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I don’t pretend to be a gardener or even someone with even a basic knowledge of plants. It’s more of an appreciation, like people who say they don’t know much about art but…”I know what I like”
Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

I will take credit for being a “master waterer” though because these little clover seeds were just planted on Tuesday and they have already begun to sprout. Made my heart sing!


A brown dirt filled area with the slightest blooms of green
🇨🇦 McRocker
5 days ago

#clover #luckyday
I came across this patch of clover that had about 7 to 9 four-leaf clovers and 2 to 3 five-year clovers.

It was a little windy, so pictures might be unfocused.

Patch of green clover with about 4 or 5 four-leaf showing.
Close up of a five-leaf clover.
1 week ago

More "garden" pics. There's #clover starting to bloom in front of the front steps, and #milkweed next to them. I just set up a #bee watering station, with clean stones and marbles.
#WildflowerHour #NoMowMay #LawnFlowers #BloomScrolling #GardeningForPollinators

Clover growing in front of concrete steps. Some of it is blooming with white flowers.
Milkweed about to bloom, surrounded by overgrown grass. In the lower left-hand corner of the image is a metal basket raised above the ground, containing a metal pan with rocks, marbles and water.
1 week ago

looked down and found this dude yesterday #clover #magic #luck

Red clover

Growing on sidewalks 😊
It seems to be robust - I wondered if this might work as a ground cover for my back yard or sidewalks, hoping that it is low maintenance, so that I can save time for fly fishing 🤔

#RoadsidePlant #Road #Roadside #Plant #Bean #RedClover #Clover #FlyFishing

The Wee Owl Studio
3 weeks ago

I love to see the red clover every year, a favourite of many species of bee, including the common carder bee, honeybee and red-tailed bumblebee.
Original oil pastel painting - Wild Patch With Red Clover via @Etsy
#wildflowers #painting #OilPastel #clover #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original oil pastel painting - Wild Patch With Red Clover
An original artwork of a patch of ref clover and other mixed plants in the grass. 
Materials: oil pastel, Canson black pastel paper, Liquitex Professional Gloss Gel
Width: 29.5 centimetres
Height: 21 centimetres
Muro deGrizeco :toad:
3 weeks ago


On a whim during a vacation on the northern California coast, I bought a half kilo of clover seed. When I got home, I cast it all across the grass lawn.

Much of the grass has vanished now, replaced with a knee-high growth of pink-flowered clover. The bees and hummingbirds like our yard and visit more.

Because the clover fixes nitrogen, if we have to trim it back, we put the clippings into our compost, and that goes into the garden.

#garden #clover #yard

clover flower
Walter S.
3 weeks ago

On closer inspection, red #clover (#Trifolium pratense) reveals its true beauty.

Lately I've been doing a lot of focus stacking without a tripod, which is always a hit and miss affair. This one turned out nice.

#photography #photo #nature #naturephotography #mft #microfourthirds #darktable #zerenestacker #stacking #macrophotography #macro #nature #naturephotography #plants #flowers #redclover #trifoliumpratense #klee #wiesenklee #rotklee

A close-up side view of a red clover flower in full bloom
3 weeks ago

We found several four-leaf clovers a while ago. We wanted to see how it would turn out if we planted them in a flowerpot. The number of clovers increased but only one had four leaves.
#plants #clover #photograph #horticulture

This is a photograph of a flowerpot filled with many clovers.
This is a close-up photograph of a four-leaf clover in a flowerpot.
3 weeks ago

I liked how easy this video shows collecting crimson #clover seeds is: I'm impressed by this video that used surgical tools to disassemble a dried white clover flower and the seed pod inside:, but I read that I can just pinch off the flower heads like the guy did in the crimson clover video. This woman has a long, quiet video about picking red clover, and she shows the driest flowers crumble into seeds:

Mr. Velocipede
4 weeks ago

This year’s crop of non-standard clovers is coming along nicely.
#plants #leaves #clover #FourLeafClover (it's actually five, I guess)

A pale-skinned hand holding a clover, which has four large leaves and one very small one. In the background is a lawn of mostly grass and clover.
1 month ago

Hanging out weeding and listening to the #mariners on a Sunday afternoon, as you do, and I found three four leaf clovers and this five leaf one! #luck #clover #fourleafclover #fiveleafclover #nature #naturephotography

A clover with five leaves amidst several three leaf clovers. They are growing in a space with small rocks. A closed dandelion is in the upper left.
1 month ago

I LOVE this weather. I’ve been weeding and gardening and I found two four leaf clovers without even trying. #wawx #spring #fourleafclover #clover #🍀#pnw #cascadia

A close up of a four leaf clover. Still in the ground.
Another close up of a four leaf clover. Still in the ground.
Comic Crusaders
1 month ago

Marvel and Clover Partner to Publish "The Marvel Art Of..." Books
Clover Press and Marvel are collaborating for The Marvel Art Of… books, a series of high-end, boutique artbooks that showcase legendary Marvel Comics artists, featuring iconic images alongside rare and never-before-seen artwork. The Marvel Art Of… series will debut with The Marvel Art Of David Mack and The...
#marvel #clover #comics #art

1 month ago

#SeedBombs are great fun for children and adults!

"Whether it's a plant pot, flowerbed, wild patch in your lawn or an entire #meadow, sowing #wildflowers in your #garden provides vital resources to support a wide range of insects that couldn't otherwise survive in urban or built-up areas.

Throwing, breaking up or digging ‘seed bombs’ (or balls) into areas in your garden that need a little brightening up is a perfect way of spending an afternoon!

You will need:

- Meadow flower seeds or seeds collected from the garden.
- Peat-free compost.
- Powdered clay (found in craft stores)
- Mixing bowl.

Creating your seed bomb:

1. In a bowl, mix together 1 cup of seeds with 5 cups of compost and 2-3 cups of clay powder (you could use clay soil instead if you have it).

2. Slowly mix in water with your hands until everything sticks together.

3. Roll the mixture into firm balls.

4. Leave the balls to dry in a sunny spot.

5. Now for the fun bit! Plant your seed bombs by throwing them at bare parts of the garden and wait to see what pops up!

Top plants to include in your seed bombs:

- Bulbous #Buttercup - Ranunculus bulbosus
- #Chamomile - Chamaemelum nobile
- Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil - Lotus corniculatus
- Common Knapweed - Centaurea nigra
- Common Spotted-orchid - Dactylorhiza fuchsii
- Lady's bedstraw - Galium verum
- Red #Clover - Trifolium pratense
- Wild #Thyme - Thymus polytrichus


#Gardening #GardeningForPollinators #NoMowMay #SeedBombs #SeedBalls #rewilding

1 month ago

11 Important Things to Know About #Clover Lawns

A clover lawn provides many benefits: less watering, less mowing, natural fertilization, and the attraction of wildlife and #pollinators. Is a clover yard right for you? Here's what else you need to know.

By Lori Lovely | Published Jun 21, 2022

"America’s #biodiverse meadows of days gone were slowly converted to French- and English-style #monoculture #lawns featuring mostly turf grass. By the late 1800s, the neatly trimmed, aesthetically pleasing grass lawn became a symbol of wealth. The invention of the lawn mower, as well as planned communities designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (the designer of Central Park) and other landscape architects, further cemented the trend in the U.S.

"While manicured #monocultural lawns may look nice, they have drawbacks, such as depriving #pollinators of food and #habitat and requiring greater #water consumption, maintenance, and chemical treatment than a clover lawn requires."

#Gardening #GardeningForPollinators #NoMowMay #Bees

Read more:

1 month ago

How to Plant a #Clover #Lawn

Clover requires less water and fertilizer than grass; plus, it's magical looking.

By Ilana Strauss, July 21, 2022

"Clover is becoming popular because it looks magical but doesn't require as much care as regular lawns. Since it doesn't need fertilizer or much water, it's also good for the planet. Plus, it's tough.

"You don't need to water microclover as much as grass, and don't even think about using an herbicide on it. You can add fertilizer if you want, but clover is pretty good at keeping itself fertilized since it naturally pulls nutritious nitrogen out of the air."
#Gardening #GardeningForPollinators #NoMowMay

Read more:

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I tested #Rusticl with Indigo Bench ( and it not only worked (which is already a success as #Clover is failing on that part for me) but it also managed to crunch a really good result.


2 months ago

On my #ebike ride yesterday I came across some #clover in bloom and while getting some pictures a #honey bee decided to give a few flowers some love.
This guy was carrying some #mites, poor guy. #honeyBee #flower #photo #nature

a bed of green 3-leaf clover with small yellow flowers in full bloom next to a big tree stump along a asphalt bike trail .
a closeup shot of a honey bee getting some nectar from a yellow clover flower. The honey bee has 2 mites attached to its legs, one on each side. There is also some pollen stuck to the legs. The head is deep in the flower and not visible.
2 months ago
Coralie Mercier
2 months ago

#fleuristonfil #florespondence #dandelion #clover

To anyone needing it, good luck 🍀

Common dandelion ready to send its seeds away, amid clover leaves
Dave Windett
2 months ago

Clover from Totally Spies, this “How to Draw” page appeared in the British Jetix comic.

Eye Contact

#Clover #TotallySpies #MarathonMedia #HowToDraw #BlackAndWhiteArt #LineArt #MastoArt #Drawing #Illustration#FediArt

Several drawings that start with a simple line, each drawing after adds shapes and lines they eventually build up to a drawing of a young woman wearing a skintight jumpsuit.
The Bee Guy
2 months ago

Keeping it real this week!
Don’t spray chemicals in your space.


Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.

# 119.

In the US in the 1950s, a chemical company and producer of #grass seed, in order to promote a weed killer, launched a PR campaign declaring white #clover a weed.
It wasn’t.
It isn’t.
Chemical weed killers are #poison
PR that.

#beesofmastodon #bees #bee
#beesanctuaryireland #savingbees #naturephotography #organic #vegan
#bumblebees #whiteclover

A small bumblebee forages steadily on a white clover flower.
3 months ago

Kinda feeling like my account needs some green on account of St. Patrick’s Day! (Don’t wanna get pinched!)

#StPatricksDay #shamrock #lucky #green #clover #fence #photo #nature #NaturePhotography

Photo of a washed out old wooden fence artistically framed by a whole field of bright green clovers (honestly, they are probably just small round-leaf ground cover, but I am going to choose to say they are lucky shamrocks because it is St. Patrick’s Day)
3 months ago

It’s #StPatricksDay! 🍀☘️🍀☘️ I was going to throw the green outfit on again like last year, but I’m honestly not too sure of how I feel about it anymore… maybe nobody will notice if I skip out on the green this time 🤫

🎨: @/theredrampage (:insta:)
⌨️: @JustYourBud

#Shamrock #HappyStPatricksDay #Green #Lucky #SaintPatricksDay #Clover #StPatricksDayDecor

Akaei takes a mirror selfie while holding her old green attire that she wore during St. Patrick’s Day last year. She has a disinterested look on her face. Unbeknownst to her, Ashika is standing behind her with a glowing, menacing glimmer in her eye, ready to pinch her at a moments notice.
Mythology & History
3 months ago

Did you know that the Elizabethan #English believed the #Irish ate #clover?

Jesuit priest Edmund Campion wrote in 1571 that "shamrotes" were eaten by the Irish.

His claim was repeated many times over, usually to describe the miserable poverty in #Ireland.

This is likely a language mistake, as young clover is "seamair óg" in Irish, while wood sorrel, a commonly consumed plant, is "seamsóg".

Happy #StPatricksDay !

#linguistics #green

The photo shows  Oxalis perennans, a wood sorrel native to Australia. The photo was taken in my backyard in 2021.

We see a close-up of a green plant. It is clover-like, with three heart-shaped leaves. There are about seven plants in the photo.

Small raindrops pearl on the corners and the center of the leaf, while the sun is casting a dabbled light on it.
The Bee Guy
3 months ago

Just late.
No excuse.
Time and I don’t see eye to eye.


Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.

# 113.

#Bumblebees made history when over 130 years ago they were brought from England to New Zealand to pollinate red #clover for farmers - the first insect to be introduced to a country to #pollinate a specific plant.

#beesofmastodon #bees #bee
#beesanctuaryireland #beesanctuary #solitarybees #savingbees #naturephotography

Bumblebee with brown filled pollen baskets on her hind legs foraging on red clover flowers in bright summer sunshine.
Coralie Mercier
3 months ago

#fleuristonfil #florespondence #flowers #mygarden #clover

To anyone needing some, here, good luck 🍀

Clover leaves and tiny yellow clover flower close up
The Bee Guy
5 months ago

We’re back!

Let’s start the year as we mean to continue.

Oblivious to the constraints of time!

2023, we, ye and The Bee At 3.
Let the games begin.


Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.

# 44.

Bumblebees don’t have ears!
They rely on sensing sounds vibrating through nearby materials with all of their body.

#bees #bee #beesofmastodon
#beesanctuaryireland #beesanctuary
#bumblebees #solitarybees
#nature #organic #vegan #insects #wildlife #pollinators #clover #wildflowers

Clip starts with camera up close on a red clover flower. Ginger common carder bumblebee with brown filled pollen baskets  on her legs busily forages on the flower. She then flies by a white clover flower to land on another red clover flower before flying off. All very up close with an almost claustrophobic  bees eye view feel to the clip.
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
6 months ago
Close up of clover hanging upside down, growing in the rim of a rusting wheelbarrow.

Got some of the pics from the official photographer at the masquerade and they’re definitely a step up from the previous ones 😄 this skirt was made for twirling!

#cosplay #cosplayer #clover #animecosplay #animeconvention #costuming #colossalconnorth

Agata @ Holy Pangolin Studio
1 year ago

If you can't human today, maybe try to badger <3

#drawing #ink #animals #badger #art #clover #happy

Doomyflo 🐧🤘📚
1 year ago

Mes préférences de crochet
De gauche à droite, du moins bien au meilleur.
Critères : confort pour la main, glisse sur le fil, maniabilité
Vive Red 🌷 : pas donné 💰 mais mes doigts sont épargnés 😍
#test #crochet #crocheting #clover #redtulip #japanescrochets

1 year ago

Out in the Front Yard

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 50-200mm "L" lens - ISO 3200 - f/4.5 - Shutter Speed: Variable

#photo #photography #flowers #weeds #raindrops #clover #DandelionSeedHead
#ChickenWeed #CherryBlossoms #CanonSL2 #Canon"L"Lens

Pie Cherry Blossoms
Dandelion Seed Head
Common Groundsel Ragworts 
aka Chickenweed
Raindrops on Lawn Clover
Eyes on Nature
1 year ago

I wish all of you the best of luck in any challenge that you may face.

And to strengthen that, have a #toadstool between a lot of #clover. Although I know it's only 3 leaves and not the 'lucky' 4, but I don't think that's an issue. 😄

#photography #EyesOnNature #mushtodon #mushroom

Young toadstool between clover and a few other plants.
3 years ago

#JulianAssange is a real hero for exposing lies and corruption. In order to support him through this hard time we can actually show our support by adding #CloversForAssange to our name and bio and add the #CLOVER symbol to our name. Much respect to our brother Julian!

3 years ago

I stand with #JulianAssange because in a #Democratic society no man should be locked in prison for telling the #Truth.
To wish #Julian luck and to show my support I added a #clover to my name, will you do the same?

#Anonymous #CloversForAssange #FreeAssange