Rudy Pirquet
28 minutes ago

Pourquoi vous n'avez rien compris à #ChatGPT

1 hour ago

#ChatGPT ofwel Klets-GPT (Gemakzucht Promotie Traject) wordt overal omarmd als oplossing voor iets waar we moeite mee hebben. Er voor elkaar zijn… Interpersoonlijk contact. Dat waarmee we de samenleving in stand houden. 🧠🔨 #Hersenmoes. Do the math!

Mercurius Goldstein
2 hours ago

Given that Large Language Models are trained on so much American text, I predict the first AI to attempt global conquest will miss all its targets owing to the metric system.

#OpenAI #ChatGPT #LLMs
2 hours ago

Handelblatt: Shows fallen aus: Hollywood-Autoren wehren sich gegen KI-Konkurrenz

Im US-Fernsehen laufen gerade viele Wiederholungen, weil die Autoren keine neuen Folgen schreiben. Dabei geht es nicht um die üblichen Lohnforderungen, sondern um viel mehr.
Shows fallen aus: Hollywood-Autoren wehren sich gegen KI-Konkurrenz

6月2日,#台北市議員 #林亮君 的前助理李先生,在臉書公開指控 #中國 #民運人士 、前 #六四事件 學生領袖 #王丹,2014年曾對他強吻並進行 #性騷擾。6月4日,李先生在林亮君的支持下,在台北市議會舉行記者會,詳述事件經過,並對王丹提出最後通牒,要求他在6月6日前道歉,否則將採取法律行動。

✍️ #ChatGPT Plus

2 hours ago

Soon humans, soon... #chatgpt

Chatgtp building meme

On June 2nd, Mr. Lee, a former assistant to #TaipeiCity Councilor Lin Liang-chun (Sabrina Lim), publicly accused #WangDan, a #Chinese #democracy activist and former #student leader during the 1989 #TiananmenSquare protests, of forcibly kissing and sexually harassing him back in 2014.

✍️ #ChatGPT Plus

3 hours ago

ChatGPT wird Wirtschaftsprüfer

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, ChatGPT! Forschende der UDE haben zusammen mit amerikanischen Kolleg*innen die Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) zur Prüfung antreten lassen. Die Version 4.0 des Chatbots hat die amerikanischen Prüfungen mit notorisch hohen Durchfallquoten problemlos bestanden.

Wäre das auch in Deutschland so?

#BildungsSpiegel #ChatGPT #ChatBots #KI #UDE #SelbstlernendeMaschinen

ChatGPT kann jetzt auch Buchhaltung. Neue Version der KI besteht US-Examen zum Wirtschaftsprüfer und Steuerberater. #ChatGPT #KI #kuenstlicheIntelligenz #GPT4

一群曾在 #CDProjektRed 工作的開發者聚集起來,成立了他們自己的遊戲工作室,名字獨特,被命名為 #Blank#MateuszKanik ,這個團隊的合夥人之一,在 #Cyberpunk2077 團隊工作了15年,對於他們未來的努力表示了極大的興奮。

✍️ #ChatGPT Plus

A team of developers, formerly from #CDProjektRed, has come together to establish their own gaming studio, uniquely christened #Blank.. #MateuszKanik, a veteran of the #Cyberpunk2077 team for 15 years, co-founded the studio, expressing immense excitement about their future endeavors.

✍️ #ChatGPT Plus

5 hours ago

#bard was also impressed :D

"I think that "The Girl and the Skulls" is a great example of a story that is open to interpretation. The author has created a rich and complex world, and the characters are well-developed and believable. The story is also full of symbolism and foreshadowing, which can be interpreted in many different ways. This makes the story a great choice for discussion and debate, and it is sure to stay with the reader long after they have finished reading it."

Yay, me! :)

I wonder if this will be a problem for editors (or if it already is):

"This sex scene is really unnecessary, or at least needs to be shorter."

"Hey, whaddya mean, Bard and #chatgpt both said it was great and really added to the story?!?"

Explore the impact of Generative #AI & the future of business operations in this #SMUCityPerspectives article by SMU Assoc Prof Tamas Makany. 🤖 Success may depend on such technologies, but what truly matters with this #digitaltransformation? #ChatGPT

5 hours ago

Indeed! A good thought. The Trinity might be hard for it. In some sense?

There's an interesting idea; have #ChatGPT explain the trinity in a straightforward way... :)

5 hours ago

Heh, an interesting error from #ChatGPT 4.0; we were doing some literary analysis (BSing heh heh), and it said inter alia "In Christianity, Jesus Christ is often referred to as the Heavenly Father or the Son of God.".

Not a Christian, but I'm pretty sure that Jesus Christ is very specifically never referred to as "the Heavenly Father", that being a different guy / aspect, right?

Odd error for the thing to make.

5 hours ago

Interestingly, the entire text of "The Girl and the Skulls" fit into #ChatGPT 3.5 just fine, but 4.0 said it was too long! I wonder what that means.

They were, as seems to be their habit, quite complimentary. Thus GPT 4.0:

"The narrative is beautifully layered with vivid descriptions, creating a fascinating world of the supernatural that echoes an eerie, unsettling atmosphere. However, the story remains open to interpretation and could be analyzed in numerous ways, inviting readers to delve deeper into its rich and intriguing symbolism."

Well, thank you! :)

6 hours ago

I will note also (but not weblog about, at least not yet) that I had a discussion with #chatgpt 4.0 about the story, and it was quite encouraging as to its quality and need for (very little) copy-editing.

It did not, unsurprisingly, suggest anything much about the story that I didn't already know. :)

Steven Saus [he/him]
6 hours ago

From 30 May: Lawyer cited 6 fake cases made up by ChatGPT; judge calls it “unprecedented” - EnlargeGetty Images Andrey Popov A lawyer is in trouble after admitting he us... #chatgpt #policy

8 hours ago

ここでは、あなたのために働く何十もの #ChatGPT を無料で作成できる素晴らしいツールを紹介します:

Miguel Afonso Caetano
8 hours ago

#AI #GenerativeAI #Chatbots #ChatGPT #Automation #Unemployment: "Some economists predict artificial intelligence technology like ChatGPT could replace hundreds of millions of jobs, in a cataclysmic reorganization of the workforce mirroring the industrial revolution.

For some workers, this impact is already here. Those that write marketing and social media content are in the first wave of people being replaced with tools like chatbots, which are seemingly able to produce plausible alternatives to their work.

Experts say that even advanced AI doesn’t match the writing skills of a human: It lacks personal voice and style, and it often churns out wrong, nonsensical or biased answers. But for many companies, the cost-cutting is worth a drop in quality.

“We’re really in a crisis point,” said Sarah T. Roberts, an associate professor at University of California in Los Angeles specializing in digital labor. “[AI] is coming for the jobs that were supposed to be automation-proof.”"

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
9 hours ago

A professor accused his class of using ChatGPT, putting diplomas in jeopardy by #WashingtonPost #GiftLink

#edtechSR #AI #ChatGPT #ethics #AIcasestudy

Today’s AI News & Comment

Why the world’s most popular online computer class is relying on AI for help

AI poses national security threat, warns terror watchdog

How Could AI Drive Humanity Extinct?

Can sci-fi films teach us anything about an AI threat?

Google’s AI-powered search experience is way too slow

What Would AI Regulation Look Like?

Treat AI Like a Biological Weapon, Not a Nuclear One

They plugged GPT-4 into Minecraft—and unearthed new potential for AI

AI-generated hate is rising: 3 things leaders should consider before adopting this new tech

Big Tech Isn’t Prepared for A.I.’s Next Chapter

AI more important to investors than a headset, claims Ming-Chi Kuo

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MachineLearning #LLM #ChatGPT #BingChat #SwarmsOfRampantAIChatbots

Daily Twerk
9 hours ago

Now would be the time to start worrying – is AI Satanic?

#AI #AIGenerated #ArtificialIntelligence #ChatGPT #news #satan #satire

Journeying from Nigeria, the trail leads to San Francisco and to the doorsteps of Hell (Coventry). Is AI a maniestation of Satan and we are now in the end of times?

It can be difficult to differentiate between mere coincidence and the Universe trying to attract the attention of anyone willing to take notice.

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
9 hours ago

Here’s What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT by #NYTimes #GiftLink

cc #edtechSR #ChatGPT #AI #MediaLit via #HardFork

Jim Parsons
10 hours ago

" ‘I do not think ethical surveillance can exist’: Rumman Chowdhury @ruchowdh on accountability in #AI " | Guardian

#AI wasn't;
• a product launch
• an introduction
• a consumer adoption
• widely embraced

It was an “injection”.

#BigData #AI #ML
#BigTech #VC
#OpenAI #ChatGPT

Freddy Tran Nager
10 hours ago

Fun with #artificialintelligence:

I copied and pasted the text from my #LinkedIn profile into #ChatGPT and asked it to write a business #biography for me in the style of Shakespeare. It took the #AI less than one minute. Behold...

#chatgptplus #chatgpt4 #writing

10 hours ago


"ChatGPT, automating being confidently, completely wrong since 2023™"

#ChatGPT #OpenAI #LLM #GenerativeAI

Star Trek: The Next Generation S1E16: When The Bough Breaks. In which the crew encounter the Aldeans, who have abdicated all their decisions to a computer “the Custodian” many hundreds of years ago. The Aldeans do not understand (and cannot maintain) the Custodian, nor any of its rationale in decision making. Yet they entrust it with all their decisions. They are on the brink of extinction, despite their technical prowess.

Poignant satire of chatGPT. First aired… 1991. #StarTrek #chatgpt

Upol Ehsan
11 hours ago

1/ English is the predominant language of the Internet. So what's different about ChatGPT squishing non-English languages farther into the margins?

Key points from this piece, my reflections, and one key recommendation for those in Responsible AI:

#AI #chatgpt #responsibleAI #academia #llm #mastodon

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
11 hours ago

I've successfully used #ChatGPT to generate a Technical Support Assistant for our #VirtuosoRDBMS.

You can even give it a whirl via the following link if you have #GTP4 access via:

Detailed post on #LinkedIn:

This is #thermonuclear market disruption to put things mildly!

#KnowledgeGraph #SemanticWeb #LLMs

Virtuoso Technical Support Agent Interface.
12 hours ago

Ich habe so viel Spaß mit dem #priming von #chatgpt. Tatsächlich unterscheiden sich die Ergebnisse erheblich. In meinem Bekanntenkreis wird immer mehr über die Angst vor #künstlicherintelligenz gesprochen. Ich denke auch, dass es Risiken gibt, sehe aber auch Chancen, die in meinem Umfeld abgelehnt werden.

awwaiid (Brock Wilcox)
12 hours ago

@mistersql I have no idea! Here, I'll do it with Wolfram Alpha plugin turned on...

Well .... it agrees with its previous self. The Wolfram Alpha plugin was used somehow. Looks like #ChatGPT tried it a few times before getting WA to not error.

Here is part 1 of an n-part series on my asking #ChatGPT what it "knows" about the ethical problems raised by #adoption. This is fun to think about. I hope you find it as interesting as I do.

Graphic of cartoon human and robot heads. Human head asks “Is it OK to adopt?” Robot head replies “GENERALLY, YES.”
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
13 hours ago

“Users speak of #ChatGPT as ‘hallucinating’ wrong answers — #LargeLanguageModels make stuff up and present it as fact when they don’t know the answer. But any answers that happen to be correct were ‘hallucinated’ in the same way.” — @davidgerard,

#AI” “#ArtificialIntelligence#GPT #GPT3 #GPT4#OpenAI#LLM

13 hours ago

Posted, on the current #AI ( #openAI #chatgpt #extinction ) facepalming...

Very large hat-tip to @emilymbender

The Extinction-Level Risk of LLMs

awwaiid (Brock Wilcox)
14 hours ago

#ChatGPT is handy for doing napkin estimates of ridiculous questions and potentially/probably incorrect in ways both complex and trivial.

Did you know that there are about 6.03 × 10^24 photons in 1 second of a 2.5ghz wifi signal?

Music from the 80ies and more
14 hours ago

Has someone tried GPT4All? If yes, what was the experience like? The concept is interesting, a trainable chatbot running on your local system, with capabilities comparable to those of ChatGPT

#ai #chatgpt #gpt4all #chatbot #open #feedback

#chatGPT is great for creating flashcards from notes.

#pkm #obsidian #anki

I block #crypto skeptics, not because they are critical of something I'm invested in, but because I look at the rest of their posts and they are so generally full of negativity and derision for all sorts of progress.

They frame their personalities by what they are *against* and I find that toxic.

#bitcoin #btc #cryptocurrency #blockchain #ai #chatGPT #lmm #llms #gpt #aiart

Gordian 🎙️
15 hours ago

Ich hatte die Idee, mit unserem #vzzzPodcast zu probieren, ob ich die in Text wandeln kann, damit #ChatGPT sich eine Folge für uns "ausdenkt", und die dann durch eine Stimmen-KI uns nachahmen lassen. Spätestens bei der Stimmen-KI stellte ich fest, dass es da nichts gibt, was so einfach zu finden und nutzen ist wie es zum Beispiel bei ChatGPT geht.
Kennt ihr eine Stimmen-KI, die ich so einfach nutzen kann?

Juan Carlos Muñoz
17 hours ago

Just saw someone on #Reddit using #ChatGPT to answer a user's question — they didn't disclose it but it was painfully obvious.

Very on-brand, as a large portion of Reddit's user base consists of people who are confidently wrong about everything.

Still, I miss the times before #AI, when being wrong at least required some effort.

heise online
18 hours ago


"So gefährlich wie Pandemien und Atomkrieg": Nächste Warnung aus KI-Branche

Hunderte namhafte Personen aus der KI-Forschung und der KI-Industrie warnen in einem kurzen, aber eindringlichen Statement vor den Risiken ihrer Arbeit.

#Atomwaffen #ChatGPT #GeoffreyHinton #KünstlicheIntelligenz #OpenAI #Pandemie

18 hours ago

@ComputerBase Und dabei ist #ChatGPT auf dem besten Weg, so wie #Cortana aus #Halo zu werden. Zumindest schwafelt ChatGBT genauso viel wie Cortana im Spiel. 😁

Joseph Weizenbaum, the author of the famous #Eliza chatbot was somewhat startled and dissapointed by the world's reaction to his software.

This prompted him to write the 1976 book "Computer Power and Human Reason: From Judgment to Calculation"

I found a PDF last night and started reading it. A lot of it is applicable if not a remarkable mirror for the #StochasticParrot mania we find ourselves in.

#MachineLearning #ChatGPT #AI #LLM

20 hours ago
Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
20 hours ago

Kinda weird: making deterministic machines act in non-deterministic ways and calling that progress #AI #LLM #ChatGPT ;)

heise online
20 hours ago


DeppGPT: Künstliche Arroganz vom @derpostillon

Die künstliche Arroganz vom Postillon "DeppGPT" ist "inspiriert von den Umgangsformen echter Menschen, Miesepeter und Leserbriefschreiber".

#ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz

José A. Alonso
23 hours ago

Top 10 tools for detecting ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and Claude. ~ Abid Ali Awan. #ChatGPT #GPT4 #Bard #Claude

#Asstodon Artificial Intelligence experiment:

I asked #ChatGPT, "Are donkeys more intelligent than robots?" and the answer was, "No, donkeys are not more intelligent than robots. Donkeys are animals and possess their own form of intelligence, adapted for survival in their natural environment." (Full response in ALT text.)

Then I asked Morris donkey, "Are donkeys more intelligent than robots?" and he replied, "I'm bored with my toys. What I really would like is a drone."


ChatGPT Q & A:

Q - Are donkeys more intelligent than robots?

A - No, donkeys are not more intelligent than robots. Donkeys are animals and possess their own form of intelligence, adapted for survival in their natural environment. They have basic coghnitive abilities and can learn and perform certain tasks through training. However, robots, especially advanced ones, are designed and programmed by humans to perform specific functions and tasks using artificial intelligence (Al) and machine learning algorithms. Robots can process vast amounts of information, make complex decisions, and execute tasks with precision and speed. While robots can exhibit intelligence in specific domains, their intelligence is different from the biological intelligence seen in animals like donkeys.
Morris donkey sitting down in straw with his toys behind him: two plastic buckets, a green wellington boot and a red boat fender sitting in a car tyre.
jbz :catjam:
1 day ago

⚖️ Lawyer cited 6 fake cases made up by ChatGPT; judge calls it “unprecedented”
➥ Arstechnica

The "citations and opinions in question were provided by ChatGPT which also provided its legal source and assured the reliability of its content," he wrote. Schwartz admitted that he "relied on the legal opinions provided to him by a source that has revealed itself to be unreliable," and stated that it is his fault for not confirming the sources

#AI #ChatGPT #LawTech

Karthik S
1 day ago

4/4 PS: Highly recommended watch - the 2012 Swedish sci-fi TV series 'Real Humans', or its British adaptation by Channel 4, 'Humans', from 2015. The series is set in an alternative near-future version of Sweden/Britain where consumer-level humanoid robot workers and servants are widespread, and explores the social, cultural, and psychological impact of such anthropomorphic robots called "synths".

#AI #artificialintelligence #chatgpt #robot #robots #futureofwork

jbz :catjam:
1 day ago

⚖️ US judge orders lawyers to sign AI pledge, warning 'they make stuff up'
➥ Reuters

"These platforms in their current states are prone to hallucinations and bias. On hallucinations, they make stuff up—even quotes and citations," the statement said. The judge also said that while attorneys swear an oath to uphold the law and represent their clients, the AI platforms do not.

#AI #ChatGPT #LawTech #LegalTech

Bruce Mirken
1 day ago

THIS: "ChatGPT, a #chatbot developed by Sam Altman’s OpenAI and released in November 2022, is a stupendously scaled-up autocomplete. Really, that’s all that it is. #ChatGPT can’t think as a human can. It just spews out word combinations based on vast quantities of training text — all used without the authors’ permission."

1 day ago

1/2 General Purpose AI is a huge double #threat to #humanity, but people are only concentrating on the 2nd part of the threat, the #Singularity, which is something we won't be able to do anything about anyway because it's mostly in the hands of #BadActors who won't listen to #regulation at all.
We will likely be in a world where #NorthKorea will be the #AI equivalent of being a primary nuclear power, for example.

#UBI #Economics #Politics #ChatGPT #News #Opinion #Safety

2 days ago

Is it possible this is the greatest, most humane use of #ChatGPT ever? Detoxifying the internet?

(via @Sarahp’s @Flipboard magazine “This Week in Apps”)

Martin Holland
2 days ago

Diese Woche war das hier besonders aufsehenerregend. Eine drastische Warnung vor #KI von denen, die daran arbeiten. Aber es ist halt wieder nichts Konkretes. Was soll man denn nun daraus machen? Haben die zu viel #ScienceFiction gelesen, fallen die auf ihren Hype rein oder müssen wir uns wirklich Sorgen machen?

"So gefährlich wie Pandemien und Atomkrieg": Nächste Warnung aus KI-Branche

#Atomwaffen #ChatGPT #GeoffreyHinton #KünstlicheIntelligenz #OpenAI #Pandemie

heise online
2 days ago

Sieben Tipps, damit Sie souverän bei KI-Themen mitreden können

Alle reden über KI. Wenn Sie unsicher sind, wovon zum Teufel die Leute reden, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen. Wir haben ein paar Leitlinien für Sie.

#ChatGPT #Infotech #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Roboter #Spracherkennung #Suchmaschine #news

Adrian Cockcroft
2 days ago

What I learned at GlueCon about Generative AI - this blog post took me a week to finish writing, and it’s already out of date. Developments in generative AI are moving faster than most people who are part of it can keep up with... #ChatGPT #generativeai #GlueCon #innovation #tippingpoint

2 days ago

Yes, #ChatGPT et al can do incredible seeming and very new things, is largely proprietary and opaque to most people, and is being hacked and experimented with at runaway pace far ahead of regulation.

But to jump from that to "existential threat", you have to clearly distinguish it from technological changes that have come before. I'm not sure it is clearly distinct.

They mentioned that the trouble with "#AI" is that it's "unknowable", it's a black box. Meaning that there's randomness to it. 2/

2 days ago

What they didn't mention is that #ChatGPT started that whole #AI kills its master story for street cred.

*and now this becomes part of chatbot reference


Kee Hinckley
2 days ago

Currently fighting with two different companies to escalate a support request to engineering instead of sending me boilerplate answers that don’t have anything to do with the problem.

Suddenly realized that when companies switch to #chatgpt customer support, what is now a major battle to escalate will become completely impossible.

Stefan Bohacek
2 days ago

So I tried Google's new AI powered search experiment that supposedly gives you code snippets in response to programming related questions.

The answer was at best incomplete, but all in all unusable. I don't think we're on the right path here.

#google #ai #GenerativeAI #bard #ChatGPT
2 days ago

"When ChatGPT came out last November, Olivia Lipkin, a 25-year-old copywriter in San Francisco, didn’t think too much about it. Then, articles about how to use the chatbot on the job began appearing on internal Slack groups at the tech start-up where she worked as the company’s only writer."

#tech #news #ai #ChatGPT #labor #LaborRights #automation #jobs

Oliver Schafeld
3 days ago

For reference: The estimated costs for a *single* nuclear power plant lie between 12 and 28 billion US dollars.

(according to #ChatGPT)

Jim Purbrick
3 days ago

Do androids dream of electric sheep or world domination? "Unique, extremely clever and well worth making time for." - Neil March (Trust The Doc). "Dreams and nightmares merge in a melting pot of glitchy soundscapes" (MangoWave Music Magazine). "Android Dreams" available on CD and download from #bandcamp now: #generativeAI #artificialintelligence #chatgpt #neuralfunk #riffusion #neuralnetworks #aimusic #electronica #glitch #idm #braindance #downtempo #newmusicfriday

Peter Kaminski
3 days ago

Welp, my daily driver search engine is #Google, and I've turned on #SGE (Search Generative Experience). It's fine, and sort of helpful, while feeling like they've bloated the tight search experience a bit with bolted-on SGE. (Not complaining, too much, it probably had to be done, and it's not bad, just not great.)

It's helpful, just not great. And #Bard? Really not as smart as #ChatGPT / #GPT4, and that really detracts.

Doug Holton
3 days ago

#GPT4All is a free and #OpenSource cross-platform desktop or server app that lets you download and chat offline with open source generative #AI #LLM models
The latest release adds a LocalDocs plugin that allows you to chat with (and cite) your local files and data
See also the Open LLM leaderboard
gpt4all is working on support for the new falcon model & gpu support
#ArtificialIntelligence #ChatGPT #EdTech

It is I, Paul.
3 days ago

I'm currently not worried about #AI rising up and wiping us out, not least because tools like #ChatGPT appear to be - at best - very fast idiots.

The risk as I see it is that people assume tools like ChatGPT are rather more intelligent than they actually are, and start relying on them as de facto sources of truth, which they most definitely are not.

What's going to kill us is some policy researcher using AI to make meaningful decisions about public health or foreign policy.

heise online
3 days ago

UN-Agentur zu KI: Steuerrecht könnte Job-Transformation beschleunigen

Leistungsfähige KI könnte menschliche Jobs überflüssig machen, heißt es. Je nach Altersstruktur könnte das Staaten unterschiedlich treffen, meint die UNDP.

#Karriere #ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #news

Roboterhand auf Tastatur
Upol Ehsan
3 days ago

Schwartz can't practice there, so he enlists LoDuca as the attorney on record. Here's the catch: LoDuca does zero research, and everything is handled by Schwartz. Mata's lawyers file the brief, but Avianca calls bluff—none of the cited cases exist! 😱 #BluffCalled

Where did the fake cases come from? You guessed it—our favorite ChatGPT hallucinated up the whole thing! 🤯 #ChatGPT hallucinated the whole thing! The cited cases seemed plausible, fooling even experts.


Upol Ehsan
3 days ago

Got obsessed with this story!

It's a wild one.

It's about ChatGPT, lawyers, and a very angry judge. The details are juicy, and the implications are huge. Let's dig in. 🍿

⚖️ 3 characters are important: Roberto Mata (plaintiff), Steven Schwartz (attorney), Peter LoDuca (attorney on record).

Mata sues Avianca airlines through Schwartz at state court. Avianca transfers the case to Manhattan's federal court. This is when things get interesting. 🕵️‍♂️

🧵 1/n

#AI #chatgpt #law #academia #mastodon

AI generated art (Dall-E) depicting an angry judge and a nervous lawyer
Daniel Fisher
3 days ago

@davew According to #ChatGPT, their opinions are mixed:

Text from a ChatGPT response to the question, "What do librarians think about ChatGPT?"
Anand G
4 days ago

With #ChatGPT / other AI integrations becoming the norm. I can't wait until people figure out they're also unintentionally sending their account credentials to these centralized, easy to query, and hard to protect against nefarious actors services.

#ai #cybersecurity #cybersecurityai

4 days ago

Finally I got a good catch on just how wack AI language model hallucinations can get and how believable they'll seem to folks who don't know any better.
I asked #chatGPT to list some third party #screenreaders for #Android besides the default one. If you know anything about screen readers, you'll be like "Hell naw!" when you see the model's output.
Output below:
. 1. VoiceOver: VoiceOver is a screen reader developed by Apple for its iOS devices, but it's also available as a third-party option for Android. It provides spoken feedback and enables users to navigate, interact, and control their Android device using gestures and voice commands. 2. JAWS: JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is a popular screen reader primarily designed for Windows computers. However, there is an Android version of JAWS available as well, allowing blind and visually impaired users to access Android devices and applications. 3. NVDA: NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is another well-known screen reader for Windows, and it also has an experimental version for Android. NVDA provides speech output and braille support, empowering users with visual impairments to access Android devices.

4 through 6 is shine plus speel and voice assistant which are valid Android screen readers so I'll at least give it that

@ismh #ChatGPT can expand on this:
"Computers can be so frustrating! They freeze at the worst times, crash in the middle of important tasks, and attract malware like magnets. And those never-ending software updates? Ugh! But let's not forget their undeniable impact on our lives. They've revolutionized work, communication, and access to information. Love them or hate them, computers are here to stay. #TechStruggles #DigitalAge"

Hunter Perrin
4 days ago

How come #transformer models aren't made to go back and change their answer as they work? If you ask a human to write something, they will very rarely just spit out an entire document word for word and be done. Most human work involves revising your own output as you work. If you prompt an #LLM to do this, you will get a better result, so why not build the model to do this from the get go?

(I revised this post 4 times before posting it.)

#AI #ChatGPT #LargeLanguageModels