2 months ago

Mixed Gathering
By Terry Runyan

#cats #CatsOgMastodon #art #painting #mastoart

Creative painting of five cats sitting in a row. From left to right they are coloured grey, white, black, orange and white. The floor they are sitting on is grey. The background of the painting is turquoise like green.

I feel like I am being judged again. #cat #fuzzyoverlord #catstodon #catsogmastodon

My cat looking sideways almost in a judging manor.  She is short haired, brown,  black and white with green eyes and a clipped left ear.

A small collection of hats. #cat Cats #catsOgMastodon #derpsAndFloofs

Kim Scaravelli
4 months ago

Have been pimping my lovely Winnie because #catsogmastodon seems like a ticket to more followers.

She made me promise to stop. And I will respect her wishes.

But then she fell asleep on my knee and she was so cute that I couldn’t resist just one more post.