The Bee Guy
15 hours ago

So early I met myself on the way out of yesterday’s fact.😱

Expecting to lose broadband to the rain. 🙄

Never been this early for anything before. It feels strange - does this mean I’m now officially #climate changed?😔

Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.


Research which socially isolated #bumblebees during a key developmental phase found that when reintroduced to the ‘crowd’ the isolated #bees showed an increase in friendly behaviour. The opposite of what researchers predicted!

Two bumblebees shot up close busy foraging on a sunflower.
The Bee Guy
1 day ago

Only in full speed.
In slo-mo we’re actually early.
Don’t think about it - just go with it.😊🙄

Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.

#270 cont’d.

This use of antennae by bumblebees to ‘communicate’ with other bees in the colony by touching their antennae to the antennae of another bee is referred to as antennation.
It’s kinda like a bee handshake.🐝🤝🐝

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#organic #disruptive

Ginger haired common carder bumblebee forages on a white cosmos flower. Flies away towards the end of the clip. Slow motion.
The Bee Guy
2 days ago

Bonus fact today!

If you don’t think you can handle 2 bee facts in the same day please don’t take any risks - maybe don’t inhale this one 😎 - or make sure you have a loved one informed of your intention to attempt two facts.🙄

Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.


#Bumblebees use their antennae for social interaction within the colony.
Touching antennae with other bees transfers chemical information which allows them to familiarise themselves with the other #bees in the colony.

Ginger haired common carder bumblebee forages on pink cosmos flower before flying away.
The Bee Guy
2 days ago

It’s back!
Sorry we’ve been so light on here for a while. Only so many hours in the day and so much to do!

Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.


Inside the narrow waist (petiole) of #bumblebees cooler blood pumped from the abdomen is heated up as it passes warm blood returning from the head and thorax.
This process is known as ‘counter current heat exchange’.

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Bumblebee up close foraging on pink cosmos flower before flying away.
2 weeks ago

Some more snaps with the #Pentax K 135/f2.5. My goal yesterday was to get some late season blooms on a rainy, heavy overcast morning, hoping for some gloominess and nice color saturation...ended up finding some critters along the way.
#NaturePhotography #Spiders #Bumblebees #Thistle #Photography

Photograph of a Yellow Garden Spider, who has set up their web in a late season purple thistle plant. Their body black and yellow, and legs black and orange, they sit in the middle of their web, above a bold zigzag of silk. The light is dark and muted from the overcast sky, and the colors dark and saturated from the rain.
Photograph of a purple thistle bloom, with a bumblebee on top, and a Snowberry Clearwing hanging onto the side. The light is dark and muted from the overcast sky, and the colors dark and saturated from the rain.
Tim O'Connell
2 weeks ago

Three #bumblebees on my #native #TallThistle. #oklahoma #nature #biodiversity #pollinators

Kill your lawn –– or at least little patches of it –– and you too can provide a haven for native wildlife!

Black and yellow bumblebee on a fluffy pink inflorescence against a bright green background.
Takako 🐀
2 weeks ago

Synchronized bees 🌿💜🐝🌿💜🐝✨

#bumblebees #bumblebee #BugsAreCool 💚

Two spears of purple hyssop flowers, each has a bumblebee working, and two bees almost perfectly synchronized in their movement, eating and flying away.

They looked so lovely in my flowerbed.
Tony Cava
3 weeks ago

#SomethingBeautiful Bellingham Spring Archive- What, what? Bumble bee butt in the the dahlia! September 3 2023. #LateSummer #BumbleBees #Bees #BeesAreFantastic #Dahlias #BellinghamWA #ThePhotoHour

Bumblebee Conservation Trust
3 weeks ago

Going #PesticideFree in your garden is one of the best ways you can help #bumblebees 🐝💚

Download our NEW guide to discover simple ways you can swap sprays for gardening organically, in balance with nature 👉🏽

#PollinatorsNotPesticides #BeeTheChange

Square asset with one page of guide, Bee the Change icon, illustrated bees and flowers and 'Go pesticide free in your garden' in blue text
3 weeks ago

Sonoran bumblebee (Bombus sonorus) visiting a salvia in the pollinator garden.

#nature #wildlife #bees #bumblebees #inaturalist #naturephotography #pollinator #pollinatorgarden

Andrea Borden, Photographer
4 weeks ago

This is the same bee I posted last night, sleeping under a zinnia. Still there in the morning before the sun hit this side of the flower patch.

#BloomScrolling #pollinatorgarden #bumblebees #zinnia #flowers #florespondence #FlowerFriday

A shallow focus image of a pink zinnia in profile bending into the sun. The background is a blur of muted yellows and green. On the underside of the zinnia a bumble bee rests, backlit with a soft blur of yellow in the background.
Andrea Borden, Photographer
1 month ago

A couple of bumblebees tucking in for the night.

#BloomScrolling #bumblebees #flowers #florespondence #zinnias

A shallow focus image of a bumblebee resting on a pink zinnia stem in profile. The background is a blur of green foliage and occasional dapples of color.
A shallow focus image of a bumblebee resting on the underside of a red zinnia stem in profile. The background is a blur of green foliage and occasional red dapples of color.
Lett Osprey
1 month ago

It's not the prettiest flower. It looks kinda weedy when it grows, but gosh, the #bumblebees love them. We got quite the variation of seeds to make them happy, but there is just a cloud of bees on these flowers, and the rest is now mostly ignored.

If I don't spend a lot of time each spring removing lupines, these flowers will soon be gone. Invasive plants are a pain :/

#beefriendly #garden

Bumblebee on flower
1 month ago

Wild pollinators contribute an estimated $1.5 billion to the US economy each year. Honeybees are generalists with a large range and easy to keep at scale. They are not always very efficient at pollinating though - a gap filled by wild species if they can find living spaces nearby.

#Pollinators #Bees #Bumblebees #Biodiversity

Forest Fern
1 month ago

Mr. Bumbles just waking up.
#bumblebees #thistle

Bumblebee lazily snacking on the yummy parts of a lavender thistle.
1 month ago

Zum #InsektenSamstag heute ein paar Hummeln. In Nordamerika gibt es "nur" 46 Arten, aber als Neuling finde ich sie oft nicht leicht zu bestimmen: Die Zeichnung variiert nicht nur für Königinnen, Männchen und Arbeiterinnen, sondern auch häufig nach Standort. Dazu kommt, dass verschiedene Arten regional ihre Muster gegenseitig nachahmen - wahrscheinlich, weil die Abschreckung von Fraßfeinden so verstärkt wird.

#Insects #Invertebrates #Pollinators #Bumblebees

Bombus huntii auf einen Fuchsschwanz-Gras: eine relativ kleine Hummel mit silbrigen Pelz und zwei orange-roten Hinterleibssegmenten.
Hummel auf einer Distelblüte - auch eine relativ kleine Hummel, ebenfalls mit orangebrauner Zeichnung am Himterleib. Hier bin in mir nicht sicher, um welche Art es sich handelt.
Bombus morrisoni - eine große Hummel mit hauptsächlich warm goldgelbem Pelz und dunklen Flügeln. Sie ist von hinten zu sehen und fliegt gerade eine Mentzelia-Blüte an.
Hampshire Karin
1 month ago

I think I have tree bumblebees in my garden.

#bumblebees #treebumblebee @bumblebeeconservationtrust

Bee on yellow nasturtium flower with dark orange centre
Bee in flight above nasturtium leaves. It has a fluffy, ginger thorax, black abdomen with black and white striped tail.
Albert Cardona
1 month ago


Just a bumblebee where I wouldn’t normally expect to see any this time if the year, up in the hills of an island in #Dalmatia. It’s been raining far more than usual and the fields are green and in blossom, instead of the usual dry.

#iNaturalist #bumblebees #Hymenoptera #entomology #insects #bees

I'm downright phobic about #hornets, though I've done some homespun CBT over the last half century to get it under control with respect to #bees, yellow jackets, #bumblebees etc.

So why is it as it gets cooler, there are always hornets close to the house (or flying through as I air out in the morning)? I let them be but they do provoke MY flight response. Are these females looking for a new nesting place to overwinter & start a new colony or some such?

Stephen Bannasch
1 month ago

Lots of folks are reporting fewer #pollinators but so far there have been plenty here — including my favorite, #BumbleBees. Here’s one (in slow-motion) enjoying the basil flowers in the Saffron bed! I love the way the bumblebee hugs the flower with it's front legs and then just sticks its head in for a while. #gardening

a bumblebee in slow motion collecting nectar from a column of small white basil flowers; the background is full of green basil leaves
Tom Shaw
1 month ago

Bombus exitrightus after leaving the zinnia.

#bloomscrolling #bees #bumblebee #bumblebees

A bumble bee in flight after leaving a zinnia flower. The zinnia is pink with missing and withered petals nearest the photographer. The bumble bee is small and has yellow hair and black features. It's left wing is extended forward showing it's webbed structure. There are orange, pink, yellow, red flowers along with green foliage in the background.
2 months ago
black bumblebee with orange bottom visiting cyclamen coloured knapweed flower
2 months ago

So many bumbles in the oregano this morning! Two different species. Don't know if deciding to not mow the pasture this spring made a difference, but seeing more bumble bees this year.

A black and yellow bumble bee gathers pollen from the white flower of an oregano plant.
Gregory B Sadler
2 months ago

Here's a short from one of my hikes this summer out in Lapham Peak state park, one of my favorite places to go, featuring the humble bumbles at work!
#Short #Video #Bumblebees #LaphamPeak #Wisconsin #Hiking #Nature #Meadow #Flowers

Inger Hogstrom
2 months ago

Bumblebee sleeping in my dahlia flower. #bloomscrolling #dahlia #bumblebees

A bee butt and two legs sticking out from between petals of a dahlia flower
Bumblebee Conservation Trust
2 months ago

4 companion plants for #bumblebees 🐝 #NationalAllotmentsWeek 👩‍🌾

Grow these alongside fruit & veg crops to attract #bees, who will help pollinate your food! 🍅😋

🌱Pot marigold
🌱 Nasturtiums
🌱 Chives
🌱 Borage

Find out more in our #GrowYourOwn guide👉

Large stand of pot marigold (calendula) growing on an allotment
Close-up of orange nasturtium flowers
Bumblebee feeding on purple chive flowers
Bumblebee feeding on blue borage flower
neville park
2 months ago

I am sad and angry over trees next door being cut down so I had a croissant and took a LOT of bug pics and now I'm going to take a sad nap :blobsad:

- baby zebra jumping spider (_Salticus scenicus_)
- long-legged fly (_Condylostylus_?, family Dolichopodidae) on hostas
- bumblebee (_Bombus_?) on coneflower
- pseudoscorpion (Cthoniidae? Neobisiidae?) :pseudoscorpion:

#ArthroBeauty #DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #pseudoscorpions #flies #bees #bumblebees #macro#Arachnida #Araneae #Salticidae #Pseudoscorpiones #Hymenoptera #Apidae #Diptera #Dolichopodidae

A teeny tiny zebra jumping spider on a flat stone slab. It's like 50% eyes.
An iridescent metallic green long-legged fly with glints of orange. Its clear wings also have dark markings on them.
A fuzzy bumblebee sticking its face into a coneflower.
A tiny pseudoscorpion, shiny and golden-yellow with translucent red-brown legs and claws, on a pebbly surface. Two faint glints on the sides of its head might be rudimentary eyes. (A creature of the undergrowth, it has little use for them.)
Imagery by Rihilism
2 months ago

When I photographed this bumblebee on a garlic chive flower I did not notice the other occupant 🔍.

#bumblebee #bumblebees #bee #bees #pollinators #FlowerPhotography #insects #InsectPhotography #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Closeup image of a bumblebee on a garlic chive bloom and a partially obscured spider hiding on the stem at the base of the flowers. This species of bumblebee has a straw yellow and black striped abdomen, a dark thorax and head covered in fine straw yellow hairs, large dark eyes, six legs, brown transparent wings, and two antennae. It's hard to determine the species of spider but it's orange-yellow in color with black markings on its legs. Garlic chive have small, purple, tulip-shaped blooms with stamens and pistils that extend beyond the tips of the petals. Garlic chive flowers are arranged in a ball shape with the flowers extending from green stems that are attached to a central core as is typical for members of the Allium genus.
Marie Kung
2 months ago

I was untangling some tomato vines, but the #bumblebees had no patience for my delicacy. They kept working the flowers and I felt their vibrations all down the vines and through my gloves. Kind of a freaky sensation. #gardening #pollinators

Tom Shaw
2 months ago

This might be a half-black bumblebee, Bombus vagans. It's wings were very beat up but it could still fly.

#bumblebee #bumblebees #bees #nativebees #pollinators #pnw

A photo of a bumblebee on a pink zinnia flower. It has pollen stuck to it and it's wings are very worn and ragged. A plastic woven planter in the background.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

Spent a lovely few hours here on the bee sanctuary recently in the company of the gentleman that is Keith Duggan.
The results of our chat are in the Irish Times Magazine today.
Huge genuine thanks to Keith and Ciara Kenny at @irishtimes for telling our story. And of course my partner in crime @thebeegirl for the images.
For #bees.
#beesanctuary #vegan #organic
#nature #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland #naturereserve
#naturebasedsolutions #climate

Magazine article.
Magazine article.
Janne Fantastic
2 months ago

I am currently storyboarding two feature films so I can't watch as much film as I usually do. Mostly I just listen to them with commentary tracks while I draw.

But here's this week's #LetterboxdFriday and #lastfourwatched!

#PeeWeesBigHoliday #PeeWee #PaulReubens #SavageStreets #LindaBlair #DayoftheDead #Romero #Hornet #Bumblebees #Letterboxd #Cinemastedon #FilmMastodon

My Recent Activity at Letterboxd:
Pee-Wee's Big Holiday
Savage Streets
Day of the Dead
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

It had a good coating of pollen. Hunt's bumblebee, Bombus huntii.

#sunflower #bumblebees #bees #bumblebee #insect

Taken today at 13:54

A bumblebee, Bombus huntii, with some pollen on it's head as it feeds on a sunflower.
kernpanik 🐾
2 months ago

Some kind of wild bee or bumblebee, (perhaps a tree bumblebee / Bombus hypnorum).

#photography #nature #wildlife #insects #bees #bumblebees #Fujifilm #FujifilmXT2 #Zeisslens #Touit32mm
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A bumblebee, collecting nectar from a spiky flower.
2 months ago

This is a great thread all about the life of male #bumblebees 🌸🐝

Well worth the read…

From: @thebeeguy

The Bee Guy
2 months ago

Hope this provides a little bit of insight and creates a little more #empathy towards these wonderful creatures.

Thanks for reading.

Please share to spread further the knowledge.

And please do still dream of sleeping in #flowers.

Have a great one!

#bees #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland
#vegan #organic #nature

Pollen covered bumblebee sits on a pink Musk Mallow flower petal.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…(although fed better as larvae & then not tasked with contributing to the nest as adults) live a lonely homeless life constantly seeking a mate which most never find. And the final kicker - they never produce sons and never get to meet the daughters they do help produce.
#bees #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland

Male bumblebee with yellow haired face lethargically faces camera propped on a leaf.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

All females develop a stinger but the equivalent part of the body in males develops into the genital capsule.
When males raise that middle leg to warn you to back off it’s just a bluff with no sting to back it up.
So when it comes to #bumblebees the males…
#bees #beesanctuaryireland

Two bumblebees on the underside of a thistle flower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…of the tibia that is. (Stop it!). Males with longer fore and hind legs are more successful at mating.

So those lethargic #bumblebees that you find early morning on flowers at this time of year - especially #thistles as males have a sweet tooth and thistle nectar is…

Ginger common carder bumblebee forages upside down on purple thistle wildflower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…than 10%) actually get to mate. The good news is that unlike male honey bee drones who only mate once, male bumblebees can and do mate more than once and don’t die in or because of the act! When it comes to mating, for male #bumblebees, size does matter - 11/16
#bees #beesanctuaryireland

Ginger common carder bumblebee forages on purple knapweed wildflower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…specific height preferences at which they patrol spreading their queen attracting scent. Some work their magic in the tree tops while others are more down to earth! Despite mating being their raison d’être the sad fact is that very few males (estimates put it at less…
#bumblebees #bees #beesanctuaryireland

Bumblebee forages on purple thistle flower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…patrolling for prospective mates and foraging. They then spend their lonely nights sleeping on or in flowers - the temperature in some flowers at the base near the nectar source can be up to 10ºC above outside temperatures.

Depending on the species male #bumblebees have…
#bees #beesanctuaryireland

Bumblebee on yellow ragwort wildflower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…to avoid inbreeding (take note some humans 😂).
This is where the ‘flower sleeping’ starts. Having no homes these males will now spend their days actively seeking a new queen to mate with and food to sustain themselves. They will travel up to 17 kilometres in a single day…8/16
#bees #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland

Pollen covered Bumblebee foraging on purple thistle flower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…for themselves.
Once mature they leave the nest. Unlike workers and queens on leaving the nest they don’t perform learning flights to memorise its location but fly directly away never looking back and never to return. They will disperse far from the nest - up to 6 miles -
#bees #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland

Photograph of a bumblebee on purple tufted vetch wildflower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…mother the queen. When developing as larvae they require more food and for a longer time period than female worker larvae. Ironically later in their short lives males will never forage for pollen and nectar to contribute to the nest but concentrate on foraging for nectar…
#bees #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland

Bumblebee forages on pink cosmos flower before flying away.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…and their apparent penchant for overnighting in flowers.

Male #bumblebees are produced by the queen fairly late in the nest cycle - mid to late summer. Males develop from unfertilised eggs - they have no father - and 100% of their genes will be in common with their…
#bees #beesanctuaryireland

Photograph of a bumblebee up close and side on foraging on purple knapweed wildflower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

…foraging in inclement weather or too late & losing light, low energy & natural end of life. But at this time of year - mid to late summer - you may notice a big increase in ‘flower sleepers’ and most of these will likely be males. So let’s take a look at male #bumblebees..
#bees #beesanctuaryireland

Bumblebee forages briefly on pink Scabious wildflower before flying off.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

They spend their short lives seeking sugar and a mate.
Most don’t get to mate.
Those that do never meet their offspring.
No male has a son.
Oh and they can’t sting!

#Bumblebees sometimes sleep/overnight on flowers. And for a number of reasons including getting caught out…
#bees #beesanctuaryireland

Photograph of a bumblebee on purple vetch wildflower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

Spoiler alert:
To sleep on a flower may appear romantic and magical but the reality can seem more tragic than magic for the bumblebees involved.

Flower sleeping #bumblebees are primarily males.
They don’t have a dad.
Once mature, males leave the nest and never return.
#bees #beesanctuaryireland

Bumblebee forages on purple thistle flower.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

We’ve had a lot of people enquiring about and commenting on #bumblebees asleep on #flowers, especially at this time of year, so here’s a quick (long)🙄 thread explaining what’s going on.

Please #boost so more are more informed.
Thanks good people.
#bees #beesanctuaryireland
#vegan #organic #advocacy

Small bumblebee covered in pollen curled up asleep in pink Musk Mallow flower.
2 months ago

A very grey, rainy #Saturday morning today. But here’s a video of #bumblebees on lavender in the sun. #Bloomscrolling

Video of bumblebees on lavender in the sun, including bird sounds

My current phone camera doesn't do macros very easily, so good close-up photos are rare. This morning all the stars aligned. This is a yellow-faced bumblebee (Bombus vosnesenskii) on a fireweed flower. The bee was so busy that it didn't notice me creeping in close.

#bumblebees #bees #insects #NativePlants #pollinators

Big fat bumblebee on a petal of a magenta fireweed flower. The bumbler is mostly black, except for its bright yellow head and a single yellow segment on its tail. While the whole body is furry, the fur is especially noticeable on its head and face.
2 months ago

In a corner of the neighborhood I walk by with dogs sometimes there's a big Tecoma sp. bush that's been in bloom a while. The thing always has at least half a dozen American bumblebees on it (easy iNaturalist observation), usually more. I think there's a nest nearby. They squeeze nicely into the flowers to reach the nectar, this flower evidently evolved to be bee pollinated. Their little bee butts sticking out crack me up.

#nature #wildlife #bees #bumblebees #inaturalist #naturephotography

2 months ago

There's a beautiful #lavender #bush absolutely filled with #bumblebees in my neighbourhood. They might be hard to spot on the photograph.

Every time I walk by I pause to enjoy their buzzing. Bumble bees make me happy. :blobuwu: #bloomscrolling

A lavender bush filled with bumble bees.
3 months ago

*nomnomnom* Noch ein Snack vor der Nachtruhe: Die beiden Hummeln lassen es sich nochmal gutgehen. Sollte ich auch? :blobcatcookienom:

Hab übrigens kürzlich gelernt, dass Hummeln im Norden Plüschmors heißen. Find ich niedlich. :flower:

Schlaft gut!

#naturephotography #Bumblebees #HummelLiebe #hummeln

Eine Hummel auf einer lila blühenden Kugeldistel, eine zweite Hummel sitzt halb verdeckt unter der Blüte. Im Hintergrund sind unscharf weitere Pflanzen zu sehen.
Imagery by Rihilism
3 months ago

I have fun taking macro photos of #bumblebees especially on purple coneflowers which they seem to enjoy & frequently visit. They're so large & cooperative that it's not too hard to make them "appear" the size of a school bus. My ID app suggests that this is a brown-belted bumblebee (Bombus griseocollis) which is a North American native.

#bee #bees #pollinators #FlowerPhotography #insects #InsectPhotography #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Closeup image of a bumblebee on the center of a purple coneflower. The bee is likely a brown-belted bumblebee (Bombus griseocollis). It has a black head with large dark eyes and black antennae, black legs and abdomen, dark wings, pollen pockets on its hind legs, and a thorax covered in fine, yellow to gold hairs.
David K
3 months ago

Great to see the #bumblebees getting plenty of nectar from the lavender I planted a couple of years ago.
Seems to be attracting lots of #butterflies and other #bees too! #pollinators 🦋🐝

ErosBlog Bacchus
3 months ago

In a SHOCKING surprise development, my Bee Balm has bees on it. #BeeBalm #Bumblebees #bees #flowers #BloomScrolling #summer #garden

A jumbled mess of bee balm flowers with two large bumblebees visiting, and possibly some other pollinating bugs.
The Bee Guy
3 months ago

Forget the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about the #bumblebees in the box. A thread on the commodification of bumblebees to produce your #food. The numbers, why it’s bad for wild #bees and how they kill them when they’re no longer of use.
Please share.
For bees.

Red arsed bumblebee forages on purple knapweed flower.
The Bee Guy
3 months ago

Very busy here on The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland over the past few days so haven’t been able to be here really.
Owe you guys a couple of bee facts.
Till I get them to you here’s a stunning #bumblebee worker rocking some serious pollen baskets foraging on the leek flowers.
#bees #bumblebees #nature

Female bumblebee worker with dark grey packed pollen baskets on her hind legs forages on white/pink leek flower.
The Bee Guy
3 months ago


Would you look at the corbiculae on this wee red arsed #bumblebee foraging on knapweed here on The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland earlier.

Now that’s some serious pollen transportation.

Quick bee fact: A full pollen basket can contain over one million pollen grains.

#bees #beesanctuaryireland
#nature #naturephotography
#bumblebees #vegan #organic
#knapweed #wildflowers

Small red arsed bumblebee foraging on purple knapweed wildflower with pollen baskets on her legs packed full with light grey coloured pollen.