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They said that yesterday was the day of the Body of God. They mean Jesus Christ. Anyway, did you know that countries around the world fall in LOVE with Tools that can only be used to EJECTULATE ORGASMIC DEATH which PENETRATE others bodies without their permissions? #Russia #Ukraine #Palestina #Israel I ask that because Jesus Christ didn't ask to be victim of other tools that were used to produce the same. #USA #NATO #China #Japan #Korea

@heiseonline Deutschland und die Deutsche IT wird sich NICHT nach #China und #Russland orientieren - da könnt ihr noch so viel Quatsch auf Schülerzeitungsniveau via "#Telepolis" in die Welt posaunen.

Ich hätte nie gedacht dass ein Verlag in Hannover dermassen propagandistisch unterwegs ist für China, Russland und "den globalen Süden". Und klar, USA und NATO sind an allem Schuld.

Das ist #Heise in #Deutschland. Traurig.

Catherine Morris
33 minutes ago

#China: Human rights lawyer #DingJiaxi has appealed against his conviction. RT #LuoShenchun: “#丁家喜上诉状 #我无罪 Thank you very much to my old friend. Ms. Xu Meiling, the former editor-in-chief of "Human Rights in China", who just retired not long ago, translated Jiaxi's appeal petition into English. Thank you for sharing and circulating!” See the appeal at h/t @ppoon

39 minutes ago

South #China Sea shipwrecks give clues about historic #SilkRoad trade routes

Archaeologists begin excavation of two 500-year-old vessels filled with porcelain and timber

#History #Archaeology

Bob the Traveler
53 minutes ago

Zhu Youcheng, the Hongzhi Emperor, tenth emperor for the Ming Dynasty of #China, died OTD in 1505 #travel

The Japan Times
59 minutes ago

Taiwanese presidential contender Ko Wen-je has said he would advocate a mix of deterrence and dialogue when dealing with China not only to deter possible aggression but also to foster peace between the two sides. #news #politics #china #taiwan #kowenje #taiwanpeoplesparty

1 hour ago

#China’s Bronze Age Shang dynasty gives up more of its secrets from 3,600 years ago

Four Shang sites have recently been unearthed in Beijing and nearby provinces

Findings offer valuable picture of city building, social systems, burial etiquette and handicraft use, national cultural heritage body says

#History #Archaeology

Railpage Transport News
1 hour ago

MTR to hike penalties for abuse of concession fares #asia #rail #china

Open Forum
1 hour ago

China’s military build up gathers pace

China’s investment in modern military equipment continues apace, but the iron hand of the Communist Party is also hampering the innovation and capacity building required to build an effective military organisation. #China

William Yang (@WilliamYang120)
1 hour ago

Taiwan People's Party (TPP) presidential candidate Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) said earlier this week that #China has never clearly stated its interpretation of the "1992 consensus," and he will ask Beijing to do so if he is elected.

maeve harris
2 hours ago

#Cuba gives #China permission to build a spying facility on its territory, which would permit China to eavesdrop on communications in the SE US. This is at this point merely an agreement in principle, and no steps have been taken to build such a facility

Sevim Dağdelen, MdB
3 hours ago

Heute beim Deutsch-Amerikanischen Dialog über China in #Washington D.C. mit Senatorin Tammy Duckworth. Es ist gut, dass trotz erheblicher Differenzen der Dialog gesucht wird. Eine Konfrontation mit #China wäre verheerend und muss verhindert werden. #USA

@genodeftest @AufstandLastGen

2. #FCKW sind sondergenemigungspflichtig, werden aber in #China immernoch emittiert.

Bob the Traveler
3 hours ago

The National Revolutionary Army of #China captured Peking OTD in 1928, the city's name was changed to Beijing or "Northern Capital" #travel #history

ICYMI: Phase 1 of Penang LRT will now stretch from airport to Tanjung Bungah #asia #rail #china

Steve Herman
5 hours ago

A senior White House official describes as "not accurate" a report that #China and #Cuba have reached a secret pact allowing Beijing to build an electronic eavesdropping facility on the island 160 kilometers from the US.

Roland Häder
5 hours ago
@m0urs Hier kann ich nur die zwei Webcams aus #China finden:…
5 hours ago

#Chinese #MiningCompany #SinomineResourceGroupCoLtd is considering building a #LithiumRefinery in #Manitoba & looking to team up with #Korea #LGEnergySolutionLtd - attempting to assuage #NationalSecurity concerns from federal government.
Last year, #Beijing based Sinomine put #Tanco #LithiumMine into production in MB. It ships unrefined #lithium concentrate from site to #China for use in their #EVindustry . China dominates processing of lithium - 60% of #GlobalMarket

Ex-TikTok executive says Chinese government used app to locate, identify Hong Kong protesters
Allegations come from wrongful termination lawsuit launched by Yintao Yu, former U.S. head of engineering

#TikTok #China #HongKong #privace #surveillance #HumanRights #ByteDance

5 hours ago

A leader of the fight to secure #freedom for a #Canadian #HumanRights #activist #detained in #China for 17 yrs is taking latest diplomatic deep-freeze between #Ottawa & #Beijing in stride.

Wilf Ruland, #volunteer #fieldworker w/ #AmnestyInternational #Canada , says sustained, long-term campaign aims to keep Huseyin Celil's case in public eye & in minds of Canadian & #Chinese authorities.

#Uyghur #PoliticalPrisoner #AsianMastodon

Peter Nimmo
5 hours ago

#China is trying to ban the protest song #GloryToHongKong from public performances, and even from the internet (story from @VOANews here:
So here is for you to share!

Giuseppe Michieli
5 hours ago

Characterization of an Emergent #Chicken #H3N8 #Influenza Virus in Southern #China: a Potential #Threat to Public Health, J Virol.,

Steve Herman
6 hours ago

#Africa and the Global South must also have an opportunity to grow, says Biden, calling the #China #BRI a "dead-end confiscation program."

ICYMI: Bangkok's elevated Yellow Line to start offering free rides from Saturday #asia #rail #china

6 hours ago

#Cryptocurrencies #Asia #Bitcoin #China #cryptocurrencyexchange US Bitcoin supply fell over 10% in the past year — Glassnode: Bitcoin (BTC) abandoned the United States during the 2022 bear market, new research suggests.

In a tweet on June 8, on-chain analytics firm Glassnode revealed some surprising conclusions about who is now using Bitcoin.

BTC supply moves to Asia

The past year has seen some seismic shifts in where Bitcoin is held and traded.

In its latest…

ICYMI: Kalka-Simla Railway to get new indigenously built modern coaches #asia #rail #china

ICYMI: LCC expresses support for Trans-Borneo Railway ECONOMY Tuesday, 30 May #asia #rail #china

🇳🇫 #TAIWAN: TaCo editorial cartoon: The #KMT ❂ feels "protected" by #China's 🇨🇳 so-called "cross-Strait discourse."

The KMT (many small fish in the mouth of a huge fish labeled "China's 'cross-strait discourse'): "We're protected her. Why worry about getting swallowed up?"
8 hours ago

Wirtschaftsaussichten: Deutsche Unternehmen in China ernüchtert

Deutsche Unternehmen in China blicken pessimistisch in die Zukunft. Mehr als die Hälfte der Firmen erwartet dieses Jahr eine "unveränderte oder schlechtere" Branchenentwicklung. Das zeigen Daten der Deutschen Handelskammer. Von Christoph Kober.


#China #NullCovidPolitik #Handelskammer

Charlie McHenry
8 hours ago

A fascinating, deep-dive investigative journalism report on “Catching the Men Who Make Japanese Metro Groping Videos” - this kind of assault porn has no place in the digital world and must be eradicated. This gives legitimate sex workers a bad name by association. #porn #Japan #China #exploitation

ICYMI: JR East and JR West announce mainline ATO cooperation #asia #rail #china

Nonya Bidniss
9 hours ago

#China has reached a secret deal with Cuba to establish an electronic eavesdropping facility on the island roughly 100 miles from Florida, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing U.S. officials familiar with classified #intelligence #SIGINT

9 hours ago


"The ejection of #journalists is likely to further jeopardize relations between #India and #China"

While true, this issue must be seen in the much larger geostrategic picture of #Sino-Indian national interests:

Was macht eigentlich der #Verfassungsschutz? Überwacht der die #Putin- und #China-Freunde von der #Linkspartei überhaupt noch? Fallls nein, wird es so langsam höchste Zeit!

9 hours ago
#China acaba de estrenar su industria de #aviones comerciales con su primer modelo bautizado como #C919, avion de tipo Jet para casi 200 pasajeros y distancias moderadas que lo hacen perfecto para vuelos cortos, es decir, avastecer el mercado local de cualquier pais.

Este no es el primer avion fabricado ahi, pero si es el primero para propositos comerciales y en recibir las certificaciones de las organizaciones aeronauticas de #Europa y #EEUU, hoy lideres en este sector.

De esta forma se inicia la historia de un nuevo participante en este estrecho mercado, que hoy lideran #Boing y #Airbus. Pero ¿por cuanto tiempo mas?

Antes de que estuviera terminado e hiciera su primer vuelo oficial ya habia recibido pedidos por mas de 200 unidades, lo que garantizaria su produccion... tomando en cuenta que es hasta 10 millones de Euros mas economico que los modelos similares de la competencia.

La inauguracion de este nuevo competidor no podia estar libre de criticas, comenzando porque la prensa internacional dedico gran parte de sus articulos a resaltar que al menos 40% de sus piezas serian suministradas por empresas extranjeras, asi que -segun ellos- no se podria afirmar de que este fuera un avion "made in China".... mmm pero olvidaron mencionar la pequeñez de que es una situacion similar tambien en la fabricacion de los aviones de la competencia. Y esto es lo mismo que con los autos, barcos y todo tipo de maquinaria de gran tamaño, donde finalmente los proveedores de partes nunca son de un solo origen o empresa unica.

Ademas, no se puede dejar de repetir que asi mismo se inicio la historia en todas las otras industrias, en donde los primeros modelos fueron resultado de la cooperacion de diferentes empresas... y esta no es la excepcion.

Lo que realmente importa es lo que va a pasar en este mercado en los proximos 10 años: Si este primer avion consigue volar en los proximos años sin presentar mayores y vitales defectos, los pedidos por nuevas unidades podrian dispararse y el mercado se volvera muy interesante (dinamico).

Solo en el caso del mercado domestico del gigante asiatico y sus vecinos serian mas que suficientes para proveer hasta el 50% del mercado global. Asia es la zona de mayor crecimiento y en el futuro cercano representara mas de la mitad de todo el mercado global.

Como noticia extra, esta semana se acaba de lanzar el primer gran barco de turismo fabricado en China, lo que tambien esta dando inicio a la entrada del pais en otro mercado muy lucrativo... pero esta es otra historia a ser comentada en otro momento.
Die Stimmung westlicher Geschäftsführer in China sinkt. Laut einer Umfrage der Handelskammer stellen sie ihre Investitionen in Frage.
Stimmung in China: Deutsche Firmen haben Angst
Die Stimmung westlicher Geschäftsführer in China sinkt. Laut einer Umfrage der Handelskammer stellen sie ihre Investitionen in Frage.
In Konkurrenz mit China: Deutsche Firmen haben Angst
William Yang (@WilliamYang120)
10 hours ago

"#China and Cuba have reached a secret agreement for China to establish an electronic eavesdropping facility on the island, in a brash new geopolitical challenge by Beijing to the U.S..." News-Bot
10 hours ago

Bericht: #China will Abhörstation auf Kuba errichten

Steve Herman
10 hours ago

"We are not going to comment on those specific reports," a DoD official tells my VOA colleague Carla Babb. "On a broader level, we are very aware of the PRC’s attempts to invest in infrastructure around the world that may have military purposes, including in the western hemisphere. We will continue to monitor it closely, and remain confident that we are able to meet all our security commitments at home and across the region." #China #Cuba

The Hindu :press:
11 hours ago

Explained | Space is the newest frontier where the #USA and #China are competing. While China has set 2030 as its deadline to land on the moon, US’ Artemis mission is set to put its crew on the moon in 2025. @Such_InkPen #press

Mina Hanse
11 hours ago

RT AndrewSErickson: "#China & #Cuba have reached a secret agreement for China to est an electronic eavesdropping facility..allow [#PRC] #intelligence services to scoop up electronic comms throughout the SE US, where many military bases are located, & monitor US ship traffic."

Japanned Steve McCarty
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NEW Deep in Japan podcast "KUKAI THE UNIVERSAL with Professor Steve McCarty" on the life and times of Japan's great saint Kūkai, Esoteric Buddhism, and Zen. I discuss the book in terms of East Asian history, language education, and translation issues including voice. My philosophy is expressed as well, so comments would be much appreciated. Listen at
(or find it at Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, etc.).

More multimedia at
or publications on Japan at

#podcast #podcasting #Japan #India #China #Asia #Buddhism #religion #religions #philosophy #history #Tang #Nara #Heian #East Asia #AsianReligions #AsianHistory #language #languages #translation #voice #Sanskrit #Chinese #Japanese #JapaneseBuddhism #Zen
@religion @histodons @linguistics @philosophy

Bob the Traveler
12 hours ago

The Hongzhi Emperor, who died OTD in 1505, was the 10th Emperor of #China's Ming dynasty, and the only perpetually monogamous emperor in Chinese history besides Emperor Fei #travel #history

12 hours ago

#Cuba to Host Secret #China Spy Base Focusing on U.S. - The Wall Street Journal

The Japan Times
13 hours ago

The more Indian firms try to ramp up production in competition with China, the more dependent they become on their neighbor for components and raw materials. #news #business #china #india #trade #narendramodi

#Cuba accueillera une base d'espionnage chinoise secrète axée sur les #ÉtatsUnis

#Pékin paiera à La Havane plusieurs milliards de dollars pour la base d'écoute électronique.

#USpol #Chine #China #Geopolitique #Espionnage


Steve Herman
13 hours ago

#China and #Cuba have reached a secret agreement for the Chinese to establish an electronic eavesdropping facility on the island, reports WSJ.

ZZ Bottom
15 hours ago

Who has the right to decide for the hole World?

#Usa, #Russia, #China, #Ecc ?

#UN is not perfect by any means but who else should replace it?

C-drík Kirdec Syrphe
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Syrphe news, June 2023 pt1 - #radio shows, #calls, Ya Toshiba, Slowspin, Khyam Allami, Hardi Kurda, Yan Jun, Sound Dreams of Istanbul #film #Iran #China #Pakistan #Azerbaijan #SouthAfrica #music #experimental #electronic #benefit compilation #kurdistan
There is one call for sound artists and musicians from the Arab world btw, deadline soon. -->

Nadin Mai
17 hours ago

“The pain doesn’t make you want to live. How many lives I have? Nine!”

Wang Bing's "Til madness do us part" (2013) is an exceptional document on China's mental asylums, and the sometimes arbitrary reasons for people's detention. It's not an easy watch but essential.

My review from 2019:

P.S.: You can support my writing by subscribing for 2€ a month. Thank you 🙏

#film #cinema #movies #arthouse #cinemastodon #slowcinema #china #review @film @art_film

Miro Collas
18 hours ago

‘No regrets,’ says Edward Snowden, after 10 years in exile | Edward Snowden | The Guardian

"Edward Snowden has warned that surveillance technology is so much more advanced and intrusive today it makes that used by US and British intelligence agencies he revealed in 2013 look like child’s play."

Let's stop having hysterics over #China and look to our own problems first.

#Snowden #DomesticSpying #Spying #Technology

Miro Collas
18 hours ago

Chinese communist party ‘accessed Hong Kong protesters’ TikTok data’ | TikTok | The Guardian

So.... they're doing what the US does too, as #Snowden revealed ... or have people already forgotten about that?


William Yang (@WilliamYang120)
19 hours ago

My latest with colleague @wnglucroft: Retired German air force pilots have taken their skills to #China. The German defense minister wants to stop the practice.

William Yang (@WilliamYang120)
19 hours ago

A court in #China has sentenced human rights lawyer Chang Weiping to three years and six months under the charge of “inciting subversion of state power.” He was arrested for taking part in a private gathering in Xiamen in December 2019.

20 hours ago
Hablemos de #Contaminacion Atmosferica

Cuando se hacen bromas o se pregunta sobre ciudades donde es imposible ver el cielo, pocos NO apuntaran a #China, con ciudades gigantescas, llenas de vehiculos viejisimos, vomitando polvo y humo por sobre calles mal pavimentadas... con cielos cubiertos sin posibilidad siquiera de poder ver mas alla de los 50mts. de distancia.

Tampoco seran muchos los que hayan olvidado las imagenes de los dias en que se anunciaban cierres totales de ciudades por causa de la pandemia, y tuvimos oportunidad de ver animales salvajes en las ciudades o en el caso de las ciudades chinas, los vecinos por fin pudieron disfrutar de cielos despejados... imagenes que la TV nos repetia a diario.

Al parecer en occidente, esas imagenes pertenecen mas bien a la tradicional campaña de propaganga que ya nos ha acostumbrado el largo brazo mediatico de Los Esclavos Unidos, porque la realidad dista cada vez mas de esas imagenes que nos bombardean con mentiras descaradas o verdades a medias y muy distorsionadas...

Los siguientes graficos nos muestran parte de la radiografia que hoy tenemos a nivel global: La #India posee lamentablemente la mayoria de las ciudadaes mas contaminadas y los indices de polucion generalizada nos muestran que solo 1 ciudad china sobrepasa los indices peligrosos. Incluso #America Latina esta presente en esta desgraciada estadistica.

La intensificacion del uso de Energias Renovables, la renovacion rapida de la infraestructura en declive, el mejoramiento de las tecnologias, la recuperacion de zonas deserticas, la reforestacion, el aumento de la calidad de vida... estan haciendo de las ciudades del gigante asiatico, un lugar cada vez mas limpio.

Esto es el resultado de una politica consecunte con el objetivo de lograr mejorar las areas mas debiles, que unicamente puede conseguirse a traves de un apoyo economico sostenido en el tiempo. No es posible levantar programas de reforestacion sin recursos, tampoco se pueden mejorar los indices de calidad de vida sin invertir recursos en ello... es un todo.

On World Ocean Day, Al Jazeera visualises what 10 million tonnes of plastic released into the ocean annually looks like.
How much plastic is in our oceans?

Tucker talks like he's talking to 2 year olds on his new show. He's talking #Russia #China #Ukraine.

Watch "Tucker Carlson's New Show Is MUCH WORSE Than You Could Imagine" on YouTube


Disney’s latest live-action feature is facing racially charged blowback from Chinese state media and social media users.
China’s backlash against Little Mermaid exposes Hollywood dilemma
22 hours ago

#TikTok's owner #ByteDance accused of helping #China spy on #HongKong activists

Users who uploaded "protest-related content" were also identified and monitored, former ByteDance executive Yintao Yu alleges in a #UnitedStates court filing.

The Chinese Communist Party (#CCP) members were also able to access US TikTok user data, ByteDance executive Yintao Yu, says.

A ByteDance spokesperson denied the claims, describing them as "baseless".

Graham Cluley
1 day ago

Now TikTok is even banned from US govt contractors' personal smartphones.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender blog:

#cybersecurity #china #privacy #tiktok

Frederik Borgesius
1 day ago

‘A former executive at TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, has alleged that the Chinese Communist party accessed user data from the social video app belonging to Hong Kong protesters and civil rights activists… A ByteDance spokesperson said the company denied Yu’s claims.’ #china #hongkong #privacy #surveillance #dataprotection #tech #ai #law #politics #tiktok

@AnonNewsDE Selbst die "V.R." #China macht sich über #Russland lustig...

@forthy The only working fix to not get abused onto a barrel for "The #GreatCannon of #China" is to ban all unencrypted traffic and only - if ever - restrict JavaScript to allow-lists only....

And whilst VPNs are being cracked down, SSH tunnels ain't and like with all rules and laws, enforcement is very selective...

Bread and Circuses
1 day ago

China is going all in on coal, the dirtiest and most polluting of fossil fuels...

Coal power plant construction and additional project announcements accelerated rapidly in China in 2022, with new permits reaching the highest level since 2015. The coal power capacity construction in China was six times as large as that in all of the rest of the world combined.

But, hey, it's just fine, because China has also recently announced the installation of two amazingly futuristic "carbon capture and storage" facilities!

Except, oh, wait...

Before you get all giddy about this new push by China to capture carbon dioxide, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

Whatever carbon dioxide is captured or stored by these two new projects, it won’t amount to a piss hole in the snow when compared to the massive amounts of new carbon dioxide — billions and billions of tons — those new coal-fired generating stations will add to the atmosphere each and every year for the next 50 years or so, which is the normal useful life of a coal-powered facility.

Dang. There's always a catch.

But the capitalist financiers on Wall Street who are funding China's rapid expansion really hope you won't notice that. If they can just keep the gravy train rolling a little longer, carry on with Business As Usual for a few more years until their billions 💵 in offshore accounts turn into trillions 💵 then maybe they'll think about gradually slowing down all this growth and cutting back on emissions. Maybe, but probably not.


#China #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #CO2 #Emissions #Capitalism

Map of China showing dozens of new coal power projects announced or started in 2022.
The Japan Times
1 day ago

Chinese Communist Party members used a "god credential” at TikTok parent ByteDance to examine the personal data of activists and protesters in Hong Kong in order to track them down, a former executive has said. #news #asiapacific #china #hongkong #tiktok #bytedance

The EU wants to compete with the US and China on trade and innovation. The problem? Its 1990s-style bureaucracy.
Europe’s technocracy is killing its global dreams
Analysts downgrade expectations for the economy for remainder of 2023 as factory output continues to slow.
China’s exports tumble further as global demand falters
Chinese interference fears have gripped Ottawa. But appearing before House committees recently, I saw bigger worries
Canadian democracy is on edge — and China isn’t to blame
China's defence ministry says patrol with Russian bomber aircraft was part of exercises that first started in 2019.
S Korea, Japan scramble jets due to China-Russia joint air patrol
2 days ago

Schwache Konjunkturdaten aus China und Deutschland

Eine schwache globale Nachfrage hat Chinas Exporte einbrechen lassen. Auch die deutsche Industrie bekommt die anhaltende Konjunkturflaute zu spüren. Indes erwartet die OECD eine langsame Erholung der Weltwirtschaft.


#China #Industrie #Konjunktur #Wirtschaftswachstum

Ruth Mottram
2 days ago

Good to see #SeaLevelRise in #China a focus here, it's been obvious that this would be a problem forw decades, nice overview in #TheEconomist

China is acutely vulnerable to rising sea levels from The Economist

US Secretary of State says relations between Washington and Riyadh are 'strengthened by progress on human rights'.
Blinken starts Saudi Arabia visit aimed at steadying relations
The exams are known for being difficult and many students take additional tuition to help them through.
Record 13m students sit China’s ‘gaokao’ college entrance exams
Government cites 'national security' as it moves to ban popular Glory to Hong Kong song, from 2019 protests.
Hong Kong moves to ban protest song mistaken for national anthem

Rushists blow up the dam and, as evacuations are ongoing in Kherson, #Ukraine , the russian army continues to shell the city.

Unbelievable behaviour. Russians are absolutely inhumane, have no regard for international law.

Anyone doing business with Putin and his murderous army is complicit in the worst #WarCrimes

#RussiaIsATerroristState #BRICS #ArrestPutin
#Brazil #russia #India #China #SouthAfrica

2 days ago

@aral Interesting requirements. Mine are much more prosaic - I can't find a decent #keyboard without hardware that was produced in #China. I've been looking for years.

Liang Wenbo and Li Hang are accused of fixing matches and pressuring other players to do the same.
Two Chinese snooker players handed life bans for match-fixing
2 days ago

Antony Blinken plans to visit #China in coming weeks for talks with top officials, possibly including President Xi

Steve Herman
2 days ago

US Treasury #OFAC sanctions a network of seven individuals and six entities in #Iran, #China and #HongKong in connection with the Iranian ballistic missile program.

demï7en 🎗
3 days ago

⬆️ Estonian PM Kaja Kallas interviewed in Singapore:

“Russia are the last imperial colonialistic power there is in the world... ”


Mere momentary myopia, deliberate appeasement (of #russia's dominant 'brother'), or is PM Kallas genuinely unaware...??

All Estonians should not only know but have the deepest solidarity possible for the peoples still facing eradication.

#Estonia #CCP #china #Tibet #EastTurkestan #Mongolia #Taiwan #Hongkong #Bhutan #India #9dashline

Steve Herman
3 days ago

Elon Musk chimes in that he learned during his recent meeting with senior leaders in #China the government there will be instituting regulations on #AI.

4 days ago

I once didn’t got a job because my social platform ( is banned in #China and they where China lovers since all their merchandise came from there

If you decline me because of that it’s for the better!

I refuse to work for a fascist companies anyways :nkoHammer:

Em :official_verified:
4 days ago

June 4th 1989 is a date we should never let the internet forget.

This was a cruel day for thousands of peaceful protesters in China and a horrible day worldwide for everyone who believes in fighting for democracy.

Remember remember,
the Tiananmen Square protesters.​

#TiananmenSquare #June4 #Democracy #HongKong #China #HumanRights ☂️

Jan's insights
4 days ago

Today we remember the #TiananmenSquareMassacre.

Today we remind ourselves that brutal #dictatorships are still trying to crush #democracy and #FreeSpeech.

Chinese authorities are increasing efforts to erase memories of the June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square Massacre in #Beijing.

Vigils in China 🇨🇳 (not Chinese republic 🇹🇼 🗽) & Hong Kong are banned. You are not allowed to remember.

#China #89 #64

Andy Bechtel
4 days ago

On this date in 1989, the Chinese government crushed pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing. #OTD #China

kravietz 🦇
5 days ago
Lots of discussions on #Ukraine end up in predictions of a "Korean scenario", implying division of Ukraine into two parts, one independent and one controlled by #Russia like South and North #Korea. This is mostly voiced by "realists" both in Russia and the West.

However, there's a catch: in Korea, the communist invasion army supported by USSR and People's Republic of China captured almost all territory of Korea! At the peak of communist invasion, only a small part of Korean peninsula was left under control of Republic of Korea, at the peak of ROK & Allies counteroffensive only a narrow strip at the North was controlled by the communists. In 1953 they were ultimately pushed back to 38th parallel but in the process Seoul changed hands five times, and the net territorial gain for North Korea was none. So the "Korean model" doesn't really sound well for the supporters of Russia, as it implies freezing the conflict at the 23 February 2022 border, which means nullifying all territorial gains except for Crimea and parts of Donbass.

A fun part which you can use to poke Russian vatniks today: in 1950 #USSR boycotted UN to protest its recognition of #Taiwan as #China. How come? Well, UN recognized it as Republic of China (ROC, 1912-1949) as opposed to People's Republic of China (PRC)...
Animation showing territorial changes during 1950-1953 war in Korea
A. Hofmann :mastodon:
5 days ago

34. Jahrestag:

"Gedenken an Tiananmen-Massaker - außer in China"

"Die blutige Niederschlagung der Massenproteste auf dem Pekinger #Tiananmen-Platz jährt sich zum 34. Mal. In #China sind Gedenkveranstaltungen verboten - auch in #Hongkong ist öffentliches Erinnern inzwischen weitgehend eingeschränkt."


Steve Herman
5 days ago

In a statement ahead of the 34th anniversary of the #TiananmenSquareMassacre, US Secretary of State Blinken issues a statement recalling that the government of #China sent tanks “to brutally repress peaceful Chinese pro-democracy protesters and bystanders alike.”

6 days ago

@simon @heiseonline


"...👉hypothetical example👈, this illustrates the real-world challenges posed by AI-powered capability and is why the #AirForce is committed to the 👉ethical development of #AI".]👈

The last statement: in competition with #China? The #US military, who has been proven to use #GI's as guinea pigs? If you please!

In contrast, the conference report:

"However, he👉 cautioned👈 against relying too..."

Steve Herman
6 days ago

US Treasury Under Secretary Jay Shambaugh today met with appointed #China Ambassador Xie Feng. “The meeting was candid, constructive, and part of ongoing efforts to maintain open lines of communication and responsibly manage our bilateral relationship. While raising issues of concern, Under Secretary Shambaugh emphasized the importance of the two largest economies closely communicating on global macroeconomic and financial issues and working together on global challenges.”

demï7en 🎗
6 days ago

But.. with a business delegation?

Where does #Singapore actually stand in the democracies' struggle against the rising forces of belligerent #imperialism?

It is a "business hub" alright, but an #autocracy dominated by a ruling elite from (currently) post-colonial #Chinese #diaspora, some of whom feel a strong pull of the ever more powerful #HanChinese "motherland.

From what I understand Singapore is trying to "play the field", for now, and see where the tide turns. Or worse.

Is is where democracies should be directing their investments though?

Then again, #Hongkong — the pearl of a CCP's banking colony — is *still* considered by some to be an acceptable place for #business by some very decent and ethical people...

#EuropeanUnion #democracy #CCP #china #dictatorship #ZeitenWende #HandelOhneWandel @kajakallas

CelloMom On Cars
6 days ago

"The Indian government will not consider any proposals for new #coal plants for the next five years and focus on growing its #renewables sector, according to an updated national electricity plan released Wednesday evening."

Over to you, #China.

#EnergyTransition #India

Heute ging es an der TH Köln um das chinesische Spionage- und Cyberrecht - bei vollem Haus mit 170 angemeldeten Teilnehmer:innen! Wer nicht dabei sein konnte: Der Vortrag wurde aufgezeichnet, in Kürze gibt es hier den Link. #china #cyberlaw #cybersecurity #cryptography

If you thought the move away from #fossilfuels might reduce our reliance on countries with troubling governments, then #China's domination of #lithium extraction & processing was always a problem;

this is now compounded by the fact that #SaudiArabia has decided to double its pressing capacity (in response to China's 60% share of the Lithium sector).

So, it looks like in the (potential) post-oil world, we'll still be in a cleft stick over economic relations with the Saudis?

Adam Cook
1 week ago

No, I do not believe this is true.

Not the way it is said.

Yes, #manufacturing trade skill sets must evolve somewhat, but “traditional” skilled trades on the floor are vital, highly-sought and have been significantly deteriorated in the US due to production shifts to #China.

We can and must regain this… and a career there will be highly-rewarding if done right.

That’s how you will know it is done right.

We just have to broaden our competencies also.

A screenshot taken from another article linked to in the posted in the first article which states:

Production work is no longer the "family-supporting" career it once was and Michigan's future lies in "more highly paid knowledge work," the report said. But the state is stuck with a "job base and a workforce that is over-concentrated in production and under-concentrated in knowledge work.”
Steve Herman
1 week ago

#China embraces #OSINT to collect publicly available data from DoD, US think tanks and private firms.

Adam Cook
1 week ago

@aristeon89 It is simply absurd that this must continue to be said.

"One #China" (or any variations of it) should have never been an acceptable viewpoint to the West - and kowtowing to #Beijing on this has cost us dearly.