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@Schnuckster it is in #Bromley, South East #London - which is not far from #Catford !

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Rainbow #bellgreen #catford #se6 #se26 #sydenham #weather

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We’re sadly having to move from our SE23 warehouse/office space to Catford South (opp Homebase). From 17 Nov we will urgently need new volunteers to replace those who sadly won’t be following us. Please spread the word
We’ll need you!

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#cycling #catford #lewisham

Crazy Tyres were fined £758 for blocking this cycle lane in Catford. As you can see from the sign it forces cyclists into riding the wrong way on a one-way road off the South Circular.

Bang to rights and a rare accolade to the none too cycle friendly Lewisham Council.

Hence if you see a vehicle blocking a solisd line cycle lane take photos, maybe warn the driver, and if repeated report to Lewisham.


Google Streetview of Crazy Tyres on the right with an oncoming marked cycle lane in St Fillans Road SE6 which is one way the other way for all other traffic.

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Community Yard Sale now on at Ravensbourne Rd, SE6 (behind the @BlytheHillTav) until 4pm. All money raised to buy new street trees. 🌳
Please come over and grab yourself a bargain. 🙏 #Catford #ForestHill #SE6 #SE23 #Lewisham #JumbleSale

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Check out this Sunday's #YardSale at Ravensbourne Rd SE6 (just behind the @BlytheHillTav) raising money to fund new street trees. 🌳
Books, toys, children clothes, bric a brac, plants and cake🧁 11am to 4pm, grab yourself a bargain. 🤩
#JumbleSale #Catford #BlytheHill #SE6 #SE23

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#southeastern #london #sydenham #penge #Beckenham #catford

Southeastern have announced their proposed ticket office closures. These include the Hayes line which takes in Catford Bridge, Lower Sydenham, New Beckenham, Clock House. The Bromley to Victoria line which includes Kent House, Penge East & Sydenham Hill.

The full list of London closures can be found here:

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Yet another crash on Perry Hill. #bellgreen #catford #sydenham #carcrash #perryhill #se23 #se26 #se6

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Night photo of very damaged white car in front garden having mounted a wall. Lots of people plus a police van and fire engine.

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JOIN US AT BLYTHE HILL FIELDS FESTIVAL ON SUNDAY!⁠! We'll be there 12-5pM. It's gonna be a great day 🌞 #HonorOakWellnessRooms #BrockleyRise #SE23 #Yoga #Pilates #BlytheHillFields #SELondon #London #HonorOak #SouthLondon #Catford #SE6 #HonorOakPark #SE4 #ForestHill #BlytheHill

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My calves hate me now. #parkrun #Catford #London

Map of Mountsfield Park for Catford Parkrun. 
Active Kilocalories 535KCAL
Distance 4.92 KM

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Gorgeous Mid Summer night sunset in the Fields. The perfect evening to enjoy with friends.
#BlytheHill #BlytheHillFields #Sunset #MidSummer #MidSummerSunset #Orange #ForestHill #Catford #Lewisham #LondonSunset

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Just imagine... how toxic this land must be... for nothing to grow, in the shape of two gasholders, for over 3 years. #gasholder #bellgreen #gasholders #contaminated #land #toxic #sydenham #se26 #bellingham #catford #lewisham #foresthill #se6 #se23 #mastershots #drone

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So after years of speculation, meetings, announcements and campaigning, we finally have a plan to get rid of the infamous Catford Gyratory is finally here for public consultation.

What is it?

Transport for London (TfL) are consulting on a new junction layout in Catford Town Centre, which in addition to removing the gyratory, includes a new protected 2 way cycle track on part of Catford Road and Sangley Road, as well as on parts of A21 Rushey Green.

The deadline for the consultation is Monday 5 June 2023 . You can Lewisham Cyclists’ full response to the consultation here . It’s quite long and detailed but covers a lot of the good bits and a lot of the issues with the scheme. In summary, we think it’s a big step forwards, but also missing a number of keys issues.

It’s really important to get as many responses as possible to the council. The consultation is here. The first few questions in the survey relate to your reasons for visiting Catford Town Centre and how you travel there. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably walked, cycled or used public transport there at some point if not driven through it. This is how we suggest you respond to the key questions:

Proposed consultation responses

  • Question 3. We would rank “easier access for cyclists” as top priority, followed by reducing road danger.
  • Question 4. We think the facilities for cyclists would make it slightly better, and road safety slightly better too.
  • Question 5. There’s a free text box to talk further about suggestions and comments. If you’re short on time, we’d ask you mention the following:
    • Provide fully protected cycle lanes on A21 Bromley Road & A21 Rushey Green in both directions for the full extents of the proposed scheme.
    • Provide a full CYCLOPS (Cycle Optimised Protected Signals) junction on all arms where A205 and A21 meet.
    • Extend 2 way cycle track on Catford Road westwards to connect to Halfords site, by bringing forward plans for the cantilevered cycle bridge as part of future development.
    • Extend 2 way cycle track on Sangley Road eastwards to connect to Plassy Road using bus stop bypasses, by using land from Catford island and/or reallocating carriageway space where needed.
    • Install 20mph speed limit throughout the scheme extents

If you support our response you can also say.

I support the response from Lewisham Cyclists as found here

#catford #clean-air #lewisham-cyclists #lewisham-spine

Catford Road New Town centre layout

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Next week's lineup at The Honor Oak Pub is just ridiculously good.

Pierre Novellie is, to be frank, the best in the game these days. His special "Quiet Ones" on YouTube is my favourite UK comedy special of the last 5 years.

#catford #lewisham #cheaplondon #foresthill

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Another #Parkrun (76) done. #Catford #London

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Anyone know what the #police #helicopter is looking for? It’s certainly searching hard and everywhere #foresthill #catford #brockley #bellgreen plus loads of other places before hand 🧐

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Throwback Friday at Blythe hill fields festival,can’t wait for the next one 2023 July 🔥 #TBF #Blythehillfields #croftonpark #brockley #honoroak #Catford #foresthill #festival #londonfestivals #communityfest

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So.. the wonderful @BlytheHillTav were No. 7 on the @TimeOutLondon Best pubs in London #SoWellDeserved 💕👏Always get such a warm welcome from Conor, Terry & rest of staff🍻#Catford & #SE23 borders

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"The Grade II listed Livesey Memorial Hall and its sports grounds are valued community spaces and much loved by local residents and Lewisham Council" Cllr Bell, @LewishamCouncil 18 Jan 22. The Livesey: "Hold my beer..." #bellgreen #sydenham #bellingham #catford #lewisham #police

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75m above the site of a proposed 75m (15 storey) tower in Bell Green, Sydenham. It's certainly a lot bigger than anything else for miles around. #planning #architecture #bellgreen #sydenham #se26 #bellingham #catford #foresthill #se23 #gasworks #lowersydenham #photography #london

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.@LewishamCouncil is currently consulting on their plans to bring high-rises to Bell Green retail park. Read them yourself here and comment at #bellingham #bellgreen #sydenham #se26 #se23 #se6 #catford #sainsburys #gasworks

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#TodaysWalk included #CroftonPark, where I snapped St Hilda's commemorative drain hoppers which I don't remember seeing mentioned in the guide-books.

I also managed to take in the the junction of Wildfell Road and Scrooby Street, in #Catford's North-West Sector, which looked, on the map, as if it might be a place of myth and legend.

It wasn't, at first sight, anything of the sort, so I went home again.

Though now I've got Covid and it's raining. So who knows?

A street (Wildfell Road) lies quiet and empty, apart from a dozen parked cars and a pair of unsteady bollards.

Overhead, a fluffy flock of clouds bustle through a blueish sky.

On the left, a gap between two houses is all that can be seen of Scrooby Street.
The East Wall of St Hilda's Church in Crofton Park, made of sober brick enlivened with horizontal lintels of stone, features an ornamental, semi-circular window. To either side of the window are two black drainpipes, each surmounted with a hopper boldly embossed with "1908".
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!!! Urgent!!!

Our Turkish Friends are asking for help to move items from the Railway Tavern in Sydenham to Laurence House in Catford. Help needed from 5pm.

Can you help?
#lewisham #help #donations #turkishrelief #sydenham #catford #volunteers

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From late 1980s to early 1990s, smaller service #buses from #Catford #bus garage in SE #London had a cartoon #cat on the side 🐈 🚌 (it was similar to the large cat sculpture which remains on top of the entrance sign to Catford shopping centre).

I briefly moved back to SE London from 1990 to 1992 and used to see these buses quite often, unfortunately this B&W photo is the only one I've found as smaller buses in suburbs often tend to be overlooked by the London bus spotters..

Optare StarRider minibus of London Transport from Catford bus garage, registration mark F172 FWY

There is a cat graphic on the left hand side front wing
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@HouseOfSchnuck Catford Mews is a great community cinema in #SE6. They also have regular markets and yummy food traders. Worth a visit for sure! #SouthLondon #Catford

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@alice_swaggen, Vixx and myself went and checked out the Wild Cat Wilderness community garden in #catford on Saturday and I was thoroughly impressed. Six acres of community run gardening!

I had no idea something like this existed so nearby; I hope to visit again soon! It gives me hope for encouraging self-sustaining community projects in the city. 😍

A row of chillies growing inside a poly tunnel; many varieties!
A pumpkin plany growing over a steel arch
A compost heap with a list of instructions for suitable composting ingredients
A tomato plant in a raised bed