5 hours ago

Made some round blocks for a former colleague to replace the crappy and too small blocks that came with her canes set. I had to make them considerably larger per her request and also needed to bore a hole in one of them to house the ratchet on her turning cane.
#handstands #handstandblocks #handstandcanes #circus #woodworking #woodworker

21 hours ago

Saw a very energetic and inspring show by last Friday.

3 days ago

Tonight’s view, minus the aerial performers.

#STREB #stagehand #theatre #circus #acrobats

A yellow floor with lines criss-crossing it geometrically. At rear, a large teal, blue and red curtain draped with gentle waves through the fabric. Brick wall, warehouse. A silver truss near the roof. A sense of spaciousness. A sign on the back wall reads, “España-Streb Trapeze Academy.”
Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
4 days ago

A few of us were lucky enough to catch CirqueUS Stories last night! We only found out less than two hours before the show - but hey, improv means "yes, and" so off we went to enjoy aerial acrobatics, tumbling, comedy, and more!

Thanks to Wizbang Circus Theatre for bringing #CirqueUs to Cleveland!

#circus #acrobats #tumbling #cirque #aerial #theater

Six six performers; three as youths in colorful clothing reading while sitting on a bed prop in a stylized kids bedroom set while the other three are doing impressive handstands.
Emmanuel Veneau 📸
5 days ago

Circus tent. Festival Circa, Auch, France, October 2017.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #InTheLimelight
#photography #circus #orange #van
👤 #CircaAuch

On the right the opening of an orange circus tent, on the left an orange van in front of a building in the background.
ZZ Bottom
6 days ago

#Spain, #Nazi party #Vox and Franco party #PP only care for #Ecc to make a #circus of it.
And one wonders why #Portuguese still hope to put all #Castile to the sword?

1 week ago

A really cool mix between circus music and hip-hop flow. I really like this album.

#NowPlaying EZPZ - In A Wacky World #Electro #HipHop #Circus #Music

1 week ago

Do Vegans Go To Circuses? What To Know About ‘Circus Animals’ #AnimalRights #circus

1 week ago

チャラン・ポ・ランタン / 旅立讃歌 ~ワンカットver.~ (Departure song)

Somebody in the comments points out how many modulations there are in this song 🎶
#accordion #caberet #circus

1 week ago

TOHUWABOHU-Festival 🎉🎪🎊🎈
29.09. - 02.10.2023
Wo: Halle an der Saale

"Liebe Tohus, werte Bohus,
das lange Warten hat sich gelohnt.
Wir freuen uns alle Jongleusen, Akros, Ballkünstler und Flowartisten, sowie deren verhaltensoriginelle Entourage in Halle begrüßen zu dürfen. Freut Euch auf erstmals 4(!) volle Tage Training, Spiele, Workshops, Open Stage und Galashow..."

#circus #artistic #performingarts #DarstellendeKünste #Tanz #Theater #Musik #dasgutelebenfüralle

2 weeks ago

Für den wohn & #artistik Traum einfach mal mit dem #mietshaussyndikat eine Halle & Gebäude drum herum in der Stadt kaufen?

Willkommen im in #wien 😻

"kurzum: für alle bewegungsfanatischen, kreativen, motivierten Menschen, Artist*innen & Künstler*innen. [...] Eine leicht zugängliche Struktur, jederzeit erreichbar für alle, die sie brauchen. Platz zum Spielen, Ausprobieren & Kreieren, zum Feiern & Staunen, zum Zusammenkommen & Vernetzen."

#circus #dasgutelebenfüralle

The European Network
2 weeks ago

All the fun of the fair without the cruelty.

Germany's Roncalli circus has replaced live animals with holograms of elephants, lions, and other exotic creatures.

Due to concerns over animal welfare, the circus stopped using lions and elephants in its shows in 1991. But it went further in 2018 and completely removed live animals from its programme.

"It is no longer appropriate for Roncalli to show real animals in the ring".

#Germany #AnimalWelfare #Circus #Holograms

Dan Wing :unverified:
2 weeks ago

#Zoppé #circus in #Truckee was exactly what we hoped to see: 20 performers up close. A great afternoon.

3 weeks ago

Markus gets his first encounter with the Demon Clown his TF's him into a sexy jester outfit. Next up, a bit fat booty shows itself!
See more of these, including new pages first on my Patreon:

#funhouseoffrights #funhouse #funhouse #circus #clown #clowns #fat #belly #chest #pecs #demon #humanprey #clownpred #macro #macropred #mm #transformation #costume #suiting #jester #hypnosis #mindreading

🎪 Artist: #StreetartFrankey in City: #Amsterdam #Vondelpark Reyer Anslostraat, Netherlands 🇳🇱 - Title: "CIRCUS TENT" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Installation #Urbanart #Circus #FunArt 🐒

Streetart. Streetartist Frankey has attached two Playmobil figures and a tent roof to a small angular park border on the sidewalk. Now the red-and-white striped concrete block has become a neat circus tent with a ringmaster and a sitting monkey.
Info: Frankey is Frank de Ruwe who
currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Where, if you look closely, you can discover his works in an unexpected places throughout the city. Frankey manages to give passers-by an instant smile from ear to ear time after time. "Pretty cool, right?", He says himself.

My swordswallowing accident: 2008-era blog from a circus act performer. Link is to the story of the actual injury, there's a whole blog about learning the act, the medical recovery, etc
#swordswallowing #via:metafilter #esophagus #medical #circus #+

1 month ago

Indrukwekkende collectieven sieren het programma van Festival Circolo 2023
Het grootste hedendaagse circusfestival van Nederland met meer dan 100 voorstellingen naar Tilburg

Open monden, samengeknepen billen en gesperde ogen. Van 13 tot en met 22 oktober 2023 strijkt Festival Circolo neer in T
#ACTUEEL #Circolo #CIRCUS #PERSBERICHTEN #PODIUMKUNST #circolo #spoorpark #tiburg

Peter M 🎯
1 month ago


Heb een zelftest gedaan en ik heb ook last van allergieen. Hier zijn er een paar.

- Vertel me niet dat ik als #omnivoor een #zondaar ben en #vegans niet zou accepteren.

- Vertel me niet dat ik als #omnivoor #schuldig ben aan de #agroindustrie in #nl.

- Vertel me niet dat ik een #dierenbeul ben omdat ik vroeger naar een #circus of #diertuin ging.

- Vertel me niet dat ik #persoonlijk aangesproken kan worden op het #slavernijverleden van #nl.

- Vertel me niet ...(2)

Medemblik Praat
1 month ago

Lees alles over: "Filmhuis Medemblik: Charlie chaplin: the circus" op Medemblik Praat | Een zwerver loopt rond bij een circus, waar de politie hem voor zakkenroller aanziet. | #medemblik #circus #filmhuis #charliechaplin

Zirkusjugendtreffen Süd-West der Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Zirkuspädagogik Rheinland-Pfalz

#Zirkus #circus #Jonglage #jonglieren #juggling #cyrwheel #Akrobatik #Luftartistik #Inszenierung #RLP #rheinlandpfalz #Lambsheim

Peter M 🎯
1 month ago

(4+end) #uitglijder
..en uit mij in #cynisme. Natuurlijk had ik dat anders en #vriendelijker kunnen zeggen.
'Mea Culpa'.

En toch bekruipt mij die 'kriebel', want de 'gegoede burgerij', de 'Haves' weten al eeuwen wat goed is voor de 'Havenots'.
Ik zie daar 'hautain' gedrag in van 'Haves', die de wereld van de 'Havenots' niet gaan veranderen.

Dus ja, ik gun 'Havenots' een dagje naar de #dierentuin, #dolfinarium en #circus, ook al gaan ze daar #dieren zien die een beter leven verdienen.

Forest Gump. That's all I have to Say about that.
Peter M 🎯
1 month ago

(2) #uitglijder
..ín de wereld over een onderwerp. Gisteren ging het over #dierenleed in #dierentuinen, #dolfinaria en het #circus.
#generaties lang gingen ouders met hun #kinderen een dagje uit naar zoiets en nu nog. Dat wij (ik ook) er tegenwoordig anders over denken is terecht. En toch bekruipt mij dan een 'kriebel'.

Lees bijvoorbeeld dit artikel uit 2020. Bijstands gezinnen kunnen eindelijk een dagje uit naar Blijdorp in Rotterdam.

Of deze uit.....(3)

The Modesto Kid
1 month ago

The notion of a "Great Circle of Life" actually got its start via a #mistranslation of #Circus


Flo Bögner
1 month ago

#Berlin #circus this weekend! 4pm direct exit Einbeckerstr of S/U Lichtenberg

1 month ago

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) - Clown & Circus Rider

#Picasso #art #circus

Kunterbuntes Neukölln
1 month ago

Viel los auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

Am Wochenende werden wieder die Sternschnuppen des Perseiden-Meteorstroms am Nachthimmel zu sehen sein. Die Stiftung Planetarium #Berlin veranstaltet aus diesem Anlass am Sonnabend (12. August) die 10. Lange Nacht der Astronomie.

Im „Luftschloss“ vom Atze Musiktheater tritt zudem AŸA auf.

Drittes Highlight ist das Circus Festival

#TempelhoferFeld #thfbleibt #Perseiden #Sternschnuppen #Zirkus #Circus

Betriebsküche Dresden
2 months ago

Mal wieder ein kleines #Circus-Spektakel. "Dem Carnies" sind zu Besuch in der #Betriebsküche #Dresden.
Samstag, 26.8. 16:30 Uhr. Open Air. Eintritt frei.

Kommt rum, groß & klein:

Ein Veranstaltungsflyer mit Zeichnung von einem circuswagen und dem carnies Schriftzug.
Odin Halvorson
2 months ago

Saw the Flynn Creek Circus tonight for their adult show. Holy hell that was awesome. #Circus #theatre #circusarts #art #performance

2 months ago

American election circus has new image to get public busy talking about.

I no longer eat popcorn, but I should start as the circus is turning into a massive comedy show with many clowns in it.

#US #Election #Biden #Circus #Politics

Sam Hurwitt
2 months ago

A long-awaited SF return for Cirque du Soleil's "Corteo": I talked to creator Daniele Finzi Pasca for The Mercury News.
#theater #sftheatre #circus #theatre

A lot going on in the acrobatics and aerial hall at #EJC2023 in #Lublin. One of us from #flip #Mainz has been very active here throughout the week.

#aerialhoop #aerial #Trapez #aerialrope #Akrobatik #Circus #Zirkus

Luftartistik und Akrobatik-Halle in Lublin
It's Dash
2 months ago

Sketch from the sickbay this week. It's kind of nice to connect in some way to #circus and #AerialArts while huddled on the couch 🤒 Based on a screenshot.

#art #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #watercolour #ArtDiary

Blue and purple hued watercolour sketch of a woman suspended upside down in a piece of fabric, she is surrounded by jacaranda flowers.
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
2 months ago

🤸 #Akrobatik, Jonglage und mehr können Sie am 5.8 im Stadtteilbauernhof Bad Cannstatt erleben. Der #Circus Harmony aus der Partnerstadt St. Louis und der Circus Circuli aus #Stuttgart präsentieren ihr gemeinsames Programm. Los geht es um 16.30 Uhr. Der Eintritt beträgt 5 Euro.

Eine Gruppe Jugendlicher macht Akrobatik vor dem Stuttgarter Rathaus
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
2 months ago

Life’s a circus…

#circus #photography

Red and white striped circus tent. Blue sky.
Sommer Panage
2 months ago

Floating around yesterday #circus

This is quite an easy pose on rope, and I’ve probably been doing it for 16 years now, but it’s still one of my favorites. The expansiveness. The release of my hands. It feels like floating.

A woman in a sideways split in the air. One leg runs up the rope. One leg runs done into a knot around her foot. Her torso is sideways and parallel to the ground, arms floating slightly behind her back. She’s wearing a black mask and gazing towards the ground slightly, back to the camera.
Your Autistic Life
2 months ago

Dear advertisers,

Do you know what happens when I'm forced to watch one of your ads? I pay attention to the three-ring circus that goes on in my head, or I parody your ad on the spot. Witness the
#spoofs I have on #PeerTube:

Thank you for the inspiration!

#ad #advertisement #marketing #circus #parody

2 months ago

On this week’s episode of @accordionnoir radio, we mentioned how #JasonWebley is doing a Kickstarter right now to raise funds for his Flotsam River Circus raft adventure down the Mississippi River 🛶 🎪 🪗

If people want to donate to that they can do it here:

And if they want to learn more and listen to this week’s episode of our show with its tribute to #SineadOConnor it is over here:
#accordion #podcast #communityRadio #circus

Sommer Panage
2 months ago

Due to travel and illness I was away from my rope for 3 weeks. Coming back is always tricky: the desire to make up for lost time has to be balanced with easing the body back into practice. Today didn’t feel great but the work got some. Here’s a (sped up) clip from today’s work on my act:


Sommer Panage
2 months ago

#circus A friend of mine just got 2nd place in a HUGE juggling competition! Such a fun act too. I love how you can clearly see he's having as good of time as his audience! Talk about doing what you love!

Vintage Edmonton
2 months ago

July 26, 1932 and Arthur McCormack Has Run Away To The Circus at Vintage Edmonton:
#yeg #yeghistory #yegheritage #circus

Sommer Panage
2 months ago

1-2 years ago I shared a rough draft of a video project I was working on during the pandemic. That project is finally done and can be found here:

I don't think I understood how hard that time was for me until I looked back, particularly via the lens of this project. I don't know what I would have done without art during those years.


Sommer Panage
3 months ago

A moment from training today #circus

Black and white. Woman hangs upside from a white rope. The rope goes partly around her waist, and her legs are in a running position with one foot resting on the taught rope. Her arms extend straight behind her, somewhat winglike
3 months ago
Sommer Panage
3 months ago

Aerial stuff: I usually share sped-up videos to capture as much as possible. This video, however, is real-time. I've been doing a lot of movement research to improve the initial climb on my act. This video summarizes nearly two hours of work today to find nuance in these movements. It's not even close to "done," but you can, perhaps, see progress, if you've been watching other videos. It will take me many more months to really get this to the level I want. #circus

Sommer Panage
3 months ago

I’ve been getting my rope act into recording shape so I can send out some audition videos to shows soon. This is the first 1/2 (sped up to fit). I’m really happy with how it’s shaping up. Also the track on this video is SUCH a good cover. #circus

[Not sure if sharing IG Reels works but let’s try.]

flaeky pancako
3 months ago

#circus #3d
my diablo juggling friend Guillaume hired me to do some new product renders for his site :

having a lot of fun on this , brushing up on procedural materials, rendering , studio lighting and also making super accurate models of real world objects, current model should be about +- 0.5mm of actual with nothing but a caliper and a phone to take pictures :)

Snowy Wings Publishing
4 months ago

Step right up! Sylvia's here with the cover reveal for MAGIC UNDER THE BIG TOP, our upcoming YA circus-themed anthology, edited by Mary Fan. The cover was designed by Qamber Designs and Media. Featuring nine original stories, the anthology is releasing this fall!

Learn more:

#IndieAuthors #IndiePublishing #Circus #ShortFiction @bookstodon

The cover of Magic Under the Big Top features an Asian woman performing an aerial routine on gold silks. Behind her is a set of striped circus tents and a purple sunset sky.
Sylvia, the Snowy Wings Publishing Spokesowl, poses on silks of her own alongside the cover of Magic Under the Big Top
4 months ago

No one was certain what the clowns had been telling the bearded lady. #grickledoodle #circus #mystery #carnival #cartoon #drawing #art

Sommer Panage
4 months ago

Got to visit a new aerial space that just opened up in SF and jammed today; not new choreo, but even old choreo feels new in a new space 😀 Had a wonderful time! Overjoyed to see the aerial scene coming back to life again here! #circus

Fran Mendez
4 months ago

2nd day of the split/spagat 30-day challenge. Not sure I'll be able to perform a split in 30 days but these trainings are just 15 min long and leave you with a good feeling.

#training #spagat #split #handstand #circus

Sommer Panage
4 months ago

During the core pandemic years, I considered quitting rope. 😱 So glad I didn’t. Today, for whatever reason I’m going thru a big “growth spurt” in my rope training. Perhaps just due to consistency (and amazing coaches), but I’m getting skills I never thought I’d be able to do. Most of these clips from class yesterday are new skills for me, which feels very exciting after 15+ years of training. #circus

Fran Mendez
4 months ago

I'm also on #pixelfed. Let's follow each other there! I mostly will post stuff about #handstand, #circus, and #training.

4 months ago

Very curious to know what the Russian #film is that's edited into Innocence Unprotected. Here's a few more screenshots from the same scene. The #movie must be from 1943 or earlier. #Russia #circus #HumanCannonball

4 months ago

@UkuleleG3orge @adtothebone
That’s how you recognize a #Finnish #Accordion player

This group #SawtoothDuo is playing here in vancouver in June, and I said, hey that guy’s from #Finland 🇫🇮

#Korpiklaani has been putting on a good #FolkMetal show for years

#NettaSkog has played #Metal and is now with #CirqueDuSoleil! 🎪 #circus

Netta Skog, long pale haired, accordionist, sitting with her instrument in a forest, as if she just graduated from the Finnish Sebelius Academy and is pondering what her next career move is.
Matti Pulkki from Canada’s Sawtooth Duo. Thin white man with a very large Finnish, C system, chromatic Accordion.
Sami Perttula, accordion player of Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani. Foot up on the monitor, supporting a Roland v accordion, looking a little bit badass kind off. But not snarling, more smiling with his bald head and chin beard.
Netta Scog standing silhouetted in the blue stage lights wearing torn furs and red and black face paint while playing her Finnish C system electric accordion in “battle metal” band Turisas.
Sommer Panage
4 months ago

Fun evening in my aerial class - hit a lucky night where we did all new movements! Here’s a little montage of what we covered. Lots of struggle and mental (and physical) gymnastics to figure some of these out but also lots of fun cheering each other on! #circus

Sommer Panage
4 months ago

Working on a new stage act (as opposed to the video work I’ve been doing in the past years). It’s starting to take shape. Acts never develop linearly. Much like software dev (for me), they come in spurts. I’ll figure out huge chunks and then nothing for months. Today, I found the beginning, which you’ll see in the start of this clip. The ending (last part), however, has been the same in almost every act I’ve had. It just feels right. #circus

Sommer Panage
4 months ago

Back home and back to training. Managed to find a couple pull up bars while I traveled, so I didn’t lose too much strength. Here’s a sampling from my Sunday conditioning session on straps and rope. I’m really happy with the strength and stability I’ve built in my shoulders lately. You’ll see that some of this work is only on one arm which is quite taxing, so feeling pretty good about that! #circus

Sommer Panage
5 months ago

Is there an AI program that will write music for me based on text based prompts yet? This could be killer for my aerial work. #circus

"Please compose a 4:30 instrumental track that sounds like My Immortal but 27% less angsty with a BPM of 132 and a 45 second bridge at 3:05."

Sommer Panage
5 months ago

About 90% of aerial work is finding creative/graceful ways to try to get your foot to your head. I’m not quite there on this movement yet, but you’ll see my foot get very close on the third attempt! (The class of movement is called “beats” bc they have a clear tempo). As always thanks for watching! #circus (also I love how this synced to the music 🎶)

Sommer Panage
5 months ago

Had a good day training handstands yesterday despite being tired - lots of body stability during leg movement! I’m constantly surprised how my body can do physical things well even though my insomnia continues. A true mystery! #circus #handstands

Sommer Panage
5 months ago

Friend texted me this image this morning. I would say that I was a totally different person 9 years ago but ... yeah, no I'd do this now. #circus

Four women (one being me) in very 80s style animal bring print circus costumes pose together backstage before a show.
Sommer Panage
6 months ago

It’s wild how much a tiny bit of work everyday can do. I haven’t been training handstands in long sessions for a while now. Instead, I just do a few per day and once/week maybe 20 minutes after another workout. But that consistency, far more than duration, has given me better progress than 2 or more 90min sessions per week. Reminds me a bit of the advice proffered in Atomic Habits. #circus

A woman holds a handstand. Her legs are split one forward bent 90° at the knee and one back also bent 90° at the knee, as if in a massive running stride.
A woman holding a handstand. Her legs are crossed and curled into her body as if she were sitting.
6 months ago

@dangillmor @GregSargent
Sad. Had followed him, too, to support #journalists on #Mastodon.
He has n o perseverance, it seems.

Let's see how he and the others will do after the inexorably coming closer collapse of the #BorgSite.

Reminds me of:

"Ave #Caesar, morituri te salutant."--The Gladiators customary greeting: "Those who are about to die salute you".

s/:Well, SOME survived. We'll find out./s


A painting of a #Roman amphitheater, in the back a Mountain, so possibly #Pompeii, a group of #gladiators greeting the sponsor of the #games and his guests of honor.
There are some corpses in the arena.

Ave Caesar! Morituri te salutant, by Jean-Léon #Gérôme (1859), inaccurately depicting gladiators greeting #Vitellius.

Sommer Panage
6 months ago

Had a really great day on rope, making progress on multiple skills and nailing down some new choreo. Love days like this!

When the pandemic began, I thought it might be a stopping point for me with rope. I’m so glad that I pushed through and kept training. I have so much more to learn.


Sommer Panage
6 months ago

Got a root canal this morning and wasn’t sure if rope class this evening was a good idea, but went anyway and ended up having a blast. In a way, I think being a little tired and loopy made me train better because I couldn’t overthink things. Bodies are wild. Here are some clips from class! #circus

Sommer Panage
6 months ago

Some recent rope improv to one of my favorite covers. Improv is by its nature completely unpolished but I love the freedom it gives me to decide where to go next as I move, to see what my body wants to do with the sounds it's hearing. #circus

6 months ago

📷 Mary Ellen Mark

#photography #circus

Club Fugazi
7 months ago

“Dear SF,
I am an addict of you, your energy, beauty, history, Victorian houses, artistry, vibes and free love. CHANGES ARE INEVITABLE. I love you SF.”

Sommer Panage
7 months ago

Today my one rule training rope was "you have to leave with something you like;" this is where that landed: an improv'd and then workshopped sequence with some "weird" in it. I haven't quite figured out yet how I want to use the descent, but overall I "like" it and that was my goal.

It's so easy for me to train pullups and it's so damned hard for me to feel like I can/should *create* so setting tiny goals like these per session really helps.

#circus #aerialrope

Eugenia L
7 months ago

"The crowds cheer and the curtains reveal,

Here's Johnny Strongman with a mustache deadpan,

Enter the beefed-up man, the weights lift he can,

Foxy the Seal drops the ball and hurries to his pal so tall,

Without hesitation he lifts the weights, with a look in the crowd to find prospective mates."

I painted this in #watercolor last night and wrote the #poem this afternoon.

#mastoart #illustration #circus #traditionalart #art #markers #weightlifting #bodybuilding #seal #poetry

A vintage strongman lifting weights in a circus

Stockholm friends! Tomorrow Saturday I'm in a weird little dance show in Teater Tre with a circus theme. It'll be mad. Come support local culture! And see me in a very VERY tight leotard. for tickets. #stockholm #dance #circus

Man in tight striped leotard and fake moustache.
Leaflet advertising a circus-themed dance show in Stockholm, Sat 25th February, Teater Tre at 19:00.
Sommer Panage
7 months ago

I almost skipped rope class today; I felt so tired and low, but then I went and got a bunch of little wins—old tricks I used to know and new ones I’m polishing. Even after doing this for so many years, I sometimes forget how it can bring me back from the doldrums. #circus

Montage of woman doing tricks on aerial rope with pink visual filter. First, she swings down on the rope and then rolls up, then she does a controlled front roll down the rope catching it with her hands. In the third shot she swings on the rope in large fluid motions and in the final shot she does slow controlled motions with her legs and body while hanging from hands.
7 months ago

Bijna 75 jaar geleden waren de Eames dus (net als ik nu een stop-motion) ook al een Circus parade filmpje aan het maken, ik had geen idee. 🎪 📽️ 🎞️ ❣️ 😍
Dat eindshot ook, met 'Le Ballon Rouge" .... 🎈

Zo is de cirkel weer helemaal rond. ⭕ Love it!

Eames: The Parade (1952)

#Eames #homoludens #architecture #design #circus #stopmotion #animation

Global Museum
8 months ago

This circus began phasing out animal performances in the 1990s.

A German Circus Uses Stunning Holograms Instead of Live Animal Performers.

Circus Roncalli is preserving the tradition of animal acts while eliminating concerns of animal cruelty. #circus #Holograms #animals

Sommer Panage
8 months ago

Often I’m super hard on myself when I’m training #circus. While it helps me keep improving, it also sometimes makes training a bit of a slog. Recently, I captured this image while I was busy telling myself “this is shit,” and I’m so happy with it. The body position is correct and long. The knees are good and I’m getting lift away from the rope. So, just a post to remind myself (and maybe anyone else like me) to find and take the wins no matter how small 😊

Black and white. A woman swings on a rope with one hand overhead and one at hip level. The shot catches her on a back swing, body parallel to the ground and back slightly arched. Legs are about hip distance apart and straight.
8 months ago

Conserving Calder's Circus
Whitney conservators Carol Mancusi-Ungaro & Eleonora Nagy, archivist Anita Duquette & art historian Joan Simon describe the process of restoring one of the most beloved works in the Whitney's collection, Alexander Calder's Circus. The research team enlivens the character of the #Circus through contemporary associations and offers a new look at conserving the inherent fragility of the figures that have delighted Whitney audiences for generations.

Andy Paciorek -Uncanny Noir 💀☕
8 months ago

Jimmy Armstrong, 'The Dwarf'. Palisades, New Jersey, USA.
~ Bruce Davidson. 1958

#VintagePhotography #Clown #Circus #Carnivalia #BruceDavidson

a dwarf clown smoking on a rain-sodden circus midway
8 months ago

🎪 Alexander Calder performs his "Circus" | Whitney Museum of American Art

#circus #art #Calder