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#SCOTUS appears likely to ease process for #workplace #discrimination claims

The #SupremeCourt seemed prepared on Wed to make it easier for workers to pursue #employment discrimination claims over #job transfers, after reviewing the case of a female #police sergeant in #StLouis, MO, who said she was reassigned to a less prestigious role because she is a #woman.
#Federal #CivilRights #law #sex #race #religion #EqualEmploymentOpportunities

SpaceHistory, etc
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Books about #race that are also about #space. The creation of #NASA and the drive to land humans on the #Moon is interlaced with the American #CivilRights movement in ways that go beyond anything you saw in HIDDEN FIGURES. Here is a list of the #books I personally leaned on when I was writing (at the time it came out) the only book ever written on the subject.

Mark Wyner :vm:
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On this day in 1955, the Montgomery bus boycott began in Alabama. It was 4 days after Rosa Parks was arrested for her bus protest (

The boycott lasted 380 days, ending in a federal ruling (Browder v Gayle) that segregation on buses was unconstitutional.


#MontgomeryBusBoycott #Protest #Resistance #CivilRights #RosaParks #America #SystemicRacism #BrowserVGayle

Public transit bus from the 1950s in a museum with plaques in front of it. It’s painted yellow with a large green stripe through its middle and is capped on a large white stripe. It has a flat front, a front banner that reads ‘Cleveland ave,’ and its doors are open.

1926: "The question of race segregation in cities was argued before the Supreme Court today in a case involving the enforceability of contracts made among property owners to restrict the sale and use of their property." -NYT, 1/9/26 #segregation #supremecourt #histodons #washingtondc #racialcovenants #civilrights


Louis Marshall Argues in the Capital City Appeal That They Cannot Be Segregated


Attempt to Stop a Negro From Buying Home on a Fashionable Street Is Opposed

Washington, Jan. 8 (AP). - The question of race segregation in cities was argued before the Supreme Court today in a case involving the enforceability of contracts made among property owners to restrict the sale and use of their property.
The case originated here. The property, which the  owner is alleged to have sought to sell to a negro woman, is on S Street in what a few years ago was an exclusive white residential section. The homes of Herbert Hoover and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson are on the same street only a half dozen blocks away.
Owners of the property in the block in dispute-between Seventeenth and Eighteenth Streets-made a formal contract in 1921 that for a period of twenty-one years none would sell to a negro. About a year later, however, one of the parties to the contract, Mrs. Irene Hand Corrigan, agreed to sell her house to Mrs. Helen Curtis, and the other property owners in the block got an injunction on the ground that Mrs. Curtis is of negro blood. The lower trial court held the contract valid and enforceable, sweeping aside contentions that constitutional guarantees of race equality had been violated.
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People joined with others in appealing, and Morefield Story of Massachusetts and Louis...
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#republicans are considering other candidates and big money donors are passing on #trump.

This is a noticable change from #cpac where Trump boasted 90% support from all Republicans.

#Democrats should point out the differences in policy on #abortion and #civilrights while promoting negotiation on a modern immigration policy from #118congress .

#biden still wins.

Bob the Traveler
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Melissa Atwell
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There is ALWAYS a deeply-rooted reason for their hatred. “Internalized Homophobia” is a sad, pervasive mental affliction, especially in the Conservative & Talibangelical communities.

#LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #InternalizedHomophobia #Homophobia #VoteBlue #Democrats #Democracy #CivilRights #USApolitics #USApol #USpolitics #USpol

Shiny Amygdala, ph.D
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Landlord came in today with maintenance. Saw the mold and blamed us for it being there even though there's a leaky gutter on the other side of the closet wall. Our closet was tidy. I keep my mobility scooter in there and we store one of the children's extra medical supplies in there, protected inside black plastic garbage bags. The landlord saw what was in the bags because two of them were open and the medical supplies were inside. He literally called our belongings "trash" and that the mold was there because of all our "garbage" (medical supplies and my mobility scooter)

The maintenance man had to saw a hole in the wall and and look around.

He covered it with plastic and left.

We aren't hearing word back about when they are finishing the repair or what to expect.

We need to file a claim with our renters insurance because we had to throw out all the families shoes and winter boots, 4 coats and $300 worth of medical supplies that we were storing in there, because it was all covered in that mold.

The landlord called our belongings trash, all while tossing our things out of our closet (our belongings that were stored in there are ruined from mold)
We video and audio recorded the entire interaction

Here's what our wall looks like now, and we are expected to clean up the drywall and mold mess they left behind

#LandLords #Michigan #rent #HousingCrisis #disability #discrimination #CivilRights #Housing #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #Section8 #Families

View of inside entryway closet shows a large square hole cut into drywall
 Dust and dirt are on the floor beneath it. 

The hole is covered with clear plastic
Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
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"At their center, all of these cases are based on lies. Not minor lies, but lies that allowed the case to get to the #Court and lies that allowed the Court to decide as it did. It’s just another way in which #conservatives have turned the #courts into a vehicle to roll back #CivilRights and to make the #rich richer."

#Republicans #GOPLies #USSupremeCourtIsIllegitimate #SCOTUSIsCorrupt #Taxes #LGBT
#SCOTUS is making major #decisions based on outright #lies


A screenshot from the article: 

"A favorable and expansive ruling for the Moores, invalidating the repatriation tax and two other corporate tax provisions in the 2017 act, could reduce over $1 trillion in tax revenue over the next 10 years. A right-leaning tax think tank said that if SCOTUS rules that any type of unrealized business income tax, foreign or domestic, is unconstitutional, it would blow a hole in the federal budget to the tune of $5.7 trillion in the next decade."
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Thrilled to have started my new 4-year research project, “The Europe that Gay Porn Built, 1945–2000.”

During the second half of the 20th century, the political history of Europe and of its institutions
overlapped with the history of the LGBT movement. Not only did LGBT organisations build on the political and cosmopolitan ideals that were being associated with the post-war Europeanist project, but European institutions themselves would also eventually come to take up LGBT rights as markers of European distinction and of the Europeanist value of pluralism. Yet, while there is a growing body of scholarship exploring the role of transnationalism in the development of LGBT identities, activism, and belonging happening in parallel with the social, cultural, economic and political project of Europeanism, the vast majority of that work centres on the histories of activist organisations. It draws exclusively from LGBT institutional archives and activist media to explore the historical co-development of LGBT politics and European institutions. That despite the fact that, as several scholars have convincingly shown, it was not activist media but erotica and pornographic print media that managed to reach the largest LGBT readership during those decades and, through that, contribute to the development of a sense of LGBT community and political constituency that transcended national borders. “The Europe that Gay Porn Built, 1945–2000,” will therefore be the first research project to map the ways in which the most read and widely disseminated kinds of post-war gay media—gay porn magazines—will have contributed to forge a sense of transnational European (gay) identity and belonging among their readers, whether smuggled through the borders of the Fascist regimes of Salazar and Franco, published and commercialised across the liberal capitalist democracies of Central and Northern Europe, or having found their way through the Iron Curtain to the GDR and the Polish People’s Republic. In order to map the role of gay erotica and pornographic printed matter in shaping how European gay men imagined one another, their collective identity, and their European difference vis-à-vis non-Europeans, the project will centre on archival research in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Poland in order to produce a visual and discourse analysis of gay postwar porn magazines published and read in those countries. In addition to that, and to complement gaps in the pornographic archive, oral history interviews will be conducted with gay men in each of those countries in order to collect in-depth personal accounts of their consumption of gay porn magazines during those decades and the role those magazines played in their lives and imaginaries of transnational belonging.
#humanities #digitalhumanities #activism #civilrights #democracy #humanrights #history #histodon #lgbtq

The europe that gay pn built - 2000.
A map of europe with the words archaeology research and local histories.
GIGA Institute
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#Autocracies and #FakeNews laws in #Asia: At #GIGATalk, Cathleen Berger, Ruth Streicher, Sangeeta Mahapatra, Janjira Sombatpoonsiri, Andreas Ufen, and Christian von Soest will discuss the erosion of #CivilRights.

➡ Register here for 6 December:

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1964: In support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Buddhist Churches of America (Jodo Shinshu Pure Land) passed a resolution condemning the Ashbrook Amendment, which would permit job discrimination against atheists. The BCA said: "We feel that there should be no discrimination against any person because of his race, color, religion, sex or national origin." The BCA forwarded the resolution to their senator

#buddhism #buddhist #jodoshinshu #shinbuddhism #atheism #civilrights #engagedbuddhism

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The fascists have fear and guns.

We share Copland, Ellison, Dickinson, Stieglitz, libraries, symphonies, theaters, teachers, dreamers, Chisolm, and Jordan. We are the inheritors of hope and action.

#humanities #music #writing #CivilRights #AntiFascism

Marina Ormes :toad:
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Powerful and riveting storytelling by Jeffery Robinson paints a picture of racism in America and how it impacts American identity and values. It's on Netflix through December 12th. Great documentary, highly recommend. #racism #antiracism #WhitePrivilege #WhiteSupremacy #CivilRights #CivilRightsMovement #MLK #BLM #BlackLivesMatter #history #AmericanHistory #documentary #SocialJustice

Daniel AJ Sokolov
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December 1, 1955 - just 68 years ago. A #black woman buys a #bus ticket and sits down. That quickly lands her in #jail.

Ten years ago, I summed up her famous story in German:
#RosaParks #CivilRights

Mark Wyner :vm:
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On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her bus seat to a white man.

Of the event she noted:

“People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true. I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day…no, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”


#OnThisDay #History #America #CivilRights #SystemicRacism #RosaParks #Montgomery #Alabama #Protest

Black and white photo of Rosa’s mugshot next to her arrest document. She’s sitting and wearing a nice button-up dress with wire frame glasses, a flower in her hair, and has a stoic facial expression. The arrest document it titled ‘police department, city of Montgomery.’ It lists details about the bus driver’s complaint, noting that she was arrested for non-compliance of a city code for Black people being forced to sit at the back of transit buses.
5 days ago

On this day 68 years ago, December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger.

This event further showed the world the hardships faced by African Americans in America.

Do you know where Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat?

#RosaParks #RosaParksDay #CivilRights #BlackMastadon #education #history #TodayInHistory #Histodons #geography #wikipedia

Image of Rosa Parks
WIST Quotations
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A quotation from Johnson, Lyndon:

At times history and fate meet at a single time in a single place to shape a turning point in man’s unending search for freedom. So it was at Lexington and Concord. So it was a century ago at Appomattox. So it was last week in Selma, Alabama.
There, long-suffering men and women peacefully protested the denial of their rights as Americans.…

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #civilrights #votingrights #racism

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Mrs. Parks's work for racial justice long preceded this courageous act. She was very active in the local chapter of the NAACP since joining as the chapter’s only woman member in 1943 and had served as both the youth leader and secretary.

Mrs. Parks frequently traveled throughout Alabama to interview Black people who had suffered racial terror, violence, or other injustices. In 1944, she investigated the Abbeville, Alabama, gang-rape of a young Black woman named Recy Taylor and joined with other civil rights activists to organize a national campaign demanding prosecution of the white men responsible.
#civilrights #womensrights #NAACP

Jason Self
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🌟 On this day December 1 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for her courageous act of defiance by refusing to give up her seat. This confronted systemic racism and ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Let's honor her legacy by continuing the fight for justice and equality. #RosaParks #CivilRights

6 days ago

The #CivilRights network Campaign Against #StateRepression (#CASR), even as condemning what it calls “brutal #repression” on the #Adivasi #slumDwellers of Salia Sahi in #Bhubaneshwar by the #Odisha police, has said that the #crackdown was against the #tribals struggling for #LandRights in order to “stop the attempts at #LandGrab by the government.”

#India #Orissa #WarOnThePoor #injustice #HumanRights #TootSEA #PovertyIsNotACrime #GlobalSouth

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Today in Labor History December 1, 1955: Rosa Parks, a 43-year-old African-American seamstress, refused to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. The authorities arrested her, triggering a year-long boycott of the city bus system. It also led to legal actions which ended racial segregation on municipal buses throughout the south.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #RosaParks #bus #boycott #segregation #JimCrow #CivilRights #EqualRights #racism #blm #BlackMastadon

Booking photo of Parks following her February 1956 arrest during the Montgomery bus boycott. By Alabama Department of Archives and History --, Fair use,
6 days ago

On 1st December 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama and was arrested. This started the the Montgomery Bus Boycott began is one of the most powerful stories of organising and social change in US history.

#AmericanHistory #CivilRights #RosaParks #MontgomeryBusBoycott #OnThisDay

Rosa Parks sit on a seat close to the front of the bus with a white man behind her.
SURJ Bay Area
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Damario Solomon-Simmons (Black Creek) is a National #CivilRights attorney and founder of Justice for Greenwood, and Solomon-Simmons Law - a corporate and civil litigation firm with emphasis on Civil Rights. Damario has been integral in Alexander v. City of Tulsa the suit to obtain #reparations for the Greenwood Massacre, serving as a community organizer and key legal advisor to lead counsel #HarvardUniversity Law Professor Dr. Charles Ogletree. Follow him at attorneydamario on IG

A  headshot of Damario as he looks directly to camera smiling with his arms crossed at the chest. He wears a black suit with a purple tie, purple paisley pocket square, and a small pin on his left lapel.  He stands in front of an announcements board with various articles behind glass.
GIGA Institute
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Autocratic governments in #Asia weaponise #FakeNews laws – contributing to erosion of #CivilRights. At our upcoming #GIGATalk, Cathleen Berger and Ruth Streicher will discuss with #GIGA’s Sangeeta Mahaprata, Janjira Sombatpoonsiri, Andreas Ufen, and Thomas Richter.
➡️ Register here for 6 December:

Toledo Humanists
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The Real Origin of the Religious Right
We will be watching a video talk by historian Randall Balmer and then having a group discussion about the real origin of the Religious Right and it wasn't because of abortion
#abortion #CivilRights #ReligiousFreedom #ReligiousRight

Houston Public Media
1 week ago

The latest demographic data showed that Texas continues to see population growth. But there were signs that some communities are leaving the state because of the passage of anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

#CivilRights #LGBTQ+ #News #Texas #antilgbtqlaws #LGBTQleavingTexas #movingfromTexas

Closing arguments are due to begin in high-profile trial of 16 pro-democracy figures nearly three years after arrests.#CivilRights #AsiaPacific #HongKong
Hong Kong’s arrested pro-democracy activists face long wait for judgement
1 week ago

"Say Brother" began in 1968 during the height of the civil rights movement as a response to the demand for public television programs reflecting the concerns of communities of color.

Now known as "Basic Black," over 80 historical episodes are available to watch online featuring African-American artists, athletes, performers, politicians, and writers.

Explore the collection:

#publicbroadcasting #mediaarchives #saybrother #basicblack #civilrights #blackvoices

Featuring The “Say Brother” Collection 

Over 80 historical episodes from 1968 to 1982 free to view!
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Benjamin Taylor is a #CivilRights #lawyer who wants a #JusticeSystem that’s #fair for everyone — not just those with the means to pay for a good defense.

The #Tucson native dreamed of working on Wall Street but found finance wasn’t really for him and turned to #law.

Now, Taylor has another bully pulpit to fight for #equity and #justice #reform. He’s #president of the #StateBar of #Arizona — the #first #Black lawyer to have that post.

#precedent #USpoli #BlackAmerican

Joseph Meyer
1 week ago

High Bar For Hospitalizing Mentally Ill Portlanders Without Consent Leaves Those In Great Need On The Street

“L.B., who is 60 and unhoused, is unlikely to make it through the winter. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, L.B. often experiences paranoia and delusions that frighten her and make her aggressive toward the outside world. She does not use drugs or alcohol. She is often soaked in her own urine and feces and has been physically assaulted on multiple occasions. A person can be forced into care if they pose harm to themselves or others or are unable to provide for basic personal needs. But five times over the past year, Multnomah County’s state-certified civil commitment investigators, all with master’s degrees in behavioral health, said she did not meet the criteria. L.B.’s story highlights aspects of Oregon’s mental health system that can endanger lives, particularly local officials’ interpretations of the state’s civil commitment law.”


2 weeks ago

3 people shot in #Vermont identified as #Palestinian college students

By Celina Tebor, CNN
2 minute read
Updated 12:53 PM EST, Sun November 26, 2023

"Three college students from the Palestinian territories were shot in #BurlingtonVermont, on Saturday evening, according to their former school in the occupied West Bank.

"Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad said in a news release that officers responded to a call and found two shooting victims, with the third a short distance away, all close to the #UniversityOfVermont campus.

"The victims were transported to the University of Vermont Medical Center, the news release said.

"The shooter or shooters have not been identified or apprehended, Murad said, and the police department is 'at the earliest stages of investigating this crime.'

"The three students had graduated from Ramallah Friends School, a #Quaker-run private nonprofit school in Ramallah, according to the school.

"The school identified the students in a Facebook post as Hisham Awartani, Kinnan Abdelhamid and Tahseen Ahmed.

"According to Ramallah Friends School, all three are students at American colleges. Haverford College in Pennsylvania confirmed in a statement that Abdelhamid, a junior at the college, is recovering from gunshot wounds at a hospital.

"Husam Zomlot, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Kingdom, posted on X about the incident, naming the students and identifying them as 'three young Palestinian men.'

"'The #HateCrimes against Palestinians must stop. Palestinians everywhere need protection,' Zomlot wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Burlington police did not specify the ethnicity of the three and whether they were targeted for that reason.

"The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee said in a news release that they 'have reason to believe this shooting occurred because the victims are Arab.' The #CivilRights organization added that two of the students are still in intensive care and one has 'very critical and serious injuries.'

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations announced it was offering a $10,000 reward for 'information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators' of the shooting.

"The shooting comes amid heightened tensions and hate crimes in the US in the weeks since October 7, when Hamas launched a deadly attack in Israel and Israel responded with devastating airstrikes across Gaza. In October, a 6-year-old Palestinian American boy was stabbed to death by his family’s landlord in a case authorities are calling a hate crime.

"CNN has reached out to the University of Vermont, the University of Vermont Medical Center, the students’ universities, Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger and Gov. Phil Scott for comment.

"This is a developing story and will be updated."

Joseph Meyer
2 weeks ago

On Caregiving

I recently read a toot about the burden of being a caregiver for a person with Alzheimer’s disease and can sympathize with their perspectives since I was once a caregiver for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease. My brother and I moved our parents into a retirement community when the symptoms of my father’s Alzheimer’s disease became too much for my mother to handle. My father had recently struck my sister-in-law. My mother lived in the assisted living part of the facility and my father moved into a memory care unit. My mother visited my dad almost daily. My brother and I visited him most weekends and took him out bowling or golfing. It was tiring and stressful—as working parents, my wife and I had two young children to drag along for those visits that occupied one day of most weekends. Yes, being a caregiver for a parent with Alzheimer’s was stressful for the 5-6 years the disease lasted until his death.

When we moved our father into the Alzheimer’s unit, he was too mentally incompetent to consent. My brother walked him through signing his name onto an admission form, letter by letter. Notably, no disability rights attorney or judge was there to object, to defend his civil rights. No disability rights advocates argued he would be better off homeless or imprisoned. I suspect this is how things work for most families that make the difficult choice to move an aging parent into such a place. My reason for bring up the absence of such bureaucratic impediments will be clearer a bit later in this thread.

My father lived in that memory care unit for the last 5 years of his life and my family was fortunate that he recognized us until about the last six weeks. On some days, he delusionally believed that he was back living in his childhood home with brothers and sister. On other days he was more in touch with reality. He probably would not have chosen to live the last years of his life in such a place. But he quickly got accustomed to it. When we returned from our bowling or golf outings with him, he willingly returned to his new home and waved goodbye with a smile on his face.



Embracing the considerable societal, scientific, and civil liberties advancements over the past two centuries is essential for ensuring that America's constitutional framework continues to be relevant and effective.

#Constitution #ConstitutionalRights #CivilRights #CivilLiberties #Originalism (8/8)

Additionally, there are concerns that originalism’s selective emphasis on history can be leveraged to support partisan agendas, potentially leading to increased politicization within the judiciary and undermining its role in impartial law interpretation.

Ultimately, finding a balance between respecting the Constitution's historical context and adapting to modern challenges is crucial.

#Constitution #ConstitutionalRights #CivilRights #CivilLiberties #Originalism (7/8)

The healthcare system’s capability to evolve and respond to society’s changing needs is crucial.

Moreover, the inflexibility of originalism appears to contradict the Constitution’s role as a dynamic, adaptable guide meant to accommodate extensive and unforeseen societal changes, including advancements in rights and medical sciences.

#Constitution #ConstitutionalRights #CivilRights #CivilLiberties #Originalism (6/8)

Similarly, in healthcare, originalism's strict adherence to historical viewpoints stands in stark contrast to the rapid advancements in medical technology and bioethics. Applying 18th-century medical ethics to modern phenomena such as AI diagnostics, gene therapy, or assisted dying could impede progress and affect patient care.

#Constitution #ConstitutionalRights #CivilRights #CivilLiberties #Originalism (5/8)

Paranoid Factoid
2 weeks ago

Adam Serwer writing in *The Atlantic* on the recent 8th circuit appeals decision gutting the Voting Right Act. The decision prevents citizens and groups from filing lawsuits seeking relief under the act, limiting it to the Justice Department. A government action. Which, as Sewer notes, is at odds with the intent of congress and longstanding application.


#VotingRightAct #CivilRights #gerrymandering #racism #gop #Republicans #voting #newjimcrow

2 weeks ago

The #EighthCircuit appeals court on Mon drastically weakened the #VotingRightsAct, ruling only the #federal govt could bring a #legal challenge under §2 of the #VRA, effectively barring private citizens & #CivilRights groups from filing #lawsuits, a crucial part of the #law that prohibits #election or #voting practices that #discriminate against #Americans based on #race.

2 weeks ago

#SCOTUS won’t hear #DerekChauvin’s appeal in murder of #GeorgeFloyd

The #SupremeCourt on Mon declined to hear fmr MN police officer Derek Chauvin’s appeal of his conviction for the 2020 murder of George Floyd.

Chauvin’s atty argued that #Chauvin was denied a fair trial in 2021 after the MN trial court rejected his request for a change of venue & to sequester the jury.

#Law #BLM #CivilRights

Wren Birdie (she/her)
2 weeks ago

#USPol #CivilRights

The 8th Circuit Court of appeals has 11 judges. Five were appointed by George W, Four appointed by Trump, one by Daddy Bush and one by Obama.

This! This is why we're losing our rights. The conservatives have beat the Dems in appointing federal judges. And they have beat Dems at the local level, specifically school boards which dictate what children do and do not learn.

Paranoid Factoid
2 weeks ago


For decades, private citizens and groups have been able to file claims under the #VotingRightsAct to seek redress for racial #gerrymandering and other rules violations. In Feb 2022, a Trump appointed judge reversed that, ruling only the Justice Department can file such claims. Now, a three judge panel on appeal upheld that lower court ruling. #law #votingrights #civilrights #USpol #politics

«A federal appeals court issued ruling Mon that could gut the #VotingRightsAct, saying only the federal gov — not private citizens or #CivilRights groups — is allowed 2 sue under a crucial section of the landmark civil rights law

The decision out of the 8th Circuit will almost certainly be appealed 2 the #SupremeCourt. But should it stand, it would mark a dramatic rollback of the enforcement of the law that led to increased
#MinorityRepresentation in American #politics»

Paranoid Factoid
3 weeks ago

From The Intellectualist at the hellsite, here's Senator Mike Braun [R-IN] saying he's open to SCOTUS changing settled law and depriving people of equal protection in** mixed racial marriages.**

Thus allowing states to reimplement old miscegenation laws, or banning so-called mixed ethnic marriages, requiring SCOTUS overturn *Loving v Virginia* in 1967.

These are confederate radicals.

#miscegenation #racism #marriage #politics #USpol #GOP #Republicans #Indiana #confederacy #civilrights

Senator Mike Braud from Indianna on supporting the right of states to ban mixed marriages, or ethnically mixed relationships.
Frankie ✅
3 weeks ago

Bette Davis greeting troops during WW2. Davis was a huge proponent of civil rights.

Davis supported a program called “Stage Door Canteen” where servicemen could be entertained by the stars. She ensured this program was fully integrated, and that soldiers of all races and backgrounds could spend time with Hollywood starlets.

#history #photography #civilrights #vintage #WWII #celebrity #USO

3 weeks ago

2020: How #NativeAmericans#RightToVote has been systematically violated for generations

In the new book Voting in Indian Country, Jean Reith Schroedel weaves together historical and contemporary voting rights conflicts as the election nears

by Nina Lakhani in New York
Fri 16 Oct 2020

"#VoterSuppression has taken centre stage in the race to elect potentially the 46th president of the United States. But we’ve heard little about the 5.2 million #Native Americans whose ancestors have called this land home before there was a US president.

"The rights of indigenous communities – including the right to vote – have been systematically violated for generations with devastating consequences for access to #CleaAir and #water, #health, #education, economic opportunities, #housing and #sovereignty. Voter turnout for Native Americans and Alaskan Natives is the lowest in the country, and about one in three eligible voters (1.2 million people) are not registered to vote, according to the National Congress of American Indians.

"In a new book, Voting in Indian County: The View from the Trenches, Jean Reith Schroedel, professor emerita of political science at Claremont Graduate University, weaves together historical and contemporary voting rights conflicts.

"Is the right to vote struggle for Native Americans distinct from the wider struggle faced by marginalized groups in the US?

"One thing few Americans understand is that American Indians and #NativeAlaskans were the last group in the #UnitedStates to get #citizenship and to get the #vote. Even after the civil war and the Reconstruction (13th, 14th and 15th) amendments there was a supreme court decision that said #IndigenousPeople could never become US citizens, and some laws used to disenfranchise them were still in place in 1975. In fact first-generation violations used to deny – not just dilute voting rights – were in place for much longer for Native Americans than any other group. It’s impossible to understand contemporary voter suppression in Indian Country without understanding this historical context.

"Why didn’t the #AmericanIndianCitizenshipAct 1924 nor the #VotingRightsAct (#VRA) 1965 guarantee Native Americans equal access to the ballot box?

"The motivation for the VRA was the egregious treatment of #black people in the south, and for the first 10 years there was a question over whether it even applied to #AmericanIndian and Native Alaskan populations. It wasn’t really discussed until a #CivilRights commission report in 1975 which included cases from #SouthDakota and #Arizona that showed equally egregious #discrimination and absolute denial of right to vote towards Native Americans – and also #Latinos.

"When voter suppression is discussed by politicians, advocates and journalists, it’s mostly about African American voters, and to a lesser degree Latinos. Why are Native Americans still excluded from the conversation?

"Firstly they are a small population and secondly most of the most egregious abuses routinely occur in rural isolated parts of #IndianCountry where there is little media focus. But it’s happening – take Jackson county in South Dakota, a state where the governor has done little to protect people from #Covid. The county council has just decided to close the legally mandated early voting centre on the #PineRidgeReservation, citing concerns about Covid, but not in the voting site in #Kadoka, where the white people go. Regardless of the intent, this will absolutely have a detrimental effect on Native people’s ability to vote. And South Dakota, like many other states, is also a very hard place for Native people to vote by mail. In the primary, the number of people who registered to #VoteByMail increased by 1,000% overall but there was no increase among reservation communities. In #Oglala county, which includes the eastern part of Pine Ridge, turnout was about 10%.

"The right to vote by mail is a hot political and civil rights issue in the 2020 election – could it help increase turnout in Indian Country?

"No, voting by mail is very challenging for Native Americans for multiple reasons. First and foremost, most reservations do not have home mail delivery. Instead, people need to travel to post offices or postal provide sites – little places that offer minimal mail services and are located in places like gas stations and mini-marts. Take the Navajo Nation that encompasses 27,425 square miles – it’s larger than West Virginia, yet there are only 40 places where people can send and receive mail. In West Virginia, there are 725. Not a single PO box on the Navajo Nation has 24-hour access."

Read more:

#NativeAmerican #VoterSuppression

3 weeks ago

Looking for some weekend plans? Dive into the inspiring life of Bayard Rustin, a gay civil rights activist who organized the 1963 March on Washington.

Check out "Rustin" on Netflix, and for a more personal insight into this civil rights icon, don't miss this interview where Rustin discusses his life's work in activism:

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#DOJ Backs Tenants in Case Alleging Price-Fixing by Big #Landlords and a #RealEstate Tech Company

A 2022 ProPublica investigation about RealPage’s rent-setting software led to federal lawsuits asserting inflated #apartment prices.

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Photograph of an outdoor sign bearing the name of RealPage, the tech company named in the lawsuit.
Paranoid Factoid
3 weeks ago

Murfreesboro, Tennessee has just banned public displays of homosexuality, in a clear attack on the 2003 SCOTUS decision Lawrence v Texas preventing such laws on equal protection grounds. Good guess this is for a test case to effect a reversal.

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“We thought that if we could stop the Black folks from shopping in downtown Birmingham, that would make Bull Conner understand that we were not going to keep spending money downtown where we couldn’t work,” Dukes said in a video interview with the University of Alabama in 2018.

“We had the business department students to do research, and they found out that all the stores in downtown Birmingham operated on a 12 percent profit margin and that if we could cut the profit margin down, they would listen to us and do something about eliminating segregation and discrimination.”

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3 weeks ago

she joined the NAACP when she was 13 &, when she made her money, jean gave it to organisations that were fighting for equality. the FBI (more specifically, j edgar hoover) tried to ruin her because she supported civil rights, indigenous peoples & the black panther party. they planted vicious stories in newspapers & sought to slander her.
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Yusuf Toropov
3 weeks ago


In #Mississippi last Tuesday some polling places ran out of ballots and voters had to wait for them to be replenished on the day the state was deciding its most competitive governor’s race in a generation.

It’s unclear how many people left without #voting, and activists and local leaders say election officials’ failure is shocking, especially in a state where #civilrights leaders were beaten or killed in the 1960s and earlier to secure voting rights for Black residents.



Relatives of victims of enforced disappearances in the 80s and 90s held a sit-in in Istanbul following a court ruling.#CivilRights #Protests #MiddleEast #Turkey
Turkey’s ‘Saturday mothers’ allowed to hold vigil for first time since 2018

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It's also worse because it uses #figleafs to allow for demolishing of #HumanRights and #CivilRights...

And personally it only radicalizes me into demanding not just the reinstation of all rights that got axed but also demand interest on top in retaliation...

John Refior
1 month ago

"Most surprising among these findings is that the evidence of direct racial #discrimination is stronger for a later period of zoning restrictions—during the Big Downzone of the late 1960s and early 1970s—than it is for the first wave of zoning adoption during the 1920s and 1930s. The Big Downzone was a period of rapid suburban downzoning that occurred in the face of school #integration efforts in #Boston, growing racial and ethnic #diversity, and broader #CivilRights organizing nationwide"

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1 month ago

"[Martin Luther] King was pro-Israel and pro-Zionist, recognizing much anti-Zionist rhetoric as anti-Semitic. Christian Europe traditionally viewed Jews as the ultimate villains; now, he understood, anti-Zionism cast Israel, the collective Jew, as the modern world’s ultimate villain. Moreover, King and his allies feared this sloppy analogizing—comparing Israel to South Africa or the segregationist South—as threatening the purity of their struggle against what one activist called 'real racism.' … Many civil rights activists resented the Soviets and Arabs hijacking their language. Bayard Rustin described the 'incalculable damage' done to the fight against racism, when the word becomes a political weapon rather than a moral standard."
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1 month ago

@marcelias 👏👏👏👏 👏 Congrats to everyone, who worked so hard to make it happen - for voters' & democracy's best!

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1 month ago

"Equally important, however, his ascension reflects the strength of white evangelical voters’ influence in the House Republican caucus, voters who are determined to use the power of government to roll back the civil rights, women’s rights and sexual revolutions."

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"Mike Johnson is the first person to become speaker of the House who can be fairly described as a Christian nationalist, a major development in American history in and of itself."

~ Thomas B. Edsall

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1 month ago

@marcelias "Republicans" brazenly want to sow public distrust towards the electoral system & process they themselves are rigging (per voter suppression & -intimidation, gerrymandering & disenfranchisement & other instruments of fraud).

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Today in Labor History October 26, 1892: Ida B. Wells published “Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases,” which led to threats against her life, and the burning down of her newspaper’s headquarters in Memphis. Wells, who was born into slavery, was a journalist, educator, feminist, and early Civil Rights leader who helped found the NAACP.

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Wells, c. 1893. She is wearing a lacy black blouse and has her hair in a bun. She is looking to the side. By Original: Mary GarrityRestored byAdam CuerdenDescriptionBritishImage restorationist, composer, amateur photographer and artist, and WikipedianAs Adam lives in Britain, which makes it incredibly easy to acquire copyright in his works, he grants, if needed, an irrevokable license to use this work however you see fit. He requests attribution where possible, and realises that "where possible" means that that request is not legally enforcable. Adam Cuerden (talk) 15:44, 16 January 2022 (UTC)Date of birth8 June 1979Location of birthUnited States of America - Based on image originally from NAEMVZELXQV2iw — Google Arts & Culture, Public Domain,
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Secrecy Shields Powerful Adults in Our Juvenile Justice Systems. #Kids Showed Me What’s Really Happening.

The three years I spent working on “The Kids of Rutherford County” #podcast taught me one thing: Tennessee’s punitive policies aren’t leaving #children in the legal system better off.

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Collage of photographs of teenagers and Rutherford County court papers.