Next month, we will discuss #alternative #careers to #academia or #altac in #neuroscience. We have five brilliant panelists joining us so be sure to save the date & get a link to attend virtually here:

#WomenInNeuroscience #WiN #AlternativestoAcademia

Entomological Soc. of America
1 day ago

New on Entomology Today: Meet Heather Kopsco, Ph.D., a vector-borne disease ecologist and research scientist at Columbia University and subject of the next installment of our "Standout Early Career Professionals" series. #entomology #insects #VectorBorneDisease #careers

Antiwork News
3 days ago
48% voted no on more money sooner.
(via u/Affectionate-War-786)
#endstagecapitalism #Goals #careers #antiwork

Mike McBride
5 days ago

Thought-provoking Things Worth Sharing - Issue #108, Thinking of going back to the office all day every day? Prepare for lots of turnover. #Careers #eDiscovery #Legal #MentalHealth

6 days ago

We need a ‘Senior Embedded Software Engineer’ for energy management controllers. If you are passionate about developing high-quality firmware for electric mobility applications, we are looking for you.

APPLY NOW to join the futuristic software team of AMP:

#amplify #softwareengineer #engineering #careers #technology

Ewen Bell
1 week ago

I often hear from photographers that technology makes it so easy, anybody can take photos now.

1. That's good. Being locked out of a creative field because of cost is denying talented people opportunity.

2. Better gear doesn't mean you don't work as hard, it just means you can achieve a lot more for the same effort.

#Photography #Careers

STEAM Powered
1 week ago

This week on STEAM Powered, our conversation is with Evelyn Lee, Head of Workplace Strategy and Innovation, Slack Technologies.

Architecture has always struck me as a multidisciplinary field. It draws knowledge from all areas of STEMM into creating the spaces in which we live and work. But that's not always how this profession is perceived and this reflects in the way the industry has and needs to evolve.

Evelyn Lee is Head of Workplace Strategy and Innovation at Slack Technologies, and Founder of Practice of Architecture. Join us as we speak about the Evelyn's journey through architecture and tech, the future of architecture, and systems thinking in physical and organisational environments.

Watch or listen at:

Show Notes at

#architecture #tech #SystemsThinking #careers

IT News
1 week ago

Experts: 'Quiet cutting' employees makes no sense, and it's costly - Companies are increasingly using role reassignments as a strategy to sidestep expensiv... - #itstrategy #ittraining #careers #itjobs #hris

IT News
1 week ago

How to get started with prompt engineering - Generative AI is in its early days, but it's already threatening to upend career paths... - #technologyindustry #generativeai #careers

Antiwork News
1 week ago
I had a client that apparently forgot I was an independent contractor and not their employee
(via u/ExitingTheDonut)
#careers #antiwork #WFH #endstagecapitalism

Antiwork News
2 weeks ago
Millionaire CEO Laughed That Employee Didn’t Have $200 to Spend
(via u/Jonsnowlivesnow)
#employee #antiwork #careers #endstagecapitalism

Antiwork News
2 weeks ago
I started a job at Burlington yesterday, and I noped out of there within the first 15 minutes
(via u/funwithpigeons)
#careers #dystopia #WFH #antiwork

Jim Bright
2 weeks ago

This week’s column .. The trouble with HR - why trying to understand behaviour without reference to context is like trying to understand how tigers hunt by studying zoo animals. #work #hr #psychology #careers #benchmarks

Mike McBride
2 weeks ago
Antiwork News
2 weeks ago
My boss told me he’s taking 10 hours out of my paycheck every week
(via u/Mx100rider)
#dystopia #antiwork #careers #endstagecapitalism

IT News
2 weeks ago

3 things to do right now to enhance your cloud computing career - One of the most common questions I get is not, “Which cloud is best?” It’s, “How do I ... - #technologyindustry #cloudcomputing #careers

Global Museum
2 weeks ago

🎱Eight's A Lucky Number! | 8 New Museum Jobs Just Posted In Global Museum | Find Them In The JOBS Section | *Non Profits Posting For Themselves Post FREE* #globalmuseum #museums #museumjobs #jobs #employment #careers

When you're trying to move from an Intermediate to a Senior level, one of the key pieces is learning about working across teams. At an intermediate level, you will often get assigned into work groups or tiger teams, but at a senior level you're expected to be the one pulling people together. Here are a few ideas of things you can try to do at an intermediate level to build up that experience with driving cross-team collaboration.

#careerdevelopment #career #careers

Tech news from Canada
2 weeks ago

Make Use Of: 5 Resume Scanners You Can Use to Develop an ATS-Friendly Resume #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #Employment/CareerTips #Work&Career #Careers #Resume

IT News
2 weeks ago
Adam Forristal Golberg
3 weeks ago

New blogpost: Promotions and Commotions – part one: APM staff

Featuring King Louie, Tim from the Office, Reggie Perrin, and some reflections on APM #careers in #universities.

A bit more personal than usual, this one, so please be gentle. Hopefully the better for it, though.

Antiwork News
3 weeks ago
I might get fired because I pushed back on my management canceling my time off for my mother’s funeral
(via u/vanluvsyou)
#work #antiwork #careers #capitalism

3 weeks ago

New release! TensorFlow Developer Certification Guide Crack Google’s official exam on getting skilled with managing production-grade ML models #books #machinelearning #careers

Tech news from Canada
3 weeks ago

Make Use Of: 8 Risks of Freelancing You Should Know Before Quitting Your Job #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #Work&Career #RemoteWork #Freelance #Careers

Tech news from Canada
3 weeks ago
Entomological Soc. of America
3 weeks ago

New on Entomology Today: Meet entomologist Emily Sandall, Ph.D., science policy analyst with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service focusing on biodiversity, deforestation, and land use, and subject of the next installment of our "Standout Early Career Professionals" series. #entomology #insects #bidiversity #careers #SciencePolicy

Are you trying to level up in your career to a Senior level? Is your manager saying you need to show that you can drive the execution of a project? Here are a few things you could do to show that! #careers #careerdevelopment

🎦 View on YouTube ➡

3 weeks ago
Antiwork News
3 weeks ago
Company had "elite" soilder give a T.ED talk..
(via u/mushy_cactus)
#UBI #business #antiwork #careers

3 weeks ago

Grokking the Spring Framework Interview Bundle by Javin Paul is the featured bundle on the Leanpub homepage! cc @javinpaul #books #programming #careers

3 weeks ago

New Release! Grokking the Java + Spring Boot + SQL Interview Bundle #books #SpringBoot #SQL #careers #programming #Java

3 weeks ago

We know #officers who have incurred significant unforeseen #expenses & are facing genuine #financial stress because they have had to relocate their #families or unexpectedly maintain 2 residences.
#Military spouses who have worked to build #careers of their own are unable to look for #jobs because they don’t know when or if they will move. #Children haven’t known where they will go to #school, which is particularly hard given how frequently military children change schools already.


1 month ago

#Design #Careers
Letter to a mid level designer · What to do if you are looking for the path to the next level

#ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Skills #Learnings #Lessons

1 month ago

I have #socialanxiety and #autism among other things

*at uber final interview*
Interview panel: if you had one person you could have dinner with, alive or dead, who would you pick?

Me *panics*

Me: my mom cause she died last year and i miss her *starts crying*

*5 minutes of extremely awkward silence*

Panel: ok.

Yeah i didnt get the #job
#uber #tech #business #interview #technology #careers

1 month ago


Incubation at Bungie is focused on developing inclusive worlds, which takes time and team members with diverse backgrounds, so we’re actively hiring in fully remote roles!

We're committed to a digital-first future without a return to office mandate.



#Bungie #Videogames #Gamedev #Gaming #News #Incubation #UnnanouncedProjects #jobs #careers #FediHire

A colorful game screenshot from an unannounced project by Bungie, with blocks of different colors and sizes that look like platforms, with a few flags and other items littered about. Text reads "we're hiring for something new..."
Ruby Central
1 month ago

📣 Hey #Rubyists! Find your next job or secure talent with Ruby Central's FREE job board! 💼 |

#ruby #jobs #hiring #developers #careers

European Research Council (ERC
2 months ago

💼 Are you looking for a PhD position or a Post-Doc job?
📚 Browse through vacancies in ERC-funded research teams 👇
#careers #jobsearch #research #EUfunded #PhDposition #postdocjobs


Kathe Todd-Brown
2 months ago

I’m not sure that I entirely agree with this book but it is a good overview of how to conduct a career driven #jobSearch and translating #academic training into industry #careers. Basalla & Debelius (2015) #miniBookReview

If money/privilege wasn't a thing, and you had the born-with-it talent, if you could choose, what work/job(s)/career(s) would you want? 🤔 Reply and share what you want...

My own selections: (can I do all of them, at the same time? 😆🥳)
- Architect
- Singer & Songwriter
- Interior Designer
- White Hat Hacker & Security Expert
- Landscape Designer
- Horse Ranch Owner
- Physicist (Quantum physics)
- Historian, 17th-20th C., Eur/EastAsia/Americas
- Bird of Prey Handler

#Career #Careers #Work #Jobs

James Montemagno
2 months ago

Happening LIVE now! Career convos with my buddy Jesse while he makes me eat hotter and hotter dumplings! #dotnet #careers

James Montemagno
2 months ago

I can't believe that my buddy Jesse convinced me to come talk career journey, advice, technology, and take questions live on his version of #HotOnesChallenge, but with home made dumplings!

Join in Tomorrow (July 16th) at 7PM Pacific!!

#CareerAdvice #livestream #careers #technology

Antiwork News
2 months ago
BREAKING: The 160,000 actors, recording artists, stunt performers & media professionals of @sagaftra are officially on strike. It’s the first time since 1960 that writers and actors have been on strike at the same time. They’re shutting Hollywood down.
(via u/theworkeragency)
#motivational #careers #antiwork #job

3 months ago

ESA is recruiting!

Space awaits you! More ESA vacancies now open for applications.
#ESA #Space #Careers!_More_ESA_vacancies_now_open_for_applications

Berlin PyLadies
3 months ago

Join us next week for a week-long slack AMA with Khaya Mkhwanazi from the OfferZen team!! 🎤 ✨

Interested to know more about the Berlin job market, wage negotiations, desirable skills, or just curious? 🐻 💻

1. 📩 Join our slack

2. ➡ Join the channel #city-berlin-careers-ama-with-offerzen

3. 💬 Start asking your questions!

Khaya will be looking at the questions daily between July 17th and July 21st 🤝

#job #careers #python #pyladies #ama #berlin

Graham Downs
3 months ago

I've known since mid Primary School --- maybe Standard 2 (Grade 4, in today's parlance) -- that I've wanted to write code for a living. The TYPE of code changed over the years, but I never wavered from the ultimate dream.

I'm 43 now, I've been a professional coder for 26 years, and I love my job. I have bad days, and I've worked for bad companies, but the good absolutely outweighs the bad.

And when I've worked for bad companies, it hasn't been for long because I've always been able to either make the situation better by taking control of my destiny and the conversation, and speaking to the people in charge and getting things changed, or I've been able to find a position at a different company that suits me better. I've never felt like I had to rely on a union or other third party to fight my battles for me; "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, move on." is what I was always taught.

Anyway, I digress. I love my job, and the company I currently work for is amazing. I know that makes me really lucky, though, and I feel terrible for people stuck in jobs they hate, who feel like they have no way out. People who've perhaps NEVER been lucky enough to have a job they love.

I pray that everyone can one day feel the sort of job satisfaction I do, but for many, that's probably never going to happen, because I think for a lot of people, it's either the *notion* of work that they hate, or their passion isn't something they'd ever be able to monetise. :(

#Work #JobSatisfaction #Careers #Programming

Pratik Patel
3 months ago

I have two linked announcements:

I'm unofficially/officially retiring from freelancing as an #accessibility consultant. The decision has been long in coming. While I will always continue to care about accessibility work, I no longer find it fulfilling. I will continue to be involved in projects that highly interest me as I've been doing for a couple of years now.

I'll focus instead on mentoring, leadership, executive training/coaching and other such work.

Part 2 coming soon!

#a11y #careers

Queer Lit Cats
3 months ago
Mark Downie
3 months ago

**Senior Technical Program Manager**

Azure Crisis Security is part of the Azure engineering organization. We sit in the larger Azure Customer Experience (CXP) Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) team.

#microsoft #careers #azure #programmanager #tech

3 months ago

🎙️ Excited to share our #InfoQ #podcast episode featuring an insightful conversation between Shane Hastie & Charity Majors:

Tune in now as they discuss enabling culture, the engineering-management pendulum swing, career paths, and challenges with AIOPS.

#Leadership #AIOPS #Careers

📝 Gentle reminder: Just 10 more days until the call for presentations #cfp closes for #SeaGL 2023.

#Seattle #linux #floss #FOSS #opensource #tech #event #openhardware #education #community #privacy #security #careers #art

Marduk_James :verified_paw:
3 months ago

I miss the days of finding a job in the want ads. In an actual newspaper (Yes, I am that old). It was so short the company was forced to tell you what the job was very straightforward and to the point. A company would go broke paying for space for all this creative writing bull shit they come up with now.
Just tell me what you want me to do! Don’t try to spice it up and make it sound more involved than it actually is.
#jobdescription #jobs #jobsearch #careers

Shared Security Podcast :verified:
4 months ago

🎙️ Exciting News! 🎉

Join us for this week's episode of our podcast as we discuss the incredible career journey of Phillip Wylie @phil! Prepare to be inspired as we explore his transformation from professional wrestler (who once faced off against a bear) to renowned penetration tester, author, trainer, mentor, and public speaker.

In this episode, you'll gain valuable insights on how to break into the cybersecurity field, navigate the industry, and unleash your potential. We'll discuss Phillip's fascinating origin story, including the following:

🌟 Unveiling the Transformation: From Pro Wrestler to Penetration Tester
🌟 Bridging the Gap: Phillip's Evolution from Pentester to Author and Trainer
🌟 Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape: Phillip's Advice for Aspiring Professionals
🌟 Are Cybersecurity Certifications Still Valuable?
🌟 How to Engage and Connect with Phillip

Don't miss out on this conversation with a true cybersecurity trailblazer!

Tune in now and get ready to be inspired! 💪

Watch on YouTube:

Listen on our website:

Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform:

#podcast #cybersecurity #privacy #careers #penetrationtesting

4 months ago

It's our 3-year anniversary! Our mission is to provide free news and resources for everyone interested in learning more about #OpenSource #skills #FOSS #careers #news #tech

FOSSlife logo with the words: "Celebrating three years of building an open world together" with fireworks exploding in the background
Dan Wagstaff
4 months ago

Faber Books in the UK are hiring a designer/senior designer

#books #design #publishing #careers

5 months ago

A new study finds evidence that occupational #gender #bias has consequences for men who may consider entering #healthcare, early #education, or domestic fields (#HEED). The findings indicate that #men avoid HEED #careers because they expect #discrimination and worry about acceptance and judgment of others

☆ The PM Career Ladder: Your Unofficial Guide: A great summary that matches my perspective and the structures that I implement for Product teams.

#productmanagement, #organization, #careers

Entomological Soc. of America
5 months ago

New on Entomology Today: Meet entomologist Alix Whitener, Ph.D., U.S. field development manager at FMC Corporation, avid runner and skier, active ESA volunteer, and subject of the next installment of our "Standout Early Career Professionals" series. #entomology #insects #careers

Next up: Nevil Hopley on acing a technical interview. A masterclass in presentation 😍

#rstats #careers

Speaker owns the stage.
Speaker decisions.
The sqa data page.

Reminder! We've a session tomorrow on doing technical interviews and accessing APIs:

#rstats #DataScience #DataEngineering #careers

Max Leibman
5 months ago

If a potential employer is entitled to a complete list of past employment, why is a jobseeker not entitled to a complete list of past employees?

#careers #JobHunt

Amber Ankerholz
5 months ago

GitLab is hiring. 50+ #jobs listed at #OpenSource JobHub.
#TechJobs #careers

Max Leibman
6 months ago

I was recruited into my current job from another job I had talked my way into at a firm who hired me in the first place because of a prior similar job. Which in turn I got because of a prior similar job. Which my mom got me.

A thread on privilege and the weird arc of #careers (reposted from the Blue Place with some light editing).

Why aren’t there enough #WomenInCybersecurity? The answer may lie not in the depth of 2D statistics but in the real-life narratives of the women in the sector that have trodden the path. @eleanordallaway gets to the heart of the gender gap by telling those stories, uncut, uncensored and, at times, unbelievable…

#cybersecurity #infosec #careers

Ewen Bell
6 months ago

Why it matters to stick with clients that value your work. Anything less is pointless. Big read on the blog today!

#YoureWorthIt #FreelanceLife #SelfEmployed #Careers

Creatively Valued

Most of the time our clients are wonderful people to work with, because we're helping each other to get where we need to be. But sometimes you end up with a client who actually doesn't value your work at all, and that's a problem in more ways than you might imagine.
IT News
7 months ago

Are tech firms really firing their IT workers? No. - The unemployment rate in the technology job market in the US is about half that of oth... - #technologyindustry #itleadership #itskills #careers #itjobs

Max Leibman
7 months ago

Oh! Lean IN? I get it. Sorry, this whole time, I thought the advice was “leanin’.” I thought it meant like, you know, relax! Don’t work so hard.

Ha ha. I guess I had that one wrong.

For like a decade.

#LeanIn #careers #engagement

LocalAreaKnitwork 🧶
7 months ago

Got an extremely talented MDR manager friend looking for a new place to call 'work'. They're dynamite and have one of the snappiest wits I've ever seen. Anyone know of a place looking for one? TIA <3

#careers #jobsearch #infosec #it #security #netsec #networksecurity #cyber

7 months ago

Excited to moderate this session on humanities careers along with @jimmc_grath! So many great people in this discussion. Join us, 1pm EST on March 21

Co-sponsored by @ach #digitalHumanities #careers

Anyone else feel dread after accepting a #LinkedIn connection request you probably should have ignored?

I'm locked into my current pursuits, but still want to build my network for the future so I don't want to turn down viable connections. However, getting pitched for jobs that I know I won't even be able to consider is depressing.

I find myself reading them and thinking "Oh, that sounds fantastic. The grass sure looks lush and green on the other side!"

#jobs #careers #WebDev :verified:
7 months ago

I promise you, gatekeepers out there, there is more than enough cybersecurity work in existence, more than you could ever handle. So let someone grow, develop, be able to ask questions, get out of their comfort zone, and have that curiosity and energy to learn. You might even have to rely on them some day for something you don’t understand.

Young or new cybersecurity professionals, if cyber is your passion, don’t give up. Keep banging on doors, asking questions, building and breaking things. Just keep learning.

The more you learn, the more you realize you do not know, and that’s humbling.
#cybersecurity #infosec #cyber #careers #careeradvice #growthmindset :verified:
7 months ago

PSA: Don’t be a gatekeeper to someone trying to learn and work their way up in a cybersecurity career. You’re not helping yourself, them, your coworkers, anybody. You were in their shoes too, once.
#cybersecurity #cyber #infosec #careers

7 months ago
7 months ago

#VenturaCounty Ventura County Fire: "2023 VCFD Girls’ Fire Camp Registration Lottery Opens Feb 24-Mar 7. The FREE two-day camp is Apr 15-16 for all genders aged 14 to 18." #careers #FireService #wildfire

Matthew Sekol
7 months ago

We're in the middle of a massive #BusinessTransformation. As companies come off a period of unsustainable growth and overhiring, #layoffs are rampant. What's next is anyone's guess.

How a company deals with layoffs and its critical employee stakeholders intersects uncomfortably with its espoused purpose. This week, Dr. Dorothea Baur helps us think through this and the #ESG considerations of layoffs.

From there, we find hope in a #sustainability talent gap, representing a pivot to purpose for some #JobSeekers.
Find out more here!
#Careers #Jobs #Culture #Business #Talent #Growth

7 months ago

🚀 Are you a fluent Dutch and English speaker with excellent organisational skills?

We're #hiring an experienced #OfficeAssistant to help support our Executive Management team and assist with the smooth running of our head office in #Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Apply here 👉

#Jobs #JobOpportunity #AmsterdamJobs #NLjobs #Careers #ExecutiveAssistant #ExecutiveAssistantJobs #parttimejobs #netherlandsjobs #OfficeManagement

GÉANT Careers - Office Assistant (P/T) - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
8 months ago

I wish there was a week when you were a small child where you would go to this big outdoor area with booths and you would be allowed to wander until you found a booth that 'resonated' with you - each booth had a different speciality - science, math, music, art, etc. and just let a child ... gravitate to some place they might like without any prejudgement or direction ... #kids #careers

We have a job opening! Apply to be a Customer Support Technician (Happiness Engineer).

Details and how to apply can be found here:

#system76 #careers #customersupport #happiness #jobs #jobopening #applytoday #apply #teamwork