5 days ago

Archaeologists reveal life stories of hundreds of people from #medieval #Cambridge
Examination of remains in hospital grounds uses DNA analysis and other disciplines to build ‘biographies’ #science #AncientDNA #archaeology #humans

Charlotte Aten
6 days ago

As I prepare to head back home from #Cambridge, I'm reflecting on how much I've learned and on the hospitality shown to me by Jamie Vicary and his graduate students, @jonmsterling, and the computer lab as a whole. My first trip to the UK has been the experience of a lifetime and I look forward to seeing new friends I've made here again soon.

I was surprised to find that one person did a great deal to make me feel welcome despite the fact that I never met her. I noticed the pictured pride flag on my first day in the computer lab, and I assumed everyone signed it as part of some event. I don't talk much about being queer on Mastodon, but seeing this definitely helped me feel much more at ease in a place which was foreign to me, an American mathematician, in multiple senses.


#ComputerScience #CategoryTheory #AppliedCategoryTheory #queer

A progress-style pride flag hung vertically on an interior wall. The flag is covered with queer messages and slogans, some including mathematical puns, as well as signatures.
Steve Woods
6 days ago

"About 10 male skeletons were identified as probable university scholars thanks to the symmetry of their arm bones, which suggested, unlike most of the young male skeletons, that they didn’t perform heavy manual work." #Cambridge

“The site of the hospital of St John the Evangelist was excavated in 2010, uncovering hundreds of unidentified graves. For the new study, experts in #DNA and isotope analysis, human skeletal variation and a range of other disciplines examined up to 50 individual characteristics of each skeleton, to build what they believe is one of the richest such datasets ever compiled for medieval #England."

#archeology #health #healthcare #Cambridge #MedievalHistory #research #humans

1 week ago

Definitely the day to dig out the gloves…
#Misty #Frosty #MorningPhotos #Photography #Cambridge #MidsummerCommon

1 week ago

And since everyone seems to post their most listened to music, here's the albums I scrobbled most last year, featuring 3 #FediArtists, @BGOllie, @Skeewiff and @protman, alongside recommended #Cambridge compadres Mouldy Soul and Stakka Lyrics.

Last month was full of further #Fedi fun, featuring fellow #Faircamp friends @torstentorsten, @defaultmediatransmitter and @meljoann

#FairTradeMusic #FediMusic #SpotiWhy

Screenshot showing my most listened albums last year:

1 Super Banjo Bro by Banjo Guy Ollie
2 Skeewiff In Brazil by Skeewiff
3 mixes by AxWax
4 VOIDCOMP_20201114 by protman
5 One Wondered by Mouldy Soul
6 Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom Remixed by Skeewiff
7  "I still think its the 90s" The mixtape by Stakka Lyrics
8 Odyssey by Home
Screenshot of my most listened albums and artists last month:

Top Albums:
protman - VOIDCOMP_20201114
Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo Remixes
Torsten Torsten - Arbeit Oder Liebe
Default Media Transmitter - transmit::simulations
Meljoann - H.R.

Top Artists:
Bebel Gilberto
Default Media Transmitter
Torsten Torsten
Ian Hember
1 week ago

Every year, I make a batch of seasonal #Cocktail bitters to give to friends for the holiday season.

This year, they're gingerbread flavour, and I'm quite happy with how they turned out.

But I made far too much.

If you're in #Toronto (or maybe #Kitchener, #Waterloo or #Cambridge, depending on my travel schedule) and you want some, let me know.

These are around 38-40% alcohol, and will also be good in baking, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.

Have a happy holiday season, everyone!

A tiny cocktail glass held up before a brightly lit Christmas tree
Thies Lindenthal
1 week ago

Evening commute. Night clouds over King's College Cambridge.


1 week ago

Hello #archeodon & #cultevodon !!
Last post about the #Cambridge #Garrod #Seminar! Thursday 4pm UK time, Valentine Roux from the CNRS will guide us for our last walk into the exploration of the integration between Evolutionary Theories, Cultural Transmission and Archaeology!
Come in person or register online here:
Full Abstract:
#technology #evolution #potery

Global Museum
1 week ago


Recent graduate? Interested in a career in museums? We have just the role for you!

We're recruiting for a new paid Museum Experience Intern at
. Apply by 4 January. #museums #Interns #Internship #Cambridge

2 weeks ago

wild turkey, Cambridge (June 2023)

#turkey #cambridge #Massachusetts #Harvard

a wild turkey
Charlotte Aten
2 weeks ago

I have a new #icanhazpdf request!

I have an ongoing project ( on the construction of manifolds from quasigroups and I believe that the book "Finite embedding theorems for partial designs and algebras" by Curt Lindner and Trevor Evans (MR0460213) may be helpful to me. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could obtain a copy, as it seems to be out of print.

Ideally, I would like to buy my own physical copy from someone, or even better obtain a pdf of the whole book.

I have tried many of the usual places online, as well as asking the #UniversalAlgebra Google group, to no avail. I still need to try using the access to #Cambridge Core which I now have as a member of the Association for Symbolic #Logic. Ironically, I am in Cambridge right now, but my credentials for this are back in Colorado and I don't remember them. I'm not sure how likely it is that they'll transfer an entire book to me digitally, though.

#combinatorics #DesignTheory #quasigroups

Charlotte Aten
2 weeks ago

I knew that I could expect to find the cutting edge of quantum computing here at Cambridge, but I didn't realize that they'd have shops selling qubits (as I, an American, would spell it). They even offer eye exams, presumably to make sure you can see the little things okay.

#Cambridge #QuantumComputing #qubits

A photo of a storefront reading "Cubitts". A small sign in the window says "Eye exams available".
Marc Hurwitz
2 weeks ago

Opening alert -- The Painted Burro is now open in the space in Harvard Square that had previously been home to the Border Cafe.

#restaurant #cambridge #harvardsquare

2 weeks ago

Packed week but worth it! After Stephen Shennan's Talk yesterday, join us on Monday to listen to Ruth Mace! Online or at the Henry Welcome Building in #Cambridge it's going to be great and your penultimate chance to assist the #CulturalEvolution & #Archaeology series!

🗓️Mon 27th November

🕓4pm UK time

2 weeks ago

Are you interested in a GÉANT #internship?

Meet Billy Holbrook, who talked to us about his #LifeAtGÉANT as a GÉANT Operations Centre intern, while studying Computer Networking at Sheffield Hallam University 👉

Take a look at our current opportunities to become an #intern 👉

#InternshipOpportunities #Interships #security #Cambridge #UK #ComputerNetworking #IT #ITEngineer

Billy Holbrook | Operations Centre – Intern, GÉANT (Cambridge)
Marc Rothera
2 weeks ago

Just putting a couple of slides about #Apprenticeships together for my contribution to this rather exciting event in #Cambridge next week, with colleagues from #ARU & TWI. 'Innovation in Action' is going to be focused on the huge benefits that grow from #Industry and #Academia working together.

I understand there are still a few places available, if you're lucky you may be able to snap one up here:

#Innovation #Skills #HigherEducation #Training #Apprenticeship

2 weeks ago

"couper l’assistance électrique dans les zones piétonnes"

Je partage le souci de respect des piétons et de tous les usagers en général.

Cependant, pour avoir fait l'expérience à #Cambridge d' #ebikes en self-service avec géolocalisation coupant l'assistance, je dois dire que c'est très désagréable.

Surtout, puisque c'est si facile que même un #vélo peut l'avoir pourquoi n'est-ce pas généralisé aux #voitures #taxis #bus #camions, responsables de la quasi totalité des accidents graves ? #zone30

2 weeks ago

Just did a memory check to see if I correctly remembered American Repertory Theater in #Cambridge #Massachusetts as engaging in explicit racial #discrimination. My memory was right; they've done it as recently as 2021. Funny how outright racists get away with it around #Harvard.

World Concert Hall
2 weeks ago

Right now, Clein, Greally and @bbcsingers perform #Berkeley #Tavener #Weir #Rutter and #Messiaen in #Cambridge #wch

World Concert Hall
2 weeks ago

In 20 minutes, Clein, Greally and @bbcsingers perform #Berkeley #Tavener #Weir #Rutter and #Messiaen in #Cambridge #wch

Marc Hurwitz
2 weeks ago

💡 Cambridge Audio MXN10, un music streamer completo
Music streamer di rete Cambridge Audio MXN10 con Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, DAC integrato e Roon Ready

#audio #bluesound #bluetooth #BluOS #cambridge #dac #Ethernet #hifi #music #musica #MXN10 #usb #rete #streammagic #wifi #wiim #wiimproplus #wimmpro

2 weeks ago

Cambridge Audio produce music streamer di rete da molti anni. Il loro primo streamer capace e conveniente di successo era l’NP30 di 13 anni fa. Da allora, hanno continuato lo sviluppo e l’MXN10 è l’ultimo arrivato.

L’MXN10 è un music streamer di rete accessibile, elegante e ad alte prestazioni che mette a portata di mano grandi sonorità senza

Cambridge Audio MXN10
Charlotte Aten
2 weeks ago

I will be giving a talk on a functorial semantics for neural nets on Friday at the #Cambridge computer lab's Logic and Semantics Seminar. If you happen to be in the area at the time, consider checking it out!

This will be my first talk on a synthesis of my paper on discrete neural nets ( and the categorified invariant theory appearing in my thesis (

Abstract and other info:

#CategoryTheory #AppliedCategoryTheory #AI #MachineLearning #ComputerScience #logic #math #combinatorics #UniversalAlgebra

Charlotte Aten
2 weeks ago

I've made it to #Montréal on my way to #Cambridge! This is my second time in this city. I am twice as old as the last time I was here but it is clear that my French has not improved accordingly.

Alex Neihaus
2 weeks ago

I had business in #Cambridge today.

So, I took the #MBTA Red Line from Alewife to Harvard. The trip took 28 minutes for three stops. Slow zones make cars travel at walking speed. And I might have felt safer walking, too.

The #T is beyond run down, more than embarrassing. It’s dangerous. The cars’ doors don’t work; concrete is crumbling wherever you look. Escalators and elevators? Ha!

Somehow, we’ve managed to exceed the shabbiness one associates with late Soviet-era infrastructure.

Kent Borg
3 weeks ago

@siderea Wine and Cheese Cask delivers, $50 threshold.

They are also smart, you can describe what you want and they select the specific item. I've only shopped in the store, but to be able to say "A medium priced white to eat with ___.” and it shows up…sounds really cool. (They sell nice cheeses, too.)

#Bostom #Somerville #Cambridge #WineAndCheeseCask

3 weeks ago

I used to work in #Cambridge. I once worked late. They locked the car park. Had to take a 20 mile taxi ride home to #Pymoor, a village of 102 souls in the #Fens outside #Ely. Had to be given a lift into Ely next morning for a train ride back to Cambridge. They didn't catch me working that late (19:00) again.

Garde-à-vous les francophonies! The #French Library / Alliance #Française of #Boston & #Cambridge ( in #BackBay hosts their biannual book sale Saturday 11/17 starting at 10am. French language books starting at just $1! #massachusetts #BostonWeekend #duolingo #books #BookSale #Somerville #LearnFrench

3 weeks ago

HOUSING FIRST IN MASSACHUSETTS, EXPLAINED: How could permanent supportive housing work on a larger scale, and what’s holding it back? #housing #Boston #news #politics #Cambridge #nonprofitjournalism

Mandar :oof:
3 weeks ago

Just got my first #film roll developed! I’m loving these. For a very cheap camera, I’m really impressed with the Kodak Ektar H35. Not to mention, double the frames due to it being a half-frame camera!

📷: Kodak Ektar H35
🎞️: Kodak Gold 200

#exciting #photography #filmphotography #analogphotography #cambridge #kodakgold200 #kodakektarh35 #halfframe

A set of indoor lights with an upside down bowl shaped lamp shade. The lights are orange and the rest of the picture is very dark to highlight these lights.
Two fireworks going off at the same time. The fireworks are orange and the only thing visible since everything else is dark.
The David Attenborough Building in Cambridge. The picture shows the name of the building and the picture is taken near the entrance of the building. The picture has a slight orange tint that is peculiar of a film photograph.
A red telephone booth in front of a row of trees, on a grassy patch taken around dawn. There is a clear sky in the background with a few cars parked on the left. The picture has a light leak from the right which is making the right half of the picture have a purple tint
3 weeks ago

What is #LifeAtGÉANT like for #interns?

We interviewed Alex Richford, who was a Security Engineer intern at GÉANT before starting his final year studying #cybersecurity at Anglia Ruskin University 👉

We also have different #internship opportunities currently available. Check them out here 👉

#InternshipOpportunities #Intern #Interships #security #Cambridge #UK #ComputerScience #securityengineering

Alex Richford | Security Engineer – Intern, Cambridge
Matthew Adams
3 weeks ago

My favourite time of year in the Botanic Gardens. #cambridge #cubotanicgarden

One of the Acers is bright red, with a carpet of fallen red leaves, against a bright blue sky.
3 weeks ago

#Internships 🚀

Are you currently at University studying for a computer science related degree?

We're offering a 12-month #Internship as IT Services Engineer in #Cambridge!

Read more and apply 👉

#internshipopportunity #internshipopportunities #internship2023 #intern #IT #ITservicesEngineer #ComputerScience #Students #UKinternships #UK

GÉANT Careers - rocket
4 weeks ago

Cambridge in Autumn 23 - River Cam was gorgeous yesterday!
#photography #cambridge #naturephotography #nature #rivercam

Klaudia (aka jinxx)
4 weeks ago

Huch! Wieso ist es denn schon nach 22:00 Uhr? Ich hatte doch gerade erst kurz nach 17:00 Uni aus und dann beschlossen, ich arbeite noch ein bisschen an meinem Text für das Semester-Assignment. Hoppala. Okay, ich mach dann mal Feierabend ... #Schreiben #Workaholic #UniF00 #Cambridge #CreativeNonfiction #Autorenleben #writerslife #indieauthor

Ray Robertson
4 weeks ago

My brother's #Suffolk household had their first free electricity session today. I think he may have gotten a bit carried away!
He couldn't charge his electric van in the 14:00-16:00 window but made sure his family made the most of it.

Move over to Octopus Energy and get £50 credit with this link:

#OctopusEnergy #RenewableEnergy #Norfolk #Cambridge

A collection of Post-Its with instructions to turn on various appliances at 14:00.
Universal Hub
1 month ago

#MBTA announces major track-repair program for 2024, day after parts of the Green Line were shut at Kenmore due to track problems
#Boston #Brookline #Newton #Cambridge #Malden #Medford

Klaudia (aka jinxx)
1 month ago

Wow, Uni war heute intensiv: Die Debatte, wer darf über wen schreiben? TL;DR: Es gibt keine einfache Antwort, vielleicht nur die bessere Frage, WIE über die Leben von Personen geschrieben werden kann. Es geht immer auch um Respekt und darum, dass Schreibende sich immer ihrer Verantwortung bewusst sein sollten. #Schreiben #UniF00 #Cambridge #CreativeNonfiction

WMBR Cambridge
1 month ago

A big thank you to all our listeners and donors for making WMBR's 2023 Fundraising Week such a success! We raised over $133K thanks to your generosity which we'll use to continue producing the content you didn't know you wanted to hear. As a reward, here's a candid photo of Sara J and Mark F from the archives!

If you missed out, visit and check out this year's premiums.

#Boston #Cambridge #Radio #CollegeRadio #Fundraising

Photo of two children dressed in festive atire behind three elaborate candy houses, with the caption “From our house to yours…”.
1 month ago

My favorite Tibetan restaurant in #Cambridge has closed down.

Tashi Delek! 😢

Front door of Rangzen, a Tibetan restaurant in Cambridge MA
To our customers

It was a beautiful 25 years of experience to serve our cuisine and let you see a glimpse of Tibet. Thank you all for your support especially on pandemic period. Now it time for us to say, so long and exit with dignity and humility. Please, accept our gratitude and prayers. We hope “Rangzen Tibetan Place” will be in your sweet memories.

Thank you and Tashi Delek
1 month ago

Yesterday I visited the Google Cambridge office in Kendall, with its recently completed 16-floors building.

It's super nice and cool, but also doesn't seem like a particularly brilliant investment in today's world where remote work is already becoming the norm for tech workers.
#boston #cambridge #google #wfh

Charlotte Aten
1 month ago

Good morning UK! In two weeks I'll be visiting #Cambridge for about two weeks. Please let me know if there's anything cool I should check out while I'm there.

I'll be speaking at this seminar ( about a functorial semantics for neural nets. I still need to send in an abstract, so my talk isn't listed yet. This topic is a synthesis of my preprint «Discrete neural nets and polymorphic learning» ( as well as some of the results from my thesis (

I am planning on making a trip to #Nottingham at some point, as well.

#AI #MachineLearning #AppliedCategoryTheory #Combinatorics #CategoryTheory

WMBR Cambridge
1 month ago

Everyone loves a sticker! And everyone loves frogs! Now, with a simple donation of any amount to you'll get this spectacular sticker designed by Valentina, host of Lentil & Stone! Support your friends on the left of the dial and you'll get something in the mail you won't have to shred or recycle!

#Radio #CollegeRadio #Boston #Cambridge

Image of WMBR sticker, featuring a green frog with red eyes and feet wearing purple headphones - and the text “WMBR Cambridge 88.1 FM”.
Alley Stoughton
1 month ago

You too can leave me a snarky message if you donate to WMBR in support of my modern classical music program, Not Brahms and Liszt!

Visit and check out the cool premiums!

#WMBR #Boston #Cambridge #CollegeRadio #ModernClassical #ContemporaryClassical

Closeup of comment about my program on a fundraising spreadsheet: “Most of the music Alley plays on her show gives me a headache (she’s my wife.)”

Hey #Kitchener #Cambridge #Waterloo
COVID wastewater surveillance shows there’s a sharp increase in #COVID-19 out there right now, so be aware, #MaskUp and update your #vaccinations for flu and COVID XBB variants ASAP if you haven’t already! 😷

Klaudia (aka jinxx)
1 month ago

Und pünktlich daheim für die Uni. *von der Tür direkt in die Videokonferenz" #UniF00 #Cambridge #Autorenleben #writerslife #indieauthor

WMBR Cambridge
1 month ago

WMBR's annual fundraising week starts today! Why do we ask our listeners to donate? WMBR is a 501c3 nonprofit. Instead of airing commercials to generate funds, we are supported directly by our loyal listeners. To make your 2023 donation, visit ... you can see our premium selection there as well! Thank you for your decades of support.

#Boston #Cambridge #Radio #CollegeRadio

Old school poster made into a WMBR fundraising message: “Show us Your Radio Love”. Has graphic of crying woman trying to keep a man from calling WMBR: “WMBR said donations are online only! YOU CAN’T CALL THEM!”.
Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 month ago

I'm not in Cambridge, but I made a gentle request for alt text/image description and instead the toot was deleted. So I'm linking to the primary sources & adding alt text & image description.

#BikeTooter #Cambridge #USPol

Voting slate card with QR code at upper right-hand corner saying "Get our Full Guide " 
"Our bike lanes are at risk - Safe Streets Voter Guide Strong Legislative Record, Pledged To Finish The Bike Network On Time" Bio photos of candidates with their names underneath.Burhan Azeem (Leader on Memorial Dr, BlueBikes & Transit);   Marc McGovern (Lead sponsor of the 2019 Separated Bicycle Network);  Sumbul Siddiqui (Shepherded implementation & Timelines as Mayor);  Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler (Lead sponsor of the 2020 Network Timeline); Dan Totten (Long-term aide of Quinton Zzondervan and strong ally)" Arrow points to cartouche "Rank multiple safe biking candidates - bring this card with you to the polls!. Cartouche below labeled "New Candidates Pledge to Finish the Bike Network on Time - Ayah Al-Zubi, Peter Hsu, Adrienne Klein, Frantz Pierre, Vernon Walker, Doug Brown"  Box labeled "Supportive voting record, hasn't pledge in 2023 - Patty Nolan" Paid for by the Cambridge Bicycle Safety IEPAC"
Home page for A Better Cambridge shows their 2023 Cambridge City Council Endorsements. There are bio photos of the candidates underneath which are theh names, "Burhan Azeem, Adrienne Klein, Marc McGovern, Joe McGuirk, Frantz Pierre, Sumbul Siddiqui, Denise Simmons, Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler, and Ayesha M. Wilson". "ABC is proud to endorse nine candidates for City Council!"
Universal Hub
1 month ago

Trolleys in crisis: #MBTA says power wire on brand-new Green Line Extension failed 'prematurely;' older wires elsewhere failed because they can't deal with sudden shifts in weather #Boston #Brookline #Cambridge

MBTA workers have been working on the wires, all the livelong day

peeps, COVID wastewater surveillance indicates there’s a lot of #COVID-19 out there right now, so be aware, #MaskUp and update your #vaccinations for flu and COVID XBB variants ASAP if you haven’t already! (I got both today!) 😷

1 month ago

It is absurd to me that you have to re-register to vote in every municipal election.

Anyway, #Somerville #Cambridge #Boston be sure to check your voter registration and re-register because I think today is the last day to do that for the upcoming elections. #SomerPoli #BosPoli

Preston MacDougall
1 month ago

@Miriamm To think like David Attenborough it helps to receive a first class education in Natural #Science at #Cambridge University like he did.

But in lieu of that, a high-quality #STEM education is a great start!! Society should strive to make that as accessible as possible, not charge up to $80k 💰 per year FFS!!

1 month ago

I thought I did it earlier but appears I didnt, shame on me! So here it is:

I am super happy to share here the final schedule of the #Garrod seminar series that Alfredo Cortell and I are organising for the university of #Cambridge'm 's department of Archaeology. It will be all about #CulturalEvolution & #Archaeology, join us if you are interested in how human culture change !
All info:
Online registration:

Schedule of Harrod Seminar series at the department of Archaeology in Cambridge. The card features the name and title of all talks and a DNA helix with cultural artifact. The schedule is :

 Why be a monk? 
Event speaker Prof. Ruth Mace, University College London Session Name Shiny pebbles and Nordic aperitifs: case studies in multidisciplinary cultural evolution 
Thursday, 26 October, 2023 - 16:00 Event speaker Prof. Fiona Jordan, University of Bristol 
 Culture and Evolvability: A Brief Archaeological Perspective 
 Thursday, 2 November, 2023 - 16:00 Event speaker Prof. Michael J. O'Brien, Texas A&M University - San Antonio
 Operationalising archaeological taxonomies using cultural evolutionary approaches – and why it matters 
Thursday, 9 November, 2023 - 16:00 Event speaker Prof. Felix Riede, Aarhus University 
 Archaeology within a unified science of cultural evolution 
Thursday, 16 November, 2023 - 16:00 Event speaker Prof. Alex Mesoudi, University of Exeter
 Ancient DNA and cultural transmission 
Thursday, 23 November, 2023 - 16:00 Event speaker Prof. Stephen Shennan, University College London 
Thinking evolutionary laws: technological trajectories and anthropological regularities 
Thursday, 30 November, 2023 - 16:00 Event speaker Valentine Roux, Director of Research CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research)
Deniz Opal
2 months ago

I did in the end gather the motivation to go #cycling


Sun between the clouds on the bike track.
Kathy Reid
2 months ago

Good morning everyone! Here's a #Connections #Introduction #Introductions #TwitterMigration post, where I curate interesting accounts for you to follow from across the #Fediverse :fediverse:

@GreatDismal is the acclaimed author #WilliamGibson, of #Neuromancer and #Peripheral fame. He's been on here a while, but looking to be more active. Please make him welcome 🇨🇦

@fossandcrafts is a #podcast co-hosted by @mlemweb and @cwebber exploring the intersection of user #freedom on computers, and crafting things (like #crochet and #knitting). They run a twice-monthly online #craft session (it's 5am in my time zone otherwise I would be there for sure!) 💻 🧶

@rbert works in #OpenScience #OpenAccess #ResearchData at @helmholtz @HelmholtzOpenScienceOffice 🇩🇪 🧑‍🔬

@kdnyhan works as a #PublicHealth #Librarian, and is the co-founder of Community Access to Ventilation Information #COVID19 📖 🔬

@Samuelmoore is a scholarly #Comms #SciComms specialist at #Cambridge. Researches #OpenResearch #OpenAccess 🇬🇧

@katemiltner i a #lecturer in #data, #AI and #society at the #University of #Sheffield 🇬🇧

@markus_netzpolitik works for #DigitalRights at @netzpolitik_feed (cc @floreani) 🇩🇪

@sarahgilbert is the #research Director of the Citizens and #Technology Lab at #Cornell (cc @michalove) 🇺🇸

That's all for now, please do curate your own lists so we can more closely connect the #Fediverse ❤️

Klaudia (aka jinxx)
2 months ago

Oh, nur 6 Texte (zwischen 3 und 50 Seiten) bis Mittwoch zu lesen und bis nächste Woche dann wieder ein ganzes Buch.
📚 📖 📙 📔 📚 #Lesen
#Autorenleben #writerslife #indieauthor #UniF00 #Cambridge

2 months ago

More on that program in #Cambridge to install street signs in #indigenous languages. This was a cool read:

2 months ago

🌞 Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH #News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 52F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Pats fans are in a weird timeline where the team got shut out 32-0 by the #NewOrleans Saints. #nfl

#Cambridge will put up street signs in Native American languages.

The Nobel Prize in #Economics goes to Claudia Goldin for her work on the gender pay gap.

Powerball is north of 1.5 billion USD.

⚪ Schlafende Kunst und ... ein
🟤 Sleeping art and ... a favorite
📷 by Artist: #SueLaw / #SueLawArt in Loc.: #Cambridge UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "The Life and Death of a Relationship" ("Das Leben und Sterben einer Beziehung") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #PhotoArt #Sculpture #FineArt #Fotografie #Photography ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography and Art. A color photo of a sculpture made of white plaster. From plaster, blankets, sheets and wood was made a bed with two figures, all in the color cream-white. It shows two rumpled pillows with prints on them. Underneath is a rumpled sheet in which two bodies, lying back to back, are asleep. However, there are no heads. They are missing.
Info: Originally, 10 sculptures were to be made in which the couple sleeps. Each was to show a different position and depict the stages of a relationship. It was never realized and so this single sculpture remains to show the middle stage of a love relationship.
Marc Hurwitz
2 months ago

News -- Union Square Donuts is getting ready to open in Cambridge's Harvard Square.

#donuts #cambridge #harvardsquare

Marc Hurwitz
3 months ago

Opening alert -- Joe's Pizza has opened a new outlet in Cambridge's Harvard Square; this is the first New England location of the legendary NYC pizzeria.

#restaurant #pizza #harvardsquare #cambridge

Marc Hurwitz
3 months ago

Closing alert -- Toad in Cambridge's Porter Square is now closed...and the question now is, who is reopening the space?


Marc Hurwitz
3 months ago

Closing alert -- Toad in Cambridge's Porter Square is now closed...and the question now is, who is reopening the space?


Martin Owens
3 months ago

Anyone coming to Grendel's Den today? The weather looks great and we'll be hanging out outside 6pm.

#Boston #Cambridge #HangOut

Mariel García-Montes
3 months ago

Event announcement for friends at + other #STS #mediastudies scholars and data activists in #Cambridge #Boston.

Next Wed. Sep. 20 at 5pm (MIT 9-451), join the Data + Feminism Lab and Tierra Común at Data, Bodies, Territories: a conversation on Global Majority challenges to data colonialism with Paola Ricaurte, @JulianPosada, @kanarinka, and yours truly.

Flyer for MIT Data + Feminism Lab and Tierra Comun event titled 'data + bodies + territories' to be held on September 20, 2023, at MIT.
3 months ago

Found this tile near South Station in #Boston purely by chance after our flight was cancelled and we had to run to catch a train instead (at least we were able to work something out to get home). Anyway…it’s the only tile I know of in Boston, but I’m not sure if that’s because I don’t have enough eyes in Boston or there just really aren’t any others up there.
#toynbeetiles #toynbee #houseofhades #houseofhadestile #boston #bostonma #bostonart #harvardartmuseums #cambridge #massachusetts

A Toynbee tile reading “House of Hades One Man Versus American Media In Society 2017” featuring an image of an hourglass and an auxiliary plaque reading “Times Up”
Deniz Opal
3 months ago

Working in Waterstones.

#cambridge #gamedevelopment

3 months ago

Hey #boston #cambridge #infosec peeps. Who's going to Cambridge B-sides? I'm just an infosec dilettante but I'm excited to be going! :)

Marc Hurwitz
3 months ago

Closing alert -- Rangzen Tibetan Place in Cambridge's Central Square has closed.

#restaurant #cambridge

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

It would appear that “former Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach has threatened the University of Cambridge with legal action after a historian named her as a descendant of merchants who enslaved his ancestors.”

Oh, my… It would be a damn shame if more people knew of this so please do not boost this post.

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Martin Owens
3 months ago

Are you a nerd in #Boston or #Cambridge and want to socialize?

We have been running a get together at
#GrendelsDen in @HarvardSquare for many years and would like to invite folks to come and hang out.

The time is now 6pm, each Sunday. DM or email and come and enjoy a break from your computer for a little while with us.

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Roth Child
3 months ago

Hey #BikeTooter I went on a #ride on one of my favourite local loops ('Off Rd Old Faithful') and retook a picture I've taken a few times, from the Mere Way (an ancient bridleway rd) looking back towards #Cambridge #UK. It was a perfect evening for it. Sadly the quick pint I've rewarded myself with has only lasted about as long as its taken to write this toot!

A black gravel bike with blue Cannondale logos stands against a fence post in the East Anglian countryside, on a near-perfect English late summer evening in the distance the city of Cambridge is just visible. The immediate foreground is verdant green and the field behind is recently harvested barley yellow.

Please welcome to Mastodon @Jagolinzer - who recently organized #Cambridge #Disinformation Summit! Well worth a follow for anyone interested in #disinfo #socialmedia and #accountability!

Myself and Prof Jagolinzer at Kings College Cambridge
Bob Greene
4 months ago

A summertime symphony of green and black.

(If your app crops tall images, you may need to click on it to get the full effect.)
#Photography #StreetPhotography #ArtPhotography #Summer #Cambridge MA

A city sidewalk is crowned by the leaves of trees on either side of the path. The bright sunshine creates almost abstract patterns of light and shadow throughout the image. The top two thirds of the image is a dense crown of tree branches and leaves. A few people are walking away from and toward me and my camera, and they are all dressed in black. One woman has turned around, possibly looking at me taking the picture.

It’s so *quiet* in Cambridge during the summer break period—but the beauty is unabated. Here you see one of the specimen trees in Chapman's Garden, Emmanuel College. The garden is named for the Rev. Arthur Chapman, a Hebrew scholar in Emmanuel, who established and tended it for more than 50 years. Essentially, he had it to himself but mid-Victorian photographs show that he welcomed guests to the garden.

#ChapmansGarden #EmmanuelCollege #Cambridge

A graceful Weeping Willow tree hanging over the pond in the sun-drenched Chapman’s Garden in Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Flowers in many colours are in glorious bloom.
Ray Robertson
4 months ago

Octopus Energy are offering periods of free electricity to certain areas in the East of England when there is a local surplus of renewable generation!

Eligible postcodes begin with:

St Albans sadly not included but my hometown of Bury St Edmunds is covered.

Use my referral code to get £50 credit for each of us:

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Nino Kadic
4 months ago
King's College chapel in Cambridge. An example of late Perpendicular Gothic English architecture, featuring the world's largest fan vault. A clear blue sky above. The river Cam in the lower part of the photo, with a single punt to the left with four people on it.
The Mathematical Bridge in Cambridge, constructed using flat wooden planks, but still featuring an arch. From the left, it leads into a red brick building to the right. The river Cam below, two punts with people, and three moored to the left. The sun is beginning to set. Trees, some flowers, and foliage to the left.
Cloisters in New Court, St John's College, Cambridge. New Court has a tall three-sided Gothic Revival design, closed on the fourth side by two seven-bayed cross-vaulted cloisters meeting with a picturesque gateway facing the river.
Looking down Trinity Street in Cambridge. Lots of people walking. Gothic looking buildings to the left, and shop fronts to the right. Clear blue sky above.
4 months ago

A evening in #Cambridge really nice light. #Sunset #Narrowboats #Photography

Marc Hurwitz
4 months ago