Dazzled, doused in gin
3 days ago

Dunk stole my couch napping pillow

#Caturday #CatsOfMastadon

Our cat Dunkin on my couch napping pillow sleeping.
4 days ago

#Today #Caturday we are celebrating”gotcha” day for my little trouble maker Dominator aka Dommie. June 3, 2020 we trapped him and vetted him. Backstory: I thought he was someone’s barn cat that was eating the opossum’s food each night. He hung around off and on for a year. One night I noticed he had an injured leg and couldn’t bear weight on it. He was too fast even injured to grab him, so we trapped him.
I don’t think he was anyone’s barn cat, but an injured semi feral cat.

June 3 2020 Black/white stray tuxedo cat Dommie laying on deck with plate of food in front of him. He has an injured left leg and bloated tick next to ear
Same tuxedo cat humanely trapped with 2 food plates in front of him.
June 3 2023 same black/white tuxedo cat looking healthy after gaining to much weight 18Lbs (Nov 2022) and now losing 4Lbs since he (me)was scolded at the vet. Total inside alpha kitty in cathouse making slow progress. He’s a total goofball.
2022 Same cat laying on my lap.
4 days ago

My sweet girls. Only the occasional hissing fit between sisters. Back to besties forever. #caturday #CatsOfMastadon

A collage of two ragdoll cats that are sisters. One is cream and dark brown. The other is white and light gray.
Lady Wicket
4 days ago

“What're we going to call him?" said Granny. "He can't just be Greebo, which I've always said was a damn silly name for a cat."
"Well, he looks aristocratic-" Nanny began.
"He looks like a beautiful brainless bully," Granny corrected her.
"Aristocratic,'' repeated Nanny. "Same thing.
Terry Pratchett; Maskerade
#DiscWorld #Caturday #HappyCaturday #Catitude #CatsOfMastadon

5 days ago

Still life with grumpy cat #CatsOfMastadon

A photo of a fluffy tuxedo cat sitting on the kitchen table like a centerpiece. She definitely looks grumpy
5 days ago

“Dear Dad, can you stop complaining about us scratching the couch & walking on your face at night…. We would have never adopted you knowing what a complainer you are…. Love Amelia & Junko, dictated but not read”
#dontteachyourcatstousetypewriter #teif #thankevolutionitsfriday #caturday #catsofmastadon

I'm still learning how to be more relaxed in my retirement. Thankfully Casper is here to be a role model and give me some pointers...

#Retirement #CatsOfMastadon

Casper the all white cat is curled up in a blanket snoozing the afternoon away.
NerdyNate :nerdynate:
1 week ago

Crosby is not sure he is ready for today #catsofmastadon

1 week ago

Open thread to rate Louis


#CatsOfMastadon #everydayiscaturday

A dark grey cat with vivid orange eyes looking at the camera.
A dark grey cat with vivid orange eyes looking at the camera.
2 weeks ago

Lottie being proud of herself for successfully stalking a collection of daisies! #Hunter #CatsOfMastadon #BlackCats #Cats #Caturday

Lorrie the cat sitting among the daisies in our garden
2 weeks ago

Schrödinger camouflaging herself in the garden this afternoon! She seemed utterly amazed that I could see her! #CatsOfMastadon #Caturday #Cats

2 weeks ago

Wat kunnen ze toch lekker slapen hè. #catsofmastadon

Kat in diepe slaap vanaf de staart gezien. Achterpootjes/voetjes op de voorgrond.

Granddaughter has a reading buddy.


Granddaughter sitting on the sofa curled up with a blanket, a book and her favourite cat Plum.

Hier ligt er 1 te snurken. #catsofmastadon

Sleeping cat
2 weeks ago

My cats are too adorable.

#CatsofMastadon #Cats #Catadon

Litter mates 2 years on and they still love each other
Litter mates 2 years on and they still love each other.
Old White Dude
3 weeks ago

Mayo assumes the dead cat pose on the cool floor as the weather gets hotter. #caterday #catsofmastadon #cats

Mayo dead cat pose
Obbie King
3 weeks ago

The mystery of Myster. #caturday #CatsOfMastadon

Lady Wicket
3 weeks ago

“Our garden was debated territory between five local cats, and we'd heard that the best way to keep other cats out of the garden was to have one yourself. A moment's rational thought here will spot the slight flaw in this reasoning.”
Terry Pratchett; The Unadulterated Cat
#CatFight #Caturday #HappyCaturday #CatsOfMastadon 🐈‍⬛🐾🐈

3 weeks ago

Schrödinger contemplating world domination (well, maybe just domination of our garden for now) from atop her perch on our freezer! #CatsOfMastadon #Caturday

3 weeks ago

Today is laundry day, & as I was stripping the bed I noted a pillow under the blankets.

Surprise! It was an Introvert & we startled each other!

She calmed down almost immediately, we had some snuggles, & I replaced her (to be washed) linens with a different blanket so she can still become a lump if she so desires.

Gabapentin is great. Last December (pre-drugs) when she was tentatively roaming the house she would have fled to the basement if at all scared.


SpaceFox 🌌🦊
3 weeks ago

Combiner la chasse et la sieste en une activité unique ? Bien sûr que c'est possible !

#cat #cats #catsdon #catsofmastadon

3 weeks ago

Lookit this sweet l’il jerk
#CatsOfMastadon #catstodon

Image of a black cat sitting on my lap looking upwards while I rub an ear
Image of a black cat sitting on my lap looking upwards while I rub an ear, his mouth is slightly open showing his giant teeth.
Image of a black cat sitting on my lap looking upwards while I rub an ear, he is leaning in to the hand scritching his ear.
Some Sort Of Delicious Biscuit
3 weeks ago

Aladin's having a good time while we're away, and my friend's big ginger pussy apparently keeps trying to smell his butt.


Big pink bed with a ginger cat looking seductively at a silver-white cat, who looks a bit haunted.
Keeper of the orb
3 weeks ago

stop everything we have blep i repeat we have blep

a photo of my cats out on the deck. they're basically having a supervised snack out here before being taken back indoors.

they're at a little garden box full of wheat grass (for them) and dandylions (for me) and have been chowing down.  there's also pots of catnip and a jar with a sweet potato i'm trying to revive. ren, a smaller older cat is hunched over with her front paws up in the garden box and her head down to eat tender grasslings.

but luna has had her attention grabbed by something and has raised her head in the middle of snacking. her little pink tongue stands out against her black fur and her eyes are like a cartoon. 

there's an overgrown grass patch and forest behind them.
Catherine Schmidt
3 weeks ago

Cat meme. Two orange and white cats lying at the crest of a sand dune. “This is the biggest toilet I’ve ever seen.”
#Cats #Humor #catsofmastadon #catsofthefediverse

Cat meme. Two orange and white cats lying at the crest of a sand dune. “This is the biggest toilet I’ve ever seen.”

Furry friends are sharing the picture window overlooking the bird feeders. Black cat on the left is Sam and she belongs to my daughter who is visiting for a few days. Casper (middle) is squeaking constantly and dog Harley is trying to nap.

#CatsOfMastadon #DogsOfMastadon #BirdWatching #Caledon

Two cats and a dog share a bay window seat that overlooks our bird feeders.  All black cat Sam is on the left, all white cat Casper in the middle and Harley the dog on the right.
3 weeks ago

#Yoyo is recovering well from his tail-loss injury. The fur is growing back on the portion thar was "sleeved." #catsofmastadon #cats

Tabby-and-white cat with 1/3 of tail lost.
4 weeks ago

I need to ask the real cat experts this one #CatsOfMastadon #Caturday mastodon people, I know you must have good advice:

Should cats be allowed outdoors?

@DoubleTreble You say that like it’s a bad thing. #Caturday #CatsOfMastadon #TuxedoCats

A long haired black and white tuxedo cat, sitting in a quilt on top of a brown leather couch. She has yellow eyes and a white bib. Her legs are extended out in front of her and hanging straight down.
Lady Wicket
4 weeks ago

“Cats spend a lot of time carefully eyeing one another. When they have to fight, that’s merely to rubber-stamp something that’s already been decided in their heads.”
Terry Pratchett; The Sea and Little Fishes
#DiscWorld #Caturday #HappyCaturday #CatsOfMastadon #KeirStarmerStatement #ClauseIVOnSteroids #PoliticalFight

Piney: White Cat on a Dark Floor. A study in contrast. #ArtisticGenius #CatsOfMastadon

A white cat laying on his side on a dark brown wood floor.
LittleMxSurly :hunter:
4 weeks ago

She really adds to my professionalism ya? #CatsOfMastadon

Photo of a brown and white tabby (Tulip) splayed across the chest and held aloft by one arm of a weary old bag (me) who’s trying and failing to keep it professional on a zoom call.
Systems Approach
4 weeks ago

Current status at Systems Approach Southern campus. #catsofmastadon #tunnels

A black cat lies flat on her belly while looking out from a fabric tunnel
4 weeks ago

#Cat #CatsOfMastadon Just had my evening commune with #Marmite. Now she's playing with a pen. Why do cats have a thing about pens? Anybody know?

4 weeks ago

Checking on the cats during coffee break.

We should be more like cats.

#CatsOfFediverse #CatsOfMastadon #cats

A picture of Louis the cat being very cute while sleeping.
A picture of Hermine the cat being very cute while sleeping.

Sad I had to leave behind all my awesome #CatsOfMastadon content with my migration, so here are some shots to start repopulating my feed! Say hi to Piney, Ziggy & Angie!

A white cat with stubby ears and blue eyes is looking at the camera as he reclines on a black & red plaid camping chair.
A long haired black cat with green eyes is resting her head on a brown leather footrest. There is brown hardwood floor visible behind her.
A tuxedo cat has his head on a pillow and his paws bunny-style as he stares into the camera. He has long white whiskers.
Madeleine Morris
1 month ago

Good morning, got treats? #CatsOfMastadon

1 month ago

Hullo from Banjo. I’ve been negligent in posting lately so making it up to all of you with a primo shot of this handsome gent. #CatsOfMastadon #TuxedoCatLife

A shorthair black and white tuxedo cat reclining on a gold-coloured table runner, with a small pot of succulents beside him. There is a red wall in the background with white framed windows.
Amanda Weaver
2 months ago

I sat down on the couch for two minutes and this happened. There goes my Saturday, I guess. This is what I’m doing now. #Caturday #CatsOfMastadon

A black cat sleeping on my lap and a gray tabby cat curled up next to my hip.
2 months ago

@catsnkittens For some reason, Banjo just loves napping on the corner of the leather couch. Hope things start looking up today ! #CatsOfMastadon #TuxedoCats

A large tuxedo cat napping on the top corner of a cream-coloured leather couch. There is a red wall in the background.
Sinead Quealy
2 months ago

He has become obsessed with the bath tap. I need to run it very gently for him a few times a day now. This is a recent development. He's 4.5yrs old. He's becoming more vocal in demanding his demands. But still highly entertaining and adorable. #catsofmastadon #cat #saturday #caturdays

Large ginger Tom cat sitting in a white bath staring at tap (out of shot) with a drop of water on his face.
Madeleine Morris
2 months ago

The pair, plotting stuff #Caturday #CatsOfMastadon

Dr Michelle
2 months ago

Ceiling cat blesses you and protects you under his watchful eye on this wonderful Caturday


Adam Lipkin
2 months ago

Alphonse reclines on his couch.
#Caturday #catsofmastadon

Large cat on a green "couch" cat bed.
A Mind On Fire
2 months ago

When you have a 65" TV and your cat decides to sit on your chest it doesn't matter if it's HD or not because you're only going to see cat butt.
#caturday #catsofmastadon

2 months ago

Me: Hey bud wakeup! It's #Caturday woo hoo!

Martini: Everyday is Caterday, now leave me alone.

#martinithecat #catsofmastadon #cats

Big orange cat laying on a chair.
Yahia Lababidi
2 months ago

@AbandonedAmerica He is such a dear! Watch him sleep on our feet like a proud sphinx, guarding the temple 🙃

#ThrowbackThursday #friday #cats #catsofmastodon #catsofmastadon

Mike Cohen
2 months ago

Happy PURRsday #CatsOfMastadon

Tabby cat sitting
2 months ago
A white cat with light gray wand a white stripe going down the side of her nose and lip. She’s looking up and to the right while laying on top of the couch.
Robert Pickering
2 months ago

The bats are happy, accept that I'm disturbing one of them from his beauty sleep.

#caturday #CatsOfMastadon

Two cats, one black (left), one white (right) sitting together on a bed with a light brown cover.
Naw McNopington
2 months ago

My sweet girl supervising my work.
#cat #catsodon #Caturday #catsoffediverse #catsofmastadon

Cat sitting in cat tree looking to left

Today is a special #Caturday!

It’s my #Birthday today *plus* we celebrated our little old lady’s 17th Birthday just a few days ago! So, it’s officially the best Caturday ever. Confirmed.

#MastoCats #CatsOfMastadon

Cat with white chest and black/brown hair looking towards the window on the right side of the image. She’s on a couch with a desk and computer screen in the distance.
Britt smiling on the left looking at her cat on the right. They’re both seated and resting in a mildly lit room.
Madeleine Morris
3 months ago

Anti-macatsars #CatsOfMastadon

Two cats sitting on the back of a white sofa
Chris Banes
3 months ago

Leo has been expecting you... #CatsOfMastadon

British Shorthair cat sitting on dining table, looking directly at the camera
3 months ago

Good morning from the baby void cat! 🐈‍⬛

What’s everyone up to today?

#catsofmastadon #goodmorning #mastodon

A black cat and a girl with purple hair and brown eyes taking a selfie
Paul Fenwick
3 months ago

It's 4:20am and the best cat has just arrived for snuggle time ❤️


A wider-angle photo taken from bed, with an orange and white cat looking over a crest of blankets. Her name is Queen Felicia and she is purring loudly. In the background on the right a small string library can be seen, with different lengths and grades of string hanging off another string. Both Queen Felicia and I are string enthusiasts. I love her.
3 months ago

Lazy #Caturday with Cleo watching the storm outside from the safety of the cat tree and with Petula napping above her. #catsofmastadon

Cleo, a calico cat, stares out the window at the snow while sitting on a cat tree. Her daughter, Petula, a dilute calico cat, sleeps on the shelf above.
3 months ago

Well, for a post cleanse, have a kitty. #CatsOfMastadon #CatsOfInfoSec

Picture of a medium fur length ragdoll cat, with white, tan, and black fur, watching out the window intently, at something not visible.
4 months ago

Lily and Finn checking out the edge of the pasture.

#dogs #dogsofmastodon #cats #catsofmastadon #caturday #animals

Dog and cat walking away in the snow.
4 months ago

Happy Birthday Mochi, 2 years old today! As you can see, he is terribly excited about this big event.

#caturdayeveryday #caturday #cat #cats #catsofmastadon #catitude #catpasity #felineosophy #catcontent #catsareassholes #birthday #happybirthday

Orange cat snoozing
Adrianna Tan
4 months ago

I love the way the sun and shadows fall on her face in the mornings.

#CatsOfMastadon #Cats #Torties

A tortoiseshell cat sitting up and looking majestic with a sun and shadows cast on her body
Sherri Koehler
4 months ago

Bonus sunbeam catten!

Suggested soundtrack: Roy Ayers

#CatsOfMastadon #cat #UrsaMinorCat #sunbeam #EverybodyLovesTheSunshine

In a bright sunbeam a white and tabby catten is stretched out on a blue sofa.
Closer view of a happy catten, he seems to be smiling.