1 day ago

I found this on Oxfam online and am beyond excited, the author was a professor of logic at Oxford, this deeply researched tome was his hobby! #tarot #jeudetarot #games #cardgames

A copy of The Game of Tarot by Michael Dummett a large brown hardback Napoli with an image of elegant medieval tarot card players on the front
2 days ago

I love how you can talk about "a 3/2" (or in speech, "a three two" and it means something *completely* different depending on whether you're talking about #MagicTheGathering vs. #WeissSchwarz

i'm also intrigued by the high "density" of WS. cards serve multiple functions in the game, from being the card type/text on them to being damage counters to being "currency" or "ammo" for doing things to adding elements of chance on both offense and defense. it's really neat.


Afternoon Play
2 days ago
S. Lott
4 days ago

#cribbage #cards #cardgames

This is how you win.

Discard nonsense and hope the 779x will make some points in play.

Getting the 8 as a starter was key to my strategy. Key. Of course I plan around a randomly chosen card. Otherwise, I was doomed.

(Also key? Hoping the opponent didn’t win with their first count.)

Games for Music wiki / G4M
4 days ago

#Textmusic3 meets #Tonic

Both #cardGames work by constraining a single musical parameter at a time. T3 avoids referring to pitch, Tc embraces.

One (T3) is played with a traditional deck (not full), another is an original set of cards.

Only Textmusic has rules properly specified for full performance. Tonic has suggestions for practicing.

Which one stays to be compared in the next round?

4 days ago

Disney Lorcana has been a bit of a hit here so I decided to get the 2 new Rise of the Floodborn starter decks to see how they work.

#DisneyLorcana #BoardGames #CardGames

The 2 new Disney Lorcana starter decks: Amber & Sapphire and Amethyst & Steel.
4 days ago

Also, the debut of Graveyard Matters on my Youtube channel can be found right here! Check it out and see how you'd rate my gameplay.
#mtg #mtgArena #magicthegathering #cardgames #GraveyardMatters

5 days ago

It's time for more Graveyard Matters to be put on the docket, so join me over at for chill times as I work on playing some more Magic: The Gathering Arena. Going live in about 15 minutes. #MTG #MTGArena #GraveyardMatters #magicthegathering #cardgames

Hairy Tarantula
1 week ago

Big "Thank you!" to all the players who came out to our #LorcanaTCG Rise of the Floodborn release event last Saturday! Don't forget: we host weekly #Lorcana organized play every Monday evening! Sign up at #Toronto #Cardgames #DisneyLorcana #CCG #GameStore #LocalGameStore

The Winner of the Lorcana release event smiles and holds the Rise of the Floodborn booster box she won at the event
Many players sit together playing Lorcana at Hairy Tarantula
The top 8 players in the Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn release event stand together in front of a sign that says "Hairy Tarantula"
Lorcana Weekly Organized Play, every monday, 6:30PM 
Entry $10, 3-0 gets $30 store credit plus promo of choice, 2-X gets $15 store credit and a random promo. Promos given out at random at the event. Learn more and register online at
Tabletop Games Blog (they)
1 week ago

Yay! I got my copy of FORK by Ta-Te Wu from Sunrise Tornado Game Studio has arrived. I backed it a while ago and am looking forward to playing it soon. 🙂👍 #boardgames #CardGames

the box of FORK and some owl stickers
1 week ago

Some people change their card decks when the cards grow too wrinkled, or too bent, or too torn. We change our decks when they grow too snarky.

S. Lott
1 week ago

#cards #cardgames #cribbage

Discarded a pair of 10’s. Good luck on my part.

It’s not a HUGE score, but it’s a pretty hand with all those multiples of 3 that can combine and recombine.

Cribbage hand 3669 and starter card 9
berserk du soleil
1 week ago

i've been playing "beecarbonize" for a few runs, and it's really fun and has a lot of charm. recommended for fans of "cultist simulator" (rip) and "stacklands." free to play, no strings.

#games #indiegames #cardgames #climatechange

Jason Stiff
2 weeks ago

Looking for the BEST $5 gift around? You can have hours of fun with your friends and family with the GOLPH Card Game! It's only $5/deck. Order yours today!

#smallbusinesssaturday #blackfriday #game #games #card #cards #cardgame #boardgame #boardgames #cardgames #family #fun #familyfun #golf #GOLPH #GOLPHCards #GOLPHCardGame #gift #giftideas

Tabletop Games Blog (they)
2 weeks ago

There was a lot of yapping and barking, jumping and tail-wagging. However, when everyone was ready, it was time to choose the winner of this Puppy Pile by Mike A Pratt from @thing12games.
#reviews #boardgames #CardGames #FamilyGames #puppies #dogs

The Offline Gamer
2 weeks ago

Our @achroma_game playmats arrived today so time for another couple of games! Excellent quality mats from @vaultxhq #achroma #cardgames #boardgame #boardgames

2 weeks ago

It's time for Graveyard Matters, so join me over at in about 15 minutes as I tackle some #magicthegathering over on Arena. Maybe one of you can teach me how to draft properly because I am terrible at it.
#MtG #MtGarena #cardgames #Golgari4Life

2 weeks ago

Anybody have any board / card / dice / party game recommendations for Black Friday sales?

Other games I enjoy for context

-Terraforming mars
-Marvels Champions/Legendary
-Betrayal at house on the hill
-Camel Up
-That’s Pretty Clever
-Roll Low

#boardgames #partygames #dice #cardgames #blackfriday #sale #recommendation #root

Frank Cavil
2 weeks ago

I've not collected (or played) #Pokemon in a long long time. My partner on the other hand is a child living in the body of a bigger child, and all too often comes home with a booster pack to rip open.

Now I know there are daft Pokémon based on chandeliers or ice cream or the alphabet, but this... this is a Cheesestring. Not 'like' a Cheesestring, 'is' a Cheesestring.

This has to be a Poképarody Booster pack or something. Wouldn't make my bench, that's for sure.

#cardgames #cheese

Photo of a Pokémon Trading Card Game card, called Gholdengo, who looks like a smug Cheesestring confidently folding his arms across his chest.
Meeple Mountain
2 weeks ago

Justin works through the three games in the latest collection of Steven Rhodes productions from Cryptozoic Entertainment. Find out what he thinks in his review!

#BoardGames #StevenRhodes #CardGames #Collection

Markus Hofer
2 weeks ago

... So you work your way through the deck again and again trying to carefully rearrange cards until everything is in place to trigger the win condition. Or until you overlook something bad and lose.
So... Interesting points: you don't need a table, you have all cards in hand, it's all about rearranging cards within your deck. Negative point: it's really hard to keep track of how many stars I've collected because so many of them depend on proximity to other cards, etc. #galdorsgrip #cardgames

Figment of Feragot card. The first time you encounter it it's fine, the second time you have to rotate it and gain a star - yay, but the third time you encounter it you lose the game.
Markus Hofer
2 weeks ago

Spent the evening printing cards for Galdor's Grip, then played two games. It's certainly interesting! You play with all 18 cards in hand, all face down. Each round you turn the top one over (if face down), resolve the text, look at the number in the circle (you can choose to use the number on the next card instead if you want to) and move that many cards from the top of the deck to the back. You can put the top card anywhere within that group of cards... #cardgames #printandplay #galdorsgrip

The rules of Galdor's Grip. On top there's one uncut sheet (for an expansion) as well as all the 18 cut and sleeved cards needed to play the base game.

I still (occasionally) play Yu-Gi-Oh online via the Duel Links and Master Duel apps. I'll download them and binge for a bit and then delete them after I get my ass beat too many times by XYZs and Links. I wish there were matchmaking playlists just for the older stuff.
#yugioh #MasterDuel #DuelLinks #Konami #cardgames

2 weeks ago

Disney Lorcana is a fun game. It’s easy to play and the cards are fairly easy to understand. It’s still possible to get resource starved but not to the same extent as in Magic.

#DisneyLorcana #BoardGames #CardGames

Denman Rooke
3 weeks ago

Bram is back for some #Godot game dev stream of the digital version of Battle of Tarot, a 2 player card battling game. Check out the stream over on

#GameDev #CardGames #IndieDev #MadeWithGodot #Owncast #LiveStream

3 weeks ago


New Expansion Announcement 'Hidden Dagger' for Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions

Hidden Dagger brings a trove of over 150 new cards, spotlighting three traitor legions: the vicious Night Lords, the ruthless Iron Warriors, and the duplicitous Alpha Legion.

#WH40K #WarhammerTheHorusHeresyLegions #Cardgames #GLG #Gaming

Denman Rooke
3 weeks ago

Hadn't played BATTLE of TAROT in a while, but while my twin brother was in town, I taught him the game and we got a few games in. Still a lot of fun! Though... I may be a bit biased ;)

It's free by the way! Get a copy of the rules here, grab your own tarot deck, and play it with a friend, enemy, lover, comrade, or stranger.

#BATTLEofTAROT #GameDev #CardGames #AnalogGames

Vivienne Dunstan
3 weeks ago

More from South #Leith, among accusations of #witchcraft and arguing over #schools: “28 December 1643 - Isobell Robertsone being called (for haveing four men playing at cards in hir house in tyme of divin service) compeared and was ordained to pay 12s and was admonishit no to doe the like.” #Edinburgh #ScottishHistory #17thCentury #SeventeenthCentury #kirkSession #CardGames #GamingHistory

3 weeks ago

I thought I'd try Disney Lorcana so bought 2 starter decks to try it out.

From what I've seen so far I prefer the way resources are handled over Magic and Pokemon and it seems that deck building can be as simple as “I'll make a deck of princesses” or some other idea (which is kind of how we treated Magic in the 90s).

It seems well designed. We'll have to see how long it takes for unintended interactions and power creep to set in though.

#DisneyLorcana #CardGames #BoardGames

The Disney Lorcana card game starter decks Amber & Amethyst and Emerald & Ruby.
3 weeks ago

Usually felt that the Ironclad in #SlayTheSpire was the least powerful of the main three for beating runs (potentially due to the Awakened feeling like a pretty nasty final boss), but this run with him felt like probably one of the stronger builds I've got in the #game. Lots of auto-increasing strength and shields, made slog fights feel quite good.

#gaming #roguelike #cardgames #Steam #indiegames

Afternoon Play
3 weeks ago

Hi @kosinus

Just saw that you created some way to play chess in the #fediverse!

I wonder if you could be interested in thinking about how to implement #cardGames.
In particular #Doppelkopf, a #cards #game germans play and I guess perhaps you have a version of that game in the Netherlands too.

I'd love to see it work on #friendica as an addon. Maybe somehow together with the quick comment addon?

Tabletop Scotland
3 weeks ago

We've opened our #BoardGame and #CardGame event submissions.
If you're looking to one at Tabletop Scotland, fill out the form on our website:
We have space for events on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and over multiple days.
#BoardGames #CardGames #TTS2024

Image shows a Meeple and Four Cards, with the caption "Board & Card Game Events"
Jason Anarchy
3 weeks ago

Build your own custom cheese factory and start CHEESE FIRES in the exciting world of CHEESE FACTORY
#BoardGames #CardGames #CheeseFactory #CasualGames #EmbeddedProdigyLyrics

Tabletop Games Blog (they)
3 weeks ago

Thank you for the free prototype copy of Puppy Pile @thing12games. I can't wait to get it to the table and review it. (PS: cat shown for scale) 😀👍 #reviews #boardgames #CardGames #FamilyGames

the prototype box of Puppy Pile with a black cat sleeping, curled up behind it
3 weeks ago

Why did nobody tell me there's an #ExplodingKittens #Netflix series on the way?

I am definitely up for this!

#Boardgames #Cardgames

S. Lott
1 month ago

#cribbage #cardgames

Our evening game? I get this. Followed by a run of epic hands nothing under 8.

Third skunking in a row. My partner is unhappy. Can beat their dad. Can’t touch me.

It’s good to be lucky.

Cribbage hand. 4556 starter card is 6. 24 points.
S. Lott
1 month ago

#cribbage #cardgames

Partner playing with their dad. Got this. skunked dad. Nice.

Cribbage hand: 66544. 24 points.
quite adept
1 month ago

concepts from an old idea for a deception-based card game where you are members of the United Nations trying to take control of the world

#BoardGames #CardGames #ConceptArt #Tabletop #GraphicDesign #Typography

I suppose this is the time to point out that Siva Afi: The Fireknife Dance of Samoa makes a great gift for your most flammable loved ones. It's a pretty safe bet that your tabletop gamer relative doesn't already have it.

#SivaAfi #fireknife #Samoa #CardGames #GiftIdeas #ShamelessPlug

Alan McCoy
1 month ago

Topped off a wonderful weekend with my gf teaching me to play Mille Bornes, a game she enjoyed playing as a kid. Great fun if you ever have the chance to play it!

#millebornes #cardgames

1 month ago

I've just transferred my account over from my self-hosted instance, so I guess now would be a good time for a re #introduction: Hello to everyone I already knew, and to everyone to whom I'm new!

I'm a tech nerd from the UK, living in London. You'll generally find me tinkering with #Python, my #HomeLab, with #HomeAssistant or with something random, often because I'm #writing a how-to on my #Ghost site.

I love playing #games (#xbox #pc #cardgames)

🎲 On profite ensuite d’une table vide pour s’initier au #jeu de plateau Tokaido Duo. Les mécaniques des trois personnages qu’on incarne et qu’on déplace sur l’île de Shikoku sont assez différentes et les intégrer simultanément demande un petit temps d’adaptation mais je pense qu’une fois maitrisé ça doit dérouler. #boardgames #cardgames #tokaidoduo #games #boardgame #utopiales #utopiales2023 #mesutos2023

Vue d’ensemble d’une table de Tokaido Duo avec la boîte mise en valeur verticalement et le plateau de jeu dressé à droite.
Zoom sur le plateau de jeu de Tokaido Duo avec les personnages et les jetons déployés sur le plateau.

🎲 C’est reparti et on profite de la fréquentation raisonnable du matin pour investir la zone #jeux des #utopiales et tester Forêt Mixte, jeu de cartes de construction d’écosystèmes forestiers, où je retrouve des mécaniques qui me rappelle #Wingspan. C’est plutôt moins rigoureux, et plus centré sur les combos donc forcément pas optimal quand on ne connaît pas les cartes à l’avance, mais plutôt sympathique. #utopiales2023 #mesutos2023 #boardgames #cardgames #games #ecologie #forestshuffle

Vue d’une partie de Forêt Mixte à trois joueurs. Les cartes de la pioche et de la rivière (défausse) sont sur la droite, et chaque joueur a sa forêt déployée devant lui, composée de cartes d’arbres et d’animaux.
Zoom sur les cartes d’arbres et d’animaux composant la forêt d’un joueur.
Vue d’une partie de la zone jeux des Utopiales
1 month ago

Do you play #MtG commander (formerly EDH)?

Do you like tutors in decks?

(Additional thoughts welcome - I'm wondering how much variance folk really want in that sort of format.)

#MagicTheGathering #Poll #CCGs #tabletop #boardgames #cardGames

Denman Rooke
2 months ago

Another #BATTLEofTAROT Godot dev stream hosted by @bram Check it out here this evening at 7pm CEST!

#GameDev #Tarot #CardGames #Godot

2 months ago

I've heard that youtube creators for #BoardGames and #CardGames say the youtube algorithm tells them very few women <4%? watch their channels. BUT. Because I mainly watch board game & card game & video game content on youtube, it classifies me as a man and offers lots of beard-shaving ads, even though I have never told youtube my gender (I'm not a man). So the algorithm and stereotyping of these hobbies is self-perpetuating #Youtube

I think I've probably posted about Dungeon Cards ( on here before, a card flipping game (on Android, maybe on iPhone too?)

The same folks also make Card Fall (, which is similar, but..different. Still wild. Both require kind of interesting strategic thinking, and they both have that same kind of cute, stylized look.

Just killing cute little monsters on your phone and keeping your character alive as long as possible. 🤣

#CardFall #MobileGames #AndroidGames #Android #DungeonCards #CardGames

The Cardfall intro screen, a cute pixelated logo in orange and an open treasure chest in the center. Icons for Character, play and gold cards along the bottom.
An example screengrab of Cardfall, showing the game board with cute little monsters, weapons, your character, coin count, etc. This is level 6. The more you play, the more you unlock. Don't forget to selectively spend coins for upgrades!
Symbolic City
2 months ago

What are some of your favorite solo board and/or card games?

Not games that CAN be played solo. Games that were DESIGNED for solo play. #solo #boardgames #cardgames

What games really do :P
Scrabble, Uno, Monopoly
#boardgames #cardgames #memes #funny

This is hilarious! The lackluster #SFGiants season is partially blamed on #Pusoy, a Filipino card game similar to Poker. (Other news reports are saying the culprit is Pusoy Dos, which is a completely different game.) ♠️♥️♣️♦️

“...a near-zealotry to Pusoy, a Filipino card game that Joc Pederson and some other Giants players appear to find more compelling than studying the night’s opposing starting pitcher.”

#baseball #CardGames #Philippines #tootSEA #MLB

Ami Angelwings
2 months ago

#QuestionOfTheDay: what's your CCG/TCG, TTRPG, or board games hot take? Like an actually scorching hot take that you actually believe and would cause controversy.

#CCG #TCG #TTRPG #CardGames #BoardGames #MTG #YuGiOh #Pokemon #RPG

*As an example of the kinds of takes i mean you can check out the responses to the previous Question of the Day where I asked for anime, manga, and video game hot takes:

Do you like dungeons and dragons? How about ITEMS and ADJECTIVES? I made a card game and now I'm taking it to Kickstarter!

🚀 Follow it to get notified on launch

🃏Learn more about the game:

#kickstarter #cardGames #boardGames #ttrpg #dnd #tabletop #dungeonsAndDragons #linguistics

The game box, standing upright with a grid of cards around it. The bottom row of cards are all items like battleaxe and quiver; the top row are all "special" cards like UNDO and DRAW; other rows are adjectives like moldy and emerald.
Zach Smith
2 months ago

Abbreviated #Ulti Report #7:

A nice tight three-hander. In the last hand, I was able to psychically convey to B— the one card he needed to play in order to defeat A—'s betli.


Jim Jones
2 months ago

No Thanks! is an excellent card game and $10 is a great price for it.

We play it all the time and have used it to introduce many new people to more modern games at public gaming events that our community game group has run.

#BoardGames #Cards #CardGames

Fractal Kitty
2 months ago

Borb rummy - count by twos- yell “borb”… #mathart #cardgames #math #graphs #mtbos

Math bird cards showing a run of the complete graph suit and cards played.  A had is picking up a two nuthatch or the knot suit.
2 months ago

I‘m an environmental #physicist by training, but after three years of parental leave I started a new job as a consulting software #developer. I work(ed) with a lot of different technologies: #swiftlang, #java, #csharp, #cplusplus, #angular, #perl, … My preferred computing platform is the #Mac.

In my spare time I love to play #tabletopgames of all kinds: #boardgames, #cardgames, #miniature games and #rpg’s. When I‘m by myself I also enjoy #sologames or (mostly) older #videogames.


Sara Kathleen
2 months ago

Mini decks are available for each of the 2 playing card decks I’m currently funding on Kickstarter. I love these little creatures, especially the teeny ones. 💚 (links in bio)

#playingcards #cards #illustration #artist #mastoart #hearts #clubs #cardgames #games #tabletop #tabletopgames #poker #miniatures #littlethings #decks #cardistry

My hand, with tattoos on the back, holding a brightly coloured mini playing card between my thumb and middle finger. The king of clubs. It has a happy looking squid sort of creature on it, smiling and holding a cup of coffee.
A tiny playing card held on my outstretched fingers. It is the jack of hearts. The jack is a simple black silhouetted creature with tiny white eyes and antlers. Hearts are spread out behind it.
Sara Kathleen
3 months ago
Several decks of playing cards on a table, all in my artwork styles of simple silhouetted creatures. Some are black white and red, others are less traditional and more cartoony.
The front of a Queen of Hearts featuring a swirly organic illustration & silhouetted creature with a crown
A deck of cards showing a pink, happy, round little smiling creature blowing bubbles. The deck is normal size, there’s also mini cards. Shows the ace of hearts too which is pink and flowery.
The black and white backs of playing cards in a style that’s very traditional until you look close and see there are little horned and tentacled creatures in there.
3 months ago

First complete (solitaire) #Machiavelli game here on the #Fediverse, played on my experimenal bot:

#cards #cardGames

Kyle Burke
3 months ago

I made a video to help explain how to play #b001e0:

This is a fun game you can play to practice your knowledge of basic #logicGates. There is a bit of strategy involved, but it doesn't lend an overwhelming advantage to whoever employs it, so anyone can win the games.

#cardgames #computerscience #computerarchitecture

3 months ago

Which is better?

1. Until your next turn, only creatures with 3+ power may block.

2. Only creatures with 3+ power may block until your next turn.

I think folk were correct that the number mentioned needs to qualify for the next bit. But what if I swap the direction?

#boardGames #DCG #DCGs #cardGames #cardGame #templating #boardGameWriting

Dave Dawkins (D. Harrigon)
3 months ago

Is it not a delight to have friends visiting from afar? Or, in this case, to have a friend send you a whole bunch of fun new games to play! (from a kickstarter of hers that I backed)

Thanks to the inimitable @StuffByBez for some new opportunities for fun.

#BoardGames #TabletopGames #CardGames #gaming

The boxes for A game about Drawing Creatures, complimenting the drawings, then complimenting the compliments (yes Bez has long titles for her games), A game about Cute Comical Creatures and trying to identify them after someone makes noises, A game about Quickly Matching Words to Pictures, A game about Counting Cats. All games are basically a deck of cards in a box.
Sara Kathleen
3 months ago
Two decks of playing cards on a table, just the backs showing. The decks are identical except one is black, one is red. The design is swirly and intricate, and little vines and dots and creatures all over it.
A pile of playing cards loosely covering a table top
a queen of hearts card face up on a table. The queen is a simple black silhouetted creature with vines growing around her. Around the cars are two other cards with the backs showing, both intricate doodles of swirls and creatures. One in red, one in black.
4 months ago

One of my favorite #cardGames is #Machiavelli, similar to #Rummy but where the players have the opportunity to rearrange all played groups and runs as they please to make it easier to add their cards (as long as at the end of the play everything on the table is valid).

kennon :VIP:
5 months ago

Got In some games over the weekend. Really kind of fascinated by Heat now that I know how it works.

#boardgames #cardgames #tabletopgames

Fractal Kitty
5 months ago

I haven't posted this in awhile, but if you like games and birds and math, I made a birb math deck - files are here:

If you know of a better way to print these - let me know or go for it.

#math #games #cardgames #birb #mathart #knots #dihedralGroups #completeGraphs #roseCurves

Stephen Radford :telly:
6 months ago

I’ve been wanting to play Scout for months and was finally able to today. Oh my gosh, it’s so good!

If you like card games, buy a copy.

#tabletop #ttg #boardgames #cardgames #tabletopgames

A copy of Scout
6 months ago

As an #introduction, I do not understand this fediverse thing yet. I miss the fun I had online when I was young, but everyone misses their youth.

I feel that the original potential of the internet was misplaced and it is up to us to keep tossing the cushions until we can find where we left it.

I like #camping, #myog, #scouting, #marvelsnap, #games [ #boardgames, #videogames, #cardgames ], #homelab, #selfhosting, #reading, #music and all around learning new things.

7 months ago

You love trading card games but hate the trading part? All you got is a standard deck of playing cards?

Say no more:

I haven't played it yet, but it looks awesome.

#cardgames #boardgames #tcg #game #games #duel52 @boardgames

FediFollows ☃️
7 months ago

#BoardGames & #CardGames picks of the day:

@theboardgameschronicle - Reviews, articles, unboxings, sessions etc

@boardgamebreakdown - Website & video channel, reviews and “how to play” vids

@meeplemountain - Board game news, reviews, vids, interviews, festivals etc

@TabletopBellhop - Tabletop game site, podcast & videos

@ofdiceandmen - Posting & podcasting about all kinds of board games with occasional tangents

@fairplaymagazin - German-language board & card game magazine


7 months ago

Played #Doomlings with the family tonight. It was pretty fun. #tabletop #cardgames

The Doomlings card game box, sitting on a white table.
Adrianna Tan
7 months ago

My wife @sabcatsilver, a psychology student, created a card game that helps therapists (and people) talk about grief, end of life care, and perspectives on life.

I am soooooo proud of her!! Currently it’s a prototype for class, but she may publish it in the future. Thanks to folks who helped on Mastodon! We got it printed on GameCrafter

#cardgames #gamedev

A blue box card game that says Before I Go: cal card game about what matters in the end
Denman Rooke
7 months ago

Finally pulled my rulebook out of beta and released version 1.0.

Download it for free here:
All you need is your own tarot deck

Thanks everyone who played over the last few months and provided feedback.

#BattleOfTarot #Tarot #CardGames #BoardGames #AnalogGames

Adrianna Tan
8 months ago

Does anyone have tips on how I can print a first run of a card game?

1. Do I use something like printer studio
2. I have access to a very large format printer. The kind that takes up half a room. I can color print on one sheet for $13. Should I just lay out all the cards on one large page and print it that way, and cut myself, then laminate?

The goal is to have this game be semi-playable in a classroom setting. Maybe 80 cards total.

#BoardGames #CardGames

8 months ago

GertLushGaming Is On TikTok
Join our Gertlushgaming TikTok to keep up to date with news and reviews. All things gaming are on the menu from video games to tabletop to handhelds and retro gaming.
#BoardGames #CardGames #News #PC #Gaming #Preview #Reviews #Switch #Xbox360 #XboxOne #XboxSeriesS #XboxSeriesX #NintendoSwitch #PC #PlayStation4 #PlayStation5 #RetroGaming #steam #XboxSeriesS #XboxSeriesX #GLG

Fedi.Garden 🌱
8 months ago is a server for anyone who enjoys gaming, including video games, board games, tabletop RPGs, card games etc.


If you have any questions, their admin is @britt

Discover more gaming-themed servers at

#FeaturedServer #Games #Gaming #VideoGames #CardGames #BoardGames #RPG #TTRPG #Fediverse

9 months ago


Hi, I’m Ken, I’ve been on the Fediverse for a couple of weeks now. It seemed silly to introduce myself to nobody when I first started this instance, although I did fill in my bio. I’m a #writer from England who joined the Fediverse to publicise my work and maybe try to #getfedihired. I’m still feeling my way around the social aspects of this though, I don’t just want to use this as an advertising platform.

Looking back over my statuses for the first fortnight, so far I’ve mostly boosted things I found funny or beautiful. I replied to a few other posts including some responses to #SillyCuratorPrompts and #DesignChallenge – two drawings and a silly poem. And early on I posted another poem, largely to push past the anxiety I felt about the whole social media thing. The last thing I put up was some photos of spring flowers.

I already have a blog at or for your rss/atom reader. You can find more information about my book ‘Social card games’ there if you’re interested and I plan to post some stories and poems there soon, perhaps some essays too. No promises about when though, as I’m job hunting right now and not putting pressure on myself to do too much else.

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9 months ago

I have been working on Potluck for the past few months and it's taking shape real nice. This week in my blog I took a look at the project from functional perspective: what can you play with it and how.

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Potluck, minimal travel table top game collection 4

Anyone know a Discord bot that can deal cards from a custom deck?

I'm willing to fool around a little with code or configuration, in which case something written in Python would be easiest.

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So here's a short #introduction:
I'm a #Finnish man living in #Lahti city.
I'm into #games, #cats and I love to photograph nature (with my phone, so I'm not a professional by any means).
I love watery environments like lakes, rivers and ponds.
Besides #videogames I also enjoy #boardgames and #cardgames although I rarely have company to play with. It's more of a hobby (collecting them).
I also work in IT.
I relax with #ASMR and I can't get enough of #coffee.
That's all for now. In a nutshell.

10 months ago

Potluck is a semi-universal card deck that fits into a pocket and plays dozens of games.

I'm writing a 3-part blog series of the design and development process of Potluck.

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Christopher Yudichak
10 months ago

I bought this travel cribbage board, which is about the size of a deck of cards.

Then—for some reason—I bought a miniature pack of cards. (Regular deck of cards for scale)

#cribbage #cardGames

A travel cribbage board beside a regular deck of cards.
A miniature deck of cards beside a regular-sized deck of cards.
A travel cribbage board with a case, beside a miniature deck of cards.
Dave (He/Him/His)
11 months ago

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Hello, I answer to Dave, David, or wx1g. That last is my #HamRadio call sign, of which I am very proud. I stand before you, right hand extended for a shake. You prefer hug? Even Better! I'm a single #gay man, living near Boston, MA, USA. I enjoy #SF #fantasy
#CrimeFiction #mystery #thrillers #horror, #GayRomance Guy Stuff; LOL! I play #AudioGames #CardGames #BoardGames #DiceGames and #TTRPG.