Cats and Kittens
1 hour ago

What do you guys do when you get stuck under a cat? I spent almost 2 hours like this today. #cats #cat

🐾 Almost all kittens we had last year were successfully adopted, but some furbabies have been overlooked because new people easily spook them.

Daisy is still waiting for someone to take her home 🏡

#cute #pets #cats #animalwelfare #adoptdontshop #catsofmastodon #ukraine #odesa

2 hours ago

Chirrup and Fig enjoying treats. #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Fig on the left, Chirrup on the right, my two white and tabby garden cats, sat on low table in my garden, devouring crunchy cat treats. The soundtrack, if there was one, would be very loud purring.

I met my parents' new kitty Rose that they got today. She's so cute! #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

I'm sitting on a green futon looking down at a small tabby cat in my lap. I'm holding her in my arms and petting her. She's purring away and so cute!
3 hours ago
A grey tabby cat sitting in a sunny window and yawning very wide.
3 hours ago

Golden eyes.
Colored pencil drawing of a black cat (in blues and purples) by Paula Wirth.
#drawnbyhand #MastoArt #cats #drawing #coloredpencil #mastoartist

Pencil drawing of a purple cat face with golden eyes.
Cats and Kittens
3 hours ago

Hey guys this is my Princess we just got her couple days ago and i have a question what is the best cat litter? #cats #cat

Abi Grey
3 hours ago

Shooting for the stars! ✨
I'm currently working on my next coloring book. I hope you like cats.
#cats #coloringpage #illustration

Black and white drawing of an astronaut cat with a galaxy background.
4 hours ago

Sure my brother has perfect pitch, is really smart and went to college with more than one full scholarship offer and got an aeronautical engineering degree.

But he's also allergic to cats and dogs so on the whole I think I got the better deal.

#ADHD #Bionic #NeuroDivergent #Cats #Disability #Glasses #Braces #Microtia #HalfDeaf #Deformity #Disabled #ADHDmusicians #Music #PerfectPitch #Ailurophile #NeuroDivergent ADHDmemes

Clayton Hove
4 hours ago
4 hours ago

Simon is bothering his big brother, Snoopy #cats

A large, mostly white cat looks up at the camera, interrupted bothering a mostly orange cat lying on the bottom bunk of a hammock bed combo
Spike Nesmith
4 hours ago

Poor Smudge isn’t feeling well. Coughing yesterday, puking today, feeling warm, sneezing, red eyes, and…. A snot bubble. I didn’t know cats got snot bubbles.

He is awake, sitting up, purring, he has eaten some dry food and kept it down, but he’s obviously worn out so he’ll sleep with us tonight and we can be on puke patrol.

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

#catsofmastodon #cats

Behold! The mighty Pistachio. 🐱 #cats #catsofmastodon #caturday

Silver bengal cat
4 hours ago

T-Lo goes boiiiiiiiiiiing !

She is a feral rescue who had her back right leg amputated after, we think, an accident with a truck.

#catsofmastodon #cats #feral #adoptdontshop

New bird feeder attached to the window. Kitties are loving it and it's fun to watch them right up close. #cat #catsofmastodon #dilutetortie #cats

Bird feeder in the window.
Cat looking out window at bird feeder
Cats and Kittens
5 hours ago

My cat has severe separation anxiety. I combat this by taking him EVERYWHERE with me. Am I doing the right thing? #cats #cat

Break time. #cats
Not pictured: A moment after this he woke the Mac by hitting the mouse and the Touch ID sensor tried to read his fur.

Tuxedo cat (but only black is visible) sleeping between monintor and trackpad. He's on the top two rows of my keyboard and keeps hitting the mouse with his tail.
Rêves de Lune
6 hours ago
A solid black cat, wearing a cone of shame, with a toy between his front paws.
A chocolat point occicat cat sleeping on a cubic pet bed.
Enrico Hondius
6 hours ago

Jullie voelen niet hoe strak dat staartje om mijn hand geklemd zit.
#cats #katten #catsofmastodon

Zwartwitte kater (Kees) tegen mijn linkerdij, mijn hand op zijn bovenbeen, zijn staart om mijn hand gekruld. We zitten op een rood bankje, ik draag een oranje trui die ernstig vloekt bij dat rood.
Clayton Hove
6 hours ago

“When humans try to pose like this, they end up having to go to the chiropractor.” — Violet #sheltercat #adoptdontshop #cat #cats #catsofmastodon

7 hours ago

NEW POST! Random Toy Success continues, and will. - Amuse at Way of Cats

If there is something wrong with the toy, I get rid of it. But if no one loves this one, they can sit in the toy box.

Waiting for a cat like Rhiannon.
#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Catstodon #CatLife #CatLovers #TheDivineQueen

A cat toy with a thick gold cord is wrestled by a partially blurred dilute tortoiseshell teen cat with a happy pink filter illustrating Random Toy Success.
7 hours ago

NEW POST! Cat Connection Sessions have many forms. - Love at the Way of Cats

Cat connection sessions can be anything from a forehead cuddle to a full body grooming. We can pet them with soothing intent.

Cats talk to each other this way. When we groom our cat, we are performing a social ritual, in their language.

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Catstodon #CatLife #CatLovers #CatArt #LouTheCreamFilledCat

A gray tabby cat with white underside stretches white front toes as a hand with a brush hugs them to their chest illustrating Cat Massage Sessions.
7 hours ago

went outside for one minute

#cats #cat #lovers
every day is #caturday

He doesn’t look so full of ill intent now. #cats

Chubby tuxedo cat sleeping beside a small stuffed giraffe.
Egret Everything
7 hours ago

How can I explain to my cat that he can’t have Second Dinner immediately after Dinner? He’s literally licking his lips while meowing for more food #cats #meow #caturday

Cats of Yore
8 hours ago

One of my favorites from my collection. A luminous little angel from the 1960s. #CatsOfYore #Cat #Cats #History

A color photo of a delicate and fluffy white medium-haired cat sitting on a window ledge. They are looking at the camera. What makes this photo extra special is that the cat is backlight by the sun coming through the window, the light illuminating their fluffy hair making them appear so luminous and angelic.
Les Orchard
9 hours ago

I wish I could be as generally pleased with anything as Catsby is with a good cardboard box #cats

Catsby, an orange spotted cat with white patches, curls up at the bottom of a cardboard box and looks up sweetly
Les Orchard
9 hours ago

Catsby got a new box today #cats

Catsby, an orange cat with white patches, looks up cutely from a cardboard box, pawing at the side toward me
9 hours ago

It's time for #Humpday kittehs!
Drop your cat pix and memes here for all to share.
#cats #CatsOfMastodon

meme of tabby cat dancing on hind legs with front paws extended, captioned when the bass drops and the catnip kicks in
Cats and Kittens
9 hours ago

My baby, who’s nearly not a kitten anymore 😭 she needs to stop growing so fast!! ❤️ #cats #kittens #cat

Catherine Schmidt
9 hours ago

Black and silver tabby oozing out of a cat bed. “This is about all I am doing today.”
#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Black and silver tabby oozing out of a cat bed.  “This is about all I am doing today.”
9 hours ago

Current status: cat watching


A cat curled up asleep in a very large poofy dog bed, viewed from directly above
The same cat viewed from the side. In this pic she in looking at the photographer
Catherine Schmidt
9 hours ago

Atticus Finch cat. Red and white Turkish Van, red cap and ears, red stripped tail, white elsewhere with a few large spots of red. He is on top of a cedar fence,sitting upright, dozing in the late afternoon light. Trees behind.
#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

Atticus Finch cat. Red and white Turkish Van, red cap and ears, red stripped tail, white elsewhere with a few large spots of red.  He is on top of a cedar fence,sitting upright, dozing in the late afternoon light.  Trees behind.
Lizzy Miller
10 hours ago

The aftermath of yesterday's boop. #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #DailyOrionSpam #WhiskersWednesday

A gray and white tabby cat sits on a cat tree. He is looking down and yawning. His eyes are closed, his nose is wrinkled, and his top teeth are poking out, vampire-style.
Cats and Kittens
11 hours ago
Cary Grace
12 hours ago

Happy second birthday to the space cats! Unfortunately it’s a nasty, rainy day today. I’ll be sure to make up for it with prawns and chicken livers later. :-)


A Manx cat on a stone porch, looking accusingly back at me because it is raining.
A grey and white long-haired cat, sitting on the porch, wishing it wasn’t raining.
Two cats on the porch, looking out at the rain.
Two cats on the porch, annoyed about the rain.
12 hours ago

Yet ANOTHER boxing day for Waffles the #cat

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #tripawed #mastocats #ThreeLeggedCat

My 3-legged tabby cat Waffles, hunkered down in a cardboard box, sleeping, with his head against the wall.
Cat News
12 hours ago

Theodore (Ontario, Canada) has taken on the role of an assistant for his human who is working from home. When she starts typing out emails he has been repeatedly pressing the cap locks key for her. He thinks it is very important that SHE WRITES LOUDLY.

#cats #CatNews #CatsOfMastodon

A cartoon of a silver tabby cat pressing the cap lock button on a computer keyboard.
Cats and Kittens
13 hours ago

Now it's their running track… #cats #cat

14 hours ago

Molly is helping me do grammar exercises 😺 The students have written their mid-term exams in which there are four unnecessarily complicated grammar exercises. I need to do them myself before I can grade their exam papers. I'm halfway through and already rather fed up with overly complicated instructions 😄

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #TeacherCats #Grammar #Exam

Molly the brown tabby cat is sitting on my desk, blockingmy computer and desk light. She is looking straight at me. There are oriental, floral curtains innthe background.
Catherine Schmidt
16 hours ago

Little red kitten wrapped in a towel just peeking out. Held in one hand. Obviously in a shelter. “Purrito”
#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Little red kitten wrapped in a towel just peeking out.  Held in one hand. Obviously in a shelter.  “Purrito”
Day Mar 🌊
20 hours ago

Sleeping like crap for like a week, can you folks share your #cats #toebeans, as today I feel like 🫠🫠🫠 thank you 🫘 #CatsOfMastodon

Erik Schouten 73
1 day ago

Het is ochtend, allemaal opstaan
#catsofmastodon #catstodon #cats #cat #mastocats #mastocat

C.L. Irwin :verified:
1 day ago
Closeup photo of a white cat’s paw with pink and black toebeans.
1 day ago

Lucy enjoyed the sunset tonight. #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #Cats

A black cat sits in a cat bed. She’s lit up by the sunset, which she is turned to watch.
1 day ago

New lumbar support pillow arrived

#CatsOfMastodon #mastocats #BlackCat #WorkFromHome #cats

A black cat sits behind a person on the seat of an office chair.
:ns_flag: Peter Smith :hfxsoc:
1 day ago

I think I like her a little.


Kati, sitting pretty on my bedroom window sill
1 day ago

Looks like this would be a good abject for an Early 20th Century painting

#cats #cat #love

Every day is #caturday

Adrianna Tan
1 day ago

My cat follows me around and squawks at me until she can sit on my lap

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats

A cat sitting next to a woman in a vest

The watcher ...
My house-cat Shah on patrol as his visitor the semi-feral Midnight makes her now nightly appearance.

#caturday everyday #cats

A grey cat sat in dark doorway. Only it's white moustache, bib and socks visible
Eve :verified:
1 day ago

#cat #cats #caturday #Caterday #catsofmastodon
.li is afternoon chilling
.li is trying to dream of a box
.li dream has come true

.li is afternoon chilling
.li is trying to dream of a box
.li dream has come true

So, I wanted to post over here. Well, Just because. :blobcatshrug:
Chinny seems to have been a hit over on my Fosstodon account, so I wanted some love for / on @stux 's instance too.

I suppose I could have cropped it, but... Meh..

Created with a #Trailcam and #GIMP


Ethan Marcotte
1 day ago

the kittens are both THREE today omg

how it started 🥹 / how it’s going 😭

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats

Two gray and white kittens named Olive and Lily are curled up next to each other on an orange fabric chair. Lily’s eyes are half open, whereas Olive is fast asleep. (And leaning on Lily.)
Two gray and white kittens named Olive and Lily are curled up next to each other in a gray cat bed, which sits in an orange fabric chair.
Two gray and white cats named Olive and Lily are fast asleep, curled up next to each other on an orange tartan blanket that’s draped across a gray fabric couch.
Two gray and white cats named Olive and Lily are both looking warily at the camera while they’re curled up next to each other on an orange tartan blanket, which is draped across a gray fabric couch.

Yesterday, the last of our littermate, sister cats passed away.

In 2005, we adopted two of the cutest, sweetest kittens *ever* from the county animal shelter. It took almost a month before Lucy and Ethel were trusting enough to let us pet them but after that, they knew they were "home". They never fought or raised a claw to each other or to us. Not once! Lucy passed in November. Ethel followed yesterday. We'll miss them dearly! ♥️ ♥️

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #RainbowBridge #LucyAndEthel


A photo of a wooden picture frame that holds two pictures. The pictures are of Lucy (L) and Ethel (R), the best cats EVER. We put these pictures in a double frame together because these were the very first pictures we took of the littermate, sister cats, the day they picked us to go home with from the animal shelter in 2005. Both cats are white with black spots. Lucy has two black ears and white fur around both eyes, while Ethel had only one black ear and black fur around just one eye. They're in their cages at the shelter, looking towards the camera, trying to entice us to take them home with us. It worked!!
This is a photo of Lucy, the smaller of the two sister cats. She's nearly all white except for her ears, her chin, and almost all of her tail, which has a itty-bitty spot of white fur at the very tip of it. (She spent her entire life trying to catch that little white spot, lol.) Lucy is laying on a pink "Hello Kitty" blanket with her front paws tucked neatly (of course) underneath her, looking towards the camera. She crossed the rainbow bridge back in November last year.
This is a photo of Ethel, the larger of the two littermate, sister cats. She's also nearly all white except for one black ear and black fur around one eye (and a little more black fur on her back) and a black tail that is barely visible. Ethel is laying on the carpet in a room with some miscellaneous furniture in the background. She's mostly laying down but holding her head up looking at the camera, with her two front paws outstretched and crossed (as usual). She crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday to be with her sister.
Another photo of littermate, sister cats Lucy (L) and Ethel (R), laying on the carpet in front of some furniture, looking at the camera. In this photo, Lucy's black chin beard is really prominent. You can only see the front half of each cat but it's easy to tell that they're laying pretty close to each other, probably touching each other (as they often did). The expression on Lucy's face seems to say "Another picture??" and Ethel kind of squints at the camera.
2 days ago

When you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder why you can't move.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyTuesday

A view from a person in bed taking a photo with a flash in the middle of the night looking down at their legs under the blanket. There are three striped tabby cats lined up along their left side (all facing away from the camera), and one large tabby cat up against their legs on the right side (turned toward the camera with one eye half-open).
John Bull
2 days ago

When the void demands snuggles you must comply #cats

Black kitty snuggled into my arm
2 days ago

remember 2 be silly on ur puter today

#MastoArt #art #cats

cute digital illustration of a cat sitting at a computer desk on a office chair, looking at the computer monitor and paws on keyboard and mouse. There is text above the illustration, reading "me on my puter", and below the illustration, reading "being silly :3". The cat is a tabby with white face, legs, and belly. The desk and computer has purple, grey, and white colours and the desk chair is white with dark legs and wheels. The cat and computer is on a green mat. Overall she looks like she's have a lovely and silly time.
photo of a kitten sitting at a tiny computer desk on a tiny desk chair (but appropriately sized for the kitten) with paws on keyboard and mouse while looking at the monitor. The background is hard to make out but there's a patterned rug beneath the cat and desk. The text "Me on my puter being silly :3" is added over the top of the image in white.
2 days ago

Every time I take Gidget "out on a walk", this is how it ends up – with her just chillin' on this aircon exhaust unit a scant few metres from our front door 🤣 As soon as our neighbour came outside, though, she decided she'd had enough outside time and wanted to go back in FAST! #cats #CatsOfMastodon

a tabby cat perched on an aircon exhaust unit in a flower bed, in front of a red brick wall

💙 Artist: #ChristianGuemy aka #C215 💕 - in City: #Tanger Morroco - Title: untitled - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Painting #Cats #CatsofMastodon
#GoodMorning ! ☕🥐🥐

Streetartwall. On a high iron house gate is sprayed / painted on one side the head of a cat. The gate is dark blue. The cat is very detailed and finely drawn in black and white color. Above her head is emblazoned with an ugly no parking sign.

It's nice to come home to someone that's happy to see you.
And I really enjoy this face when I come home.


Black and white cat looking up at the camera.
My awesome cat looking up at the camera
My cat Chinny standing up on his hind legs so he can try to do a welcoming nose rub.
Les Orchard
2 days ago

Switched my desk to standing for a few meetings. The boy #cats have claimed my chair & writing table and the hoodie I was wearing.

I guess I'll just keep standing and find another hoodie.

Catsby, a mostly orange cat with white spots lays on my hoodie on my writing table. Cosmo, a mostly white cat with orange ears, lays on my office chair.
m naudin
2 days ago

Parfois, je veux juste être un chat pour faire ça.😻
(Leurs pattes postérieures suivent précisément les pas des pattes antérieures. C'est câblé dans la dynamique des chats.)
#catstodon #chatstodon #cats #chats

Chat qui doit traverser un couloir tapissé de bouchons
C J Silverio
2 days ago

Oswin-cat joined me in the shower this morning. Well, not entirely voluntarily.

She loves watching me shower. Why? I have no idea. But she's reliable about it. If I start running the water, she shows up in the bathroom and perches on the sink counter to watch me. She'll sit there the entire time.

Today I left the shower doors ajar, and Oswin notice. She slipped into the enclosure and sat on the ledge to get a nice close-up view of human + soap. And then... she slipped and landed in the tub. There was a moment of shock, where she stood splayed out on the bottom of the tub, paws in running water, and I stood wondering how badly I'd be bleeding in the next moment. But no! She gathered her wits, jumped out of the tub, and retired to the bath mat to groom her soggy paws.

Oswin likes water, but not THAT much water, I guess.


Catherine Schmidt
3 days ago

Photo of a cat, from inside a car, sitting on the clear sunroof with clouds behind. As if she is floating in midair.

#Cats #Humor #CatsOfMastodon