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“This study tells the genetic story of French Canadians, showing that their population structure today is not a result of ancestral French population structure, but rather one that has been shaped by events in North America over the past four centuries.” Prof Simon Gravel #migration #genetics #Canada #Quebec

a photograph from 1892 of people , horses and carts using an ice bridge to cross the St Lawrence river to the city beyond in Canada


Radio-Canada prévoit que Danielle Smith dirigera un gouvernement conservateur majoritaire en #Alberta.

#Canada #polcan

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Fred Edwards 🔻
2 hours ago


This world is f*cked. Democracy just keeps on electing fascists. If that ain't an indication of abject failure I don't know what is...

#canada #cdnpoli #abpoli

Zazzoo 🇨🇦
4 hours ago

I was following the count in Alberta on Global but it was just too depressing. Switched to CBC.

Same numbers but they don't have that big 'projected seat count' at the top showing a UCP sweep. Just silly when so little's been counted so far and all leads are so razor thin.

Maybe I'll just go play Zelda for a bit instead of driving myself mad like I do every time there's an election.

#ABLeg #CdnPoli #Canada

undergrowth-feed 🍃
4 hours ago | Nova Scotia officials declare emergency over rare and ‘very aggressive’ wildfires |

"Rare and “very aggressive” spring wildfires in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia have destroyed many buildings and forced thousands from their homes and prompting officials to declare a local state of emergency." | #Canada #NovaScotia #wildfires #ClimateChange

Bob the Traveler
4 hours ago

Douglas Abbott, born OTD in 1899, was Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court of #Canada from 1954 to 1973; his appointment directly from Finance Minister was the most controversial in the court's #history #travel

Watching coverage of the Alberta provincial election results is a good reminder that not every Canadian is progressive. For lack of a better metaphor, #Alberta is sort of the Texas of #Canada (which also has large multicultural cities). #canpol #cdnpoli

Alex Standiford :wordpress:
5 hours ago

Kate is obsessed with the sound of the rocks crashing when the waves pull back. ♥️

#Asmr #Canada #CapeBreton #NationalPark #RVLife #Travel

Alex Standiford :wordpress:
5 hours ago

Cape Breton is so, so beautiful! Next level amazing. I don't think I've seen a National Park this scenic since we were out west two years ago. We went on a 4.7 mile hike today and we're rewarded with some cool views, but the drive itself was simply stunning.

#Canada #CapeBreton #Hiking #NationalPark #RVLife #Travel

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
5 hours ago
⚡️🇨🇦Kyiv hit with latest Russian airstrike (CBC - Canadian News in English VIDEO) #Ukraine #Canada #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

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Pierre Markuse
6 hours ago

🟠 Barrington Lake #Fire🔥, Nova Scotia, #Canada🇨🇦 - 28 May 2023 #Copernicus🇪🇺 #Sentinel-2🛰️ Full-size ▶️ #RemoteSensing #OpenData #SciComm Image is about 23 kilometers wide @CopernicusEU @CopernicusECMWF @wildfirescience

Lorraine C.
7 hours ago

Smallmouth bass are an invasive species that pose a severe threat to the entire #Miramichi system. If you catch one: retain the fish, note your location (GPS coordinates if possible), and contact DFO immediately at 1-866-759-6600 or

#Canada #cdnpoli #fish #salmon #nature #newbrunswick #novascotia #invasivespecies

#ecosystems #river

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Haha fuckers. Maybe $1m for a place with an unfinished basement is a lousy fucking deal?

18 Salamander Way

#Ottawa #RealEstate #HousingCrisis #cdnpoli #CostOfLivingCrisis #Canada

Listing history showing a 51k price drop
8 hours ago

I've been so busy with stuff I've not had a lot of time to post on here.

I'm anxiously awaiting the results of our election here in Alberta though.

I fear we will be keeping the UCP, but I'm still hopeful.

#Alberta #AlbertaElection #Canada #Calgary #YYC #YEG

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BC Info Bot
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9 hours ago

Headline: Fire that destroyed numerous homes was 'really hot,' says deputy fire chief

#canada #news #obvious

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9 hours ago

Via 511NS: Cleared: #Highway103Exit30 Road Closure on Highway 103, Exit 30 Both Directions near Oak Park Rd. All Lanes Closed. Activities: Reduced speed, Be prepared to stop. #halifax #novascotia #canada

Diane Bruce
9 hours ago

Very instructive for those of us interested in propaganda... Remember always, those who own the media control the propaganda.

#CanPoli #Canada #Propaganda

Peacemakers Trust
11 hours ago

Enforced Disappearances in Canada: Submission to Canada's 4th Universal Periodic Review (#UPR) by the #UN #HumanRightsCouncil. Peacemakers Trust made a submission to the UN Human Rights Council for Canada's fourth UPR scheduled for November 2023. The submission highlights concerns & makes recommendations regarding #Canada’s pattern of failure to ensure effective & timely remedies for enforced or involuntary #disappearances of #Indigenous persons.

Ulrich_the_Elder 🇨🇦 🇺🇦
12 hours ago

Is it true that the leader of the Canadian conservative party does not have a security clearance?? Is it also true that poilievre says he cannot trust harper appointee David Johnston?
#Canada #canpoli

Fedi.Garden 🌱
12 hours ago

PNW.Zone is a relaxed server for anyone who lives in or enjoys the Pacific Northwest of the US & Canada:


To find out more see their About page at or contact their admin @CurtisLBray

#FeaturedServer #PacificNorthWest #PNW #Pacific #NorthWest #Cascadia #Oregon #Washington #WashingtonState #Idaho #BritishColumbia #BC #Seattle #Vancouver #Portland #NorthAmerica #US #Canada #Fediverse

14 hours ago

Rick White of Eric's Trip covered "Nights in White Satin"! With One Hundred Dollars as backing band. Recorded in 2009, just released on Bandcamp! #music #canada #toronto

15 hours ago
The Deer Whisperer 🦌⚓
16 hours ago

Mt Baker overlooking Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

#Photography #Vancouver #BritishColumbia #Canada #MtBaker #Washington #UnitedStates

photos by David McColm

A snow covered Mt Baker looms over Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Mt Baker and Vancouver, B.C., Canada
16 hours ago
More than 16,000 people leave their homes as crews battle raging blaze near Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Wildfire forces thousands of people to evacuate in eastern Canada
17 hours ago

Via 511NS: Updated: #HWY103 Road Closure on HWY-103 Both Directions near HWY-3. All Lanes Closed. Activities: One lane traffic, Reduced speed, Be prepared to stop. #halifax #novascotia #canada

Peggy Collins
18 hours ago

My thoughts are with the people in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia as evacuations due to wildfires are underway. (Artwork has a stained glass effect and is not real stained glass.)

Art is here -

#trees #treehugger #art #artist #novascotia #halifax #canadian #canada #colorful #color #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #PeggyCollins

Colorful artwork of two trees with a stained glass effect, by artist Peggy Collins.
Canadian History Ehx
19 hours ago

Today in 1950, the St. Roch arrived in Halifax, becoming the 1st vessel to circumnavigate North America, going from Halifax to Vancouver, then through the Arctic back to Halifax.
She is also the first vessel to complete a voyage through the Northwest Passage going west to east.

#Halifax #Canada #Arctic #NorthwestPassage #Canadian #RCMP #History #Histodon #Histodons

Diane Bruce
19 hours ago

Looks like Canuck Tire need a remedial lesson in Metric ..

Hose Length (cm):

3048.00 cm That's roughly 30m or 100' for you heathens.

#Canada #Ottawa

David Chavalarias - EN
22 hours ago

The #climate-#denialist community has a higher proportion of Twitter accounts with inauthentic behavior (likely bots). At the end of 2022 in #USA + #Canada+ #Australia online communities, there was a sharp increase in the proportion of likely bots denialist accounts : +400%!

23 hours ago

Ici, les #incendies au #Canada sont passés derrière un festival de cinéma et un jeu de baballe pour grands bourgeois. Mais ça crame encore, et même toujours plus. Halifax est en état d'urgence. Le réseau électrique prend cher. Les évacuations s'accélèrent. Ça crame tellement qu'on ne trouve même plus le compte des hectares partis dans l'atmosphère.
Et c'est pire en Russie, avec encore moins d'infos...

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
1 day ago
⚡️🇨🇦Kyiv pounded by biggest Russian drone attack yet (CBC - Canadian News in English VIDEO) #Ukraine #Canada #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

1 day ago
1 day ago

Follow @kichae for #Halifax #Canada #Wildfire information/evacs. cc @BakerRL75

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
1 day ago

So I said something (which I've forgotten)

The Lodger replies with something like "I've heard the mermaids singing"

To which I started singing "There's a girl out on the sea. Floating on a pink surfboard"

If you know, you know.

#Canada #80sMusic

1 day ago

Centralized media endangers us all.

Tonight, as wildfires tear through communities in western Halifax, Canadian broadcast television has been showing us Alberta election coverage. Even the CBC is giving us a national television feed (though CBC radio has been covering things, at least).

We saw the same thing during the overnight mass shootings in 2020.

The elimination of local, real time news media is going to get people killed. I'm beyond sure that it has in other communities. Maybe it even did here 3 years ago.

#Halifax #HRM #Canada #News

1 day ago

⚠ Confirmed: Network data indicate a significant disruption to internet services provided by Eastlink and City Wide in several communities in Nova Scotia, #Canada; the outage is linked to wildfires driven by strong winds in Tantallon and Shelburne, leading to evacuations 🔥📉

Pierre Markuse
1 day ago

🟠 #Fire🔥 FS002-23 in the Northwest Territories, #Canada🇨🇦 (Lat: 61.820, Lng: -123.922) - 27 May 2023 #Copernicus🇪🇺 #Sentinel-2🛰️ Full-size ▶️ #RemoteSensing #OpenData #SciComm Image is about 62 kilometers wide @CopernicusEU @CopernicusECMWF @wildfirescience

Canadian History Ehx
2 days ago

Today in 1947, Lynn Johnston was born in Colllingwood, ON.
In 1978, she created For Better or For Worse. The comic strip eventually reached 2000 newspapers worldwide, running until 2008.
She was the first woman & Canadian to win the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award.

#cartoons #cartoonist #artist #canada #history #histodon #histodons

Alex Standiford :wordpress:
2 days ago

We visited Cavendish Beach, a site that was suggested to us by a local. She referred to it as "cavy", and asked her co worker what she thought of the recommendation with an "eh?"

Cavy creates this beautiful gradation from blue to red as the water hits the red soil on the coast.

I practiced my kite stalls, barefoot on the beach, while the kids played in the cold water. I love beach days!

#Beach #Canada #Kiting #PrinceEdwardIsland #Rvlife #Travel

2 days ago

I'm told I need pinned posts on my profile.

I'm a #software #engineer living in #Saskatchewan, #Canada, the middle of the prairies. I've worked in countless domains, but find #python generally useful for many of them, and have been using it for nearly 30 years.

I'm a #HouseRabbit enthusiast and have had them for more than 20 years.

Other hobbies include #electronics, #rock music / playing #guitar, writing #FreeSoftware, and enjoying novelty music & #RiffTrax / #CinematicTitanic / #MST3K.

Lena, a medium-sized white house rabbit, lays atop a pile of well-shredded cardboard in a living room.  She is reaching towards the camera with her head, and her ears stick out at right angles from each other.  The viewpoint is dramatized because the photo is taken from very short range with a wide-angle lens, making her nose and ears appear relatively huge.
Gracie, a large grey lopped-ear house rabbit, is poking her head out of the cardboard box she's currently using as a hidey-hole.  She appears to be trying to determine if whoever is bothering her has brought her a snack.
A "Super Computron 4500" light prop / toy, which is an array of 18x18 blinking blue LEDs.  The LEDs all blink at slightly different rates, causing complex patterns to form and re-form continually.

I sell kits to build this, or the smaller 12x12 "Computron 3000", in a choice of colours or colour-morphing RGB, in my Etsy shop.
Canadian History Ehx
3 days ago

Happy birthday to Bruce Cockburn, born today in 1945!
In his career, he has written over 350 songs on 34 albums, 22 of which have gone gold or platinum.
He has won 13 Junos & been nominated for 33. He has sold more than seven million albums worldwide.

#canada #music #history #histodon #histodons

Daria is a 24 year old white #transfem trying to escape #florida to be with her fiance in #canada . As her fiance is a canadian citizen she has a plan to stay, but need money to cover her moving expenses to get there. She is planning to move in a few months.

@mutualaid #mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund #trans #transgender #queer #lgbt #gtfomystate

Of COURSE we get the Florida U-Haul truck for our move… 😆😆😆

I’m cackling. 😂

We got the truck.
We got the auto transport.
We move tomorrow.

Be ready for travel photos through the Rockies and beyond over the next 4 days!! #moving #travel #Canada #BC #AB

Pictured in a U-Haul truck (left) towing an auto transport trailer (right). Another truck and trailers are pictured in the background . The sky is beautiful, blue with streaks of white clouds mostly in the top left of the frame.

Hey Canadians, I haven't used cash in so freaking long, since when did we have vertical bills?!
I literally have not touched physical money in so long, I'm just realizing now... 😂​ #Canada

A Canadian 10 dollar bill.
Canadian History Ehx
4 days ago

COVID-19 is now the deadliest disaster in Canadian history.
The previous record holder, The Spanish Flu, killed approximately 50,000 people.
COVID-19 has killed 52,359 as of May 23, according to the Government of Canada.

#covid19 #covid #canada #history #histodon #histodons

Liam Egan
5 days ago

Good for you to cancel netflix. Up here in #Canada we were a test market for the #netflix password-sharing crackdown. We cancelled our account. Make sure you change your password and click "sign out of all devices”, otherwise your ‘smart’ tv will re-activate netflix if you click on the app. Customer support is very good at fixing this up - which is one of the few good things I can say about netflix these days 😄


From @BlackAzizAnansi

Black Aziz Anansi :vm::

After 12 years as a loyal Netflix customer, I finally canceled my account due to their cracking down on password sharing and general corporate bullshit. My account may only be one account, but I want to urge everybody else to cancel their accounts also, because if Netflix makes a profit from preventing password sharing, then cracking down on password sharing will become the industry standard.


Posted May 24, 2023, 7:40 PM
5 days ago
Timothy Schwinghamer (he/him)
5 days ago

@parkermolloy as a public servant in #Canada, we would often say that #2SLGBTQIA+ people are an equity-deserving group of the public that we serve. That is, trans people are who we serve, if we serve the public. I know Canadian federal law or policies don't affect American politics *at all* but I often think about how things would be different in the USA for trans people if they had The Charter and laws against frivilous, vexatious, or abusive use of the law.

Ruth Mottram
5 days ago
Swirling smoke in red colours moved over a yellow coloured map showing North America, the north Atlantic and Europe
Jake Beamer
5 days ago

My son is over and we're playing a bunch of games. My current favorite (and also one of his) is the INCREDIBLE roguelike Death Road to Canada. And like it sounds, you're fighting pixelated digital zombies in the apocalypse, trying to make your way to the safety of Canada. This game is SO fun and replayable (but beatable, we've beaten it three times since he's been here) and I suspect it would make an EXCELLENT party game. Up to four players can jump in and out. Every game is random and you don't win every time, but it's so wild and really hilarious too. I won this game in a giveaway and was pretty psyched but had no idea it was such a great game. Just a blast. You can even make your own characters too (and you'll meet some familiar ones), as you grab buffs, upgrades, and all KINDS of weapons. There's some really cool decision making involved along the way, along with skill you learn and luck you hope to have. Onward to Canada!

#DeathRoadToCanada #IndieGames #SwitchGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #zombies #ZombieGames #roguelike #roguelikes #roguelite #roguelites #horror #HorrorGames #Canada

Death Road to Canada zombie outbreak in town at dusk
Death Road to Canada - one of the roadside camps where you can trade items and get new recruits for your party
Death Road to Canada - frying some zombies with a flamethrower
The Death Road to Canada title splash screen! Get this game and try it!
Alex Standiford :wordpress:
5 days ago

We're just arrived on Prince Edward Island, and I noticed it was windy when we parked. Excited, I go out and try to fly my kite, which of course is when the wind dies.

I miss the constant wind on the Outer Banks. I hear they do some kite surfing here though, so maybe I'll have more luck on the beach. 🤞

#Canada #Kiting #OuterBanks #PrinceEdwardIsland #RVLife #Travel

I am now following enough people on here that I feel comfortable to start unfollowing some accounts that aren’t producing the content I want to see all the time. Not real people, just a few news aggregators and such that I was following that are duplicating content and to make room for more local content. If you are in British Columbia in particular, give me a shout! I’d like to see more BC content and build the BC corner of Mastodon!

#Mastodon #BCPoli #BC #Canada #VancouverIsland #Vancouver

Zoran B.
6 days ago

To remind me of the impermanent nature of Mastodon, my old instance is shutting down, hence the forced evacuation here, to the new one, hopefully for much longer this time.

I’m a former #photojournalist and #multimedia #producer from Toronto, #Canada. Retired to #Croatia, where I’m originally from, where living is (somewhat) cheaper, weather is warmer and sea is gorgeous. I #read quite a bit, run just as much, play guitar and strongly believe life must be enjoyed with whole heart.

Under no circumstances should book bans be tolerated in #Canada. As usual it is hyperventilation over #SexEd, #sex and #gender driving calls for bans. Enough. Librarians do amazing jobs and take great care in shelving books on many topics for various ages as described clearly in this article.
#books #bookstodon #canada #saskatchewan #manitoba #alberta #libraries

Bread and Circuses
6 days ago

As our planet heats up and dries out, many countries around the world will be at ever greater risk from horrendous wildfires. But two countries in particular stand out.

These countries have the most to lose, in terms of human lives, biodiversity damage, and economic impacts. And the world will lose too, because as wildfires spread, growing larger and more devastating year after year, they send even more carbon into the atmosphere, which makes global warming speed up, which makes wildfires more probable — and so on in a vicious cycle.

Two of the countries at greatest risk are Russia and Canada, and not coincidentally, these are two places where the fossil fuel industry is working very hard to make bad conditions even worse...

Lightning strikes the Earth millions of times a day, starting thousands of fires, but lightning’s got nothing on us.

For starters, about three billion people are still cooking and heating with open fires. Meanwhile, in the developed world, you’ve got hundreds of millions of gas stoves, water heaters, and home furnaces. The list of flammables goes on: Wars and trash generate a lot of fires; so does slash-and-burn agriculture, so do forest fires, and so does petroleum refining. According to the National Energy Board, Alberta’s bitumen industry uses more than 57,000,000 cubic metres (two billion cubic feet) of natural gas per day – the energy equivalent of 350,000 barrels of oil – for the sole purpose of separating bitumen from sand.

Canada is the fifth-largest producer of natural gas in the world; in 2017, nearly a third of Canada’s total production was devoted to processing bitumen. Even after this colossal energy input, the rendered bitumen will still need further, fire-intensive upgrading to be actually burnable. Lest there be any confusion, natural gas is about 80% methane, a greenhouse gas 50 times more potent than CO2.

Already, we’re into the billions of daily human-caused fires, but it’s when I started looking at engines that the numbers really took off. Globally, you’ve got well over a billion cars, a quarter-billion trucks, 200 million motorcycles, 25,000 passenger jets, and 50,000 ocean-going freighters (a third of which are devoted to transporting more fuel to burn). A single six-cylinder minivan running at driving-to-school speed will generate around 10,000 combustions a minute, more than half a million per hour. That’s a lot of fires. Add them all up and you get tens of trillions of individual combustions. That, roughly speaking, is the number of fires humans make every day – uncountable as stars in the universe.

Every single one of those fires generates CO2 emissions, and all of it stays here on Earth (no, carbon capture will not make a dent in this). A certain amount is absorbed into limestone by chemical weathering, but the bulk of anthropogenic (human-caused) CO2 is absorbed by our oceans, or set loose in our atmosphere where it remains active for decades, if not centuries. Findings published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Research Letters revealed that, over the past 40 years, roughly 40% of the area burned in wildfires in the western U.S. and southwestern Canada can be traced to industrial CO2 emissions.

That's a short excerpt from an excellent opinion piece by John Vaillant, author of "Fire Weather: The Making of a Beast."


#Canada #Russia #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #CO2 #Emissions #Wildfires

Aerial photo taken on May 12 of Northern Alberta’s Bald Mountain wildfire. In the foreground we see dirt roads amid bare patches of clear-cut forest. Then we have a number of unburned trees, and behind them are raging flames as hundreds of trees burn, sending huge clouds of dark smoke into the air.
Adam Cook
6 days ago

#Detroit, #Michigan 🤝 #Windsor, #Canada

This bridge will also feature a #biking and pedestrian path.

Coming soon!

Alex Standiford :wordpress:
6 days ago

Walked a short hike in Fundy National Park today. We didn't get to explore it as extensively as I'd like, but it has been lovely!

#Canada #Fundy #NationalPark #NewBrunswick #Waterfall