sneaka 🫠
2 days ago

Gone fishin' but all I caught was a cat in a box 😻

#catsofmastodon #catfish #catstodon #catlife

A cat freaking out over catching a toy fish on a fishing pole, in his box on the floor.
Howard Smith MD, AM
6 days ago

The FDA and TFP Nutrition is expanding the recall of pet foods to include all dry dog, dry cat, and catfish formulas due to salmonella contamination. #tfp #petfood #dogfood #catfood #catfish #salmonella #infection #RECALL

Joe Glombek
2 weeks ago

Puzzle #166

Kept getting hung up on those TV shows! American TV is not my forte… but I am watching #Catfish right now 😬

Buying Seafood
2 weeks ago

Getting sick of all the farmed #salmon on the market? Take a look at some delicious and sustainable alternatives - some wild, some farmed, some pricey, others very affordable:

#seafood #salmon #barramundi #arcticchar #trout #mackerel #sardines #sablefish #mahi #catfish
#food #cooking

barramundi Asian seabass
Kev Pop's Wheeler's Little Blog
2 weeks ago

Okay, so when my aquarium lights turned on this morning I got a bit of a shock, my aquarium water had turned a dark murky brown, it was really quite dark, very murky and almost impossible to see the back of the tank, it looked like someone had mixed gravy with it 😧

I’m wondering if it’s tannin’s from my botanical’s, although it’s never reacted this extremely before ??

I did the only thing I could do, I did a water change of about 1/3 of the water, it helped a bit, it’s not as dark and murky as it was. It’s still not great though, it may take a couple more water changes yet to get it back to a nice level of clearness.

I only did a 1/3 water change because of my back and oh boy it didn’t do me any favours 😒 I’ll have to wait and see how things go from here, with both the aquarium and my back, it really doesn’t help that later today is my Morrison’s grocery delivery, that’s gonna hurt !!!

#aquariums #back #botanicals #brown #catfish #change #dark #murky #pain #tank #tanninS #water #watercolor

Kev Pop's Wheeler's Little Blog
2 weeks ago

I’ve done my aquarium water change and big maintenance like I mentioned earlier, I was at it for around two and a half hours or thereabouts and now my poor old back is killing me 😕 but it’s done now and I’m happy with it, so I’m sat here on the sofa, as comfortable as I can get with a cup of tea and a couple of painkillers 😁

Okay lets get to it then, the first job I needed to do was trim all of my stem plants, they were pretty long, some running along the top of the water, so I trimmed them well down but kept the cuttings for replanting to thicken the back planting up a bit. I stored them temporarily under wet tissue to stop them from drying out.

Next job was to drain however much aquarium water I was going to change, first being sure to turn off the heater and the filters, I drained 3 big full buckets (they were damn heavy), that was around two thirds of the tank water and is a good big water change.

I wanted to boost the nutrient levels for my aquarium plants so I broke up a bunch of API Root Tabs and pushed them down into the sand spread around the tank to give the plant roots something to feed on. Then onto planting, first I gathered my various saved stem plant cuttings into bunches and placed them along the back in the appropriate plant groups, I also had some new plants to put in the tank, I had bought some Vallisneria Torta which was planted around one of the back corners, and some Elodea Densa which I planted in a gap in my wood hardscape. I had also bought four different types of Bucephalandra which is an epiphyte which means they shouldn’t be planted in the substrata as their rhizome would rot so they are usually glued or tied to wood or rocks, I glued mine onto the wood in various positions.

I wanted to tidy the front central area of my aquarium substrata to make it look a bit nicer so I put some fresh sand over the top of that area and it looked much nicer. I had some black beard algae growing on some of my plants and had read that liquid CO2 supplement was good for getting rid of algae so while the water was down low I sprayed them with my liquid CO2, hopefully that will get rid of the algae.

I had left some botanical’s soaking in hot water overnight to use in the tank so next I placed them were I wanted them to give a natural look and so various of the occupants can feed on them and hide in them, aquarium botanical’s consists of various leaves, cones and pods found in nature, or in this case bought from specialist dealers.

Now it was time to fill the tank back up, I filled the buckets up one at a time with hot and cold water mixed to approximate aquarium temperature, the buckets of water were also dosed with API Stress Coat+ which conditions the tap water making it safe for the fish and Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+ for healthy shrimp, the first bucket also contained the tannin water left over from soaking the botanical’s. As with emptying the tank refilling it took three big full buckets (and yes once again they were damn heavy). The water was poured back into the tank carefully over a sheet of bubble wrap so as not to cause too much disturbance.

Once the water was topped back up fully I turned the heater and the filters back on and added beneficial bacteria in the form of API Quick Start to help compensate for the influx of new water.

While I was ongoing with all of this and for a short while afterwards I observed my aquarium to check how things are getting on in my little aquatic world and I’m happy to say things seem to be getting on alright, oh and one big thing to mention regarding my former little wriggler that I saw occasionally wriggling about on the bottom of the tank, well I saw it quite clearly a few times and it isn’t a little wriggler anymore, it’s a fully formed perfect tiny catfish swimming around freely 😁🙏 So I know for a fact I have at least one little baby catfish, I only saw one, or maybe only one at a time, there may be more than one but I haven’t yet seen more than one at a time, but hey if my catfish have bred once they may well do it again and I might get more 👍

Anyway that’s all for now, I’ll just rest and look after my poor old wrecked back and ask you to please Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊💕🙏

#algae #api #Aquarium #baby #back #bacteria #beneficial #botanicals #bucephalandra #catfish #change #cuttings #elodea #epiphyte #filter #fish #heater #leaves #liquidCO2 #little #maintenance #nutrient #pain #plants #pods #rhizome #root #shrimp #ShrimpMineral #StressCoat_ #substrata #tabs #tank #tannin #tropical #vallisneria #water #wood #wriggler

Mini Mimi
2 weeks ago


No...that's not Cousin IT from the Adams Family moving so effortlessly through water - it's Plotosus lineatus, commonly known as the striped eel catfish, is among the biggest species of catfish in the world. These carnivorous fish thrive in warm and temperate waters, particularly large rivers and lakes with muddy bottoms, such as parts of Asia and South America.

They grow up to 13" long and up to 600 Lbs (272 kilograms). They have an eel-like body and mouth surrounded by 4 pairs of barbels . And they have white and black stripes that fade as they mature. They have venomous spines and secrete a toxin from their skin and JUVENILES form dense schools of hundreds that move together (as shown in the video)

They're found in the Indian Ocean, the western Pacific Ocean, & the Mediterranean
They feed on crustaceans, mollusks, worms, and fish.

#ocean #eel #mollusk #catfish

Pinky Floyd
2 weeks ago

Not sure why it took so long for me to try it, but the #catfish at #missDelta on #Mississippi in #PDX is *legit*.

I'm #Arkansan and I grew up by a pond so I have pretty high standards. The #hushpuppies are good too.

Apparently they have a $10 special on the last Thursday of the month and I'm #hereForIt

I've had the #BBQ and it's good too!

#portland #southern #food #comfortFood #southernFood #barbecue

Poster for Pete Krebs and the Catnip Brothers, CATFISH NUGGETS, HUSHPUPPIES, RAINIER TALLBOY, $10 

3 weeks ago

Print of a #Scythian shepherd and an underworld #catfish

#linocut #printmaking #historyart #art

A print in red ink on white paper portraying a Scythian sheep herder waving while a catfish looms behind him.
3 weeks ago

Good morning 🏞️ 8:30am@JP
あさ8時半 🏞️ おはようございます

There is a hidden world in the #ponds and #rivers near us. For example, you might find #catfish wearing suits🤭

Have a #great week ahead 👐

身近な ## の中には、わたしたちの知らない世界があります、例えばスーツを着て盛装した #ナマズ が居たりね🤭

#華麗なる 一週間となりますように👐
#aiart #morning #おはよう #bingimagecreator #BingImageCreater

A catfish wearing a bowtie(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
2 months ago

horrible 😿

▪️ Eight species of Hawaiian honeycreeper birds
▪️ Bridled white-eye bird of Guam
▪️ Mariana fruit #bat of Guam
▪️ San Marcos gambusia, a one-inch long fish from Texas
▪️ Scioto madtom, a small #catfish found exclusively in the Big Darby Creek in Ohio
▪️ Bachman's warbler, a black and yellow #songbird found in several Southern states
▪️ Eight species of freshwater #mussels
21 #species have been declared #extinct, the U.S. #Fish and #Wildlife Service says


Kev Pop's Wheeler's Little Blog
2 months ago
My Aquarium

Today was weekly water change day for my aquarium, full disclosure by the way, it’s usually weekly but I never managed to do a water change last week due to a persistent bad back so this one was fortnightly instead 🙄 But anyway, as I did my water change today, which is also my weekly maintenance session, I decided now would be a good time to do a post about my aquarium.

My tank is a 90 litre (60cm x 40cm x 40cm) “All Pond Solutions” Ultra Clear Glass Aquarium, I have two LED lights on it, one to the back (IREENUO LED Aquarium Light) and one to the front (NO.17 LED Aquarium Light) to give a good overall spread of light, I’m also running two filters on it, an All Pond Solutions EF-150 canister filter at one end and an All Pond Solutions HOB-500 hang on filter on the other end, the two outlets are positioned to give a flow going fully around the surface of the water, these two filters together are providing more than enough filtration.

I have just recently started using the Tropica Plant Growth 60 CO2 System to add CO2 for plant growth, this system is only meant for tanks up 60 litres so as Mine is a 90 litre tank I supplement that with additions of liquid CO2 substitute. I feed my plants with liquid fertilizer daily and a couple of times a week I add a liquid humic acid supplement to promote blackwater conditions, of course the weekly water change stops it becoming to dark in colour.

I have aqua soil at the bottom of my substrata covered in a decent layer of sand capping it off, my hard scape as can be seen on the photo is black lava rock and wood, the tank is then planted with a variety of plants. I have added a good amount of botanicals to the tank, leaves, cones, pods etc plus I have added some micro fauna, Paramecium, Seed Shrimp and Zooplankton as I am trying to create as natural an ecosystem as I can (within reason). There are Nerite snails and Ramshorn snails in the tank as well as a variety of shrimp, Tangerine Tiger Shrimp, Blue Rili Shrimp and Amano Shrimp.

As for fish, there are Cherry Barbs, Sparkling Gouramis, Clown Killifish, Emperor Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, Scarlet Badis, Otocinclus Catfish, Duplicate Corydoras catfish and a Dwarf Gourami in the aquarium.

The tank has been set up for around five weeks now and all seems to be going well.

As I said at the start of this post, once a week I do maintenance including a water change. I change around 50% of the aquarium water, added to the new replacement water is API Stress Coat+ which conditions the tap water making it safe for the fish and Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+ for healthy shrimp, then when the water change is done I add some beneficial bacteria in the form of API Quick Start. While I am doing all this I check to see how things are going in my little watery world and if needed I do maintenance, today for instance my stem plants needed a little trimming and the floating surface plants needed thinning out, and you’ll be glad to know that all seems well.

My fish get fed a mixture of dry food, flakes, granules, pellets etc and live food and I have a few types of shrimp food as well.

So that’s a rundown of my present aquarium which from now on shall now be known as my “Nature Blackwater Bedroom Tank” so when I eventually set up another tank of my own we both know which I’m talking about.

Addendum :- I stated that I have Scarlet Badis in my aquarium, Jonathan has the same fish bought at the same time and place along with me, but we have become a little doubtful about them being Scarlet’s and after some research online and talking to another knowledgeable fish keeper we now believe our fish to be Tiger Badis.

#a #AllPondSolutions #amanoShrimp #api #aquaSoil #aquarist #Aquarium #aquariumFilter #aquariumPlants #aquascape #beneficialBacteria #blackwater #botanicals #cardinalTetra #catfish #cherryBarb #clownKillifish #co2 #corydoras #duplicateCorydoras #dwarfGourami #ecosystem #emperorTetra #fertilizer #fish #fishTank #humicAcid #ledLight #microFauna #natural #nerite #otocinclus #ramshorn #sand #scarletBadis #shrimp #snails #sparklingGourami #tangerineTigerShrimp #tankMaintenance #tigerBadis #tropicaSystem60Co2 #TropicalFish #waterChange

Simon Mooijaart
2 months ago

I have the week off, so I’m increasing my online and #socialmedia experience by doing 2 things:
- trying #chatgpt in the medical domain: impressive! #future
- chatting about hobbies on #instagram with a profile that was created this month and has a porn star as profile picture: entertaining #catfish (interested where the conversation is going 😀)

Trick 🔞
2 months ago

You still got to handle my Super Animal Royale hyperfixation for a while i'm sorry to tell you

#NSFW #Furry #Catfish #ENF #superanimalroyale

Oakland Privacy
2 months ago

Tinder scams

Tinder users complain people are using their profile photos to open fake accounts, despite Tinder's supposedly robust photo verification process.

#tinder #lawsuit #privacy #scam #catfish #verification

2 months ago

Allons bon ! Voilà que #Catfish refuse d’ouvrir directement les fichiers contenant un “#” dans leurs noms ! Il me demande avec quels logiciel les ouvrir, sachant que la visionneuse de XFCE (Ristretto) n’a aucun mal à les afficher.

Sûrement une MAJ de paquet qui a causé ça, à tous les coups… >__<

insane :birdroll:
2 months ago
Bowl of catfishes
A bowl of living black catfishes.

I was a bit surprised that I had to install #catfish on my new #Manjaro #XFCE machine. For some reason I thought (wrongly) it came bundled with XFCE or maybe with #Thunar or something...

3 months ago
A black and white doodle of a jubilant catfish riding a skateboard while enjoying a milk shake...
The Life of Brian
3 months ago

Three catfish 'ladies' in the last week. Chloe Riley disappeared into the ether but these two lovelies are still there. I only use FB to keep in touch with a few old friends. Don't yell at me!


A screencap of two buxom ladies who want to be friends with me on Facebook. Obviously they are fake,
3 months ago
Cathy Outlet
3 months ago

Absolutely obsessed with this gorgeous #wels #catfish mural! So nice to see one of my favorite #fish get featured this way.

📍Teufelsberg, #Berlin

#SundayFishSketch #FishArt

Street art mural of a gigantic wels catfish with a jungle growing from its body. A small, blue, glowing childlike figure is sitting in the shrubs on its back with a fishing rod from which a small golden key dangles in front of the catfish. The background is beige with wisps of white and blue clouds.
Your Autistic Life
3 months ago

Good god! Please boost for awareness.

I ran into the most complex profile produced by scammers so far. I've been on the dating apps for close to 1.5 years now. I've been hit on by a ton of scammers.

I've never seen a profile so detailed from a scammer before.

A lot of scammers try to reduce their work, so they are going to put up a profile with a few pictures, no description, a few desires that they think will make people bite.

However, I ran into the profile of the century. First of all, it was not one person but a couple. (People can date as a couple there.) So the scammer had to create two profiles. The profiles had both plenty of pictures. One of the profiles' description was fine, but not amazing. The other one, however, was detailed to the gills. I've never ever seen such a detailed profile.

I almost just passed on the pair... ALMOST.

The last picture of one of the profiles was someone in uniform, so I decide to reverse search it. I got a bunch of bogus hits. (Unfortunately, sometimes the algorithm gets it wrong. I could see the algorithm's thinking, but if you looked carefully at the face, nope. Not the same person.) Then I went back to the first picture... and... bingo! She's all over the web, and is even reported on scam sites.

I reported the pair.


Almost, but ultimately, no cigar!

#dating #DatingProfile #scam #scammers #catfish

Your Autistic Life
3 months ago

I got #FetLife to remove a picture that was clearly stolen from the internet. I'm sure the person who had that picture is a #catfish.

I've reported another picture of his. This time I also argued that they should nuke the account.


Your Autistic Life
4 months ago


"Hello, I am a professional mistress. You will submit to all my desires. Blah blah blah blah blah..."

Pictures of a svelte but imposing lady dressed in leather, etc.


This is over the top. Let's reverse search those pictures. Nope... nope... nope... man, that scammer did a good job... Last picture... and bingo!


Plastered all over the internet.


"Hello, I am a professional catfish, and I will suck the money out of your wallet..."


#dating #DatingProfile #scammers #catfish

4 months ago

"When someone approaching you online has very few friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram, this could be a red flag for catfishing."

No point me using normie dating apps then, I don't even *have* FarceBook or IntraGrope accounts. Women are just going to suspect I'm a catfish 🥺

#CatFish #CatFishing

The Life of Brian
4 months ago

Catfish anyone? I'm still on Facebook, just for a couple of high school friends plus some in Asia. This 'woman' sent me a friend invitation. The guy, and I'm sure it's a guy, went to a lot of work to lure me in. The fake profile shows a high school in the city where I was born. 'She' also lives there and was born in a town not far away from Ottawa. I searched one of her photos and the source showed a long list of other social media accounts. Beware!

#facebook #catfish #phishing

Screencap of a fake Facebook profile.
Photo from the fake Facebook account showing a woman in a sexy bathing suit on a beach.
The various sources for the previous photo, mostly TikTok accounts but also Instagram and Facebook.
Your Autistic Life
4 months ago

So last night on some social platform I've been a member of for over one year, I got an unsolicited friend request out of the blue.

What to do?

I decided to sleep on it. At first, I was thinking of talking to the user, but I had seen their activity. They had joined the site a few days earlier, and frankly it looked like they were spamming friend requests. I mean, they even managed to befriend a known catfish. That shows some great judgment right there.

(By "known" I mean known to me. The guy has a picture of some highly expensive sports car in his pics, and you can easily find it online, plastered all over the net. I reported him to the platform a few days ago. That guy likes to pass as a multimillionaire.)

They also had no pictures, no bio, etc. They could have moreover been in on the catfish scam.

So I clicked ignore on the friend request. They are still free to talk, but I don't want to open a communication with them, if they seem to pick their friends from the bargain bin.

#FriendRequest #catfish #scammer #spammer #SocialMedia

Sans Souci
4 months ago

Shanna is noodling some small fry, while Manzanita and a friend cheers, with a fridge at hand. Thanks
, Manzanita by

#furry #furryart #fishing #fish #catfish #dog #saluki #coyote

Lukas VF Novak
4 months ago

In search of the world’s largest freshwater #fish – the wonderfully weird giants lurking in Earth’s rivers

"Found on all continents except Antarctica, they are a wonderfully weird bunch of creatures, from colossal #catfish and carp to gargantuan #gars... But #freshwater vertebrate populations have declined over the past five decades at twice the rate experienced by species within terrestrial or marine ecosystems. #Megafish numbers in particular fell by a shocking 94%."

Mekong’s giant catfish
The Life of Brian
4 months ago

This is the first catfish I've had in quite a while. I use WeChat aka Weixin and QQ, rarely used now. Every now and then, a nice young 'lady' such as Aileen shows up. Next time I'll play along and see what 'she' actually wants. The photo that is supposed to be in Toronto, is a reversed image of a Lynk & Co. office somewhere, but not Toronto.

#catfish #china #wechat

Pretty girl in front of a Lynk & Co office.
beforewisdom :vegan:
4 months ago

Guys who use female anime characters for their avatars and gender neutral usernames. Why?

#Anime #Manga #Avatar #Icon #CatFishing #CatFish #Trans #Transgender

🍀 Cecil Teapot 🍀
5 months ago

I don't know what all the fuss is about, If I was Dan Wootton i'd go about pretending to be someone else too.
#Wootton #Catfish

5 months ago

Invasive species of fish with teeth can grow up to three feet long, travel short distances on land, live out of the water for up to three days... At least it's yummier than catfish! TLDR: If you see a Snakehead, kill do not release, put in the freezer & contact local authorities.
#invasive #fish #snakehead #teeth #oxygen #breathes #air #preys on #native #strains #kill & #freeze #them #then #eat them #like #catfish

5 months ago

Meet: Pseudolaguvia permaris • A #NewSpecies pf #Catfish (Siluriformes: Sisoridae) from the Eastern Ghats of India 2023
Share The Knowledge #BeforeItsGone

If you love true crime podcasts, have you listened to Sweet Bobby? Be warned. Your blood may boil.


Apple Podcasts

#SweetBobby #truecrime #UK #catfish #catphish

Dunbar's Number
5 months ago

There's so many profiles with #Al generated photos on #datingapps like #tinder now it's so strange. I've never understood what people get out of being a #catfish. I understand some are scammers, but the rest? It just seems to be a case of people wanting attention by any means, which seems to be a mental health issue: A global one. Anyway, they should verify with your phone camera at registration and if the pictures don't match that face, the profile should be deleted.

5 months ago

Title: Ohama no Mise

Artist: Katsuyuki Nishijima

#KatsuyukiNishijima #ShinHanga #SosakuHanga #Art #Summer #Catfish #Japan

A summertime view outside a shop in a traditional Japanese street. Three colorful umbrellas, all opened, lay against the side of the building, positioned to face the street; a fourth hangs off the wall on the right side of the entrance to a shop. The noren hanging over the open door to the shop depict a catfish. The sun beats down on the scene
Dunbar's Number
6 months ago

Just seen #AI generated profile pictures on #tinder 😒 #dating #catfish

Helma 🤗
6 months ago
Tortoiseshell Cat hidden in the reed, eyeing an orange fish 😆

@ramsey it must have come from my friend Sunny, er Liza or Katrin… wait umm Edith! 🤷‍♂️

She’s a sweetheart, but kinda confused as to who she is on any given day. Sometimes forgets her age too.

#catfish #funny

Screenshot of a DM with a photo of a pretty young blonde woman whose name is different everywhere it appears. Her age is also shown as 21 and then she says she’s 26.
7 months ago

if the best you can do is #catfish me all around the #internet then your #life isn't even worth living you stupid fuck! :anonymous:

New fish species discovered 🤩

Horaglanis populi - Lives mainly in wells and underground water channels 😊

- tiny, blind, pigmentless catfish endemic to India -

#Fish #Catfish #New #Species

Cathy Outlet
8 months ago

I usually don’t repost stuff but this is too awesome not to share!


#catfish #fish #barbie

A photo of a channel catfish photoshopped onto a blue background with a bright pink glittery sun-shaped sticker-thing. The word “Barbels”, written in the Barbie font is layered over the catfish.
Cathy Outlet
8 months ago

Was planning to post this on Easter Sunday, but I was out - so here it is now. This is an older drawing of the #catfish pope, Silurus. Happy Easter!

#FishArt #MastoArt

Digital illustration of a cartoon wels catfish in a golden and white pope's outfit (robes and hat). In his right hand, he is holding a white staff featuring a cross and a catfish.
Cathy Outlet
8 months ago

My first illustrated pendant is done! It features a miniature acrylic #painting of a blue #catfish encased in epoxy #resin!

#FishArt #fish #SundayFishSketch

Photo of a small square pendant attached to a silver keychain against a white background. A square painting of a blue catfishes’ head against a dark background is encased in the pendant under a clear layer of resin.
Angus McIntyre
8 months ago

I think the Mastodon Central Committee's decision to shut down #caturday and replace it with #catfishurday is going to make a lot of people unhappy, but what can you do?

Happily, I have some relevant pictures in my archives.

#catfish #CatfishOfMastodon #photos #photography #PoissonDAvril

Muddy brownish water, filled with a seething mass of catfish. Only the open mouths and tendrils of the catfish are visible above the surface of the water.
Cathy Outlet
9 months ago

Last one of my miniature #portrait illustrations - this one is of a blue #catfish. Not the most well executed piece, but it doesn’t have to be as this is for a little mixed media experiment.

#FishArt #SundayFishSketch #CreativeToots

Photo of fingers holding a small square piece of paper featuring a blue-green grayish portrait of a blue catfish (that’s the name of the species) drawn with a mixture of acrylic paints, colored pencils and posca markers. The catfish has a broad mouth and four sets of barbels.
Karen Strickholm
9 months ago

MotherWolff, wearing two pairs of glasses (!!!) on her head, contemplating her upcoming meeting with WereWolf aka David aka Denise.

#Catfish on

MotherWolff, a large-bodied Wiccan practitioner wonan wearing glasses on her face and on top of her head
Karen Strickholm
9 months ago

Nev: "Bye for now to both of you. " OMG!!!!!! #David


MotherWolff, in car after meeting David, deciding if she can be in relationship with both personalities.

@jake4480 @vsp

So, I may be a turnip, but the latest #LinkedIn message I had misgivings about was from a #catfish.

Well, I assume it's a catfish, but I could be wrong. I mean, I *suppose* it's not impossible that someone who wants to hire me would open by telling me how good looking she thinks I am. 😂

Cathy Outlet
9 months ago

In the unlikely scenario that you would want a #keychain or #necklace made with #snake shed, a #rabbit #linoprint or a #catfish #oilpainting - you can now buy all these things and more on my #art store!

With the exception of bulkier items like the #resin #frog* most things can be shipped worldwide!

here's the link:

#craft #handmade #ShopHandMade #FediGiftShop
*the frog is only available in Europe for now, sorry!

An oval resin charm in which the head piece of a grey corn snake's shed is submerged. The scales and eye caps are visible against the white resin background. The shed is covered by a clear, slighly domed resin layer. The background surface is a light pink silicone mat.
Photo of a hand holding three A5 paper cards, each featuring a linocut print of a jumping rabbit viewed from the side against a white background. One rabbit is dark purple, one is a lighter purple and one is a reddish-pink
Photo of a postcard-sized oil painting of a wels catfish viewed from the side. The painting is greenish blue. I placed it onto a brown table with a plant in the background to make the "product" look more aesthetic for my store page.
Photo of a golden metallic resin frog on a textured cloth surface, with an out-of-focus plant pot visible in the background (for aesthetic purposes). The frog is viewed from above but also the front, at like a 2/3 angle.
Cathy Outlet
10 months ago

A snippet of an old oil painting I have yet to finish.

#oilpaint #FishArt #SundayFishSketch #catfish

Snippet of an oil painting featuring a closeup of a blue catfishes head from a lower angle, with the fish looking down at the viewer. It has a greenish-blue color with a white underbelly and four sets of barbels. The background is purplish blue.
Cathy Outlet
10 months ago

Shoutout to NBC Universal and #Redbubble for banning my #catfish version of the #Jaws poster, despite having policies stating that parodies fall under fair use. I'm pretty sure not a single human being was involved in issuing the takedown and evaluating my counter claim. #rude

#SundayFishSketch #Mastoart #FishArt

A parody of the Jaws poster, drawn digitally by me, featuring a big shovelnose catfish facing upwards in place of the shark. The red text at the top of the poster reads "BARBELS", in a similar font to the original. The fish has three sets of barbels, two of which are pointing upwards towards the surface. There is no swimming lady in this version of the poster.
Cathy Outlet
10 months ago

Just realized I still have the #catfish face mask featuring the original black and white design that I later revamped for my custom sweater.
I ordered it from my Redbubble a while back but have since stopped using it as it was quite flimsy.

#mastoart #FishArt

Photo of me wearing a black-and-white catfish face mask featuring mirrored designs of a catfish head, in combination with my custom made catfish sweater featuring a revamped version of this same design. My face is cropped out of the picture but you can see my hair.
Old photo of my pen tablet screen showing me working on the original black and white catfish design.
Cathy Outlet
10 months ago

I designed and ordered a custom knitted sweater featuring one of my #catfish designs! Really happy with how it turned out!


Cathy Outlet
1 year ago

A rough colored pencil illustration of an albino cory from around two years ago. In the early 2000s I had two of these guys in my aquarium - they were very fun to observe!

#FishArt #fish #mastoart #ColoredPencil #catfish

A coloured pencil illustration of a yellowish-white catfish with pink eyes and cheeks and a small mouth with 6 sets of barbels. The fish is viewed from the side and around half of its body (from the head down) is visible.
Cathy Outlet
1 year ago

Here's a preview of a little project I am working on...

I can't wait to reveal the final outcome, I hope it will turn out as expected!

#catfish #fish #FishArt #mastoart #wip

Greyscale pixel art portrait of a blue catfish (that's the name of the species) viewed form the side, against a black background. The whole design is cut to a mysterious shape, with large blue letters reading "WIP" written on top of it.
Cathy Outlet
1 year ago

An older sketch of the Asian Upside-Down #Catfish. It’s called that because it spends most of its life swimming on its back and it has a really cool adaptation to show for it!

You may notice that many animals have an underbelly that is a lighter color than the rest of their body. This is called countershading and helps them blend in with their environment. Well, due to its unique lifestyle, this #fish is reverse-countershaded and its belly is much darker than its back!

#FishArt #scicomm #art

Pencil sketch of a catfish swimming upside down with 6 pairs of barbels, round eyes and a dark belly.
1 year ago
1 year ago

And here’s two #Ancistrus, which are pretty much what you’d get if you asked #hplovecraft to design a #fish. Aren’t they pretty?

The males grow tentacles, & the more tentacles, the more attractive they are to the ladies. Nobody knows why.

The Americans call them #bristlenose #catfish for obvious reasons.

They don’t have scales - they’re covered in armour plating & have spikes in their cheeks, which really bloody hurt if they stab you.

They looking terrifying, but they’ve actually veggie

An adult male Ancistrus cirrohsus armoured catfish in an aquarium. It has large tentacles on its head, hence the common name bristlenose catfish. This one is mostly dark brown with a yellow honeycomb pattern
An adult male Ancistrus cirrhosus armoured catfish in an aquarium. It has large tentacles on its head, hence the common name bristlenose catfish. This one is bright orange & is attached to the glass with a sucker mouth, so the photo shows its underside
MiKe McDonough :verified:
1 year ago

#Catfish #Scammers on #Instagram aren't even trying anymore. They keep reusing the same #Asian model's photo. I really should learn who she is.

1 year ago

Interacting galaxies like fish jumping from a pond. Based loosely on NGC 169 and other galaxies. 🐟🌌

#art #galaxies #fish #pond #space #stars #galaxy #catfish #fantasy #spaceart #scifiart #astroart #digitalart #blue #universe #cosmos #mastoart #mastoartist

2 years ago

That’s a #catfish?

One big fish on the hook!
utzer [Friendica]
2 years ago
Danke an @Snake_Kaa, die uns hier in die Abgründe der #Catfish #Männer auf #Tinder mitnimmt, die Art von #Fake Accounts, die etwas anderes wollen als eine #Beziehung oder #Sex.

Nur was? Lest hier selbst!…
Diva auf‘m Divan (@Snake_Kaa)
2 years ago
A powerful catfish mage wearing a cape made of water, moving mud with sparkly magic while assisted by their potion squire who happens to be a toad. Oh and their pet goby fish is there too.