Snu Bear
1 day ago

Miss Julie being a big sooky bear.

#cats #catsodon #caturday

A close up of the top of a Siamese cats head and face, looking contented, sitting in a lap

Kitty boy #Atlas has something to say and you better listen! #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

Just Ori being an absolute cutie.
**purring intensifies**

@maou this is for you

#catsodon #mastocat #meow #cuties

A tabby maine coon kitten looking at the camera while being rubbed on their upper chest

Pre sunrise #Whiskers Always on the lookout. #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

A black cat sits in a window sill. Outside, the sky is a clear light blue with yellow near the mountain line in the distance. There are houses visible across the street and the car is in the driveway.
3 days ago

It’s #WhiskersWednesday so here’s Jack again with his beautiful long whiskers.
#CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

White cat’s chin with long whiskers and a pink nose
Snu Bear
5 days ago

Julie says happy Tuesday everyone!

#cat #caturday #catsodon

A Siamese cat sitting on a cat tree

Don’t let the tranquility of this moment deceive you. The sunny spot on the arm was gained by offensive measures. 🐱 🐈‍⬛ #Whiskers #Atlas #Catsodon #CatOfMastodon

A beige love seat with a chequered quilt over the back. There is a black cat, whiskers, on the left most seat lying and sleeping. There is a fuzzy tabby cat, Atlas, draped over the right arm in a patch of sunlight.
Snu Bear
6 days ago

Dad wanted to go to Bunnings so I chummed him and found some cat toys. They love their wee tunnel.

#cats #caturday #catsodon

A grey and white cat peeking out of a cat tunnel window.
Naw McNopington
6 days ago

My sweet girl supervising my work.
#cat #catsodon #Caturday #catsoffediverse #catsofmastadon

Cat sitting in cat tree looking to left
John Patterson
1 week ago

Does anyone else's cat lust after cheese, especially cooked cheese?

@graphxgrrl caught this great photo of Ellie begging for pizza, a few days ago.

(We've never given her any!)

#cat #cats #caturday #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

A small black and white cat, sitting very upright, gazing up longingly towards where her human is eating pizza (out of frame).
1 week ago

He is done and a little groggy but already knocking things off tables.

#caturdayeve #catsofmastodon #catsodon #siberiankitten

Kitten hanging in the office...
Kitten chowing down.
1 week ago

The cats heard it might snow, so they are taking appropriate steps. Rua (front), Natasha (left rear), Olive/Death Kitty (right rear).

No cats were awakened while taking this photo.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #sleep #SnowDay

Three cats asleep on a bed cluttered with books and magazines. A big orange Manx is curled up in the foreground, head to the left. In the rear left, a long-haired black & white cat sprawls across a striped cat bed. In the rear right, a black Manx is tightly curled up on a green plaid throw.
1 week ago

Eggy is hangry because he gets neutered today.

#caturdayeve #catsofmastodon #catsodon #siberiankitten

A tired kitten on a kitchen table chair.
Shana Jean H
1 week ago

#transrightsreadathon #catsodon

Who is pledging for Mira to read books??

Black cat looking at a comic book that is held open in front of her
Snu Bear
1 week ago

Miss Julie mid yawn, happy on her binky.

#cats #caturday #catsodon

A Siamese cat curled on her side and mid yawn, lying on a grey blanket that has cartoon line-art cat faces printed on.
Helder Mira
1 week ago

NickMiller: ok, but do I get extra treats?
#Cats #Catsodon #CatsOfMastadon

NickMiller the tabby cat looking quizzically at the camera.
1 week ago

Olive the Death Kitty slipped out the front door today and headed for adventure. No messing around in the yard for her. Instead, she shot across the street, and wandered three or four houses north. I finally captured her in a neighbor's back yard and brought her home.

She wants to know if we can do it again.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #EscapeArtists

Black Manx cat with yellow-green eyes standing on a striped cat bed, looking directly into the camera. She is totally unrepentant for her bad behavior.
2 weeks ago

In today's sleeping master class, Rua demonstrates a new position.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #sleep

Big orange Manx cat sleeping on a navy-blue bed pillow next to a window. Cat is sleeping on his belly and stretched out the full length of the pillow. His paws drape over the pillow's end.

We have two cats, one large young tabby boy and one medium sized black senior lady cat. We have two litter boxes. The 12kg/26lbs bag is good enough to split between the two boxes for two fills. One fill lasts about 2-3wks (the cats are indoors 24/7/365). Bags are around $CAD35

I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever. I’ve just owned cats for most of my adult life and this stuff is amazing.

#Catsodon #recommendation #CatsOfMastodon #caturday

Spooky Panda Bear
2 weeks ago

My little chunky monkey says hello.

(For anyone who asks or thinks that I was the one got my cat this way, I wasn't me. We adopted her 3 years ago. She weighed 26 lbs when we took her in from a family member who had passed away from COVID. She's down to 19 lbs now. She won't be able to lose much more weight, though. She's 11 years old. She's a very happy bb. She runs and plays.)

#catsofmastodon #cats #catsodon #catmom

2 weeks ago

The door is on the wrong side of Natasha.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #Caturday

Long-haired black & white cat is standing by a door on a porch, looking at human who will hopefully let her into the house. Other than the cat, the porchbl is mostly taken up by planter boxes, plant pots, and garden tools.
Snu Bear
2 weeks ago

Moar Julie snugs for #Caturday

#cats #catsodon

A Siamese cat with the back of her head to the camera, nestled in a woman’s legs.
Angelique Sophia
2 weeks ago
A black cat sits atop a cat tower and lazily swats at the camera..

Going for a walk in the front yard today! #Catsodon #caturday #CatsofMastodon #CatsOnALeash #Atlas

A tabby cat with a pink harness around its chest and its fluffy tail pointing up in the air is walking into a small side garden bed with cedar shavings under a hedge
The tabby is walking away from from the camera down a lawn path between a small pond and a small garden.

The cat at this house isn't looking well

#CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

Photo of a black fluffy crow toy lying on a bed with beak poking up and wings splayed
Snu Bear
2 weeks ago

Mummies leg is gud pillow.

#cats #caturday #catsodon

A Siamese cat curled up asleep on a woman’s lower leg.

1/ Cat relationships, a mini-thread.
This, is OK.
#catlife #Catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #Atlas #Whiskers

A brown mottled tabby cat is lying on the arm of a beige couch. His left paw lightly draped over the arm. Directly underneath him is a black cat lying on the couch seat. They are within about 10cm of each other, sleeping.
Snu Bear
2 weeks ago

Leg hugs from Miss Julie.

#Cats #Caturday #Catsodon

A snowshoe Siamese cat, draped over a woman’s tight covered thigh.
3 weeks ago

#cats #catsodon #catsofmastadon

Woke up around three this morning to this goofball charging around like a crazy girl and I've been awake ever since.

Snu Bear
3 weeks ago

A Paddy in her natural habitat of a nest of blankets.

#Cats #Caturday #Catsodon #Nest

A grey and white cat looking directly at the camera, sitting on a pile of blankets.
3 weeks ago
A cat with glowing eyes
3 weeks ago

Good night, Mastodon.

Natasha (left) and Rua do not like each other and have never been willing to sleep this close together before.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #caturday #GoodNight

Looking down on two sleeping cats that are almost touching. Both cats are facing away from the camera. The long-haired black & white cat on the left is leaning its head against a stack of books. The orange cat on the right is sprawled on its side, facing left.
3 weeks ago

Willie strikes a pose against the blue-hour background for #caturday #catsodon #catsofmastodon

Tortie cat posing in front of window
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 weeks ago

Having been relocated, Malala and Marjon are engaged in deep discussions about our decision to move from a tiny apartment to a house that is twice as big.

#Caturday #GreyCats #BlackCat #GreyCats #BlackCats #BlackCatsOfMastodon #GreyCatsOfMastodon #Moving #Relocating #Catsodon #catsOfFediverse #CatsOfMasodon

A grey cat and a black cat sitting on the floor in a hallway. The grey cat has turned to look at the black cat.
A grey cat and a black cat sitting on the floor in a hallway. The grey cat is looking forward. The black cat has narrowed his gaze.
A black cat is inside a carpeted closet. A grey cat is approaching from a room with a hardwood floor.
A grey cat examines a shower stalky while a black cat is standing looking out the entrance to the bathroom.
3 weeks ago

Natasha decided to get in on that sleeping master class action.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #sleep

Long-haired black & white cat asleep on striped cat bed frim Nepal. Her tail is curled up along her side. She is sleeping very peacefully.
4 weeks ago

Olive wants to know just what the hell is going on here.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #wtf

Big black cat with yellow-green eyes, wearing a red collar. Cat is leaning into the camera and demanding answers.
AndyHagon :android:
1 month ago

Mack & Stella enjoying some pigeon watching through the window on this #Caturday 😺🐾

#Pixel7Pro #lightroom #cats #catsofmastodon #catsodon

1 month ago

Sometimes the Death Kitty just wants a bit of attention.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

Manx cat sitting on couch in front of some fancy pillows. Her black fur us set off by a red collar with a small bell on it. The cat's back legs are splayed out a bit as she looks expectantly into the camera.
1 month ago

Rua teaches another of his sleeping master classes. And yes, he still has no tail.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #ManxCats #zzzz

Big orange Manx cat is laying on his side asleep. His head is butted up against a stack of books, and his face is partly covered by his front paws. There's a teensy tuft of hair on his rump where most cats have a tail.
Humanist Engineer
1 month ago

Completely wrong headline. This cat is a furry Care Bear spreading joyful #LGBT to the family.

#humor #catsodon #catsofmastodon

Mac Aodh
1 month ago

I sometimes go to the local cat shelter, as a form of desensitisation therapy. I've always been allergic to cats, and my life is full of bad experiences with cats. So today I went again after a long break. They were all adorable today. It was a good therapy session, and I think the cats liked the attention too.

#JoinIn #today #cats #catsodon #catsofmastodon #ailurophobia

Mark Tisdale - Artist
1 month ago

For the #CatLovers this #Caturday a shout out to the simple things in life.

#Kittens #books #Readers #MastoArt #FediArt #ArtMatters #AYearForArt #SimpleThings #CatArt #CatsOfMastodon #CatsODon #MarkOnArt

Big Thanks if you enjoy what I do enough to share it here or elsewhere with friends. Supporting my work is literally feeding my cats. ❤️

You can find this here:

Digital art painting that shows a tall vertical stack of books and on the top of those books is a tiny gray and white kitten who is sleeping. The background is a deep golden yellow. The books whose spines are visible are a mix of colors primarily blue and red.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
1 month ago

One #Caturday almost four years ago, we brought home Malala the #greyCat #kitten and her brother. She looked so pleased to be here.

#CatsOfMastodon #Catsodon #GreyCats #Cats #Cat

Malala the grey fluffy kitten looks at the camera.
Luke Bonaccorsi
1 month ago

This is Albus, aka Alby, aka Albusaur, aka Catface, aka Menace features, aka Shitbag.

He loves eating, menacing, laying on top of me and stealing Donna's wheelchair.

Unfortunately Donna (and Albus) needs a new wheelchair because of a change in her needs and electric wheelchairs are expensive.

We've set up a #GoFundMe to try and help raise some money, any donations or shares will be hugely appreciated!

#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #Cats #Catsodon #Wheelchair #Disability

A photo of a cat loafing sleepily on a purple electric wheelchair
A photo of a cat curled up like a croissant on a purple electric wheelchair
A photo of a cat laying on a purple electric wheelchair, reaching out and grabbing a blanket
A photo of a cat laying on a purple electric wheelchair looking suave
1 month ago

The Manxes are not trying to kill each other this morning. So far, anyway.

Olive (front) and Rua (rear).

#cats #catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #ManxCats

Two Manx cats sitting closer to each other than usual on a messy bed with a pile of books behind them. In front, the red-collared black cat sits on a green plaid throw, face to the camera with a cheerful round-eyed expression. In back, the orange cat looks on with half-closed eyes, his paws crossed in front of him.
Mark Tisdale - Artist
1 month ago

Something new I hope you enjoy this #Caturday - especially those of you who also love your #Coffee

#CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #Cats #Feline #GingerCat #MastoArt #DigitalArt #FediArt #CatArt #ArtMatters #AYearForArt #MarkOnArt

If you choose to boost or otherwise share or support my work - thank you from the bottom of my food bills. #SupportSmall

You can find this on prints and various other products here:

Digital Artwork in illustration style - shows a large orange or ginger colored cat with white markings. The cat is smiling. Next to the cat is a big steaming coffee cup. There's a pink starburst effect behind the cat. 

Below this is the text:

"Cats plus coffee equals my motivation"
2 months ago

Just got home from holiday and unpacked and I think she's worried we're gonna go again so sitting in the suitcase 😂
#Caturday #Catsodon #CatsOfMastodon

Bella, my short haired tiny tabby cat sitting in my empty suitcase on the bed looking like she's not going to be moved.
2 months ago

rearranged the books on my shelves and she made sure to reserve her spot #mastocats #catsodon

orange tabby on a shelf next to a couple books. there are books are the other box shelves. the dragon book, some doom and Wolfenstein books, the code book, etc. fluxx is also there. and a crochet Alfur from Hilda.
AndyHagon :android:
2 months ago

You can't hear Stella purring in this photo, but it's loud 😻
#Caturday #cats #catsofmastodon #catsodon #Nokia 808

2 months ago

“Why do humans like to lie in water?”

#cats #catsofmastodon #catsodon

A tabby and white cat, perched looking over the side of a white bath, looking directly into the camera.
Peggy Collins
2 months ago

This is my latest cat artwork with a stained glass look. (Not actual stained glass!) I named him Sam. I've been exploring creating 2D artwork with a 3D look.


#cats #catsofmastodon #catart #catsodon #stainedglass #AYearForArt #art #artist #artforsale #artprints #fineart #colorful #peggycollins #peggycollinsgallery

Artwork of a cat in profile with a stained glass effect.
2 months ago

L’instant Pourriel.

#chat #cat #catsOfMastodon #catsodon

Photo d’une chatte mignonne sur un plaid. Elle a posé sa patte sur la main de quelqu’un (moi).
2 months ago

Daily kitten photos: the boys are sleepy today. #catsodon #catsofmastodon

Mark Tisdale - Artist
2 months ago

New cat art that I hope you enjoy this #Caturday Maybe something to consider for that special someone who loves cats this Valentine's Day! #BuyArtNotCandy
#Colorful #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #MastoArt #FediArt #ArtMatters #DigitalArt #Painting #FediGiftShop #MarkOnArt

On my shop here:

Colorful digital cat painting that is designed to look like it's mosaic or stained glass. - intricate crisscrossing white lines divide different colors that form an abstract cat face.
ACAB for Cutie
2 months ago

He will always be my baby 🎶

#cats #catsOfMastodon #catsodon #caturday #mariahCarey

A brown tabby cat snoozin
Snu Bear
3 months ago

Happy #Caturday from Paddy aka Spuds who is doing her best to turn inside out and upside down, revealing the forbidden beans!

#Cat #Catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #ToeBeans

A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background.
A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background. Her pink tongue is out and her toe beans are showing.
A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background. Zoomed in a little for appreciation of pink toe beans.
Erin Whalen
3 months ago

Contrary to all modern understanding of evolutionary science, I remain irrevocably convinced that cats are really just snakes that decided to give themselves a serious upgrade.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catsodon #tabby #cat #everydayiscaturday

A sleepy tabby cat lying stretched out against the arm of a chair, with his spotted belly and inward curled hind feet facing the ceiling and his head and outstretched front paws pointing forward.
3 months ago

Happy last Caturday of 2022! Love, Meesha #caturday #catsodon #cats #catsofmastodon

Réflective Grey cat
3 months ago

@vmbrasseur If seeking a cat/kitten, I would advocate for Cat Adoption Team (aka C.A.T.). They always have adoptions available and work tirelessly to humanely control the feral cat population. The percentage of feral dumps and unwanted cats in Oregon had notably declined due to thier no kill/spay & neuter efforts. They help cats from other states - and not just when there is an emergency situation.
#catsodon #catsofmastadon #adopt #pdx

the thing that makes me happiest in life without fail are when cats are asleep but they are chasing something in their dreams and they get all twitchy and excited


Did you know: your n95 can also be used to make litter box cleaning less unpleasant? Now you do! (why did it take me so long to realize this...) #Cats #catsodon

John Patterson
3 months ago

Ellie says "hi, what're you doing?"

#cat #caturday #catsodon

4 months ago

It's cold outside. I went out to toilet, then found some birdseed, so I ate it. I'm now warming myself in my favourite spot. Eric sniffed me, but decided to leave me alone for once. #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #OrangeCat #GingerCat #WhiskersWednesday #Catsodon #Cozy

Colin, a splendid orange cat, is lying on a blue floor cushion in front of a very cozy looking stove fire. He is on his side with his front legs stretched out to get maximum heat benefit.
Kitten School
4 months ago

After lunch nap time! Meet the 'ice cream treat kittens,' our latest fosters here at Kitten School. They are growing up fast (though they are still so tiny). From left: Klondike, Nutty Buddy, and Choco Taco 😻

#kitten #kittens #FosterCat #AdoptDontShop #catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #kitties

Three adorable little kittens curled up together and ready for an afternoon nap.
Mark A. Rayner
4 months ago

"Are you not entertained?"

#cat #cats #catstodon #catsodon #parody #gladiator

bengal cat standing on  hind legs on armoir while holding up front legs to ceiling

#LittleBit, age almost 18 months, saw his first mouse.

He is freaked out.

#CatsOfMastodon #Catsodon #Cat #Mouse

Pouting Tuxedo cat
Glaring Tuxedo cat
Deep in thought Tuxedo Cat
Peeking Tuxedo cat
4 months ago

Cat Easy Button? That's how I think of my own cat management methods. With so many rescue cats, and so many things to do elsewhere, efficiency was the only way to go.

When my cats made efforts to communicate, I listened. When I saw my cats taking on responsibility for each other, I encouraged. As it turned out, partnering with my cats had even more, and unexpected, benefits.

I had found the Cat Easy Button.
#CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #CatsOfTwitter #CatAppreciators #BudBudTheSpud

tabby cat belly with prominent dots covering it, while a person's fingers are visible stroking it illustrating Dear Pammy, Thanks for the Cat Easy Button