Jonathon Schuler
1 day ago

Hitting the catnip hard in the morning. #caturdays

A black Siberian Forrest cat, sprawled out on its back with dilated pupils, next to a catnip-infused toy.
Not the Sugar Ray Guy
4 weeks ago
@StefanThinks What? No Cat Costume? Or are you saving that for #Caturdays?
1 month ago

sometimes on #Caturdays the toots come in faster than I can hit the favo[u]rite button

1 month ago

#Caturdays are the greatest.

Lori (Mandalorian), Scottish Straight
Sinead Quealy
1 month ago

He has become obsessed with the bath tap. I need to run it very gently for him a few times a day now. This is a recent development. He's 4.5yrs old. He's becoming more vocal in demanding his demands. But still highly entertaining and adorable. #catsofmastadon #cat #saturday #caturdays

Large ginger Tom cat sitting in a white bath staring at tap (out of shot) with a drop of water on his face.
Red Shirt Dude
2 months ago

I never thought I'd hear myself say this. I'm getting a little sick of #Caturdays

Awkward emoji.

@Ertain He gets walks on #Caturdays! But I don’t think he has grasped the weekly concept quite yet. 😿

Carole Paré Payne
2 months ago

Paros cats…semi feral
Nobody owns them. Everyone feeds them

One of three cats that came to say hello this afternoon while I was having a drink in a local taverna.
This one is a young tabby.
This is the same little grey tabby with another tabby and white sibling. I am quite sure these are the same little kittens we saw last November before we left Paros.  People feed them and the grey tabby one was still licking her lips!
Picture of the third sibling..the Sylvester with an extra white patch on the left side of its nose. It was happy to pose for the photo.
Michael Rowe
2 months ago

Overall a good day. G’night #CatsOfMastododon #caturdays

Our wee dairy tuxie boy turned 1 today. Think the bow tie suits him. #catsofmastodon #caturdays

Black and white cat with a light blue bow tie sitting in front of a black TV and a backdrop of bottles and bookcase
3 months ago

#caturdays are also about this. #caturday #catsofmastodon

Elizabeth is in bed, and a black cat tail lies across her right eyebrow.  Elizabeth looks amused.
3 months ago
Elizabeth is in bed with Gallifrey, a black and white cat, snuggled under her chin
Catherine Schmidt
3 months ago

Rowan and the tulips.
Sable striped cats on window sill. Gazing with slitted eyes at purple tulips on a table.
#catsofmastdn #caturdays

William C. Tracy
3 months ago
Edgar Allan Poem
4 months ago

Two enemies, black dog and white cat
Have come together, as one pack
They run around and have so much fun
Playing on the grass, till day is done.

Their friendship can’t be believed till seen
Old enemies, now quite the team
For these sweet friends that pretend to fight
Keep each other warm at night.

#poem #poetry #caturday #caturdays #dog #dogs #catsofmastodon #dogsofmastodon #pet #pets #cat #cats #SaturdayCaturday #saturday #weekend #countryside #dachshund #art #petart #mastoart #fediart

Catherine Schmidt
4 months ago

Atticus Finch back in the day.
#caturdays #catsofmastdn

Catherine Schmidt
4 months ago

Lilly as a kitten
#caturdays #catsofmastdn

Catherine Schmidt
4 months ago

Black and white cats intertwined.
#catsofmastdn #CatsofMastodon #caturdays

yes and how may I be of assistance? #Caturday #Caturdays

tabby cat looking out of a cat house
Nadja Braun Binder
4 months ago

I remember reading on my first day on Mastodon that #Caturdays are taken very seriously here. In the meantime, I can fully confirm that. 🐈

Cat pictures are posted on Saturdays, numerous favourites are given/recevied and one gets the feeling of belonging to a classy anonymous community of cat (picture) connoisseurs without having to make a fuss about it. 🥰

Silent little greetings from all over the world and to all over the world. How delightful. 🙏

Daniel Durrans
4 months ago

I guess this is my Sunday sorted then. I don’t see myself being released from the sofa any time soon. #CatsOfMastodon #Cat #Caturdays #CaturdaySunday

Photograph of my cat, Costa, sleeping on my lap while I recline on the sofa.
Catherine Schmidt
4 months ago

Atticus Finch enjoying the evening light.
Gone but not forgotten.
#CatsOfMastodon #caturdays

4 months ago

@mrsbuffer I had a wonderful black cat. Brought him to #France from #California. He LOVED it. He would join my #neighbor, Madame Descoings, for lunch when she told me that sometimes little morsels from her plate “accidentally” fell on the floor. She also told me that she discovered a “bump” under her bedspread while I was at work. He was #napping after lunch. So many wonderful memories. Miss him to this day. 😢 #caturday #caturdays

Mister Marbles
5 months ago
Meme of boss scolding man, man scolding wife, wife scolding son, son scolding cat and cat scratching the shit out of the bosses head. #caturday

She knows that the balcony is thoroughly cat-proofed, and she's neither allowed nor able to reach those pigeons on the opposite building, but she's still asserting dominance from a distance.

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #cats #cat #pets #floof #catstodon #CatContent #MastoCats #caturdays

A calico cat sitting on a balcony, staring upwards towards something at a distance, looking cute but also having a serious and determined look on her face.

Reminder for today to check in on your pets during the New Year fireworks celebrations, as it can quite often be a stressful experience for your floofs.

(edited to add the link)

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #cats #cat #pets #floof #catstodon #CatContent #MastoCats #caturdays #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #NewYear #NewYearsEve #fireworks

RSPCA advice to keep pets safe during fireworks celebrations:

Give your dog or cat somewhere to hide that they have access to at all time. E.g. under the furniture or in a cupboard.
Walk dogs during daylight hours. Keep dogs and cats indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off.
At nightfall close windows and curtains. Put on music to mask sound of fireworks.
It's fine to comfort your pet if it helps them relax, or leave them alone unless you think they will harm themselves.
Never punish your pets when they're scared as this will only make things worse in the long run.
Make sure your pet can't escape if there's a sudden noise. Have them microchipped just in case.

For more information visit
Advice for pets by the RSPCA during fireworks celebrations:

Just for dogs, before the fireworks season starts:
1. Close any windows and black out a 'doggy play area' so that your dog can't see the flashing lights.
2. Before fireworks begin move your dog to the doggy play area with all their favourite doys.
3. Ignore the fireworks yourself. Play with a toy to see if your dog wants to join in, but don't force them.
4. If your dog has a dogy friend that isn't scared of fireworks keep them together, your dog may be comforted by them.

Just for cats:
Make sure your cat has somewhere to hide if they want to. For example this may be under some furniture or in a quiet corner. Don't try to tempt your cat out as this will cause them to become more stressed.

Don't forget small animals:
if your pets live outside, partly cover cages and aviaries with blankets so that one area is well sound-proofed. Make sure that your pet is still able to look out. Provide lots of bedding so your pet has something to burrow in.
Ponyo & Mina
5 months ago

Please care about me ...

#cats # #chats #caturdays

Ponyo & Mina
6 months ago

Did I hear the Hoover Monster ?

#cats # #chats #caturdays

6 months ago

This #Caturday I'd like you to meet, hunh, well, we don't know. We haven't settled on a name yet. Don't think they like being referred to as #3. A tradition around here to give out StarWars adjacent names and specifically Wookie names to the most Wookie Looky kits like this one.

In fact, looks so much like Chewie, we didn't want just another canon Wookie, rather a clever nod.

I got one I like, but we are taking suggestions below.

#CatsOfMastodon #Caturdays #CatsOfPixelfed

A beautiful kitten stands tall, all 6 inches ear to the paw on the lakeside boulder he is on, the forest is visible in the background.

Photo & Artwork by MrCopilot
9 months ago

Pictured below is the quietest calmest 10 minutes of my day.

#caturdays #caturdayNightFever

Photo from above of 6 cats of various size shape and colors surround their bowls in a starburst pattern.
3 years ago

i just love #Caturdays