Dan Bowman
4 days ago


Because #corrupt #capitalists 🇺🇲
there; fixed it for ya. 🙂

I would like to congratulate #American #Capitalists, for doing for Trans-women what Tila Tequila did for Bisexuals (aggressively capitalizing on their identity in the most cynical and disingenuous way possible).

Torsten Bell from Resolution Foundation on what the #minimumwage has not fostered: a country where the low waged have a stable & secure existence.

Some will see this as a logical outcome of #capitalism, but as a reformist I think we can do capitalism a lot better than this; our rentier capitalism chews up the poor & spits them out having extracted what it can from them, but it doesn't have to be like this;

That said, time is running out for #capitalists to save themselves through reform!

We’ve chosen as a country to give low earners little or no protection from unexpected changes to the hours or shifts they work. The result? Four times as many of them experience volatile hours (and therefore pay) as higher earners. Try paying the rent with that insecurity.

And when life gets difficult, lower earners’ incomes take a hit in a way higher earners almost never experience. The majority of those earning less than £20,000 a year tell us that if they have to miss work for a family emergency, such as a sick child, they won’t be paid.

And if they get sick themselves it’s terrible for their financial, not just physical, health. If I can’t work I get paid in full, but we’ve chosen to leave lower earners with disgracefully low sick pay: if you’re sick for one week you are left with £43.76 to live on because you’re not paid for the first three days.

Even as the minimum wage has risen, lower earners’ work has become more intense and their job satisfaction has fallen. Good work is the mission but, with next to no progress beyond raising the minimum wage, it’s very much not one we’ve accomplished.
Hackersquirrel really
2 weeks ago

I don't understand how #capitalists walk away from free money. I sit through a board meeting where they're paying licensing fees to use software that has #foss variations that work as well or better. #CEOsAreStupid

3 weeks ago

Why is #Capitalism (C) such a massive bullshit monster? (Web of lies)

C is a master to slave (or servant) economic model.

Who are #capitalists (C's) trying to bullshit? Other people, themselves, or everyone?

Why do bullshitting C's pretend that C is a democracy? Especially C's micro boss dictators? Although, employees can leave & find employment in another private corporative hierarchy.

C is over consuming resources, degrading & polluting nature.

How long will C last?


Molly in Missouri
1 month ago

@soc_i_ety because they are controlled by #capitalists. Shareholders demand cancerous growth and that is what successful #capitalism produces.

@jacobrogers256 @mori @gwensnyder I must admit, I'm a minimalist when it comes to tech savvy. I just know I'm never again going to knowingly invest my time and effort in any "creation" forwarded to the public by rich self-serving, right-wing #Capitalists, especially those who say one thing, and do the opposite. The #ElongatedMuskrat bought the #birdsite, right before the midterms, specifically to minimize the impact of the #Left through 2024


1 month ago

#capitalists sells #weapons to dictators.

For example, #trump boasted about selling American weapons to Saudi Arabia.

#Capitalism is ecologically #unsustainable

Capitalists gaslight populations of people using social media. #GreenWash.

The corrupt succeed in capitalism. Therefore, eventually, we all lose.

#ClimateChange #unsustainable #capitalist #economy

1 month ago

Capitalism exploits vulnerable cultures for their resources. For example, fossil fuels from #Africa .

Then the #capitalists hold #charity events to make themselves feel less guilty for exploiting them. And to gaslight the conformists in the capitalist culture.

#irony #capitalism #unsustainable #greenwash #greed #psychology

Molly in Missouri
1 month ago

A society with millionaires but lacking guaranteed basic income is a society not worth preserving. It's time People stopped working for or purchasing goods sold by #corporations. Stop empowering #capitalists. Instead we could form interconnected local communities of mutual trade, aid and support. If we focused on sustainability + homes & food all the people, we could work around #capitalism until it collapsed, turning things in a better direction almost immediately. For Each Other > For Profit

1 month ago

When I said that the term "#OpenSource" is basically just an appeal to #capitalists, I was not exagerrating.

To quote the Jargon File (written by esr himself):

"The intent was to be able to sell the hackers' ways of doing software to industry and the mainstream by avoiding the negative connotations (to suits) of the term 'free software'."

Nice idea on paper, but it didn't work. In reality, suits have bastardized the term to strip it of all meaning. 🙁

1 month ago

#Capitalists will keep on spending

Virtue signalers will keep on pretending

Consumers will keep on consuming.

Greed isn't good or amusing.

Deniers will keep on ignoring

Environmentalists will keep on deploring

Profiteering will keep on exploiting

Advertising will keep on manipulating

#Climate will keep on changing

#Forest fires will keep on raging

#Oceans will keep on rising

#Politicians will offer thoughts, prayers & gaslighting

Narcissists will keep on lying & fighting


Tucker Teague
1 month ago

When we consider the #WGA #strike we might think it's big bad studios & their greedy leaders being unwilling to given even an inch to the lowly #writers. There's a lot of truth in that, but there's also the fundamental nature of the situation. In other words, it's #ClassStruggle. #Capitalists (those who own the #studios & control the money) want to profit off the #labor of others. It's not just about some people being bad, it's also structural & ideological, like any other capitalist system.

Sometimes I look around at the bubbling crisis in global #capitalism & think if you needed an example of why Galbraith's notion of the need for countervailing power is crucial, just (as @rbreich often points out) look at the relationship between rising productivity, the share of the surplus generated that goes to capital (higher) & #workers (lowering), alongside the semi-successful neutering of #unions; the problem for #capitalists (as Keynes would note) is they're destroying 'effective demand'!

1 month ago

The wealthy and powerful often depict themselves with keystone species on their coats of arms, suggesting they are at the top of the food chain. However, in #nature keystone species regulate populations, maintain nature balance and support #biodiversity in ecosystem. Meanwhile, uncontrolled #capitalists destroy resources and prevent nature from recovering. Therefore, they can't be the keystone species they pretend to be.

1 month ago

This is the #psychology solution to solve #ClimateChange 👈

1. Ask yourself, how do you want to live?

2. Now ask yourself, is how you want to live ecologically sustainable? IF, the majority of other people also lived that way? #democracy

If yes, you're part of the solution. 👍 #sustainability

If no, you're part of the problem. 👎The ideological wants of the ignorant & greedy are ecologically unsustainable.

Evidently a #capitalists personal wants are ecologically unsustainable.

1 month ago

The problem with #capitalism are #capitalists

Relatively, capitalism causes cognitive myopia. Short-sighted #extremism. A rich capitalists myopic refusal to change now to, for example, effectively tax the most polluting industries, their industries, will undoubtedly cause more extreme ecological problems in the future #ClimateChange. Capitalism rewards liars & sociopaths #greenwash.

#cooperatives are more healthier, democratic, social & sustainable.

Dark Photon Studio
2 months ago

#Mastodon isn’t the answer to corporate controlled #socialmedia. Social media is a #mentalhealth cancer. All social media has done is reenforce #loneliness, disengagement, #toxicindividualism, and help accelerate the destruction of the #socialcontract. You are mainlining the worst of #American #imperialism straight into your brain, whether you think you’re oppose it or not. This is what #capitalists want. The only answer is to stop using it.

Darren Nevares :vm:
2 months ago

#Elon is a great example of what free speech means to #conservative #capitalists.

The competition? No free speech.

#Workers trying to #unionize? No free speech.

#Antifascists? Banned. No free speech for you.

Overt #Nazis? Welcome back to #Twitter!

#freespeech #Elmo #elonmusk

Molly in Missouri
2 months ago

@skoombidoombis perfect #capitalists
Give the impression of freedom while serving your master.

2 months ago

This is the end of Western support for the #Ukrainian regime.

Rule No. 1
You never EVER ask #capitalists to share their profits.

"Minister of Energy of #Ukraine #Galushchenko called on global energy companies to share their profits with Ukraine"

3 months ago

The problem with the fucking #capitalists is that they want #capitalism for everyone else, but they demand #socialism for themselves.

3 months ago

#Capitalists assholes.
Before the #SVB collapse and right after.
Solid opinion, right? 🤡

3 months ago


The argument against #StudentDebt forgiveness is that #capitalists prefer indebted #workers because they're easier to exploit.

Miro Collas
3 months ago

Opinion | Socialism is in retreat in the Democratic Party - The Washington Post

The old guard #capitalists have beaten them into submission

#America #Democrats #Capitalism #Socialism

Q. has the rescue of #SiliconValleyBank been a necessary stabilisation operation on both sides of the Atlantic, or merely the latest example of #capitalists desire to privatise their profits while socialising loses?

This is a Q. that will be widely posed on the left by critical political economists, but perhaps more interestingly was also highlighted in the strap line of John Thornhill's opinion piece in the FT this morning;
'SWB shows there are few libertarians in a financial foxhole'!

3 months ago

‘We’ve lost the right to be pessimistic’: #Patagonia treads fine line tackling #climate crisis as for-profit company

Thank goodness for #creative innovative #capitalists who care for #regeneration and the #future @bethsawin @rabbijill @jfleck Let's hope it catches on.

#QT - Another fantastic Doctorow thread explaining again that what we live in is as far from "free-market #capitalism" as middle ages feudalism. You're not imagining things: #capitalists really are jacking up prices far beyond any reason other than they can and you can't do shit about it. And given our political trajectory, won't ever be able to do shit about it.

Ji Fu
3 months ago
Its not hard. If I knew the government were handing out #freemoney I would raise my ptices too. The bennifitter of the #WelfareState are the #capitalists. #DrugPrices

♻️It’s a question echoed throughout every corner of the United States: Why are prescription drug prices so high? A Congressional committee is aiming to find out. Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) announced a formal investigation on March 1 after more than two years of legislative attempts to demand transparency and accountability from the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Comer, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee chairman, sent letters to the country’s three largest PBMs on March 1, including Cigna Express Scripts, CVS Caremark, and UnqitedHealth Group’s Optum Rx. In his communication, Comer noted those three companies alone control 80 percent of the PBM market....
Miro Collas
3 months ago

UK shoppers slash spending as price rises and energy bills bite

When #capitalists get too greedy, people run out of money to spend. Then BigBiz starts crying crocodile tears about their profits not increasing as much as they would like. If they paid people decent wages, then people could continue to shop. But Biz Biz is too short-sighted to see that, and too greedy.


An irony of #capitalism

Collective action by #investors, becoming #shareholders to support #business interests in development = a central plank to the success of the system...

Collective action by #workers to negotiate towards a fair share of the surplus produced through their work = a conspiracy of the envious to hold investors to ransom...

Only when #capitalists recognise the legitimate interest of #workers in enterprises' success & the fair share of rewards does the system really work!

Upstart Crow
4 months ago


Ready to live in an #independent #Scotland, in a tolerant, fair country, preferably without #bigots, #racists, #capitalists, or #Tories (blue, red or yellow), and preferably on a planet that's not on fire

Also, no #ElonMusk
#follow #boost #indie #indieweb #MastoArt #photo #photographer
#art #gimp #altext

would be good

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺 🌍 💚🌱 Ⓥ🏴

Cascade Panorama
by Carl J Shoemaker
Mathew Samuel
5 months ago

I know a lot of people in the west recoil at seeing #Capitalists portrayed as problematic or sociopathic.

But the #Economy framing has basically created a neo feudal society for the vast majority. And although I'm personally doing better than the bottom in this arrangement, I know they will get me as I finally get sick, wipe out everything I have with 'healthcare' bills.

If you're not in the #Oligarchy, you are closer to the bottom than you might think. 1/

#Anxiety & fear of social inadequacy (from #FOMO to #mentalhealth issues) are not a bug in #capitalism but one of its key features;

#capitalists can only profit (when we can, mostly obtain the basics we need) by engineering new 'demands' for things we *didn't* know we wanted until they were presented to us by the fashionable & early adopters;

In a healthy society, this can be a relatively constructive force, but in an increasingly broken system like the UK its behind our #mentalhealthcrisis

Problem Patient
6 months ago

Can you unlearn the knowledge that your #neighbors wouldn't #WearAMask to save your life?

Can you unsee the fact that #capitalists will happily cram your children into plague-infested #schools and deny you leave so you can make them a little more obscene profit?

Can you forget that going out to #brunch is more important to many people than having a relationship with #HighRisk friends and family?

No. You've seen behind the curtain. If #COVID disappears tomorrow, you're left with a decision: Do you head back to brunch yourself, or do you take what you've learned and use it to fight back against the #system that will continue to destroy lives until and unless we defeat it through #solidarity?

You've seen people with their heads in the sand. Once the immediate personal pressure is off of you, don't stick your head in there, too. Don't forget this. Remember. Act.

@novid #HolyAnarchy #Progressive #Leftist

Molly in Missouri
6 months ago

@nberlat I don't think she actually needs funds raised from the public. Why would she when so many #capitalists funnel her money in exchange for screwing things up for the rest of us?
Soon even our votes won't be needed. We might want to get a wiggle on if we are going to salvage this attempt at being a #civilization

Problem Patient
6 months ago

If a #strike causes major disruption, that's not the fault of #labor.

Don't blame the #workers who want to have sick days during a #pandemic -- blame the #capitalists who decide that slightly more obscene profit is more important than the lives and livelihoods of our #EssentialWorkers . Blame the #RobberBarons who are willing to risk all of us in a radically unequal game of chicken.

This isn't on #labor. Support the #RailStrike and the #unions .

8 months ago

If #Socialism is a system that does not work properly on its own, then why do all #capitalists, countries and big companies, consuming time and money, try to convince you that it does not work?

The question isn't whether people "care" about #privacy or not. Everyone does. The question is if they understand that less privacy is a #social issue, not just a #personal one. The question is if they understand what it actually means to be on commercial social media; who they're feeding & how. The question is if they have any other option.

It's the #capitalists we're fighting - not the "workers". So be kind, & keep #fighting, #thinking, #making, #feeling, #saying, #doing.


1 year ago

The projects' names are #emancipation & #science.

The goal of social organization without dominion is called #anarchy, the absence of any dominion.

The #fascist​s', #supremacist's, #capitalists', #feudalist's goal is the exact opposite of this. Every day you can see their success in influencing the society. And every day you can see how we as a society fail to do good.

This is why we all are to be #antifa & #anticapitalist​s.

/ #thread end

☆ joene ☆
1 year ago

*Petition · Bezos & Rotterdam: Stop the dismantling of historic bridge #ABridgeTooFar*

"The super-rich- like #JeffBezos- live in a parallel world, with no restrictions and an above-the-law position.

‘De Hef’ bridge in #Rotterdam dates from 1878 and is one of the first structures in the city to have been repaired after the bombardment during the second world war. Because of this, it became a historical heritage site. After a major renovation in 2017, the municipality of Rotterdam promised that the bridge would never be dismantled again. Now, that promise seems bound to be broken. All because, the richest man in the world, wants to pass his personal mega-yacht through the river in Rotterdam.

It seems, ‘De Hef’ is not dismantled for anyone unless you are extremely rich. ..."

#capitalism #capitalists #Bezos

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
3 years ago


There are going to be bad apples in any bunch. We cannot single out #environmentalists any more than #religiousGroups that believe when people die, that's Gods way. Or #capitalists who believe that the 99% don't work hard enough. Or #slavetrade operators, #rentSeekers and rabid #shareholders who want to suck all the #productiveValue from the masses while paying them a pittance and #evadingTaxes that might help pay for #publicGoods like #healthcare.

The bad exist...(2/4)

3 years ago

why #capitalists are happy with new #british chancellor?

financial stimulus - aka we british citizens borrow, so spending will grow.
how cool?
who will get the largest numbers from said injection?

3 years ago

from birbsite,

"Folks swear up and down they are #capitalists and don't actually own anything. The people who have the power to repossess your belongings if you miss a payment are the true capitalist. You are a worker and a consumer trying to be in false class #solidarity w/ billionaires. 2/2"

Librarian socialist
4 years ago

Today is Workers Memorial Day, the day to remember the workers killed through labour. Their murder has many faces: dangerous working materials (Asbestos, still...), cost-cutting "safety" regulations, permanent stressful environments. Its actor is the exploitation of the work force by #capitalists.

It is a day to remember the dead, and aim to fight for and with the living. Beyond ritualised actions (i.e. 1rst May).

Let`s mourn today, and organise tomorrow. #WMD2019

4 years ago


good luck #XM24 people.

Was at the ETC event on Sept.

the place is used by diverse communities. From conservative #refugees through to #anarchists, #radical #feminists and local food producers and so on.

Will be a sad irony if a commodities-food market that was converted to a cultural market-encounter will be abolished by #capitalists minds that champion markets diversity, as long as they are of a certain kind.

4 years ago

considering that some people who voted for the uk to exit the #eu, did so:
to express anger, frustration, resentment and their own #cultural and #social independence
as a means to gain more funding for society.
as a means to defund society and enforce deregulation.
to capitalise on falling prices and crumbling infrastructures (disaster #capitalists)
to gain control over the rulling #tory party

4 years ago

Economic basket case #Argentina is in financial crisis; first world #capitalists hope for #Macri proved unfounded. Agricultural oligarchs hold all the power

4 years ago

Jeff Sachs on the #Trump admin war on #Huawei, whose domination in 5g technology threatens the profits of US #capitalists

A kind (of) writer
5 years ago

Reading an article on the false consciousness of #American mass population as #capitalists. It’s well put: Most ordinary people who believe themselves to be capitalists don’t actually want to maximise profits, but surplus: Better services, more happy customers, quality products. But none of this increases #capital of a company. It decreases it. It’s not #capitalism, but #socialism. Because capitalism believes in taking over small players and monopolistically forcing you to accept a bad service.

5 years ago

Adam Smith, in his widely mentioned but unfrequently read Wealth of Nations, pointed out #capitalists are permitted to combine in order to further their interests, but workers are not. (At the time he wrote, combining to raise wages was a hanging offense)

Frank Little
5 years ago

Further proof #capitalists and their wealthy cronies do not care about workers:

EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing - -

#latestagecapitalism #asbestos #Resistance #maga

5 years ago

This is the future #capitalists want.

5 years ago

US #capitalists are showing increasing anxiety over #Trump's #tradewar w/ #China, and its impact on financial markets