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Welch Glanz in dieser tristen Zeit. Zwei Kalender aus einem der schönsten Länder sind angekommen. #Taiwan - das Exemplar rechts ist bei @taiwanreporter zu erwerben.

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itgrrl :donor:
1 day ago

I almost always set multiple #alerts (usually 3-5) for events / #reminders. I really wish every #calendar app had a “dismiss this alert and silence this event” option so when I do the thing after the 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd…) alert it doesn’t keep nagging me. 🙃

Lisa Miguez
1 day ago

All of my printable colouring pages are on sale until the end of the month. Bookmarks, calendars, colouring book and Procreate colour swatches.
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1 day ago


You can get one until THIS FRIDAY the 8th! $25 each with free shipping in the US. DM me if you're interested!

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2 days ago

Yesterday's update to our #CalendarSynchronization service:

ChronoLink can now detect the #GoogleCalendar problems listed below.

- App permissions were revoked using Google's account settings page
- An organization administrator deleted your Google Workspace account

Affected connections are marked as broken (💥) and not retried until triggered manually. For more details on these situations, see

#IndieDev #IndieApps #Calendar

Kenneth Freeman :linux: :tor:
2 days ago

Huh. #eBay only has #Playboy's 1968 #calendar (matches 2024) as part of a lot or, weirdly, a print advertisement for it.

Turpentine Creek
2 days ago

GOOD MORNING, Friends! Aurora, a beautiful white tiger, can often be found standing on top of her rock ledge keeping a watchful eye on her territory. Have you gotten your 2024 calendar yet? They make wonderful gifts. Our calendars feature many of your favorite residents of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

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Oona is drawing animals
2 days ago

...and here some more of the actual calendar pages.

#artForSale #ink #animalArt #calendar

a wall calendar lying on a wooden table colored by paint stains, opened to the page for March 2024, with an image of a chicken head in profile at the top
the same calendar opened to the page for September 2024, with an image of three octopi at the top
the same calendar opened to the page for October 2024, with an image of four giraffe heads at the top
Oona is drawing animals
2 days ago

Speaking of pretty things, my critter drawings wall calendar sample arrived, and it is indeed pretty!

If you want one you can either DM me here or head on over to my shop:

The calendar is A4 sized, printed on 250gsm matte paper, with one month per page, and one drawing per month. The drawings are all picked from my monochrome ink drawings, most in black and white, some in shades of brown. Crisp clean lines :)

25€ including shipping

#MastoArt #artForSale #calendar

a wall calendar turned to the page for January lying on a wooden table spotted with paint stains, with a left hand at the side of the calendar for size comparison. The upper part of the calendar page is taken up by an image of six corvids in various poses, drawn in black ink.
2 days ago

#Google #Calendar provides some "calendars of interest" for various things... US Holidays, Sports calendars, various religious #holidays, etc.

I cannot speak to the other religious holiday calendars of the world, but I will say that the implementation of the #Jewish calendar is awful.

Why is it awful? because Jewish days start at sundown the evening before the first Gregorian calendar 'day'. Which means that I have to do mental gymnastics to realize that the first NIGHT of Hanukkah is actually the square box BEFORE what's marked in Google Calendar. Ditto for Passover, Rosh Hashana, and so forth.

I got so annoyed that I went looking for a fix. to the rescue!

Happy #Hanukkah y'all.

3 days ago

We're back in #Norfolk after dog sitting for our son in the #NewForest. Last night we managed to do Day 4 of our #Advent #Calendar #jigsaw.

Part completed advent calendar jigsaw including the picture of the completed jigsaw and the box of daily boxes containing each day's supply of pieces.
PoliticalPuffin in the UK
3 days ago

Hi all 👋 I'm guessing there are others here with #adhd #Autism #add & other challenges?

I have searched many times over the years for a #smartwatch that will sync with my #Android #phone #calendar and vibrate to let me know I have to do something. I am astonished a #mobile #iPhone manufacturer hasn't jumped all over this. I will pay for something, anything, that will do what I consider being a fundamental & simple task

If anyone has suggestion, please let me know. I'd be very grateful. Ta 👍

Moritz Brouhaha
3 days ago

💚 #26 Karel Martens calendar

Of course we need a 2024 calendar ! Karel Martens is a Dutch graphic designer specialized in shapes and colors combination.

This shop in based in the USA but you can find it Europe easily as well.

#design #calendar

cover of the calendar
saturday 8 june 2024
sunday 30 june 2024
wednesday 10 July 2024
Mina Hanse
3 days ago
3 days ago

PRE0RDERS ARE OPEN for my 2024 Art Calendar! Featuring 13+ different pieces of art I've done throughout the year ✨

2️⃣5️⃣ each with free shipping in the US! Open until this Friday the 8th. DM me if you're interested!

#Calendar #Art #ArtistsOnMastodon #FurryArt #Animals #Portrait #ArtShop #DigitalArt

An ad for my 2024 Art Calendar. The main image is the cover page to the calendar, featuring art of my springer spaniel fursona holding a bunch of arcade tickets. The text on the cover says "2024 Art Calendar by Vetrina Nicole Art." The background features several monthly calendar spreads, all featuring different pieces of my art.
4 days ago

Google Calendar to add chips to switch between event and task creation in Google Calendar

#Android #Google #Calendar

4 days ago

Last but not least I made a reprint of my first calendar ever made (for year 2018) on demand, so it’s available too!

Of course all also available in English.

#calendar #kalendarz #calendar2024 #kalendarz2024 #theFisher

2018 reprint cover
2018 calendar page photo
2018 calendar page photo
4 days ago

Here you can see closeups. I’m so glad even the paper texture was saved in printing.

#calendar #kalendarz #calendar2024 #kalendarz2024 #theFisher

closeup photo
closeup photo
4 days ago

Calendars are here and they look great! If anyone is still interested, contact me here or via my portfolio

#calendar #kalendarz #calendar2024 #kalendarz2024 #theFisher

photo of the cover of the calendar
photo of the calendar page
photo of the calendar page
Coreyartus Imagery
4 days ago

Hey, I just want everyone in the US to know that apparently this Friday 12/8 is the last day one can safely order things online (domestic) and have them arrive in time for Christmas.

There are a lot of really lovely art calendars, prints, and cards by some fantastic artists out there right now. So if you were planning on gifting something like that you'll need to order it quickly!

Jus' sayin'. 😉

#art #illustration #calendar #2024 #FediGiftShop #Birdart #MastoArt

Sara Hjelm
4 days ago

This is really nice @jeaned70.
Your calendar beats all I’ve seen so far.
I also like that you can see the previous days as you “open”

#advent #calendar @artbot

Hermetic Library
5 days ago

Annihilation of Aleister Crowley, December 3, 1909 at Bou-Saada, Algeria

#calendar #historic #OTD #OnThisDay

As described in post text.
6 days ago

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Marcia Nelson Pedde
6 days ago

an old school habit
flipping calendar pages
one last time this year

#amwriting #nature #time #december #endofyear #calendar #oldschool #observations #poetry #haiku #senryu #3lines #mpy

6 days ago

Totally forgot that the Advent of Code started on the 1st of December!

It's a nice way to do some coding puzzles and test your coding skills!
​:parrotnotfound:​ I might get to it later - I'm currently quite busy in several corners of my daily life. More on that soon (maybe).

#AdventofCode #aoc #advent #calendar

Long Shott
1 week ago
John Griogair Bell
1 week ago
The Mad Codger
1 week ago

It's 01 December, so that means it's time to break out the #AdventCalendars!

Obviously, this is just for me and my roommate.

#advent #calendar #christmas #Exit #cadbury #walkers

Hermetic Library
1 week ago

Greater Feast of Aleister Crowley, died December 1, 1947 at Hastings, United Kingdom

#calendar #historic #OTD #OnThisDay

As described in post text.
Hermetic Library
1 week ago

Greater Feast of John Dee, Johannes Dee, died December 1608 or March 1609 at Mortlake, United Kingdom

#calendar #historic #OTD #OnThisDay

As described in post text.
Russ Swan
1 week ago

@u0421793 What the flip is 'astronomical winter'? Is it as bogus as 'meteorological winter', invented in the 2010s by lazy weather persons who couldn't work a spreadsheet enough to tally seasonal statistics unless they began on the first of the month? There is nothing astronomical about the human calendar. Winter begins at the solstice, in about three weeks. Grumble grumble. I get cross about this approximately four times a year. #seasons #winter #meteorology #calendar

Mike Nelson Pedde
1 week ago
An 11x17 image - at the top is an image of an orange leather sea star and a green anemone against a rock face at low tide. At the bottom is a calendar sample for October 2024
Marcia Nelson Pedde
1 week ago
An 11x17 image - at the top is an image of an orange leather sea star and a green anemone against a rock face at low tide. At the bottom is a calendar sample for October 2024
1 week ago

4840 won't be a leap year in the Gregorian #calendar, according to a Finnish book from 1938. I also found some forum posts claiming the same thing, but Wikipedia doesn't mention it. #time

Edit: The book is Pikku Jättiläinen (1938) by Yrjö Karilas. I'll post interesting trivia I find in the book.

John Griogair Bell
1 week ago

Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2023 — December 3, 2023, Milwaukee, WI

Hermetic Library Calendar Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2023 3dec2023 Milwaukee WI
Ridenour the Krampus and the Old Dark Christmas
1 week ago

We're leaving #Norfolk to stay at our son's house in the #NewForest tomorrow. Our #jigsaw holder is currently in use so we're leaving our #Advent #calendar behind having started it early.

There's 24 small boxes of pieces and here we show it after Day One has been completed.

I took the photo earlier. We've done three days already. The rest will await our return on Monday 4 December.

Partially completed jigsaw shown beside its box and a picture illustrating the picture to be complted.
schultzter :mstdnca:
1 week ago

#Google #Tasks full page view in #Calendar!!! Since when has this been a thing?!

Sam at BLAG
1 week ago

Check out the 2024 Shopfronts of London calendar from artist Michelle Heron:

Back in 2018, I profiled her work on the Ghostsigns blog. Read 'Michelle Heron’s Fantastic Fascias' here:

#calendar #artist #shopfront #storefront #london

1 week ago

New software review on my website!

Thunderbird (Email and Calendar)

Stable, capable desktop email application, works well with multiple accounts including Gmail, Nextcloud, easy to set up and use but with advanced settings when you need them.
#software #email #calendar #macos #linux #windows #productivity #nextcloud #review

Hermetic Library
2 weeks ago
Got something for the Zine?
Got something for the Calendar?
Hermetic Library
2 weeks ago

Greater Feast of Harry Smith, died November 27, 1991 at New York, United States

#calendar #historic #OTD #OnThisDay

As described in post text.
IT News
2 weeks ago

Double-Dose of AI Turns Daily Tasks Into Works of Art - Not so long ago, “Magic Mirror” builds were all the rage, and we have to admit get... - #machinelearning #raspberrypi #midjourney #mischacks #waveshare #calendar #chatgpt #e-paper #dall-e #prompt #e-ink

2 weeks ago

Never lose track of your various #content #marketing #goals.

Different streamed content with separate schedules & optimized for more reach every time with Fedica's posting #calendar!

#contentcalendar #socialmediamarketing #smm #contentstrategy #optimize #lifehacks #livesimply

Deb Beausoleil 📷🌅📸 she/her
2 weeks ago

Just added to my Zazzle Shop - the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) 2024 calendar! VMI, founded in 1839, is the first state-supported military college in the United States 🇺🇸. With over 1,600 cadets, VMI is a prestigious institution shaping future leaders. Get your hands on this exclusive calendar featuring captivating images of VMI's campus. Perfect for VMI alumni & military enthusiasts.

#VMI #MilitaryCollege #calendar #AYearforArt #BuyIntoArt #giftideas #FineArt

2024 Calendar Cover featuring Virginia Military Institute Barracks - Jackson Arch. In front, there are 4 red cannons and just behind that is a statue of Stonewall Jackson. The Jackson Arch leads into one of the many courtyards. Blue sky day with a few white wispy clouds.  2024 Calendar at:  See more art at:
Marina Kraus
2 weeks ago

Searching for a Christmas present? We still have some calendars in stock (which means fast delivery!). Shipping to DACH region.

#calendar #calendar2024 #Christmas #Weihnachtsgeschenk #Kalender #Kalender2024

My 2024 Black & White calendar is ready — plus it's #TreeTuesday and this photo appears in it.

This majestic Coast Live Oak stood guardian over the hiking trail at Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, but unfortunately collapsed a few years ago.

Check out the calendar:

#BlackAndWhite #TreesOfMastodon #Infrared #NaturePhotography #SanDiego #Monochrome #Calendar #Trees #PhotoCalendar #2024Calendar

Black & white infrared photo of an oak tree bending over a winding trail. The dark branches contrast starkly against the brighter background of foliage that is glowing in afternoon backlight.
Michael Russell
2 weeks ago

My 2024 Calendar is now available! You can view a preview in my blog post below:

30% OFF! Use the code TWINKLE30 (case sensitive) for 30% OFF through November 24.

#Calendar #NatureCalendar #Calendar2024 #photos

Cover of my 2024 calendar - the sun shines through a canopy of maple trees
2 weeks ago

You can now add public holiday calendars to Proton Calendar.
This was posted on twitter but somehow I couldn't find it on Mastodon.

So here you go with the link on how to do it. Keep in mind that not all countries are supported right now.

#Proton #ProtonMail #ProtonCalendar #Holiday #Privacy #Calendar

Randal Hale
2 weeks ago

Geohipster Calendar is available. Maaaan - what an adventure. #geohipster #calendar #cartography

3 weeks ago

As every year, for those who prefer physical items over virtual ones, I prepare wall calendars :)

I have written a post on my website about it:

#calendar #calendar2024 #theFisher #Christmas

calendar cover
Fon Denton
3 weeks ago

Wild Horses of the Onaqui! My 2024 Wall Calendar is now available. It is 8.5"x11" with middle spiral binder, opening to 8.5"x17". It makes a great gift for horse lovers everywhere! Help an #IndependentArtist out 🙏 .

Get yours here:

#WildHorses #Horse #Horses #AYearForArt #Equine #Calendar #WallCalendar #Nature
#WildHorseArt #HorseLovers #WildHorsePhotography #Mustangs
#FallForArt #Photography
#BuyIntoArt #PhotographyIsArt

2024 Wild Horse Calendar! Featuring wild horses of the Onaqui Mountains in Utah. by Fon Denton
3 weeks ago

A new update is coming to the Tuta Calendar! 🥳

Stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend. 💯🔒

#security #encryption #calendar #email #sneakpeek #weeklyview

Sneak peek of the Tuta Calendar update
3 weeks ago

Here's a small update to the ChronoLink #CalendarSynchronization service:

- ChronoLink accounts are no longer created automatically when logging in with a new Google/Microsoft account, but only when clicking separate "sign up" buttons.
- The settings page now displays success messages after adding linked accounts or calendar access.

More details:

Join our free beta, no strings attached!

#IndieDev #IndieApps #Calendar

Graham Downs
3 weeks ago

The first day of the week is Sunday. Not Monday. Sunday. Even the Bible says so: the women went to the tomb early in the morning, on the first day of the week. The day after the Sabbath.

And we know the Sabbath is a Saturday. Or is anybody disputing that? 😜

#Calendar #RegionalSettings

Johannes Brakensiek
3 weeks ago

I've got serious problems with appointments synchronized from @nextcloud to @thunderbird / #Lightning. Since iOS clients and @EvolutionGnome don't show that behaviour, I switched to #Evolution for the time being. #caldav #calendar #thunderbird #nextcloud

Kirstin ⁷
3 weeks ago

Halfway through November and I’ve just finished my #calendar for October. My interest has shifted to sketching buildings, but there are only two to go! Telling my self to stick it out. #CalendarLore #October #Watercolour #Watercolor #ArtMatters #MastoArt

Top left “October 2023” in orange. A quote “The month of painted leaves” to the right of that. A cosmos flower  with dark purple edges and pale purple petals. A tangle of green ivy with a pale blue background covers the right of the page. An opal in blues, greens, and swirls of bright orange and yellow. A Jack-o-lantern, a full hunters moon glowing in a purple night sky,the symbols for libra and Scorpio. A weather/temperature chart for the month. Yellow= 20 degrees Celsius, red is added for anything warmer, and blue is added for anything cooler. October ranged from 31 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius. A swan is Octobers bird. And a quote “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” There is also a little ghost and some falling leaves scattered on the page.
3 weeks ago

Me: Oh, look, a new #calendar app! 🎉

Also me, 5 seconds later: It only works with Google calendar. 😫

#everySingleTime #soOverIt #fuckGoogle

Hi @EvolutionGnome

What is the meaning of this symbol in the calendar month view? It seems I cannot click on it, and it also has no popup with info.

#gnome #calendar #evolution

screenshot of a specific gui element in GNOME Evolution of which I do not know the meaning
Dorothy Berry-Lound Art
3 weeks ago

Every day this week I am going to post a link to my calendars that are for sale on Amazon. Today it is my Umbrian Cats calendar. Below is the link to Amazon UK. They are available from other countries too, just change the country designation in the link).

#FediGiftShop #Calendar #MastoArt #MastoCats #CatsOfMastodon #ChristmasGiftIdeas

The front page of an A4 calendar featuring an artistic image of a small tabby cat looking to the right of the viewer. Has the words Umbrian Cats, Dorothy Berry-Lound and 2024
Jeff Fortin T.
4 weeks ago

Spent a couple of hours investigating and figuring out what's going on with this #GNOME #Calendar date shifting bug with AM/PM times in the events editor dialog.

No such problems with the 24-hour format.

Friends don't let friends use the 12-hours "AM/PM" format. That stupid format needs to die in a fire, along with MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY dates 😤️

Michał Górny
4 weeks ago

The days of the week in #English stem from Germanic tradition, which in turn was introduced by the Romans. Sunday and Monday are directly dedicated to the Sun and to the Moon, just like in Latin. Tuesday through Friday are dedicated to Germanic gods that relate to the Roman gods used in Latin names of the days (Mars → Tiw / Tyr, Mercury → Woden / Odin, Jupiter → Þunor / Thor, Venus → Frigg). Finally, Saturday remains dedicated to Saturn.

Modern #German is similar, with two marked differences. Wednesday is Mittwoch ("middle of the week") and Saturday is either Samstag (from "Shabbat") or Sonnabend ("eve of Sunday").

#Polish weekday names exemplify the Slavic tradition:

0. Sunday = niedziela ("not working", we know what's important!)
1. poniedziałek ("after Sunday")
2. wtorek ("the second day")
3. środa ("the middle day")
4. czwartek ("the fourth day")
5. piątek ("the fifth day")
6. sobota (for Sabbath)


Marina Kraus
4 weeks ago

I love it when we select the images for our Swiss landscapes calendar. It's out now and we're shipping to the whole DACH region. 🎄

#ChristmasIsComing #ChristmasGift #Weihnachtsgeschenk #Kalender #Kalender2024 #Calendar #Calendar 2024

Deb Beausoleil 📷🌅📸 she/her
1 month ago

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of sunrise captured in the 2024 calendar by Beautiful Sun Photography. Experience the magic of new beginnings every day as the sun rises over the Great Lakes and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Discover the serene landscapes and vibrant colors that make sunrise my favorite time of day. Let these stunning photographs bring joy and inspiration to your year.

Visit my Zazzle shop at

#calendar #AYearforArt #BuyIntoArt #HomeStaging #giftideas #FineArt

2024 Calendar Cover featuring Beautiful Sun Photography's image Winter Sun on Lake Michigan. Orange & yellow sun rising above a cloud bank on the horizon of Lake Michigan. The skies are orange and yellow and reflected on the water. In the foreground is the icy shore - instead of sand or snow, there are many ice pieces; they look like ice cubes. A spray of icy water is splashing up on the shore. Though it looks like plain water, there are actually many pieces of ice shards in the water so when it falls to the ground, it makes a sound like small pebbles hitting the ground.  2024 Calendar at:  See more art at:
1 month ago

**Poll Two: 2024 calendar series, 366 iPhone project.**

Help me select drawings for my Patreon Calendar project. Join my community for free and check out what it's like inside the creative space of my studio practice. Digital gifts and surprises along the way.

#art #drawing #patreon #studiopractice #gift #calendar

Digital drawing from a drawing a day project. red and green dots of various sizes creating what to me looks like a Chinese Lantern.

@torgo @protonmail As my retirement approaches, I will no longer be using MS Outlook. I am hoping the calendar in Mozilla #Thunderbird will do the job. Have you considered it in your no google #calendar quest?

Mike Smale
1 month ago

Something a tad different for #SilentSunday. My 2024 calendar is ready for those who want to get some holiday gifts early. Featuring some of these images.

Purchase Link:

#MastoArt #Photography #BuyIntoArt #GiftShop #Gifts #Calendar #NewYears #Holiday

A supercell thunderstorm ominously blocking the sun.
Golden sunset over the waters of a reservoir on the last day of summer.
Fresh snowfall in December at sunset.
A rainbow of red, purple, orange and yellow tulips shot at an upward angle against green trees and a blue sky. The shadowy form of a gazebo is on the right.
Obsidian Urbex Photography
1 month ago

I'm excited to announce that my shipment of calendars has just arrived from the printers!

I am even more excited that they threw in a stack of extra copies!

To share the love, I'm offering a huge 20% off calendars this weekend only.

Packed with gorgeous #abandonedplaces photos, bring a touch of beautiful decay to your home or office.

Next week I ship all my pre-orders out, thanks to everyone for their wonderful support.

#photography #calendar #limitedoffer #urbex

Photo of calendars in a box, just arrived from the printers
1 month ago

Today's update to the ChronoLink #CalendarSynchronization service:

- Added support for writing to #Clockodo. This allows users to automatically create time entries based on #GoogleCalendar, / #ExchangeOnline, #Jira worklogs or #iCalendar URLs.
- Improved formatting of calendar event descriptions generated from Jira worklogs.

More details:

Join our public beta, no strings attached!

#IndieDev #IndieApps #Calendar

Our month of October as seen from our slice of the Pacific. We had mostly clear weather, as usual for this time of year, but the fog was never far away. Also, our fall sunset spectaculars started up.

Guest appearances by the Pillar Point AF Station’s radome. One day the fog surrounded it, making it look like a floating island.

#watercolor #watercolour #drawing #art #calendar

A calendar grid of 1 inch squares, with each square painted separately. Except for October 26-28, which is painted the same across all squares. Each square shows what the day was like as viewed from my house, where we can see a sliver of Pacific Ocean. Some days are blue sky and bluer water, some are grey water and pale blue sky, some show only white fog. Two squares show the Air Force station on Pillar Point with its golf ball-like radome. Two squares show big waves during a high surf event. Oct 26-28 had fabulous blue skies and deep blue water, plus a line of gliding pelicans. There are several sunsets depicted to end the month. Handwritten at the bottom in large caligraphic letters is Oct 2023.
Bud Talbot
1 month ago

I need advice and options on how to sync a #Google #Calendar with an #Outlook web calendar. There seem to be a lot of paid services that I am a bit leery of.

If you do this and have a good workflow, please share!

PJ Coffey
1 month ago

This cannot be true...

The Romans decided that Jan and Feb were "eh, winter, close enough"?

The year starting in March does sound plausible though...

I'm not prepared for this.

#Romans #calendar

Veera Laukkarinen
1 month ago

Nyt kun on puhe joulukalenterista ja minua kiinnostaa kalenterien design ja saavutettavuus.

Minua vaivaa näissä kalentereissa kuvasuunnittelu ja se miten numerot on otettu huomioon.

Kalenterin todellinen merkitys on sivuutettu ja itse kalenterissa oleva kuva on mennyt numeroiden ohi edelle.

Se näkyy nyt niin, et numeroita on entistä vaikeampi löytää. Ne ovat joko tosi pienenä tai sitten jotenkin ujutettu värikkäiden kuvien sekaan niin, et niitä joutuu etsimällä etsimään.

#kalenteri #calendar #joulukalenteri #ChristmasCalendar #joulu #christmas #numerot #numbers #saavutettavuus #accessibility

@jon @Vivaldi I've been using #VivaldiBrowser since TP1 and I've never looked back. It is by far the best #browser on #desktop and #mobile.

I'm so thankful that you offer such a great tool that makes my life so much easier - especially at work. I sort project types into #workspaces and project related things into tab stacks.

I also don't want to miss the mouse gestures anymore. The built-in #mail client and #calendar help me stay perfectly organized. :tony_wee: :vivaldi_red:

Jon S. von Tetzchner
1 month ago

I hope you are all enjoying the new @Vivaldi 6.4 release!

One of my favorite new features in it is the calendar event templates. If you are one of those that likes to be quickly able to add events that last 45 minutes and have notifications 25 minutes before, templates are for you!


#Vivaldi #browser #Windows #Mac #Linux #Calendar #Mail

Raymond Larabie
1 month ago

Time's gentle passage marked by a calendar of October 2023, while fabric memories sway softly in Nagoya's gentle embrace. Behind blossoms, the dopey gaze of a teddy bear peeks out, forever witnessing something or other. 🌸


#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #monochrome #calendar

This monochrome photograph captures a balcony scene from an apartment in Nagoya. Laundry is drying on poles, with various garments including a striped shirt and a towel. Below the hanging laundry, a potted plant flourishes, and just behind its flowers, the subtle silhouette of a teddy bear can be discerned. Dominating the backdrop is a prominently displayed calendar indicating the month of October in the year 2023. The overall mood is quiet and introspective, hinting at the everyday routines and memories created within the confines of this personal space.
2 months ago

Vivaldi is much more than just a #browser. :tony_normal:

Built-in has its benefits! Take, for example, our Calendar client. 🗓️

Its seamless integration with other features allows you to keep track of events in an efficient way, without compromising your privacy.

Send or respond to invites in Vivaldi Mail, add events to the Calendar with a right-click on any web page and use Keyboard Shortcuts to speed up your navigation.

You get to choose if you want to keep your calendar on one computer only, or use calendars stored online. 🔒

Have any question? Our Calendar Help Pages probably have the answer:

#Productivity #Privacy #Calendar #Mail #Browser

Screenshot of the Vivaldi Calendar UI on a full tab, with the different views highlighted: Day/Week/Multiweek/Month/Year.
Hermetic Library
2 months ago

Greater Feast of Ida Craddock, died October 16, 1902 at New York, United States

#calendar #historic #OTD #OnThisDay

As described in post text.
Ben Hardill
2 months ago

Anybody else have problems with Thunderbird (lightening) not pulling in new calendar entries from Google Calendar? If I add events (e.g. from my phone) they don't show up in Thunderbird unless I restart it.

Forced sync does nothing but shows no errors.

#Thunderbird #Calendar

Vivaldi Tips
2 months ago

Tip #366

Never miss an event by setting default reminders for your events in Vivaldi Calendar.

So you created an event in your Vivaldi Calendar, but still missed it because you didn’t check your Calendar at the right time? To prevent this from happening again, set reminders for your events. You can add one manually for each event or you can set default reminders for all events.

To set default reminders:

  1. Go to Settings > Calendar > Calendar Editing.
  2. Choose how much before you should be reminded of upcoming events.

You can set separate reminders for regular and all-day events.


Obsidian Urbex Photography
2 months ago

🎉 After a very productive Friday night, I have completed my print files for my 2024 calendar! In a final flurry of activity I also got my shop mock ups ready and uploaded!

🪟Front cover features some glorious Ottoman style arch windows from Lebanon (#windowfriday #Fensterfreitag)

🍸Happy weekend vibes, kicking things off with a cocktail and a relax

#photography #abandonedplaces #calendar #urbex #urbanexploration #photographer #mastoart #travel #wip #workinprogress

calendar previews, front cover is inside a ruined building with arched ottoman windows. inside the calendar is a photo of an abandoned dance hall with domes roof encircled with windows
calendar previews, front cover is inside a ruined building with arched ottoman windows. inside the calendar is a photo of an abandoned dance hall with domes roof encircled with windows
Obsidian Urbex Photography
2 months ago

🗓️I am pleased to announce, my Beautiful Abandoned Places Calendar 2024 is available in my shop!

📷Featuring a stunning collection of my favourite photographs I have taken this year on my adventures

🗺️Amazing locations from England, Ireland, Cyprus, Poland, Latvia, Lebanon, Germany, France

🎁A great gift for anyone who loves #photography and #urbanexploration

✈️Free delivery, worldwide

Get yours here -

#calendar #discount #urbex #AbandonedPlaces #2024calendar

font cover of calendar, interior with arched windows and vines on the floor
inside view of calendar, photo of a steam train and plants
inside calendar, sports hall with bear mural
font cover of calendar, interior with arched windows and vines on the floor
2 months ago

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