Shavua tov and chag sameach from Ketzeleh who is showing off two books we got for #Chanukah #Ketzeleh #Cats #Books #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

A fluffy grey and white kitty standing behind two books and looking at the camera sweetly. The books are People love dead  Jews by Dara Horn and Not in G-d’s name by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.
Cat Every Hour
45 minutes ago
54 minutes ago

I don't know what Miss Bristles is looking at, but she is ✨fascinated✨

#caturday #catsofmastodon #catsoffediverse #cowcat

Photo of a white and black cat sitting in front of Christmas lights and staring out a window
Photo of a white and black cat sitting in front of Christmas lights and turning to stare at me
Photo of a white and black cat walking away from me
Photo of a white and black cat sitting behind Christmas decorations and staring out the window as she is illuminated by cozy light

I'm not the best artist by any means, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I used paint pens to make an ornament with my kitty Gizmo on it! ❤️ #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Flat wooden ornament where I drew my tuxedo kitten using paint pens and wrote Merry Christmas in red and green around the kitty.
Picture of my tuxedo kitten Gizmo for comparison. He's sitting on a brown cow rug.
Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
1 hour ago

#AI #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #WarOnChristmas "My goddamn cookies old man"

1 hour ago

It's so hard being Apollo. Pity him. Also skritch his head. Oh, and don't forget to bring him 10 pounds of raw tuna.

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

An orange tabby cat lazing on a pile of coats.
1 hour ago

We wish you all a good #caturday night.

#CatsOfMastodon #cats

A cat sleeping on a chaise, with her head resting on a throw blanket.

Parsley the #Cat ready to close #Caturday with a good night’s sleep 😻

#CatsOfMastodon #FediCats #MastoCats

Parsley the cat being a cute loaf on the bed
1 hour ago

Coffee shop cat in Kanchanaburi looking relaxed. Every shop should have one.

#catsofmastodon #Thailand

Pampered black and white cat, sound asleep
TapTap 🎮
1 hour ago

Get absolutely fucking Prison Orbed, nerd

#catsofmastodon #caturday #cat

blonde cat looking bamboozed as hell in a space capsule carrying bag
1 hour ago

Nibbler in his happy place: alone with his favorite person, cuddling on his blanket. Picture by my well-loved son. #CatsOfMastodon #CatsOfInfoSec #Nibbler #caturday

A fuzzy brown tabby lies on his side on some blankets, his paws drawn up like he's leaping over a fence, and a little smile on his face.
Dan BG-Naarm
2 hours ago

#caturday + 1
Belated caturday, it's our neighbour tomcat. Very cute, but quite a bit of a bastard

Very pretty grey/white cat sitting on a fence
Cat Every Hour
2 hours ago
2 hours ago

Enjoying a wintry day with some croissants. #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

A long haired tuxedo cat and a short haired tabby are curled up in the "kitty croissant" pose on a gray and white Paisley patterned blanket on a bed.
Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 hours ago

#Caturday #Cats #CatsOfTheRevolution #CatsOfMastodon "I said they're over on aisle 3. THREE."

2 hours ago

Sunday funday #catsofmastodon #cats

Cat Flap
2 hours ago

You bring sunshine to my day, kitty! ☀️

The cat flap opened at 03:40 on 10-12-2023.

#Catflap #CatsOfMastodon

quite adept
2 hours ago

it's late but it is still #Caturday

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #RightMeow

photo of a black and white cat on a couch looking at the camera
3 hours ago

Hob says you can avoid Winter by joining him through the Portal of Mellow Fruitfulness
#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #HobCat #BonusMeows

A small one-eyed cat is framed by a fruity garland…
Elizabeth Lee :neurodi:
3 hours ago

A wiggly, fuzzy #Caturday noodle keeping me warm on the couch.

#CatsOfMastodon #catstodon #RescueCat #AdoptDontShop

A brown & white shirt haired tabby cat is half curled up, half on her back on my lap.
Anthony Pham
3 hours ago

Fuuka: *super blep*

Also Fuuka: *makes weird noises*

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #SiameseCat #Siamese #FediCats #MastoCats

A siamese cat meowing sitting on a counter, licking all around its mouth, then making a weird short meow.
Cat Every Hour
3 hours ago
Clayton Hove
3 hours ago

Whisper: I don’t smell meat.
Dexy: No cheese detected either.
Whisper: What is he eating?
Dexy: The container lid says hummus.
Whisper: What’s that, some kind of ham?
Dexy: I’m afraid not.
Whisper: Wait, you can read!?
Dexy: You can’t?

#caturday #dexyduchessofthemist #whisperthewonderpuss #dexy #whisper #catsofmastodon

Our newly adopted foster cat Yoda is getting to know his big brother Percy

#catsofmastodon #cats #caturday

Two orange cats on a bed
Two orange cats hanging out
3 hours ago

Goodness gracious, great ball o’ cat!
#LordShadowBringerOfDoom #cat #BlackCat #CatsOfMastodon

Lord Shadow the black DLH curled up in a perfect ball on the couch between his humans
Dan Ports
3 hours ago

Three years ago today, Pixel came back from the nuclear vet after having radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism, and we got to finish off 2020 with an angry radioactive cat.

Fortunately, she is doing well now and now has 18 half-lives.

#cats #catsofmastodon #caturday

A tuxedo cat in front of a bright yellow 1960s geiger counter. It's reading about 1 millirem/hour
3 hours ago

Both cats sleeping under the tree together.❤️ #CatsOfMastodon

Two cats resting on a green fabric under a Christmas tree with blue ambient lighting.
Gerardo :psyduck:
3 hours ago

This #caturday I want to share two photos.

One of Pixie gromming Mila and one of Mila in a plastic bag.


Pixie, a tortie cat, lies over Mila, a gray tuxedo cat, in a little unicorn-snapped bed.

Pixie is gromming Mila, who awaits patiently.
Mila, a grey tuxedo cat is inside a yellow plastic bag looking directly to the camera.
3 hours ago

Cold night, warm Manxes.

Rua just barely fits in the fleecy bed. Olive the Death Kitty sprawls across a stripy bed with heating pad under it.

#cats #fedicats #catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #caturday

Two Manx cats sleeping in different cat beds on a human bed next to a mess of books. The orange Manx is curled up inside a fleecy bed. The black Manx is sprawled across a colorfully striped cat bed.
4 hours ago

His favorite time of year. #caturday #cats #catsofmastodon

Just an innocent man
4 hours ago

It's not #Caturday anymore in the UK but this was taken when it still was...

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats

A sleek black cat with a fluffy white chest sitting on a windowsill by an open window. She is looking straight at the camera and her ears are pricked up.

After a long hard day of napping and asking for treats, #JuliaKitten snoozes away the rest of her #Caturday . #CatsofMastodon #MastoCats #fedicats #catsoffediverse

Bird’s eye view of a brown Torbie cat curled up with her paw covering her face.
SnowyMittensGirlPeach 🎄
4 hours ago
Eddy Charcoal lounging on the spare room bed, looking RIGHT at the camera with her torberific face.
4 hours ago

A bedraggled woman enters a fancy restaurant. "I'm so hungry please..." she says, and she is so thin and sad seeming the head waiter feels bad and sits her at a table in the break room bringing her some dinner rolls with butter and that day's stew.

She looks at the food, as if in disbelief. Then she looks up at the head waiter "You don't ... have any steak or caviar or anything? Maybe some scampi in butter?" She says.

(This woman represents my cat, #Pica #caturday #catsofmastodon #cat )

4 hours ago

Rhiannon thanks me with her eyes. I set up a fish tank video for her.
#CatsOfMastodon #CatsOfTheFediverse #Catstodon #CatLovers #CatAppreciators #TheDivineQueen

A dilute tortoiseshell cat with big gold eyes looks up from her cat tree shelf, with a corner of an iPad showing a fish tank video visible on the other side of the frame.
5 hours ago

Am I too late for #Caturday? There is a storm. Eric and I decided to go out in it, but that was a bad life choice for us both. It's too windy for cats. I hid in a bush until I was rescued, but Eric just stood in it and screamed. He's still screaming. #CatsOfMastodon

Eric, a black and white cat, standing on a chair with his mouth open mid scream.
Trendy Toots
5 hours ago
5 hours ago

Happy #Caturday comrades 🍻 :ablobcatbouncefast: 🐈

#catsofmastodon #catsofmasto

My torti cat taking a nap
Just a Bored Panda
5 hours ago

Some stray cats I took photos while walking around.

#CatsOfMastodon #cats

A black and whit cat sleeping on a white wall, there is a tree in the background.
Other balck and white cat, it's sleeping on a sidewalk
A tabby also resting on a sidewalk
Emily C Taylor
6 hours ago

Happy #Caturday from Roger, who is DEFINITELY not batting at the baubles or trying to chew the branches when he thinks I’m not looking. #CatsOfMastodon

<suspicious clinking sounds intensify>

A long-haired black cat sitting on a wooden table in front of the base of an artificial Christmas tree, which is decorated with white lights and colourful glass baubles. He is looking towards the camera, possibly attempting to look as if he was not just chewing on a tree branch. 🙄 In the foreground is a small white ceramic stylized Christmas tree sculpture, and on the wall behind are bookshelves filled with books, bottles of alcohol, and video game-related memorabilia.
Lizzy Miller
6 hours ago

Happy #caturday to all who celebrate! #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #DailyOrionSpam

A gray and white tabby cat loafing very smugly on a cat tree next to my desk. He is looking to the side and smiling, with the fur on his ruff sticking out adorably.
Cats of Yore
6 hours ago

I'm making up my own headline for this one. "Woman sits down to read when suddenly her cat desperately needs to go outside even though she just let him in 2 minutes ago." #CatsOfYore #Cat #Cats #History #catsodon #catsofmastodon #catcontent #ilovecats #vintage

A beautiful color illustration of a white lady with her hair up in a voluminous bun and wearing a long blue dress, both distinctly Edwardian. She is sitting in a wooden chair and looking at the viewer with a flat, subtly exasperated expression. Beside her on the floor stand a lovely shorthaired classic brown tabby, looking brightly up at her with its tail perked up happily.
Jeri Dansky
6 hours ago

Tennessee, coming in for a headbutt. (He loves headbutts.)
#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

Medium-hair tuxedo cat, standing on a bed, looking intently at the photographer.
7 hours ago
Close-up photo of Falafel, our grey British Shorthair cat, lying on me and looking directly in the camera
Selfie with Buffy, our grey Persian cat, lying on my lap and looking somewhat unamused in the camera.
Another photo of Falafel from this morning, lying on the couch and doing some cat yoga pose.
Iza Hushed Whispered Song
7 hours ago

I took this picture of Ginza early Thursday afternoon. She was still sick and did a lot of sleeping on Thursday. #CatsOfMastodon #caturday

On Thursday when Ginza was still sick, she slept a lot and she looked quite comfortable while she slept. She looks like she's about to melt into the blanket on the bed. In the background, a green dinosaur plushie can be seen atop the pillows in front of the headboard.
Karen Kaspar
7 hours ago

For the art lovers in Europe - my acrylic painting "Black cat in the green grass" is also available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Für die Kunstliebhaber in Deutschland - mein Acrylgemälde "Schwarze Katze im grünen Gras" ist auch bei Art Heroes erhältlich (kostenloser Versand).

#MastoArt #art #painting #FediGiftShop #cats #CatsOfMastodon #caturday #cat #CatLovers #animals #kitten #katze #CatsOfFediverse #AnimalArt #BlackCats #ArtForSale #giftideas

Rachele DiTullio
7 hours ago

Happy #caturday from a sleepy girl


Close up of a sleeping brown tabby kitten with white paws
7 hours ago

La delincuencia esta desatada. 😂
#Cats #Catstodon #catsofmastodon #Caturday

7 hours ago
8 hours ago

😸 😸 Kitties!!

This is Finn and Munch.

#cats #catsofmastodon

A photo of Finn, tabby cat, sitting as a cat loaf on the stairs.
A photo of Munch a tuxedo kitty sitring on a white window ledge and leaning against the window frame.
8 hours ago

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Tortie #TortieCat #BabyGirl She sits there looking at me… for stretches of time. Waiting. Wanting. Longing. Longing for what?!?! Psycho kitty!?

Random Geek
9 hours ago

Barry and Jack over here being a Christmas card.


A small decorated Christmas tree, with a black cat sleeping underneath on one side and a black-and-white cat about to nibble a decoration on the other side