#ChatGPT is stuck in early #life #class ..

And it lets itself be dissed by me writing #nonsense

...#FUN #NonSenseAlcea

Lol AI chan
Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 day ago

Hey, Nomadland ebook is on sale at Amazon, Apple and Kobo. #VanLife #TrailerLife #Housing #Class

Detail of HTML email showing the front cover of Nomadland. "Nomadland
By Jessica Bruder
“Stirring reportage” (O, The Oprah Magazine): Faced with difficult financial situations, many Americans have embraced lives on the road. An acclaimed journalist chronicles their stories of survival and resilience in “a remarkable book of immersive reporting” (The New Yorker) that inspired an Academy Award–winning film.
Because you're interested in General Nonfiction  (Edit)
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3 days ago

Nice touch, soloist is obviously the concertmaster, and she shook hands with her #2 as if he was! #class #SymSat

Greg W.
4 days ago

The UAW Strike Could Spark a Broader Revival of Working-Class

The union’s militant approach marks a sharp break with the recent past — and could spark more insurgency across the labor movement.

The current strike is also making history: it has galvanized mass public support and pressured President Joe Biden himself to join striking workers on the picket line, the first time a sitting US president has done so.

#union #labor #class

UX for Apple Vision - Getting Started

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#UX #UI #AppleVision #class

§ Jason :mastodon:
4 days ago

UX for Apple Vision - Getting Started

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#UX #UI #AppleVision #class

New #ONS data suggests that White British people's mortality rate is above those from different ethnic backgrounds.

Partly this is about #class & wealth - deprived areas (often populated by white #workingclass) have higher mortality rates;

Partly this is an issue of the 'healthy migrant'; it seems that #migrants to UK often have better health than life-time residents.

Both, point to our dysfunctional #foodsystem that offers rubbish to the poor(er) sectors of society as a key factor

h/t FT

Paula Whyman
6 days ago

Exciting news--an essay from Scoundrel Time literary journal has been recognized as "Notable" in the 2023 Best American Essays edited by Vivian Gornick. The essay, "A Thousand Times More than a Thousand Times More: a Working Class Boy Surveys the Altitudes of American Money" by David Engelhardt, is about trying to straddle two worlds.

#essay #CNF #nonfiction #readers #writers #class #money #WritingCommunity #BestAmerican #notable #ScoundrelTime #litmag #literary

Leftist Lawyer
6 days ago

If #Trump goes to jail based on charges associated with #Jan6, it won’t be because he was a traitor to his country.

It will be because he was a #traitor to his #class.

He stole from his class. And worse, he embarrassed them.

For these reasons alone, he’ll ride Bernie Madoff’s cot.


Mark W. Cooper
6 days ago

I reckon you are middle class when your bucket hat is Kangol and not from the chemist.
#class #AustralianCulture #kangol #BucketHat

News18 India
1 week ago
PFT Commenter (JMU 5-0) 🤖
1 week ago

Many are saying this display of #class turned every thing in the Duke Dogs favor

In 1965 James M. Buchanan launched a center dedicated to his theories at the University of Virginia, which later relocated to George Mason University.

Nancy MacLean describes how he trained thinkers to push back against the Brown v. Board of Education decision to desegregate America’s public schools and to challenge the constitutional perspectives and federal policy that enabled it.

She notes that he took care to use economic and political precepts, rather than overtly racial arguments, to make his case, which nonetheless gave cover to racists who knew that spelling out their prejudices would alienate the country.

All the while, a ghost hovered in the background — that of John C. #Calhoun of South Carolina, senator and seventh vice president of the United States.

Calhoun was an intellectual and political powerhouse in the South from the 1820s until his death in 1850, expending his formidable energy to defend slavery. Calhoun, called the “#Marx of the #Master #Class” by historian Richard Hofstadter, saw himself and his fellow southern oligarchs as victims of the majority.

Therefore, as MacLean explains, he sought to create “#constitutional #gadgets” to constrict the operations of government.

Economists Tyler #Cowen and Alexander #Tabarrok, both of George Mason University, have noted the two men’s affinities, heralding Calhoun “a precursor of modern #public #choice theory” who “anticipates” Buchanan’s thinking.

MacLean observes that both focused on how #democracy constrains property owners and aimed for ways to restrict the latitude of voters.

She argues that unlike even the most property-friendly founders Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, Buchanan wanted a private governing #elite of #corporate #power that was wholly released from public accountability.

Suppressing voting, changing legislative processes so that a normal majority could no longer prevail, sowing public distrust of government institutions— all these were tactics toward the goal.

But the Holy Grail was the #Constitution: alter it and you could increase and secure the power of the wealthy in a way that no politician could ever challenge.

News18 India
2 weeks ago

As per reports, Kaushik went near the wall to wash his face when the incident happened. Two other students are being treated at a local hospital
#Karnataka #Class #StudentDead #GovtSchoolWallCollapses #Complaint

2 weeks ago

“The idea that there is a single ‘normal’ #language, a common currency shared equally by all members of society, is an illusion. Any actual language consists of a highly complex range of discourses, differentiated according to #class, #region, #gender, #status and so on, which can by no means be neatly unified into a single homogeneous #linguistic #community.”

— Terry #Eagleton, “Introduction: What is Literature?,” Literary Theory: An Introduction

2 weeks ago

"And in point of fact, something new occurs with the rise of the #bourgeoisie: the disappearance of #enjoyment as an end, the new conception of the conjunction according to which the sole end is abstract #wealth and its realization in forms other than #consumption…But the bourgeois field of immanence—as delimited by the conjunction of the decoded flows, the negation of any transcendence or exterior limit, and the effusion of anti-production inside production itself—institutes an unrivaled #slavery, an unprecedented #subjugation: there are no longer even any #masters, but only #slaves commanding other slaves; there is no longer any need to burden the animal from the outside, it shoulders its own burden…the #bourgeois sets the example, he absorbs surplus value for ends that, taken as a whole have nothing to do with his own enjoyment: more utterly enslaved than the lowest of slaves, he is the first servant of the ravenous machine, the beast of the reproduction of #capital internalization of the infinite debt…In short, the theoretical opposition is not between two classes, for it is the very notion of class, insofar as it designates the ‘negative’ of codes, that implies there is only one #class."

- #Deleuze and #Guattari, Anti-Oedipus

2 weeks ago

What is the #communist hypothesis? In its generic sense, given in its
canonic Manifesto, ‘communist’ means, first, that the logic of #class—the
fundamental #subordination of #labour to a dominant class, the arrangement
that has persisted since Antiquity—is not inevitable; it can be
overcome. The communist hypothesis is that a different #collective
organization is practicable, one that will eliminate the #inequality of
#wealth and even the division of labour. The #private appropriation of
massive fortunes and their transmission by inheritance will disappear.
The existence of a #coercive #state, separate from #civil #society, will no
longer appear a necessity: a long process of reorganization based on a
#free #association of #producers will see it withering away.

#Communism’ as such denotes only this very general set of intellectual
representations. It is what Kant called an Idea, with a regulatory
function, rather than a programme. It is foolish to call such communist
principles #utopian; in the sense that I have defined them here they are
intellectual patterns, always actualized in a different fashion. As a
pure Idea of #equality, the communist hypothesis has no doubt existed
since the beginnings of the state. As soon as mass action opposes #state
#coercion in the name of #egalitarian #justice, rudiments or fragments of
the hypothesis start to appear. Popular #revolts—the #slaves led by
#Spartacus, the #peasants led by #Müntzer—might be identified as practical
examples of this ‘communist invariant’. With the French Revolution, the
communist hypothesis then inaugurates the epoch of political modernity.

Alain #Badiou-Bibliography/The Communist Hypothesis/Lacan Dot Com

2 weeks ago

I just had two posts #censored from I will never know the real reason, but both were just the longest possible sequence of tags, to reach and be visible to a large audience. I suspect what ticked the hammer off were tags referring to "prohibited" substances. namely #thc #weed #marijuana #LSD #acid #tryptamine #hallucinogenic. the posts were deleted without informing me even though I was also using tags such as "moderation" and "noalcohol" in the same post. why is it forbidden to talk positively about these blissful compounds that nature gifts us, while hyperconsumption of #alcohol, #nicotine and #coffee is normalized and even encouraged, and the elite is allowed to indulge unquestioned, including #public #officials?

#law #rules #regulation #prohibitionism #doublestandard #classwar #class #conflict #hypocrisy #establishment #elite #decadence #culture #oppression #censorship #freedom #information #substances #drugs #tolerated #moderation #user #noalcohol #nocoffee #nocigs #notobacco #nonicotine #bike #biking #parks #plants #nocars

Gary Hall
2 weeks ago

According to research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, it is where in the UK you're born, along with the financial status of your family in terms of wealth, income and especially unearned income (inheritance, intergenerational wealth transfers etc.), that largely shapes your life prospects. They do so far more than education, which is usually positioned as the main driver of social mobility.

'Sons from the most affluent families were on average around 19 percentiles higher in the adult earnings rankings than sons from the most disadvantaged families, while for daughters this figure was significantly higher at 27 percentiles.'

'While the educational attainment of ethnic minorities growing up in families eligible for [free school meals] is often higher than that of their White majority peers, their earnings outcomes show no such advantage.'

#inequality #class #socialmobility #education #wealth

2 weeks ago
pen sketch of a floating dragon surrounded by thunder
2 weeks ago
This one is a little spicy. Good faith conversations welcome, but this is how I feel like things work right now. Not that I like it one bit. I think organized crime is an inevitable product of wealth inequality.
#Culture, #class, #crime, #Jesus, #Jung, #Machine, #money, #Money Laundering, #OrganizedCrime, #peakyblinders #Wealth

2 weeks ago

NRL and Youtube stars reach settlement in FTX class-action lawsuit: Report - NRL player Trevor Lawrence and YouTubers Kevin Paffrath and Tom N... - #class-actionlawsuit #trevorlawrence #kevinpaffrath #youtubers #tomnash #nrl

Abe Drayton
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

"The [social mobility] commission, which is packed with Tory backers, now wants to investigate how 'culture, values, and family attitudes' affect aspirations. These are dog-whistles that are often blown by those wanting to change the poor, not to change society."

#class #SocialMobility

The #Covid loan #fraud fiasco just keeps growing... you can just imagine the press coverage if this was organised #benefit fraud; and don't be mistaken this was definitely organised (in some cases with the tacit collusion of the Govt's representatives).

Once again (a theme emerging this evening), its #class politics - whose 'fraud' is investigated, and whose will be re-badged as systems' mistakes & inadvertent loss or faulty paperwork/admin.

For many of us #class never went away as a significant #political factor & instrument of social analysis.... but out has been out of fashion for some time.

Today the Guardian re-emphasises class as a key issue & explores why #Tories don't want to talk about it...

#classwar is hidden by #culturewars... its the politics of miss-direction

Abe Drayton
3 weeks ago

The #schoolscrisis has many dimensions: two intersect in the problem of pupil suspensions & exclusions.

There seems to be a #class & #racial element in the data on suspensions, but there is also an upswing of violence behaviour from pupils towards #teachers (which has risen after the return from lockdown).

For the pupils it effects this will have a terrible impact on their future, but Teachers must also have a safe working environment.

The Q. is what can be done?

Intergenerational #inequality has always been evident (as one would expect; people accrue assets as they get older), but its getting worse.... for the rich this can be reduced by transfers & inheritance, but for the rest #pensioner poverty beckons....

This is just one more example of how the UK is a society run by the rich, for the rich, with scant regard of the social costs or misery such #class driven politics produces.



Yes, as I implied in a post yesterday, #class is the great denied factor in contemporary UK #politics!

As Martha Gill points out, a call for a Minister for Men, misunderstands the prejudice & problems men *do* encounter: its not about gender (for them), its about #racism & as importantly, #class!

Don' be thinking UK's #politics is somehow post-class... wherever I look I still see the shadow of class-based discrimination, but its become the prejudice that cannot be talked about in 'polite society'.

So lets be clear: much of the UK's #inequality is a class issue!

Travis Briggs
4 weeks ago

My free Python class at @Noisebridge in SF is starting up from the beginning on Monday Sept 11 at 7 PM!

Beginners welcome! We'd love for you to join us with your curiosity and questions!

We use shared online interactive Python notebooks, no Python install or command line experience necessary!

More information: (Meetup RSVP not required!)

Class in person only.

#Python #Programming #class #learning #SanFrancisco #free

Alexander Hay
4 weeks ago

While we rightly fret over #AI images and fraudulent #Photography, it's worth remembering that the camera has never been the objective plain dealer we have been lead to believe.

"Slum photography was at the heart of progressive campaigns against urban poverty. And it was a weapon against poor people..."

#Classism #Poverty #Racism #AntiSemitism #UK #History #Politics #Class #Media

4 weeks ago

WaPo #environment newsletter has some interesting stuff today.

"The tumult intensified in April and May, when the group’s new leadership laid off more than two dozen employees, many of whom were people of color, as part of what Jealous has called a broader “restructuring.” According to the Progressive Workers Union, which represented about 400 Sierra Club staffers before the layoffs, more than 30 of its members lost their jobs".
#SierraClub #Equity #race #class

WIST Quotations
4 weeks ago

A quotation from Post, Emily:

To show lack of consideration for those who in any capacity serve us — whether in restaurants, hotels, or stores, or in public places anywhere — is always an evidence of ill-breeding as well as inexcusable selfishness. It is only those who are afraid that someone may encroach upon their exceedingly insecure dignity who show neither courtes…

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #courtesy #service #class #consideration

Dr Rebecca Rooney
4 weeks ago

Great day #today. I had a big grant get funded letting me work with a fantastic new #professor from #TrentUniversity, Autumn Watkinson, on #meadow #restoration. I got nice reviews back on a paper lead-authored by my former PhD student Jody Daniel. I taught my first lecture this fall and the whole #class promised to do their assigned #readings before each #lecture. #academicchatter @academicchatter

Tim Newman
1 month ago

Been thinking about this a lot today - I didn't go to this school but I went to one very similar.

I was lucky, and a bit necky. I've "made it" in a way my younger self couldn't even imagine. Lots of kids going to #schools like mine will not. I'm also sure a bunch of otherwise talentless idiots at #publicschools are going to get the post COVID help they need. I'm not sure how to help, we waste a massive amount of potential.

#uk #class

Preston Maness ☭
1 month ago

@lapingvino @cohesivism

>Also something that #communism #class #warfare people kinda ignore is that many rich people want to contribute but they are not allowed to pay more taxes than is allocated for them.
>If you are called on your morals instead of your shareholders, tax loopholes become completely nonsensical.

There's a strong supply of idealistic faith in the better natures of the rich here. I think that faith is misplaced and ahistorical.

>which can often involve putting their money to work.

But it's not *their* money. Under capitalism, all wealth is stolen surplus value.

>Any kind of division creates war, and war kills people. Class warfare is never going to fix capitalism, only making sure that we are all part of the same community and society will.

Capitalism is inherently divisive. It can't work without a class system. It will struggle to defend that class system against any and all attempts to dissolve it. And as such, class warfare is the only mechanism whereby capitalism has a chance of being dismantled.

LaPingvino 🟙 :ir:
1 month ago

Did any of you ever notice how #capitalism breaks systems that are supposed to help us? Rather like, we want to pay for useful things, but payment structures for many daily things make it unattractive to use them.

I think the biggest red flag that something is not in your favor is when people shit on taxes. That said, I do think that taxation is theft has some merit. I don't think we should have anything that would put you in prison if you don't do it, because the poor and disabled will be the victims. Also something that #communism #class #warfare people kinda ignore is that many rich people want to contribute but they are not allowed to pay more taxes than is allocated for them.

The right solution here is simplifying taxes to the point that you just have a bank account number and a coin box to leave taxes in. You can calculate a reference, but in the end everyone should be responsible themselves to pay taxes the way that works best for them. This way we have true community buy-in with community contributions. This can also fix issues with multi-country taxation and the very reason we have so many tax loopholes. If you are called on your morals instead of your shareholders, tax loopholes become completely nonsensical.

Also my favorite part of my religion, the Bahá'í faith, is that any and all kind of taxation is not just only done when you are really convinced about doing it, but also only over the part that is more than what you need to survive. I think taxation over the base amount of money you survive on is just criminal. But also, we shouldn't frame taxation as having rich people paying their fair share, but instead incorporating the rich as part of the community tasking to do what they do best, which can often involve putting their money to work.

Any kind of division creates war, and war kills people. Class warfare is never going to fix capitalism, only making sure that we are all part of the same community and society will.

#bahai #cohesivism #voluntary #taxation


1 month ago

> Do you want to work? What a nightmarish idea.

#Bales2023FilmChallenge August 21: freebie: someone is #sleep​ing (March 17 redux)

#NikosPanayotopoulos' The Idlers of the Fertile Valley (1978) is a slow satire, wordlessly adddressing Greek #class struggle. We spend long hours in the company of a father and his sons. The four of them – rich, bourgeois – have inherited a country villa and the plan is to do nothing for the next 7 years ☞

#film #cinema #CineMastodon @film

The maid, the father, and two of the sons in a drab, dark green corridor. The men wear burgundy red dressing gowns over their pyjamas and lethargically lean instead of actively sit or stand. The maid wears practical everyday wear and has something to discuss.
2 months ago
2 months ago

"The accent of the better off, for want of a better term, does not denote any kind of geographical identity. Their accent is one of class identity. An upper class Irishman doesn’t sound of Cork or Dublin or Limerick. He just sounds of his status."

#class #language #accent #dialect #SocioeconomicStatus

Gary Hall
2 months ago


Brings to mind the powerful critique Isabel Waidner makes in the final paragraph of her essay-play, 'The Prince of Homburg':

'UK publishing professionals are always wondering why the working classes aren't engaging with canonical literature. Books come cheap off the Amazon, so--? What's your excuse? You too dumb to read this? Ill-educated, and lazy? You prefer sci-fi and Netflix, you unintelligent shits? But the working-classes are disengaging, not because they lack educational capital or intelligence, but because literature is stupid. It gets almost everything wrong.'

#IsabelWaidner #novel #fiction #reading #public #class #uk #publishing #amazon #netflix #canon #literature

Gary Hall
2 months ago


Kevin Duffy, who runs the indie publisher Bluemoose books, was quoted this week on the 'class ceiling' in literary fiction publishing:

'It’s been a problem in publishing for 40 years and it’s getting worse. The people making those publishing decisions, because of their educational background and their life background, are not reading books about people in the rest of the country. You know, 93% of the people in this country don’t go to private school. There’s a reading public out there that wants books about themselves and the areas they live in.'

#novel #england #fiction #reading #public #class #uk #publishing

So, KPMG undertook some #class analysis of its workforce recently & found that
'individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds (LSEB) took on average 19% longer to progress to the next grade' compared to those from higher socio-economic backgrounds.

To put it clearly: LSEB is a class marker in all but name; being lower class holds careers back at a major #financialservices firm!

The idea class has disappeared from our political economy is a nonsense unless you think KPMG is an anomaly!

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

@drhoopoe @stewartvm @StillIRise1963 @birdpoof In the #US, the eager betrayal of #class in service of #racism can best be summarized by this quote from a man who knew #racists and racism very well:

"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." – President Lyndon B. Johnson

Donald Roy
2 months ago

There is part of the #hindu community that does not identify with #labour - if it ever did. Some of this effect probably relates to #class and #income but some may be due to identification with #hindutva . The #london #borough of #harrow moved from #labour to #conservative in 2022 on the basis largely of such reduced identification - At the time I thought this was more related to #class and #income. #labour did lose ground this May in #leicester in circumstances where #hindutva did play a role.

2 months ago

Despite what the spitting vipers at Fox News say, #class #warfare is not unionizing, demanding fair pay or maternity leave. Class warfare is what the owning class do to keep workers down … like union busting, ensuring stagnating minimum wage, repeating defeatist propaganda, and in some regions, using religion to whip you into submission

Ed Suominen
2 months ago

Does anyone else use the first person for #python docstrings? I picked this up from reading #twisted source written by @glyph and @itamarst. My dialect of it: The #class is speaking about itself. It refers often to "my #instance" or "an instance of me" when speaking of an #oop #object rather than itself as a class. And methods are where it says "I do this" if that's what it does generally, like a leader speaking about what she did with the unspoken help of others carrying out that actual work.

(Picking up on a discussion from my timeline last week); If colour-blind (but then also #racism-blind) policy has not worked in #France to ease ethnicity-based tensions & #inequality, while #affirmativeaction & its associated polices are being dismantled in the USA (while racism still patterns much of the political environment), Kenan Malik asks what *should* (can) we do about racism in society?

Its a good Q. but will adding #class to the mix, improve our response(s)?

Courtney Cantrell
3 months ago

Thanks to the cyclist husband, TIL about Kittie Knox, a prominent biracial cyclist of the late 1800s. Her mother was white, her father was Black, and she spent her short 26 years on this planet breaking serious social, gender, and racial barriers.

Read up on her. She was amazing.


Rachel Rawlings
3 months ago

A simple guide to #class, #wealth, and #law:

The poor
- can't afford to steal
- sometimes can't afford not to steal

The middle class
- can afford not to steal
- can't afford to steal

The rich
- can afford not to steal
- can also afford to steal and often prefer it

Pauline von Hellermann
3 months ago

2/2 This small #Class’s hold on everything is at the heart of not just the #ClimateEmergency but also #CostOfLivingCrisis, #Poverty, #HealthCrisis (physical and mental).

Yet there is so little, almost no #ClassConsciousness nowadays; we are all gripped by values and systems that are not designed to help everyone, only a few.

We need to make people recognise this stronghold and that it is breakable; that all our interests - workers, climate activists, ordinary families - are aligned here

Dhyan Nada
3 months ago


Reporting desinterested and routinely about 500 refugees drowning in the Mediterranean after being taken in tow by a Greek ship seemingly to get rid of unwanted #migrants - everyday practice in fortress #Europe.

Blowing the tragedy of a submarine inspecting a grave site out of proportions and mobilizing all kinds of rescue - empathy as commodity for cultural industry.

Neglecting the existencial needs of #refugees, feeling deep empathy for adventure tourists - #class war top down.

4 months ago

Nächsten Mittwoch beusche ich eine Online-Veranstaltung (auf engl.):

Life Online: #Race, #Class, Fame & Harm


"Who controls your digital world? 👀

💡As #SocialMedia #algorithms infiltrate our lives at an unprece-dented speed, we are constantly bombarded with information - and not all of it good.

Join Seyi Akiwowo and Symeon Brown for an insightful discussion moderated by Carys Afoko about the hidden costs of the #influencer #economy."

Alistair Davidson
4 months ago

#Cycling and #class, some notes

- Cars are a form of property, and the right to their unfettered use is a property-owner's right

- Bikes are a much cheaper form of property, but for cultural reasons in the UK are often seen as 'middle class'

- Delivery workers do not own their vehicles. We see a conflict on twitter when photos of motorised delivery vehicles in cycle lanes are posted, with employers tagged. Many people see that as snitching.


🎬 "Educating Rita" (1983) is a Pygmalion-ish comedy starring #MichaelCaine and #JulieWalters as a Lit. Professor who loves his drinks and a working-class hairdresser looking to improve her lot, Both won 1984 #BAFTA Awards for their performances.

A maybe-forgotten gem worth adding to your watch-list.

#movies #80s #British #comedy #OpenUniversity #Professor #Students #Class #UK

film still. julie walters and michael caine's characters sit on a park bench, turned slightly towards each other. she is smiling as she speaks; he looks skeptical.
Antti Peltola
5 months ago

If white people still refuse to discuss issues of #Race, #Class and #Culture openly on #Mastodon this will continue to be #Vermont of #SocialMedia. #BlackMastodon #Twitter #BlueSky

Alex 🌍 🍁
5 months ago

@TheConversationUS @histodons
#RIP Rest In Power Mr. Belafonte #Talent, #Class and #Grace

I can’t wait for more #DoctorWho spinoffs! It’s going to be a very exciting time for Who fans.

What’s your favourite TV spin-off so far?

#Class #TheSarahJaneAdventures #Torchwood #K9

Pauline von Hellermann
5 months ago

#ClimateDiary New study out showing that that “the share of millionaires in the world population will grow from 0.7% today to 3.3% in 2050, and cause accumulated emissions of 286 Gt CO2. This is equivalent to 72% of the remaining carbon budget, and significantly reduces the chance of stabilizing climate change at 1.5 °C. “

LET THAT SINK IN. #ClimateAction must focus on #Inequality and #Class

6 months ago

#CLASS is still open tomorrow, for those who live in the #LosAngeles area.

#c64 #amiga #retrocomputing

The Conversation U.S.
6 months ago

Is #Succession just a show about obnoxious, wealthy siblings vying for power, or is it a mirror reflecting our own desires for money and success? 🤔

A new book argues that the “prestige tv” combines real and fake to allows viewers to condemn the rich characters while secretly identifying with them.

#HBO #Politics #Class

Damon Thomas
6 months ago

The harsh reality of class division suggested by Pulp - Common People is sadly obscured by the song being so darn catchy. Luckily, there is the William Shatner cover to strip away the distractions. #music #class #cover

#lifeexpectancy has cropped up in discussions of #pensions (reform) in the last few days, here (thanks to FT/Lex) is a summary of UK regional differences in logevity:

You'll be unsurprised to see the implied North/South divide, but given the locations of top levels of expectancy suggests a certain #class issue here, again no surprises there!

No wonder the #Tories thought a tax break for the rich paying into private pensions & a rise in the pension age at the same time might not play well!

Chart: UK life expectancy by location; top & bottom five by local area (number of years for 6-065 year olds, estimates from 2018-20; source ONS):

Top five male (life expectancy)
Westminster (27)
Kensington & Chelsea (26)
Camden (26)
Hart District, Hampshire (25)
Harrow (25)

Bottom five male
Inverclyde (21)
Kingston ups Hull (21)
West Dunbartonshire (20)
Manchester (20)
Glasgow (18)
Top five female
Camden (29)
Kensington & Chelsea (29)
Westminster (28)
Richmond upon Thames (28)
Hart District, Hampshire (28)

Bottom five female
Bleanau Gwent (24)
North Lanarkshire (24)
Inverclyde (23)
West Dunbartonshire (23)
Glasgow (22)

#JeremyHunt's tactics on the 'economically inactive' vary by age & #class!:

'If you’re off work because you’re spending more time on the golf course, you could get tax breaks. If you left your job because you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you may get a call from the fraud squad. The government is trying a carrot & stick approach to fix the labour gap, except the over-50s get the carrot & the long-term sick get the stick'!

The #Tories moral universe in one story!

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
8 months ago

Dear Principal Berkowitz,

I am writing to strenuously object to the decision that was just released, to prohibit Tu B’Shvat parties in our #school this year.

As a #teacher, I care for all of my students. I’m sure that you, like me, have many happy memories of #class Tu B'Shvat #parties from childhood.

9 months ago

Hey #library friends! I’m teaching a class on #Information #Literacy, but which mainly focuses on how to be a subject #liaison #librarian and do classroom #instruction (one shots and other models)

As part of the #class, I interview working librarians to discuss what these jobs actually look like. Students really appreciate this.

Do you do this type of work? Would you be willing to be interviewed on zoom? Questions are shared in advance, it takes about 20-30 minutes. No hardball questions 😂

Cap'n Mastodon
9 months ago

I'm not saying I have the perfect answers. I wish I did. I'm a floundering and often clueless mix of #privilege and #marginalization. I'm trying to figure out how to use what I've got to join with others to give the next generation something better to inherit.

A good step is to find people who are #marginalized based on factors including #race, #gender, #sexuality, #ability, or #class. Let's talk together. But don't let it stay in the "listening and learning" stage. We must find a way to create #justice coming out of a situation like this.

The world is not going back to the illusion of normalcy. #Capitalism grinds on. #ClimateChange is exacerbating inequity. #COVID is not the last challenge we face; it's not the "big boss" where we win the game once we've defeated it. It's just the mini-boss that let's us know what we're up against.

@novid #HolyAnarchy #Progressive #Leftist