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Chemistry: Structure and Properties. Third Edition - Digital TextBook without any restrictions

Author: Nivaldo Tro

0137915659, 9780137915651

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Ian Robinson
14 hours ago

Listening to Material World audiobook. Written and ready Ed Conway.

Sand, salt, iron, copper, oil and lithium. They built our world, and they will transform our future. These are the six most crucial substances in human history. They took us from the Dark Ages to the present day. They power our computers and phones, build our homes and offices, and create life-saving medicines. But most of us take them completely for granted.

#Science #Chemistry #Audiobook #Book

Resistance is futile: you will be protonated!

Super acids are fun, if you like destruction.

#science #chemistry #tierlist

Gwen Fisher
1 day ago

Periodic Table of Elements
Doodle No. 135
Watercolor and ink on Arches cotton paper
10” by 14”

Painting a periodic table has been on my list of things to do for a long time. So, here it finally is. The first photo shows the luminescent paint for the luminescent elements. The second photo shows the mica paints I used for the precious metals and the crowns for the noble gasses.

Original available in my Etsy shop, gwenbeads.
#chemistry #PeriodicTable #ScienceArt #STEAM #ChemistryArt #cats

Watercolor painting of the periodic table of elements (dim light). Most of the elements have little symbols showing their attributes, such as sculls, hearts, clouds, magnets, and the radioactive symbol. Two cats sit/lie on top.
Watercolor painting of the periodic table of elements (regular light). Most of the elements have little symbols showing their attributes, such as sculls, hearts, clouds, magnets, and the radioactive symbol. Two cats sit/lie on top.

Very cool video actually identifying fake chemicals sold online. Modern analysis methods are so cool! ​:blobfoxaww:​


2 days ago

The Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) has a really nice vision statement for creating a positive scientific culture, covering areas like inclusion and #diversity, ethical practice, #openscience, and recognition of science and scientists. Not just applicable to #chemistry!

2 days ago

The *only* solution to pollution is to produce less of it; until the remaining quantity is manageable.

#science #chemistry #ecology #PlasticPollution #OilPollution #AirPollution #WaterPollution #LandPollution #FossilFuels #polymers #PetrolChemicals #climate #wildlife

NMR Online + NMRD
3 days ago

Thank you to everyone who is following our journey on Twitter/X.

Your interest and interactions have helped tremendously of late, whilst I've travelled through a couple of health issues – I'm on the road to recovery, and we're still aiming to GO ELECTRO! 😎

@bioinformatics @biophysics @chemistry @compchem @nmrchat @physics @strucbio

#biochemistry #bioinformatics #biology #biophysics #chemistry #CompChem #metabolomics #NMR #NMRChat #NMROnline #physics #StructuralBiology

250 new followers in 1 month (on Twitter/X)
Scientific Frontline
3 days ago

Solid materials are generally known to be rigid and unmoving, but scientists are turning this idea on its head by exploring ways to incorporate moving parts into solids.
#Chemistry #MaterialScience #sflorg

3 days ago

At first you might think this is a niche and nerdy description of a piece of apparatus used by organic chemists to purify their samples: the kugelrohr or bubble tube. Elegant, simple, fast and widely used. But it conceals a dark dark tale and a warning about the perils of our times. Beware! This stuff could happen anywhere. #ClassicKit #chemistry

3 days ago
katch wreck
3 days ago

`Pyruvic acid (IUPAC name: 2-oxopropanoic acid, also called acetoic acid) (CH3COCOOH) is the simplest of the alpha-keto acids, with a carboxylic acid and a ketone functional group. #Pyruvate, the conjugate base, CH3COCOO−, is an intermediate in several #metabolic pathways throughout the #cell.`

#respiration #glycolysis #oxidation #redox #combustion #redoxChemistry #biochemistry #biochem #chemistry

Chemical engineers have designed a fire-safe fuel that ignites only with the application of electric current. Since it doesn’t react to flames and cannot start accidental fires during storage or transport, it is a “safe” liquid fuel.


Scientific Frontline
3 days ago

New research suggests that #ultrasound may have potential in treating a group of harmful #chemicals known as #PFAS to eliminate them from contaminated #groundwater.
#Chemistry #Environmental #Engineering #Technology #sflorg

I think my toilet paper it’s touting its De Broglie wavelength as a selling point 🤓

#science #chemistry #physics #ToiletPaper

A toilet paper package with some sinusoidal looking waves on it
Scientific Frontline
4 days ago

The unique #quantum properties of bismuth selenide make it a promising #catalyst for the synthesis of organic ureas, as demonstrated by scientists at Tokyo Tech.
#QuantumScience #Chemistry #Environmental #sflorg

4 days ago

2nd ChemBioChem/EFMC Joint Virtual Symposium: Talks by Stephan Hacker, Leiden University, Alanna Schepartz, UC Berkeley, Nina Hartrampf, University of Zurich, and Herbert Waldmann, MPI Dortmund

#chemistry #chemistryviews #chemviews #research #onlineEvent #biochem

4 days ago

I’m pretty sure this is an accurate one-panel guide to Spectral Modelling, be sure to let us know if we got anything wrong #Chemistry #Modelling #LondonFashionWeek

Sarah Hancock
4 days ago

#IMSC2024 has a competition running this week giving away free student registrations. Unfortunately you will have to visit LinkedIn, Instagram or the bad place to enter!

You can sign up for conference updates at

#TeamMassSpec #massspectrometry #massspec #proteomics #lipidomics #metabolomics #chemistry

Getzler Lab at KenyonCollege
4 days ago

Finally tracked down at least part of the problem that has been draining my N2 tanks. After nearly 20 years of use, this pigtail needs replacing. This is totally a plug for Leak Bubbles - Yellow! from Comstar that solidify. Way better than snoop for tough-to-fine leaks #chemistry #chemiverse #highpressure #pui #proflife

Braided metal high-pressure gas line with yellow bubbles visible on the exterior
Scientific Frontline
5 days ago

New research in model #protocells reveals naturally occurring #chemical modifications to #RNA #molecules help them properly fold into functional structures
#Biology #Chemistry #sflorg

5 days ago

Doubly Oxidized Carbene: New molecular form of carbon synthesized—a carbon with only four valence electrons

##chemistry #chemistryviews #chemviews #research #carbon

⏣ Prof. Oliver Jones
5 days ago

Had a nice surprise the other day when Google Scholar informed me the very first paper I ever wrote now has over 1000 citations. Does this mean I have been on a downward spiral ever since? I hope not 😅 Big thank you to my mentors and students. I'd never have dreamed people might find our work useful and, I'd like to think the best is yet to come.

Find out more on my work at

#science #chemistry #ozchem

A screenshot of my Google Scholar page showing one paper cited 1004 times
BRN 123
6 days ago

Chemistry: Structure and Properties (3rd Edition) – PDF eBook

By Nivaldo J. Tro

Download it now!


Egon Willighagen :oa:
6 days ago

on related news, NWO Open Science Fund application for CDK funding submitted! #chemistry #openscience

Claire Barnes
6 days ago

@compoundchem Thank you for this lovely chart on the #chemistry of #FallColors / #AutumnColours!
Are any coloured #dyes & #inks made from leaves? The ones that come to mind are from flowers, fruits & roots...
@majnouna ?

Marcus Rohrmoser 🌻
6 days ago

@nadia_z immer ein Problem. Solchen Kommentaren ein "1992 #Advanced #Chemistry nicht mitbekommen?" entgegnen.

6 days ago

Bis(9-Boraphenanthrene) and Stable Biradical Form Isolated: Ligand-mediated control of closed- and open-shell electronic states

#chemistry #chemistryviews #chemviews #research #scicon

Paul Houle
6 days ago

⚗️ Research estimates that a mere 2% of all chemical exposure has been identified

#chemistry #biology #chemicals #risk #health #science #research

6 days ago

Is there anyone in Canada who could do with some 13-C labelled CO or acetylene? There's some that will have to disposed of in Alberta. Spread the word. #chemistry

Ellis Crawford
6 days ago

In this Perspective, Paul J. Lusby et al discuss the key features that make an effective coordination cage catalyst, linking structure to activity and selectivity. The authors also provide an outlook for this area, reasoning why coordination cages have the potential to become the gold-standard in (synthetic) non-covalent catalysis.

You can read the work here, for free:

#chemistry #ChemiSciPicks

A graphical abstract regarding the key features that make an effective coordination cage catalyst.
Egon Willighagen :oa:
6 days ago

American friends... I get to vote for the American Chemical Society elections. What is the most Open Science candidate I should read about and possible vote for? #chemistry #election

Dr H
1 week ago

On an unrelated note;

It's nice to see #Chemistry getting so much love in #Starfield

Although, many chemical elements in real life are not found "by the lump" from the ground as they are in-game. 😄

Screenshot of a poster found in Starfield.
"Chemists have all the solutions"
Various chemical formulae fill the lower portion, including; Bicarb (NaHCO3), Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt, MgSO4), Sulphuric acid (H2SO4), Sodium hypochlorite (bleach, NaCLO), Sodium hydroxide, and more.
Ele Willoughby, PhD
1 week ago

Though alchemists' understanding of materials was not scientific, the methodologies & apparatus developed definitely involved scientific thinking & form the foundation of what was to become #chemistry.


Mathias Micheel
1 week ago

I just got a super strange e-mail today from one of the two candidates for the #ACS presidential elections, and I wonder why I got it? I unsubscribed and it says it was the "ACS member list", but what is that? I can't find it in my personal ACS e-mail preferences. Did ACS give my personal data to a third party? #AmericanChemicalSociety #chemistry #chemiverse

⏣ Prof. Oliver Jones
1 week ago

Latest publication, joint book chapter with Neil Robinson "Recent Applications of Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy and Relaxometry". We give a background to the methods and show the versatility of applications off these techniques. May sound a bit technical but we've tried to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Check it out at

#nmrchat #ozchem #chemistry

A red benchtop NMR spectrometer. It says Spinsolve and Magritek on the bottom.
Mike Malaska
1 week ago

Lets talk about chirality. And what those asteroid samples could teach us.
Chirality is the "handedness" of molecules. This is a big deal in #astrobiology

If you have a central atom of a tetrahedron and four different things poking out of it, there are two possible orientations.

(Try this with colored gumdrops. Geologists may get to lick rocks, but chemists get to eat their gumdrop models.)

#Chemistry thread time!!!


@drwho I’ve seen this make the rounds a couple times now, and it’s maddening 🙃

FYI that structure is an abomination😰. It’s incorrect for dopamine and more generally just not chemically correct 🧐

For the sanity of chemists everywhere, here’s a corrected version 🤓😮‍💨

#chemistry #science

Congratulations you’ve scrolled so far he found the dopamine with the correct structure
1 week ago

In 1814, Joseph von Fraunhofer discovered that each element produces different spectral lines. #Poetry #Science #History #Chemistry #Physics #Spectroscope #Fraunhofer (

Drawing of an early spectrometer, three optical tubes mounted around three sides of a prism.
Preston MacDougall
1 week ago

@RickiTarr I’m here because my strongly pro-science and anti-fascist tweets got my @ChemicalEyeGuy #birdsite :birdsite: account with 1,000 followers ‘permanently suspended’ - and without warning - on the day of the #2022election. #Mastodon is where other respected #science tweeters were headed, so I joined the #TwitterExodus and here I am. I like the strong artistic vibe, and the growing #chemistry community, but I’d like to see more journalists and political cartoonists.

Ele Willoughby, PhD
1 week ago

The #SciArtSeptember prompt adornment made me think of fashion, “mauve madness” & William Henry Perkin (1838-1907)’s serendipitous discovery of the 1st synthetic organic dye: mauveine.

Perkin entered the Royal College of Chemistry in London in 1853 at 15, studying with August Wilhelm von Hofmann who hired him as his assistant in 1855 & had him working on a series of experiments to try & synthesize quinine, used to treat malaria.
#linocut #printmaking #sciArt #chemistry #histsci

Linocut print of Perkins in grey, a suited, bearded Victorian, at a wooden lab bench covered in glassware and chemical apparatus. He holds a flask at eye level with bright mauve fluid. Wide bright mauve lines radiate outward from it in the background.
Ricardo Harvin
1 week ago

"A total #CarbonFree #grid is getting easier and easier to imagine. It's just a question of whether we can get there in time."

Storing #energy generated by #renewable #technologies like #solar, #wind, and #water is a problem that requires new types of #batteries to allow for a stable grid.

For example, #iron #rusting #chemistry is one potential Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #ClimateChange mitigation #EnergyStorage and discharge solution I'd never heard of before.

1 week ago

On a day when I’m feeling extreme stress (spinal tap 11 actually) this is my way of restoring my blood pressure: purifying a sample of phosphine (PH3) and trying to condense it into a 300 micron quartz capillary. #chemistry #fun #ph3

An ampoule containing drops of phosphine sitting in liquid nitrogen with a capillary beside it. A blowtorch sits beside it ready to seal the sample.
Egon Willighagen :oa:
1 week ago

I still cannot understand why this #chemistry paper ( is cited only once

Jon Yoder
1 week ago

Happy Friday, everyone!

#InsideOut #chemistry #science #funny

Chemistry Teacher: Did you know that protons have mass?
Me: I didn't even know they were Catholic.

Below this exchange showing a picture of Anger from the movie Inside Out going nuclear
Project Gutenberg
1 week ago

Frederick Soddy died #OTD in 1956.

He was an English radiochemist who explained, with Ernest Rutherford, that radioactivity is due to the transmutation of elements, now known to involve nuclear reactions. He also proved the existence of isotopes of certain radioactive elements.

He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his research in radioactive decay and particularly for his formulation of the theory of isotopes. via @wikipedia

#books #science #chemistry

Frederick Soddy, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1921) via Nobel Foundation.
H. Ikonen "Psychiasaurus" MD
2 weeks ago

@dabertime "How I learned to stop worrying and Love the imperfections of the mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain as it kills me by slowly generating free radical ions over time"

#Biology #Science #aging #physiology #chemistry

SETI Institute
2 weeks ago

Life on a faraway planet — if it’s out there — might not look anything like life on Earth. But there are only so many chemical ingredients in the universe’s pantry and only so many ways to mix them. A team led by scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has exploited those limitations to write a cookbook of hundreds of chemical recipes with the potential to give rise to life.

#astrobiology #chemistry #science #scicomm

SFU Science
2 weeks ago

Art and science are often seen as opposites, but are they? Join SFU Chemistry professor @vancew for a talk about the often blurry lines between the artist and the scientist at his Café Scientifique talk on Zoom, Tuesday, September 26:*lfmqa2*_ga*MjAwNDc0OTg3NC4xNjg2NjEzNDIy*_ga_R4BCVYL1QF*MTY5NTE0ODMzNC4xNjkuMS4xNjk1MTQ4NjI2LjU5LjAuMA&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=57a97829-44f9-4b41-a39f-ea44c3175561 #sfuscience #sfu #chemistry #sciart #scicomm #cafescientifique #scienceoutreach #SFUChemistry

A colourful, microscopic image of a liquid crystal with overlaid text: SFU Cafe Scientifique
2 weeks ago

I’m pretty sure this is an accurate one-panel guide to Spectral Modelling, be sure to let us know if we got anything wrong ⁠

#Chemistry #Modelling #LondonFashionWeek

Michael Pryor
2 weeks ago

Like to see something truly sublime? Heat up some dry ice.

Chris Armstrong
2 weeks ago

It's National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

Don't forget to leave a fresh pot of filter coffee and a copy of Angewandte for your postdocs this week!

#AcademicChatter #PostDoc #Chemistry

Today's #SciArtSeptember prompt is "abstract", so it seems like the perfect day to share this Chemistry inspired piece. A very abstract representation of Chemistry based particle system.

This piece came out of finding my artistic voice.

#SciArt #art #GenerativeArt #MastoArt #Chemistry

Abstract artwork with many dots and rings around them, with straight lines behind them.

Inspiration for today's #inkyDays drawing, came from an abstraction of atomic bonding angles.

And that's a wrap for this week's daily drawings. They're all posted now, for my supporters on Patreon and Kofi:

#ink #drawing #art #SciArt #MastoArt #GenerativeArt #chemistry

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern is inspired by chemical diagrams.
Kirk Smith
2 weeks ago

Feels good to be finally getting back to some projects at the #homelab

#chemistry #electrochemistry #citizenscience

three-electrode voltammetry cell with bubbler and electrode connections
Hannah Weinberger
2 weeks ago

I think the thing I’m most excited about with #StarField is having an opportunity to passively memorize the periodic table.

#Elements #PeriodicTable #Gaming #Chemistry

2 weeks ago

#SciArtSeptember 16th is ochre, which is an earth pigment tinted with iron oxides. It is a far superior alternative to lead oxide (bottom left), which is various shades of toxic to us.

Photographs are of evaporated waste jars from back when I was a #chemistry lab tech that I thought were pretty.

Ochre is by far my most used pigment, as I'm particularly fond of painting #bumblebees 🐝 #SciArt #MastoArt

A collage of four circles of varying colors. Each is a photograph looking down at the bottom of a 1000 ml beaker; the colors are from various crystalized solutes. Counterclockwise they are: chromium salts in vibrant yellow and orange; white crystalline silver nitrate; lead oxides in yellow powder with white spikes; and copper oxides in various shades of brown, green, and blue.
A watercolor painting of a yellow bumblebee flying over purple flowers.

If you're familiar with any of my work, you already know that I like to work with science and math, and that I also like to play.

In this piece, I was working on an interactive Periodic Table of Elements. Then I had fun with it, making the 'cells' drift down. I called the piece 'Elemental Snow'.

Someday, I might recreate this in javascript...maybe.

#SciArtSeptember #SciArt #art #MastoArt #CreativeCoding #Chemistry

Screenshot of an artistic rendering of the Periodic Table Of Elements. In the animation it came from, the element 'cells' drift down the screen.
Bill Minarik
2 weeks ago

#Neptunite is one of a few calcium-free titanium silicates (incl. benitoite). Seems like an obscure fact but:

#Zircon includes titanium in its structure, as a function of temperature; this can be a #geothermometer.

To standardize a microbeam analysis (like laser ablation ICPMS), we need a mineral with a known composition, lots of titanium and silica and no calcium, which has an isotope at mass 48. Neptunite and benitoite are perfect for this.

#MinCup23 #ICPMS #chemistry #geology

The stable isotope masses of calcium and titanium (as single-charged ions) and half-masses of zirconium (as double-charged ions). Calcium-48 overlaps with the most abundance isotope of titanium. The contribution of Zr++ at mass 48 us removed by a separate correction.
3 weeks ago

#SciArtSeptember Day 13: Carmine

The cochineal lives and reproduces on prickly pear cacti. They coat themselves and the #cacti in a fuzzy white coating. After being harvested and dried, carminic acid is extracted but usually
further stabilized into carmine (lake) with aluminum salt. It is also known as E120, Natural Red 4, Crimson Lake, and Cochineal Extract.

Picked up the dip pen for the #sketch and #calligraphy using #indiaink

#nature #sciart #MastoArt #fediart #chemistry #watercolor

A watercolor of the prickly pear cactus (with a flourished pointed pen lettered "Prickly Pear The Opuntia Cacti" on the right of the drawing) shows the pink fruit and orange blossoms. A large blue arrow points to a small redding-brown drawing of the insect which is identified with the pointed pen lettering, "Dactylopius coccus, The Cochineal." A smaller arrow points to the chemical structure of carminic acid with the following notes: "Anthraquinone structure responsible for absorbing light to produce color" Dotted circles surround 5 protons of the structure with asterisks that correspond to the following note: "Protons can change color depending on pH" An arrow from the carminic acid along with "+Aluminum Salt" points to the proposed chemical structure of Carmine Lake. A note points to the charged aluminum cation that states, "stabilized structure, less color range."
Egon Willigh☮gen
3 weeks ago

@L_howes I wrote up a first blog post about my experiences. Moving from one session to another indeed works a lot better online. I've always been a bit more of a CINF person than COMP, and also this time, did not find the COMP sessions very attractive. Well, that's not entirely true, it *is* attractive and interesting, but it just doesn't excite me enough

Online participation does make it a lot easier to just probe a remote session. Nice to join some #chemistry history talks at #ACSFall2023 :)

Egon Willigh☮gen
3 weeks ago

@L_howes okay. Since posts spread a bit more slowly here on #mastodon (slow is good), and not everything is visible on every server (community standards are essential), I wasn't sure I was receiving all the online #ACSFall2023 vibes.

But now we know at least that #chemistry has not landed on #mastodon (yet). Better luck next time :)

3 weeks ago

Does someone have Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity from Huheey to sell? 😁 #book #chemistry

Drea and Team
3 weeks ago

Hi Brian. Not sure how #chemistry specific
you are hoping your community to be? Albeit, you might want to check out who is following
the @edutooters group.

Also, you can have a look to see who is participating in Miguels education community @mguhlin

#K12 #teachers #STEMeducation #FediScience #ScienceMastodon

Preston MacDougall
3 weeks ago

@topher As complex as they are, we understand the biochemical processes of living cells. #Chemistry makes sense to Masters of Atomic Domain (chemists). So, yes, life makes sense!

David August
3 weeks ago
Dialog bubble from doctor: “Your body has run out of magnesium.”

Dialog bubble from George Washington as a patient in bed: “0mg”

[Life of George Washington the Christian Death by Stearns 1853 - George Washington on his death bed attended by family and friends]
Ele Willoughby, PhD
3 weeks ago

For #SciArtSeptember day 9: heart, it’s trailblazing American #biochemist Marie Maynard Daly (1921-2003), 1st Black woman to earn a PhD in #chemistry in the US! She made important research contributions to the biochemisty of the cell nucleus & cardiovascular issues & our knowledge of the chemistry of histones & protein synthesis. She published original research establishing that….

#MastoArt #womenInSTEM #BlackInSTEM #histstm #printmaking #linocut #histmed #HeartDisease #sciArt

Linocut portrait of Marie Maynard Daly in purples (she’s a young m, smiling Black woman, wearing earrings, a necklace and a dress, looking at the viewer over her shoulder). Above her to the right is an anatomical heart with a blowout diagram in a circle of a clogged artery and the cholesterol molecule all in red. Next to her on the left in blue are the molecules of the bases which make up DNA and a diagram of a human cell.
Alan Kotok
3 weeks ago

Researchers use stem cells to generate human neurons resembling those in the brain that control breathing during opioid reactions, for eventual chip devices to test overdose therapies.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Opioid #Overdose #Preclinical #Toxicity #Neurons #Breathing #Naloxone #Fentanyl #Codeine #Brain #Methadone #StemCells #Biotechnology #Engineering #Chemistry

Chris Armstrong
4 weeks ago

Time to reassemble the Chemistry Escape Room ready for the upcoming science festival.

#EscapeRoom #Chemistry #SciComm

An assortment of crap spread out on my office floor. Including boxes, folders, a few locks, photos, some scissors and notebooks
IT News
4 weeks ago

Scent of the afterlife? Scientists recreate recipe for Egyptian mummification balm - Enlarge / One of the limestone canopic jars that once held mummified or... - #egyptianmummification #forensicarchaeology #gaschromatography #ancientperfumes #ancientegypt #archaeology #chemistry #perfumes #science

Amici Nybråten
4 weeks ago

When your #chemistry lecturer hands out a big teddy bear for you to squeeze in case you get anxiety attack from big scary Schrodinger equation being solved for hydrogen.

Happened in my class today.

4 weeks ago

I blew >1 hour today killing four unlabelled ampoules of ukn liquids each ~100-200 mls. The first three were lively but ok. The fourth was different; it hit the water angrily, igniting instantly. After getting hold of some ice I alternated pouring with fire, and then pouring again until the whole lot was gone. It was some kind of aluminium alkyl.
I admit that I got a bit sweary… 

Lesson: label your goddamn stuff securely, and deal with it before you finish your research project! #Chemistry

A scene in a fumehood with the sash partially raised. A glass ampoule with not neck, held by someone wearing heavy black rubber gloves. Flames are visible in the beaker below it and emerging from the top of the flask.
Keith Böhler
1 month ago

Has anyone else in the #Fediverse #math and #Science heard of "The Journal of Immaterial Science" before? It is a fun satirical journal.

#satire #physics #chemistry #biology #mathematics #stem

Preston MacDougall
1 month ago

@FrankPasquale Except when they don’t. Like when the doltish British monarchy let the embryonic chemical industry - which was invented by a #London teenage #chemistry student - relocate to #Germany.

Inbreeding will get you every time.🤷🏻‍♂️

“Chemical Eye 👁️ on the Empress’s New Dress 👗” 👉