white exterior wall of a house.
1 month ago

I am really losing my battle!

Can't get rid of the #aphids. Killing a bunch one day, they pop up in another plant. It is a never ending battle and running low on #NeemOil.

Don't think I can buy more Neem oil and may end up using cooking oil instead.

Either that or give up the plants attractingcthe bugs. Hard choice.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants #Bugs

1 month ago

I cannot stop repeating to myself that I LOVE #GNOME, and I LOVE #LINUX EVEN MORE ❤️

I am happily overlooking incompatibilities and #bugs, I care very little about any trade-off.

#FreeSoftware is awesome, no matter how itchy it becomes.

Screw #BigTech, go to hell digital #monopolies. Not only I am #free from #computer oppression, but I actually immensely enjoy the #software I am using.

#Fedora #Debian #UsersPower

Marco Hernandez
1 month ago

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Greater Water Boatmen (Notonecta glauca) swims on its back, underwater. Because of that, they evolved to breathe through their bottom! #bugs #bugoftheweek

An illustration of a Greater Water Boatmen (Notonecta Glauca) also known in the US as Backswimmer
Lisa 🦔
1 month ago

I was left unsupervised at the fabric store.
Happy #InverteFest! #Sewcialist #Bugs

Lightweight knit fabric with a print of insects in wavy lines. Each line of insects is a different colour.
Marco Hernandez
1 month ago

Dragonflies are cool, some 300 million years ago, high oxygen levels allowed them to grow their wingspan up to ~60cm. They belong to the Odonata order, which means “toothed one” in Greek... yup, it seems that dragonflies have serrated teeth for chewing mosquitoes #bugoftheweek #bugs

An illustration of a dragonfly.

Finally taking off into a nice #Weekend. 🪲🐞🤣

#BeetleFriday #Insects #Beetle #Bugs

A beetle taking off of a leaf.
Lisa S Baker
2 months ago
a painting of a slug riding on a vw bug.
2 months ago

I just clicked "Send" to send out my third Syntax Error newsletter to 162 email subscribers.

In this month's newsletter I talk about rubber ducks, #rustlang and share a debugging story all the way from the 1980s.

If you're a #softwaredeveloper who wants to become better at #debugging and solving problems, check out the newsletter and subscribe if you haven't yet!

#webdev #webdevelopment #software #bug #bugs #computers

2 months ago

i saw the bunblebee today

#bee #bumblebee #insects #bugs

a large yellow and black bumblebee perched on the petals of a bright purple flower
2 months ago


@nev do you think that's a mite by the back foot of the second one on the right there?

#isopods #bugs #TheBugsAreBackInTown #PillBug #isohedron

an isopod facing the viewer on a dirty orange brick. next to it is another isopod facing awy with a small shiny blob next to its foot, possibly a mite!
2 months ago

anyone know what's going on here or what these are?

#bugs #insects #ants

a large orange ant like insect with large wings surrounded by smaller black ant like insects with wings
2 months ago

i just saw such a cute moth!! anyone know what kind? i’m thinking genus anisota but could be wrong. i’m in savannah, georgia #moths #insects #bugs #NameThatMoth #MothMystery #MothMadness

a fuzzy brown moth with a white dot on either wing. there is another smaller fuzzy brown moth down to the left of the larger moth
Entomological Soc. of America
2 months ago

Arthropod Photo of the Week: April 5, 2023
Green jewel bugs mating
Chrysocoris stollii
Hemiptera: Scutelleridae
By Shashidharswamy Hiremath
Karnataka, India
#entomology #insects #bugs

two short, round, iridescent bugs connect with their hind ends, facing away from each other, as they perch on a green stem with flower buds, in front of a blurry green background. the bugs are bright green on top with black spots. their undersides are bright orange with black spots. their legs are orange in the upper sections and dark green fading to black in the lower sections.
Austin Richards
2 months ago

Very tiny Caterpillar I found on a small bush! Took this with a macro lens. One of my favorite macro photos I've taken.

Canon EOS r5
EF 100mm macro (non-L)

ISO 1000

#macrophotography #photography #photos #bugs #wildlifephotography #canon #canonr5 #mirrorless #cupofteasocial

A very tiny green and orange caterpillar eating part of a plant
David Runge
2 months ago

When you just want to test something in a #libvirt #vagrant image and get side-quested all the way down to how `arch-chroot` doesn't clean up its #chroot mounts properly (again), because you have to build a custom image (due to a few other #bugs).



Duchess of Umbrage
2 months ago

I thought you guys should might appreciate how objectively weird this cuddly lil random backyard weevil is. Note the antennae protruding from the middle of its GIANT PROBOSCIS. #bugs

Macro shot of a tiny, rotund tan bug with huge black eyes,and a really long shiny black “beak”. The bug is basically a round, cuddly, furry little guy with a sword sticking out of its head. Background is blurred and black.
Christian Alder 🌱
3 months ago

One thing I love about the countryside is the wide range of fauna. Today I spent a lot of time gardening, and made some insect friends along the way.

Today I saw an Egyptian Locust, a Drone Fly (which I thought was a bee) and some kind of Ground Beetle - if anyone’s knows specifically I’d love to learn what, Carabus Coriaceus?

#Insect #Bugs #Locust #Grasshopper #WildlifePhotography #Insects

An Egyptian Locust which is a species of short-horned grasshopper. It’s resting on a bright green palm leaf it’s eating it’s way through.
A close up photo of the Egyptian Locusts, showing more detail of its eyes and face.
A fluffy Drone Fly that looks a bit like a bee, resting on top of a purple flower gathering pollen. Pollen is sticking to its body.
A type of Ground Beetle on the concrete floor, it’s a close up photo showing the intricate pattern on its back. The beetle is a dark grey / black and has a round body
3 months ago

@larena here are the most metallic friends i could find!

#birds #bugs #insects #beetles #metallic

a mourning dove standing on my car. the patch of feathers on its puffed out neck are a metallic rainbow
a ruby throated hummingbird looking directly up. it is facing away from the viewer and the feathers on its back are a deep iridescent green
a very shiny beetle on a leaf. not sure what kind it is but it is a rainbow of metallic colors
another small shiny beetle. again not sure on exactly what it is but it is oval shaped and a deep shiny metallic black
Jane Adams
3 months ago

Thank you @alexwild for an incredible tour today of the UT Austin Entomology department! We got to see a whole room chock full of cave invertebrates, some incredible biomimicry specimens, a real ant parasitized by fungus 🤯, and the world's largest species of insect. If you're in #austin please consider trading volunteer hours for one of these epic shirts 😅 #entomology #texas #bugs #insects #beetles #butterflies #nature

Example of mimicry in butterflies: the top two butterflies seem identical, and the bottom two seem identical, but actually the very top and very bottom species are the same, and the two middle butterflies are the same species.
A bullet and killed by ophiocordyceps, with a tiny mushroom fruiting body emerging from it's head
Alex holds up a "Texas longhorns" shirt with a longhorn beetle instead of a cows head as the logo. Butterfly specimens in the foreground
A specimen box of beetles including one that is almost the size of a human hand