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Three swans on canal dock with background of buildings and graffiti. Grey sky
3 days ago

Canal de Bourgogne
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A stretch of canal, lined on both sides by trees.
J. Martin
3 days ago

Christianshavns Kanal — Copenhagen, Denmark. March 2017, iPad Pro.

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Paul - Grumpy Old Man
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"In Line Astern, Kids!"


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Swan with 7 cygnets swimming in line astern on a canal.
Damien Scully
5 days ago

Another view from the bridge for #SilentSunday as the seasons starts to turn.
#viewFromABridge #HertsLife #hertfordshire #ware #river #canal #autumn

A river scene, a straight stretch of river. The river is dark and high after recent rains.
On either side of the river are trees that are just starting to turn to autumn colours. The sky is grey with cloud.

Chciałem obejrzeć mecz #ManchesterUnited vs #Bayern, ale okazało się, że nie będzie go na #Viaplay ani #Canal+ 🤯🥴
Tylko #PolsatSport 😡🤬
Tyle hajsu idzie na te wszystkie VOD, a jak się chce coś zobaczyć to i tak okazuje się, że będzie gdzie indziej transmisja 🤷🏼‍♂️

J. Martin
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Making his way along the canal in spite of the rain. #canal #LeedsLiverpoolCanal #Lancashire #photography

A narrowboat  moving towards camera on a dull and overcast, rainy day, the canal is lines with trees, bushes and wildflowers

Join me this week for the first of our sessions where we answer your questions. These include, our mooring, why we chose to live afloat & how Donna felt about it, night-time cruising, and canal holidays.
#podcast #liveaboard #narrowboat #canal

A photograph of the 'studio' I set up each week in the little study at the back (stern) of the 'Erica.' It shows a microphone, laptop, headphones, and a lot of notebooks (essential!!).
2 weeks ago

Schon mal 75 km trocken. Yippee. Hallo #frankreich #france jetzt bis #montbelliard am #canal #fahrrad #velovisite #rennrad

Fahrradselfie während der Fahrt von hinter rechts mit Blick nach unten: Das Fahrrad, mein Bein.
Am Rhein-Rhone-Kanal erstes Päuschen. Bepacktes Rennrad lehnt an Geländer am Kanal
Tacho, der noch 459km zum Ziel zeigt. Im Hintergrund das Brunnenwasser Rondell de Dardilly, Merzhausen
Bepaktes Rennrad steht abfahrbereit am Brunnen in Merzhausen.
Damien Scully
3 weeks ago

For #SilentSunday it's another river based offering from me. I frequently take pictures from this bridge, for the last couple of years, this is the only time I have seen a single scull on the river.
#river #canal #HertsLife #hertfordshire #ware #summer

A river scene a straight section of river with tress on both banks. The trees are in full foliage. The river looks greeny brown under a pale grey sky. In the mid distance a single scull is visible heading away from the camera.
Derick Rethans
4 weeks ago

Green Canal

The Regent's Canal is full of green algae

#Canal #London #PhotoOfTheDay Sep 1st

Derick Rethans
1 month ago

Canal Reflections

#Reflection #Canal #PhotoOfTheDay Aug 24th

Derick Rethans
1 month ago

The Regent's Canal

#Boats #Canal #PhotoOfTheDay Aug 23rd

Derick Rethans
1 month ago

On The Canal

I was recruited as a deck hand. I've walked the whole length of the Grand Union, but I had never been on a boat on it!

#Canal #GrandUnionCanal #Boat #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay Aug 20th

Derick Rethans
1 month ago

Walking Along Regent's Canal

#London #Canal #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay Aug 16th

Johny Nocash
2 months ago

I encountered this fine specimen along the towpath. Bold as brass, not remotely phased by humans in its vicinity, it strolled along, pausing to allow us to pass and to take photographs. No zoom on this photo; it was literally within arms reach.

#heron #nature #canal

A grey heron stands a metre away from the photographer on the edge of a canal towpath, in profile with beak pointing to the right. Behind it is water and then green shrubbery, which is also reflected in the water. The heron is framed in a triangular section of canal in which the sky is reflected rather than the foliage.
Derick Rethans
3 months ago

Green Canal

#canal #PhotoOfTheDay Jul 11th

A canal reflecting the cloudy sky with colourful boats and trees on each side, with green pond weed on the water.
3 months ago

ARG potential snag with the narrowboat survey next week - there's not enough water in the single lock between the current mooring and the survey location round the corner! 🤷‍♂️
#narrowboat #canal

map showing a closed lock in the short canal/river route between mooring and survey location
3 months ago

A much overdue #introduction:

I'm a #StructuralEngineer by day, working mostly in #steel and #concrete. I do everything, but a lot more moving #bridges and #canal locks than most. Some #dams. All my stuff is old, so it's mostly about safety and reliability.

Second job: very willing farmhand for @PickwickSheprd, who I think mostly puts up with me because she was crazy enough to marry me. We raise #sheep and she trains #sheepdogs. I fix the old #tractors and help run #fences and #buildings.

Swede’s Photographs
3 months ago

Good morning. 🌄🌄🌄

As a teenager, I lived in a small California town in the San Joaquin Valley. At least during most of my high school years, late 60s and early 70s. The town and the area were surrounded by peach orchards and green grape vineyards. A series of canals fed the surrounding farmland. On lazy summer days, my friends and I would pile in my 1954 Chevrolet Station wagon and drive out on a canal bank and go swimming. Usually at a spot with a spill over that we called the falls. One of our things was to shoot the falls, which was incredibly reckless. This spot was adjacent to a vineyard and if the grapes were ripe, we would get a bunch of grapes and sit on the bank and enjoy them. They were the best tasting grapes and to this day, I judge all grapes based on those.

"You cannot eat a cluster of grapes at once, but it is very easy if you eat them one by one." - Jacques Roumain

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #canal #grapes #RustyBlackbird

In this photograph, a flock of rusty black birds (Euphagus carolinus) are darting around in the sky above a pine tree.  There were perhaps, hundreds of them, they were preparing to land in the tree, which they did.  They stayed only a few minutes. Maybe they were just taking a quick break.

The Falkirk Wheel. This astonishing piece of engineering celebrates its 21st birthday this Saturday. The only rotating boat lift of its kind in the world, it allows boats and barges on the Forth and Clyde Canal to continue their journey along the Union Canal - 24m above and on toward #Edinburgh

It takes just 22.5 kilowatts (kW) to power the electric motors, which consume just 1.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy in four minutes, roughly the same as boiling eight kettles of water.

#Scotland #Canal #Barge #Falkirk #Engineering

Aerial photograph showing the Falkirk Wheel boat lift and Falkirk Canal Basin.
Raisins to be Cheerful
5 months ago

Love to see a decaying pike next to the #canal by Bow Locks #London #Cycling

A partially-eaten pike on a canal towpath
History of Art
6 months ago

The oil painting A Frozen Canal near the River Maas was created by Dutch painter Andreas Schelfhout (1787-1870) in 1867.
This winter landscape presents a typically Dutch canal scene: a panoramic, tranquil world almost devoid of color. Winter scenes by Schelfhout, which allude to the 17th century, were extremely popular. They were even called ‘little Schelfhouts’

#art #arthistory #vintage #painting #Dutch #winter #landscape #ice #tranquil #river #canal #frozen #MastoArt

Vintage winter Dutch landscape with frozen canal and ice skaters.
7 months ago

Trees along the side of the Shropshire Union Canal - beautiful, even in their winter nakedness…

#WoodLand #Canal #Reflections #BlackAndWhite #Photography #Shropsire

A still winter’s  day on the canal: trees growing on the riverbank are reflected in the water below.
Steven 📸
8 months ago

#Canal Home, #Bruges, #Belgium

An early morning walk along a Bruges canal brought me to this adorable home with an entrance on the water.

#Nikon #D100 #24120mm #StreetPhotography #Cityscape #DoorsOfMastodon #Photography #Picture #OAA #TravelPhotography #Travel #WellTravelled
#WindowFriday #Friday #Fensterfreitag #MastoArt

A brick home on a canal with a #door and #window over a stone landing. The door and window are adorned by red and white flowers, all of which reflect in the canal water.
Kieron James
8 months ago

Love the #clouds and #sky on this #photo taken in 2020 on another #run route. It’s along the canal close to Hazel Grove in Cheshire.

#photography #bridge #canal #running #runner

A bridge by the canal. Above a patchwork pattern is formed from wispy clouds in a pale blue sky.
Amy Rich (she/her)
8 months ago

This was taken as dusk was settling in near Hilo in #Hawaii I was there for a work event, but I came a week early to sightsee and enjoy the beautifully warm weather / ocean.

#NaturePhotography #LandscapePhotography #garden #flowers #canal

In the foreground, a profusion of pink flowers sits on the right-hand bank of a man-made canal. In the background are a number of tall palm trees, large ferns, and resort buildings. The sky is a dim, medium blue and the light from the sunset reflects off of the resort windows in a pinky-orange glow.
Amy Rich (she/her)
8 months ago
Old wooden buildings with orange slate roof tiles and old red brick buildings are on the far side of a canal with two white geese. The stone foundations of the buildings, submerged in the canal, are covered in moss and hanging green plants.
Passed Wonder
8 months ago

In the dampen places by the #RiverLea betwixt Turnford and Hoddleston, some cunning bastards have been stealing *parts* of #pylons. Experts suggest they may be trying to construct a 'FrankenPylon' to wreak electrical devastation upon the land.

HTs #TellingStories #psychogeography #hookland #photography #canal

An electricity pylon is missing the arms on one side. There are wires crossing in front and behind it, and trees and grass below.
An electricity pylon, viewed from below, appears to be missing its topmost part, though still has wires feeding from one side to the other.
Two electricity pylons stand behind a spiked metal fence. The nearer one appears 'stumpy' as it lacks the upper parts of the other.
David Hembrow
9 months ago

Ships, both in the water and under construction...
#velomobile #regel17 #cycling #netherlands #ships #canal

Isaac LeFever
9 months ago