Denny Kozlov
5 minutes ago

It would appear my latest autumn equinox rituals now include removing the portable A/C duct from the window until the heat waves return next summer, and vaccuuming the last of this summer's wildfire soot out of the heater before turning it on for the first time this season. 😒

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange

sebastian büttrich
48 minutes ago

The #CarbonCredit system likely was never meant to cut emissions or help prevent #ClimateChange.
"A total of 39 of the top 50 emission offset projects, or 78% of them, were categorised as likely junk ... Eight others (16%) look problematic"

55 minutes ago

Eliminate #malaria once and for all or it will come back stronger, UN warned

World faces ‘malaria emergency’ from resistance to #insecticides, waning efficacy of drugs, funding shortfalls and #climatechange

Jhaens 🏳️‍🌈
1 hour ago

Wieder Sonntag, wieder Sturm, wieder kein Wandern, wieder ein Bild beendet.
80 x 80 cm
#art #Malerei #painting #latex #raccoon #waschbaer #oilpainting #ClimateChange

Vor einer dämmerigen dunklen Berglandschaft steht eine eher weiblich zu lesende Person in einem engen Lackanzug, der Kopf des Kostüms ist der eines stilisierten Waschbären. Rechts im Hintergrund in der Entfernung ein Feuer, dessen Rauch nach links über die Landschaft zieht.
Aure Free Press
1 hour ago

1,000,000 Climate Changes in Every Way!

What to Know About The Saltwater Threat to Louisiana’s Drinking Water Supply
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatechange #Louisiana

Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge Louisiana
Stratford Climate Action
1 hour ago

We were in #Nuneaton yesterday with other #Warwickshire based #ClimateChange groups at the #BigSave day. We had a stall with free plants and seeds, and information about home composting, to help get people of the town growing!

Our stall at Nuneaton Big Save event with a "Recycle Compost at Home" table cloth, boxes of free seeds and plants that were given away and composting information.
Stratford Climate Action
1 hour ago

The next open meeting of Stratford Climate Action is on Wednesday 11th October, 7.30pm, room 5 at Lifeways, in Albany Road. Come along to find out more about what we're doing and discuss future #climatechange action plans to help make #StratfordUponAvon more eco-friendly!

The entrance to Lifeways Community Garden at the side of their centre.
Rob Wald
2 hours ago

Attention Maryland Elders:

Third Act Maryland is holding their official launch event on September 26 at 7 p.m. ET.

Register Today:

Climate visionary and Third Act's founder, Bill McKibben, will be the featured speaker!

Third Act Maryland is a group of older adults from a broad range of backgrounds, cultures, faiths and traditions fighting for climate justice and democracy.
#ThirdAct #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Maryland

Third Act Maryland logo. Black crab on white background, with Third Act Maryland centered underneath.
Frozen Canuck
2 hours ago

How Money Works has a good overview why #CarbonCredits are a corporate scam.

"carbon credits sold never actually removed any carbon from the atmosphere but they still let companies claim their high emissions products were carbon neutral"

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #NetZero #ESG

Raymond Scott Pert
2 hours ago

What Rishi Sunak’s net zero overhaul means for UK emissions

> The prime minister pushed back the ban on the sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 to 2035, relaxed targets to get households to switch away from fossil fuel boilers and ditched plans for tougher energy efficiency rules for landlords.
Justifying his move, Sunak said the #UK had cut its emissions faster than any G7 country since 1990... #RishiSunak #climatechange #fossilfuels

PKPs Powerfromspace1
2 hours ago

@Free_Press nothing to see here but #ClimateChange

Aure Free Press
2 hours ago

Massive flash flooding due to torrential rains in the Phephana of Hanumangarh in Rajasthan, India
#AureFreePress #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Flash flooding in India
Aure Free Press
2 hours ago

"Our Future is Here Now"

Massive rain storm in Ellenabad, state of Haryana, India
#AureFreePress #News #GlobalWarming #climatechange #weather

I Like Books
2 hours ago

"Two island nations on Saturday joined the growing bloc of countries endorsing a fossil fuel nonproliferation treaty amid a worsening climate emergency and continued inadequate action by the larger and wealthier polluters most responsible for causing the planetary crisis.

Answering United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres' exhortation at this week's Climate Ambition Summit for countries to accelerate efforts to end fossil fuels, the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda and Timor-Leste in Southeast Asia announced their support for a binding FFNPT."

#FossilFuelNonproliferationTreaty #AntiguaAndBarbuda #TimorLeste #Vanuatu #Tuvalu #Environment #Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange

"The Paris Agreement doesn’t mention fossil fuels.
The COP27 outcome didn’t mention oil and gas.
It’s time for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty."

2 hours ago


5 factors behind the Global Heatwave 2023, and it's not just El Niño

12 min video

oh we’ll just sequester shit like this… 🙄


The European Network
3 hours ago

Global warming boosts wine production in the English countryside.

In Kent, Sussex, Essex and even Cornwall, vines are appearing in places previously considered too far north to produce quality wine. Major champagne brands have followed in the footsteps of pioneers, fostering an ecosystem around the country's nearly 4,000 hectares of vineyards.

#UK #England #Wine #Vineyards #ClimateChange

3 hours ago

Looks like Suncor's CEO has been called to the principal's office.

Of note: Every conservative party MP on the committee voted against the voluntary chat.

#cdnpoli #ClimateChange

3 hours ago

#Earth’s average 2023 temperature is now likely to reach 1.5 °C of warming

#ClimateStrike #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

L'escassetat de combustible dièsel podria conduir a una crisi econòmica mundial en qüestió de mesos

Els preus dels carburants dièsel ja estan esclatant a gairebé totes les regions del planeta. És probable que això sigui només el començament d'un període prolongat de preus extrems del dièsel.

#climatechange #climatecrisis
#Peakoil #ClimateEmergency

4 hours ago

The same people who deny transgender people exist are coming for any efforts to address climate change.

Their Canada-wide actions this week are rehearsals. If you're not helping the 2SLGBTQIA+ community right now, you're falling behind in organizing (and learning how to organize) against climate denial rallies coming in the near future.

Marc Fawcett-Atkinson, provides a link to the Freedom Rising organization. See the list of groups and weep.

#ableg #ClimateChange

4 hours ago
4 hours ago

@MichaelEMann @latimes

This previous climate change caused mass extinction. So did the next one. So is the one we causes, right now.

Prof Mann is correct: we have the brains to solve this problem...but only if fossil fuel interests are set aside.

"That warming rate of about 0.1 degree Fahrenheit per century is extremely rapid by geological standards. But it’s still roughly 10 times slower than the warming today."

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

Andreas K
4 hours ago

Compared to the waste of the #climatecrisis, Ukraine is literally small change.

The EU + MS have spent roughly €50b if you include even economic help, credit guarantees, and so on.

The flood 2021 in the Ahrtal and Erft cost nifty €40.5b in damages.
(Ok at the time it was the biggest ever in Germany)

Russia literally plans on #climatechange to ease the collection of their resource in the permafrost (which will become ex-permafrost).

Shawn in Montreal
5 hours ago

Army Corps of Engineers to barge 36 million gallons of freshwater a day as saltwater intrusion threatens New Orleans-area drinking water

The move comes as water levels are plummeting for the second consecutive year. As water levels drop, the threat of saltwater intrusion grows in Louisiana as ocean water pushes north into drinking water systems, unimpeded by the Mississippi’s normally mighty flow rate.

#ClimateChange #drought #Water #NewOrleans

@NMBA @MikeDunnAuthor
We have lost our "civilization" and are heading for chaos and tyranny. Never mind #ClimateChange
When #Fascism is discusses by the media with the focus as some starlets hemlines - you know Rome and New York and London is burning.

5 hours ago

While the northern parts of Iran trying to dig out of the muds and recover from the worst floods in 100 years, the southern province of Baluchestan is still hammered with a deadly dust storm that has put some 2000 people in hospital.

Man more are suffering from the never ending dust storm and some schools were forced to cancel their start of the school year.

The climate catastrophe is showing it's horrifying reality in both parts of Iran and showing us what is the future we will see in more places all over the world.

In the mean time, the public and the politicians are all busy with Russia, China and imigration.
#Iran #DustStorm #Floods
#WeDontHaveTime #Politics #ClimateChange #ClimateCatastrophe #ClimateEmergency #TomorrowIsTooLate #GlobalWarming #Environment #GlobalBoiling #PointOfNoReturn

Calgary Climate Hub
5 hours ago

Your Sunday morning podcast is HERE. Fire up that morning coffee and enjoy.

And have a GREAT Sunday!


#afl #abpoli #cleanenergy #moratorium #EndTheMoratorium #ClimateChange #Oiligarchy #BigOil #cdnpoli #Renewables #SkateWhereThePuckIsGoing #yyc

Podcast title "Clean Energy SABOTAGE and the Oil Boss Endgame"

Includes 'the Climate Lens' and Calgary Climate Hub logos and a banner reads "NEW EPISODE OUT NOW!"
Lisa Gets Politik
5 hours ago

Climate collapse is happening. Don't despair, get angry. Get active. Save yourself, save the earth. #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

Primo Natura
6 hours ago

"UK must kick-start construction of large-scale electricity storage or fail to meet net zero targets, warns report"

#UK #UnitedKingdom #NetZero #Climate #ClimateChange #Energy

Climate News Now
7 hours ago

The Cleanup of Seattle’s Only River Could Cost Boeing and Taxpayers $1 Billion. Talks Over Who Will Pay Most Are Secret.

The Duwamish is one of the country’s most contaminated waterways. The Port of Seattle and Boeing accuse each other of failing to pay their fair shares for the cleanup.

#Climate #climateChange #ClimateCrisis

CelloMom On Cars
7 hours ago

#Malaria emergency looming

"Countries are now facing increasing levels of insecticide and #DrugResistance requiring newer, more expensive tools and approaches to be effectively addressed. Leaders also shared how the impacts of #ClimateChange, including a rise in #ExtremeWeather events such as temperature increases, #flooding and cyclones, and the resulting humanitarian emergencies, are expanding the areas impacted by #malaria and the costs of delivering programmes."

CelloMom On Cars
7 hours ago

"A group of 25 state governors that make up the U.S. #ClimateAlliance and the Biden administration announced a pledge Thursday to quadruple the number of #HeatPumps in U.S. homes by 2030, from 4.7 million to 20 million.

Heat pumps use little electricity, yet are able to heat and cool buildings. Since they often replace oil or gas furnaces that add greenhouse gases to the air, they can meaningfully address #ClimateChange. "

Rocky Kistner
8 hours ago

Scientists: Murdoch is the king of #climate denial: “He has wielded his global media empire as a cudgel to sow confusion and doubt about the science and the solutions. He will go down in history as one of the greatest climate villains” @MichaelEMann @readfearn @adamlmorton #climate #climatechange

9 hours ago

Adams abandons Fordham road bus plan.

I couldn't imagine working for the DOT under this administration.

"It's a huge waste of resources, energy, effort across the board, from the DOT, from the advocacy community, it's insane," said one official.

#NYC #transit #climate #ClimateChange

Primo Natura
10 hours ago

"A report ranking climate change misinformation gave Twitter (recently rebranded as X) only a single point out of a 21-point scorecard when assessing policies aimed at reducing inaccurate information – the worst out of five major tech platforms."

#Twitter #Misinformation #Climate #ClimateChange

Paul Schoonhoven
11 hours ago

'South Australia is ahead of other states in Australia and the world, at least for grids of its size. The last coal generator was shut in 2016, the remaining gas plants no longer operate in “baseload” mode, and battery storage – first introduced in 2017 – is now rapidly expanding.'

Rooftop solar meets all of South Australia demand in major new milestone | #RenewEconomy
#climatechange #Solar
(via @johnquiggin, @Akshay)

Kriszta Satori
11 hours ago

#Climate action: Group of young people take 32 countries to court over human rights
(Newsround is always great at explaining the basics)

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
12 hours ago

Surprise! “The market” (carbon offset) is crap for reducing externalities that contribute to #ClimateChange .

More than 1 billion$ (1,000,000,000 = number seconds in 31.7 years) wasted.

From #TheGuardian

Graphic representation of the distribution of crap carbon offset programs
12 hours ago

Additionally, he called jobs in green technology the “jobs of the future,” and stated that he thinks London must “lead the way” in terms of requiring major businesses to disclose how environmentally-friendly their companies and investments are.

Again, what has changed in just over a year?


#UK #UKPolitics #RishiSunak #ClimateChange

12 hours ago

In the piece, Sunak expressed his commitment to the Environment Act 2021, taking care of soil, and reforming farm payments. In addition, he stated intentions to increase the country’s domestic energy supply, reduce energy waste, and to increase offshore wind energy, rooftop solar energy, and nuclear energy (the latter of which is not actually renewable), adding that “offshore wind will not be built at the expense of marine protection.”


#UK #UKPolitics #RishiSunak #ClimateChange

12 hours ago

Rishi Sunak on climate change:

“I have two daughters, both of whom are passionate environmentalists, and I am absolutely committed to leaving our environment in a better state for the next generation,” he wrote in a piece for the Conservative Environment Network in August 2022.


"Rishi Sunak scraps home energy efficiency taskforce"

What's changed? 🤔


#UK #UKPolitics #RishiSunak #ClimateChange

Aure Free Press
13 hours ago

A new eminent person council on climate change warned there is an “alarmingly high” risk the world will exceed the 1.5C warming limit agreed to under the 2015 Paris climate conventions.

We may reach that threshold just 8 years after creating the global pact to prevent it from happening!
#AureFreePress #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
13 hours ago


How War and Aging Dams Left Libya Exposed to a Climate Superstorm

More than 15,000 Libyans ended up dead or missing as a result of a single night of flooding, a stark demonstration of what happens when warming temperatures collide with aging infrastructure and chronic political instability.
#AureFreePress #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

Aure Free Press
14 hours ago

The 1.5C temperature rise wasn't supposed to be reached for 50 years - now they say we may reach it this year - 2023!

Earth is hurtling towards its average temperature rising by 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels. One climate model suggests that the likelihood of reaching that threshold in 2023 is now 55%.
#AureFreePress #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange

16 hours ago

Richard Branson On Climate Change

“If you can’t measure something properly, you can’t fix it," said Branson.

The British entrepreneur announced a coalition of 14 world leaders & a diverse group that includes actor Robert Redford, activist Jane Goodall, and Juan Manuel Santos, former president of Colombia.

...with a “whole planet” approach to “safeguard” Earth, including measuring where we are with:

🌪️Climate Change
🐯 Species Disappearing?

And open enough people's eyes to make the fundamental changes necessary to save Earth.

This next part is my view.

I see more Cat 5 hurricanes & an ocean around FL at 100+ Fahrenheit, bleaching coral reefs and manatees starving.

I also have hope that we can make necessary changes so our children & their children have a home on Earth.

Barack Obama said, "We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it."


I think #BlackRock or #Vanguard would at first glance be a good place to hide my nuts. It's just that they fund #ClimateChange and #Biodiversity destruction. Not to mention #BlackStone, which wants us to work in an (their) office in the middle of a #COVID pandemic.
So yes, these three companies want my money but they also want me dead. What #OddPlacesToHideMoney !

18 hours ago

X ranks the lowest among all social media in combating #climate #disinformation, study finds

While #YouTube, #Meta, and #TikTok are taking action to combat falsehoods about the climate, enforcement is lacking. But Elon Musk's X (formerly #Twitter) is doing an even worse job, a new report shows.


Robin Applegarth
19 hours ago

I think about this when people say they don’t know what to do about #climatechange or the #biodiversity crisis. Start with what matters to you. 💚💙

“Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach."
Clarissa Pinkola Estés #quote #wisdom

20 hours ago

The impact of #ClimateChange on Greece

The Thessaly region provides a quarter of Greece's food
"Experts warn that with silt and mud settling across fields, the flooding could affect soil quality for years to come. "

Nigel Pugh
20 hours ago

SINK / RISE - Nick Brandt

“This third chapter focuses on South Pacific Islanders impacted by rising oceans from climate change.”

Alt text: Two Fuji women one sits on a bench looking down, expressionless. The other standing on the bench, looking skyward expressionless. The scene is underwater, muted tones of aqua blues #climatechange #photography #SilentSunday #art

Two Fuji women one sits on a bench looking down, expressionless. The other standing on the bench, looking skyward expressionless. The scene is underwater, muted tones of aqua blues
J.K. Ullrich
21 hours ago

Thanks to @hdswoboda for introducing me to #ShowYourStripes, a #ClimateChange #data visualization project from Professor @ed_hawkins at the University of Reading.

Go to, input your region, and generate a graphic of its temperature patterns across the last century.

I did this one for the region of #Australia where I spent the past several years. It starts in the 1850s on the left. Livid red bars on the right, blazing like bushfires, represent abnormally high temperatures in recent decades.

Can the #science be any more stark? We are rapidly and dramatically altering our #environment. I fell in love with the unique #nature Down Under; my chest hurts just imagining its loss.

A bar-code-like display of red and blue lines, representing average temperatures in south-eastern Australia from the 1850s to the present. Most are blue, but a livid cluster of red at the far right indicates abnormally high temperatures in the past few decades.
Jack of all trades
23 hours ago

"No, Kurzgesagt, We WON'T Fix Climate Change - The Danger of Fake Optimism"

BadEmpanada dissects toxic positivity of capitalist propaganda on climate. He doesn't mince words, I love it.

The promises made today are garbage. You need to get angry. You need to get furious and you need to demand far, far more.

#doomers #capitalism #colonialism #neoliberalism #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

cynthia rose
1 day ago

Happy #Equinox to all life on Earth!

Autumn is here. And soon, rumor has it, rain. Real rain. Meaning we might just have an October where I don’t have to be hypervigilant about fire!

It is my sincere hope that #ClimateChange means that our rainy season will shift too and maybe even cancel the fall fire season. Hey, a girl can dream.

In the meantime, Lucy demands admiration. So admire her! 😁♥️

#Caturday #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

A black cat wearing a teal harness is rolling around on sun-warmed bricks adjacent to a tiny patch of grass.
1 day ago

Another #NASA GISS visitor this week (high profile person w/o a social media presence) in town for #UGA UN General Assembly stopped by to chat about communicating #ClimateChange

And asked me if I’d watched Extrapolations on AppleTV,

A dystopian #SciFi of what happens if we continue growing income inequality & carry on, business as usual warming ‘til 2050

1st episode left me questioning how to balance dystopian realism against my colleagues’ emphasis on hope & agency

Ricardo Harvin
1 day ago

"...that transition to a low #carbon future is not going to happen overnight. We need realistic options and #technologies that allow us to #decarbonize our existing #applications."

Too many insist that only "perfect" #ClimateChange mitigation solutions are worth pursuing.

I believe that doing Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is the *best*, imperfect, strategy for saving us from our ongoing #climate disaster.

By ever-improving "good" options, we can save ourselves.

Flipboard News Desk
1 day ago

From Reuters: “Island nations bearing the brunt of climate change this week confronted rich countries at the United Nations General Assembly, saying the failure by developed countries to act with urgency had put the islands' survival at risk.”
#News #ClimateChange #UN #WorldNews

Meanwhile, on the equinox in Canada, north of 60:
"Tiny shards of ash fluttered to the surface of dimly apocalyptic streets. By 8:45am, the sky outside remained remarkably and eerily dark – and, if anything, appeared to be getting darker.”

#climateChaos #climateChange #climateEmergency #EndFossilFuels #AJustTransition #WarEffortToCleanEnergy #NWT #CanPoli #CdnPoli #Wildfire #CanadaWildfires

ScientistRebellion Netherlands
1 day ago

Day 15 of the #A12 blockade is bringing attention to the Wadden Sea.

A #UNESCO World Heritage site, where numerous bird species depend on the exposure of the seabed during low tides to obtain their staple foods. It is extremely vulnerable to the effects of #climatechange. (1/3)

Photo: two activists in white lab coats paste A0-sized scientific papers about climate change to a glass wall. Photo from action at EZK Ministry in October 2022.
William Lindsey :toad:
1 day ago

"I don’t think there’s a single person or entity in the world that has done more to promote climate denialism and undermine the efforts to combat that threat [than Rupert Murdoch], and that will last for generations."

~ Angelo Carusone

#Murdoch #ClimateChange #ClimateDenial #Fox

Karl Schwartz, Artist advocate
1 day ago

#climatechange #financial

During the last 10,000 years, our climate has been very stable - which allowed humans to settle down, invest, invent, create complex social systems, and infrastructures ....

The climate system is becoming increasingly unstable.

Financial models are missing variables of extreme weather and mass migration, and more extreme political upheavals -- which have been predicted by climate science models with exceptional accuracy.

1 day ago

#RishiSunak urged to stop attacking #ClimateChange Committee

#Scientists ask PM to cease ‘politicising’ government’s independent advisers after his remarks and #Tory letter to journalists

There is the #science (that on average refers to the evidence) & there are the people that for varying personal reasons, attack that #science on social media.

Sunak’s family firm signed a billion-dollar deal with BP before PM opened new North Sea licences

1 day ago

Only 22% of Britons trust Sunak on #climate finds Guardian poll

OK, so we need to educate the 21%. The remaining 1% are the very rich capitalist elite that don't actually believe that Sunak's priorities are to mitigate #ClimateChange (on a scale that's going to make a big difference), but, won't say that in public (for personal business reasons).

If the #Tories keep "rolling back" on what they said they'd do, is that because they're backwards?

#satire #news

Steve Faulkner
2 days ago
Ricardo Harvin
2 days ago

"I've long said, when I think #climate—not a joke—I think jobs." – President #JoeBiden

That lack of insight into and appreciation of the literal #existential threat to #humans of our ongoing and worsening #ClimateChange disaster is a clear indication that #Biden is too removed from reality.

"It's humanity, stupid."

The Everything, Everywhere, All at Once strategy can't work if key solutions are #monopolized.

A #solar #monopoly by any entity is a global threat.

J.K. Ullrich
2 days ago

@breadandcircuses @ernandy @rahmstorf @TobiWanKenobi @ceeverywhere @notwhatwethink @eilonwy

Thank you! Always a pleasure reading your missives on #ClimateChange, too. Well, maybe ‘pleasure’ is the wrong word for undeniable evidence that our planet is dying. But I appreciate the information and advocacy.

Climate News Now
2 days ago

Minnesota judge throws out charges against Line 3 pipeline protesters.

Citing a rarely used statute, the court dismissed Line 3 protest charges in the name of climate justice.

#Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

Joseph Elfelt
2 days ago

Got deck?

View from my chair on the deck after a long day of chores getting ready for a changing of the seasons here in the #PNW. Might not be 70 again until next spring.

Rain likely starts tomorrrow. Fortunately we got by another year without any major wildland fire in the outer semi-urban/rural areas east of #Seattle. But due to #climateChange I have helped to kickstart an effort to organize my neighborhood to be better able to deal with disasters of various sorts.

Go #Mariners

2 days ago

Belgrade: the city where dirty air is seen as a ‘consequence of (bad) economic growth’

A study funded by the Serbian #science ministry this year looked at pollution data for summer months and estimated that fine particulates were responsible for one in five strokes, one in four cases of ischemic heart disease and one in 11 cases of lung cancer.

#AirPollution #health #ClimateChange

Ricardo Harvin
2 days ago

"A total #CarbonFree #grid is getting easier and easier to imagine. It's just a question of whether we can get there in time."

Storing #energy generated by #renewable #technologies like #solar, #wind, and #water is a problem that requires new types of #batteries to allow for a stable grid.

For example, #iron #rusting #chemistry is one potential Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #ClimateChange mitigation #EnergyStorage and discharge solution I'd never heard of before.

2 days ago

"When the book The Mistaken Extinction was published in 1997 the idea that dinosaurs never went #extinct was controversial. This idea is broadly accepted now, though popular language still lags behind."

As paleontologist Julia Clarke says, “birds are living dinosaurs, just as we are mammals.”