James Donaldson
4 hours ago

A solid shift on the #BotanistGin #cocktail bar for #Bruichladdich #Distillery Open Day, part of the #FeisIle (#festival) on the #IsleOfIslay. Home now, knackered, dusty and sticky - fun times though.

A panning video, taken from a first floor window over a distillery courtyard thronging with people. A stage in the background flanked by screens where a band are playing on a sunny afternoon.
5 hours ago

Da ich noch Eiweiß vom kochen über hatte gibt es heute eine

White Lady

2 cl Zitronensaft
1 Eiweiß
1 Barlöffel Puderzucker
2 cl Triple Sec
4 cl Gin

Im Shaker auf Eis schütteln und abseihen.

Geht auch Vegan mit Aqua Faba statt Eiweiß.


#Cocktail - Pin

50ml Gin, 25ml Lemon juice, 15ml dbl syrup, 50ml Pineapple juice, shake, collins/rocks, top with 100ml soda, Angostura swirl in the foam.

via Richard Godwin. With a long piece on the relationship between the drink and Nabokov's Lolita.

Matt C
18 hours ago

2 years ago I read about #DeathandCo in #cocktailcodex as one of the best bars in the entire cocktail industry. Tonight I finally got the chance to go see for myself, and can confirm they're amazing!

Pictured here is a Ghost Note, a variant on an Old Fashioned using no less than 4 different spirits to produce a flavour that comes on light, developing into a blend of caramel and apples, with a smokey aftertaste. I've never tasted anything like it!
#cocktail #cocktails #newyork

A dramatically lit picture of an old fashioned style cocktail
Secret Bartender
1 day ago

A little frozen Margarita made with last summer’s peach harvest…

#cocktail #cocktailsOfMastodon #cocktails #margarita

Peach Margarita in a rocks glass on a white table.

Saturday night is cocktail time.

Here are some ideas to inspire you!

#saturday #cocktail #summer #ideas #fun

#Cocktail - MaiTai (Trader Vics recipe)

50ml Jamaican rum (or any old dark rum), 1 dash Angostura, 10ml Orgeat, 20ml Curacao or Cointreau, 20ml fresh lime juice, keep the husk, Shake, frozen baby collins or tumbler, rocks+crushed ice, tiki garnish

Garnish spent husk skin up and waaaay too much mint so it tickles your nose, 5 bushy sprigs twisted in the fingers to release the menthol.

#Cocktail - Mikado

60ml Cognac, 2.5ml Curacao, 2.5ml Orgeat, dash Angostura, Lemon twist and Cherry, on the rocks.

Samuel Johnson
2 days ago

First #cocktail of the weekend, one of my absolute favorites: the Old Cuban.

6 mint leaves
3/4 oz lime juice
1 oz simple syrup
1 1/2 oz aged rum
2 oz champagne*

*As is my custom, I use a dry hard cider (in this case Nine Pin's Signature) in place of the champagne.

"Old Cuban" cocktail in a coupe glass. The glass is on a wooden picnic table, the sun shining through it, illuminating the golden amber color of the cocktail. A green sprig of mint peeks over the edge of the glass.
2 days ago

It’s the weekend! Which cocktail would you like?
#Poll #Polls #MemorialDay #Weekend #Cocktail

Kit Rhett Aultman
2 days ago

Just look at this happy little fellow waiting for a tasty tropical cocktail to wade around in! This might be the greatest #cocktail mug ever!

A tropical cocktails mug, bowl style.  It's a large cartoonish clam shell with a round "clam person" sitting in the middle of the open shell, with large blue eyes and a little smile on its face.  It looks so happy to sit in your cocktail while you sip from the shell.
2 days ago

Espresso Martinis with the best barmaid in Turkey. Plus her editing skills are better than mine. #cocktail #espressomartini #turkey @sirenebelek Check out ipekyyldz's video! #TikTok

#Cocktail - Cooperstown

60ml Gin, 15ml Dry Vermouth, Mint sprig, Lemon twist

A medium wet Martini with a change of garnish. So it needs its own name, right?

Don Trueten :verified:
3 days ago

Zwei Singapore Slings zum #HedonisticThursday


4 days ago

It's about damn time! ...for a vacation. #vacation #cocktail

Honeybee - Cayenne-infused Mi Campo Tequila, St. Germain, honey, lemon, lavender bites.
Joseph H. Vilas
5 days ago

This would have been better with an actual young dry red wine instead of the Cocchi Dopo Teatro I used. Oh well. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ Probably worth trying again with more Coke & an open red, or maybe an unopened one. That's what they're for, right? ;) #drankin #BoozeHounds #cocktail #alcohol #longDrink

A dark beverage in a glass with ice, lemon, & a metal straw.  It's on a white paper towel on a red kitchen counter.
5 days ago

A Liberal #cocktail

Made with tea

Simpler Media
6 days ago

Raise a glass for the latest episode of Lush Life!

How to Drink Outcast Brands with Jason Kidd

#Cocktail #Drinks #Travel #Bar #Spirits

6 days ago

Yes, my brain is fried from working and coding lessons till 8pm so they become 'instructorless' online modules for Summer class. So this #daiquiri might be late tonight but dammit... yes! (can't think anymore what I wanted to type)
#Rum #Cocktail #ProfLife

1 week ago

Had never tried the #MexicanMule variant before so thought I'd give it a whirl. Clearly I was undecided so threw in a ½ oz float of #Mezcal (file under dept. of failed experiments, drink got better as I sipped through; ok I was loath to use my good mezcal)
#Cocktail #Tequila #GingerBeer

A Mexican mule in a copper tumbler with a lime wheel, a can of goslings ginger beer and bottles of tequila and mezcal
2 oz tequila
½ oz lime juice
4 oz ginger beer
Over lots of ice in glass
1 week ago

#Cocktail for visiting MIL (and as FIL had picked up some Malibu :( last week for her), thought I'd use the last of a bottle of Stiggins to perk up the #PiñaColada delivered to her.
Kids helped make it and deliver, so yes, there were parasol accoutrements for their non #Rum #drink s

Tulip goblet filled with a Pina colada and bottle of Plantation Stiggins fancy pineapple rum
Pina colada in a tulip goblet with straw and parasol toothpick
Two wine glasses with non alcoholic Pina colada and parasol toothpicks

Cocktail for tonight's weekly cocktail. Jen already approves and started sipping the pour I planned for her before it was fully served.

Based on Cocktail Contessa's Bourbon Limoncello Cocktail:

My variation includes homemade limoncello - this is my older batch so probably done by Jeremy Morgenthaler's method (zest-based infusion).

- 1/2 oz Meyer Lemon juice (adjust downward if using Lisbon or other lemons)
- 1/2 oz limoncello
- 1/2 oz generic apricot liqueur
- 1/2 oz Rosemary infused maple syrup (see: Entirely Elizabeth for this method -
- 1 to 1 1/2 oz Rye
- 2 dashes Miracle Mile Yuzu Bitters (or any tart citrus based bitters)
- 2 dashes Bitter Truth Creole Bitters

Put all ingredients in shaker. Shake the absolute shit out of it until your fingers are frozen. Decant into a double old-fashioned or similar glass, filled with ice. Add water if desired. It can really open up the flavors and aromas.

#CocktailRecipe #Cocktail

Is it even a cocktail if you don’t have embossed ice cubes? #OldFashioned #Cocktail #clearIce

1 week ago

the Revolver #cocktail

4 part straight #RyeWhiskey (Old Overholt)
1 part #coffee liqueur (Eastern Kille)
4 dash orange #bitters (Regan's)

Mix in ice, strain over a large ice ball. Garnish optional with orange peel and coffee beans

The Revolver cocktail
1 week ago

The Secret to Mastering Your #Cocktail Order Vieux Carré, a heady mix of rye, Cognac, sweet vermouth, Bénédictine and Peychaud’s bitters."

I've had a lot of fun over the years attempting to order this in places that *should* be able to make them

Caro Schwarz :musicspots:
1 week ago

@Backstage Moin gute Fee, das sieht ja wieder schick hier aus. Danke für deinen Einsatz.

Falls noch ein Tropfen Koffein übrig ist, nehm ich einen Espresso zum Start. Ach und ich bin mir noch nicht sicher, ob dieser Claudia Cocktail von gestern wirklich mein Getränk zum Feierabend ist. War da Mango drin?

#Mastondon #Cocktail #musicspots

Alan B Smith
1 week ago

Tonight’s #cocktail is a bramble with Empress gin. Cheers, friends!

A deep reddish purple cocktail in a faceted rocks glass with crushed ice and a blackberry garnish
1 week ago

As we head into summer #cocktail season, I'm planning on focusing on my ice game and super juices this year.

#superjuices #booze #alcohol #cocktails #adultbeverages #etoh #ethanol


Congrats to Richard Godwin on reaching a 100th cocktail post on his blog.

1 week ago

need a #suggestion for a #cocktail for tonight.

#cocktail - Remember the Maine

60ml Rye, 22ml Red Vermouth, 7.5ml Cherry Heering, dash Angostura, dash & rinse Absinthe, Cherry.

Reminiscent of a Sazerac.

Cockails mit frauenfeindlichen Namen gehören umbenannt. Wer kann das? Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre, er ist ja jetzt Frauenversteher.
Sexistische Cocktail-Namen: Screaming Orgasm und Angel Tits
Robert Hess
1 week ago


Satan's Whiskers
- 3/4 ounce #gin
- 3/4 ounce dry #vermouth
- 3/4 ounce sweet vermouth
- 1/2 ounce orange juice
- 1/2 ounce Grand Marnier
- 1 dash orange bitters
Shake with ice. Strain into a #cocktail glass.
Source: “The Savoy Cocktail Book” (1930) by Harry Craddock

Using "Orange Curaçao" instead of Grand Marnier turns this into a "curled" version.


cultured nyc 🇺🇦
1 week ago

The NYT has a piece on the #RobRoy #Cocktail today, one of my personal faves. Eric Kim mentions that the drink was invented at the Waldorf=Astoria, which is true, though not the one you're probably thinking about.

I wrote a little piece on the drink a few years ago, with some meandering through other topics, like Walter Scott and Beethoven. Eventually, I got around to the drink.

If you ever wondered about the "equals sign" in Waldorf=Astoria, I get to that too.

#cocktail - Blood & Sand

25ml Scotch, 25ml Orange juice, 25ml Red Vermouth, 25ml Cherry Heering (Cherry Brandy), with a dash of Lemon. Shake, dbl strain, cocktail glass, flamed orange peel .

Named after the Valentino film from the 20s. Not really my thing.

The Global Citizen
2 weeks ago

🍊🍹 Explore the captivating journey of the Negroni - from its Italian roots to its harmonious trio of ingredients. Unearth this cocktail classic!

#negroni #negronitime #campari #vermouth #mixology #italia #gin #cocktail #cocktails #bartender

2 weeks ago

Seemed as good a time as any (better time would have been yesterday) to treat my students to something outside lab.
They elected not a lunch outing but evening drinks - so #HiddenHarbor it was. Simple #Daiquiri for me while I let them explore other #Rum #Cocktail
(apparently they or at least 2 of 3 of them had a low opinion of rum that was revised)
#Pittsburgh #Drink


Daiquiri in a coupe
Drink in a big barrel shaped tiki mug with flowers, mint and a straw coming out of it
Zephyrin Xirdal
2 weeks ago

Note to myself: If again #cocktail glasses seem to be missing, don't run around the house frantically. They, naturally, are chilling in the freezer.

#Cocktail - Hoffman House (aka Amsterdam)

60ml Gin, 30ml Dry Vermouth, dash Orange Bitters, Lemon twist. (Or 50-25).

Alliterative/Endless Knot
2 weeks ago

It’s #WorldCocktailDay! So what better time to pour yourself a drink and settle in to learn all about the history of the cocktail, and some of the fascinating connections of some iconic drinks, with our Cocktail playlist!

#Etymology #Video #WordNerd #Linguistics #Language #Words #HistoricalLinguistics #LingComm #Cocktail

Hank G ☑️
2 weeks ago
I had no idea was World Cocktail day. I had intentions of meeting up with some out of town friends for drinks. Maybe I'll have to sub the glass or two of wine I was thinking of for a cocktail, but probably not an Old Fashioned. That said, I didn't realize until this video that the term "cock tail" goes back to early 1800s and the predecessor to the Old Fashioned could be found at least as far back as this 1862 recipe. #history #FoodHistory #cocktail #alcohol #WorldCocktailDay
Old-fashioned Whiskey Cocktail: now and then
2 weeks ago

Cheers to a lovely weekend! If you're in the mood to mix up something new, check out these #cocktail recipes. 🥂

#friday #weekend

#Cocktail - Swiss Family

52ml Rye, 22ml Dry Vermouth, dash Angostura, dash Absinthe, Lemon twist

Not a million miles away from an
H.G. Wells: 50ml Bourbon, 25ml Dry Vermouth, Angostura, Absinthe rinse

Jeff Markel
3 weeks ago

After years of thinking about it I finally bit the bullet and bought a bottle of Pisco. So here’s a new-to-me cocktail.

Pisco Sour

2 oz/ 60 ml Pisco (Caravedo Mosto Verde used)
1 oz/30 ml fresh lime juice
1/2 oz/15 ml rich simple syrup
1 egg white
Angostura bitters

Combine Pisco, lime juice, syrup, and egg white in shaker without ice. Dry shake for 20-ish seconds. Add ice, shake again for 20-ish seconds. Double strain into chilled coupe. Garnish with 3 drops of Angostura bitters.

#cocktailhour #cocktails #cocktail #pisco #piscosour #angosturabitters #eggwhite #richsimplesyrup #limejuice

Photo of a Pisco Sour cocktail in a coupe glass with egg white foam and 3 drops of angostura bitters

#Cocktail - Capitol

45ml Rye, 30ml Red Vermouth, 2.5ml Cointreau, Angostura, Cherry

YAMM - Yet Another Modified Manhattan

#cocktail - Rum Bomber

50ml Dark Rum, 22ml Lemon, 22ml Creme De Banane, Lemon Slice, Soda top, Collins glass.

Bombardier - Cognac

Ian Hember
3 weeks ago

I had just a tiny bit of apple butter left over from Coronation Hall, the cider mill run by @electricarchaeo and family. Not enough to even put on a cracker.



1.25oz Applejack (or apple brandy)
1.25oz Brandy
1tsp apple butter
1tsp Amaro
2 dashes Black Walnut Bitters
2 dashes Maple Bitters

Shake over ice. Double strain into glassware of choice (I used a couple). Garnish with orange peel

All it needs is a name...


#Cocktail - King Of Cups (aka Fake Pimms #1)

40ml Cognac, 40ml Red vermouth, 20ml orange liqueur (Curacao/Triple Sec/Cointreau), 80ml soda. Lemon - Cucumber - Strawberries - Orange etc, Collins glass

via Richard Godwin @

#cocktail - Coronation

60ml Manzanilla, 22ml Dry Vermouth, 7.5ml Maraschino, Orange Bitters, Lemon twist and cherry

45ml Fino, 45ml Dry Vermouth, 5ml Maraschino

30ml Gin, 30ml Dubonnet, 30 Dry vermouth

60ml Applejack, 15ml Dry Vermouth, 15ml Red Vermouth, dash Angostura/Peach, Lemon twist

52ml Applejack, 7.5ml Abricot, 15ml Dry Vermouth, 15ml Red Vermouth, Lemon twist

Any others?

#Cocktail - Air Service
60ml Gin, 22ml Red Vermouth, 7.5ml Cointreau, Orange twist

3 weeks ago

The 8 Most Delicious Port Wine Cocktails on @WineLoverMag #port #portwine #cocktail #cocktailrecipes #recipes #cocktails #winecocktails

Robert Hess
3 weeks ago


Corpse Reviver #2
- 3/4 ounce #gin
- 3/4 ounce lemon juice
- 3/4 ounce #Cointreau
- 3/4 ounce Lillet blanc
- 1 dash #absinthe
Shake with ice. Strain into a #cocktail glass.

Source: "The Savoy Cocktail Book" by Harry Craddock (1930)

This is the most popular of the "Corpse Reviver" #cocktails, and typically is the only one that people know. It is an excellent drink which provides a delightful balance of ingredients.


#Cocktail - Newman

60ml Gin, 22ml Dry Vermouth, 7.5ml Picon, Lemon twist

Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
4 weeks ago

#Cocktail Hour! Little Italy, by Audrey Saunders. One of our favorites, which we put in our “New York Cocktails” pages in our black book along with the drinks named after NYC boroughs and neighborhoods.

2 oz rye whiskey (preferably Rittenhouse)
3/4 oz sweet vermouth (we used Foro di Torino)
1/2 oz Cynar (we used Cynar 70 because we’re naughty)

Stir & strain. Garnish with Luxardo cherries skewered on a pick. (Remember that even numbers of garnishes are bad luck.)

Two beautiful cocktails as described above.

@gregeganSF Greg, I am glad your misconception about allspice never came up in any of your books because it would have been shattering. I give a lot of leeway for speculative technology, but for a well known spices? Um….

It is weirdly psycho coincidental (like so much is) that I happened to be thinking about allspice today. I found a #cocktail recipe that calls for allspice liquor. I am now officially on safari for this ingredient.

#Cocktail - Stood Up

45ml Rye, 45ml Red Vermouth, 2.5ml Luxardo Bitters (or Campari), Grapefruit (or orange) twist

#Cocktail - Barbaresque

50ml Light Rum, 20ml Cointreau, 20ml Lemon

A metric, light rum, Sidecar. You may want to add a barspoon of dbl syrup as it's pretty tart.

#Cocktail - Brooklyn

60ml Rye, 15ml Dry Vermouth, 7.5ml Maraschino, 7.5ml Picon, Cherry

1 month ago

Lavender French 75 with pink champagne

Cheers all!

cultured nyc 🇺🇦
1 month ago

Congratulations, friends, we made it to another weekend! Tonight's #cocktail, (h/t to @noplasticshower @MizFidd @rockmastermike ) is the Seelbach cocktail: a bubbly concoction with an apocryphal backstory--and in a way, isn't that all of us?

Two champagne flutes filled with Seelbach cocktails. Ted Haigh's book "Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails" is to the left. The cocktail's ingredients are in the background: Angostura bitters, Regan's orange bitters, Cointreau, Korbel California "Champagne", Old Forester bourbon.

#Cocktail - Ampersand

25ml Cognac, 25ml Gin, 20ml Red Vermouth, 10ml Grand Marnier, dash orange bitters, dash Angostura, orange twist

Puzzle Trail Paul
1 month ago

It's #CupOfTeaSocial #QuizQuestion time and as it's #Friday how about an end of the working week #cocktail question? Today is also the anniversary of the birth of #HarperLee of To Kill a Mockingbird fame and back in the 60s some bright spark invented the 'Tequila Mockingbird' cocktail. According to Difford's Guide the ingredients are tequila, lime juice, sugar syrup and which liqueur?

#Cocktail - 12 Mile Limit

25ml Light Rum, 12.5ml Cognac, 12.5ml Rye, 10ml Grenadine, 2.5ml Dbl Syrup, 20ml Lemon, shake, Coupe

Grenadine can overwhelm, but this was delish.

1 month ago

Still not sure how this #painting is going, but I like what is happening thus far… #paintstik over #linocut #newart #artinprogress #manhattans #cocktail #bartender #color It is slow going & I’m a bit lost, but that is a good thing. #art #artist #kunstler #kunst #artiste This is a detail of the #unfinished painting

Robert Hess
2 months ago


- 2 ounces #brandy
- 1 ounce sweet vermouth
- 1/4 ounce #limoncello
- 2 dashes peach bitters
Garnish: Lemon twist

Stir with ice. Strain into a #cocktail glass.

As we all know, #bitters are a crucial ingredient for many #cocktails. A few old recipes referred to (defunct) peach bitters. When Fee Brothers began producing them I took it on myself to see if I could come up with a few cocktails that might be able to make good use of it.

Asian Greens and Tokyo Cosmopolitan #cocktail.

Cocktail Tokyo Cosmopolitan and Asian Greens. Yumms for tums
2 months ago

Photo de Luis Carlos Ayala

#Photography #dancer #cocktail

Photo d'une danseuse de ballets dans la rue en fond un bâtiment administratif chaussées de chaussons de danse la tête entourée d'un foulard palestinien rouge jambes écartées sur les pointes bras écartés tenant dans la main gauche un cocktail molotov enflammé sur fond de ciel nuageux noirci
Jordan Hirsch :vbike:
2 months ago

Happy #cocktail hour, wherever you are

Very cold martini, dirty, with 4 olives
ms. liz
2 months ago
bedford at home
The Bedstone

rinse Absinthe
5 1/2 oz Bourbon whiskey
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 dash Lemon juice
1 twist Orange

Add absinthe to a chilled martini glass and give it a whirl to coat. Pour bourbon and orange liqueur into an iced shaker, add a splash of fresh lemon juice and shake until chilled.

Discard the absinthe in the martini glass. Strain the mixture into the glass and garnish with an orange twist.

#shake #straight

25% alcohol • 3g sugar • 10.23 oz total
Adapted from Rick Wesley, Angus', NYC.

We have triple a checked the existence and accuracy of this drink, and yep you're as surprised as we are... Basically a glass of bourbon; not for the faint of heart.
Robert Hess
2 months ago


- 1 1/2 ounces #vodka
- 2 dashes Tabasco sauce
- 3 dashes salt
- 3 dashes black pepper
- 4 dashes worcestershire sauce
- 4 ounces tomato-clam juice (Clamato)
Garnish: Celery stalk and a lime wedge.
Shake with ice. Strain into an ice filled glass, rimmed with celery salt.

Source: 1969, Walter Chell, restaurant manager of the Calgary Inn in Calgary Alberta Canada.


Alan B Smith
2 months ago

Cheers, friends. #cocktail #MastodonMixology

An Old Fashioned cocktail in a faceted rocks glass with a large, clear ice cube and a maraschino cherry and an orange peel garnish.
Robert Hess
2 months ago

Dang… keep forgetting to hashtag my posts, correcting that in this reply to the poll I just published…

2 months ago

Yes, we have the bowl and the straws for the scorpion bowl, that's how dedicated we are. And we don't use a sour mix just real orange and pineapple juice. Add dark rum, white rum, triple sec, vodka, and gin and you have yourself a good end of weekend drink. Only non-authentic part is we can no longer get 151 rum for the middle so we use an overproof rum that's "only" 138 proof. Whatever you do, don't let them light it when you get it in the restaurant!

Cc @msquebanh

#cocktail #cocktails

A scorpion bowl. A big round bowl with a small middle bowl. Ice floats in the drink. Two long silicone straws are in it.
2 months ago

Can't believe it is already 8pm! I'm not READY to end the weekend. How about if I make a scorpion bowl now? I make a mean scorpion bowl!


2 months ago

And a nice espresso martini!

- 2 inces Hounds Vodka
- 1 onces Billion Brands Gin Cream Leblanc
- 1 1/2 once altissio decaffeinato espresso from nespresso

All available at la SAQ everywhere in Quebec and at Nespresso Canada


#gin #cocktail #cocktails #quebecgin #qcgin #ginquebecois #ginquebec #lasaq #saq #mtl #montreal #montreallife #montrealmoments #mtlmoments #mtllife

A tall bottle of black vodka on the left, a bottle of Gin cream in the middle, a capsule of nespresso coffee pod, and a glass of espresso martini
2 months ago

Ok, so I think I've mixed a pretty good cocktail based on Billion Brands' Gin Leblanc. It's based on the Ramos Gin Fizz, but I tweaked it a little:

- 3 once Gin Leblanc
- 1/2 once lemon juice
- 1/2 once cream 10% (or any heavy cream)
- 1 egg white

Mix in shaker with NO ice. Shake it around 20 seconds.
Then, add ice. Shake it another 20-30 seconds.
Pour into a nice glass.

There will be some leftover cocktail in the shaker. Add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and there shake the rest. Pour it on top of your current cocktail.

You can drink it like it, it tastes like a fancy vanilla-lemon-lime yogurt.

Or you can add 1 to 2 onces of 7up: now it tastes like a milkshake!

Weeeeeeeeeee! Enjoy :)

Grab the Gin Leblanc at la SAQ in the Quebec province.

Of course, to be drank in moderation 😉 😘

#gin #cocktail #cocktails #quebecgin #qcgin #ginquebecois #ginquebec #lasaq #saq #mtl #montreal #montreallife #montrealmoments #mtlmoments #mtllife

A hand holding a brown colored gin bottle called Gin Cream Leblanc
The bottle of Gin Cream Leblanc next to a glass of my improvised cocktail
Peter Merholz
3 months ago

Nothing quite like the pink ethereality of a Hemingway #cocktail made with ruby red grapefruit.

Photo of Hemingway cocktail

The phrase “bee’s knees” refers to something that is best in class. It’s believe to have originated as slang in the prohibition era. Consequently it became a prohibition-era drink, made with gin, lemon, and honey.’s_knees

#History #BeesKnees #Cocktail #Prohibition #Etymology

3 months ago

Ok, so now I'll finish out this mini thread - thanks to #Drink iverse coming through (h/t @ellestad I think☺️ ) for a fun evening
No yellow chartreuse but just needed ¼ oz for Morgenthaler's Norwegian Wood* - and I've had good experience w #Brennevin for Aquavit. And with that name for a #Cocktail - went full on for this #Iceland ic Wood variant (<¼ oz green chartreuse & <¼ oz birch liqueur to sweeten in lieu of the called for yellow)


Table with coupe glass with cocktail in it, with bottles of Brennevin, green chartreuse, Laird's Apple Brandy, Bjork birch liqueur, and Dolin red vermouth around
3 months ago

Closing out this thread (likely, so help me) with an old classic #Cocktail - the Applejack Rabbit.

I've enjoyed this with regular #Applejack before but with this bottling of Laird's - aaah swell!
(See AltText for recipe)

A bottle of Laird's Apple Brandy (single cask selection) next to a coupe glass with drink
2 oz Apple Brandy
¾ oz fresh lemon juice (½ lemon)
¾ oz fresh orange juice (< ½ orange)
½+ oz maple syrup
Chill over cracked ice, strain into coupe
Lemon peel squeeze and garnish
3 months ago

And oh my! This version of the #drink (see previous 👆🏾) with a splash of #Armagnac (and dialled down the sweet vermouth to a bit under ¾ oz) is totally a cool crisp afternoon!

Cocktail glass with an amber liquid and lemon peel garnish with a bottle of Laird's Apple Brandy and Bas Armagnac Delord next to it all on a wooden table
3 months ago

Indeed a most delightful drink - even as I took some liberties on this Fallen Leaves adjacent #drink (h/t @DrinkBoy - see QT👇🏽* for recipe & notes).
I thought I had picked up Calvados last year, but realizing I opted for this Laird's Apple 'Brandy' (not Applejack) offering and a bottle of Armagnac. The Laird's is still whiskyish so went with the splash of bourbon - may try the armagnac in the next #cocktail because yes, I fully intend to have another!


A cocktail glass with an amber liquid and lemon peel garnish, in front of bottles of Laird's Apple Brandy (single cask), 4 roses bourbon, Dolin dry and red vermouths.
Peter Merholz
3 months ago

So, when I ask #ChatGPT for #cocktail recipes, and poke at it a bit to accommodate my wishes (in this case, something with pear liqueur, not too sweet, and with no sparkling wine), I think it starts to make up new ones. The screen shot shows a recipe for the "Poire Cardinale" a cocktail that doesn't exist, according to my Google search.

Screenshot of Recipe:
The Poire Cardinale
• 1.5 oz gin
•0.5 oz pear liqueur
• 0.5 oz dry vermouth
•1 dash orange bitters
Orange peel, for garnish
1. Fill a mixing glass with ice.
2. Add the gin, pear liqueur, dry vermouth, and orange bitters.
3. Stir well for about 20 seconds.
4. Strain the mixture into a chilled coupe glass.
5. Garnish with a twist of orange peel.
3 months ago

This place is sooooooooooo gorgeous! And the cocktails are 😋 yummy

@ Bar George, Montreal

#mtlresto #mtl #montreallife #montreal #mtlresto #montrealrestaurant #restaurant #cocktail

Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
3 months ago

In honor of the debut of the final season of #StarTrekPicard our friend Louis Anderman of Miracle Míle Bitters created a new #cocktail: The Gin-Luc Picard.

2 oz Citadelle French gin (or London dry)
3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz Earl Grey honey syrup*
2d Chartreuse Végétal (aka Élixir Végétal)
2d Miracle Mile Bergamot Bitters

Shake the first four ingredients with ice and strain into a coupe. Top with bergamot bitters.

My favourite #cocktail: The earl grey MarTEAni.

* 45ml/1.5oz earl grey infused gin
* 22ml/.75oz lemon juice
* 22ml/.75oz simple syrup
* 1 egg white

Add ingredients to tin, dry shake, add ice to tin, shake, strain into glass, garnish with lemon peel.

For the earl grey infused gin:

* Add 60ml loose leaf earl grey to a 750ml bottle of london dry gin.
* Let sit for 2 hours.
* Strain into other container with a cheese cloth or similar.
* Strain back into original bottle.


It's time for another time to ask all of you what your favourite #cocktail is!

So, what is your favourite drink? Even better if you add the recipe!

I will put mine in a reply!

Boosts for reach are always welcome!

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4 months ago
Two perfect martinis clink in front of a roaring fire
Robert Hess
4 months ago


Suffering Bastard
• 1 ounce #gin
• 1 ounce #bourbon #whiskey
• 1 ounce lime juice
• 4 ounces ginger ale
• 1 dash #Angostura Bitters
Garnish: mint sprig, orange wheel, and cherry.
Build in a rocks glass.

Source: Joe Scialom, The Shepheard Hotel, Cairo Egypt (via Jeff “#BeachBum” Berry)

(The original recipe calls for "Rose's Lime Cordial")



Alan B Smith
4 months ago

Trying out stamped ice. #cocktail #MastodonMixology

An Old Fashioned cocktail with a large clear ice cube stamped with a geometric pattern