2 months ago

Droppie de poes


MmeLejeune 🤷🏻‍♀️
3 months ago

Jetzt macht die Menschin schon wieder ein Foto wie ich es mir gemütlich mache. Die ist voll neidisch 😹 #cataofmastodon

Katze in der Kratzbaumhöhle
Esther :mastodon: 🐾
3 months ago

Jipje mn kipje! 😻🥰😍❤️ #Jip #cats #cataofmastodon

Grijzig-met witte kat kijkt dichtbij de lens omhoog.
Dora Hathazi Mendes
5 months ago
Savannah cat painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes.  Art prints available
5 months ago

#cataofmastodon The neighbour’s cat has been spying on me all morning, perched at various places on the fence 😂

Kristofur 🐈
6 months ago

Behold! Gungi in his natural habit! #cataofmastodon #blackcats

Esther :mastodon: 🐾
6 months ago

@flava hahahaha! 😹Ze helpt me nu bij het werk #Jip #cats #cataofmastodon

Kat op schoot hangt boven toetsenbord laptop
AndyHagon :android:
8 months ago

Molly loved Sundays. She would find her spot and just chill for the whole day. Loved that little beast ♥️
#cats #cataofmastodon #TortieCats

9 months ago

#catsofmastadon #caturday #cataofmastodon

Mother and daughter 🐢 shell

Invincible_Fall in me
9 months ago

Happy Holidays from the 3 Amigos and their Humans.#dogsofmastodon #cataofmastodon

Rodrigo Culagovski
9 months ago

Merry my-closet-has-grown-feet day to all who celebrate. #cataofmastodon

A closet door with cat feet sticking out under it.
Esther :mastodon: 🐾
9 months ago

Ooooh. Het is hier óók #caturday #Jip #cats #cataofmastodon

Loaf Check: Hazel 10/10 🍞

#CataOfMastodon #LoafCheck

A brown striped cat sitting in the classic loaf position, legs and tail tucked underneath their body. Profile view.
A brown striped cat sitting in the classic loaf position, legs and tail tucked underneath their body. Side view.
Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
10 months ago

A photo of our imperious ruler of the house Coco, taken earlier this year. His hobbies are eating and miaowing to manipulate us all for extra meals. He's large, gentle and hugely spoiled ...

A reminder that #caturday can be a great way to work on your Alt-text

#mastocats #caturday #cataofmastodon

A large brown and tan tabby cat sprawls imperiously on papers on a sunny desk, surveying all around him. There is stationary all around him, his body faces towards us. The gentle upwards arc of the tail, ears high, and that claws are sheathed hints of both alertness and relaxation
10 months ago

@KEVLAR Aquí su hermana Kika! Los encontré juntitos así que matanga, los rescate a los dos! Alguien los desechó y no sabe el tesoro que se perdió…
Ojo que en esa están los dos en este momento, raja encima de mi cama qué obviamente no puedo hacer para no molestar a los michis 😅
#Cats #Cataofmastodon #Mastocats

Laonge Lizard
10 months ago

I posted this picture of my Lois on my previous feed…and am reposting here. It was BY FAR my most boosted post lol! And what I said on that caption still holds true: I have just entered a Battle of Wills…and I’m already losing. #cats #cataofmastodon #catstare #loiswatch

Photo of my cat Lois staring up at me…imposing her will.
Justine Castellon
11 months ago

My handsome boi

#cataofmastodon #cat

11 months ago

#cataofmastodon #prettykitty
my coding copilots :blobcatshy: