Teri Radichel
12 hours ago

Protecting git Credentials Used in Automated Scripts
Prevent writing git credentials to disk and limit the time stored in memory with git credential.helper cache options
by Teri Radichel | Jun 5, 2023
#git #credentials #automation #cache

Gerrit Kuilder
5 days ago

#NowPlaying I am currently listening to #Cache-cache by #IreneJacob from the album En bas de chez moi see #spotify

#NowPlaying I am currently listening to #Cache-cache by #IreneJacob from the album En bas de chez moi see #spotify
Raito Bezarius
5 days ago

Heads-up, #NixOS Foundation seems to need help and community input on a developing NixOS cache S3 situation:

Please don't hesitate to bring new points and interesting things which could help steering the situation!

I already gave my (somewhat personal) view in the second post.

#NixOS #S3 #Cache

5 days ago

#StuffAlcea #android #s6lite #samsung

This was *the* weirdest ... #root experience ever.

First attempt:
Complete brick.
(boot img broken. recovery broken. Only #download mode still functional :ablobcatknitsweats: )
Then take the "vbmeta.img" and "recovery.img" out of the, flash em via odin (after 7zip-ing em to "tar")

then sideload the lineage os via adb... in the just flashed recovery.

boot. get stuck.
reflash recovery once more.
#wipe #cache and #data

and... presto.
God !

And. we are safe

I have reduced the retention days for my #mastodon #instance #cache to 3 days now because it occupies almost 70GB in my S3 storage. This is going to get expensive if don't find an alternative ....

Philippe Braun
3 weeks ago

Teste #WordPress #Cache-Plugins SwiftAI, PoweredCache 3, FlyingPress 4.4, WP Rocket 3.13.2.
Am Ende bleibe ich wohl doch bei den Raketen-Franzosen.

Webpagetest: Timings
Webpagetest: Filmstrips
Webpagetest: CLS
Josiah Winslow
4 weeks ago

You know what really annoys me?

When my phone decides to #cache some parts of my #website and not update them while it's in active #development.

My fancy nav menu shows up on my phone as a standard list of links. Apparently the #CSS isn't updating, but the #HTML is. Weird.

Cybel Martin
1 month ago

Today's double feature is #DavidLynch's #LostHighway (forever my fav DL) and #MichaelHaneke's #Cache.

Poster for film Cache
Poster for film Lost Highway
Bibin Mohan
1 month ago
Michal :verified: :btw:
2 months ago

Here's a trick to forget an obsolete "permanent" 301 redirect on Android Firefox.

If during development you redirect with 301 and the destination no longer exists, Firefox will keep telling you that it can't establish connection, even if "it now definitely works". The trouble is it remembers the permanent 301 redirect. To fix this:

Go to ⋮ > Settings > Delete browsing data

Select just "Cached images and files" and click "Delete browsing data"

#firefox #android #http #redirect #cache #trick

Sander van Kasteel
2 months ago

Remember kids... Don't do #cache

Een Google zoekresultaat dat zegt "De paashaas is een homoseksuele furry met een mandje. Zijn fursona is een paars konijn met een strikje."
Ed Howland
2 months ago

Want to clear up some space on your #iPhone? This vid does a deep dive on clearing #IOS system data.
#backup #tech #hygene #cache #storage #ram

Emory L.
2 months ago

alright #synology, have it your way. #householdIT #cache

two HP m2 NVMe SSDs, 5 year warranty (haha) and 512GB each. they will be installed in a Synology NAS filer to be used as a cache device for one of my storage systems.
2 months ago
Pokud někdo máte #Arch a chcete si #Pacman #cache pořešit symlinkem, nedělejte to. Je to blbej nápad, kterej mě dneska stál asi dvě hodiny času, než jsem na to přišel

Kliknutím otevřete/zavřeteOn vám totiž ten symlink pacman smaže ve chvíli, kdy se aktualizuje pacman, takže se pak nemá odkud nainstalovat a zbyde vám jen částečně upgradovanej Arch bez správce balíčků 😁
2 months ago


I think it might be for security reasons tho.

But dang the #cache problem and this #http one sure do show that #wecanthavenicethings

2 months ago


Because my #image page shows results from 1 hour ago.

In an incognito tab it renders fine

(Technically I already solved this #problem by reading the html backwards and rendering on load line by line,
but I'm bored and #think a #cache reload can be useful)

2 months ago


#Force #Cache #reload url #trash take

<a href="javascript:cachereload()">reload cache</a>
function cachereload() {
const url = new URL(window.location.href); url.searchParams.set('reloadTime',;
//window.location.href = url.toString();
let a= document.createElement('a'); '_blank';
a.href= url.toString();;

3 months ago

remember kids... When updating #Mastodon and using #Cloudflare ... #Purge your #cache or shit will break

Edoardo Dusi
3 months ago

Parliamo un po' di Dragonfly, ora stabile in versione 1.0, o anche "il nuovo Redis"

#dragonfly #redis #database #memory #cache #memcached #cloud #devops

3 months ago

#Gradle Build Tool has a fantastic plugin ecosystem, but finding a #plugin that works well can be a challenge. Join our talk with Gradle’s Gary Hale for plugin authors to learn how to write plugins that consumers will love. We'll cover #pluginarchitecture, #taskconfiguration avoidance, configuration #cache compatibility, #buildcache planning and #testing, and backwards compatibility. Keep your plugin healthy and well-behaved as Gradle evolves -


Genoa-X leak shows it will have more than 1.2GB of L3+L2 cache

That is so so so much cache!


Dominik Schilling 🌊
3 months ago

Using a cache plugin on your WordPress site and have the ActivityPub plugin activated? You may want to check if it properly handles content negotiation otherwise your users may see some weird content!

Read more about that and a possible solution for the zero(ish)-config cache plugin Surge in 👇
#wordpress #cache #http #codesnippet #activitypub

Elias Häußler :typo3:
3 months ago

I am very proud to announce v2.0.0 of my #PHP #cache #warmup library 🚀 This major release brings some shiny new features, including:

🚫 Exclude patterns
🔎 Crawling strategies
♾️ Endless mode
📦 Support of gzipped sitemaps
✨ Improved command output

Upcoming #TypeScript 5 supports decorators. #Decorators are function wrappers, or higher-order functions. For example this project will automatically #cache your computation-heavy functions in memory or even #Redis:

@ChrisShort Why doesn't #aws, #gcp & #Azure locally #cache stuff?

Even cheap-ass VPS providers like locally cache repos for distros in order to save bandwith.

Personally if I were #Kubernetes project I'd blackhole or at least traffic-shape #GAFAM's and force them to cache shit or at the very least #peer directly with oneself!

taste of taboo 📸 🦝
3 months ago

There is always somewhere a cache! The biggest time killer when working on websites are caches and if it is on a shared host, it is such a pain in the ass.
There is always another layer of cache and often you can't even control this. You can delete your site cache, delete the cache folder contents with SFTP and the people still see an outdated cached version - even if the browser has never seen the site before. This is such a pain as a #WebDev. I had this even of expensive, premium #sharedhosting specialized in #WordPress. And Clients are like "no this is so premium and expensive, and they are so Professional ...."

#cache #cachelayers #WordPress

Sami Lehtinen
3 months ago
Need to detect #DNS #servers which do not respect #TTL and #cache #stale responses? provides a free solution to that, record is updated every second with fresh timestamp.
Olivia Appleton
3 months ago

Okay, tell me why this is a horrible idea

I have 6x4TB HDDs, and 1x144GiB SSD

I want to take the following config:
- 5 HDDs form a #raid6 #LVM array
- 1 HDD is used either as a hot spare or normal disk (with a USB drive as hot spare)
- 1 SSD used as an LVM #cache

The bare drives will all be encrypted, so LVM on #LUKS. I will then put in 256 GiB swap, and the rest to #btrfs

On top of that I install #CoreOS


4 months ago

I'm reading about #Mastodon #servers and #instances converting to #Image #cache reduction over a period of time. Does this mean that in future you'll get either an image placeholder or "image unavailable" message instead of the original pic?

4 months ago

If nothing is working anymore in your #nextjs project and you see #Webpack #missing #module #error everywhere, get rid of some folders and reinstall the dependencies:

rm -fR .next node_modules
npm install

I just spend the last couple of hours to find out why my project was not working anymore after installing some dependencies… #cache for the win ❤️

Ryan Wild
4 months ago

For those curious, I did a quick check on our media usage here. In terms of local storage this is what we're seeing

Total number of objects (files):

Total size:
120.1 GB

In comparison, this is our remote servers cached files (So not even the full remote server cache and I've given up running this query after 20 mins)

Total number of objects:

Total size:
1.4 TB

Our total storage is:

Total number of objects:
14.1 Million

Total size:
4.4 TB

#MastoAdmin #Storage #Cache

4 months ago

#mastodon 4.1.0 is out - first stable release with profiles / account / headers cache clean-up! Changelog at the usual place:

So let's give this new #cache-clean-up a try.
Visited 153506 accounts and removed profile media totaling 35.6 GB

Holy disk space usage improvement, batman!

the roamer
4 months ago

#Fedilab is a Mastodon #client on Android. Its developers keep bringing out new features that strengthen the tenets of #MastodonCulture.

Their most recent tool is a #cache for incoming posts on the #Home #timeline, storing them for a week. This bypasses the #TimelineLimit of #400posts.

As a user (no IT expert), let me see whether I can make sense of why this matters.

ra-mon ✌️
4 months ago

Salut @rigo
Je me permets de te répondre en FR :
Si tu constates un emballement (CPU/RAM) de #Vivaldi, jette un œil dans son gestionnaire de tâches (Maj+Esc ou menu Outils) pour localiser d'où ça pourrait venir (onglet, panneau, extensions, ou le navigateur lui-même).
Vider le #cache (Ctrl+Maj+Suppr. ou menu Outils) en général n'aide pas puisque ce cache est prévu justement pour éviter de re-télécharger des contenus inchangés, donc #économiser un peu de #ressources.


4 months ago

#NienteDaNascondere #Caché

Thriller avvincente ed angosciante, su senso di colpa, segreti e rapporti di coppia e famiglia.
La mano di #Hanake si vede tutta, sempre bravissimo #Auteuil.

📝Voto: 7
"Caché" di Michael Haneke, 117minuti, 2005.

#Cinema #film #29gennaio #cinemastodon

Caché" di Michael Haneke, 117minuti, 2005.

Heute wurde mein erster #Cache beim #geocaching freigeschaltet und mein Trackable von dort auf die Reise gegangen. Bin mal gespannt, was der #ESP8266 so alles erleben wird 😉

Mike Blazer 🇺🇦
5 months ago

bfcache is an in-memory #cache that stores a complete snapshot of a page (including JavaScript) as the user is navigating away. With the entire page in memory, the browser can quickly and easily restore it if the user decides to return.

With bfcache enabled Loading the previous page is essentially instant, because the entire page can be restored from memory, not from the HTTP cache.

2/3 🧵


Are there any pull requests to clear the #mastodon #cache of old avatars and headers?

#mastoadmin #git #github

Update on federated medias caching: I did not expect the process to take this long, it's been more than 24h and I would say it's 70% done.
I think it should be complete* tomorrow morning (Eastern Time).
*It is possible due to the decentralized nature of mastodon that some medias can't be refetch, because the source could be unavailable. So we can't expect 100% caching.
#techhub #cache #medias #404

Matt Brunt
6 months ago

Broken avatars, headers, custom emojis.

Hey kids, include the #Cache in your #Backups as #Mastodon is a hot mess without it.

@jhamby my biggest issue is the size of the #mastodon #cache. Why is there a need to store everyones #avatar and #header forever? My new server is storing 60Mb of its own content and 15Gb of cached headers and avatars from other instances.

Nicolas Fränkel
6 months ago

Choosing a #cache: mandatory and optional features


bigcache is an efficient cache for gigabytes of data written in Go.

#libraries #cache #caching #go

Martin Carpella
6 months ago

Just published a new blog post. The first since quite some time:

"Speeding up Btrfs RAID1 with LVM Cache"
#btrfs #raid #cache

11 months ago

@read_and_riot eventuell manuell den #Cache leeren der App, das kann manchmal schon helfen. 😏

Ansonsten die #Entwickler der App einmal kontaktieren mit entsprechenden Angaben zur Problematik. 😉

DAT :loading:
2 years ago

Wenn es irgendwas gibt, das man prima im #Cache liegend haben kann und bei dem es wichtig ist dass es schnell und ohne Ressourcenaufwand ausgeliefert wird, dann sind es Newsfeeds!

Software die immer wieder automatisiert den gleichen Request wiederholt und eigentlich nur wissen will was neu ist… und die Leute brauchen 10+ Sekunden für eine Antwort.

Dieser heutige Stand der IT macht mich einfach nur traurig.

heise+ | Linux: Platzfresser auf der Festplatte aufspüren

Die folgenden Linux-Tools helfen dabei, alte ISO-Images, heruntergeladene Spiele, Filme und andere große Dateien aufzuspüren, die die Platte vollmüllen.
Linux: Platzfresser auf der Festplatte aufspüren
Durch eine Änderung am Browser-Cache lädt Google Chrome häufiger Inhalte neu, statt aus dem Cache. Das sorgt für mehr Privatsphäre beim Surfen.
Browser-Cache: Google Chrome lädt mehr Inhalte neu
Der Essenslieferdienst Lieferando hat am Wochenende Probleme mit seinem Caching-Server gehabt. Kunden konnten fremde Daten einsehen.
Caching-Server down: Lieferando-Kunden sehen fremde Daten
3 years ago

How to Clear Apt Cache and Reclaim Precious Disk Space

#apt #cache #clean #disk

3 years ago

Improved stream buffering on my Raspberry Pi 4 running Kodi by adding caching

#kodi #streaming #cache