3 days ago

“Fetish Vibes 1-4”
4 unique, 16” x 20” acrylic #paintings
Sold: $1000

These are now in a private collection this lovely author of RPG books in the UK.
#GayEroticArt #EroticArt #Butts #FetishArt #Kink #PopArt

An author showing off his purchase of four paintings featuring a rear view of four men , each on a bright color: red, yellow, magenta, man wields a paddle, a double-ended dildo, one with a flogger and another with rope.
6 days ago

@Curator Well, with all the #butts around, this can be considered inevitable. :capybutt:

Brian Ambrozy
1 week ago

I named my first outpost "Buttville" in Starfield AMA #starfield #gamer #truegamer #pcgaming #butts

Catriona Gold
1 week ago

Back on the assless bacon today

#Food #Vegan #VeganFood #FoodPorn #Bacon #CrueltyFree #Butts

Frying pan full of vegan bacon with cardboard La Vie bacon packaging held above it reading ‘made from plants, not from ass!’ with a cheeky pig showing off his enviable butt next to the slogan
Goon Stoopid
2 weeks ago

Double the butts. Double the fun.


#GoonStoopid #GoonCaps #Twins #Butts #Incest

Cats Who Draw
2 weeks ago

velvet butt cake

#SmallPoems #Butts

Hiney, booty, butt and ass
You may think me kind of crass
When I expose your derriere
To the late summer night air
I'd like to admire your pretty rump
Which is thick and oh so plump
Thank you dear, I'll spank it too
Til it looks all shiny and new
(It may be a little red
When it's all done and said)
I'll admire your glorious tush
I'll take my time, I will not push
I love your rear, I must confess,
Whether it is naked or dressed
So thank you love, and then some
For your wonderful booty-bum.


#poetry #silly #butts

2 weeks ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the greatest butt of all time. I give you the Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard gremlin butt. #videogames #retrogaming #dosgaming #butts

A perfectly shaped brown booty that makes you question your reality on the best video game butts
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3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

:blender:#blender #butts update.

attached depth of field to an empty object to animate it, shifting focus to the ground plane and back to the text, and think it came out interesting.

parented the three lights to an empty to rotate around a common point for moving colored shadows.

learning a little more about bump/displacement and refraction/transparency materials, which is neat. think the glass could do with some specular reflections though?

probably should practice modeling next.

3d render of an array of the word “Butts” disappearing away from the viewer towards a backdrop that seems almost like sand dunes. Shifting lines of yellow and shadow. The text is a transparent, glass-like material that shows the ground below through it. There are rotating shadows cast from the words in cyan, magenta, and yellow, from three orbiting lights. The camera’s focus alternates between the top word and the ground plane.
Pent Up Games 🔞
4 weeks ago

The planet in the background REALLY should have been Uranus, obviously, but it's so boring-looking (especially since the model of it that I have handy doesn't even have the rings). I decided Venus would have to do. Sorry for squandering a ripe opportunity for #butts humour, @welshpixie!

1 month ago

Jumping on the #butts bandwagon with these shots, taken on a mini jeep safari with @welshpixie during my visit last May 😊

Four zebra grazing in a grassy field with their heads down and their butts to the camera.
Four brown antelope standing in a field with their backs to the camera. They each have a large white circle like a target around their butts.
Hamish The PolarBear
1 month ago Is Buttsmas a fixed date or a moveable feast? If so what date does it fall on this year?


Jim Gallo
1 month ago

That's right. I'm posting butts now. You don't like it? Call the cops. ✍️💃🍑😈

#butts #pinup #ladies #love #girls #procreate #art #illustration #drawing #love #digitalpainting

Pinup style digital painting of a dark haired girl putting on a pair of shorts, smiling over her shoulder toward viewer
Jim Gallo
1 month ago

Almost done, I think. Hope you like butts :) ✍️💃♥️🍑😈

#butts #pinup #ladies #love #girls #procreate #art #illustration #drawing #love #digitalpainting

Work in progress shot of a dark-haired girl smiling at viewer over her shoulder, pulling up a pair of red shorts

@welshpixie I’m assuming someone would have sent you this already, but just in case they haven’t. #butts

The cover of the book, “Butts, A Backstory” by Heather Radke
2 months ago

Just a few humans for now as Everett and Pearson suit up as kinky jester-y clown costumes, and feel the costumes affecting them in horny little ways! Oh hey does this count as okay to post other places since there's no dicks? We'll find out!
Everett belongs to DangerRanger
Background art by Rosa
Read more Funhouse Of Frights!

#jester #jesters #clown #clowns #gay #nsfw #ass #butts #bulge #circus #funhouse #funhouse

2 months ago

So @dialuca01 and I had a lil fun talk and decided to do a lil rampage, in the nude. We know ya lil guys like the view of our moons in the night sky, so why hide the goods. We put down good heavy stomps throughout the whole town, so you should just give up and get ready for our fun.

An amazing piece drawn and colored by the sweet, kind, awesome, cute

Originally posted on 5/15/2018.

#Macro #butt #butts #ass #stomp #Pokmon #elephant

Dark Sheep Arts
2 months ago

And since things are tough for @welshpixie and the DotArt mod team, remember:


#Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #3DArt #MastoArt #Butts #Buttstodon

A cybernetic elf sits reading a book on her tablet. She wears gauzy pyjamas. A cocktail and a Chinese takeaway are near her.

The word Butts is spelled out with pink and blue neon tubes.
A cybernetic woman sits on a foreboding throne with mixed Celtic and Early Modern Central American vibes. 

The word butts is spelled out with red neon tubes.
2 months ago

Did you know it's International Clown Week? Well here are two horny guys starting to dress themselves up as some!
BTW everything on my site is 50% off for August 2023, check it out:
Amazing BG art by

#human #male #males #gay #sfw #butt #butts #changeroom #changeroom #dressingroom #circus #funhouse #funhouse #funhouseoffrights #costume #costumes #jester #jesters #clown #clowns #humans

Cats Who Draw
2 months ago
MaraVans :baraag:
2 months ago

Heidi: "It was weird. I was definitely a virgin again but it didn't hurt at all."

Me: "Really?"

H: "Yeah. Hey Hon'?"

M: Yeah?"

H: "I love you."

M: "Awww... ... ... awesomesauce!"

H: "You asshole. I mean it."

M: "I know I know. I love you too."

H: "Should we like, clean that up or something?"

M: *gestures* I think we're safe to just leave it.

H: Heh. Yeah. You're right. Where did you throw my shorts?

#3d #gs #loli #butts

2 months ago

Soft punchlines, but firm bums. That’s the Vampigeon guarantee. I guess!

#reddit #hypotheticalquestion #webcomics #webcomic #vampigeon #comics #comicstrips #butts

A comic strip. Vampigeon by Josh Jennings. Text: Dear pornographers of Reddit. I get it. Thinking of titles is tough. But can we maybe cool it with the trite, hypothetical non-questions. Panel 1: A Reddit post depicting someone's butt. Narration: It's always something like... Post: Would you have sex with someone with a BIG BUTT? Panel 2: A person looks at their computer and shrugs. Person: I mean, probably, yeah. Text: If there must be a quiz section? I say get wild with it. Panel 3: A guy looks at his phone. There's a similar Reddit post depicting a different butt. Post: Would you have sex with me in exchange for having to kill one mouse per year with your bare hands? Panel 4: The Guy sits in bed, looking at his phone. Guy: Oh, man. On one hand, he's pretty hot. But hot enough to take a life? Panel 5: The Guy thinks hard. Guy: Like, a year is a long time, and there's no shortage of mice in the world. With my bare hands, though? Panel 6: The screen as the Guy posts a reply. Guy: Sorry, I just don't think I could look them in their little mouse eyes. Panel 7: The guy breathes a sigh of relief. Panel 8: The guy gets a notification on his phone. Sound Effect: DING! Panel 9: There's a reply from the initial poster. The picture depicts a naked butt with a folder clenched between his cheeks. Post: My lawyer has drafted some revised terms to the agreement. Please review.
2 months ago

I've been wanting to dabble in NSFW art for a while. I'll start with simple sketches like these and see where I go from there. For anything more explicit I'll have to create an alternative handle to share lol.

#art #sketchbook #DigitalArt #nsfw #NSFWart #butts

Digital sketch of a half-naked girl with her bottom exposed. With her back facing the viewer, she glances back with a smile while holding her ponytail and striking a playful pose. She is wearing sneakers and a loose sweater with the sleeves rolled up.
Digital sketch of a half-naked girl in a short hoodie standing with her bare bottom on full display. With her hair neatly tied into a bun, her eyes are closed and her head is turned backward towards facing the viewer.
2 months ago

Stream commission for the ever sweet Red

Chu on chu action

#macro #micro #pokefurs #pokemon #sizedifference #butts #summer #buttcrush

Jim Gallo
2 months ago
Paul Caggegi
3 months ago

Asking for serious feedback from work colleagues this morning. #butts #blender3d

Blender interface showing two shaded, intersecting spheres, and modifier menu with cursor over "Boolean"
3 months ago

Inspired by my "Hail Butts" halibut pun ( I quickly drew this #wordArt of one using my Winsor & Newton alcohol markers.

#HailButts #butts #halibut #pun #puns #FiXatoPUNishes #FiXatoDraws #FiXatoCreative
#mastoArt #fediArt #artShare #creativeToot #creativeToots

The crude outline of a halibut fish, where the lines mostly consist of the words "hail" and "butts" in various colours.
Signed with "Hail Butts", today's date (12 July 2023) and my online handle, "FiXato".
Cats Who Draw
3 months ago

This poem is for @welshpixie -

butty butts
butting butterflies

#SmallPoems #butts

This is a story about your butt. :BUTTS:
It’s a story about how you got your butt, why you have your butt, and how your #butt might be one of the most important and essential things for you being you, for being human. #butts

Jacob Harris
3 months ago

@Alice just repeat the hashtag #butts about 20x and you’re all sorted

Dark Sheep Arts
3 months ago

And again, I know that @welshpixie and the mod team behind the @Curator account and others have been taking a lot of flak recently, so here's another image to hopefully cheer everyone up -- live footage of dot art shaming other instances in the Fediverse.

New folk -- why does this have a giant neon sign saying 'butts'? Follow Welsh Pixie, you'll see for yourself soon! (Also her caligraphy is great)

#cyberpunk #horror #3DArt #Butts #Buttstodon

An elven woman in black, modern clothes, sits on a throne of stone skulls, looking scornfully at a tablet. Behind her, a huge, foreboding stone disk, carved with skulls and geometric patterns, has a bright red neon sign that says 'butts'. Lights made from skulls and spinal columns throw weak, yellow light.
3 months ago

Per my last toot two days ago: "On second thought I should probably go outside."

I got lost outside, it's big out there. Here's a #poem because I feel obligated to post something and don't have time to sketch something atm


Bountiful beauty, born of benevolence

Unto mine dreams, thy form is well known

The concealing clothe, I doth bemoan

Teach me thy prevalence,

So the first letter, of each line shown


I hope that formats right in Mastodon or that punchline is ruined lol

#poems #poetsofmastodon #butts #poetry #funny

Mads Kjeldgaard
3 months ago

Last night I saw someone play a midi controller with a butt. I am officially back in love with Roskilde Festival. #butts #midicontroller #buttsplayingmidicontrollers

Literally a person playing a midi controller on a twerking butt of someone else
Sally Strange
3 months ago

OK but have you considered: corgi butt

#Butts #ButtPosting

A corgi, photographed from behind. She's looking back at the camera over her large, round, fluffy, dare I say sexy butt
3 months ago

Culo traste sedere poto cul culetto culito culazo che bel culo tiene un culo increíble

Dark Sheep Arts
3 months ago

And @welshpixie , and the dot art mod team in general, has been having a hell of a week, so I thought I'd get in on the Butts related fun.

#Cyberpunk #Shadowun #TTRPG #3DArt #MastoArt #Butts #Buttstodon

A slim elf woman sits in her pyjamas reading something on her tablet. She has a cybernetic arm and leg, and a cybernetic prosthetic replacing the top left quarter of her face. She has a cocktail and a box of noodles waiting to be consumed. The only light is from a neon sign that says 'butts'
Esther goes back to uni
3 months ago

I wanted to do some cutting practice before starting the next big print project so I took inspiration from @welshpixie.

#Butts! In Futura Medium.

#linocut #print #printing #typography #art

Linocut block with lettering “Butts”, mirrored horizontally, on a cutting mat with a carving knife and linoleum shavings next to it
3 prints of “Butts”, in black on white A5 paper

This is against butts. You’ve been re-butt-ed.

I get that you’re excited to be a butt, but you gotta follow the butts. And this isn’t butts. You’re not in a butt. We’re building butts and butts and butts here. This kind of butt isn’t the butts we want.

#butts #shitpost #saveYassie :butt_thonk:​

sezduck :clubtwit:
3 months ago

I’m in a crappy mood this morning.

But this BUTTS toot & the replies are helping to improve my mood.


Andy Wingo
3 months ago

foursquare, but for hashtags. you can be the mayor of #butts

i found a rich seam in the idea mine

Velocipede Rider
3 months ago


> Catching up on missing #Butts content.

😆 Never change

David Bisset
4 months ago

OH: "EyeSight is great but how about HindSight?" 🤔 #WWDC23 #butts

...The #butts were a ruse, I'm still really all about the #cum.

Anne Jefferson
5 months ago

Our family participated in our first #GreenUpDay, a #Vermont tradition. We picked up #litter in our neighborhood park and stream, both of which were already very clean. Our haul was mostly #plastic, with the most common items being cigarette #butts and #wrappers. Our biggest retrieval was this #bike frame, but I had to leave behind several large items partially buried in rocks and sediment in the streambed and a #tire with a tree growing through it. #GreenUp #PlasticPollution #TrashyStreams

Bicycle frame lying in the mud with shallow water in upper half of the picture. Bike frame is black. Most of rest of image is brown.
Bearded Book Wyrm
5 months ago

Guess I should make an intro post.

Twitter and formerly Tumblr migrant. 
40-something, single, cis-het man. #Bearded #Bespectacled #Bearish

Just looking for a place to share #Smut #Butts and #Politics

Under 25, DNI. Not interested in being your daddy.

This blog supports all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and beliefs, except #Fascists and #ChristianNationalists. You can fuck right off.

Anne Jefferson
5 months ago

Look at the awesome art, data, and public engagement that came out of the Earth Day Lake Champlain cleanup that my family and I participated in.

Most common find: #cigarette #butts - just like everywhere else. I'm not sure smokers know/care that #littering butts adds #plasticpollution to the environment.

#LakeChamplain #EarthDay #CleanUp #MarineDebris #TrashArt #PublicEngagement #BurlingtonVT

Mycotropic :JWST:
6 months ago

@tomlowenthal why are you abusing #EtherealFreerangeMentalForceLifeForms ?

I wish I could transform into a #EtherealFreerangeMentalForceLifeForms but I'd probably abuse the power by looking at things better left private.

It's #Butts obviously

Lisa 🦔
7 months ago

The timeline needs more #BeeButts - thank you in advance for your contributions. #Butts #BeeBum #BumbleBum