Today was my special day, so I made a cake! 🍰 Some strawberries and whipped topping would go great on it 🍓😊

📷 a friend
🪡 twt/Antler_Works

#furry #fursuit #birthday #cake #WeaselWednesday

P.S. Angel food is my favorite cake (and it has lots of egg 🤭), but what’s yours?

A stoat fursuiter leans on their island countertop over a freshly-baked angel food cake

#Rainbow '#pride #cake' to go on sale at #IKEA #Aberdeen with all #profits sent to #LGBTQ+ #charity.

The rainbow cakes first went on sale in 2022, raising £38,000 for #Switchboard's #LGBTHelpline. Now the #limitededition cake, is hitting shelves again at IKEA’s Aberdeen Plan and Order Point Café.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #UK #Scotland #Pride #PrideMonth

Tim Richards
2 days ago

My last night at the Hotel Moskva, so I thought I should finally try its signature Moskva Schnitte cake. Rude not to, surely.

#Belgrade #Serbia #Hotel #Cake cc @sister_ratched @LifeTimeCooking

Slice of layered cake on a decorative plate with a piece of peach. A glass of fresh lemonade stands next to it.
Item in menu reading "Famous, original Moskva Hotel cake with French buttercream, sour cherries, pineapple, peaches, covered with sliced almonds."
Le Mille Ricette :verified:
2 days ago

Ciambellone alto e soffice all’arancia: senza burro, il più goloso e profumato di sempre! Ricetta qui 👉👉👇

#6Giugno #ricetta #ciambellone #torra #cake

3 days ago

BNB, CAKE Plummet Following SEC Crackdown on Binance - Both are significant tokens in the Binance ecosystem and had their prices drop by more th... - #markets #binance #news #cake #bnb

Crafty Jo
3 days ago

I accidentally made a #cake that only I liked, so I've spent the whole week eating a cake to myself.
I'm talking #Breakfast cake, Afternoon cake, #Pudding cake.
I finished it this morning. It was glorious!
.... it would be dangerous for me to make another.

It was chocolate

Le Mille Ricette :verified:
3 days ago

Torta di grano cotto e cioccolato: dolce veloce e profumatissimo che si crede Pastiera Napoletana Ricetta qui 👉👉👇

#RecipeOfTheDay #5giugno #Food #torta #cake

4 days ago

i absolutely love the chaotic wholesome energy in this:

#YouTube #Food #Cake #Cereal

Cassandra Good
4 days ago

A book cake is a beautiful thing--and delicious!
#books #bookstodon #histodons #cake

Cake made to look like a book
Leanne J
4 days ago

Lovely day out today with friends. We met in town and wandered up to the historic market to buy some local and eco goods, along with some cupcakes at Pet Lamb Patisserie (highly recommended), and then walked to a park in the sunshine.
#NewcastleUponTyne #cake

Greetings cards at a local shop, in the Newcastle ‘Geordie’ dialect
Colourful decorated cupcakes from Pet Lamb Patisserie. I had the coconut pineapple!
Lovely hand painted typographical detail on the cake shop, with gold outline on the number 19
A traditional Victorian (?) bandstand in Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne. Sunshine and blue skies along with tall trees are in the background.
AndThisIsMrsPeacock 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

Me: I have no idea why, but I really feel like baking a #cake today.

#Anxiety Brain: it probably means u forgot somebody's birthday lol one of ur friends is so disappointed in u rn

Me: ...

Me: Ok, open the stupid contacts app.

5 days ago


There are two things you can do when you have a lot of strawberries -
a cake or a jam.
Family voted for a strawberry vanilla cream cake 🍰🍓😁

#baking #cake #strawberries #family

5 days ago


You have one guess - What are we making?

Yes, the boys are restless so I better get on with it 💪😁

#baking #cake

5 days ago

The finished article in its natural environment - accompanying a cup of tea.

#Baking #HomeBaking #Cake

A banana bread, sitting on a cutting board with 2 slices on plates next to cups of freshly brewed tea. The plates are brown with a very 70s orange and brown patterned trim. Above a old fashioned pineapple print tea towel lays over the wire rack the cake was cooling on.
1 week ago

"You Live In Your Sad World Made of Cake" #aiartworks #aiart #cake #surrealism

Caro Schwarz :musicspots:
1 week ago

Coffee to stay natürlich mit Kuchen, Snacks & Hafenblick im foodlab Hamburg.

Ich geb nen virtuellen Kaffee aus @horsemaid @Dirk @andreas @MisterB @Jenny @kieliscalling @Miriam

#coffee #cake #foodlover

Aaron Tyo-Dickerson
1 week ago
1 week ago

My cake now has frosting! Ye gods, frosting is a bit of toxic nightmare but SO YUM! TWO sticks of butter, all the sugar, a full bar of chocolate, raw egg yolk? Wow, you don’t realize until you make it yourself! #cake #frosting #beattyschocolatecake #chocolatecake #inagarten #yummy

A cake with a thick coat of chocolate buttercream frosting.
Polly Springhorn (she/her)
1 week ago

Accomplishment: Auchentoshan (Scotch whisky ) #bread . Next up: Auchentoshan #muffins , #cake , #cupcakes .

1 week ago

My first go at a baked strawberry cheesecake; this is using Quark/zero fat cheese; it all bubbled up like a souffle until it collapsed a few mins after taking it out - the strawberries gave it quite a lot of moisture to cook out.
#cake #food

A homemage baked cheesecake in a circular white dish; the centre is sunk down and a pinky white; it gets darker as it gets to the edge where it's a nice caramalised brown.  It's uneven and cracked.

Look idk what kinda #sorcery is inside that MOD Pizza "No Name Cake," but I was very much awake after eating my salad and a couple slices of pizza. But after I ate that delicious cake that shouldn't be as tasty as it is, it was like Hermione had dosed my #cake on some #harrypotter shit and I was down for the count like 15mins later.

But Good #Morning tho mfz 💜🤗

#itis #blackmastodon #blackfedi #foodcoma #food

1 week ago

I have wanted to make Ina Garten’s, Beatty’s Chocolate Cake for a long time. My problems began with trying to line the cake tin with parchment paper?! Y’all must have a hack for that, fill me in. Second problem, the batter was already super runny and she still wanted me to add a cup of coffee! Which I did, but then it was basically soup! So I added a quarter cup of flour to try to thicken it back up. Off recipe, probably not good in baking. Anyway, two cakes are out of the oven. #baking #cake

A chocolate cake after baking in the tray.
The to runny batter before the oven.
1 week ago

No autocorrect, I did not mean "sells like hot takes". Hot Takes don't sell, as shown by a long list of bankrupt internet media companies. Hot cakes are delicious, sugary and hot - so everyone wants one; hot takes no-one cares about. Which is ironic, given that the average #hottake contains more air, and even less nutrition, than your average sponge #cake.

1 week ago

#Cryptocurrencies #betamode #bonuses #CAKE #CAKEtokens PancakeSwap Launches Play-to-Earn Project, Offering NFTs and CAKE Tokens: Decentralized crypto exchange PancakeSwap (CAKE) launches its own project based on the "Play and Earn" model, where users can receive NFT and earn CAKE tokens.

Holders of the exchange's native tokens will get bonuses and a competitive advantage in play-to-earn, exchange representatives assured.Right now, the game is available in beta mode on…

2 weeks ago

In other news, #dinner shall be a #steak & #KFC stir-fry, with salad, followed by chocolate #cake.

2 weeks ago

Next week (June 4) is gonna be my birthday, and what's better if not by celebrating it with a fully customizable delicious cake with tons of different yummy toppings to decorate as many different cake as possible? 🎂

And this is not just a simple cake, but can also be used as a box to store every kind of items inside, from jewelry to your most used or precious items!
#3dprint #3dprinting #decor #gift #cake #design #birthday #impression3d #3dmodeling #3dart #design #artwork #creation #randomizy

2 weeks ago

#Cake. But on a cake.

A chocolate brownie balanced upon a chocolate cupcake. Evil genius.

Off to the market in #Caerphilly later today to see what delights we might find, especially on the #cake stalls.

Crowbar Jones
2 weeks ago

50 Chocolate Mud Cupcakes with Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream

#baking #sweet #cake #cerebralsoup

Crowbar Jones
2 weeks ago

1/50 Chocolate Mud Cupcakes with Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream

#baking #sweet #cake #cerebralsoup

Kevin :ve:
2 weeks ago

Just made #welshcakes for the first time ever.

Thanks to @dwvcd and @brian for piquing my interest in #macespice.

#cakesofmastodon #homecooking #cake

2 weeks ago

Last year's #FathersDay #cake made by a family friend. #yummy

Kevin :ve:
2 weeks ago

The pistachio cake turned out superbly 🥰

The lemon zest and cardamom really gives this cake a wonderful freshness😋

#pistachiocake #homebaking #cakesofmastodon #cake #baking

Kevin :ve:
2 weeks ago

Making a pistachio cake and my condo smells divine right now 🥰 should be done in another twenty minutes. Never did this recipe before 🤞

#pistachiocake #homebaking #cakesofmastodon #cake #baking

Uncooked pistachio cake in a loaf pan with roughly crushed pistachios sprinkled on top
2 weeks ago

Have some Hump Day cake🍰

#Humpday #booty #MilfBooty #NSFW #Cake

Nude woman leaning towards a bathroom mirror. Booty visible.
2 weeks ago (no paywall link) A fun article…on cake! Let’s all eat cake! I have been gluten free for over 30 years, but when I ate cake - Duncan Hines always won for me. When I used to make brownies for my peeps at work…I always used DH. Check out the list!!!! Have a sweet, cake-filled day. 🎂🍰🧁 #cake #kindnessmatters

Chris Hallbeck
2 weeks ago
Two people at a grocery store discussing the pre-made cakes.
Atlas Obcsura
2 weeks ago

Konditorei Buchwald in Berlin, Germany

For more than 170 years, this family-run bakery has been serving Berlin’s best Baumkuchen, or “tree cake.”
Konditorei Buchwald

2 weeks ago

#food #cooking #baking #cake

When I was prepping ginger paste for the lime marmalade, I made extra for a walnut gingerbread cake. Nyom!

A mid-brown cake on a wire rack, cut into eight large slices with one pushed forward a little to show the soft, walnutty interior.
A slice of walnut gingerbread cake on a plate, topped with a spoonful of lime marmalade.  Jars of marmalade stand in the background.  It's a fairly inept photo because the camera person is exhausted from all the marmalading and just wants to sit down, eat cake, and have a cup of tea.
Darcy :verified:
3 weeks ago

Forgot to post the best pic from last night ❤️👠

#happybirthday to me

#cake #fashion #art #louboutin #Sunday

Christian Louboutin cake. A light brown rectangular cake with a red frosting bow, and Christian Louboutin written in white frosting.
3 weeks ago

Which flavor cake would you find the most tempting?
#Poll #Polls #Food #Cake

Lu de Córdoba
3 weeks ago

My birthday cake is really amazing … #Birthday #Cake #17thMay 🥰

Aliette de Bodard
3 weeks ago

Did we bake some pecan chocolate cake? Yes we did #cooking #baking #chocolate #cake #pecan #pecanNuts

A round chocolate cake topped with pecan nuts
The Dapper Diner
3 weeks ago

@SRDas Very much so! One of my fave dishes I came across when visiting #NewOrleans years ago for #TalesoftheCocktail... everyone likes their #EggsBenedicts, but I love this version for spring/summer and you rarely find it outside of Nola, sort of like #yakamein and #Doberge #Cake.

4 weeks ago

Weather bit unpredictable for much of a walk today, so short stroll, then ridiculously large oatmilk latte, almond cake & on with my book. Not a bad way to spend some time off....

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #book #livre #AmReading #coffee #cake #gateau #lire #cafe

Book, almond cake and very large latte on a cafe table. Proper day off, me time

#Copilot … Leave it to #Microsoft to launch the slickest campaign ever, with very clear perks and usability improvements in daily operations in #Microsoft365

I want a #taste of that #juicy #steak or is #fluffy #sweet #cake more appropriate

Chris Grossack
1 month ago

The #cake is done!

If you had told me that the coconut frosting would be the worst part, I would NOT have believed you, haha. The cake itself is actually really good, and you can't taste the onion at all, which is remarkable.

Honestly? I would bake this again. But I would frost with fresh whipped cream instead of using the frosting from a tin. All in all, a successful experiment!

Anyways, the betty crocker pecan/coconut frosting is WAY shinier than it has any right to be. My friend and I were both... taken aback when we opened the tin.

A closeup of the cake, with almonds on top and a putrid green pecan/coconut frosting. It has dollops of chocolate frosting dotted around the top.
A slice of cake on its side. You can see the pecan/coconut frosting between the two layers of the cake, and the almonds on top. It looks pleasantly moist.
A shot of the cake with two slices taken out. A knife is stabbed into the monstrosity, which is lit by the cool blue glow of a phone flashlight... It's not doing the cake any favors, haha. Honestly we posted this one bc we thought it looked funny.
1 month ago

#cake : a small mass of dough baked

- French: gateau

- German: der Kuchen

- Italian: torta

- Portuguese: bolo

- Spanish: torta, tarta, pastel


Join our new Discord Server for language learners @

1 month ago

This afternoon's work.
#cake #baking

A home made victoria sponge cake; it's golden brown with a criss cross pattern and sprinkled sugar on the top.  Strawberry jam gently ooses from the gap.
Marco Tietz
1 month ago

If you go "Kaffee und Kuchen" might as well go all out.


Piece of peach cake on a plate next to a cup with coffee, covered with whipping cream and chocolate sprinkles
Scottish Lass
1 month ago

When my mum was just a quinie, an auntie went to London for the 1953 #Coronation and brought this back as a gift for her. Very heavy metal, wonder if it's lead? But bit of a metaphor for post #Brexit #GreatBritain....golden carriages dulled, broken in bits, off the rails and has a wheel missing.

What have I got as a momento for 2023? A #Cake with the official logo that will be gone in a day. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Replicat if golden carriage used in 1953 coronation. Has horses and riders pulling it 
 Metal us broken, wheel missing.
Cake with official 2023 logo. Cake is red  white and blue union flag on edges with picture iof crown in middle. Text on cake reads Coronation. King Charles III. 6th May 2023.
Bianca Nogrady
1 month ago

Science journalist by day, chocolate cake baker by morning, evening, weekend, lunchtime, morning and afternoon tea. #cake #chocolate #baking #baker

Large cake with dark chocolate drizzle down the sides and roast peanut praline on top.
Dr. Victoria Grinberg
1 month ago

My friend Daniela @tiana_athriel made the most amazing cake, celebrating the XRISM, an upcoming (launch later this summer!) NASA/JAXA with ESA participation X-ray satellite mission! 🤩🤩🤩 🛰️

#astrodon #cake #scicomm

A cake shaped like X-ray telescope/satellite XRISM, with giant sugar solar panels!
Joe Vilas
1 month ago

I'm prompted to post this by @Snarkypeds's post of some waffles with strawberries. They looked delicious, and this is too. It's the best thing I know to do with fresh fruit. It's a simple 2-layer yellow cake. The egg whites are reserved to make meringues atop each layer, & the meringues themselves are topped with nuts. All of the batter, meringue, & nut layers are cooked at the same time, then layered with fresh fruit & whipped cream. #cake #cooking #baking #fruit #JamesBeard

Blitz Küchen 

1/2 cup butter 
1/2 cup sugar 
3 egg yolks 
1/2 teaspoon vanilla 
1/3 cup milk 
1 1/4 cups sifted cake flour 
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 
1/4 teaspoon salt 
3 egg whites 
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice or 1/4 
   teaspoon cream of tartar 
1/2 cup sugar 
1/2 cup chopped walnuts, almonds, 
   pecans, or filberts 
2 or 3 cups sliced fresh or frozen fruit, 
   sliced strawberries, or whole 
1/2 to 1 cup whipping cream 

   One of the best cakes for accommodating fresh or frozen fruits, such as peaches, apricots, strawberries, or raspberries.  
   Cream the butter, then cream in the sugar until very light.  Beat in the egg yolks and vanilla.  Add the milk alternately with the sifted dry ingredients. This will make a stiff batter.  Spread in two greased and floured 8-inch cake pans.  It will make a thin layer.  Beat the egg whites until frothy.  Add the lemon juice or cream of tartar.  Slowly beat in the sugar and beat until well blended and stiff and the sugar is dissolved.  Spread in swirls on the cake batter.  Sprinkle with nuts and bake in a 350-degree oven 30 to 35 minutes, or until the cake shrinks from sides of pan.  Remove to a rack.  When cool, loosen the cake from one pan and turn meringue side down on a plate.  Sprinkle with fruit and dot with whipped cream.  Put on the other layer meringue side up.  Decorate the top with spoonfuls of whipped cream and garnish the center with fruit.
1 month ago

A business weekend in Italy is coming to an end. Pizza consumed: sadly none. #Cakes eaten: way too many.

#cake #italy

Italian cake buffet.
Italian cake buffet.
Italian cake buffet.
Italian cake buffet.
John Goerzen
1 month ago

I've been using #OPNsense for years (and before that, #pfsense) but its #IPv6 support is so buggy I think I'll have to switch. Suggestions for what to switch to? #OpenWRT is my leading contender due to its #CAKE anti- #bufferbloat support.

#OPNsense bugs: IPv6 NAT uses the wrong IP address after WAN gets a new one , same with NPTv6 . Not IPv6, but it uses the wrong MAC sometimes though I was able to work around that.

Jess the Dessert Geek!
1 month ago

Woo it's Coffee Cake Week! And last week of the second round of the #SmallBatchBakeAlong!

I never make coffee cake enough even though it's one of the simpler cakes out there to make. And I legitimately thought the vegan alt would be just okay, we chose it because it was the least complex option out there. I just wanted something chill and easy to wrap things up with and could handle mods.

And this was such a breeze to make! Like the biggest actual challenge was the scale acting up as I was working, so I had to remeasure the flour. And I should have also taken more photos because we inhaled this cake so fast.

It's soft, with a lovely bit of a gentle crunch from the crumb topping. I used chai masala instead of cinnamon, bringing a nice hint of ginger-peppery warmth to an otherwise mild cake. If I made it again I'd up the crunch factor, it could use chopped pecans for sure, but that's for next time.

If you want to try it yourself, here's the info!

#Food #Baking #Cake

An overhead shot of a small slice of the coffee cake on a white and red plate next to a fork, to show off the dense crumb structure of the cake. It has gooey brown sugar crumbs on the top and sort of in the middle, and it just looks so soft.
An overhead shot of the full coffee cake on a sheet of parchment paper, with a cutting knife to the side and a few slices of cake already cut. The brown sugar crumbs are all over the top, and it looks knobbly. The slices show off the density of the crumb and the dark brown sugar crumbs pop more.
Stephanie Burgis
1 month ago

...and the result of today's baking with my 14-year-old! :) (It's a veganized version of the Devil's Food Party Cake from Dorie Greenspan's Baking with Dorie.)

#cake #baking

A slice of double-layer chocolate cake on a small plate on a tablecloth

@lucyllewy @LAS that #cake is the exact opposite of said distros:

Thicc & Girthy!

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 months ago

A mess, just like me.

Base: crushed ladyfingers mixed with butter.
Cream layers: whipped cream, salted caramel chocolate liqueur, sugar, vanilla syrup; half was mixed width melted dark choc for the darker bottom two of four cream layers.
In between cream layers: butter waffles soaked in egg liqueur/ same liqueur as in cream, bottom two layers also with choc chips; in between waffles, there are little bits of fruit, caramelised apple for bottom two, then strawberries from preserve.
#cake #boozy

Cake with strawberries in red jelly on top, heart and flower-shaped decorative chocolates in between the strawberries; choc chip ladyfingers all around on the lateral of the cake, whipped cream & chocolate flakes in between them.
Dan Lovejoy
2 months ago

My #cake game is improving.

an image of a square cake made to look like a cake from the game Minecraft. It is white on top with red squares. The bottom half of the sides is brown with a pattern that looks like battlements on the top of a medieval castle wall.
an image of a square cake from the game Minecraft. It is white on top with red squares. The bottom half of the sides is brown with a pattern that looks like battlements on the top of a medieval castle wall.
2 months ago

Sometimes the #bread #pudding is going to be so big, the only vessel you can mix it in is the washing up bowl.

1. Bread and milk
2. ...and fruit and nuts
3. ...and chocolate

#baking #cake #bigger #BatchCooking #BatchCook

A washing up bowl full of bread and milk
A washing up bowl full of bread and milk, fruit and nuts
A washing up bowl full of bread and milk, fruit and nuts, and chocolate!
Damon Thomas
2 months ago

Someone left the cake out in the rain. #cake #rain #florida

Cake left out in the rain.
Ana Tudor 🐯
2 months ago

Today I wanted to feel like a lion 🦁 so I baked a zebra 🦓 ... cake.

#baking #cake #homemade #zebra


Because without the part below, someone inevitably does it... 🤦‍♀️

If you feel like making a joke about me creating what's in the photo with CSS, please don't. It's old, tired, stupid & not funny. And I've heard it a thousand times before.

The photo is just a damn photo of something unrelated to coding. Because I do other things as well.

Small round zebra cake (well, it kinda looks like a target from above, with the alternating light and cocoa circles) with a thin, somewhat see-through layer of forest fruit on top.
Cross-section of the cake that better shows the striped pattern.
Melissa Dimock / refashionista
2 months ago

More photos of the cake. Accepting I am not a professional cake decorator is often the hardest thing for me when making a cake for my kids, but I challenge myself to learn one new technique (at least) every time. This time it was using baked meringue to make the fungi.

I don't even notice the imperfections or what I could have done better when I look at this -- all I see is how much fun I had imagining and making it, and the look of my daughter's face when she blew out her candles. 🍄❤️

#birthdaycake #fungusamongus #mushtodon #baking #cake #fairy #gnome

A row of meringue mushrooms around the edge of a cake. Green fondant grass in the background.
Meringue bracket fungus attached to the side of a cake. Below, the name 'Thora' is spelled in meringue letters.
Fairy figurine sitting on a meringue bracket fungus attached to the side of a cake. She is holding a crystal ball.
Image of tree stump cake, with bracket fungus attached to the side and little meringue mushrooms around the bottom. Green fondant grass and fiddleheads are attached to the sides. There is a figure on top of a gnome riding a bluebird.
Jasmine Mangalaseril
2 months ago

Got a start on tomorrow’s Easter dinner. Nothing extravagant, just slow cooker pulled pork, kasundi-jalapeño baked beans, and cornbread.

Pulled my chai-spiced carrot bundt out of the oven about 30 min ago and just unmoulded it. So rare that it releases perfectly. Will glaze it tomorrow, but until then, I shall gaze at its beauty.

#Easter #Baking #Cake #InMyKitchen #nom #nomnom #nomnomnom #Mastonom

Overhead view of my perfect chai-spiced carrot bundt cake. The tin has a swirly pinwheel pattern that emanates from centre, so the cake looks like a pinwheel of sorts. the cake is golden brown and speckled with sultanas. Tomorrow, I'll pour a citrus glaze over top and sprinkle some fried cashews on top.
Side view view of mychai-spiced carrot bundt cake, where you can see the sharp edges. The tin has a swirly pinwheel pattern that emanates from centre, so the cake looks like a pinwheel of sorts. the cake is golden brown and speckled with sultanas. Tomorrow, I'll pour a citrus glaze over top and sprinkle some fried cashews on top.
2 months ago

Hi everyone! My name is Selma and I’m an amateur writer. I love cats, cake, and coffee. I’ve created this account to share some of my short stories and hopefully connect with fellow writers. Looking forward to meeting you!
#creative #CreativeWriting #writers #WritingCommunity #NewToMastodon #intro #IntroPost #hello #cats #cake #coffee

Becky 🇬🇧
2 months ago

Been here just over 2mths now and realised I don’t have an #introduction post!

I’m Becky, happily married mum of 2 boys (one with #autism). I suffer with #anxiety and atypical #depression on and off. We live in the English countryside and run an online business.

I love #animals, #tech (particularly #Apple), #scifi, #space, #80s music, #Pusheen, #StarTrek, #Chocolate & #Cake!

I lean strong left / progressive, but avoid political chat.

Here for positive vibes, new friends and #Cat pics! 🐈‍⬛

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 months ago

Made something.

Amaretto-soaked citrusy cocoa sponge layers, chocolate cream, marzipan coat, chocolate glaze, chocolate flakes and forest fruit syrup.


If you feel like making a joke about me creating what's in the photo with CSS, please don't. It's old, tired, stupid & not funny. And I've heard it a thousand times before.

The photo is just a damn photo of something unrelated coding. Because I do other things as well.

#cake #chocolateCake #homemade #chocolate #boozy #boozyCake #baking

A very chocolaty-looking cake with chocolate flakes and reddish syrup.
2 months ago

Am a little floored, ok more than a little. I was away all afternoon, & dinner was late because no one was allowed in the kitchen. Then after dinner, kitchen was off limits again. Not yet high schooler Kid2 set this cake on the table - 15 mins or so ago.
Soft and dreamy: folded egg whites + mirin to cut the egginess. Strawberry syrup made by blending, straining cooking down with sugar (done in the afternoon) incorporated into batter.
#Blessed with #Strawberry #Cake
#Food #Cooking #Baking

Top view of a cake with a thin layer of whipped cream frosting and decorated with strawberry slices and a few mint leaves.
Cake with a thin layer of whipped cream frosting and decorated with strawberry slices and a few mint leaves.
Slice of cake seen from the side, that is slightly dark pink with a line of white cream in the middle and topped with a thin layer of whipped cream and cut strawberries

It's raining and I'm staying in for the night. I finished my #HomeCookedMeal of #PorkBurritos and #GermanChocolate #Cake. I'm going to get cozy in the big leather chair and read.

Here is a great #RainyDay NON-Musical record I'll be playing/looped on low volume...

Steel Rails Under Thundering Skys

with fingernails that shine like justice
and a voice that is dark like tinted glass

#awaymessage #cake

3 months ago

A yearly tradition for my frog-averse spouse on her birthday, a made-from-scratch carrot #cake. I started the tradition many years ago with one at 2 layers (at which time it was made known that these would be expected for every future birthday) but this year it’s all the way up to 4 - had to go big, got a houseful of guests coming for a tacos&margaritas&cake party later. The cake this year even includes a couple of small homegrown carrots from our backyard garden.

#baking #photography

Close up color photo of a four layer carrot cake with white cream-cheese frosting sitting on a grey & white striped round marble base which is sitting on a white & grey-flecked granite countertop.
3 months ago

Some of the nicest looking ice cream/gelato presentations I've seen in a minute!

I love that they put actual bits of the stuff in there ex. lemon slices for Lemon flavour, mango slices for Mango flavour etc.
🍋 🥭

- -
#food #foodie #IceCream #dessert #photos #MastaFood #photography #lemon #chocolate #cheese #cake

Assortment of gelato display - cheesecake, lemon, hazelnuts, vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate, mango
brunch 🥣
3 months ago

totally legit approach to making #omelettes. what an innovation!

#foodie #eggs #chocolate #cake #cooking #baking

The text at the top reads: "I had this delicious omlette this morning. I seasoned the eggs with sugar, oil, and chocolate, and threw in a little flour for texture..."

beneath it is a photo of a slice of chocolate cake.
3 months ago

My wife has officially launched her first #cake #cookbook! She's spent the last year+ writing, photographing, video editing, endless recipe testing, and she did it all with a toddler in the mix. It even got endorsed by Duff Goldman!

Pick up a copy or even just subscribe to some of her feeds. She truly loves seeing people learn to make cakes and use them to spread joy!

3 months ago

I ordered this carrot cake because I love myself. The baker asked the occasion and I responded "Cake!!". They definitely nailed it.

#cake #selflove

4 months ago

Have a petit four. You are welcome.Enjoy.
#PetitFour #Pastry #Baking #Cake #Saturday #Today #JoinIn #Life

Two mini pastry Petit Fours on a tiny yellow dish with a blue rim. They are pastry based, with a cream layer and one has a grape on top, the other has a strawberry.
Janet Dane
4 months ago

The kid turns 39 tomorrow and still gets excited about her birthday. Angel food cake with whipped cream frosting. #cake #birthday #food #yum

A white cake with colorful little sugar balls dusting it.