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How out of touch is Philip Lowe, RBA governor, “If people can cut back spending, or in some cases find additional hours of work, that would put them back into a positive cash flow position”

I’m working with carers for whom working two jobs with long hours has become a way of life, that’s servitude

The Guardian

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Dear Klingon Friends,

As we know ...
"Today is a good day to live" - Neo-Worf :trek:

Thanks to everyone making a positive difference :ablobparty:

:aplauso: #Artists and #crafters
🥰 Servers, #givers, #carers
:ablobcool: Parents and #elders
🌍 #Enthusiastic and hopeful youth
:ablobgrin: The #funnies

And for those trying people who are trying ... never give up. Except:

Bad views, bad influences, bad past, just hellish stuff :birdsite: :blobcatmeltcry: :yikes:

Expect better :FoxHearts:

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The magic of #Interaction
“The amount of adult #Speech #Children are exposed to in their early years may help to shape the structure of their #Brains. Studies have previously suggested there are benefits to #Talking to young children, with research suggesting it can help improve their language processing and boost their vocabularies.”
#CognitiveDevelopment #Neuroscience #Relationship #Relating #Reciprocity #Gaze #Carers Early #Childhood #Speech #Pathology #Language

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What a turnaround, the Labor government is to fully fund a 15% pay rise to Aged Care workers from July 1 👏 This was contrary to their initial commitment to split the wage increase to 10% and 5% on July 1 in 2023 & 2024 respectively

#AgedCare #Carers #Nurses #Labor

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I just signed this important petition on Organise, please can you add your name?

Stop penalising carers!

Rachael Alonzo
1 month ago

I didn’t make the list, but I want to thank @BookwormVaught for the incredible opportunity & to know that I’ve been seen is comforting. A huge congrats to everyone’s onwards & upwards for me.. #keepwriting #carers #WritingCommmunity 🙌♥️♥️
RT @BookwormVaught
#Curae shortlist
Non-Fiction shortlist
ALP65O - Helen O Neill
Palmistry - Kerry Mead
My Body for His - Jess Moxham
Shame ‘n’ Scandal in the Family - Joyanna Lovelock

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I'm having a crap time & I'm over sharing - please block me or mute me if it annoys you.

I'm putting a cw on it.

The crap is:
#Pain and physio; worry about how much movement I've lost; also pain in my knees
My delayed occupational pension;
We're #carers for my difficult mum & it causes strain on our relationship;
I'm having problems with my cognition. Heart problems, tinnitus, #RLS
Being checked for #ADHD
Beloved's mental health & possible autism

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FFS this ward round is now 20 minutes late starting.
How are working carers expected to deal with this sort of thing?
I'm retired, sitting on my fat backside, so it's not that bad for me, but if I was still at work I'd be fuming.


Colin-Roy Hunter
2 months ago


Someone spent 19-20 mins. attempting to open the key-safe. Not expecting anyone, but #Carers, #SocialWorkers, the #Police, my #GP, etc. all have the pass-code as needs be. Various of these agencies have struggled gaining entry from time to time.

Whoever entered then remained downstairs. Again not overly concerned as these folk often sort out paperwork prior to coming upstairs.

Anyone involved in #wildlife #care there is a new group called @WorldWildlife designed for #wildlife #carers world wide to discuss issues with care of all wildlife.

It does not cater to those keeping wildlife as #pets..

Knight ADRC
2 months ago

The Saving Power of a #Caregiving Journal: #Writing isn't just a way of venting. It's a way of deriving new meanings from #caregiving #carers #seniorcare

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I’m having a stoush with workmates at the moment with me arguing along the lines of resident-centred care vs task-orientated care. I don’t believe residents should be put to bed by 18:30 because it gets your tasks done early

#AgedCare #Carers

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2 months ago

When it feels like as a carer you aren't actually able to achieve anything on behalf of the one you care for its because of this fuck off Tory bullshit.

I'm not sorry about the language. They break her heart and the break mine. I'm done with being gaslit by anyone. Had enough years of this personally.

Tories need to be ousted. Can we even wait for the next GE? Smarmy sleazy self serving money grubbing pieces of shit.

And I'm done.
#carers #chronicillness #ToriesOut

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The same GP surgery who admonished me for trying to be organised when we all know how hit and miss controlled medicines availability is, for ordering too far ahead are now suggesting they may not fill an emergency prescription if we run out because we didn't order in time. Who exactly is the organised professional meant to be? Family carers or assigned GP surgeries?

#medicine #carers #NHSCRISIS #Conservatives #privatisation

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It's half nine in the morning and the tables have been turned. I've already been dragged out, run through sodden mud and had gender debates and animal rights philosophies thrown at me.
I have not had coffee. Think it's safe to say where I'm headed but this time things have been achieved with the daughter.

Today is a decent day even without the caffeine. There may even be less angsty toots.
(I'll try not to look at the news with my phone in my vicinity)

#mentalhealth #Mindfulness #carers

3 months ago

Yesterday evening was the first session we've attended of the online support group run by our daughter’s hospital for family carers.

I remain unsure how useful it will be, although Mrs Mike is less sceptical.

It's astonishing how much #carers cope with over such long periods.
A recurring theme was the lack of support - along with inconsistent communication from #mentalhealth professionals.


AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
3 months ago

Carers unable to spend quality time looking after someone due to overwhelming administrative jobs | The Independent

4 months ago

In its December 16 submission to the Fair Work Commission, regarding a 15% pay increase to Aged Care workers, the Commonwealth stated

“The Commonwealth is committed to funding the interim increase from 1 July 2023, phased in over a twelve-month period commencing 1 July 2023 with the funding necessary to support a 10 per cent increase in wages applied on 1 July 2023 and the funding necessary to support the remaining 5 per cent increase in wages on 1 July 2024”

The FWC made its determination for an interim 15% increase on Nov 4. The case for not making the pay increase sooner than Jul 1 and to be split is very weak; not paid directly by the Commonwealth, it’s “difficult to calculate” and needs to be accountable. FFS

#AusPol #AgedCare #Carers #FairWorkCommission

@sarae with the pain I feel from #mums/ #parents and #carers and #supporters I just don't get why it's such an issue for people.

I have a mate, a #roadtrain #driver in their 69th year who told me in December 21 that she was #trans. She had finally met herself and it's obvious she is so much #happier now.

How can a trans child effect a group of #random #adults who are afraid of what? What on god's green earth is there to be afraid of FFS?

Erica Cole
4 months ago

Universe give me patience. Work has started on next door's new kitchen. It's our turn tomorrow and it could take up to 10 working days. For two chronically ill thirty-somethings who are sound sensitive to loud noises, power-tools etc, this will be very hard to cope with at best and absolute hell at worst. So if you pray, think good thoughts, or anything else please send whatever you have our way. We'll probably be sat in our livingRoom or back bedroom, earplugs in, noise cancelling headphones on, audiobooks going, communicating by text message. We're both dreading it.
As well as all that, our most regularly used items have been set up in the hallway, creating another load of stuff to learn the layout of. I'm glad we'll be able to make cups of tea etc But trying to tell our carers where to find everything will be a pain at the very least. Two weeks Of 7:30 AM starts will really take a toll because I sleep more than most people do. I have to feel like I can vaguely function. the whole thing just makes me want to stay in bed and hibernate
#ChronicIllness #Disability #SensoryProcessing #Spoonie #Blind #MentalHealth #Depression #Carers #patience #Prayers,

Alzheimer Europe
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Our Dementia in Europe Yearbook 2022 is now out! This edition examines #employment and #SocialProtection for people living with dementia and their #carers.
You can download it here:

I'm feeling very lucky at the moment. My instance have increased us to 2000 characters.

I believe every group of living beings should have a collective noun.

Please add your thoughts as they occur and see if you can assist my #gofundme

My first thoughts are:
A #riot of #environmental #activists.
A #shitfight of #politicians.
A #vadge of female #mining #magnates.
A #destruction of #coal #miners
A #cacaphony of mall #shoppers.
A #misery of #wildlife #carers.
A #fuckup of #farmers
A #quietly of #librarians
A #fuckyou of #police #officers
A #murder of #Adelaide #Crows #Fans

Give a chance to #Australia's #kangaroos before our #environmentally #destructive #fharmers and/or #farmers kill them all.


Freedom Press
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Where do old ranters go to rant?
This is something I’ve been pondering a lot over the past year or two. As those of us whose political activism started in the 60s and has carried on until now, us older rebels are beginning to realise there’s little available where we can still ponder a
#Activism #ageinganarchos #ageism #anarchopunks #carefortheelderly #carehomes #carers #daycentres #olderrebels #Parkinsons #SocialCare

@rolle well done. Perhaps sometime when you're moderating your four users you could think about an instance specifically for #wildlife #rescuers and #carers since that #community has nothing to discuss on for support in their work. Except fucking #facebook. And we all know how #ratshit that is.

Cochrane Deutschland
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Talk (auf Englisch) zur Frage, wie man Betroffene in die Erstellung eines #CochraneReview einbeziehen kann. Wichtiges Thema, wir sind dabei! @CochraneAT
RT @CochraneAT
Ever thought about including #patients & #carers into your systematic #reviews? Upcoming Thursday, 3:30 pm CET, Richard Morley and Maureen Smith of @CochraneUK will talk about why and how to do so. Join our next methods #seminar via Zoom:…

Christine Bell
5 months ago

#Today just spent 2 hours going through my elderly parents bank statements to figure out what their income and expenditure is. This helps us figure out how much care they can afford so they can continue to live at home. Care is not cheap and we are kind of muddling our way through to find good solutions.
This task has given me the data my sister and I need but I feel sad and my brain hurts from the maths. But hooray our #UK Government is going to prioritise more #maths education. #carers

I'm trying to find folks who work as #wildlife #carers all over the #fediverse

5 months ago

"A labour of love is still labour."

Unpaid #carers are a potentially huge unaccounted factor in the economy.

Me and the notwife may not do 50 hours a week caring for elderly family members, but, with us both working for a living, the care responsibilities take their toll.

Colin-Roy Hunter
5 months ago

Since #carers stopped coming in early Dec., I leave my bed even more rarely as donæ feel safe if no-one around or due to be. Had my first #fall of 2023 en route to wc. No damage done. Just a tad shaken. 🙏🏻

#pwME #pwFM #pwOA
#MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #SevereME

#SocialCare #SocialCareCrisis

Scottish Lass
5 months ago

STV Player | Scotland Tonight Thu 12 Jan, 8.30 pm
A look at the overwhelming pressures facing unpaid carers.
#Carers #Scotland #STV
Get it on catch up or online via

Christine Bell
5 months ago

Sitting back and relaxing on #LNER today as I return to London to support my mum after her discharge from hospital #today #carers

Colin-Roy Hunter
5 months ago

I have not been hungry for some 25 years: I get no physiological indications to prompt me to eat. I do not, as a rule, recall to nosh. However, sometimes something will nudge me to consider eating. A few minutes ago I thought that it would be good to consume a piece of fruit. Unfortunately, I have no snack-bowl in my bed-cell. Only had one since #carers departed. #SocialCare #SocialCareCrisis #Malnutrition

Tom Kindlon
5 months ago


“Take Care of Yourself and Have a Life Outside of Caregiving

Please don’t make #caretaking your whole life. Make sure that you are doing the things that are restorative to you, and that make your life rewarding outside of me. And don’t feel guilty doing them! You deserve to have an identity outside of this illness, and you will be a better caregiver to me if you take care of yourself”

#caring #caregiver #caregivers #caregiving #carer #carers #longtermillness #chronicillness

I see Rishi Sunak's deservedly getting pummeled online for his deflection on care workers' £18k/y wage.

The general consensus is that care work is just wiping arses, making cups of tea and laughing with old people in care home leaflets, anyone could do it.

In reality it's a skilled job requiring compassion & also a knowledge of the many rules & regs relating to personal care. Stacking shelves & till work is a doddle by comparison (I know from personal experience).

5 months ago

Small survey of origin of carers & nurses in a WA aged care facility n=47 for 1 week of shift data

African 40.4%
Philippine 19.1%
Aussie 17.0%
Indian 14.9%
Bhutan 8.5%

#AgedCare #Carers

Bob Jamieson
5 months ago

Petition: Upgrade the pay and status of carers

#petition #carerspay

Bob Jamieson
5 months ago

Petition: Upgrade the pay and status of carers

#carers #pay #essentialworkers

Dr Annetta Mallon
5 months ago

My Mallon Model article is in the Palliative Care and Social Practice journal list of "most read articles"!

At over 2,600 downloads I am proud to be contributing to better home-based care, especially for end of life, by helping avoid carer burnout. Click here to get the free article for yourself:

ID: the Mallon Model article on this list.

#GDEP #MallonModel #research #PeerReviewed #WritersOfMastodon #happiness #achievement #EndOfLifeDoula #EOLD #VAD #carers #sociology #PalliativeCare #ComCom

A screenshot of a hyperlink to a very popular free to access research article with the incredibly long name. TLDR: it's the Mallon Model and helps avoid carer burnout for home-based care at end of life.
AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
5 months ago

Meet the women who work on the Christmas front line - from A&E nurses to retail staff | The Independent

From the midwife delivering babies on Christmas Day to care home workers looking after the lonely, Maya Oppenheim spoke to people in professions dominated by women

Jon :gamedev: :zxspectrum:
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Is there a #carers community? #tired #exhausted #carer

Ipse Dixit
6 months ago

It's Sunday night and I need a day off.


Becki (She/They)
7 months ago

I offer #therapy ranging from £30 - £50 an hour. I also can offer low-cost options. Reach out to discuss this if you feel you meet the criteria (more about this can be found at

I can offer some evening and weekend appointments.

I offer therapy for a range of issues, from bereavement, depression and anxiety to more complex issues.

I specialise in:
#Gender, #Sexuality and #Relationship Diversity (#GSRD)
Geek & Pop Culture

Dan Farthing
7 months ago

#Scottish #Mums #Dads #Parents #Carers. The #ScotGovt is hosting a national conversation on education. As well as supporting teachers, standards, modern skills, and mental health skills, please mention the mismatch between the working day and the school day. It is driving parents, almost all women, into shorter working hours and supercharging the patriarchy. It’s not on teachers to teach longer days but provision must improve.

7 months ago

#Introduction - Mum, carer, research & policy professional in the third sector.

Our youngest son has complex care and health needs, and my husband has a degenerative neurological condition. Life is very full on at the moment🤯

Very vocal about the inequalities experienced by disabled people, unpaid carers, and ethnic minority communities in Scotland. Love connecting with like minded folk!

#carers #socialcare #asn #humanrights #equality #thirdsector #scottish #desi #asian

Ian Kenway
2 years ago

#pandemic #covid #NHS #carers #tories #politicians #hypocrisy #UK #global

Toot Redux (first published 19th April 2020)