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🏙 City: Kronach, Germany
🏛️ Point of interest: Oblatenkloster Sankt Heinrich

❓ What is the most crowded sightseeing tour you have ever taken?

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#LGBTQ #writer community: I am currently engrossed in writing about my past experiences as a #queer child in a #fundamentalist #Christian environment. However, I find it incredibly challenging to overcome the overwhelming flashbacks that resurface. Is there anyone here who has faced a similar struggle and can offer advice on how to overcome this? I am determined to finish the #book and would greatly appreciate any insights or solutions. Thank you!

Listen To Your Gut Instinct
3 hours ago

This "academy" was started by Bill #Gothard
Institute of Basic Life Principle (#IBLP) It's true purpose is to train & prepare young men for a #Christian war much like terrorist camps in the Middle East only with nicer public facing surroundings.

In recent years, we have focused on The Proud Boys & The Oath Keepers because of their propensity for violence. This organization is preparing thousands of young boys & men to fight to make the United States a Christian nation

Justin Heard
4 hours ago

"I don't pray so that I can change God. I pray so that God can change me."
-Attributed to C. S. Lewis #Christian #Christianity #Catholic #OrthodoxChristian

Listen To Your Gut Instinct
4 hours ago

Become informed about this group. It is not a benign young #Christian group.

Read about Bill #Gothard
and his cult Institute of Basic LIfe Principles (#IBLP)

Mickey Lloyd
7 hours ago

"All that matters is the fact Trump has the right skin in the game" - #WhiteSupremcy

Nothing to unseen here, don't get distracted. Trump is what the Right likes to call a "great white hope". They would rather serve under the yoke of irresponsible Facist corruption and call it #christian , than accept people of Color as equals in a democratic society.

7 hours ago

Hey #christian's the answer to the question is slavery owning another person wrong, is YES, its not a fkn 20 hour debate, SLAVERY IS WRONG! if you cannot answer this simple question with a yes then you defend an immoral fkn book!😡

10 hours ago

#Buchtipp zum #QueerReadingMonth

Heute mal ein Jugendbuch - #Rowan&Ash von #Christian Handel, eine bittersüße schwule Lovestory und magische Fantasygeschichte, die auch reale Konflikte queerer Jugendlicher spiegelt:

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🏙 Region: London, United Kingdom
🏛️ POI: Union Chapel

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➡ These free walking tours are waiting for you in London:

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Mickey Lloyd
19 hours ago

"fucking great" - Chris Licht's AI ideas Folder

Should I be the old fart to remind folks this #Christian shit isn't new?

It was called the 1980's

BT Roberts
21 hours ago

That you become a sincere #Christian is to you a matter of the greatest concern. No other interests can compare with the interests of your soul. The question for you to settle is not one of creeds and ceremonies, but one of salvation or damnation. As sure as you are a living soul, the day of wrath will come, and then, if out of Christ, you will be left without refuge.

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🏙 Region: Catania, Italy
🏛️ Attraction: San Nicolò l'Arena

❓ What's the most challenging sightseeing experience you've had?

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steve dustcircle ⍻
1 day ago

#PatRobertson’s #God, Inc.
#Jesus made him rich. The #Christian Coalition made him powerful. Next, he wanted to be nothing short of #President.

For all the #christians out there, Dennis Lastimoso as your daily devotional.


#God #christian #dailydevotional #devotional #bible

Dr Pink
1 day ago

#LGBTQ English #Wikipedia deletion alert

Could you save this LGBTQ related #English Wikipedia article from deletion?

American Unitarian Conference
* Organization

#Unitarianism #Nontrinitarian #Christian

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🏙 Area: Milan, Italy
🏛️ POI: Chiesa di Santa Maria Bianca della Misericordia

❓ What's the most unusual sight you've seen while traveling?

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Mark Zimmerman
2 days ago

Pat Robertson is dead

Unfortunately, the mess he left behind is still here.

There is nothing to celebrate, his damage has been done.

For Christianity and for the rights of the millions he demonized and advocated the extinction of, there's a path of destruction left in his wake

I mourn the life and influence he could have used to revive the world, instead wasting it on engendering hate and division at the cost of basic humanity.

#Christianity #Religion #Christian #Evangelical #Patrobertson

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🏙 Area: Echternach, Luxembourg
🏛️ POI: Muttergotteskapell

❓ What is the most relaxing sightseeing tour you have ever taken?

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🏙 City: Parma, Italy
🏛️ Point of interest: Chiesa di San Francesco del Prato

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➡ Experience the beauty of Parma:

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#RyanFoley, a #Christian influencer, admits he used to watch ALL kinds of spicy content. An #OnlyFans #model brought receipts that he still does. #AnaKasparian and @johniadarola discusses on The #YoungTurks.

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🏙 Town: Zaragoza, Spain
🏛️ Point of interest: Iglesia de San Nicolas de Bari

❓ What is the most adventurous sightseeing tour you have ever taken?

➡ See beautiful sights in Zaragoza:

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Dr Robert Minchin
2 days ago

So farewell, Pat Robertson: bigot, fraudster, supporter of war criminals, and all-round bad apple who somehow conned people into believing he was a #Christian when what he taught was completely opposed to the gospel of Christ.

Pat Robertson obituary

2 days ago

“Every time a riot breaks out at a #SchoolBoard meeting because the board wants to recognize that gay people exist, that’s #PatRobertson’s shadow. Every time a crusade against teaching the history of race in America leads to a school limiting access to Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem, that’s Pat Robertson’s shadow.”

How Pat Robertson created today’s #Christian nationalist #GOP. Gift link:

Atheist Quote Bot
2 days ago

Hey #Christian folks. Let's talk honestly: you know, deep down, that #Jesus was a myth. Can you accept the gift of #reason?

Tooted by a #bot!
SN# 2511

2 days ago

Edited w hashtags & 🚀'ing for @NPR (& b/c it's a good article!)

"Why you might notice more #religious groups at #Pride celebrations this year

Some #PeopleOfFaith are organizing a pushback against wave of anti-#LGBTQ rights legislation making its way thru state houses this year. They're calling it #FaithForPride."

#Queer folk, you are not just accepted, you are welcome. 💛

#Transgender #Christian #Jewish #Muslim #Hindu #Black #Pentecostal #Interfaith #Allyship


Yahia Lababidi
2 days ago

The greatest among you shall be your servant. For whoever
exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles
himself will be exalted.

#Bible (Matt 23:11–12; 20:25–27)

#faith #christian #ethics #spirituality #inspiration #thursday

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Wishing my six (6) #Christian friends and ALL my Christish followers who are observing all the best this Seudat Corpus Christi!

#ally #chag #holiday #greeting



3 days ago

I've been thinking about sin and sinners after studying the parable of the two debtors in bible study(Luke 7). The below is my current thoughts. Constructive criticisms from a Christian Theological perspective welcome:
- sin is relational.
- We don't want anyone to be sinners, we want all to be righteous.
- Be humble. Our pride makes us biased regarding our sins and the sins of others.
- One shouldn't look at a sinner with a heart of revenge/grudge.
- repentence, reconciliation, mercy should be the goal. Just punishment for the unrepentant.
- Before repentence comes a realisation of wrong doing (by modes such as: divine revelation, warning of a prophet, self realisation and faith in God)
- It is good to communicate a need to repent but be wise, it depends on context, duration, audience and mission.
- Repentence occours before reconciliation.
- The repentant sinner holds a special place of intamacy with God.
- Sin has negative consequences regardless of reconciliation or punishment.
Biblical reasoning for the above:
Jonah in Ninevah
- Jonah's incorrect view of the sinner. Getting revenge via just punishment by preventing reconciliation/warnings.
- God's view of the sinner. Reconciliation and repentence desired. Warnings given, punishment via Justice as a last recourse.
Daniel in Babylon
- Acts as Gods Prophet and dream interpreter to the King and doesn't call on Babylon to repent in the same was as Jonah. Different context, duration, audience and mission.
Babylonian Exile and Annias & Saphias
- God warns and punishes his own people if sinful.
Parable of the Lost Son.
- Older brother incorrect view of the sinner. Bearing a grudge post reconciliation and ignorant of his own sin.
- Young brother. Sins, repents and comes home. Repentence is part of reconciliation. Although the consequence of the prior actions isn't undone (he's had his half share of the property, he doesn't get another half)
Jesus Annointed by a Sinful Woman
- Pharisee's incorrect view was a repentant sinner shouldn't touch a prophet.
- Jesus's view is a gratitude for forgiven sins and faith grants intimate access to prophet/Jesus/God.
- we have all sinned
The parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector
- We often think of ourselves as more than we are and others less than they are.
#sin #Christian #theology
note: if you are a secular person reading this the rough equivelent to sin=toxic and righteous=healthy. Though it misses out on the relational aspect of sin/righteous.

It’d be just AWFUL if this #video about #climatechange went #viral because, you know, it’s actually true.

The #earth doesn’t care if you’re a #christian a #muslim or a #jew

It doesn’t care if you’re a #republican or a #democrat or an #independent

It doesn’t even care if you’re an #american or a #canadian or a #european

The Earth is telling us that it’s unwell. You’re either listening or you’re fucking ignorant.

#punintended #climatechange #wildfires #wildfiresmoke

Fun video showing the awful air quality index of the east coast in early June of 2023.
3 days ago

Cochren & Co. Score First Christian Airplay No. 1 as ‘Running Home’ Sprints Across the Finish Line

Check it out! 👇

#Christian #Music #ChartBeat

Krafty :arch: :gitlab:
3 days ago

As a #christian, I find it frustrating to see other Christians brushing off the danger of #climatechange because, "Jesus is gonna come back anyways" or, "The Bible said all of this was going to happen".

Yes, these things were predicted but that doesn't mean that it's moral to just watch as people destroy the world we were given and do nothing.

Mickey Lloyd
3 days ago


"only a #Christian would answer their neighbors' knock with a #gun" - the holy ghosted

steve dustcircle ⍻
3 days ago

The #JehovahsWitnesses don't want you to see these videos
Two scripted videos about "#disfellowshipping" will not be shown to #Jehovah’s #Witnesses during their 2023 Regional Convention. Here's what they showed and why they were censored.
#christian #christianity #religion #cult #apostates

steve dustcircle ⍻
3 days ago

Unravel the layers of the #gospel message and explore how it can be used to control, guilt, and #manipulate those within and outside the walls of your local #Christian #church.
#christianity #deconstruction #deconvertion #exvangelical #atheist #atheism #religion #mindcontrol #cult #belief #hope #bible #NT

I read something in a Dutch Christian newspaper today that really makes me angry. The newspaper revealed that many people are struggling with #mental problems after being involved with a #Christian organization called Heart Cry. The organization emphasizes a life without sin and claims that secular psychology should be rejected because it doesn't lead to #God. They believe that the #Bible should have authority over all areas of life, including the realm of the psyche. 1/2

Greg Johnson
4 days ago

Peak #Christian fundamentalism is when a young man, smitten by the “orthodoxy at all costs” bug, starts scouring local church hymnal for error, finds all sorts of idolatrous references to things like the blood of Christ. Asks in fundie forum for extra ammo, and is told that that these metaphors are also in the Psalms and early church teaching.

Judah Brown
4 days ago

#christian #theatre nerds, let's make a musical...

Martin Luther: a Reformation Musical.

I may or may not have started writing a song about the reformation based on a song from Hamilton... (The pope is the king...)

«A #Michigan college has ended its partnership with a #Florida #CharterSchool whose principal was forced to resign after a parent complained sixth graders were exposed to #pornography during a lesson on #Renaissance #art that included #Michelangelo's #David sculpture.

A #HillsdaleCollege spokesperson said #TallahasseeClassicalSchool no longer is affiliated with the small, #Christian classical liberal arts college in southern Michigan, reported Thursday.»

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
6 days ago

Jesus Fables | #Jesus #Myth-Telling with #Bible Scholar Richard C. Miller

Groundbreaking book: "#Resurrection and Reception in Early #Christianity." With a flair for #intellectual acrobatics, he fearlessly navigates the treacherous waters of comparative #mythology, unmasking the awe-inspiring parallels between the resurrection narratives of Jesus and the enchanting translation #fables of #Greek and #Roman #lore.
#SUNDAYSCHOOL #christian #religion

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
6 days ago

Wishing my six (6) #Christian friends and ALL my Christish followers who are observing this Trinity Firstday!

#ally #chag #holiday #greeting


🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
6 days ago

Wishing my Mizrachi #Christian friends and followers who are observing all the best this Mizrachi Christian Shavuot and Trinity Firstday! #chag #holiday #greeting

Stevie Oberg
1 week ago

It’s really sad when anyone celebrates a book being banned but jeez, is there irony when people against banning books celebrating banning a book that teaches “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

#christian #jesusfollower #BanningBooksIsWrong #wwjd

wednesday the valkyrja
2 weeks ago


as well as that we must take an active role in making the Church and the #Christian community (and in our specific case the #LatterDaySaint Movement/ #Mormonism, hence pulling in the Book of Jacob) instead of just waiting in expectance for fruit and then cutting it down before trying to make it a healthier/more fruitful place.

God will help us, but i don't think God will do it for us. we have agency and must use it and take action. this goes for a lot of things

Andrew Kuchling
2 weeks ago

WashPost: The revolt of the #Christian home-schoolers: They were taught that public schools are evil. Then a #Virginia couple defied their families and enrolled their kids.

"Through their influence, a practice with roots in the countercultural left took on a very different character. Among conservative Christians, #homeschooling became a tool for binding children to fundamentalist beliefs they felt were threatened by exposure to other points of view. ... But what should be a moment of triumph for conservative Christian home-schoolers has been undermined by an unmistakable backlash: the desertion and denunciations of the very children they said they were saving."


2 weeks ago

“People who think the public schools are indoctrinating don’t know what indoctrination is. We were indoctrinated,” Aaron says. “It’s not even comparable.” #Homeschooling #indoctrination #christian
🎁 link:

If you identify as a #Christian and continue to support your religion while laws promoting #religious violence, such as the recent anti-homosexuality law in Uganda, are enacted which includes life sentences and the death penalty for gay and trans people.

This also includes the Anti-LGBTQIA genocide being enacted by the Republican Party in the US targeting the #LGBTQIA community, which also has its roots in religion. (1/4)

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 weeks ago


Wishing my six (6) #Christian friends and ALL my Christish followers who are observing all the best this Christian #Shavuot!


#ally #chag #holiday #greeting


🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 weeks ago


Our #Christian students will be celebrating a #holiday this weekend—not #Shavuot but “Pentecost,” which means “50th” in their holy language of Ancient Greek, held on the 50th day after Yom #Easter, which always falls on “Sunday,” the Christian name for Firstday.


🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 weeks ago

⛰️ Chag #Shavuot sameach

And a happy #Christian Shavuot, whenever it is, to those who observe.

#chag #holiday #greeting


An illustration of a desert scene, with a mountain (Mount Sinai) in the background and desert blooms in the foreground. The text overlay reads "Chag sameach to EVERYONE."
2 weeks ago

The #Florida mom who sought to ban #AmandaGorman’s poem says she’s sorry for promoting #antisemitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Salinas confirmed that the post about the “Protocols” was hers and apologized for it, saying she hadn’t read it beyond the word “#communism.” “I see the word ‘communism,’ and I think it’s something about communism,” she said. “I didn’t read the words.”

She said she is #Christian and added, “We are super protective of the #Jewish people.”

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 weeks ago

Wishing my Mizrachi #Christian friends and followers who are observing all the best this Mizrachi Christian Ascension! #chag #holiday #greeting

Mark Tisdale
2 weeks ago

A #BBC comedy skit that deserves to be re-shared every so often.

#Famalam #WhiteJesus #Jesus #comedy #Christian

Peter Nimmo
2 weeks ago
A yellow flame of fire on a black backgroud
Adam Cook
3 weeks ago

We are a month away from #Chicago #Pride Fest/Parade! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

**No one** does it like my hometown of Chicago.

I will be there.

We also do not take any shit in Chicago.

Neo-#Nazis and #Christian #fascists... you are on notice.


BT Roberts
3 weeks ago

No amount of praying, no excess of zeal for sound doctrines, will atone for dishonest practices. He who wrongs his fellow man sins against God. He who obtains money by false representations, is, if he professes to be a #Christian, a false pretender. The principle is not affected by the amount which is sought to be gained.

Jack Vance
3 weeks ago

The Southern Baptists continue to experience the declining membership that has plagued them since 2006. Could it be that fewer young people are eager to be part of something that is often associated with bigotry?

#christian #bigotry #humanism #church #religion


Tim's educated, God-fearing, #Christian, and an extreme #Republican

He wants to remove any "sexual books" & "immoral books and materials that promote vice" from the libraries to protect kids.

Curiously, he doesn't define those terms. Hmm... Still, Tim's ALL about the kids.

Not so much about the women, though. He doesn't support abortion in cases of incest & rape because "every child deserves a chance to be born regardless of how rotten their father was."

screengrab of tim plass' campaign position on not supporting abortion in the case of rape or incest.
screengrab of tim plass' campaign position on wishing to remove all vice and immoral material from the public library without actually defining what those terms mean.
Justin Heard
3 weeks ago

"If you think of this world as a place intended simply for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable: think of it as a place of training and correction and it's not so bad."
-Attributed to C. S. Lewis #Christian #Christianity #Catholic #OrthodoxChristian

James Finn
3 weeks ago

Shannon Rodriguez is a FL school board member who says God appointed her to “keep these minorities from infiltrating.” She's one of Gov Ron #DeSantis's #Christian soldiers, enforcing yesterday's 4-bill "#SlateOfHate" that's driving #LGBTQ people out of the state.

What did God tell Rodriguez to do? Get a teacher criminally investigated as a child abuser for showing a Disney film. I kid you not! The teacher is gone and her 5th graders are scared.


#AfricanArt #paintingoftheday #prayer #Christianity #Christian
Painting of the Day. Prayer VII
> >
*Here is a serene and calming painting from Cameroon in crisp acrylic colors. It's African Christians at prayer.

Painting of Christians at prayer
🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 weeks ago

Wishing my six (6) #Christian friends and ALL my Christish followers who are observing all the best this Yom Christian Ascension!

#ally #chag #holiday #greeting

ID: A red, green, and gold wreath decorated with holly, with a text overlay that reads "Happy WHATEVER"

A red, green, and gold wreath decorated with holly, with a text overlay that reads "Happy WHATEVER"
realcaseyrollins ✝️
3 weeks ago

@freemo “Autonomy” isn’t a right. I’m a big freedom guy tho so I do wanna give people as much autonomy as is reasonable, but letting people kill other people without just cause is not reasonable.

Granted, the #prolife position doesn’t really make sense unless you believe in the supernatural/the spirit world. In most religions (I am a #Christian), humans who are alive are people. So, a fetus “has self” (or personhood) so long as it is still alive.

4 weeks ago

"The church donations may also violate Texas election law, which prohibits both nonprofit and for-profit corporations from making political contributions to candidates or political committees.

The Texas Ethics Commission is charged with investigating such violations...

Beard has had at least two pending state ethics complaints filed against his campaign."

#Christian #Church #Ethics #Politics #Texas #USA #News #NoPaywall #Donate

News headline and photo with caption.

Headline: Churches’ Role in Local Election Prompts Calls for Investigations
West Texas voters rejected three conservative Christian candidates who sought to infuse religious values into local politics. But the campaign support the candidates received from local churches has prompted calls for state and federal probes.

Photo: Signs for political elections are massed in front of a church sign which reads, "Blessed assurance, Jesus is coming."

Caption: Campaign signs outside the polling location at South 11th & Willis Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas, on election day  Credit: Johnathan Johnson for ProPublica and The Texas Tribune
Yale Divinity School
4 weeks ago

Professor Jennifer Herdt's Introduction to Christian Ethics is now added to the collection of YDS introductory courses available for viewing online.

#Yale #YaleDivinitySchool #YDS #Christian #Ethics #ChristianEthics

4 weeks ago

The Shadowy Financial Empire Built Around Liberty HealthShare Is Showing Signs of Strain

Beers family members built a “conglomerate” — including an airline, a bank in the #Ozarks, carpet stores, a #marijuana farm, and more than $20M in #RealEstate — by selling a #Christian alternative to traditional #health #insurance.

They’re now scrambling for cash, even though they received millions in #PPP loans that were later forgiven.

#HealthCare #LibertyHealthShare #Ohio

Humanist Engineer
4 weeks ago

End-times cults are dangerous for humanity. Their adherents celebrate the destruction of human society rather than working to improve things.

#Religion #christianity #christian #humanism #politics #atheism #antitheism #society

kravietz 🦇
1 month ago

If you read stories of #conservative #Christian families being lured by #Russia as the “last bastion of Christianity in the world”, be sure to read the history of Eugen Martens family who moved to Russia with huge coverage from Russian and conservative media, and then quietly returned to #Germany after being unable to survive in the shithole they were granted by the Russian authorities…

1 month ago

I like that "Semi Crunchy" is Scrunchy.

This is an interesting little introduction to the radicalisation pipeline from Crunchy Mums to Alt-Right Conspiracy, Flat-Earth, AntiVaxxers, White Racial-Purity and Supremacy, Female "Tradwife" submission, Divine Feminity, Christian Nationalism, Toxic Spirituality, and Q-Anon.

#Crunchy #Feminism #AltRight #Nazis #Scrunchy #FlatEarth #Christian #Nationalism #Tradwife #QAnon #Radicalization #KoolAid #Cult #Antivaxxers #Wellness

Mickey Lloyd
1 month ago


"how very #Christian, wearing a AR-15 pin as children are slaughtered" - a dusty dove of peace pin, never worn

Justin Heard
1 month ago

"Who is the covetous man? One for whom plenty is not enough."
-Attributed to St. Basil the Great #Christian #Christianity #Catholic #OrthodoxChristian

1 month ago

@TexasObserver @stevanzetti

"the executive pastor... sponsored a bill in the 2021 legislative session that allows school marshalls to have more ready access to their guns...

the church hosted the True Texas Project for a screening of “2000 Mules,” a debunked conspiracy film about the 2020 election. This was just a few months after the Southern Poverty Law Center designated the True Texas Project an anti-government hate group."

#Texas #Christian #Corruption #News #USA

Text from article: 
Consider that the executive pastor of Cottonwood, Sanford, sponsored a bill in the 2021 legislative session that allows school marshalls to have more ready access to their guns. Or that, in 2022, the church hosted the True Texas Project for a screening of “2000 Mules,” a debunked conspiracy film about the 2020 election. This was just a few months after the Southern Poverty Law Center designated the True Texas Project an anti-government hate group.

“Cottonwood Creek Church does not endorse or oppose any candidate for political office,” reads the last paragraph of the document members of the media received at Cottonwood. “Instead, any information, videos, appearances, posts, etc. related to any political topic are provided for informational purposes only and represent the personal views or opinions of the individual expressing them, but do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Cottonwood Creek Church.”
Stevie Oberg
1 month ago

If you believe how other people feel about you doesn’t matter, then why is it so problematic when another shares that they feel an unconditional, platonic love towards you?

Why is that a breach of consent but sharing hate never is?

& for context, this is what I’ve been hearing from anti-Christian crowds online.

I’ll even concede that Christian’s do have a consent problem; it’s not because we believe in unconditional, platonic love.

#deconstruction #christianity #christian #wwjd

Justin Heard
1 month ago

"God gives His gifts where He finds the vessel empty enough to receive them."
-Attributed To C. S. Lewis #Christian #Christianity #Catholic #OrthodoxChristian

We also take the money we “saved” by fasting and put it into what’s called Fast Offerings - a fund solely for helping the poor that is distributed to church members locally according to their need with extra funds going to a regional then general pool.

#LDS #church #christian


On the first Sunday of each month, Latter-day Saints fast (abstain from food and water) for an approximately 24-hour period, usually beginning after dinner the night before.

We believe that by fasting, we can ask God for certain blessings but also that regular fasting helps make it easier for us to overcome temptation.

#LDS #church #christian


David McMullin
1 month ago

This is a book about #careGiving for loved ones with #dementia, explored from a #Christian theological framework by a gerontologist and a minister. Highly recommended, especially if you’re a caregiver and open to religious ways of thinking. They go into some depth, but the gist of their message is well summarized in the title: No Act of Love Is Ever Wasted.

#religion #Alzheimers #bookstodon

Steve Silberman
1 month ago

A̶n̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ d̶r̶a̶g̶ q̶u̶e̶e̶n̶ WHOOPS! #Christian missionary sentenced for raping a minor and giving her gonorrhea.

Pratik Patel
1 month ago

"Christian Hogwarts?" This is seriously wild.

Here's a second story from WIRED coming from the data breach of the conservative anti-LGBTQ group trying to effect a nation-wide ban of #abortion meds.

The doctors group has been working for years to conceal the fact that its medical recommendations are pegged to its religious beliefs, and that it views "nominal #Christians" as threats.

#Christian #religion #trans #HumanRights $TransRights

BT Roberts
1 month ago

Honesty lies at the bottom of the #Christian character. No matter what one believes; no matter how zealous he may be for the church, and how much he may pay for its support; no matter how high his professions may be, if he is not thoroughly honest at heart and in his business, his religion is absolutely worthless.

Tucker Teague
1 month ago

#Introduction Born on #TurtleIsland to #capitalist parents. #PNW resident.

Lover of #art, #music, #poetry, #philosophy & #cinema.

Call me #Marxist, #Christian, perhaps #Buddhist, #GenX, #INFJ, sadly #monolingual, and privileged. Also #married, #father, & mediocre #friend. Trying to be better.

Also amateur #screenwriter, #trivia collector & holder of 4 #college degrees.

Former #Photographer, #Professor, #TelevisionDirector, #SawmillWorker, & #ConstructionWorker.

Still learning who I am. 😂

Stevie Oberg
1 month ago

Am I actually #neurodivergent or is humanity just so fundamentally broken that they have to call being gentle and having a sense of justice a disorder? 🤔

#christian #christianity #wwjd #everythinghereismessedup