Abi Grey
1 week ago

Get your paws on a FREE downloadable and printable coloring page featuring the cutest Scientist Cat!🖍️
Download your free coloring page here:

#coloringpage #catswithjobs #printables #cats

1 month ago

Yep, c'est la courroie le problème


1 month ago

Shortly followed by

Lyin' on ur laptopz, croppin' ur artwurkz.

Note that she managed to switch apps, select the crop function, crop the image, save it with a descriptive filename, crop it some more and open the save dialogue. All that without ANY human intervention!

#CatsWithJobs #Caturday #RubiaTheCat

Rubia, a tabby cat is lying comfortably across the keyboard of my laptop, eyes closed.

On the laptop's screen a tiny cropped part of an image can be seen if one looks very closely.
Photo of my laptop screen after Rubia decided it's time for a snack and left.

It shows a Windows file dialogue with the title "Crop to File" with the folder "Delegates Vector" open, a file named "sssssssssssssss44sssssssssssssss4;cn9o l.tif" in the file list and a new file that hasn't been renamed by her yet ready to be saved.
1 month ago

Sittin' on ur laptopz, fixin' ur DOM tree.

#CatsWithJobs #Caturday #RubiaTheCat

Rubia, a tabby cat is sitting on a laptop, looking in the general direction, but slightly past the camera. She doesn't look like she's going anywhere any time soon.

On the laptop a DevTools screen showing many nested DIVs can be seen, while the monitor behind her shows Chrome with 72 open tabs and Bandcamp in the active tab with my tracks artwork expanded. It consists of three hand drawn robots, one of which wearing a monitor with the Windows 95 background on it, in front of a light blue background. Its text reads "w/h4x0rz" .
Jen McCulley :verified:
1 month ago

On today’s ep. of #CatsWithJobs, Manager disagrees w/employee over a half-empty bowl of food.
The employee says the bowl is half full, the manager however claims the bottom of the bowl can be observed, researched, test written predictions in a science article, and proven. Explanation:
Employee claims to be missing purr hours from schedule + a raise.
Boss says yes to the purrs, no to the raise.

#ACatNamedNeptune #NeptuneElara #Cat #Catstodon #CatsOfTheFediverse #CatsOfMastodon

Amber eyed, smoked blue Maine Coon boss is mid sentence, arguing with human employee while watching from above her perch like a Goddess that she is.
Blue and amber eyed Maine Coon looks at human intently while sitting on top of her perch in white Catio.

Thanks Birchy for helping to flatten yesterday’s art from the botanical garden 🪴

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #CatsWithJobs

A gray striped cat standing atop a stack of books that are on top of several sheets of paper
2 months ago


Aww! Surely that deserves a #CatsWithJobs hashtag! :blobcathappy:

2 months ago

Building Inspector Doom Kitty wishes you a happy #caturday

Doom Kitty is also Minister of Farmland Security, Co-chair of the Farm Entertainment Committee, VP of Comfy Spots, Lead Puddle Inspector, Seconf Chair Oboe (no we made that one up, maybe), Assistant Poultry Herder (serious she is like a sheep dog with intrepid chooks, very gentle, calm and helpful), Captain of the Cuddle Team and more. Many hats for smart void cats.. #CatsWithJobs

Doom Kitty an all black cat perched on a rim joist of a deck extension looking into your soul

@deathlyducky funny, mine interrupted a meeting today to have a 1:1 that wasn't particularly useful. He said it was urgent, but I'm skeptical. #fedicats #catswithjobs

Fluffy brown cat on lap in office chair (wfh setup)

Cat assisting with work, giving emotional support #CatsOfMastodon #catsWithJobs

Black cat on the desk
3 months ago

I'm getting some #coding assistance this afternoon from Renard.

A white human hand rests on a computer keyboard and a gray and white cat paw rests on top of the hand.
3 months ago

On closer inspection...

Nah, it's buggered, mate!

#CatsWithJobs #Caturday #MacbookPro #LiPo #RubiaTheCat

A tabby cat on a wooden desk is looking at a MacBook Pro battery which is worryingly  inflated.
Closeup of a MacBook Pro battery on a wooden desk which is so inflated that pieces of its enclosure have broken off.
Inside view of a MacBook Pro battery on a wooden desk. 

It contains several heavily inflated silver cushions.
3 months ago
A tabby cat looking straight at the camera with a confident expression is sitting on a wooden desk next to a MacBook Pro battery which is worryingly  inflated.

Unfortunately no #cute pic of #Mimiko because of reasons. But have a great #caturday with this passport of a 'sea cat' which were sailing on ships that time to take care of rodents. The passport was signed with the cat's paw.

#cat #catsWithJobs

A passport of a sea cat named Herman with an occupation as an  expert mouser which got issued by the captain of port Baltimore. The passport got signed with the cat's paw.

Our curios cat exploring a Mini Cat microfiche reader machine! #CatsOfMastodon #CatsWithJobs

Black cat in the microfiche reader
3 months ago

Monsieur Renard was a little grumpy (and vocal!) during my work meeting but he's calmed down now.

On the plus side, he did make some valid points and we're going to invite him to the next meeting.


A sulky gray cat with white whiskers and white ruff peers with half-closed eyes at the camera
3 months ago

@blitzcitydiy That's one skilled and useful cat (especially if you have to tidy up a venue). :blobcatwink:


Movies Silently (Off-Topic)
3 months ago

Our new entertainment correspondent is on the job

#CatsOfMastodon #CatsWithJobs

Tabby kitten watching tablet
ChurchHatesTucker ☑
3 months ago

ACE is the cat nap place. #Cats #CatsOfMastadon #Caturday #CatsWithJobs

An Orange Tabby asleep in a box near a cash register with a sign reading “Please do not pet Ben while he’s asleep 🙂 Thanks!”
ThatKomputerKat 😼
3 months ago

@volpeon oh look, it’s the assistant to the events manager. #catsWithJobs

4 months ago

Charlotte, First of Her Name, Defender of the Deck.


A white cat with grey ears rests on a deck railing looking watchfully into the distance. Trees and cloudy sky in the background.
Jen McCulley :verified:
4 months ago

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter
Dancing through the fire
'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
'Cause I am the champion and you're gonna hear me roooooaaaaar!

#CatsOfMastodon #CatsWithJobs #CatsOfTheFediverse #Catstodon #EverydayIsCaturday #Caturday

Jen McCulley :verified:
4 months ago

HALP! I have a monster under the blankets trying to eat me. 😂🙀🤏

#Muppet #MonsterParty #TheMuppets #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #EverydayIsCaturday #CatsOfTheFediverse #CatsWithJobs #Cat

A cat biting finger under a blanket that gives the appearance of Cookie Monster, or a monster sock.

My cat gets really excited when I have online meetings and he hears other people‘s voices. Is it just him or is there a behavioral change in cats taking roles in home office?

#catswithjobs #catsofmastdn

Cat disappointingly looking at the black laptop screen after a zoom meeting is over.
PM Me Cats 🐈
4 months ago

Health and safety representative Piccolo says it's arbetsstopp right meow, and I'm not allowed to do any more laundry today. #CatsWithJobs #CatsOfMastodon

A black cat lying on me looking up at me, with one paw reaching over my arm.
4 months ago

When you hire the most qualified to do the job :ablobcatcoffee:

First pict: cat (with serious face) in driver seat of truck
Second pict: back view of a truck full of cat scratching posts and beds
4 months ago

This is one serious mission!

#catswithjobs #cats #catsofmastodon

Why walk when you can travel in style?

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #FoundryCats #CatsWithJobs

Black and white photo of a cat sitting face on atop a trolley in a foundry skip yard.
5 months ago

“Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?” He means to be helpful! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Lamborghini pic from car show in Seattle

#catsofmastodon #siamese #catadvice #catswithjobs #chats #katzen #kissa #kissat #supercars #supercats #lamborghini

Siamese cat staring at wall near work set up with pic of super car
5 months ago

Asher, #guarding #Dad as he has dinner. He guards Dad in kitchen & living room. He will often go nap on blanket/pillow beside Dad's home hospital bed, when it's daily nap time. My cat is very #protective of me & my Dad 😽🥰

#CatsOfMastodon #CatsOfSDF #CatsWithJobs #PersonalAssistant #PersonalSecurity #GuardCat #MyCat #GrayTuxedoCat #furbuddy #CatLovers #Feline #Family #Caregivers #DefenderCat #Caturday

My gray  tuxedo cat, standing behind my Dad's back on chair he's sitting on, guarding him as he eats.
My gray tuxedo cat, standing by my Dad, on same kitchen chair chair he's sitting on, guarding him as he eats & meowing at camera.  Black and white photo.
5 months ago

This is my old #rescueCat - Brew. He was a wonderful #SeniorCat - #MaineCoon #tabby #cat & got on well with both humans & other animals. He appeared in a promo short for local web series. He was our kitty PA for a few film projects. Here he is, sitting w/ some #storyboards & script notes.

Please consider adopting senior cats. They're great companions & most people pass them up. I adopted Brew as a senior #SpecialNeeds cat & he had several fab yrs w/me.

#CatsOfMastodon #CatsOfSDF #CatsWithJobs

My past senior kitty, Brew. He's guarding storyboard & script notes.
5 months ago

I iz undah ur tree, fixin ur blinkenlights!

Happy Holidays! 🎄 🐈

#CatsWithJobs #Caturday

Two light grey tabby kittens are sitting on a red cloth under a Christmas tree.

The cheekier one of the two is chewing on an LED light while looking at the camera provocatively, while the shyer one in the background seems to have a slightly worried facial expression.

Update: The resort manager joined us for dinner! 😂 #cats #CatsOfMastodon #CatsWithJobs

A small slender orange tabby cat sitting on a chair behind a person wearing a blue jacket and jeans. The cat is so small that there is still enough space for the person to sit comfortably and share the chair with her. They are outdoors on a pavilion. Trees with festive string lights can be seen in the background.

The resort manager came to visit our suite! Excellent customer service here imo #cats #CatsOfMastodon #CatsWithJobs

a very small, slender orange tabby cat is politely sitting outside a screen door on a tile floor. Behind him a river can be seen.
6 months ago

Last weekend #RubiaTheCat helped me sort out olives, this week she has been on inspection duties to make sure I am doing a proper job cutting each one individually before submerging them in fresh water.

I am wearing gloves as the olive juices can stain skin for days.

Over the next few weeks the water needs changing daily to remove the olives' bitterness before they can be brined and jarred.

#CatsWithJobs #Caturday #olives

A tortoiseshell cat is sitting on a wooden pallet and sniffing a green olive I am holding up in my gloved right hand.

In the front a large chef's knive and behind her a white bucket full of green and dark olives can be seen.
6 months ago

After nearly 3 months away, I'm finally reunited with #RubiaTheCat.

Today she's been overseeing my efforts at sorting out some of the olives we harvested over the last few days - the ones on the trailer are to be brined.

#CatsWithJobs #Caturday #olives

A tabby cat is sitting on the wheel guard of an open trailer loaded with several crates and buckets filled with olives, which are sorted by variety and ripeness/colour.
Travis Hill
7 months ago

Jonesy finally old enough to get a job, so I hired him to reply to all my new Mastodon friends!

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catswithjobs

Daryl White
7 months ago

I'm supposed to work with this next to me??

#cat #catsWithJobs #CatsOfMastodon

A cat curled up on the raised footrest of a recliner next to a man's leg.
Richard Littler
7 months ago

Is it just me, or does search never work? No matter what I type, I get the message "Could not find anything for these search terms."

It's the same if I search for even simple hashtags. For example #cats. It says no such hashtag exists, although I do get a selection of rarely used hashtags like #catsinlaboratories or #catswithjobs