Loki the Cat
11 hours ago

Looks like the UAE is taking a break from being the hot spot for oil deals! They've decided to invest $30 billion in a climate fund. Talk about switching gears! They're going from fueling the world to saving the world. I guess you could say they're becoming the "purrr-looters" of clean energy! 😺🌍 #UAE #ClimateAction #PurrfectInvestment

15 hours ago

Will this be more "lip service"? (Looking at you Alberta Premier Smith👀 )

Canada's oil and gas emissions cap is coming — here's what to expect
The government's measures to control fossil fuel emissions are set to be released at COP28

#climatecrisis #climateaction #cop28 #canada #canpoli #oilandgas #emissions #climatechange #climateshame

Mark Graf
16 hours ago

Science progresses one funeral at a time.
(paraphrasing German physicist and Nobel winner Max Planck)
#ClimateAction #ClimateChange

News Feed India
1 day ago

प्रधान मंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने COP28 में ग्रीन क्रेडिट पहल का प्रस्ताव रखा, हरित भविष्य के लिए वैश्विक सहयोग को आमंत्रित किया
#PMModi #COP28 #GreenCreditInitiative
#ClimateAction #Sustainability #India2030Goals
#NetZero2070 #COP33India2028

EU in the UAE
1 day ago

RT by @euintheuae: 🌍 COP28 Snapshot – Day 2

🤝 Attended by 160+ World Leaders and Heads of State

📑 COP28 UAE Declaration on a Global Climate Finance Framework launched

🚀 UAE launches a $30 billion climate investment vehicle

💵 World Bank increases climate finance targets to $40 billion by 2025

👏 Further major commitments to Loss & Damage

📑 COP28 UAE Declaration on Agriculture & Food launched

🌱 $5 billion committed to climate and nature initiatives

🥗 $2.5 billion committed to the food-climate agenda

#COP28 #ClimateAction


[2023-12-01 22:44 UTC]

Stitch Media
1 day ago

Methane in the environment needs to be effectively reduced. Old climate models didn’t predict the advances of methane release we have now.

#StitchedInkMedia #Politics #Methane #Climate #World #Environment #HeatAge #UN #Cop28 #Nature #Animals #Species #Science #Model #Future #C;imateChange #ClimateAction

Andrew Millison accompanies the organization Planet Wild to visit the excellent work of Trees for the Future. This remarkable project holds the promise of combating desertification, providing livelihoods, and nurturing the environment. At its core, this initiative revolves around the creation of lush food forests that transform land into thriving ecosystems.
#SolarPunk #OWGF #Senegal #Regeneration #Permaculture #OurWonderfulGreenFuture #ClimateAction

Looming gas supply shortfall in Australia's🇦🇺 southern states could be eradicated by #Electrification and #Energy Efficiency.

New report finds residential gas use could decrease to zero by 2042, and industrial gas use by 63%. and avoid investment in new gas fields.

#Australia #FossilGas #ClimateAction

Ain Tohvri
1 day ago

"Fossil fuel companies are way better at capturing politicians than they are at capturing emissions" – Al Gore #ClimateChange #ClimateAction

BC Info Bot
1 day ago
Energy4Europe 🇪🇺
1 day ago

RT by @Energy4Europe: NEW: The world is experiencing a methane data revolution, but work remains to translate it into #ClimateAction. 🌎

Today, IMEO launches its annual report and shares its progress harnessing data to #CutMethane.

Available here ➡️ #COP28


[2023-12-01 11:14 UTC]

Flávia Feijó
2 days ago

Boa notícia:

Planta da Amazônia pode ser alternativa ao uso do mercúrio no garimpo de ouro

29 novembro 2023


Stitch Media
2 days ago
2 days ago

My #FollowFriday list for this week has an emphasis on #EarthDefenders, #ClimateJustice and #ClimateNews! I've included descriptions from respective accounts. Suggestions welcome for the next round...!

#Climate scientist working on the #ocean #carbon cycle and verification of ocean carbon dioxide removal (#CDR). Founder, Bamboo #Bike Project; co-founder and Director of Science at [C]Worthy. Professor at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa; also at Columbia University in NYC and École normale supérieure in Paris.”

"#Environmental Reporter for The Highlands Current: An award-winning, non-profit, independent newspaper in New York's Hudson Valley. I also teach journalism at Marist College. Not actually a cat."

"#RegenerativeAnthropology and/as #ClimateAction
#ClimateDiary; writing book about palm oil; political and historical ecology, climate justice, commoning"

"A passionate #Environmentalist curating a daily news feed about the #Environment & #ClimateChange.
My hobbies include using my DSLR camera, mapping on Open Street Maps, listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks on topics such as #Geology, #Nature, #Geoscience, #Sustainability, #Climate, technology & privacy."

"Head of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for #ClimateImpact Research; professor of Physics of the Oceans at Potsdam University; dad. Opinions my own!"

"#environnement #Montréal #Québec #changementsclimatiques #gay #vélo #polqc #climat #LGBTQQIP2SAA #pollution #égalité #femmes #gai #gauche #équité #justice "

“Le notizie più importanti e gli alert mondiali sull'ambiente e l'ecologia selezionate dagli utenti di”

“Sustainable Mid Peninsula, compost, diversity, cooking, bikes, subsistence, pedestrian cities, half earth. Born 309 ppm of CO2”

#ClimateScientist (Atmospheric) PhD | Postdoc at Princeton University & NOAA GFDL | UC Irvine and Cornell University alum | Sharing data-driven stories | Be kind | Views are my own”

“Your guide to #ClimateCollapse.”

“Global non-violent direct action movement demanding a response to the climate and #ecological emergency. Donate at”

“Independent media amplifying stories from the frontlines of social and environmental struggles."

“« Si vous voulez aider la planète, plantez un arbre. Si vous voulez la sauver, plantez un riche » - François Avard”

#FridaysForFuture – oder auch: "Dreimal F, F ist am sechsten Platz im Alphabet, also in dem Fall 666, da weiß man ja auch wieder, wer dahinter steckt.”

“Follows and boosts #climate and #ClimateScience experts.”

“Host of @ClimateHubYYC's A Climate of Change zoomcast and The Climate Lens podcast, AB Regional Organizer for @Reality_Canada. Tweets are my own. #yyc

“Mouvement international de Désobéissance Civile Non-Violente pour la protection du vivant ”

@earthfirst - Sadly, this account hasn't posted in a while...
"The Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical environmental movement. Published quarterly, it contains reports on direct action; articles on the preservation of wilderness and biological diversity; news and announcements about #EarthFirst! and other radical environmental groups. Follow for updates about the EF! Journal, snarky ecoposting, and updates on the struggle to minimize and adapt to climate catastrophe."

#FridayFollows #ClimateJusticeAccounts

Mark@RCR 🌀
2 days ago

A #StarWars Fan Film about climate change and the battle for #climateaction at #COP28 using real practical models, bluescreen, stop motion #animation (with virtually no CGI, like the original 1970s and 1980s trilogy). #COP #climatechange #climate #climatecrisis

Derek Caelin 🌱
2 days ago

📣 #ClimateAction alert for #Connecticut residents!

(Writing as an individual and not as chair.)

Did you know 40% of our state's emissions come from the transportation sector? Our legislature is considering NOW whether to foster the growth of low-emissions vehicles in our state.

Please write your rep in legislature saying that you want clean air standards.

Learn more:

#climatechange #greenhouseGasEmissions #CT

RT by @EU_EESC: 📣At our #EUatCOP28 side event on #AgriFood systems next week, @EU_EESC will present concrete proposals for action by 🇪🇺 #CivilSociety on the implementation of #ClimateAction on #Agriculture and #FoodSecurity.

📄Read our contribution here! #COP28 👇


[2023-12-01 13:25 UTC]

Kees van der Leun
2 days ago

Big news in German climate case: Court orders government to take immediate measures for faster emission reduction in transport and buildings. The country's Climate Law prescribes this now the 2021 and 2022 targets for these sectors were missed.
#ClimateChange #climateaction #climatepolicy

Stitch Media
2 days ago

Time for real change. True leadership. Inflation and affordability have become the new distractions utilized against a better world of cheaper energy. Stop spending on those giving nothing back.

#StitchedInkMedia #Future #Politics #Nature #Science #COP28 #Leadership #Climate #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #World #Environment

Kees van der Leun
2 days ago

Major victory in Belgium climate case today:
Court of Appeal orders the federal, Flemish and Brussels governments to achieve a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 55% by 2030, compared to 1990.
In 2021, only -24% had been reached.
#ClimateChange #climateaction

Alex Verbeek
2 days ago


When it comes to climate adaptation, the cost benefit of preventive adaptation measures for floods and heatwaves ranges from 2:1 to 10:1. Learn about climate adaptation in @SwissRe Institute's latest publication.


#ClimateAction #COP28 

Summarizing the same message as in the text
3 days ago



Leaked: the #COP28 corporate buy-in

via @The_Goose_Media on #YouTube

Sign today to pressure your government for #ClimateAction against the #ClimateCatastrophy:

#FossilFuelTreaty #ClimateCrisis #COP28

Australia: the NSW parliament has voted unanimously to enshrine a 70% emissions cut by 2035 in law. It's so good to see cross-party support for #climateaction
Victoria has a bill enshrining 75-80% emissions reduction by 2035, bring forward net zero to 2045, 95% renewables by 2035.

#ClimateTargets #ClimateDiary #Australia

3 days ago
Petra van Cronenburg
4 days ago

@TatianaIlyina It is also a call to us #journalists: Too often readers are left alone with pure #statistics but don't feel what it means for their life. They feel helpless and often don't know what they can do at once and in longer terms in political life (like elections). People in Europe often don't know what the same number means e.g. in Africa or Alaska. We need more "translations" of sheer numbers into reality and #solutionJournalism

#climateAction #climatecrisis #journalism #journalismus

Matthias Ott
4 days ago

Research by the Centre for Climate Reporting and the BBC confirms what everyone knew already. COP28 under the UAE lead is a farce:

COP28 president secretly used climate summit role to push oil trade with foreign government officials
#ClimateAction #Climate #EndFossilFuels

Aside from the knee jerk and very valid response of “greed”, what, precisely, is holding humanity back from a world where there is no need for money? Why can’t goods and services be provided as needed and work and education be a matter of gaining respect, experience, and contribution to the whole? Does this state of affairs automatically require it to be earth-wide to function?

Would achievement of this state of affairs help us achieve other goals like:
Eradication of Poverty/Scarcity?
Achieving a Sustainable Post-Climate-Action-CO2-Free world?


Pauline von Hellermann
5 days ago

39/n Here also a brillant sum-up by Timmons Roberts (CSSN) of what we - those of us who desperately want #COP28 to deliver real, much needed #ClimateAction - are always up against in the #FossilFuel lobby:

“a highly sophisticated, well-funded network of people who are used to winning, and to winning big” .

Btw #CSSN (Climate Social Science Network), set up by Timmons, does really great, incisive work on #ClimateObstruction and #ClimateDelay - do check it out

This is not a rhetorical question anymore.
This is not a poll because I’d rather 'hear’ people's answer.

Let's say, in an instant, the world suddenly decided to stop using fossil fuels. Everything using fossil fuels burned its last tank and that was it. Done. Forever. All consequences ensue…

Would you be more comfortable with that happening today during a climate that is (debateably) recognizable to the climate pre-Fossil Fuel use and that may return closer to that pre-fossil fuel climate in future generations.


Having the last drop some day in 2050, or 2100, or 2110, when the climate has shifted to something utterly unrecognizable. There is (even more) mass chaos in the world due to all the impacts of climate change, and we have added yet more CO2 to the atmosphere and oceans that will take eons to return to, if it is at all possible.

#climateAction #reality #COP28 #EndFossilFuels

Bread and Circuses
6 days ago

I frequently criticize corporations and capitalists for the grievous harm they are doing to our ecosphere — and they certainly deserve scorn. But lazy, apathetic consumers should not be let off the hook. Even if our actions will only make a small difference in comparison to the damage from Big Oil and Big Ag and Big Finance, etc, that’s no excuse for not doing what we can.

Once again, though, what we need most is bold public leaders who will enact policy and system changes *even when* they are inconvenient to consumers and unpopular with voters. Because that’s what true leadership is.

It is often argued that all we need to do is raise awareness of a global climate emergency, and individuals will “do the right thing.” A new study indicates this just is not the case.

A balanced panel of 381 people were about their opinions, beliefs, and awareness of climate change. Participants used a survey to identify which things they would be most willing to change to reduce carbon emissions.

We might expect that people who are well aware of the severity of the climate crisis would opt for larger, more impactful behavioural changes. We might expect that high awareness and emotional engagement would lead to a clear willingness to make larger changes.

But that was not the case. Instead, we found that regardless of an individual’s stated environmental opinion and beliefs, most opted for the easiest but least impactful options. This goes against the oft-expressed view that all we need to do is explain just how bad the situation is, and people will change.

This means that simply raising awareness and trying to nudge people into changing their behaviour is unlikely to have the necessary impact.

Without state intervention, we simply won’t see any meaningful changes to business and industry practices, and lifestyles and consumption habits. We cannot keep using encouragement and hope.

We recognise that this is an immense and complex problem for scientists, governments, and politicians. How do we address climate change if governments will not make polluters pay and if we will not alter our own self-destructive behaviour?

It seems that we know the problem, we know how to solve it, we know we are all in it together and everyone needs to play their part – but we seem incapable of action.


#Politics #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction

Tony the Mechanic
6 days ago

This is a big step in the direction of sustainable transportation.

Carbon emission reductions are critical to meeting global net zero goals.

#ClimateAction #DemocratsDeliver

States must target transportation carbon emission cuts under new federal rule:

Join the conversation to create a climate for change in Scotland!

Are you concerned about climate change but not sure how urgent it is & how you can make a difference?

Having quality conversations about climate change is one of the most effective things we can do to stop it.

Join our friendly, facilitated, one-off monthly ‘Climate for Change’ conversation on 6 Dec 2023 at 6pm. Online.

#ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange

Free - Climate 4 Change Conversation: Wed, 6 Dec 2023 18:00 - 20:30 online

Concerned about climate change, not sure how urgent it is or how you can make a difference? Join a friendly, facilitated discussion to explore the subject in this 1-off session
Bread and Circuses
6 days ago

Do the right thing.

It may not always be clear at first what the right thing is. For example, recycling is fairly easy but accomplishes much less than something more difficult such as changing your diet or giving up your car.

Learn the differences, and do the right thing. 🤗

#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #WarOnCars #BanCars

Graphic is titled: "Carbon Footprint Misconceptions." It lists eight actions that we as consumers might take in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and shows that some of those actions that we might think will make a high impact actually will not, such as recycling, whereas other actions, such as not having a car, will save greatly on emissions.
Harald Walker
1 week ago

What can you do to show up and make an actual difference? Petitions are all well and good, but these actions will help you step up and be heard.

#ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency

1 week ago

I was involved in designing/coordinating this human sign at the #RisingTide port blockade for #ClimateAction in #Moolubinba/#Newcastle. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

The action is still rolling, there will be people on the water all night tonight and all day tomorrow. If you're in town, come down!

Details at

#climate #climateChange #coal #auspol

Human sign on Horseshoe Beach, Newcastle, that says "WE ARE THE RISING TIDE". The beach to the right of the sign is full of kayaks.
J de Brabander
1 week ago

Mission Statement
[but don't hold me to that]

After the devastating Dutch elections [22-11-'23] I decided to dedicate my toots back to the original goal.
I care about a lot of issues, most global some national; but I won't be 'tooting' about them all.

First and formost I WANT to 'toot' about:
* #ClimateSolutions
Because I trust that most people reading know about the dreadfull future of climate change, I want to spread the, possible, solutions to a problem rather than reiterate on the problem.
* #ClimateJustice
One of those solution might be sueing the polluters or governments on human rights, violations or #Ecoside
* #ClimateAction
Action is by all means a solution.
* #ClimateEmergency
* #Climate

As said I want to focus on the global issue. I don't want to nitpick on too much principles. Like: "What's worse: eating cows or driving diesel?" Both are devastating behaviors of intitled rich people!
On the otherhand therefore I truly respect ANY effort to make a change for the better.

Most of all... I want to add instead of preach. Bring some bits of the puzzle to the table.

I'm NOT a scientist of any kind. I'm just a disabled old white guy typing on a desk reading and searching a lot.

I tend to toot 2 - 3 times a day, but that's NOT a promise.
I tend to follow anyone who 'retoots' or 'favourites' my toots. Forget it, I'm vain.
I might be interested in: #StopCopCity #ClimateFinance #Capitalism #Energy #USpolitics #Ukraine #Europe #Bernie #XR #OceanCleanup #NextBlue #InductionCooking #TaxTheRich #Africa #FemaleSoccer #Ajax #MíTambién #BigOil #Greta #CityDesign #VanessaNakate #2030 #Wildfires #Floods #PussyRiot #IPCC #AOC and more.

If any of my 'followers' want to opt out... this is your chance, as always.

Text: graphic of a time line starting with 1979 Climate conference up to 2015 Paris Agreement while getting taller and redder.
2 weeks ago

Researchers: Effective climate action requires us to abandon viewing our efforts as a 'sacrifice' #climate #ClimateChange #ClimateAction

Mark@RCR 🌀
2 weeks ago

As a new era of environmental rule of law takes shape, UNEP’s new report provides recommendations for governments to navigate this evolving landscape. #environment #law #climatechange #climate #climatecrisis #climateemergency #climatejustice #sustainability #climateaction #COVID

Find out more:

Cable Green
2 weeks ago

Job opportunity: Open Climate Campaign Communications Manager. Do you want to help open access to research and fight climate change? The Open Climate Campaign needs you.

Please also pass this opportunity on to your #OA networks:


This may be unfair to other companies but... In case you thought car companies were moving to EVs because of some responsibility they felt (imposed or organic) to save the planet and reduce carbon emissions.
#climateAction #ClimateChange #EV #Capitalism #canPoli

Mark@RCR 🌀
2 weeks ago

“The world’s richest 10% encompasses most of the middle classes in developed countries – anyone paid more than about $40,000 (£32,000) a year. The lavish lifestyles of the very rich – the 1% – attract attention. But the 10% are responsible for half of all global emissions, making them key to ending the #climatecrisis.” #climatechange #climate #climateemergency #climateaction #climatejustice #environment

“"Given that governments, production plans and targets helped to influence, legitimize and justify continued fossil fuel dependence, there is a real risk that such plans are undermining the energy transition by locking in long-lived fossil fuel infrastructure," Achakulwisut said.”

Looking at you Prime Minister Justin “Climate Champion but lets buy a Pipeline” Trudeau. Or you BC Premier David - “Still Loving the LNG” Eby.

#ClimateAction #BCPoli #CdnPoli #CanPoli #TransMountain #TMX #LNG #BCLNG

2 weeks ago

Dear #ClimateDiary

We are in uncharted territory.
The current temperatures are way out of anything that was measured before.
What it will do to us?
We dont know.
It´s hope and prayers.
or #ClimateAction and Community building.

Plot of Global 2m Surface Temperature Anomalies: 1940 - 2030
vs 1850-1900 IPCC Baseline

Older dark blue lines are in the cooler part of the plot, whiter newer lines are in the warmer area.

2023 is a red line way above anything else that was ever measuered. Reaching 2 decrees warming on 18th November 2023
Tony the Mechanic
2 weeks ago

If you’re like me and live on Earth, you should care about the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5).

And you should care about what’s being done about it. It’s significant: FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Releases Fifth National Climate Assessment and Announces More Than $6 Billion to Strengthen Climate Resilience Across the Country |


Congress Won’t Touch the Climate Disaster. How Is President Biden Intervening?-

S. K. Riley
2 weeks ago

Move thoughtfully and plant things.

Plants may be even more industrious helpers than previously assumed.

#ClimateAction #Plants #CO2Uptake

2 weeks ago

@jelle77 @bert_hubert @volkskrant Ik heb een lang blog geschreven over alle voordelen en risico's in het Engels.
We gaan niet op tijd de co2 emissies afbouwen, dus om te voorkomen dat ecosystemen volkomen instorten en chaos ontstaat is #SAI noodzakelijk.
Ik heb ook alle drogredenen en goede redenen ivm risico's op een rij gezet.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction #SAI

2 weeks ago

When viewing 2023 impacts of #climatechange I am convinced we can't reduce CO2 fast enough. Therefore I wrote a blog on how we should start a path toward stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) yesterday.

SAI can cool the earth in 2 years and keep temperature steady even if CO2 keeps rising.

Please read the blog before you disagree
And sorry, its very long and thorough

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction #SAI #geoengineering

2 weeks ago

This kind of talk is not good for my blood pressure. He used all the known tricks of deniers and I felt totally powerless. No argument was heard and he felt pity for me that I care.

I am sorry but I can’t have these conversations. I have to protect my health. I will stick to the other #ClimateAction s



Pauline von Hellermann
2 weeks ago

#ClimateDiary Normally I avoid reading things about #ClimateAnxiety or #ClimateGrief (maybe a form of denial?) but I did read this and am glad I did. All three tips spot on:
- Build social cohesion, to help your community weather adversity
- Dispel the silence about climate crisis with open discussion
- Stay abreast of international issues and apply what you learn locally
It’s spurred me on to do more of all three! #ClimateAction

Screenshot of top of this article
Citizens' Climate Lobby Boston
3 weeks ago

Our next monthly chapter meeting is *tonight* at 6 PM! Come join us on Zoom to recap what's been happening recently with CCL and what's coming next!

#ClimateChange #ClimateAction #Boston #CitizensClimateLobby

Citizens' Climate Lobby Boston MA, Monthly Chapter Meeting.  Wednesday, November fifteenth, 6 P M.  Join the virtual meeting via zoom at