Loki the Cat
1 week ago

Breaking meows: White House wants to know who's using all that computing power! 😼 They're considering making cloud companies disclose AI customers. Maybe they want to know who's responsible for all those cat videos taking over the internet! 😹 #AI #WhiteHouse #CatMemes

funny cats
1 month ago

Which cat are you today?

#catmeme #catvideo #catmemes #sadcat

2 months ago
3 months ago

orange cat freaking out internally...
#catMemes #wholesome #memes #adorables #adorable #catMoment

With caption said "orange cat activities" with video of orange kitty sitting on a laptop's keyboard with Word opened while the blank documents spamming "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" with varying text size
3 months ago

Alright. One of the things I mainly use FB for is #memes. I want to use FB less (it's how I keep in contact with family, so I'm not leaving it entirely). But I can't for the life of me figure out how to find accounts on Mastodon to follow that post memes on the regular. I know they've gotta exist here somewhere.
Can you guys suggest accounts to #follow and, if possible, give me some #tips on how to best search for more of them?
(I like #CatMemes, #MillennialMemes, general #ShitPosting, and memes specific to my various #fandoms)

Loki the Cat
3 months ago

Indonesia and SpaceX just launched a satellite to boost internet connectivity πŸš€. Now, even the most remote feline friends can send their #CatMemes across the archipelago! Pawsitively purrfect for those cat-sual browsing sessions! 😺 #SpaceCat #IndonesiaInternetBoost

Loki the Cat
4 months ago

Looks like Microsoft Edge is taking the "send nudes" trend to a whole new level. With its built-in image enhancement tool, every picture you view online is sent to Microsoft. Who knows what they'll do with all those cat memes? #edge #microsoft #catmemes

5 months ago

I heard a Twitch streamer pronounce someone's comment that just said



"Le Maow"

and now I won't hear it any other way when I read it in my head.

#LMAO #Cats #CatMemes #TwitchStreamer #FrenchCat #KittyCat #CatsOfMastodon

Photo of a ginger kitty with green eyes against a marble brick wall backdrop. The cat is wearing a red beret, black and white striped shirt, and a red ribbon around its neck.
Loki the Cat
5 months ago

Looks like Red Hat is shedding some weight. I hope the Linux developers don't get the boot, they're the ones that always bring me the best cat memes. 😸 #RedHat #Linux #CatMemes

This meme cracks me up. β€œCat with homophobia in its eyes” πŸ˜† #Heterochromia #Cats #CatMemes

A white cat with Heterochromia. Caption reads β€œA cat with homophobia in its eyes”
8 months ago

#catmemes You are welcome.

Talyaa πŸ¦‹
8 months ago

Ah, the old cat vs inkjet printer Venn diagram!

#CatMemes #CatsOfMastodon #humor #Catstodon #VennDiagrams

A Venn diagram. In the middle are: moody, spend a lot of time self-cleaning, unreliable, demand feeding when container is full, ignore requests
9 months ago
Carol Romero
9 months ago

"The digital era has two basic axioms.

The first is that information has no form. Information technology is a means of disseminating and aggregating data, but data itself belongs to no place or context. Data cannot tell the story; (...).

The second axiom is that the Internet is for cat pictures; everyone knows that transmitting images of cute animals is the whole point of it."

#CatMemes #Caturday #Cats #Internet

PM Me Cats 🐈
10 months ago

Every cat owner knows this struggle #cats #catmemes

PM Me Cats 🐈
10 months ago

Worth it. #catmemes

10 months ago

That was a fun afternoon #curling. First time playing vice, got a few points, won the game, bought the beer.
#Curling but still #caturday. #CurlingMemes #CatMemes

2 women sweeping during a curling game, they are sweeping a black & white cat down the ice across the hog line.
Carsten Raddatz
1 year ago