4 hours ago

I finally got a Sulphur photo!

These are a reliable butterfly for my area - very common. But they're so fast & fluttery. All I've ever gotten before are yellow blurs lol.

I'm a bit stuck w the ID. It's either a Cloudless Sulphur or an Orange-barred Sulphur. Both equally likely. The Cloudless are usually more neon-green tinged...but this could also be a newly emerged Orange-barred, which are yellow.

Dunno. But absolutely ecstatic either way. 😂

#gardening #TexasGarden #Zone9a #butterfly

A large yellow butterfly hanging upside down while feeding from a pink salvia flower. The butterfly's wings are a uniform golden-yellow color except for a few very faint brown flecks. Background is a mix of light and dark green blurs from very out-of-focus greenery.
5 hours ago

I did see one #butterfly today, despite the overcast conditions. It was a #Monarch. First I’ve seen in three months.

Butterfly of unknown species because I don't know anything about bugs. Photo curiosity of my cousin.

#Bug #Butterfly #Entomology #Lepidopterology #Insects

Tomasz Susuł
14 hours ago

What else would fit for #SilentSunday better than a #butterfly?

[iso 640, 1/50, f4]
#nature #photography #NaturePhotography #NatureLovers #photo

A black butterfly sitting on a blade of grass, its wings have two white and slightly red spots. The blurred background forms a gradient from dark green on the left to almost white on the right with elements of pink and yellow. The details of the butterfly are very clearly visible against the light background including it's legs and twisted proboscis.
Harald Huxley
15 hours ago


#weeklyhux 21/2023
Every Sunday I post my favourite photo I took that week. With this edited collage I'm really pleased. 😊
Pls. open to expand. It's a vertical image.

#experimental #photography #self #butterfly #legs #fujifilm

3 colored shapes on top of each other that look like butterflies. In reality, they are mirrored images of moving legs.
1 day ago

The Hairstreak #butterfly pix turned out okay though, but I’m not entirely sure what kind of Hairstreak it is. Probably a Gray.

Possible Gray Hairstreak among thistle flowers with its wings partly open.
Probable Gray Hairstreak butterfly, wings fully closed. Other than the apparent lack of the narrow red stripe, the wing pattern is fairly conclusive.
Another Gray Hairstreak on  Lemonadeberry leaf. With wings open and prominent tails below the orange/black eye patterns.
Deb Oppermann
1 day ago

One of the most beautiful butterflies is the Eastern (Canadian) Tiger Swallowtail or Papilio glaucus. The male flaunts yellow and black stripes like that of a tiger, is very large and colorful and has a wingspan of 3 - 5 inches.
Flaunting The Tiger Stripes is here
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Close up of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail nectaring on purple Lilac flowers with green leaves and blue and green background
1 day ago

Earlier this spring I purchased a milkweed plant for the front #garden and it’s done well, though to my knowledge it had so far failed to attract any Monarch #butterflies. But yesterday was the day, a single Monarch appeared. Then this morning I read that due to habitat destruction and other causes the overwintering population in Mexico was down by 22% this year, so there will be far fewer of them migrating through here, a real tragedy.

#gardening #butterfly #photography #MacroPhotography

Close up macro photo of a monarch butterfly in profile with wings folded, perched on a cluster of the small yellow and orange and red flowers of the milkweed plant.
Close up macro photo of a monarch butterfly with wings open, hanging upside down on a cluster of the small yellow and orange and red flowers of the milkweed plant.
Close up macro photo of a monarch butterfly with wings open, standing on a cluster of the small yellow and orange and red flowers of the milkweed plant.
Close up macro photo of a monarch butterfly with wings partly open, hanging on the side of a cluster of the small yellow and orange and red flowers of the milkweed plant.
1 day ago

Saw one #Sulphur #butterfly. Which is nice but they should be common as hell this time of year.

Orange Sulphur butterfly hilltopping on the “volcano” in Cslavera preserve
M. E. Garber
2 days ago

On today’s walk, a monarch butterfly warming in a sunbeam #photo #nature #butterfly

Monarch butterfly with partially ly folded wings on a background of straps green leaves
Sequin World
2 days ago

Butterfly Sequin Motifs for your cards, crafts & creations from Sequin World

created from sparkly sequins & rocaille beads, you can stick them to things or sew them on, it's up to you

stocks of this design are limited & once they're gone, they're gone

#SequinWorld #Sequins #EverythingsBetterWithSequins #SequinMotifs #Butterfly

Butterfly Sequin Motifs from
The Streets of Melbourne
2 days ago

Just look at this cute mural created by Melbourne’s own, artist #Juzpop.

It features on a feature wall, opposite the bar in the city’s #herosmelbourne and was painted June last year.

I love the fem strength and sass of this woman featured. So too the gorgeous flowers and foliage that sits around the main feature.

Oh, and that pretty #butterfly… oh so good!

Justine (Juzpop) nailed this mural perfectly, matching perfectly with the vibe of this bar, in #melbourne #Australia.



📸 - Pic 1 and 2 supplied by artist, with permission. 3rd pic -


#fembeauty #femskill #fempower #feminineenergy #urbanart #urbancanvas #femaleartist
#suburbanart #streetart #mastoart
#muralart #melbourne #narrm #murals #mural #publicart #art #victoria #Australia #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy

Beautiful marsh fritillaries enjoying the sunshine.
#Hampshire #butterfly #wildlife #nature #biodiversity

Marsh fritillary butterflies
2 days ago

Various caterpillars, Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, California, May 2023
#inaturalist #Fremont #California #sfba #butterfly #wildlife

A caterpillar
A caterpillar
Ferdinand M.
3 days ago

Ich war wohl zu früh dran für die Schmetterlinge. Daher heute nur ein Männchen des Großen Kohlweisslings.

Hätte eigentlich gehofft, dass ich wieder einen Roten Apollo sehe.
Gut, wird das Schleppen der Ausrüstung als "Training" verbucht 😅

#Butterfly #Schmetterling #wildlifephotography #Naturephotography #Naturfotografie

Großer Kohlweissling mit dem Körper im 45 Grad Winkel zum Bild. Man sieht die schwarzen Flügelspitzen auf den komplett weissen Flügeln - das ist das Kennzeichen eines Männchens. Das Weibchen hätte dafür gleich 2 davon.
Paula Borchardt
3 days ago
Robbie Rowe
4 days ago

Small copper on oxeye daisy, Hollybrook cemetery, Southampton.

#Butterfly #Insects #Spring #florespondence

Butterfly with copper & dark brown wings settled on oxeye daisy
4 days ago

I found a new butterfly in my garden!

A Gray Hairstreak

I didn't even know this little beauty existed, but it's a match in my butterfly guide. So tiny & delicate - only about an inch in size. Spotted it fluttering over the watermelon vine flowers. So small I actually thought it was a moth at first.

Apparently very common, but it was a thrilling new discovery for me, lol.

#gardening #TexasGarden #Zone9a #butterfly

A Gray Hairstreak butterfly resting on a large green leaf. It is a soft blue-gray color overall with an orange spot at the base of the wings.
A second view of the Gray Hairstreak butterfly with the wings slightly open. It is perched on the edge of a large green leaf. The wings are a pearly sheen of pink, blue, and gray. It reminds me of the colorful swirls on a soap bubble or a gray pearl.
Comic Crusaders
4 days ago

BUTTERFLY, Based on BOOM! Studios’ Graphic Novel, Ordered To Series By Amazon Prime Video
Prime Video has ordered BUTTERFLY to series, from Daniel Dae Kim’s 3AD and BOOM! Studios, publisher of the original graphic novel created by Arash Amel, written by Arash Amel and Marguerite Bennet, and illustrated by Antonio Fuso and Stefano Simeone....
#butterfly #boom #amazon #comics

Paula Borchardt
4 days ago

Here’s the 6th in my Tucson Yard Journal series: November, which boasts beautiful weather, continued avian visitors & a few plants still blooming & attracting butterflies.

#SciArt #SciArtist #art #illustration #watercolor #painting #sketchbook #NatureJournal #NatureJournaling #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #Tucson #SonoranDesert #NativePlants #biodiversity #environment #ecosystem #ecology #nature #seedpod #flower #wildflower #Fall #Autumn #insect #butterfly #bird #birds #birding #roadrunner #owl

Tucson Yard Journal ~ November - watercolor, colored pencil & pen art of birds, insects, butterflies, seedpods & an owl pellet, all seen in our yard in Tucson in November.
4 days ago

Never seen this butterfly before in Ireland.
The body was as long as my thumb and the wings as long as my pointing finger.
Does anybody know this butterfly?

#Ireland #Beara #nature #butterfly #photography

4 days ago
Butterfly - Ordered to Series by Amazon - Starring Daniel Dae Kim
5 days ago

Diese Grauen Zwergspanner 🦋💞🦋 kopulieren gut getarnt auf unserer Hauswand. In Siedlungen sind diese #Falter häufig anzutreffen und sie ruhen tagsüber gerne auf hellen Wänden. Im Englischen nennt man sie "Small Dusty Wave".

#insect #Schmetterling #GrauerZwergspanner #butterfly

Flipboard Science Desk
1 week ago

How butterflies conquered the world: A new "family tree" traces their 100-million-year journey across the globe.

The Conversation details how scientists assembled DNA from 2,244 species representing all butterfly families.

#Butterfly #Insects #Entomology #Science

1 week ago

A Malay Baron (Euthalia monina) spotted at Ulu Sembawang Park Connector, Singapore, on 19 Feb 2023. It was busy feeding on fallen fruit, which passer bys had helpfully crushed to release the juice for the butterfly.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Butterfly #Lepidoptera

A butterfly on the ground with open wings. The wings are dark brown, with blueish-green hindwings and blue markings on the forewings.
Same description as first image.
Deborah League
1 week ago

Blue Butterfly, watercolor. This butterfly is one of three in my gallery. In addition, I offer all three of the butterflies in one vertical image. Pretty wall art for the butterfly or colorful insect lover.


#mastodon #mastoart #art #artist #artwork #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #fediart #butterfly
#insects #watercolor #painting #buyintoart #colorful

Purple Butterfly On White, Watercolor Painting. This pretty insect is one of three different butterflies on white, designed to be hung alone or as a set.
1 week ago

Butterfly #4
By Movses Petrosyan

#butterfly #painting #art #mastoart

Colourful painting of a big butterfly with an abstract background. The butterfly is coloured black, white, red, yellow, green and blue. The background of the painting is light blue with yellow, orange, green and pink on it.
2 weeks ago

Another first for me! Fairly certain this is a Queen butterfly.

Photo snapped just now & I was so excited I had to share. Thought it was a Monarch at first, but those white spots say otherwise.

I'm absolutely thrilled. Can't believe the luck I'm having w butterflies this year!

#gardening #TexasGarden #Zone9a #butterfly

A Queen butterfly resting on a cluster of pale purple mistflowers. The butterfly strongly resembles a Monarch, with orange & black wings and a border of black with white spots. But the forewings are more uniformly orange and have distinctive white spots. Background of the photo is a thick stand of mistflower plants.
Max, an ant whisperer
2 weeks ago

Unlike moths, butterfly are a monophyletic group, meaning that they have a single ancestor that is exclusive to the group.
Now, we know more about this common ancestor, when it arose and how it vibed

"Butterfly tree of life reveals an origin in North America"

#butterfly #insects #nature #ecology #evolution

2 weeks ago

A new butterfly!

Fairly certain it's a Variegated Fritillary. But someone absolutely please correct me if I'm wrong.

Oh, I'm so excited. I've seen them in my garden before but have never managed to get pics. It was fluttering around a little wildflower bed I have in my yard & believe you me I RAN to get the camera. 😂

#gardening #TexasGarden #Zone9a #butterfly

Closeup of a what I am pretty sure is a Variegated Fritillary butterfly. The wing pattern is an intricate checkerboard of orange-hued browns and tans bordered by black lines. It strongly reminds me of a stained glass window. The butterfly is resting on a golden yellow Lanceleaf Coreopsis flower.
The same butterfly on a golden yellow coreopsis flower. Slightly further away, showing the wings spread wide. Background is a tangle of out of focus coreopsis flowers and stems.
A third photo showing the same butterfly, but from a different angle. This one is directly from behind, with the wings open, giving a view of the butterfly's gray fuzzy body.
2 weeks ago

Genomics, Population Divergence, and Historical Demography of the World's Largest and Endangered Butterfly, The Queen Alexandra's Birdwing #science #evolution #biology #genome #evolgen_paper #butterfly

Photo of a green, yellow, and black butterfly overlaid over a graph showing changes in effective population size over time for highland and lowland populations. In the background is a photo of a lake surrounded by trees with a mountain in the distance.
Debra Martz
2 weeks ago

I was walking the path to another area of the 9 acre Rookery Park admiring the Spring wildflowers when this Palamedes Swallowtail Butterfly landed on some thistle nearby. The rookery is across the street from the Bay of Rockport, Texas. Image from March 2023

Swallowtail Butterfly on Thistle by Debra Martz:

#Swallowtail #Butterfly #Insect #nature #NatureLovers #BuyIntoArt #FediGiftShop

Closeup of a beautiful Palamedes Swallowtail butterfly on a purple thistle with its wings spread open.  Photography and Digital presentation by Debra Martz
2 weeks ago

Najlepsze prace w konkursie Insect Week Photography 2023

Mnie najbardziej spodobała się ta fotografia motyla autorki Sarah Perkins
#photo #photography #butterfly #foto #fotografia #InsectWeekPhotography2023 #insect #nature

Motyl, autor:  Sarah Perkins wygrana w konkursie Insect Week Photography 2023.
Dezene Huber 🌻
2 weeks ago

If you like 🦋, you'll love this.

Quote: "We #sequenced 391 #genes from nearly 2,300 #butterfly species, sampled from 90 countries and 28 specimen collections, to reconstruct a new #phylogenomic tree of #butterflies representing 92% of all #genera."

OA 🔗:

In order to #conserve #nature, we need to know what's out there and how #species are related to each other.

And have a look at one of the most (fittingly) #beautiful #phylogenetic trees you'll ever see👇🏼


Figure 1 heading quote: "Time-calibrated tree of 2,244 butterfly species based on 391 loci and 150 amino acid partitions. Branches show distinct changes in diversification (circles) as estimated by clade-specific models. Letters at nodes refer to clades with significant rate shifts (see section 6 of Supplementary Results). Coloured lines in the outer ring beside tips indicate association with one of the 13 host modules (see section 17 of Extended Online Methods). Black lines in the host association ring indicate species without data, and asterisks denote non-monophyletic subfamilies. Supplementary Fig. 1 shows this tree with visible species names and ages for all nodes."
Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

Butterflies originated in North America after splitting from moths, new study suggests.

NPR reports: "This shift probably took place some 100 million years ago when a rogue lineage of moths moved dayward."

#Insects #Butterfly #Moth #Entomology #Science

A male and female Brimstone butterfly seen dancing in the air today.

#nature #butterfly #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #ButterflyPhotography #ButterfliesOfMastodon

Two Brimstone butterflies so called for their sulphur colouring
2 weeks ago

Well just as soon as I post something about all the #rain we’ve been getting this week here in SE #Texas, the clouds part & the sun comes out. So I went out to assess the soggy front garden. A positive thing that’s happening along with, or despite, the weather is all the zinnias I planted from seed are starting to zoom & bloom. And Johnny-on-the-spot, a Gulf Fritillary #butterfly (known zinnia lovers) came fluttering in, the first of the season I’ve seen.

#gardening #photography #lepidoptera

Close up color photo of an orange Gulf Fritillary butterfly on a bright red zinnia flower with yellow stamens.  In the blurred background is an unopened zinnia flower bud and beyond that another red zinnia flower.
Deb Oppermann
2 weeks ago

The #MonarchButterfly, with wings folded and feeding on the pink Buddleia flowers in the summer garden was a welcome sight as Monarchs are now endangered so it is a treat to see them. The pink blooms and deep orange and black of the butterfly contrasted nicely and made a lovely, vibrant image.
Monarch In The Garden available here
#Butterflies #nature #insects #flowers #butterfly #BuyIntoArt #photography #PhotographersOnMastodon #FlowerFriday #MastoFlowers #NatureLover

Pink Buddleia blooms with Monarch Butterfly feeding and green background

🦋 Artist: #DZIA in City: Private commission in Belgium 🇧🇪 - Title: "🦋🐈" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Cats #CatsofMastodon #Butterfly #Artwork #Drawing

Streetartwall. On a narrow red brick wall is a charming mural of a cat looking after a butterfly. The background is a blue circle on which, seen from the side, the figures are depicted. The cat's head is sweeping and finely drawn with small circles. Likewise, the small blue butterfly.
4 weeks ago

Tip of the Day - click to view square.

Orange-tip Butterfly
Anthocharis cardamines

#Butterfly #Lepidoptera #lepidoptery #Photo #Photography #Yorkshire

a square photograph of an orange and white butterfly, wings spread,  on a yellow dandelion flower, the background is green blur with hints of vegetation
Sue Zipkin
1 month ago

If only monarch butterflies came in pink also? I love the classic ones, but there's something about a pink and black one that appeals to me. That's the beauty of poetic license.

You can find the artwork at:

#butterfly #Pink #ranunculus #Flowers #MastoArt #gardening #MothersDay #Prints #GreetingCard #AYearForArt

This is a watercolor painting with a soft edge, background and pink ranunculus flowers. There's also a monarch butterfly that has been changed into a pink and black butterfly. The painting is translucent and soft.
1 month ago

A butterfly who just emerged from its chrysalis

#inverteFest #PhonePhotography #UrbanNature #Butterfly #Chrysalis #insects

Photo looking up to the edge of an open garage roof, where a butterfly (green wings, staying put upside down hanging from the roof) has exited its chrysalis (brown with dark spots) that is still fixed to the roof, next to the butterfly.
Below the roof, a blue sky with small clouds can be seen due to the angle of the shot.
Bosque Bill
1 month ago

Two-tailed Swallowtail

These large Tigers show up in April each year and are a treat to see through the summer. Spotted feeding on the Flowering Quince in my backyard yesterday.

This individual seems to be missing the tail structure on its left hind wing. Curious, it's obviously newly emerged as there is no wear on the wing fringe.

Note also the long hair-like filaments on those portions of the wings closest to the body and on the thorax.

#photo #butterfly #nature #NewMexico

A yellow butterfly with black "tiger" stripes feeds upon bright red flowers.
1 month ago

For the longest time #photography was my only creative outlet. Often I was stuck taking pictures at noon during lunch. Noontime light is far from ideal. But this swallowtail #butterfly landed on a #purple #thistle in perfect bloom. It was one of those moments that makes a photographer smile. How often does nature present us with a scene of vivid complimentary colors? I have a stack of these photos. Every one of them is gorgeous because of the subject. ❤️🦋

A yellowtail butterfly perched on a bright purple thistle bloom that looks like a ball with small soft points rising off the bloom’s body. Another thistle bloom is to the right, but not yet open. The swallowtail is almost entirely yellow and black, but at the tail are patches of bright blue and just a touch of red.
M. E. Garber
1 month ago

While cutting grass I came across this monarch butterfly chrysalis on a bit of garden debris. Isn’t it gorgeous? #photo #nature #butterfly #gardening

Seafoam green chrysalis with metallic gold accents, and a monarch wing visible within
Close up of the chrysalis above, better showing wing details
Ele Willoughby
2 months ago

A throwback to an idea I return to: imagining composite creatures. One of my first, the winged walrus is about contrasts and whimsy.

#linocut #printmaking #walrus #butterfly #washi #compositeCreature #illustration

A tiny square linocut print on white paper showing a 3/4 view of a brown seated walrus with yellow and blue butterfly wings on an ice flow outlined in blue
Tina LeCour
2 months ago

I've always loved monarch butterflies and daisy flowers so decided to create an impressionsim of the two, this one's called "Monarch In The Daisies", hope you enjoy:)

You Can Purchase Here..

#butterfly #art #nature #spring #artist #artwork #mastodon #mastoart #artcollector #fediart #fedigiftshop #buyintoart #artmatters #ayearforart #creativetoots

A beautiful monarch butterfly fluttering around some white daisy flowers
Debra Martz
2 months ago

Queen Upon the Flowers ©Debra Martz I was only shooting for the Queen Butterfly but nature had another visitor arriving. Seen in the garden area leaving the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center in south Texas on the last day of February.

Available Here:

#Butterfly #QueenButterfly #insects #HoverFly #Nature #NatureBeauty #NatureLovers
#Photography #AYearForArt #PhotographyIsArt #BuyIntoArt #TheArtDistrict #FediGiftShop

A Queen Butterfly, which resembles a Monarch, is gathering nectar from a pinkish purple flower as a small hover fly approaches. Photography by Debra Martz
Deb Oppermann
2 months ago

It is so wonderful to see the gorgeous orange and black #Monarch #butterflies as they are not as plentiful in recent years and are now listed as endangered. This beauty was sipping nectar from the magenta #Buddleia in the summer #garden.
Sweet Nectar And The Monarch available here
#butterfly #MonarchButterfly #insect #nature #NatureLover #wildlife #animal #flowers #plants #BuyIntoArt #MastoArt #FediGiftShop #NaturePhotography #artwork #macro #gardening #FreeShipping

Close up of Monarch Butterfly nectaring on pink Buddleia with greenish background

An unknown (at least to me) butterfly species on an unknown (at least to me) flower at about 2743m (9000ft) in the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Any entomologists and botanists out there know what species these two are?

#Insect #Butterfly #Entomology #Flower #Botany #Sierra #MacroPhotography #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

A close up of a orange, black, and cream colored butterfly with spread wings sitting on a small white flower cluster.
MM Anderson Art 🎨
2 months ago

'Blue Morning Glory with Yellow Butterfly' soft pastel artwork from a few years ago is a simple piece compared to some of my more recent work, but I've always liked the little butterfly.
See this artwork in my online gallery at or one of the other sites in my profile. #PastelArtwork #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #art #flowers #butterfly #FlowerArt #FloralArt

Soft pastel artwork on textured paper depicting a pale blue morning glory flower with a green leaf and tendril on a grey-green backdrop. A small yellow butterfly in profile sits in the center of the flower.
Julia Bausenhardt
2 months ago

I hope everyone has a good Monday so far, over here it's cold (2°C) and I need more coffee.

Here's a work in progress for you, a butterfly appropriately called Comma. The outer side looks like a dried leaf, except for a white spot on the hind wings shaped like a C.

#watercolor #butterfly #illustration #wip

Watercolour illustration in progress of a brown and orange butterfly, with wings closed and open wings.
Watercolour illustration of a Comma butterfly with closed wings, the white c-shaped spot clearly visible on the hind wings.