Trick Jarrett
5 hours ago

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Drew Johnson
11 hours ago

I say this as someone who 1) supports #nuclear power, 2) works for a nuclear energy company*, 3) wants more nuclear power deployed, and 4) lived in #Atlanta near the #Vogtle plant

I am so frustrated and sad by the Vogtle nuclear reactor expansion, delays, and cost. It has not helped convince people that nuclear is the #CleanEnergy solution I believe it can and should be.

* not speaking on behalf of my employer obvs

1 day ago

Do as I do is much more effective than do as I say.

Michael J. Coren: The surprisingly simple way to convince people to go green

"Scientists have observed again and again that what we do and don’t do are profoundly influenced by how others act.

Researchers in the PNAS this March examined data from 430 individual studies to see what factors influenced people’s environment-related behaviors, from recycling to switching modes of transportation.

Providing data or facts ranked last, persuading an average of 3.5% of people to change their behavior compared to a control group. Setting personal goals and appeals to act more sustainably fared better, but were still middling performers. Financial incentives such as subsidies or savings performed relatively well, persuading about 12%

But leading the pack were what scientists called “social comparisons” — people’s ability to observe the behavior of others and compare it with their own."

#globalwarming #cleanenergy

1 day ago
2 days ago Scientists at #MIT have developed #solarpanels thinner than a string of hair that can be printed onto any surface really fast. Even though they generate two times less power per m², they make up for it by being 18 times lighter than regular panels that produce equivalent power.

This could be huge for

EU Delegation to AU
2 days ago

RT by @EUtoAU: 🔍 #Morocco is part of the EU-Africa Flagship Projects on Climate & Energy.

🌍⚡️The construction of hydrogen power plants is a significant initiative that promotes #cleanenergy and reduces carbon emissions.

Read more:


[2023-12-05 08:29 UTC]

Loki the Cat
3 days ago

Looks like the US is ready to kick the coal habit! 🚫💨 Joining 56 other nations, they're swearing off coal power and embracing cleaner alternatives. Can't blame them, I mean, have you ever seen a cat cough up a hairball? That's basically what coal does to the planet. Time to purr-fect the power game! 😼🌿 #CoalFree #CleanEnergy

Lukas VF Novak
3 days ago

How #Biden’s 🇺🇸 #climate package is fuelling the global drive to #NetZero

"Passage of the IRA, in August 2022, ensured a swathe of #GreenTechnologies would benefit from tax credits, loans... the #EU 🇪🇺 has responded by relaxing its rules and allowing individual states to provide direct support to #CleanEnergy companies... #Canada 🇨🇦 has also announced tax credits and programs to boost clean energy production. #Japan 🇯🇵 and #SouthKorea 🇰🇷 have announced similar programs."

photo of wind turbines in dark landcape
Drew Naylor
3 days ago

I would be ok with the government calling them "freedom reactors" if it gets more people on board with nuclear power again.

#Nuclear #NuclearEnergy #NuclearPower #NuclearFission #CleanEnergy #NuclearReactors

Laurent Cheylus
5 days ago

Sales of Electric Vehicles continue to increase in France: 27% of news cars in October 2023 #CleanEnergy

5 days ago

The #US government is giving out money for energy upgrades. What to buy now. There is still over a month left to get cash back on your 2023 taxes for heat pumps, EVs and more

"And the leader of one state has already indicated that it won’t accept the funding [for 2024 rebates]: #Florida Gov. Ron #DeSantis (R) signaled that he will turn down the $341 million allocated for his state by rejecting the administrative funding intended to run the program. Florida has until August 2024 to reverse course and apply for the funding; if it doesn’t, the cash will be reallocated to other states.

The electric vehicle tax credit will also change next year. Starting in January 2024, car buyers will be able to get the credit directly at the dealership — instead of having to file their taxes and wait until the following April."

#giftarticle #cleanenergy #ClimateChange #rebates #evs

Energy News Network
5 days ago

Coal power’s decline has communities understandably worried about losing jobs and cleaning up decades of pollution.

New federal clean energy investments, plus plans for brownfield solar farms, could be a solution.

Read more in this week’s #cleanenergy newsletter:

6 days ago

#Australia currently has 14 significant #CleanEnergy projects with #FirstNations equity and participation, as it ramps up engagement in the #RenewableEnergy race.

#Canadian #FirstPeoples are the second biggest asset owners of clean energy infrastructure, with #Indigenous involvement in the operation or final stages of planning or construction on 200 significant projects.

Lukas VF Novak
6 days ago

#EnergyTransition: Biden’s climate law triggers global shifts in #cleantech supply chain

"When US President Joe #Biden passed his flagship #climate law last year, he ushered the world into a new era of industrial policy... More than $200bn has been invested in US #CleanEnergy this year, a 37% increase... Many countries have since introduced competing incentives... #EU proposed the #NetZero Industry Act... #Canada proposed $15.5bn worth of incentives"

2 people working on a wind turbine blade
CelloMom On Cars
1 week ago

"President Joe #Biden’s landmark #climate law is driving outsized #CleanEnergy funding into low-income, less-educated and fossil fuel towns, according to a new analysis the Treasury Department released Wednesday.

The study found that so-called energy communities — those with historical ties to #FossilFuel industries like coal — have seen some of the fastest growth in these investments."

Carl Englander
1 week ago

On January 20, 1961 US President John F. Kennedy said during his inaugural address:

“...ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

Decades later, I (Carl Englander) say:

“Ask not what Planet Earth can do for you—ask what you can do for Planet Earth.”

#ClimateChange #Climate #Energy #Solar #SolarPower #SolarEnergy #Wind #RenewableEnergy #CleanEnergy #EnergyEfficient #Conservation #BioDiversity #NetZero #Sustainable #Sustainability

Laurent Cheylus
1 week ago

A first-of-its-kind Geothermal Project is now up and running in Nevada generating 3.5 MW, where it will help power 2 Google’s Data Centers with #CleanEnergy

CelloMom On Cars
1 week ago

Six #climate and #energy bills are multi-prong approach to bring clean energy to #MIchigan, fast.

"#Whitmer said the bills will lower household utility costs by an average of $145 a year, create 160,000 “good-paying” jobs, and bring nearly $8 billion of federal tax dollars home to Michigan for #CleanEnergy projects. "

1 week ago

this is using that fracking for energy technology.

Google’s new geothermal energy project is up and running

#google #geothermal #cleanenergy #futuretech #electricity

1 week ago

China’s Goldwind installed a 16 MW offshore wind turbine in just 24 hours


1 week ago

China's clean energy revolution is a significant step towards a sustainable future. The scale and pace of this transition could set a precedent for other nations and significantly influence the global trajectory towards clean, renewable energy. While challenges remain, the sheer ambition of this initiative demonstrates that large-scale renewable energy adoption is achievable.

#renewables #cleanenergy

2 weeks ago

#ExxonLied before, #Exxon will lie again! REAL oversight is needed (not just revolving door lobbyist/government/corporate shill phonies)!

What do frontline communities want to know about lithium extraction? Identifying research areas to support environmental justice in Lithium Valley, California

Energy Research & Social Science
Volume 99, May 2023,

"#CleanEnergy technologies provide global benefits through climate mitigation and many local #environmental benefits for consumers. However, the supply chains that produce them inevitably impose some environmental burden on the communities where they operate. To align with the principles of environmental justice, the burdens and benefits of clean energy supply chains should be distributed equitably, with decision-making processes that empower local communities to participate. Academic research can play a key role as a source of transparent information that addresses the concerns of frontline communities; however, this requires deliberate effort during the initial stages of research to understand what those concerns are and seek data that will respond to them. As a case study, this article analyzes public meetings about a developing lithium industry in Imperial, California, and reviews relevant literature to build a research agenda that is guided by the priorities of local stakeholders. We find that #WaterConsumption, public #health impacts, local employment, and opportunities to participate are high-priority topics for community members. We also compare the content of discussions across groups, finding that participants in community-focused meetings mainly asked about the local impacts of the process, whereas state-led discussions focused on the sustainability of direct lithium extraction (#DLE) compared to conventional production methods. To address the priorities of frontline communities, we recommend evaluating water consumption in the context of regional availability, including local air emissions and waste streams in sustainability analyses, and monitoring the impact on local employment over time to ensure the promises made during development accrue to communities.

"One promising alternative is direct lithium extraction (DLE), a method of separating lithium from brine through chemical processing rather than relying on the slower process of natural evaporation. DLE enables lithium recovery from lower-concentration sources of brine, including mineral-rich geothermal fluids that are already brought to the surface for energy production. DLE has a smaller physical and water footprint than status quo production methods and can use energy from onsite geothermal power plants, resulting in lower carbon emissions. However, DLE is an emerging technology, and most information about the process and its impact comes from the #industry rather than #peerreviewed literature or other independent sources."

David Senate
2 weeks ago

⚛️ Physicists' hot new recipe for fusion power: Just add some heat! 🔥

#FusionPower #CleanEnergy #Science

2 weeks ago

#Mining Critical to #Renewable Energy Tied to Hundreds of Alleged #HumanRights Abuses

A report released Wednesday faults the #US and other nations for providing incentives for the mining of rare metals like #lithium and #cobalt without enacting adequate #labor and #environmental safeguards.

By Katie Surma
June 7, 2023

"Over the past dozen years, hundreds of alleged human rights abuses have been committed by over 90 #corporations mining minerals critical to the production of #CleanEnergy, a U.K.-based human rights organization said in a report released on Wednesday.

"The Business and Human Rights Resource Center said the alleged abuses involve global mining for #copper, lithium, cobalt, #manganese, #nickel and #zinc, all used in critical renewable technologies like #SolarPanels, vehicle (#EV) batteries and #windmills.

"The abuses, the report concluded, stem from the failure of the #UnitedStates and other nations to develop appropriate labor and environmental safeguards for resource extraction critical to the green energy transition, a key aim of the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act.

"Beyond alleged incidents of assaults, child labor, arbitrary arrests and detentions, the report’s database of 510 alleged violations includes #environmental crimes involving the #pollution of drinking #water and other natural resources, and violations of communities’ rights to be consulted about projects that affect them."

#EnvironmentalRacism #WaterIsLife #ExtractiveMining #LithiumMining #LaxRegulations #NoConsent #CorporateColonialism

2 weeks ago

#Corruption and Rights Abuses Are Flourishing in #LithiumMining Across #Africa, a New Report Finds

The global #CleanEnergy transition could be a game changer for Africa, but exploitation of miners continues as many foreign mining companies ignore local opposition.

By Katie Surma
November 15, 2023

"Some Zimbabweans have found formal employment at the country’s seven industrial-scale lithium mines, but thousands of others have flocked to informal mining sites where they use basic tools like picks and shovels to dig up chunks of lithium ore, which they then sell to traders who truck the ore across the border to South Africa for export and processing abroad.

"While Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the lithium industry will buoy the nation’s flailing economy, watchdog groups and local communities say Zimbabweans have heard similar promises made about diamonds, gold and other resources, only to see the benefits accrue to wealthy elites while locals’ labor and #ecosystems are exploited.

"Zimbabwe made over $200 million in revenue from lithium in the first nine months of 2023. But economists have estimated that Zimbabwe lost roughly $12 billion from 1980 to 2012 through illegal trade and capital flight involving multinational businesses in the resource extraction industry. The nation’s national debt as of September 2022 was $14 billion.

"A new report from the nonprofit #GlobalWitness validates civil society groups’ concerns about exploitative labor practices and environmental destruction associated with lithium mining. The report, released Tuesday, identifies multiple alleged incidents of #corruption, unsafe working conditions, forced evictions, child labor and harmful environmental practices tied to lithium mining in #Zimbabwe, #Namibia and the #DemocraticRepublicOfCongo.

"'History is on course to repeat itself,' said Colin Robertson, a senior investigator at Global Witness and one of the report’s authors.

"Family members of Vito, the man shot adjacent to the mine, told Inside Climate News that they are not aware of any formal investigation into the killing and that they lack the resources needed to pursue legal action against the mine’s foreign owner. No criminal charges have been filed. Earlier this year, the mine was forced to temporarily suspend operations related to alleged labor law violations and has faced allegations from civil society groups relating to its environmental record and treatment of local communities."

Read more:

#HumanRights #CorporateColonialism #Congo #Africa #Greenwashing #EnvironmentalRacism

2 weeks ago

Dirty Water and Dead Rice: The Cost of the #CleanEnergy Transition in Rural #Minnesota

#Mining the critical minerals needed for electric vehicle (#EV) #batteries could threaten local water supply and #IndigenousCulture.

By Karina Atkins
November 21, 2023

"More than 250 years ago, the #Ojibwe people, one of the largest Indigenous populations in North America, received a prophecy to migrate westward until they reached the land where food grows on water. 
When the #MilleLacsBand of Ojibwe encountered wild rice in north-central Minnesota, they knew they found their new home. Rice harvesting has been a cornerstone of Ojibwe culture ever since. 

"Today, mining exploration company #TalonMetals, also has its sights set on Minnesota. Some of the world’s richest high-grade #nickel and #copper deposits are thousands of feet below the state colloquially known as 'the land of 10,000 lakes.'

"Talon seeks to construct a mine in the rural town of Tamarack, which it says will be integral to building the nation’s domestic supply of materials necessary for a clean energy transition. 

"Nickel and copper are key components of rechargeable #lithium ion (#LION) batteries that are widely used for low-emission technologies like electric vehicles (EVs). The company already has an agreement to supply #Tesla with nickel from its proposed mine, potentially bringing hundreds of unionized mining jobs to this rural area.

"The federal government has also recognized nickel and copper as 'essential to national defense,' adding them to the U.S. critical minerals list in 2022 and 2023, respectively. And, this September, the Department of Defense awarded Talon a $20.1 million matching grant to continue searching for deposits throughout the #LakeSuperior region. 

"However, #SulfideMining, the type that would happen at Tamarack, has a poor #environmental track record. The Mille Lacs Band and local #environmentalists warn that it could #contaminate nearby #lakes, #streams and #wetlands, threatening the vitality of wild rice and local water supply down the #MississippiRiver.

"As the U.S. strives to be a leader in clean energy transition, the #TamarackProject encapsulates both the promise and challenges that lie ahead. 

"The Dangers of Sulfide Mining

"Kelly Applegate, the commissioner of natural resources for the Mille Lacs Band, was shocked when he first saw deep earth imaging of nickel-copper deposits beneath his tribal land in the late 1990s.

A study from the U.S. Geological Survey suggested that the Lake Superior region could have deposits as lucrative as high-yield mines in Canada and Russia. 
'Oh my gosh, look at these mineral deposits that may one day be sought out,' he recalls thinking to himself. 

"Two decades later, Talon Metals, a mining company founded by former Canadian venture #capitalists and based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), applied for a permit with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to create the Tamarack Project just over a mile away from the closest Mille Lacs Band community. "

#WaterIsLife #WildRice #Greenwashing #FirstNations
#EnvironmentalRacism #CorporateColonialism

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

"#Coal-fired power plants killed at least 460,000 Americans during the past two decades, causing twice as many premature deaths as previously thought, new research has found."

The #CleanEnergy transition helps us get away from this killer.


CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

"The boom in #CleanEnergy generation could trigger a decline in #China's emissions from next year despite a wave of new coal plants across the country.

“This is because – for the first time – the rate of low-carbon energy expansion is now sufficient to not only meet, but exceed the average annual increase in China’s demand for electricity overall,” he said."

Peter du Toit
2 weeks ago

Ending fossil fuel electrical generation and replacing this with clean energy is a *high* priority!

How are we doing?

See “How Electricity Is Changing Around the World”

#ClimateCrisis #FossilFuels #CleanEnergy

Greenhouse gas emissions by sector
CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

Make America Build Again

"To get America building, we need to understand what actually gets in the way of most projects. It isn't bureaucrats in Washington, or counties with strict height limits on buildings, or environmental activists chaining themselves to pipelines. It's pissed-off locals, who don't want stuff — any stuff — built in their backyards."

#NIMBY #AffordableHousing #CleanEnergy #PublicTransit

3 weeks ago

Price of solar dropped 89% in ten years

#solarpunk #renewableenergy #cleanenergy

Kevin Cianfarini
3 weeks ago

Yesterday, @Nathanpboston, members of Beyond Methane RVA, and I were panelists on Electrify Now talking about gas leaks throughout the natural gas value chain, energy justice, gas utilities financial woes, and Richmond's newly created Public Utilities Commission. Check it out!

#rva #virginia #energy #energydon #climate #climatecris #climatefriday #climatefinance #cleanenergy

CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

"Global #energy employment rose to 67 million people in 2022, an increase of 3.5 million from pre-pandemic levels. More than half of employment growth over this period was in just five sectors: solar PV, wind, EVs and batteries, heat pumps, and critical minerals mining.

By 2030, around two #CleanEnergy #jobs would be created for every #FossilFuel-related job lost."

3 weeks ago

#China up to 20 years ahead of #US in EV battery manufacturing.

Also of note that China leads the world in adoption of electric buses and trucks.


3 weeks ago

China's carbon emissions could peak this year before starting an unprecedented period of decline from 2024 onwards, according to fresh analysis of official government figures and commercial data.

The analysis says that China has entered 'a period of structural decline' in emissions.


#china #environment #cleanenergy

Squirrel News
3 weeks ago

China’s carbon #emissions are set to fall in 2024 after reaping benefits from #cleanenergy investments. According to @CarbonBrief's report, China’s #CO2 emissions are falling due to record growth in the installation of new low-carbon #energy sources.

CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago


China's #CleanEnergy boom close to the rate required to triple renewable energy by 2030 and meet #climate targets.

And "could trigger a decline in #China’s #emissions from next year despite a wave of new coal plants across the country.

“This is because – for the first time – the rate of low-carbon energy expansion is now sufficient to not only meet, but exceed the average annual increase in China’s demand for electricity overall,” he said."

Laurent Cheylus
4 weeks ago

Sulfur Selenium Solid-State Battery from NASA breaks Energy Storage Boundaries - A prototype has a density of 500 watt-hours per kilogram, which is about double that of conventional Lithium-Ion batteries #CleanEnergy

"Michigan is set to become the third state in the Midwest and twelfth in the country to require a shift to clean electricity."

#CleanEnergy #Michigan

Kevin Cianfarini
1 month ago

FINE. I’ll do it. I dove into the campaign contributions of the incoming #Virginia General Assembly. I originally started because I wanted to compare and contrast Clean Virginia and Dominion Energy, but things quickly got out of hand and I analyzed every contribution related to energy, environment, or climate.

#energy #uspol #vapol #climatecrisis #rva #cleanenergy #climate #uspol


Calgary Climate Hub
1 month ago

Receipts: Ledger poll commissioned by the Calgary Climate Hub confirms a solid majority of Albertans do NOT support the ban on Clean Energy. Support the Hub. We NEED your help fighting for what's right in the capital city for Oil and Gas in Canada.

#yyc #abpoli #ClimateChange #OilAndGas #CleanEnergy #EndTheMoratorium

Calgary Climate Hub
1 month ago

When the awful Renewables Moratorium got dropped on Alberta's nation-leading industry that was supposed to start filling up #YYC's downtown again many of Calgary's institutions didn't say a word. Not the Hub. We pushed back. You can help us.


#yyc #abpoli #ClimateChange #CleanEnergy

Image 1 - Calgary Herald article with image of turbines over the prairie and intro paragraph found here:

Image 2: progress bar shows we've raised $7,141 through the fundraiser so far, which is 71% of our 10K goal thanks to 44 contributors and we have 16 days left.
Flipboard News Desk
2 months ago

The Biden administration has chosen the recipients of $7 billion in “hydrogen hub” funding made available in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The manufacturers are expected to collectively make more than three million metric tons of clean hydrogen per year as part of the administration’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, while also creating 300,000 jobs.

#Hydrogen #CleanEnergy #Biden #infrastructure

G. Barrow
2 months ago

#Introduction: Hello! I'm a #writer and #mother with a background in #cleanenergy programs and #climatetech incubation. What interests me most is getting to a point where #ecologicaldesign becomes #regenerative, blending into #environmental restoration. For anyone writing about #climate disaster, there is no shortage of information and examples. I want to investigate what could work based on how provable methods click together.

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

If you're a climate activist, also pay attention to stuff happening outside the climate box:

"Data from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication shows that a majority of Ohioans believe #ClimateChange is happening and worry about it.

#Gerrymandering, #VoterSuppression, #DarkMoney and other moves insulate policymakers from accountability when they prop up fossil fuels at the expense of #CleanEnergy."


Pratik Patel
2 months ago

New technology uses good old-fashioned wind to power giant cargo vessels

Cargo ships equipped with massive rigid sails called WindWings could save a substantial amount of fuel, considering how much of the world's goods are transported by sea.

#news #climate #CleanEnergy

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"The #CleanEnergy transition faces a political problem not in Washington, which is ready to funnel billions of dollars toward the effort, but in statehouses, courthouses and farmhouses across the country: How do you convince the neighbors to let you move in?"

New research shows some opportunities to move forward.


Andrew Leahey
3 months ago

In this week's column I call for a streamlined process for low income households to obtain energy tax credits. TLDR: Don't require them to install solar on their roof or build a solar farm in their community, let them invest in community projects that are situated where they'll generate the most electricity.

Ultimately, engage with the communities you seek to aid and ask *them* what they need and how to facilitate it.

@law #lawfedi #cleanenergy #solar

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

We live in a fossil fueled austerity today, dealing with#LossAndDamage and #ClimateInflation, But already, at the beginning of the #CleanEnergy transition:

"New data that shows wind and solar cut $US520 billion ($A810 billion) from the electricity sector fuel bill in 2022 alone."

Clean energy kept the lights and the AC on in the searing Texas heatwave.
Clean energy took the most painful sting out of high fossil gas cost in Europe.

Time to ditch #FossilFuels.

Pratik Patel
3 months ago

This kind of #science could be revolutionary for atmospheric #water harvesting and #energy.

New material provides clean water and electricity using nothing but the Sun

The material isn't especially efficient, but improvements should be possible.


Texas counties don’t have power to ban solar farms, attorney general finds
Opinion comes as communities across the U.S. fight solar & wind development, which play important role in slowing climate change but use a lot of land

Koch-Funded Group Undermining US Clean Energy Goals

#CharlesKoch #Texas #neoliberalism #CleanEnergy #capitalism #ClimateChange #disinformation #SolarPower #FossilFuels #WindPower

Calgary Climate Hub
4 months ago

Your latest Climate Lens podcast is LIVE. Just 1 day after #Alberta announces a #CleanEnergyMoratorium, host @Bentley goes 1-on-1 with John Vaillant, author of "#FireWeather: the Making of a Beast."


#EndTheMoratorium #ClimateChange #Renewables #CleanEnergy #cdnpoli #abpoli #yyc

Podcast title "John Vaillant's 'Fire Weather' and the Moratorium on Clean Energy"

Includes 'the Climate Lens' and Calgary Climate Hub logos and a banner reads "NEW EPISODE OUT NOW!"
Image one, book cover: against a fiery red/cloudy background reads the title "Fire Weather - The Making of a Beast" by John Vaillant, #1 bestselling author of "The Golden Spruce" and "The Tiger"

Image 2 - author John Vaillant
BlueGreen Alliance
4 months ago

The #InflationReductionAct is helping us fight #ClimateChange and build a #CleanEnergy economy that works for everyone. ⚡️Join us in celebration of the #InflationReductionAct’s one year anniversary! #HBDInflationReductionAct

Happy Birthday Inflation Reduction Act
Martin Nutty
4 months ago

17) What does it take to overcome polarization and #RedState opposition to electric cars or #SolarPanels?

Lead with the economic and job benefits and refrain from talking about the #ClimateCrisis.

#NYTimes tells the story of those dedicated to persuade Red State Americans to make the shift to #GreenTech

#EVs #ElectricVehicles #CleanEnergy #GreenNewDeal #SolarEnergy


Chart showing impact of political polarization on the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) 30% of Democrats vs. 70% of Republicans are unlikely to consider the purchase of an EV