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Baruch Odem
13 hours ago

All the new exciting tools (from #GitHub) with #AI engines are listed here:

They are available or you can register for a waitlist.

Github #Copilot
Copilot for Pull Requests
Copilot for #CLI
Github Blocks


Rene S.
1 day ago

Interessante "Ich frag' die #Fritzbox per #CLI nach Daten" #Toolbox gefunden:

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📦 v14.19.4

Bug Fixes

* path: return early when powerlevel is < max_width

#ohmyposh #oss #cli #opensource

3 days ago

Hey 👋 I'm Max, a software developer currently based in Europe.

I work as a developer almost 5 years, started as a PHP developer, then so-called FullStack, and now work as a #typescript dev in one company that provides cloud backup solutions.

I am also actively interested in #golang #go programming language and work on several side projects related to this great language.

My interests:
📝 #writing #zettelkasten
📖 #reading #books
👨‍💻 #vim #neovim #linux #unix #terminal #cli


Uninstall/remove composer package from composer.json / composer.lock

> composer remove vendor/package

#php #composer #cli #pastebin

Get filetype & encoding on cli:

file -i filename (Linux)
file -I filename (MacOS)

#cmd #cli #pastebin

dreamleak.exe :blocky_white_cursor:
3 days ago

determining MTU (maximum transmission unit) with ping command!

zsh, (left): -D prints timestamps and -s symbolizing packet size (without exceeding 1500 bytes, as per ethernet frame standard.)

powershell, (right): -f sets DF (do not fragment) flag in IP header. this option prevents decreased speed performance and packet loss. -l, much like its linux equivalent -s, defines echo request packet length.

#networking #linux #windows #cli

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Thorsten Zöller
4 days ago

A set of guidelines for designing command-line programs based on Unix principles:

#cli #unix #programming

Alina 0xFF
4 days ago

I wrote myself a little tmux launcher leveraging shell scripting and charmbracelet's gum text UI tool.
My idea of using the shell has been way too rigid and I'm reclaiming my right to not GUI #cli #tui #linux

A screen recording demoing my launcher which slides in from the left and provides a selection of my most used shell commands including added filterable file selection where necessary
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4 days ago

curl "${DOI}" \
| jq -r '.message.abstract' \
| { \
echo '<article xmlns:mml="" dtd-version="1.2"><body>'
echo '</body></article>'
} \
| pandoc --from jats --to commonmark

# Given DOI, get the article abstract (if it is available)

#oneliner #shell #cli

Boiling Steam
5 days ago
5 days ago

#CLI of the week : asciinema. Record your #terminal and share it easily as a GIF.

#shell #linux

#100DaysToOffload : 40/100

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5 days ago

📦 v14.19.1

Bug Fixes

* pwsh: clear line after extra prompts

#ohmyposh #oss #cli #opensource

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5 days ago

📦 v14.19.0


* diamond: merge segments on empty leading_diamond

#ohmyposh #oss #cli #opensource

TSM at Work
6 days ago

A bit of #aws #cli here, a bit of #jq there, and lo and behold, a guide for what your new #NFS mounts will be as your #vm moves from #onpremise to the #cloud. Oops, did I “accidentally” #commit the #script next to the #generated #markdown document in the #wiki? #sorrynotsorry

6 days ago
1 week ago

Jetzt also erst mal per #git clone das #typst repo ( geholt und mit #cargo build auf meinem Rechner das #CLI tool installiert. So weit, so einfach. Na dann hüpfe ich mal in den Texteditor meines Vertrauens und lasse per typst --watch einen Prozess nebenher laufen, um das resultierende PDF inkrementell neu kompilieren zu lassen. Für nen Testlauf einer frisch in die Beta gekommenen Software noch ein recht erträglicher Setup-Aufwand. Daumen drücken dass es so bleibt.

Lars Bartsch
1 week ago

Does anyone know of a neat way to replace pass (standard Unix password manager) with keepassxc-cli (command line version!), while keeping my workflow?
I.e., I bindsym pass with passmenu to a keybinding in order to pipe my credentials via the clipboard.

#followerpower #askfedi @askfedi_de #sway #swaywm #tilingwm #wayland #pass #keepassxc #cli #passmenu

1 week ago

Those familiar with doing things on the command line.

I'm trying to use Don Melton's transcode script on an older Mac. It requires these programs:
HandBrakeCLI, ffmpeg, mkvpropedit, mp4track

Tried installing them through @homebrew but some of the dependencies to the programs fail to compile. If I can download a compiled version of the programs does that negate the need for their dependencies? Im never sure if its needed just to compile or to also run.

#commandline #CLI #terminal #homebrew

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1 week ago

📦 v14.17.0


* enable/disable true color per terminal

#ohmyposh #oss #cli #opensource

Havhingstor | Paul
1 week ago

@dimillian I could see a similar thing happen as with the CLI: Once it was the only / most advanced interface, now it‘s not necessary for the general population, but still very much for niche tasks or CLI-fanatics. That might happen with a subset of programmers. #CLI #programmers

Kevin Bowen :xfce:
1 week ago

Perhaps I'm not thinking clearly about piping commands. Is there a way to "pretty print" output from a find debug command? For example:

find -D tree -name test.txt -type f -execdir mv {} example.txt \;

#cli #findutils

Carlo Zottmann 🇪🇺
1 week ago

And the answer is: #REAPER, that absolute solid piece of kit!

It's fairly simple, I wrote a short blog post about it:

#AudioProcessing #CLI

konst 🇳🇿
1 week ago

@devopscats that's my gripe with Ansible too. We use it "because it is cross platform". Learn a new layer of abstraction, look up their docs, instead of writing straight Bash or Python or PowerShell.

Then it's not the same Ansible across Linux and Windows anyway.

Ansible implementations can be dramatically slower than native counterparts. Eg. Try unzipping large archives with Ansible.

#ansible #cli #devops

Sidney Borne :donor:
1 week ago

Just discovered #VisualStudioCode's "tunnel" #cli command.

This is a gamechanger.

DeaDSouL :fedora:
1 week ago

Nice 3 #Find tricks:

1) How to find the newest 10 files?
2) How to find the oldest 10 files?
3) How to find broken SymLinks?

#Linux #GNULinux #sysadmin #devops #BSD #fedora #arch #debian #opensource #tool #freesoftware #redhat #LinuxTip #LinuxTips #Terminal #HowTo #cli

Linux & OpenSource News deutsch
1 week ago
Das Open-Source-Tool für die Kommandozeile Curl ist in Version 8.0 erschienen. Die feiert vor allem die 25 Jahre lange Geschichte des Werkzeugs.
Curl wird 25 – und feiert mit Version 8.0
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1 week ago

📦 v14.14.4

Bug Fixes

* pwsh: print upgrade notice in UTF8
* release: add git user

#ohmyposh #oss #cli #opensource

David Runge
1 week ago

I just merged my first (larger) contribution to #sequoia's #weboftrust tooling:

The sq-wot #CLI tool can now export to #graphviz #DOT for most of its subcommands. This means you can generate your web of trust as a graph and convert that to e.g. #svg or #png.
I'll do a more extensive write-up of this in the coming days.

My thanks go out to @nwalfield, @wiktor and @hko for extensive reviews and help with the change!

#rustlang #openpgp

Joan Leon
1 week ago
konst 🇳🇿
1 week ago

In case you were wondering, to calculate the square root of a number in a shell script (bash, zsh, etc.), use bc:

bc <<< "scale=3; sqrt(7)"

Don't ask me why I needed to know this, I would like to forget.

#cli #bash

Daniel Wurzbacher
1 week ago

@progcpl @DataDrivenMD I don’t disagree with the premise. Not sure Google’s variant of translation services is totally in line with the licensing or spirit of the app.

There’s not a FOSS equivalent that I’m aware of, though perhaps the infrastructure is sufficient, with instance admins supplying an API key and forcing an appropriate disclosure?

There’s certainly no #CLI or #linux local product that can compete - please prove me wrong, incidentally, I’d love to use it if it exists!

Robyn :antifa:
1 week ago
Screenshot vom Terminal. 

Einmal das Kommando "sexget" und einmal das Kommando "fg blow"

Bei "sexget" kommt: 

sexget: server response: No stream STDSTR for

Bei fg blow kommt...

bash: fg: blow: no such job
2 weeks ago

TIL you can control an external monitor on HDMI from the CLI using ddcutil: much more convenient than those annoying screen menus to change the brightness during the day :D

# my screen is set on /dev/i2c-4

# set the brightness to 50%
sudo ddcutil --bus=$hdmi_monitor_i2c setvcp 10 50

#cli #linux

Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “A quick guide to getting Mozilla VPN working on a headless Linux server”

The Mozilla VPN service is great, but it doesn't work using the CLI if you have a "headless" server. After a bit of faffing about, I got it working. I suffered so you don't have to. Get an account Sign up and use code MOZILLA20 for a cheeky 20% discou…

👀 Read more:

#cli #HowTo #linux #ubuntu #vpn

Mozilla VPN logo.
2 weeks ago

Are there best practices for defining which default files/dirs should have ENV variables that override the default locations? Should every cache or config file have an ENV variable to change it's location? Some? Should the app/util have it's own APP_HOME or APP_CONFIG_DIR env vars? Or is supporting XDG_CACHE_HOME, XDG_DATA_HOME, and XDG_CONFIG_HOME "good enough" (tm)?
#envvars #xdg #cli

Niels K.
2 weeks ago

I don’t understand why people use terminal emulators with split panes and tabs and not just tmux. I only see advantages (terminal emulator-independent, survives gui-crashes, you can attach from remote, scriptable, etc).

Are there any disadvantages? #linux #cli #macos

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

My kingdom¹ for a terminal emulator that:

1. Works under Wayland.

1. Has split panes.

2. Conforms to GNOME’s design guidelines (is a GTK window, reacts to system colour scheme changes, etc.)

I can get WezTerm pretty close to this but its window looks entirely alien and while I’ve managed to configure it to switch themes when the colour scheme changes, it has a tendency to lose its title bar when it does. 🤦‍♂️

#terminal #commandLine #cli #linux #fedora #gnome #wayland

¹ Not much of a kingdom.

Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

Arse. Looks like #MozillaVPN doesn't support command-line usage.
There is a #CLI app - but it doesn't work on headless #Linux servers.
So I either need to manually set up #WireGuard or get a refund.
Not ideal!

Joseph Zikusooka
2 weeks ago

Exclude comments & blank lines from a file using this simple Linux command:

grep -Ev '^ *(#|$)' FILENAME e.g.

grep -Ev '^ *(#|$)' ~jambula/smarthub/requirements.txt

#ZikTIPS #Scripting #Sysadmins #CLI #Linux

Karl Dubost
2 weeks ago

TIL: `history -i` (#zsh) displays the interactive history mechanism equivalent to `fc -li` **with an ISO timestamp**. #unix #cli

2 weeks ago

halp | A #CLI tool to get help with CLI tools 🐙
#LibreSoftware #CommandLineTools #Utility #RustLang

Joseph Zikusooka
2 weeks ago

TIP: Get the lyrics of a song using the following Linux command:

lyrics -t "SONG_TITLE" "ARTIST"

For example to get lyrics for: So Hard to Tell by Debby Friday, enter:

lyrics -t "So Hard to Tell" "Debby Friday"

NOTE: Use 'pip install lyrics-in-terminal' to get the lyrics tool on your system.

#ZikTIPS #Music #CLI #Python #Linux

3 weeks ago

I wrote something called plink today!

A bit of a break in uni work meant I was able to write something fun and small. It’s a URL analysis tool designed for finding broken links in a site, and includes features such as black/whitelists and depth control.

#python #cli #opensource #test :python_logo: :iterm2_logo:

Stefan Bohacek
3 weeks ago

I added to, it's a nice collection of small, useful #webdev tools.

And I really like their CLI interface for adding projects.

#webdev #WebDevelopment #cli #OpenSource

A screenshot of a terminal window showing the process of adding a new tool to the website. There's a few prompts for adding name and description of your project, and a list of tags you can pick from.
Joseph Zikusooka
3 weeks ago

TIP: Quickly change the splash screen you see when booting your Linux PC:

sudo plymouth-set-default-theme -R spinner

NOTE: To see all available themes:
sudo plymouth-set-default-theme -l

#ZikTIPS #CLI #Fedora #Ubuntu #Linux

Andras Bacsai
3 weeks ago

🤔 If you need to write a CLI, language does not matters, but it should have great DX; what would you use? Rust? Go? Node? #programming #cli #opensource

Aral Balkan
3 weeks ago

The lovely @imsnif et al. have just released a new version of Zellij (a terminal workspace with split panes and much more).

The latest version brings stacked panes, auto and swap layouts, and floating panes in layouts.

(My favourite Zellij feature apart from the panes? You can open the output of the last command run in your favourite editor so you can copy/paste, etc., without using your mouse… if that’s your sort of thing.)

#zellij #terminal #multiplexer #cli #dev

Animated gif of a terminal session running Zellij. The terminal is split horizontally in half. The right-hand-side has one pane showing and seven more stacked. The animation shows each stacked pane being opened in turn with the others stacking around the open one.
3 weeks ago

#Development #Launches
Carbonyl · A Chromium-based browser built to run in a terminal

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Browser #Rust #Chromium #API #Terminal #CLI

Joseph Zikusooka
3 weeks ago

TIP: Sometimes you need a file with an exact size for testing. Here’s a simple command to create a dummy file with a specific size in Linux

truncate -s 10m /tmp/dummy_file

#ZikTIPS #CLI #sysadmin #developer #Linux

Jan Andrle
4 weeks ago

css-in-console@v1.1.0 – Naive and simplistic styling of terminal text using “CSS”. Provides `console.log`/… alternatives with partial `%c` support.

- npm:
- github:
- `%c`:

This release addresses issues related to colour supports. Now, everything should work as shown in screenshots.

#nodejs #cli #css #javascript #typescript (#webdev)

import { log } from 'css-in-console';
const css= log.css`
	*{ margin-left: 1rem; }
	.headline, .tab{ color: lightgreen; }
	.li{ display: list-item; margin-left: 2rem; }
	.tab{ tab-size: 4; }
log("%cSimple stylings", css.headline);
log("%cExample shows:", css.p);
log("%cusing `margin-left`",;
log("%cusing `color`",;
log("%cusing `display:list-item`",;
log("%cusing `::before` “pseudo element”",;
log("%cthe class selector is preferred, you can also use `*`",;
log("\tTab test 1 (as default `console.log`)");
log("%c\tTab test 2 (with custom styling)",;
Terminal output of `node ./examples/bascs.js` (see prev. screenshot of code). Output is colourful.
Terminal output of `node ./examples/bascs.js | cat` (see prev. screenshot of code). The Output is colourless.
Terminal output of `FORCE_COLORS=1 node ./examples/bascs.js | cat` (see prev. screenshot of code). The output is colourful.
Joan Leon
1 month ago

Chromium running inside your terminal

#Terminal #CLI #Browser

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 month ago

New release of #qsv, the CSV toolkit, is out! 🎉

The `diff` command now sorts by line when no other sort option is given (before, order of diffresult was not stable across runs). 🧮 📃

This release also introduces a new command `joinp` - the first command that is powered by! 🚀

Check the full release notes here:

#CSV #CLI #Terminal #Rust #RustLang #OpenSource #Data #DataScience #Polars

1 month ago

#CLI of the week : amass. A small tool that let's you do #OSINT reconnaissance.
#infosec #shell #terminal


Zack Katz
1 month ago

That article also led me to learn about executable Markdown, which is like Jupyter Notebooks for CLI. Very cool!

#CLI #Markdown

Zack Katz
1 month ago

I’m real excited about Tea, a “not-a-package-manager” by the creator of Homebrew.

Read the story behind it:

And check it out:

#Homebrew #CLI

1 month ago

📄 Updated article -> "Exploring the Craft CMS Console Command Line Interface (CLI)" 🎉

Thanks to @ryanirelan this article has been updated for Craft CMS 4!

Learn how the @craftcms CLI can help make your life easier! #craftcms #cli

Sal Ferrarello
1 month ago

I nerd sniped myself last night with this GitHub issue 🤣, which resulted in me running a #jekyll site locally for the first time and crafting this #cli command with #grep #xargs and #sed

grep -rl '^tags:.*,' ./_scripts | xargs sed -i '' '/^tags:/s/,//g'

1 month ago

does anyone know a #screenreader accessible #ebook reader for #linux? I usually just go with a simple #cli tool, like pdf2text, however I found a #book I wanted for some time, but it's in the #epub format. As I'm sure most of you who read this know, #calibre isn't accessible on linux, probably windows neither for that matter, so my question is, anything else recommended by the community of #blind linux users?

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 month ago

A new version of csv-diff is out (v0.1.0-beta.2) 🎉

This version adds a method, which allows you to sort your diff result by columns (it was already possible to sort by lines).

See the changelog for an example:

Sorting by columns will soon be integrated into qsv, the #CSV toolkit:

Thank you @jqnatividad for the idea of this feature! 💚

#Rust #RustLang #CSVDiff #DataScience #qsv #CLI

1 month ago

@pee @Sliotar @uastronomer I already own a Debian-based server, thanks to @yunohost. The cool thing about #YunoHost is that gives you enough reliability and ease, but it still allows you to intervene however you want from the #CLI. This is why I know my way through the #Terminal and #bash

#zsh #shell #Linux #selfhosting

New liked #link: "aicommits: A CLI that writes your git commit messages for you with AI"
#ai #cli #git #openai#Otter

Jan Andrle
1 month ago

css-in-console@v1.0.4 – see Now, the following should work as excepted.

#nodejs #cli #css #javascript #typescript (#webdev)

JavaScript code:
import { log } from "css-in-console";
const css= log.css`
	.code{ color: yellow; }
	.code::before, .code::after{
      content: "\`";
log("%cCode", css.code);

@khalidabuhakmeh @runewake2 Well, speaking of #dotnet and #cli, just throwing this out there for anyone at all that is reading this, I've seen video's about people working on using a common .NET backend with a Blazor and/or #dotnetmaui front-end - is there a way to do same with a CLI front-end? In the beginning Windows was just a GUI front-end for DOS commands - can one achieve that also with MAUI/CLI? Have never seen anything about this, nor been able to find anything.