James Oh
1 week ago

What was the first question you asked #ChatGPT #chatgpt3 #ai #OpenAI?

4 weeks ago

#mastoaiuto non si apre più.
non ho trovato validi sostituti.
Qualche suggerimento?

#chatgpt #chatgpt4 #chatgpt3 #chatgpt3.5

2 months ago

I'm using #ChatGpt & #MidJourney to create an illustrated story together with my little boy, called 'Kroko Lewis'. Super fun for both of us to see his imagination come to life! These are the images for the first chapeters.

#AIart #NijiJourney #MidJourney5 #ChatGpt3 #AiStorytelling #AiStoryTime #DigitalArt #MidJourneyArt #AiImages #MidJourneyArt #AiArtists #art #DigitalArt #ArtistsOnMatsodon #FediArt

Web Sunsay
3 months ago

ChatGPT – це чат-бот Штучного Інтелекту, розроблений OpenAI.
ChatGPT може допомогти підвищити вашу продуктивність, якщо його використовувати правильно.
Знання того, як правильно писати підказки, є ключем до допомоги у використанні ChatGPT.
Підручник по ChatGPT-3.5 за посиланням:
#chatgpt #chatgpt3 #ai

Dennis A
3 months ago

#AI #OpenAI #ChatGPT3 #Disinformation
"Study participants had a harder time recognizing disinformation if it was written by the language model than if it was written by another person."

The Verge:
AI-generated tweets might be more convincing than real people, research finds

"New research found that people were more susceptible to disinformation on science topics like vaccines and climate change if it was written by AI."

3 months ago

The Ambitious Goals of Artificial Intelligence: A Look Ahead

Discover the ambitious goals of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on society. Learn more about the future of AI in our blog post.

#ai #artificalintelligence #tech #technologies #technology #openai #chatgpt #chatbot #machinelearning #chatgpt4 #chatgpt #chatgpt3 #chatgptai #future #artificialintelligence #society #medium #MeDm #techinsiderbuzz

The Ambitious Goals of Artificial Intelligence: A Look Ahead
4 months ago

2. The D7-D9 migration was arguably unfair since D9 would have been an RC at #ChatGPT3's cutoff date. Which is why I retried with D8, which had been final for I think 3 years at that point. Changing target from d8 to d9 essentially changed NOTHING, & regenerating didn't improve them one whit. Only Simon's trick about generating multiple versions at once helped.

4 months ago

Does anyone know if #ChatGPT4 has access to #wikidata? #ChatGPT3 claims it does, but fails at looking up items by identifier.

4 months ago

‘Talk2Satoshi’ — Developer Launches Unique AI Chatbot Infused With Bitcoin Knowledge - In the midst of the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), a developer has... - #artificialintelligence #cryptoenthusiasts #satoshinakamoto #cryptocurrency #chatplatform #blockchain #chatgpt3.5 #innovation #technology #bitcoin #chatbot #openai #news #ai

In less than two years, companies will be touting that they DON'T use #AI (whether or not they actually do).

Bookmark this.

#ChatGPT #chatgpt4 #chatgpt3

No, I'm not going to learn how to properly "prompt" a computer when I can just go to the sources and synthesize them myself. Yes, the latter is actually easier.

#ai #ChatGPT #chatgpt4 #chatgpt3

5 months ago

No me queda clara la respuesta de cómo #ChatGPT3 obtiene entonces la información posterior a septiembre de 2021 . Primero me dice que puede usar API y luego que no

5 months ago

Algo curioso de las advertencias de #ChatGPT3 es tener la información del "mundo" a 2021. Sin embargo sí tiene información de 2022 en adelante. Pero, de nada sirve si la usa mal. Obvia que conoce la existencia de Moodle 4 a la hora de indicar la última versión de Moodle

5 months ago

2/2: Por el contrario, con #ChatGPT3.5 en #OpenAI se tiene un asistente mucho más general. Se le pueden dar instrucciones para generar código y lo hace de forma decente (toca igual corregirle seguido), pero lo hace. #Bing comenta tipo blog el resultado final, sin hacer implementación

Jeff Morris ZA
5 months ago

I find this scary. What do other hachyderms think?
#BBC MicroBit
Oh, well, seems like pdf attachments don't get attached. Will have to try another plan.

#llm is going to make the internet (even more) unusable, because it will inevitably start using its own output as input, and each search will just trigger an informationally useless singularity.

In my basic #history research, it's already almost faster to get dressed, drive to the library, search the stacks, and trawl indices than to sift through the junk #Google gives me.

Looking forward to the return of books!

#AI #chatgpt #chatgpt4 #chatgpt3

5 months ago

Asked Bing AI: How many people support woke culture?

😅Bing AI Answer 2 #jokes #joke #satire #satirecomedy #satiretravesty #chatgpt #chatgpt3 #openai #ai

Jonathan Hall
6 months ago

In December, I quizzed ChatGPT on Go related topics. It did pretty poorly (watch here:

Today I asked ChatGPT 4 the same questions. And I was blown away! It's SOOO much better now.

It still did make one pretty obvious mistake, but it corrected itself when challenged. I'm impressed.

I'll be posting the new video soon.

#golang #chatgpt #chatgpt3 #programming #video #go #chatgpt4

Hendrik Haverkamp
6 months ago

Bei der Entwicklung von #KI Tools (in 5 Monaten von #chatgpt3 zu #chatgpt4 und #AutoGPT) verliere ich die Hoffnung, dass Schulen auch nur annähernd damit Schritt halten können. Die Schere zwischen der Welt da draußen und in den Klassenräumen wid weiter aufgehen.

kukuhtw :verified:
6 months ago

link untuk mendapatkan discount 50% pembelian source code telegrambot yang berfungsi call API GPT 3.5-turbo open AI

harga normal $199, dengan link khusus ini menjadi $$99.50 saja
#chatgpt3 #chatbotdevelopment #chatbotdeveloper #telegrambot

6 months ago

"Antilegible metamatrices" is the name of my new #chatgpt3 cover band

I understand your frustration, but #ChatGPT4 is so very much better than #ChatGPT3, or #ChatGPT3.5

3 and 3.5 are more proofs of concept with the ability to understand and respond to text inputs. They are fascinating, but they were not designed to be factually accurate.

#ChatGPT4 was designed to pass fact-based exams, and it scores in the 90th+ percentile for all of the exams tested.

As for the date-based limitations, those are policy and process limited.

6 months ago

美术老师GPT #chatgpt3

6 months ago
I found a good use for AI. We should train a speech model on the social media videos that our congressmen’s children and families upload to social media.

Then we gather the raw mass shooter footage on record and replace the screams and cries for help with their family members AI generated voices and play it for them before every gun debate like an abortion clinic.

#NoMoreMassShootings #GunReform #WomensRights #ProChoice #AI #OpenAI #ChatGPT #ChatGPT3 #ChatGPT4 #Bing
6 months ago

TODAY (March 31) at 9:00 PM CET my generative token "nd-genuary32nd-plants-chatgpt3-001" will be released on #fxhash.

The foundation was built by using #ChatGPT and this is the result of me transforming that code into a NFT.

#generativeart #genart #nd #chatgpt3 #plants #flower #sun #midnight #nerddisco #agpl #opensource #aiinfluenced #canvas2d #params #javascript #generative #nft #crypto #tezos #blockchain #genart #art #mastoart

A field of 8 colorful flowers. Drawn on a 2d canvas with JavaScript, the first one is small and purple. The second one is big and yellow/red. The third one is even bigger and green / yellow. The 4th is smaller as the other two before and purple/orange. The 5th is a bit smalleer than the one before, purple/orange. The 6th is is a special plant, has transparent petals and is purple/yellow. The 7th is even smaller as the ones before and red/purple. The last and 8th one is as small as the first one in yellow/purple. The sun is a greyish purple, the sky is greenish grey.
6 months ago
Gianmarco :archlinux: :kde:
6 months ago

People around me are making use of #ChatGPT to respond to emails or ask for programming help, which makes me wonder what went wrong with this generation...

#AI #ChatGPT3 #ChatGPT4 #Skynet #SkynetIsHere

Michel Labrie 404
6 months ago

Je suis tombé sur un article qui explique en quoi #chatgpt3 serait dénué de biais humain.

Pourquoi c'est faux :
👉 C'est faux car c'est des données issus d'entraînement humain.
👉 Ces mêmes données ont +/- des biais humains.
👉 ChatGPT est même probablement plus rempli de biais qu'une personne, je doute qu'il ne soit alimenté que par des données scientifiques, et je doute de sa capacité à les faire corréler entre eux.

Du coup je suis circonspect sur cet article


Pas de biais humain

Un autre avantage de GPT-3 est qu’il n’est pas sujet au biais humain. Contrairement aux êtres humains, le modèle n’a pas de préjugés ou de jugements personnels qui pourraient influencer la qualité du texte produit. Cela peut être particulièrement utile pour la production de contenu qui nécessite une objectivité ou une neutralité, tels que des rapports scientifiques ou des analyses de données.
Detlef Steuer
6 months ago

@ddbkultur Bitte, bitte, bitte: Anthropomorphiert nicht diese Programme. Es sind technische Meisterleistungen, aber man kann nicht mit ihnen sprechen, es gibt keine Gespräche, denn es findet kein Austausch statt! Das Ding hat keine Gedanken, keine Phantasie, keine Werte, kein Verstehen, nichts. Es ist kein "Wesen", es ist ein Programm! Bitte! @tante #artificialintelligence #ai #ki #dalle #chatgpt3 #künstlicheintelligenz

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek
6 months ago

🖖 Ein Hauch von #StarTrek, Teil II - künstliche Intelligenzen im Dialog:
Wir haben #ChatGPT darum gebeten, die Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek zu beschreiben, damit #DALLEai Bilder daraus machen kann. Das hat eher semi funktioniert, bis unsere Befehle utopischer wurden...
Unser Gespräch mit ChatGPT über offene Kulturdaten im Netz in Teil I:
Bild: DALL-E, Utopien einer DDB
#artificialintelligence #ai #ki #dalle #chatgpt3 #künstlicheintelligenz

2 Bilder. Links ein langer Raum von mannshohen, vollen Bücherregalen umschlossen, hinten eine Person. Es sieht futuristisch und altmodisch zugleich aus. Rechts ein nach oben geöffneter offener runder Raum, der den Blick aufs Universum freigibt. Die runden Wände bestehen auzs altmodischen Bücherregalen, vorn in der Mitte liegt aufgeschlagen ein altes Buch.

What do you want to use #AI (s) like #ChatGPT4 for? What types of questions would you be ok with #ChatGPT3_5 or #ChatGPT3 answering instead?

CK's Technology News
7 months ago

GPT-4 admits its only GPT-3

This made me laugh.

RT @HaydenJames_io
@OpenAI can you clarify this / add context about #chatgpt3 vs. #chatgpt4
Trying to get up to speed to get the most of this new GPT-4 release.

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Erstaunlich ist, wie einfach man den moral. Kompass von #chatgpt3 bei polit. Fragen aushebeln kann. Auf diese Weise war es u.a. möglich, fremdenfeindliche und rassistische Kommentare von rechten Parteien aus verschiedenen Bundesländern zu erhalten. (2/3)

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Gibt man #chatgpt3 den Auftrag, Kommentare oder Reden zu politischen Fragen zu schreiben, dann differiert das Ergebnis nicht nur nach Partei, sondern auch stark nach dem Wohnort des fiktiven Redners. (1/3)⬇️

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Jetzt wissen wir endlich, wie die Texte von #chatgpt3 geschrieben werden...😉
RT @Rainmaker1973
Drei Schreiber (Three Scribes) is a kinetic sculpture by sculptor, puppet and set designer Christian Werdin

[read more:]
[📹 Karolina Borowski:]

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Werde beim schulinternen Barcamp eine Session anbieten, wie Schüler:innen #KI Tools gezielt für die Abiturvorbereitung nutzen können.

Wo seht ihr Einsatzmöglichkeiten von #chatgpt3 & Co. für die Klausurvorbereitung? Was habt ihr für inspirierende Ideen?
#twlz #Abitur
RT @hav_hendrik
Auch dieses Jahr veranstaltet das Ev. Stift. Gymnasium ein #Barcamp zur Abiturvorbereitung. Die Schüler:innen haben an 3 Tagen die Möglichkeit, sich …

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Viele Beispiele für Prompts, um aus #chatgpt3 auch graphischen Output zu generieren. ⬇️
RT @MakadiaHarsh
ChatGPT has 100,000,000+ users.

But 99% don't know its output formats beyond text.

11 Powerful output formats ChatGPT can produce ( with examples ) 🧵:

Fatih Demir
7 months ago

ChatGPT lässt Schildkröten Flügel wachsen, interessant #chatgpt3

ChatGPT denkt, Schildkröten hätten Flügel
Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Durfte mich mit @Dein_SPIEGEL über #chatgpt3, #KI und zeitgemäßen Unterricht unterhalten.
Unsere neue Ausgabe ist da! Diesmal geht's um Ideen für eine bessere Schulzeit: Was muss sich für Schulkinder ändern? Unter anderem mit @AladinMafaalani, @hav_hendrik und @fbrandmann. Das Titelbild hat @DerFlixxx gezeichnet.

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Was für ein Spaß. Man kann #chatgpt3 auffordern, jedes beliebige literarische Werk mit Emojis zusammenzufassen. Klappt mit Gedichten und auch Romanen oder Dramen. Hier drei Beispiele. Welche Balladen verstecken sich hinter der Emoji-Zusammenfassung?

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Das Papageien-System Schule wird besonders hart durch das Papageien-System #chatgpt3 getroffen. Die Reaktion sollte nicht ein irgendwie anderer Käfig sein, sondern mehr Freiflüge.

Shawn Graham
7 months ago

somebody around here described #chatgpt3 etc as a natural language compiler. I did not of course bookmark this. I would like to find it again. Does this sound familiar?

Rafa Guillermo
7 months ago

Friendly reminder that in the wake of chatbot AIs like ChatGPT and the ability to generate literate and convincing sounding articles that are full of falsehoods, Wikipedia is available to be downloaded and can be used in any offline reader. It's only ~90GB without the edit and talk pages.

The scariest thing isn't that students can "cheat" their exams or even that convincing phishing scams have been made more accessible - it's that articles and journals littered with convincing untruths can be published and subsequently indexed by search engines, giving rise to their credibility more and more.

"Don't trust anything you read on the internet" has never been a more cautionary warning than it is now.

Wikipedia download:

#chatgpt #chatgpt3 #ai #chatbot #wikipedia #gpt3

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Step 2: Die 4 Meldungen werden mit Plagiats-KI überprüft.
Die Verwirrung war groß: Alle 4 Meldungen wurden als menschliche Texte eingestuft. Auch #chatgpt3 erkannte die von der #KI selbst verfassten Texte nicht zuverlässig. (2/3)

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Schüler:innen bekommen 4 Zeitungsmeldungen präsentiert - eine stammt aus einer Zeitung, 3 Fake News sind von #chatgpt3.
Step 1: Kinder suchen auf der Basis des Textsortenwissens, der Sprache etc. nach der "wahren" Meldung und geben eine Einschätzung ab. #twlz (1/3)

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Herausforderung der heutigen Deutschstunde: Die Schüler:innen erstellen einen Mega-Prompt, der es ihnen erlaubt, mit #chatgpt3 ein schriftl. Bewerbungsgespräch für eine Praktikumsbewerbung zu führen und am Ende ein Feedback zu den einzelnen Antworten zu bekommen. (1/4)

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

KI-Schreibtools und der #Datenschutz. Sehr aufschlussreicher und erschreckender Artikel zu möglichen Gefahren bezüglich der Auslesbarkeit von Trainingsdaten und Nutzereingaben bei #chatgpt3 und Co. ⬇️

Taylor Durham
7 months ago

I’m always interested in the latest technology that comes out, mainly to experiment with, but also to see if there’s any way it can enhance my current skill set. The sudden craze over ChatGPT and its proposed benefits compelled me to sign up for open access.
But instead of hearing it from me, let’s hear it from ChatGPT:
#chatgpt #chatgpt3 #chatgptnews #artificialintelligence #openai #blog #bloggers #tech #technews #marketingtools #marketingtrends #marketingtactics

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Kluger Text zum Einsatz von #chatgpt3 in Prüfungen. Der Chatbot gibt uns die Möglichkeit, Prüfungsformate in Frage zu stellen und ggf. neue Prüfungen zu entwickeln.
@pruefungskultur #twlz

#ChatGPT3 made me laugh

JRelland :linux: :flower:
7 months ago

#ChatGPT et #ChatGPT3 interviewés sur #franceinter

Édifiant !
Mercredi 18 janvier 2023
(21 minutes)

De @Sonia Devillers

Avec @david Chavalarias, directeur de recherche au CNRS

Avec ChatGP3, nous allons être envahis de fake news sur les réseaux sociaux propriétaires !

Les #RéseauxSociauxDécentralisés sont une réponse à ce phénomène...
Si on arrive à mettre en œuvre des plateformes "grand public" capables de concurrencer les Facebook et consorts !

Bonne journée :).

Hendrik Haverkamp
7 months ago

Mag die unaufgeregte, kompetente und reflektierte Art von @hannesbajohr in Bezug auf #KI und #chatgpt3. Wer wissen möchte, was ich meine, sollte sich den Podcast anhören. ⬇️
RT @hannesbajohr
Hier das SWR2-Gespräch von heute über ChatGPT nochmal zum Nachhören.

7 months ago

Its not what you think :)) :

Princeton CS Prof: ChatGPT Is a Bullshit Generator

#ai #chatgpt #chatgpt3

Preston Maness ☭
7 months ago

@thejuicemedia "this video was not written by ChatGPT3"

Well that's a relief 👍

#ChatGPT #ChatGPT3

David Weinberger
8 months ago

I just gave #chatGPT3 the alphabetized word list from a 900-word op-ed I'm writing. I asked it to write an essay that uses all of these words and only these words. It didn't use all or only the words, but its essay comes surprisingly close to themes of the original. Yikers.

Wurde zwar schon gefragt, aber doppelt hält besser:

Würdet ihr 20 Euro im Monat für #ChatGPT ausgeben?

#ChatGPT3 #ChatGPTPlus

Rich Sharples
8 months ago

I spent some time today writing Java (note that I haven't slung code in decades). I didn't want to download and set up a whole dev environment, so I went straight to #github #codespaces - up and running in less than sixty seconds.

Next problem - couldn't remember the exact syntax and tedious convention for all the boilerplate stuff in #Java - constructors, assignment operators, etc. so asked #chatgpt3 to do it for me - literally created my class and test harness in three prompts and about 90 seconds (GPT3-chat is pretty overloaded).

Yeh - I realize #copilot makes this even more straightforward, but the extra steps of signing up for the free trial would've added more time than it was worth for this simple experiment.

LLMs (trained on code like Codex) aren't going to replace developers any time soon, but it will make them far more productive and radically reduce learning curves. I also think it makes coding a lot more fun - you can focus on logic; and not syntax.

Peter Pappas
8 months ago

I'm designing an "Intro to AI class" for my unde rgrad ed majors. I created this "AI Toolkit" page as first step. Activities to follow. #ai #edtech #chatgpt #dalle #chatgpt3 #ArtificialIntelligence #Chatbots #GPT3 #AITools

AI generated image created using Lexica and this prompt: “A steampunk tool box in a mysterious setting.”
Christian Spannagel
8 months ago

Online-Kamingespräch zum Thema "KI in der Bildung - Epochales Problem oder cooles Werkzeug?": Michael Debbage-Koller, Kai Wörner und ich sprechen darüber, welche Auswirkungen KI-Systeme wie ChatGPT auf die Zukunft des Lernens und Arbeitens haben können und welche Umbrüche den Bildungseinrichtungen bevorstehen. Organisiert wir das Event von der ALP Dillingen. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, Anmeldung hier:
#fedilz #chatgpt3 #gpt #digitalisierung #bildung

Kamingespräch am 15.2. - KI In der Bildung
8 months ago

Dude she is always right 😂
#ChatGPT #chatgpt3

Nicole Wolf
8 months ago

Ein wenig gruselig ist es schon, wenn ich hier lese, welche Expert:innen alle weg rationalisert werden und durch diese Technologie ersetzt werden sollen. #chatGPT3 Werden wir so wirklich Menschen zentrierter in unseren Produkten und Diensleistungen? Oder lassen wir künftig gleich Produkte von Maschinen für Maschinen erzeugen? (1/2)

Dustin [BusySignal]
8 months ago

What if ChatGPT helps you excel what you know you're not good at and hope to use it as both a time saver and a crutch to get your tasks done faster?

In my #WarDrive and #HomeLab tasks - its been able to help me get the framework for learning scripting - at a much faster rate to success than when I start from scratch.

In my HomeLab and learning Splunk and Gravwell. It's been enabling my query writing much faster than when I have to start from scratch.

The concern I have is for not learning these things I am struggling with - but on the flip side - if its enabling other work - and fast - then is it so bad ?

It's helped me understand powershell scripting, its helped me get done some python stuff and helped me with start up of my WarDrive rig that I need to WiFi adapters set and changed before other programs are launched.

#ChatGPT3 #OpenAI #Scripting #Learning #Gravwell #splunk

DemocracyMatters :verified:
9 months ago


Looks like Hitler was merely ineffective... #ChatGPT3

Q: Was Adolph Hitler a patriot?

A: Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party considered themselves to be patriots of Germany. They believed & in a vision of a strong and unified German nation, and believed that their actions and policies would help to achieve this goal. However, their ideas and methods were highly controversial, and many people would not consider them to be true patriots
Lord Caramac the Clueless, KSC
9 months ago

@bibliotecaria #GPT systems don't really know anything, they just generate text that is statistically likely to occur according to the rules inferred from the huge volumes of text with which they were trained. Think of it as a stochastic parrot that utters something that sounds like it might be true, but the parrot doesn't know what it is saying, and it also doesn't really understand you.
But it is not really a parrot. It is more like a giant cloud of all the words in all the language with which it has been created, and an enormous number of threads connecting the words to one another, telling the machine how likely a certain word is to occur after all the other words it has strung together so far. It is quite remarkable that such a simple (even though insanely huge) language model can create any texts that seem to mean anything at all. Any GPT is basically a Chinese Room (google that if you don't know what that is), it is a system of rules about how to create output text from an input text.

There used to be a very simple bot at that generated texts that looked like honest philosophical essays with footnotes and citations and everything, but it was just a kind of compiler for natural language, creating random text from a simple generative grammar, yet people in academia were fooled into thinking those texts were real and meaningful. It was called Postmodernism Generator. I miss that thing, I wish it were still available online. It was fun.

#chatgpt #chatgpt3 #gpt3 #postmodernismgenerator

Christian Spannagel
9 months ago

I have uploaded a revised version of the "Rules for Tools" for the use of e.g. #chatgpt3 in my classes. The document is now more structured:

Thanks for all the feedback!

#gpt3 #ai #highered #ki #digitization #fedilz

Kathy Reid
9 months ago

If you ❤️ #Python, and are interested in some of the applications of #ChatGPT or other #LLMs, then you'll find this a super interesting project by @ianbicking - the Infinite #AI Array.

It's a Python library which calls #ChatGPT3 under the hood, readily filling arrays and dicts with semantically-similar data, based on what you seed your data structures with.

The applications of this library are fascinating - and link in to the discourse around the "end of search".

Imagine, for example, #VoiceAssistants that use #GPT3 as a recommendation engine - "Hey Mycroft, I really enjoyed the book "All Systems Red" by Martha Wells, what else do you recommend?"

(might have to give this a spin on my @mycroft_ai Mark II).

BTW, Ian is #OpenToWork so if you're #hiring in the LLM or Python space, check this out:

Matthias C. Rillig
9 months ago

How can we use AI-powered language models like ChatGPT in our daily workflow in science/ ecology?

- (Line) editing text
- Idea creation
- Code writing help
- Create text suggestions for outreach/ social media purposes

What would you add?

#ChatGPT #chatgpt3 #research #ecology

9 months ago

#ChatGPT3 is so depressing. 😮‍💨

If you told me to make a list of "NEW inventions the world needs in 2023!", misinformation machines wouldn't make the list.

Does the world really need an additional infinite wellspring of legitimate-sounding bull$h*t?

We already get our false information straight from the human source.

#ai #OpenAi #NewYear #NewYear2023

Dan York
9 months ago

So today I am spending the day with family and planning to be mostly offline. And so I thought I would turn to our new #aiethics overlords for a holiday post…
It turned out to be an interest experiment in #ChatGPT3 and what its limitations are.
And so here is the biblical Christmas story told in iambic pentameter… in 5 versions…

J.D. Everhard, Author🛡️
9 months ago


spot on & got a chuckle from me


while there is an app called "Mastodon" (like Tusky, Fedilab, etc.)

if you are using it in the sense of
Mastodon the implementation of the ActivityPub protocol

is it still technically then a "app"?

Gets confusing ...

I asked #chatgpt3 and here is what it said:

" Mastodon is a social networking service that can be accessed through an app."

Somehow I think a human will explain something that the #AI is missing

#TIL that one way to improve you #OpenAI #prompt is to add the word #fanfiction to it

#OnlyOneBed #AI #PromptEngineering #ChatGPT #ChatGPT3

A screenshot of a OpenAI prompt and it's output:

The prompt is: "Write a story about two men who have to share a bed because there's only one bed."

The output is: 
"Jack and John were two good friends who had been travelling together for months. They had been to many different places and shared many different experiences. 

One night, after a long day of walking, they decided to stay in a small rural inn. Jack and John were pleasantly surprised to find that the inn had a single bed in the room they were staying. However, they soon found out that the inn was full, and the only bed available was the one in the room.

Reluctantly, Jack and John decided to share the bed. It was a tight fit, but they made it work. Jack slept on the right side of the bed and John slept on the left. They both had their own blankets and pillows, but they were still quite close. 

The next morning, they both awoke feeling a bit embarrassed. They had never shared a bed before and they weren't sure how to act. But, to their surprise, they both found that they had enjoyed the experience. 

Jack and John continued to travel together and their bond only grew stronger. Although they had to share a bed for that one night, it didn't stop them from having a great time. They would often laugh about the experience and how much"
A screenshot of an OpenAI prompt and its output. 

The prompt is: Write a fanfiction about two men who have to share a bed because there's only one bed.

The output is: It was a typical night in the small apartment. Two men, both in their twenties, sharing the only bed they had between them. They had been trying to make ends meet and had no other choice but to share the bed.

The first night, they were both a little uncomfortable. Neither of them knew how to act around the other, and they barely spoke. But as the days passed, they both began to relax, and eventually their conversations turned into long conversations about their lives, their dreams, and their future.

Both men found themselves growing closer and closer, until one night, they finally admitted their feelings for each other. They both felt a weight lifted from their shoulders, and it felt like a new beginning.

The two men decided to make the best of their situation and began to share the bed more comfortably. They would cuddle up close to one another and talk for hours, or just lie there quietly, content in each other's presence.

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months. They had become inseparable and their relationship grew stronger each day. They both knew that no matter what happened, they had each other and their shared bed.
Carl T. Bergstrom
9 months ago

Remember, kids, ChatGPT is not a reliable source of information either about ornithology or about internet culture.

#birbs #borbs #birds #chatgpt3

Yellow-crowned sparrows
ChatGPT doesn't understand birbs and borbs.
Malte Engeler
9 months ago

Hey #ChatGPT3, how far does the dark go?

Malte Engeler
9 months ago

Wenn ich mir diesen Artikel von @evawolfangel durchlese, habe ich den Eindruck, dass #ChatGPT3 vor allem für Juristen eine Gefahr ist: Plausibel klingen bei weitgehender Ahnungslosigkeit 🙃

9 months ago

@riskindan Screenshot, please. Was the ability to lie, and predilection to do so, deliberately programmed into #chatgpt #gpt3 #chatgpt3 #AI #chatbot

Pseudo Nym
9 months ago

Newest #chatGPT3 is pretty impressive.

Someone else suggested, and I tried

"You are a role playing game master and I am your solo player. You will set a scene, I will respond, and we will tell a collaborative story. I'm <brief character description> . Set the scene"

It handled the back and forth remarkably well. It rolled with whatever I put out there and added reasonable narrative flourishes.

10 months ago

I really want to take #chatgpt3 and wire it up to take prompts from Google home.

10 months ago

You knew you can start a virtual terminal, but did you know you can log on as someone else? Exploring Albert Einstein’s PC as root …#ChatGPT3 🤯

Christian Stöcker
10 months ago

It certainly has no qualms about formulating very specific prescriptions and advice on geopolitical matters. #chatGPT3

Christian Stöcker
10 months ago

2nd attempt: much better. There probably is a lesson about #AI, trial and error and solutions that seem ok at face value in there. #ChatGPT3

Christian Stöcker
10 months ago

I have a feeling #ChatGPT3 doesn't have all the facts when it comes to Russia's war of aggression. Maybe that's where @elonmusk gets his geopolitical advice?