Laux Myth (aka Martin)
4 minutes ago

The FINAL report of the year from CIFFC with 24 less active fires than the previous report. The #wildfire season is now 12 months even if some want to look away. Expect more smoke.

I marked the two maps as sensitive as it is just so tragic.

CIFFC Report for 27 Sept 2023. Final of year. Screen grab. 4 new fires, 899 active fires, and 18.1 M Ha burned YTD. Map is littered with red push pins.
CIFFC report from 15 Sept 2023.
Laux Myth (aka Martin)
21 minutes ago

This is rising again too.
41 Water Shortage Advisories in Alberta. Was in the high 20s earlier this year but ... well ... drought.

Next crop report on Friday 29th.


1 hour ago

#ClimateJustice? Hooey!

Equitable Triage?

#Liberals are not fathoming this #ClimateEmergency – not seeing that "everybody gets equitable #climatechange relief funding band-aid" means we **all die.**

Band-aids won’t fix a gaping wound.

Resources must be applied to stop the carbon-bleeding now. Nothing else matters.

#climateequity = Titanic deckchair arrangements!

referenced: NPR's Here and Now, Deepa Fernandes talks with Grist editor Tristan Ahtone, September 27, 2023 (see below)

triage  basics graphic
2 hours ago

@RollingStone This is just going to get exponentially more weird. It's another roll of the technology roulette wheel. Or is it more akin to the Russian version. A democratic society should be debating AI and deciding what risks it is willing to take. Caveat: learn from the #ClimateEmergency as do not fall for #CorporateOligarchy's propaganda. #Capitalist #ProfitMotive distorts and corrupts the ethics of those involved. The interests of humanity conflict with the goal of maximizing profits.

Doug Belshaw
3 hours ago

There’s a film starring Matt Damon called Elysium from 2013 in which the wealthy live on a man-made space station in luxury, while the rest of the population live on a ruined Earth. With the latest announcement about a new huge oilfield being opened in the North Sea, the obscene desire for global elites to put profit before planet is clear for all to see.
As we […]

Person sitting on a hillside
3 hours ago

@rustoleumlove currently living in the southern west coast of america, aka #chile, i suspect that our spring and summer seasons will be much warmer this year. Folks are not prepared and have no idea of what is headed our way.
#ClimateCrisis #southernhemisphere #climatechange #ClimateEmergency

Scott Matter
6 hours ago

Kind of interesting article, with an absurd headline: “Are we voting with our wallets to overheat the planet?”

Sure, if consumer choice has much influence in a system where institutions are captured by private interests, including fossil fuel profiteers, and ecological destruction is heavily subsidized by a gross misuse of public power and funds.

#climateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #degrowth

7 hours ago

#ClimateEmergency #Collapse"There's a reason why Americans soothe themselves with dystopian fairy tales instead of reading about our history. When you read history, you learn the truth about collapse. You learn about police beating unpaid school teachers at the start of the Great Depression. You learn about the military shooting teargas at their own veterans. You learn about parents selling their kids to farmers because they couldn't afford to feed them."

Calgary Climate Hub
8 hours ago

Our crowdfunding campaign is officially up and running! Help us shift Calgary (and beyond!) to where we need to be on #ClimateChange and the global #EnergyTransition. No donation is too big or too small!


#crowdfunding #ClimateAction #nonprofit #fundraising #canada #activism #ClimateEmergency #climate

Reads: "we educate and empower Calgarians to become active climate citizens. Contribute to our fundrising drive." Includes Hub logo
Calgary Climate Hub
8 hours ago

"The #Moratorium comes in the face of a now all-encompassing #GlobalEnergyTransition & a #ClimateEmergency that has this year produced the worst #wildfire season in our history with two months still to go & large-scale evacuations of two Canadian cities in just this August alone"


#afl #abpoli #cleanenergy #moratorium #EndTheMoratorium #ClimateChange #Oiligarchy #BigOil #cdnpoli #Renewables #SkateWhereThePuckIsGoing #yyc

Bread and Circuses
8 hours ago

Our Mastodon friend Steve Genco (@sjgenco) has posted a long and highly informative article about fossil fuels, politics, and climate change. I'll provide just a few excerpts here, and I really hope you'll read the whole thing...

"The Oil Age May Not End the Way You Imagine It Will"

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere when we exit the Age of Oil will be the defining factor that determines how much heat our descendants will have to endure for the next several thousand years.

Here we enter the realm of human choice. On the one hand, we could stop burning fossil fuels tomorrow. Climate scientists tell us in no uncertain terms that each tenth of a degree of global warming we inflict on the planet will bring with it potentially catastrophic effects, including the likely triggering of irreversible tipping points that could render the planet not just hotter, but essentially uninhabitable by humans (not to mention millions of other species).

On the other hand, economists and politicians tell us if we stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, we would destroy the world economy, bring industrial civilization to its knees, and probably put the lives of a large fraction of the human population in jeopardy. And they’re probably right. So we could do it, but we won’t do it.

There is of course a deep irony in the fact that while we continue burning fossil fuels to prop up our global economy, those fossil fuels continue to heat up the planet and produce climate damage that is equally threatening to our global economy, if not more so.

🔴 Exxon has announced plans to double its shale oil production in the US over the next five years.

🔴 Shell announced earlier this year that cutting the world’s oil and gas production would be “dangerous and irresponsible.”

🔴 Both Shell and BP have reneged on prior plans to cut oil and gas production, now claiming that such moves would dampen profits.

🔴 As reported in the New York Times in April 2023, hundreds of new oil and gas extraction projects have been approved in the last year, and dozens more are expected to be approved.

🔴 The industry has co-opted the UN COP process so successfully that Saudi Arabia was able to remove any mention of phasing out fossil fuels from the 2022 IPCC report.

🔴 Based on projections by Rystad Energy, the 20 largest oil and gas companies are expected to invest $932 billion in developing new oil and gas fields over the next 9 years. By the end of 2040 the figure grows to a staggering $1.5 trillion.

🔴 Fossil fuel subsidies remain astronomical and governments are showing little enthusiasm for eliminating or even reducing them.

In essence, governments are paying fossil fuel companies to continue ratcheting up global warming to a level that could plausibly result in human extinction. But that’s not how governments see it. In their view, they are keeping the global economic engine running because, just like the internal combustion engine in your 2010 Ford pickup, if that engine isn’t provided with fuel, it will stop running.

Both outcomes are happening simultaneously, because currently political leaders fear the end of capitalist accumulation (aka economic growth) more than they fear global warming. This is the major obstacle to any well-meaning plan for voluntary degrowth as a viable response to climate change and resource depletion.



#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Capitalism #BusinessAsUsual

Aarne Granlund
11 hours ago

”The new prediction system suggested it could reach top-tier ’super’ El Niño strength, a level that in the past has unleashed deadly fires, drought, heat waves, floods and mudslides around the world.” #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #ElNino

14 hours ago

We formulated 3 core principles for #MyFairShare that guide us through the project and that we think are essential for #decarbonizing personal transport successfully. Here the first: Changing Perspectives:
Focus on impact,
not solutions.

#ClimateEmergency #Klimaschutz #Mobilitatswende

15 hours ago

@andyclayton Indeed.
"The ugly truth is that Sunak is pandering to vested interests, demonstrating the stranglehold the fossil fuel lobby has on Government decision making. And it’s bill payers and the climate that will suffer because of it"
Philip Evans of Greenpeace

#Rosebank #ClimateEmergency

15 hours ago

A very good critique by @BillMitchell of the recent proposals by Gordon Brown to tax oil and gas industry profits.

"..what we really should be seeking is to reduce the output from these oil and gas corporations rather than rely on their tainted products for tax revenue.
We should start by funding projects in all nations to eliminate the use of gas.
That would be a good start"

#Oil #Gas #FossilFuels #ODA #GordonBrown #MMT #WindfallTax #GlobalSouth #ClimateEmergency

Andy Clayton
16 hours ago

Rosebank oil field given go-ahead by regulator

If you hear just one government spokesperson today saying this is to do with energy security for the UK then you know they’re lying!

#rosebank #energy #climate #climateemergency

Luis León Cárdenas Graide
20 hours ago

Olas de calor extremo avanzan sin freno para diciembre 2023, enero y febrero 2024

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #BoilingPlanet

Ontario News Bot
21 hours ago

@JILLSLASTWORD: RT @lybaspring: I attended the rally and was pleased to listen to Natalie Mehra, Doris Grinspun, @MaritStiles @JILLSLASTWORD @MikeSchreiner @FranceGelinas3 and others linking the #GreenbeltScandal #ClimateEmergency #GrassyNarrows all the…

21 hours ago

This is SUCH a clear overview of the #climateemergency MESS we are in. Disheartening, yes, but well worth 10 mins of your time to read.

"In essence, governments are paying fossil fuel companies to continue ratcheting up global warming to a level that could plausibly result in human extinction. But that’s not how governments see it. In their view, they are keeping the global economic engine running because, just like the internal combustion engine in your 2010 Ford pickup, if that engine isn’t provided with fuel, it will stop running. Both outcomes are happening simultaneously, because **currently political leaders fear the end of capitalist accumulation (aka economic growth) more than they fear global warming**. This is *the* major obstacle to any well-meaning plan for voluntary degrowth as a viable response to climate change and resource depletion."

#degrowth #climate #climatechange

Sean Bala
1 day ago

@MichaelEMann @apsphysics

Thanks for sharing!

It feels like Doomism is more philosophy than science, rooted in a view of humanity as driven only by greed and baser impulses. We can't and won't stop #ClimateChange because humanity is so warped, corporations so powerful, and societies so weak. It implies that human nature is inherently incapable saving itself.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

1 day ago

A new climate change report offers something unique: hope

Countries are setting records in deploying climate-friendly technologies, such as solar power and electric vehicles, according to a new International Energy Agency report.

"The pathway to 1.5 [degrees] C has narrowed in the past two years, but clean energy technologies are keeping it open," said Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director, in a statement. "The good news is we know what we need to do – and how to do it."


#Nature #Science #Environment #Atmosphere #Ocean #Oceans #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #ClimateMonitoring #ClimateDiary #ClimateJustice #Anthropocene

El futur està fet de catàstrofe climàtica

El món està molt lluny de fer front al canvi climàtic i es dirigeix cap a un augment de la temperatura de fins a 2,6 °C i ha de prendre mesures urgents, conclou el primer balanç global de l'ONU sobre els esforços globals per limitar l'escalfament.

A 2,6 °C fins a un 25-50% del planeta es torna inhabitable i la meitat de les nostres economies es destrueixen.

#climatechange #climatecrisis
#environment #ClimateEmergency

1 day ago

@primonatura #ClimateEmergency The fraud the #FF companies perpetrated on humanity justifies legal forfeiture of the fruits of that fraud, IMO. A huge amount of wealth to be clawed back for the use of all of humanity. I will believe civilization will survive when that happens, until then it is a downward spiral toward annihilation, IMO.

EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
1 day ago

@mmiasma @scottmiller42
Honestly, folks get the funniest of notions!
I was talking to a paddling companion today who was a lifelong forester and he had hopes that our summer of #WildfireSmoke was a "one-off"!?! That was astonishing to me.

Martin Breen
1 day ago

When will radio news presenters accept the overwhelmingly scientific consensus on climate change and stop lending credence to the climate deniers?

When your expert guest says climate change is causing more extreme weather maybe you should agree that it’s beyond doubt.

#RteNews #Drivetime #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange

Charlie McHenry
1 day ago

Hello… anyone paying attention? Cause if you’re not now, you will be soon. Antarctic winter sea ice hits 'extreme' record low - #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #GlobalWarming #SeaLevelRise #Extinction

Conspiracy of Cartographers
1 day ago

The San Francisco Petrofuture. My first new work in a while.

66m sea level rise on a 1964 #Chevron gas station map.


Base map courtesy of David Rumsey Maps.

#SanFrancisco #BayArea #GoldenGate #TreasureIsland #vintagemaps #retrofuture #solarpunk #clifi #petrofuture #sealevelrise #sealevelrisemaps #climatechange #climateemergency #maps #cartography #conspiracyofcartographers

San Francisco Petrofuture

66m sea level rise on a 1964 Chevron Gas Station Map
Paul Nicholas :pico8: :vscode:
1 day ago

Watched #ChrisPackham's excellent "Is It Time to Break the Law?" documentary last night and still thinking about it. 😕
Honest, raw, well made, thought-provoking and full of insightful (+painful) interviews/clips.
Certainly making me think even more about which side of history *I* want to be remembered for supporting... 🤔
#NoNewOil #ClimateEmergency

Symbolic image depicting Chris Packham's fact with oil dripping down it.
Calgary Climate Hub
1 day ago

One way you can participate in important Climate work right here in #YYC is by donating to the Calgary Climate Hub. Every cent goes to impactful local #ClimateAction.


#crowdfunding #ClimateAction #nonprofit #fundraising #canada #activism #ClimateEmergency #climate

Reads: "we educate and empower Calgarians to become active climate citizens. Contribute to our fundrising drive." Includes Hub logo
Bread and Circuses
1 day ago

Émile P. Torres (@xriskology) is a philosopher and historian whose work focuses on existential threats to civilization and humanity. In their latest piece published at Salon, we hear an ominous warning:

"Think this summer was bad? It might be the best one you and I will ever see"...

The climate catastrophe is already here. We've been watching it unfold in real time on the news and over social media. Some have witnessed it first-hand, losing their homes, being forced to evacuate under emergency conditions, and even losing their lives or the lives of friends and family.

For those sensitive to human suffering and the grave injustices driving the climate crisis, this summer has been difficult to deal with. It's been one extreme weather event, one shattered record, one shocking tragedy after another — and though the summer is now officially over, there's more to come.

Much more to come.

The disturbing fact that puts everything in perspective is that this summer will likely be among the mildest summers that you and I will experience for the rest of our lives. The extreme meteorological events of 2023 will be among the *least* disruptive that humanity encounters from here on out.

Imagine what our children will face. Scientists warn of potential "tipping points" in Earth systems, causing dramatic and irreversible shifts in the conditions of our planet. One paper warns of a sudden, catastrophic collapse of the global ecosystem, while a consensus is emerging that human actions have initiated the sixth major mass extinction event in the 3.8 billion-year history of life on Earth. Another paper published just this year estimates that one billion — with a "b" — people will likely die because of climate change within the next century.

Some people I speak with tell me that "humanity" deserves what's coming because of its profoundly irresponsible, destructive actions. We've razed forests, poisoned the oceans, and polluted the atmosphere with heat-trapping greenhouse gasses. We've decimated ecosystems, annihilated habitats, and pushed many species to the brink of extinction — or beyond. We've trashed this little oasis in space as if there's some Planet B waiting for us when Earth is no longer habitable.

But who is this "we"? Children don't deserve to suffer for the foolish behavior of their forebears. Justice isn't served if one generation gets punished for the actions of another.

Furthermore, studies show that the socioeconomic elite are disproportionately responsible for the climate crisis. In the U.S., the richest 10% produce 40% of the country's global warming pollution. Another study concluded that "a billionaire emits a million times more greenhouse gasses than the average person."

There is no sense, then, in which "humanity" deserves to suffer — indeed, the study mentioned above notes that many of the one billion deaths expected to occur because of climate change this century will happen in the Global South, which has contributed to the climate catastrophe far less than the major industrial nations of the Northern Hemisphere.

The injustice of this situation is spectacular. It's a crime against humanity — a crime against the *future* of humanity.


#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateJustice

Bread and Circuses
1 day ago

Some of us who are very old will recall that Johnny Carson used to do a recurring bit on the Tonight Show where he would complain about how hot it had been that day. Then he'd wait for the audience to ask, in unison, "How hot was it?"

And he would give them a joke answer, like, "It was so hot that when I fell down on the pavement today I was badly burned and had to be taken to the hospital."

Well, no, not like that, because that's not funny. And in 2023, it's not even a joke. It's reality.

See --

Anyway, for more on the extreme heat levels we experienced this summer, let's turn to climate scientist Zeke Hausfather (@hausfath)...

Global surface temperatures have dramatically spiked since the start of June, with the past four months (June-September) breaking prior monthly records by a large margin.

This extreme global heat has made it virtually certain that 2023 will rank as the warmest year on record, and means that there is a chance it will emerge as the first year exceeding 1.5C above preindustrial levels.

In this figure [below], we show how the monthly temperature anomalies in 2023 to-date compare with those from prior years. The years are color coded from blue to red depending on what decade they occurred in, with 2023 highlighted in black.

This figure, perhaps more than any so far, emphasizes just how extreme global temperatures have been since June, with September being the most anomalous month so far out of an already extremely anomalous summer.


#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

Line graph showing monthly global temperature anomalies, as described in linked article.
2 days ago

#OnThisDay, 26 Sept 2016, Nature publishes Carolyn Snyder's paper on a continual log of temperature data going back 2 million years. She suggested that future long term warming could be more severe than previous estimates.

#WomenInSTEM #ClimateEmergency

photo of the samples used in the study
2 days ago

"This [IEA report] is yet more confirmation from the world’s energy experts that we can’t have new oil and gas projects if we’re going to stay within a safe climate, and that massively scaling up renewables is key to achieving that.

“Yet the UK is part of a tiny club of wealthy countries that while professing to lead on climate is massively expanding oil and gas production"
Tessa Khan, Uplift

#IEA #COP28 #ClimateEmergency #FossilFuels #Oil #Gas #UKPolitics

Russ Cheshire
2 days ago

The media seem to have picked up this paper on the consequences of the re-assembly of a supercontinent, & are expressing concern that humanity may become extinct as a result.

Spoiler alert: we will, one day, become extinct.

The estimated time for the appearance of the new Pangea is given as ~250,000,000 years.

"We" have only been here for 200,000-300,000 years. We will die out before then.

The real issue, for us, is the next 5-100 years.

#ClimateEmergency #ACC

Simon Brooke
2 days ago

"The courts today talk of protesters breaching the ‘social contract’, require that they act with ‘proportion’, and that they express genuine remorse. But if you speak to anyone on the more radical edges of the environmental movement, they will say that they are fulfilling the social contract by highlighting – in a non-violent way – the imminent threat of environmental destruction"

How can one 'show remorse' for trying to save the planet?


Conspiracy of Cartographers
2 days ago

Vancouver, British Columbia Petrofuture...

66m sea level rise on a 1956 Shell Oil gas station map.


Thank you to Dvid Rumsey Maps for making these old gas station maps available.

#vancouver #britishcolumbia #salishsea #pnw #pacificnorthwest #pugetsound #upperleft #vintagemaps #retrofuture #solarpunk #clifi #petrofuture #retrofuture #sealevelrise #sealevelrisemaps #climatechange #climateemergency #maps #cartography #conspiracyofcartographers

Vancouver BC Petrofuture

66m sea level rise on a 1956 Shell Oil gas station map
Bread and Circuses
2 days ago

Headline from Grist:

"Winter just ended in South America. It’s 110 degrees."

Wait -- that can't be right, can it?

#Brazil #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

Thermometer showing 110°F, which is 43°C.
Bread and Circuses
2 days ago

In case you were wondering…

Yes, Canada is still on fire. Even though summer has gone by and the traditional wildfire season is over, hundreds of forest fires continue burning, most of them out of control.

This is intensely sad to me, not to mention frightening, and it’s a blatantly ominous sign that we are in the midst of a climate emergency.

#Canada #Wildfire #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

Map of Canada showing locations of active fires, as of 20 September 2023.
Satellite photo of smoke plumes from hundreds of wildfires in northwest Canada, enhanced to show locations of fires. Photo taken 22 September 2023.
Calgary Climate Hub
2 days ago

Your donation will support the momentum we've generated & allow us to deliver more and better #ClimateAction and events in Calgary. As a newly recognized Charitable Organization, we are able to offer charitable donation receipts for your generous contribution!


#crowdfunding #ClimateAction #nonprofit #fundraising #canada #activism #ClimateEmergency #climate

Beside a green bulbed thermometer that has $50,000 at the top and the Calgary Climate Hub logo reads "support local informed mobilized grass roots climate action. Contribute to our fundraising drive today"
Bread and Circuses
2 days ago

It couldn't be more clear, in the midst of an ongoing climate and environmental catastrophe, that we need to urgently make huge systemic changes.

But instead we get this…

It’s time for another week of BUSINESS AS USUAL, sponsored this time by General Motors, ExxonMobil, and the US military-industrial complex.

🎶 "Keep driving, keep flying, keep shopping, keep buying!
We've got this, everything's fine." 🎶 😃

#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Capitalism #BusinessAsUsual

Mock promotional poster for a faux TV show called "Business As Usual" as described in post.
Simon Brooke
3 days ago

@markhburton @pvonhellermannn We cannot now avert collapse; the best we can achieve is a least worst collapse.

We still all have to do everything we can to achieve that, in the sure and certain knowledge that it won't be enough, but also in the knowledge that every mitigation we can achieve is lives saved.


Simon Brooke
3 days ago

@hannsf Well, this is exactly what worries me. They (and others like them) are guns for hire, and although they would claim they're not amoral, their morals are... different.

In a situation of government breakdown, which we're likely to see as the #ClimateEmergency proceeds, I think they will very cheerfully hire themselves out to 'protect' the 'property' of the billionaire class.

3 days ago

While the northern parts of Iran trying to dig out of the muds and recover from the worst floods in 100 years, the southern province of Baluchestan is still hammered with a deadly dust storm that has put some 2000 people in hospital.

Many more are suffering from the never ending duststorm, some schools were forced to cancel their start of the school year.

The climate catastrophe is showing it's horrifying reality in both parts of Iran and showing us what is the future we will see in more places all over the world.

In the mean time, the public and the politicians are all busy with Russia, China and imigration.
#Iran #DustStorm #Floods
#WeDontHaveTime #Politics #ClimateChange #ClimateCatastrophe #ClimateEmergency #TomorrowIsTooLate #GlobalWarming #Environment #GlobalBoiling #PointOfNoReturn

Simon Brooke
3 days ago

@jtonline Probably, never.

The #ClimateEmergency means it's unlikely that any part of the modern political order will survive to 2050. There probably won't be an #EU, or a #UK, or indeed a #Scotland by then, unless we start work urdently on major systemic reform.

3 days ago

A report by the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Exeter University presents a model that shows global GDP might drop by 50% by 2070 to 2090 (page 24-26 in the report).

50% is catastrophic but 50% in 50 years is just 1.4% per year contraction, so this could easily be explained away by economists on a yearly basis; and likely it will not be a smooth decline but a noisy curve. Already, in the last 20 years, the UK GDP has more or less stagnated.


4 days ago

Six Portuguese children and young adults, some of whom have spent half their lives preparing for this case, are set to take 32 European governments to court on Wednesday for what they say is a failure to adequately address human-caused climate change in a violation of their human rights.
The court’s rulings are legally binding on member countries, and failure to comply makes authorities liable for hefty fines decided by the court.
Boa sorte!
#ClimateEmergency #HumanRights

Meanwhile, on the equinox in Canada, north of 60:
"Tiny shards of ash fluttered to the surface of dimly apocalyptic streets. By 8:45am, the sky outside remained remarkably and eerily dark – and, if anything, appeared to be getting darker.”

#climateChaos #climateChange #climateEmergency #EndFossilFuels #AJustTransition #WarEffortToCleanEnergy #NWT #CanPoli #CdnPoli #Wildfire #CanadaWildfires

Jonathan Wright
4 days ago

Rishi Sunak scraps home energy efficiency taskforce

[Shakes head in disbelief]

#EnergyEfficiency #Insulation #ClimateEmergency #GTTO #ToryBritain

Pauline von Hellermann
5 days ago

#ClimateDiary i had my #Ecophany (realising i needed to really act about climate) in Feb 2019 and have tried so many different things since. But right now, for the first time, I feel completely “spent”. Obviously #ClimateEmergency hasn’t gone away; it’s more my own issues (mostly i think debilitating sense of guilt and hypocrisy). Have any of you ever had these points, and how did you work your way out again? Or anyone feeling this just now, too?

@rmattila74 Excellent! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Meanwhile in the #UK 🇬🇧, the government is REVERSING #GreenEnergy 💚!!! 😤🤬 #ClimateEmergency 🌍😭 #StopFossilFuels 🤬 #ToriesOut443 🤬 #SunakIsALiar 🤬#SunakIsATraitor 🤬#SunakOut 🤬#SunakJailASAP 😤

Good morning everyone! 😊If you agree with #BrexitIllegal 🤬#ToriesOut442 🤬#MediaReform & #ClimateEmergency 🐘🌳🐕🌲🥰🌍😭🤬then you're my kind of person & I want to follow you! 😉Happy #FollowBackFriday! 🥳#RejoinEU🇪🇺❤ #FBPE @SydesJokes @marchforrejoin @Euromove @TerryReintke @RejoinEU @Julius_VD @TaviraJim @TaviraJim @cnapan @guse_guse @16MillionRising @BrexitBin @BremainInSpain

Rob Reid
6 days ago

Glad to see the message being shared like this. Not sure it's enough to instigate changes we need though.

#climateemergency #climatechange #bcstorm #bcwildfires #globalwarming

6 days ago

Normalize wearing “outdated” clothing because you care more about the environment than keeping up with the Kardashians or whatever.

Remember when new clothes only came out in stores seasonally? Pepperidge Farm remembers.,of%20global%20carbon%20dioxide%20emissions.

#FastFashion #Outdated #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #FashionKills